Biron in goal tonight


Martin Biron gets his first Garden start as a Ranger. Todd White is back in the lineup. The rest stays the same.

Back with pregame quotes from Tortorella shortly.

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  1. If Biron stands on his head tonight does the crowd chant Marty or Biron? I couldn’t stand to hear the chant of Marty at the Garden.


  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Man, I am getting jerked bigtime. I’m splitting season tickets with a few people. I get 1 seat for ten games. My brother gets 1 seat at 20 games, including all 10 of mine. Luck was not in my draw as I got both Atlanta games. My brother has work tonight so we just traded seats for the Atlanta games so I get both tonight and he gets both next time. Tonight there’s no Gaborik, no Prospal, and now no Lundqvist!

    Plus, what are the odds of a 4 game win streak? Definite loss tonight.

  3. Potential points of pain today: Atlanta scores, no doubt, but more than half of scoring between just 3 players – Ladd (really dangerous), Stewart and Evander Kane (most dangerous). They should be neutralized. Our offence goes against very good 1st D pair (Oduya, Sopel?), mediocre 2nd and week 3rd. Honestly, don’t know how to qualify Carp’s all time favorite – Byfuglien as a D-man, didn’t see him in this position – could go either way. So, it’s going to be really just pure coaches duel “who against whom” type. Usually, this kind of games between pretty equal teams shows you real head couch state of work. I’m very curious, with hope of good outcome. A must win game. Let’s go Torts!

  4. Doodie Machetto,
    Why somehow your last post sounded (and reminded me) like something from Arithmetic Problems Test book for 5th graders?

  5. CCCP,
    Regarding a beer. First, I wouldn’t mind a beer bath whatsoever if that’s a case. Secondly, it was my nostalgic expression to replace disappeared “Beer Me”. Finally, most important – I wouldn’t mind at all to have some beer with you at my expanse, even if you like rare brewery kind for $20 a pop. Trust me, it would be very entertaining, lol.

  6. RE: Phish NYE @ MSG

    Didn’t get lucky with the lottery… I fought tooth and nail at a ticketmaster outlet just to be able to get a single ticket that fateful saturday morning.

    Yes, I’ve seen them for NYE before and it’s obviously an incredible experience… I could go on and on about Phish/NYE/MSG but we’ll save it for another time. I’ve got Phish/Halloween this weekend in AC lined up in my crosshairs for the time being. Gonna get nutty, and predictions for the musical costume? My gut says _Genesis_.

  7. RE: Posford

    Posford and his projects are wild. Seen him many times now in many different incarnations..I highly recommend listening through headphones for a true mindtwist.

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