Rangers recall Grachev


Guess I should have led with the update, so here goes. According to all the reporters who, you know, go to practice, Artem Anisimov’s right ankle MRI came up negative, so he is expected to play tomorrow, as is Michal Rozsival (hyperextended knee), though Rozsival said he wants to see how it feels tomorrow. Derek Boogaard skipped practice with an infection in his hand from a fight in Boston last Saturday. So Evgeny Grachev was recalled from Reddenville.

From the Rangers:


New York, October 28, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that forward Evgeny Grachev has been recalled from the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL).

Grachev, 20, was ranked 21st overall among NHL prospects by The Hockey News on their 2010 Future Watch list.  He has registered one goal and one assist in nine games with Hartford this season.  Grachev tallied his first point of the season with a goal, and finished with a plus-three rating on October 10 vs. Worcester.  He also recorded the primary assist on the game winning goal with 4:58 remaining in a 2-1 win on October 16 at Bridgeport.

Last season, the 6-4, 224-pounder led all Hartford rookies in assists (16), points (28) and power play goals (four), and tied for first on the Wolf Pack in goals (12).  Grachev also tied for sixth on the team in goals, eighth in points and ninth in assists.  He registered five multi-point efforts, including three multi-goal performances, and recorded a season-high, four-game scoring streak from October 9 at Providence to October 16 at Portland (one goal and three assists).  Grachev notched his first professional point with a power play goal on October 9 at Providence, and made his professional debut on October 3 at Binghamton.

The Khabarovsk, Russia native was originally the Rangers’ third round choice, 75th overall, in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.

The Rangers return to action tomorrow when they will face-off against the Carolina Hurricanes at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), to close out their three-game homestand.  The contest is the first game of a back-to-back set for the Blueshirts, who will travel to Toronto to face-off against the Maple Leafs on Saturday, October 30 at the Air Canada Centre (7:00 p.m.).

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  1. Orrsie – Im playing with Classic Controls, because I dont have the brainpower to remember the 100s of different things. I just like to play simple and easy and for fun. Classic controls dont have any protect the puck option.

  2. Repost:
    October 28, 2010 at 5:35 pm (Edit)

    Good evening, Sally, 26! And good job with the Beavis line. Would you like fries with that?

    Sauer was hurt earlier. He’s completely healthy now. He’s just prucha’d.

    Yeah, the guy Vinny was booed. But only by the few people in the crowd who actually knew who he was—after they put his name on the board. I’m trying to think what would have to happen for me to watch that show even for five seconds.

  3. If you play online with classic controls, you’ll never win. Unless you play against someone using those controls.

    The new controls sound complicated, and you might think it’s too hard to learn, but you get used to it. I used to be just like you.

    In NHL08, I used the classic controls, but you couldn’t make line changes, so I had to put it on automatic. Every time I was down by a goal in the final minute of a game, my fourth line would be on the ice instead of my first. So, I was so pissed, I forced myself to learn the new fancy crap. And I got good. Damn good!

    I’m the RR king of EA! But, the games are too time consuming, so I’m on temporary retirement.

  4. Thanks for the info. Ill play CCCP a couple times with classic controls and see how good he is; then ill try to learn all of the fancy stuff. This is why i dont like video games, they make everything so complicated! UGH!

  5. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    So, boogiestein/frankengaard has an infection in his finger/hand? Obviously not from a punch he’s thrown. He’s the caucasian brashear

  6. ilb2001,
    Grachev needs to get away from Gernander. if you look at the Packs leading scorers, they are all AHL vets. my guess is that the older guys play a lot, and are relied upon in the tight spots, while the younger players get the left overs.

  7. Crystal Water Triple on

    Bet Grachev gets about three minutes ice time. His minor league numbers are paltry, but in all sports some young players play at a higher level in the big time than in the Reddenville time. In baseball is has a lot to do with weak candlepower lighting in minor league ballparks. It helps if you can see the ball. Don’t know what the reason is, when it happens in hockey, unless the money-incentive is kicking in.

  8. Linzo!!!! No, my dog RedBone aka Teddy…when Teddy goes to the bathroom, he does this tap dance, 7 years later and I still laugh at it! He’s my little tap dancer!!

  9. Carp- I wouldn’t waste 5 sec of your life watching that show. I spent exactly that much and would never watch it again. I think it’s embarrassing…Perhaps I’m an old school, but I tend to be pretty open minded. Calling this Vinny guy a jackwagon would be a compliment.

  10. It’s a sad commentary on our culture that a) that show is even on TV, b) anyone at all watches it and c) the producer of GardenVision would deem it necessary to put him on the big screen. When his picture came up I asked my son-in-law ‘who the heck is he?’ When they identified him I still asked ‘who the hesk is he?’

