It’s Go Time!


To repeat:

Boogaard is out with an infected hand. Evgeny Grachev makes his NHL debut, wearing No. 91 and playing on a fourth line.

Here’s the probable lineup:


Del Zotto-Girardi


Sauer is prucha’d.

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  1. LindaCalPrustBoylahan says:

    C3, it’s 6:44 est, do you know where your future children are? ;-)


    oy Linda…you’re asking for trouble! lol

  2. Carp, can you comment on that what Andrew Gross wrote in the blog that Tortorella said yesterday he left the decision of who to bring up from Hartford in the hands of Wolf Pack coach Ken Gernander along with Rangers GM Glen Sather and Jim Schoenfeld, who in addition to being the Rangers assistant GM and assistant coach, is also Hartford’s GM.

    Dont you think as well that a good coach always must know, which players would definitely help his team winning ????

    Dont you think that the head coach must make the decision even from team strategies point of view ????


  3. CCCP, it’s 6:59.

    TapDancing, you cracked me up on the last thread, and now I can’t remember what it was that made me laugh. Byfuglien memory. It stinks to be 26.

  4. nit, simply, Tortorella doesn’t know who’s doing what down there, and Sather and his staff have to be concerned with who can go through waivers — example, if they recalled Kennedy they might lose him to another team. So there’s a lot that goes into it, and since the guy was only going to play one or two games, on the fourth line, it probably didn’t make much difference to Tortorella who it was. But I think he’s glad it was Grachev.

  5. That was Step-On’s girlfriend?? Sweet. He might have have the hottest gf/wife out of everyone on NYR. I’m not a fan of Avery’s chick, Hilary. She’s cute, I guess, but ehh.

    I hear Mrs. Dreary is a milf. Carp, can you confirm this. A lot of Sabs fans I talk to always raved aboot her.

  6. Eric Staal is 26 today! welcome to the club!

    Aves with the glasses in his pic. Classic.

    Yes, home team should be on home channel. Idiots.

  7. hm thanks Carp… ! have a different opinion, but thats the beauty of the blog :)
    Okay game starts, and lets focus on the action..
    i am from overseas and its shortly after 1am so I hope game is entertaining and I will see the whole game :)

  8. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lol…over under, they are betting terms, therefore… more than clean enough for a family site. If your mind thought otherwise, that’s on you lol! ;-) :-)

  9. Orrsie – Better get it in the next couple days, Ive only got these games for another 7 days or so. Btw, before you get the free trial or spend money on a subscription, Ill give you the information that may turn you off to doing so. PS3 charges you $10 to play NHL online, after a free 7 day trial.

  10. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao, i just realized i am sitting here watching the game and I STILL have my ‘black eye’! oy i need help

  11. tapdance, I just remembered … it was when you were talking about eight comments being seven but actually six …. and it didn’t really crack me up.

    it kind of freaked me out.

  12. Orrsie – Yes. It’s always been free. Not anymore. After a 7 day trial, you have to pay or change to a different user on the PS3 – one that’s never used the free trial. Same with FIFA 11.

    You still have your black eye, Linda?! Ill get you the number to my therapist!

  13. Good work keeping Carolina pinned in their end, need to work out in front more and quicker.

  14. Hi Everyone,
    I’m with you Beth.. Need a win too!
    Watching Phi-Pit on tv, 9 penalties in the first 3 minutes. Crazy!

  15. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Tap, today was “halloween” at work, and mos of the employees wore costumes. The patients got a great kick out of it, and they had a ‘fashion show’. Some of the nurses were characters from Alice in Wonderland, others were from the wizard of oz… funny stuff. I, of course, wore my #22 Rangers jersey ( i call it my BOYLE jersey but its someone elses name on the back lol) and I creatively used make up to give myself a black eye! It looked pretty cool too!

  16. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    grrrrr stop trying to take the testosterone out of the game damnit! Why does there seem to be a trend to wussify manly traits? GRRRR

  17. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    ya never know Tap, i just might wake up one morning and say…hmmm a black eye would look GREAT today

  18. Hey All –

    A little late to the party… friend of mine got some bad new about his fathers health.

  19. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    holy shibicky Tap, i was just wondering the same thing!! He looked like he wanted to swallow the whistle

  20. I heard McBain and I think of the Schwarzenagger character on the Simpsons.

    “Sie goggles, they do nothing”

  21. D isnt picking up their man in front of LQ.

    MDZ was up near the faceoff dot… bad positioning on that play

  22. Somebody needs to tell Hank to not pass the puck. He is the worst goalie in the league when it comes to handling the puck, jeez.

  23. I think everyone was playing the shot on that goal, Babchuk was smart enough to draw people into a block the shot posture and fake it into a pass.

