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Ryan Callahan:

“I’m happy that I’m starting to put away my chances, but unfortunately we’ve got to get the win there. Maybe if I bury that 2-on-1 we have a better chance at it.”

“I looked at Dubi. The defenseman looked like he was playing him pretty hard, so I took it to the middle and tried to get a good shot, and he made a good save on me. Obviously I want to score there, but unfortunately it didn’t happen that way and they come back down and score, so it makes it a little bit more frustating that it didn’t go in.”

“(Cam Ward) played a good game. We had our chances. You’ve got to give him credit where credit’s due. Hank played great for us, too, and gave us a chance to win. He kept us in the game, and unfortunately we didn’t bury the next one that we needed and they did.”

“We’ve got to tighten up defensively still. We know we’re still running around a little bit in our defensive zone. I think that will come with time. I think we’ve gotten better through the first part of the season here, and everybody’s starting to get better at it and starting to get used to it, but we still have to tighten up some and limit their chances.”

On home-ice:

“I try not to look too much into it, to be honest with you. The first couple of home games I didn’t feel we played our best, but tonight I thought we played pretty well. Obviously we need to bury a couple more of our chances and limit theirs, but it’s just a mindset. We’ve got to come out hard and continue that for a full 60 minutes, whether we’re home or away. We’ve got to keep the same gameplan and stick to it.”

Marc Staal:

“I thought in the second we were having problems getting it out of our zone cleanly. We had a lot of turnovers before our blue line and in the neutral zone, and I thought that caused them to have a little momentum. Obviously there’s things we can tighten up.”

“Both goalies played great. Ward’s been playing well all season long. We were getting good opportunities in tight. We were working them down low and finding pucks in the crease and just unable to squeak a few by him when we needed them. But we did create offense.”

On home-ice:

“I don’t know. It just seems to be at the end of games it slips through our fingers and we need to find a way to correct that in a hurry. As good as we’ve been on the road, we need to do that at home to be successful. We need to start getting a winning record here.”

“We’ve had a good offense this year and when we’re forechecking we’re creating a lot of chances, and that should make it easier on us defensemen and goalies. But it seems right now bounces are slipping by us, and a few goals at certain times have been costing us at home.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

“It felt like I was on in the third and I felt I could help the team here get a point or two points, but not tonight.”

“They’re a fast team. They did a good job of hunting pucks down and knife through us. … but I thought we created enough chances to win this game. But unfortunately we came up short.

“I felt good. I had a good feeling that we could do this, we’d get a good win at home. But again we lose a game short-handed late in the game. It’s always tough to lose that way. But we definitely created enough chances to win the game. But, you know, we came up short and, oh, very disappointing.”

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  1. Questionable calls or not, penalties are killing this team. Especially when games are close.

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