  11. Speaking of Teddy, I went to hug the little bastage (and he doesn’t like affection), and he literally scratched my entire left arm, from the wrist to the shoulder…and it burns. I told him to pack his bags!! ;)

  12. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Gernander is poison to the development of the youth of this team. Grachev is playing third line center a position that he will not play in the NHL. He was great in juniors playing the wing and that is where he should be playing. Gernander also has MCD playing with a career ECHL scrub on the defense. His team is not playing well inspire of the fact that they are one of the most talented teams in tha AHL. The Pack are also not playing the system that Torts wants them to play. Instead they are playing Tom Renney dump and change hockey. This needs to stop.

  13. Milt Schmidt night in Boston. He is 92 and speaks much more coherent English than any of the “stars” of Jersey Shore.

  14. off subject but….

    i was switching channels to see what games were
    on tonight
    and i come upon the coyotes telecast.

    whoa!!! tyson nash must be taking barry melorse mullet lessons.

    i’m late on this.
    what tv show are talking about here?

  15. i know right..CR9 was Boston! When i joined the play i was like “WTB?!” lol

    good games, Tim

    for a beginner you’re not bad at all.

  16. Ilby – LOL, no!

    He beat me the 1st game in OT, even though he let me keep in it.

    Then the 2nd game, CCCP completely gifted me the game by playing with Ukraine against my Czech Jaromirs! I literally screamed when I scored in regulation and the shootout with Jaromir.

    Jaromir got into 2 fights and actually fared okay in both despite losing both. And in the 2nd fight, Jaromir walked away with a black eye!!! :)

  17. CCCP – LOL! I figured if I won, Id be happy, and if I lost with the Bruins, Id be happy. A win-win situation!


    To finish, CCCP beat me in the 2nd game in the shootout!

  18. CCCP – are you serious? I can tell when someone is not playing their hardest!! You were playing me easy. :)

    And I played 2 games earlier today before you, and I didnt score a goal in either game!

  19. Can’t wait to see where Grachev winds up playing. Here are my lines for tomorrow:)

    Frolov – Anisomov – Grachev (The Big Russian Line)

    Dubinsky – Boyle – Callahan (The Blue Collar American line)

    Avery – Stepan – Fedotenko (The 3rd Line)

    Prust – EC – The Todd White Experiment lol

  20. One time I played CC in NHL10, and I was beating him 9-0, and someone in my house reset my connection with 10 seconds left in the third period, and it put a loss in my record.

    I was flipping out so bad. I was the Canucks. I remember it like it was yesterday.

    I can never play NHL for fun. It’s always personal!!

  21. Orr – Well, that’s what happens when 2 adults play, like me and CCCP! :) I believe the games were unranked anyway

    Are you saying that even though Im a beginner, you’d clobber me 15-0 and not think twice?

  22. I have been watching Toronto, and Boston. Tor. are playing like the Rangers played last night. Nathan Horten beat up sloppy. I haven’t watched the wolfpack this year yet, but Grachev certainly was not impressive at training camp. Hopefully he will take advantage of the chance to play in the big leagues.

  23. I wouldn’t go easy on you for a second. Sympathy is for the weak!!

    Although, If I bought the game, and we versed, we would definitely be even. I’ve only played the demo twice, and haven’t played NHL10 in four months, more or less.

    Online team play is really fun. I do miss that.

  24. Orr – You’re a big fat meanie, then! Hey, would you consider getting the GameFly 10 day trial and getting NHL 11?

    “Next to love, sympathy is the divinest passion of the human heart” – Edmund Burke.

  25. The Bruins don’t look that impressive either. Very sloppy defensively. The commentators mentioned Dubinsky’s name twice already.

  26. I already did the 10 day trial. Originally I was going to rent it, and pretend that I lost it in the mail and keep the game, but I never got around doing that.

    Maybe I should. But, there’s no way I’m going to drop $65 for a game that hasn’t been improved. EA is pissing me off!

  27. I read somewhere during the sumer that Grachev has great chemistry with Stepan and was looking forward to the possibility of playing on the same line….hey
    it’s worth at least a line change(lol) try it Torts.

  28. >>Grachev hasn’t necessarily been lighting it up in AHL….

    He’s here to replace Boogaard, yes? I say it’s about time we got someone who’ll actually protect our goalie and Gaborik.

  29. Maybe Torts could put together an all Russian line of Anisimov, Frolov and Grachev or
    Stepan, Grachev and Frolov…worth a try

  30. In place of Boogaard, and playing with Stepan, maybe Grachev can be good.

    I just want to put an end to the notion that Boogaard – or any player for that matter – can stop our goalie or star(s) from being targeted.

    There is only one group of people that can stop those things from happening, and that’s the referees, by calling penalties.

    I appreciate Fran’s comments about Boogaard, but even if he fights the other team’s Colton Orr, it doesnt do any good.

    You want results after Henrik gets run?

    You send Boogaard to run over a Marty Brodeur with the intent to injure. You send a message that if your goalie gets injured, you’re going to send your goon (Boogaard) to hurt somebody of importance.