  24. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    Mickey-mouse = NYR so far …

    Eminger is a useless POS … Redden #2

  25. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    “he just missed” … WTF

    He missed. That’s it. There’s no “just missed”. Bush-league.

  26. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    I work right by the International Court here in The Hague … Roszival needs to come visit and pay dues for his amateur-hour plays

  27. CT – with you on the McBain/Simpsons thing, but I think that line was delivered by Wolfcastle playing the part of Radioactive Man not McBain. Something tells me this game is a bit dull…

  28. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    “Good effort in the period, I think if they keep it up they’ll be fine.”

    Wow, I didn’t know Roszival contributed to this blog … and how did he post so quickly after the end of the period?! … was he iphoning during that last shift?

  29. Pimp, their 5 on 5 play was pretty solid and they created some good chances that Ward had to snuff out. Rozi wasn’t on the ice the entire period.

  30. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    Once more, Al asking the tough questions … I really feel like I know Girardi now

  31. MAO, sorry about your news.

    Dang! I just figured out the Tap too! I should have MUCH earlier…..Oh you bastage!

  32. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    Schneiderman should begin fighting crime by visiting MSG and investigating the stolen $5.5M I hear one of our defensemen is taking home …

  33. >>Good effort in the period, I think if they keep it up they’ll be fine.

    I don’t know, but I’m seeing similar outcome as last one against Thrashers.

  34. I missed that tap/former :) ha! and I just sent you an e-mail on that too. OY. Serves me right for taking a day off here :)

  35. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Mako, sometimes you just hear crickets, doncha? LOL

    al talkin about Hanks groin is just… ugh

  36. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on


    lol … classic

    God bless these Scrabble sheriffs

  37. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    well, one thing is certain … Roszival must feel out of place since he always pays a visit to the gynecologist

  38. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    Here we go … let’s use this 2nd period to double-up our deficit …

  39. >>wow, we’re going to absolutely BEAT that word to death, arent we?

    Like a dead…er…horse!

  40. thanks carp, no worries….hope you brought a jacket :)

    beth, now everyone’s gonna do that!


  42. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    maybe if we started hitting the net we’d have more than 0 goals right now

  43. Gee, I show up late to the party and we’re losing 2-0 already?? And what’s with the Groinocologist?? lol
    Rangers need to score here!

  44. LindaCalPrustBoylahanocologist MD on

    follow the bouncing puck!!!!!!!

  45. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    Roszival is probably “wet” … he definitely is on every shift, whenever anyone is within ten feet of him

  46. CT – if you were a Canes fan, would you be happy with the veteran forwards, or would you like to see more Skinner?

  47. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    I can’t believe we can’t score more than once on this amateur-hour squad … it’s downright embarrassing

  48. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    HIYA MAO!!

    lol Carp, i have no idea what’s up with me today… one of those extra funny genes coursing through the dna today lol

  49. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    I called the tie … and now I’m calling something else: Hat trick for Skinner

  50. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    The real question here remains: What type of pizza did Drury just throw in the oven?

  51. >>Too much Skinner for me

    It’s only the second period; things might get Skinnier in the third.

  52. I can honestly say that when Rosival was up for a new contract I was against signing him period. Unfortunately instead our bafoon GM signs him for 5+ million a year.

  53. >>The real question here remains: What type of pizza did Drury just throw in the oven?

    Are you sure it’s not DiGiorno?

    Who said it would be tied at 3, after two?

  54. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    I keep telling you … this Carolina team is like a cheap north carolina throwrug

  55. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    Hopefully Messier announces that he’s taking over this mickey-mouse club

  56. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    Every time I see Roszival on the ice I feel like he’s going to get down on his knees

  57. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    from what i heard, (i think from JPG) Hartnell donated his hair to locks of love, which is great on his part.

  58. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Fozzy, i am sure whoever gets his hair will be hugely grateful. And, if i am not mistaken, that foundation collects the hair and makes wigs for children. That’s awesome.

    on that note, heres a link to what my job looked like today…(I work in a cancer center)

  59. mao_del_zedongo on

    I just watched the orr vs engelland fight…orr hit him with a ton of shots, and as is Orr’s norm he then swings wide and doesn’t protect well. Engelland real tough to withstand that initial flurry…didnt see the shelley fight link on youtube…u gots a link, son?

  60. The carcillo on his face is what made Carcillo look like a Hartnelling Asshat. I cant stand people who wear soul patches and crap like that.

    If you wanna grow a beard, do it right! And I love growing beards. I grew a beard for an entire Yankees season once. And I literally looked like a terrorist. And my family and friends called me a terrorist! LOL

  61. That was great Linda! Looks like it was alot of fun!! Hartnell cut his hair a couple of years ago (cant remember why) and the styled it and straightened it, He looked totally different and actually was not bad looking…but he’s still a Hartnell. LOL

  62. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lw, i thought his facial hair was going to play Mr. Hanky in a live action SouthPark movie

  63. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    beth, i’m waiting for JBytestrodamus to make his prediction. he’s been pretty accurate lately

  64. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    only in the south…

    when to trick or treat is an issue this year because Halloweenie falls on a Sunday. The Bible Belt folks, it’s a trip!

