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To repeat the news: Artem Anisimov blocked a shot in the second and injured his right ankle. He will have an MRI today. He said he knew it was pretty bad “right away” when he didn’t feel any “relief” after a few minutes.

Michal Rozsival hyperextended a knee, and John Tortorella said he should be OK. Derek Stepan was benched in the third.

John Tortorella:

“I thought we started off OK. We had a simple gameplan. The ice was so bad we just wanted to get the puck in deep and try to get to the body and create some forechecking. The first half of the period I thought we did a really good job of that. And then we started, and I think this is what turned it, we started making lateral passes, turnovers in the neutral zone and we allowed them to play at about 140 feet. And obviously we had some breakdowns throughout the game.”

Did it come too easily early in the game, with the quick goal?

“Well, you know, you worry, and I think it did. It gets good to you, because we played really well the first half of the period. That’s the way Atlanta’s been winning. They’ve been scoring some goals, ugly goals, and they find a way. They’ve got good team speed. But I think it got good to us a little bit in the first period and I thought we gathered ourselves a little bit in the second. But the third goal was a tough one. That hurt us a bit. I think it was a needless pass by Step (Stepan) around the boards on a play like that. (Staal) should have had it but, that one hurt us.

“We crawled back in it, but again, we didn’t deserve to win. We didn’t deserve to win.”

About the timeout.

“It wasn’t anything specific. We just weren’t playing hard enough. They were outworking us in a lot of different areas. We weren’t into the body. And I really felt if they scored another one we’re in deep trouble. We didn’t play the way we needed to play through the 60, certainly not enough minutes. We had played in spurts, and they capitalized.”

“We lost and we deserved to lose. We shouldn’t put ourselves in that type of spot (after) how ewe started the game. We shouldn’t have let it get out of hand.”

On Biron:

“We need some saves there. The third one was one I think that we needed Marty (to stop). The fifth one might have hit a stick, I’m not sure. But in that type of game, if we get a couple more saves, it may be a difference.”

On why it got out of hand.

“We didn’t play consistently enough in the neutral zone, with our forechecking, in our end zone. There were breakdowns in our end zone. I can go through them all but, basically, we didn’t play consistently enough, well enough, in all three zones.”

“We’ve had a little bit of a run here, little, three games, and we talked about it before the game. This was an important game. It wasn’t a game where we come off a two or three-game losing streak, it wasn’t a division game against Jersey. It wasn’t Boston or Toronto. It’s a Southeast Division opponent and these are the games where we need to learn how to take the next step and be consistent at to win. And we didn’t do that. We did it in minutes through the game, but certainly not through the 60. And that is the next step we’re going to have to take here.

“I think we know how we have to play, I really do. I think the past week or so, early in the year, it’s been a really good thing because it defined how we have to play. We did not play consistently enough (tonight). That’s on us, and we have to find a way to do it better.”

“We’re not good enough to let down. We’re not a good enough team, whether we’re healthy or not.”

He was asked about Stepan’s play flattening out the last few games, and I’m paraphrasing here, because my recorder stopped (because I hadn’t deleted any interviews from the last few weeks so I had to rely on longhand):

“Step, no pun intended, was a step slow in everything tonight. We tried to work him through, and in the third tonight we thought we’d let him watch … We’ll monitor him the rest of the year here.”

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  1. If there is a positive to take out of this game, it’s that the team did not roll over and die, and up until the last 2:30 of the game, looked like they would get the equalizer.

    We still run around too much in our own end, and there were a couple of atlanta rushes where the D just backed off so much that atlanta’s forwards uncorked some wicked shots from in close.

    Dustin Byfuglien is a beast – too bad we couldn’t trade to get someone like him. He’s physical, can shoot (and likes to shoot) and he hits the net.

    Why is Avery always shaking his head when he is heading back to the bench – like he’s disagreeing with someone on the play they just made, or that they didn’t see him open for a pass. I’ve noticed this the last few games – perhaps frustration was starting to set in for him.

    Biron didn’t have a great night… I thought a couple of the goals, while great shots, he needs to stop. 5 goals is too many to give up.

    I don’t know if it is a good or bad thing, but when we went down a couple of forwards, and shuffled guys around, they looked pretty interchangable to me.

    I love the effort Prust gives every night.

    Booger needs to learn how to skate – ugh – he can’t be that bad, can he? For a big guy, he spends a lot of time picking himself up off the ice, like he has no balance. Not good :(

  2. So they lose their best playmaking center and decide to bench another center and are already using Boogaard as sparingly as Sather uses common sense.

    I wonder if Torts is going to dress anyone this year and not use him the entire game.

  3. Eminger is a garbage defenseman. We traded Voros (aka the Virus) to get him. What did Sather expect in return?

    I do not understand why Mike Sauer was “Prucha’d”. I think he has outplayed Gilroy and Eminger and even the vets in certain ways. He is an NHL caliber d-man and has looked solid (not flashy) since the start of camp.

    Brian Boyle is an important player for this team. He is starting to show he can finish! Liked his overall play tonight. Looked very good on the PK and skating on the forecheck. I think he can be a part of the “core” too. He is only 25.

    Big Buff is no joke. I sat behind the net tonight (right near you Carp) and saw up close and personal how much of a beastly force he is out there. Wow. He had 6 shots on goal and several others that were blocked. The Rangers sure could use a guy like that.

  4. Boogaard brings zero to the team right now. He deters nothing and can’t skate at anything close to the NHL level.

  5. well, Boogie isn’t as bad as the Brashear addition last season
    it just shows again that sather barely scouts these guys
    and goes by some publicity release of past accomplishment

    don’t know how he’s doing this year
    i would have rather had Chris Neil as far as an example of
    obtaining a player who is a fighter
    and is also a pretty gritty player who’ll put some pucks in the net.

  6. Just wondering, why, I was just on the Rangers official site, and I saw another contest that I couldn’t enter. Why can’t I enter a Rangers contest if I provide my own transportation? I am a blueshirt fan, who does not live in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut.

  7. Yeah…miserable performance. Shades of Malik…the swordsmen were out in full force, jabbing at pucks in their own end with their rapiers, while letting the birds waltz all over Biron ( who btw had a hiccup on several shots that went in.) they’ve got to bring a killer instinct to bear when being attacked in their own end.. take the body or take the bus – to Hartford.)

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Staal play more poorly. And I agree with those of you who say that if Sauer isn’t disabled, then he should be playing every night. End of story.

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