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Thrashers-Rangers in review

Posted By On October 28, 2010 @ 7:00 am In Hockey,New York Rangers | 88 Comments

Some thoughts:

1) I saw Artem Anisimov after the game. He was standing, talking to one of the Thrashees, no boot, no crutches, no cane. I didn’t see if he was limping, but I imagine he was. He didn’t sound terribly worried. That doesn’t mean that it’s good or bad or whatever.

2) Early in the game, I mentioned in the pressbox that the golden child, Stepan, had flattened out lately. Then he was benched in the third. I agree with Tortorella on this. But I also like that Tortorella isn’t going to give up on him, just monitor him and hang in there with him, accepting the bad with the good. I think he’ll be all right. But I wouldn’t set the bar too high. Maybe we all got a little cuckoo over his preseason and his Opening Night hat.

3) Boy, the defense struggled in this one. I think it was the fourth Atlanta goal when all five Rangers skaters were mesmerized by the puck, all watching it and doing nothing, covering nobody. So unlike what we’d seen the previous three games.

4) It’s not an excuse, but the Garden ice on this warm, humid day was as bad as I’ve seen it in a while. Looked a bit like the chicken dumpling soup they served in the pressroom

5) Saw Adam Graves after the game, with a very sick little girl in a wheelchair. That’s aa surprise, huh? It makes me smile any time I see Adam. It makes me smile even longer and wider when he’s doing another of his zillion good deeds.

6) Byfuglien=monster.

7) Is there anything better than these MSG/Fuse cross-promotion things? Ugh.

8) That penalty on Del Zotto … I don’t know. The guys chips it past him. If Del Zotto doesn’t take the body on him, he’s beaten and if he doesn’t do that regularly, he’s in Hartford with Redden (or Reddened as we like to say). Just another one of those pansification rules. To me, it’s a clean hip check on the guy who just played the puck. WTB?

9) Rozsival wasn’t great, but he was probably the best defenseman. He played that 2-on-1 as well as it could be played, taking away the pass, forcing the shot … and Biron cheated off the post and got beat. It was a great shot, but … 

10) I’ve said that I think the Rangers are new and improved. But we’re starting to see that that’s true for a lot of the lower echelon teams in the Least this year. Maybe we won’t be calling it the Least by the end of the year. Maybe the Rangers will have to be a lot more than a few points better to make the playoffs this year. 

11) Avery was terrific along the wall in the offensive zone. But again he made a few horrible plays in the neutral zone and defensive zone. He wasn’t alone, so I don’t want to sound like I’m picking on him.

12) Finally, how the byfuglien does the goalie get run over with Boogaard on the ice? I’m not saying Boogaard should go ballistic and get an instigator and a misconduct, or should bury the guy through the net and the backboards and get suspended. But you’d think that for $1.65M, and at his size and ability, that he might at least pay the guy a visit, you know, get in his mug with a few threatening words. Do something. Something! Because if he’s doing nothing there, why the byfuglien is he getting a uniform?


I’m going to be completely out of commission today. So youse guys can help out and troll the other sites and keep us up to date if and when the Rangers announce the results of Anisimov’s MRI, or if and when they call up some player(s) from Redden-ville. Thanks.

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