  65. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    i love this silverlight stream, but for some reason, the lighting looks off at msg tonight.

  66. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    mcbain and skinner…lmao please tell me there’s someone named homer on this team

  67. They’re promo-ing the Knicks home-opener during the TV timeout, and people are booing. Is Stoudemire hurt already?


    Girl you crack me up … I swear!!!!!!! I have a quarter after 9 =P

  69. I don’t think we’re going to be seeing Grachev after that turnover.

    CT, maybe he can get Kramer’s Dominicans to flip the pizza, just like Magic Pan.

  70. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    omg,what did they do to this tune??? OMG bring back the regular foxwoods casino singing dude!!

  71. ORR, secretly LMAO

    Carp, I think it’s just cause Knicks are just (fill in the blank) and the true MSG fans are showing their true colors :)

    or not….

  72. OY. Hank is, shockingly, saving our assens….

    CT, Carp, isn’t the whole point to make your own?


    You cant fault LQ on ANY of these goals. They are second attempt goals that the Carolina player should have been vanquished from the crease.

    Game over.

  74. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    what the hell… silverlight froze up, i refreshed and it started the game from the beginning…now i go to the other stream and we’re losing….WTF!?

  75. why does MDZ keeps on skating after the player into the corner?? dont you need to stop by your net to make try to prevent additional scoring chances?

  76. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    – I’m just here for a couple of months … then making my return …

    Ps. Holland is a first-world country, but MAN, people have no idea how good (read: convenient) we have it in the U.S.

  77. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    NYRangers defensemen repertoire: flop, dive, “poky” check … giveaway


    Where he mishandled the puck? Even still, guy right in front of him that should have been covered.

  79. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    Please, someone just put us out of our misery already … just take us out back

  80. How much pimping is done in a country where it’s a legal enterprise?

    I thought they had a chance at a few points after their win streak, I don’t know why I had such faith.

  81. refs blew the fuckin game. boyle did not hook the friggin wimpo.

    refs blew the whistle again incorrectly with 15 seconds left.

    these officials have no CLIUE

  82. Blue line needs to be much better and this is a game we really miss Blair Betts………

    Overall I cant be mad because I like the heart they have and the grit but they have to defend and PK better.

  83. Chris, I’m with ya: Overall I cant be mad because I like the heart they have and the grit but they have to defend and PK better….I would add PP too

  84. Tank The Season on

    Another loss due at least in part to poor defensive play by Marc Staal.

    We need to get a new defenseman in here somehow.

    And we REALLY miss Gaborik in close games like this. Looks like best we can hope for is .500 hockey until he gets back.

  85. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    – I think one of the biggest surprises (read: misconceptions) that people have about Holland is that it’s this “free-for-all” society …
    Dutch women, for instance, are very very conservative … particularly outside of Amsterdam.

  86. >>sams having trouble with his words lately…it cracks me up

    He needs to hand over the microphone to a younger guy. I want to hear a fresh new voice after thirty years of Sam Rosen.

  87. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    ps. Holland has the worst customer service in the world … I’m not exaggerating … akin to Roszival with the puck on his stick, they are completely clueless

  88. Pimp, gotta be a huge difference from Miami :)

    btw, I’m impressed that you’re here and awake!!!!!

  89. Pimp, ha! you forget what it’s like back home though! Don’t even get me started on my last two CVS experiences.

  90. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Pimp, i always just thought Holland had way less hang ups about stupid stuff than we do here in the States. I bet the countryside is absolutely beautiful there too.

  91. Pimp, I’ve been to NL a bunch of times (we’ll leave out why).

    The American/global perception of the country is pretty much based on 10 blocks of Amsterdam, specifically the area outside of Centraal station. I had a friend in college that was from a small city about 30 minutes outside of Amsterdam and got to see the real NL. Great country. You’re right they’re a pretty traditional culture, but they have a liberal attitude toward an individual’s lifestyle choices.

    But what I’m saying is that “pimping” has got to be different in a country where the pimp’s “employees” are involved in a legal trade.

  92. N.CountryNYRFan on

    man I feel bad for LQ, I wonder how much more of this mediocre play he can handle before he wants to go somewhere else. He had some great saves tonight. It’s always a downer listening to LQ talk about a loss.