    Please dont take this the wrong way. Im not advocating injury. Im simply saying, you want protection for our star and goalie, you have to punish a team for doing it. And that’s not Boogaard fighting David Clarkson.

  31. From Grachev’s Profile on NHL.com:

    Rangers pro scout Maxwell was able to see Grachev at his best.

    “On one goal I saw him score, he got a step on the guy, dropped his shoulder and drove to the net and used his reach to beat the goalie and put it in,” said Maxwell, “It was a moment that really brought you out of your seat, and I think he’s got a chance to do more of that as he develops.”

    Perhaps Grachev’s most impressive statistic last season was playing in all 80 of Hartford’s games. During a year that his team was plagued by injuries, Grachev was one of only two Wolf Pack players to appear in every game.

    “I think he’s just really scratching the surface,” said Maxwell. “ … For a kid that young, playing all 80 games is pretty impressive in itself. That just goes to the fact that he is a healthy young man and a strong kid.”

    By the end of the season, Grachev was back in the prestigious Hockey News Future Watch list of the Top 50 drafted prospects playing outside the NHL. His No. 21 overall ranking was a testament to his potential.

    “He’s not a pure goal-scorer or a pure play-maker, if that makes sense, but he can do both, and I think that’s part of the attraction,” said Maxwell. “He’s really got to work at driving to the net instead of sometimes hitting the blue line and going across it. He needs to go all the way down the wall and try to cut to the net and drive to the net. Once he learns to do that, he’s going to become much more effective.”

  32. Read the ESPN magazine article on staph infections in professional sports — scary. Can’t link to it — it’s on Insider.

  33. Please give Dubinsky and Callahan some of what Avalanche’s Chris Stewart had during the summer. He’s on a hat trick tonight, with his eighth goal of the season.

  34. Chris Stewart is a beast…a true power forward that can battle in front the goal…He is going to score like 40 this year…

    He pwned Eminger and Rozsival at the Garden a couple of weeks ago…

  35. Dallas seems to like those other southern teams; the fans only show up when their team is winning.

  36. Kevin Weekes compared Stewart to Brendan Shanahan on NHLNet

    Hopefully Grachev can become a player like a Chris Stewart… He certainly has the size and hands…He just needs to learn…

    I remember thinking the same thing about Marcel Hossa…(speaking of, he has 9 goals in 18 gms this season for Ak Bars Kazan and led the KHL last year in goals)

  37. I’m still waiting for this Taylor Hall kid to do something special, something to tell me he is worthy of the #1 pick. Oh wait… Didn’t I write that about John Tavares last year too? Those two remind me so much of Freddy Adu.

  38. Taylor Hall is in Renney’s hands now… and you know how that will work out!

    Stamkos had a pretty bad rookie year and now he’s shredding NHL in half!

    btw, where is Freddy Adu?

  39. Last I heard, Freddy Adu was on loan to some Greek club.

    Stamkos is a pure sniper; he has a lethal shot around the circles. What do Hall and Tavares do well exactly?

  40. yeah sort of… but the tuhes..the tuhes!! now that im looking at it again and again i think it might be as fake as her chest…


  42. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ricky, change the Devils name to the New Jersey Possums.

    They play dead at home and get killed on the road.

  43. How does one deal with this? I ask, because you have dealt with this for many years, we are merely just rookies :(

    We seek you’re expertise!!!!!

  44. ORR… yeah, be worried, cause I’m sure there are 10 Parises, 5 Martys, and 7 Kovalchucks… Like every draft

  45. Is that the real RickyM? Hey, come on man! The Rangers only had one bad year, and it was a Jaromir-less year!

    LOL @ Olga’s Possum line! Terrificly terrific. Time to walk Lady Tiki and shower!

  46. What Devils git is known as Kovalchufilis… its a pretty bad disease and cannot be cured for at least 15 years! BUUAHAHAHA!

  47. Go SF Giants. I hope they pound the snot out of the criminal texas rangers. Their freakin antler and other crap, theyre disgraces and as unprofessional as it gets. Not to mention that Major League Baseball bought them all their players via trade in an attempt to better the Rangers so that they could possibly knock off the Yankees. And Bud Selig got what he wanted by gifting them all their players while they were in bankruptcy. Oh, and Jack Zero of the Mariners….he’ll have himself a nice job with the red sox in 5 years, when he gets fired for being the piece of carcillo that he is!

  48. Texas “unprofessional”? They whooped the B’Jesus out of my Yanks!!!!!! Cliff Lee = AJ of 2010

  49. of course he is… with Arnots and Langerburgers and Elias’ of the world who else is gonna lead that team in scoring? lol

  50. Every time one of my teams sign a player that killed them, I end up scratching my head…. AJ Burnett, Chris Canty, and Weekes

  51. @TapDancingT

    eloquence? Weekes had rubber pass through more holes than a Thai hooker on New years Eve!!

  52. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Re: Anisimov:


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