  93. You mean to tell me Edmonton doesn’t have a better defenceman in their system than Jason Strudwick?

  94. have you guys thought that our style of play is not suited for this team. you cant play run and and gun hockey with a club that for one doesnt bury most chances example cally on 2 on1 or all the stops by ward in 1st period.

    we cant defend so why play this style. we dont bury our chances and i hate there style.

    i dont care if i am bored stiff as long as they get 2pts

  95. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    – I know, it’s 4AM here! … oh well … obviously it was worth it … I got to see Roszival smoke up the joint again ….
    – Ha, CVS IS TERRIBLE … the ONLY good thing about it is that some are open 24 hours … and absolutely nothing here is open 24 hours … there just isnt that much choice here … I could live here extended term (and may have to), but it’s not a dream world by any means.
    – Ps. I sent you an email as per your request. Hit me up if you want to discuss these intricacies … I also work at a super international company where my department of 16 people consists of 14 different nationalities, so I know a thing or two about cultural intricacies / relationships

  96. Yeah, I’m over there for a couple of weeks. Going to the road games in Philly and NJ too.

    The Rangers actually have a stupidly good record in games I attend. Gotta end some time, right?

  97. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    You know what the sad thing is?

    Roszival couldnt find a girl even if he was placed in the middle of the Amsterdam Red Light District … what makes us think he can find a clue while playing the game of hockey.

    What a clown.

  98. N.CountryNYRFan on

    yeah, our d needs some help, if you think about it the only difference in our d this year is Redden is gone and Emminger is in. Not much of an improvement. I also think Gilroy is a bust, he hasn’t shown much at all. I think we have decent forward talent especially with Gabby in the lineup, but we won’t be a contender with this core group of defensemen, I’d rather see Valentenko and Sauer over Emminger/Gilroy.

  99. Jeff Skinner was impressive tonight. He looks like the real deal. He was picked 7th overall in June.

    Gee, when was the last time the Rangers picked 7th overall? Oh yeah, that was back in 1998 when Smith drafted a center named Manny Malholtra. He passed on other centers like Gagne, Gomez, Ribeiro, & Brad Richards…

    I more pissed off about that than the result of tonight’s game. I thought the Rangers did a lot of good things offensively.

    Eminger is a terrible hockey player. No skill. Can’t skate. Takes dumb penalties. He has a mullet, but its not even a good one. Awful.

  100. We have reached a sad state, I am actually going to watch the Devils game just to see if they get blown out again. It will make feel somewhat better.

  101. Chico: “Marty was good in San Jose, Devils gave up 5 goals. He was good when the game was on the line”

    Uh, that game was over after the first 10 minutes.

  102. Wow..this team is going nowhere if they can’t play better defensively. Way to waste a great game by Lundqvist

  103. mao_del_zedongo on

    here comes the whining…and we aint in Napa! These kids are working hard…we had over 40 shots, made some mistakes on defense and STILL almost won the game with our main offensive weapon still hurt. if this were last year’s team, i would feel more upset…there is effort here. I thought the refs were horrible tonight. There was that one shift in the Carolina zone where we had them pinned for a bit and I saw three blatant cross-checks that could have been called. One where a Ranger was down on the ice and cross-check again after originally being cross-checked to the ice! If not for Ward, this is a win. That happens tho. LGR!

  104. mao_del_zedongo on

    Grachev’s big body looked impressive for what litte we saw of him…he has real nice skating strides for a big kid. I’m excited to see him play and develop. I know Prospal is seen as an old castaway, but we miss him. He was outstanding for almost the entire season last year, and his veteran direction would have been great on a night like tonight where the team just needed that extra intangible.

  105. >>…I am actually going to watch the Devils game just to see if they get blown out again.

    I’m joining you for a little dose of schadenfreude.

  106. mao_del_zedongo on

    Voros isnt even NHL caliber. He is horrible. For a big guy his body checks coudn’t damage a delicate piece of origami made from the most sensitive silkworms from the Hunan province.

  107. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    ok, my black eye pic is on my FB right now for those of you who care to see it lol. but i warn you. the hideous face behind the black eye might frighten you beyond saving!

  108. And Marty could play Pugsley. Or at least the Pugsley from the 90s renditions of the story that kid was tubby.

  109. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    LMAO CT, that is the BEST PART!! he looks like that all the time… and someone married him!

  110. Pimp, I will tomorrow. It’s my work e-mail, and I don’t feel like signing on now :) Geez, the hours some of you keep amaze me, but Pimp gets the Golden Bonehead Award for overseas blogging!

    CT, been a long time since a meet-up. Maybe Monday? and with LW?! Just a thought….

  111. Mama, are you going to the game? I’ll be at the game with 20 coworkers (insert corporate waste of resources here).

    Are you suggesting Warren then?

  112. Pimp, make sure you hand out flyers for International Rozsival Lovers society over there. At least you have things over there that would make memories of tonight’s Rangers game a bit “cloudy”.

  113. CT, I was, until you mentioned “I’ll be at the game with 20 coworkers (insert corporate waste of resources here).”

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