A few more post-game quotes


Marc Staal:

On the lost puck on the 3-2 goal.

“It was along the when it came around. All of a sudden it started bouncing. Obviously, looking back, I would have stopped it with my skate against the boards and made sure I had it, but it just bounced over (my stick).”

On what he takes out of the comeback.

“Uh, I mean, we didn’t give up. We were down three goals and we kept going after the and kept playing. That’s a positive we can take into Friday. But obviously we can’t get down 5-2. To be down three goals, usually you’re out of it, and we managed to get back into it and give ourselves a chance.”

“We were just kind of a little lacksy-daisy in parts of the game and it ended up costing us. We can play well the last seven minutes of any game and might not win it. We’ve got to make sure we play the full 60.”

Ryan Callahan:

“One thing we have to learn early in the season here is, if we score a big goal, we can’t sit back and be happy with it. We’ve got to keep pushing.”

On the message during the timeout.

“He just said, ‘We’ve got to pick up our game.’ He wasn’t telling us anything we didn’t know. We weren’t winning battles, we weren’t getting pucks in like we wanted to and he explained that to us. We have to realize that ourselves, too, that we can’t take shifts off or take long stretches off and expect to win.

“I don’t know (why). I wish I knew. The big shifts are after goals and things like that, and I thought after we scored our first goal, and even after Aves ties it, we didn’t come back at them and continue to pressure. Early in the season we’ve got to learn that, that after a goal, those are pretty big shifts. And we’ve got to keep going with the momentum. Unfortunately we didn’t do that, and we sat back on our heels after goals.”

Martin Biron:

“They skated well, but again, they crash the net, they threw guys at the net. That’s what everybody does and that’s what we’re trying to do. That’s how we got our goals when you think about it. We banged around the net and crashed the net, and that’s what they did, too. There’s no secret in this league that hard work will result in goals.”

“It might have been a situation where earlier in the game, one save makes the difference, so everybody can accept their own game. I’ll look at my own game and I want to see what I can do to help this team win games. That’s what I’m doing.”

“They have a couple of guys that have good skills. Bergfors on that 2 on 1 took a good shot and I didn’t like the way I was too deep, but sometimes that’s the way it is. And Byfuglien’s shot, I thought I had my arm on it, but it was just a heavy shot that kind of found the way to get through. Obviously, some good players, they’re going to try to go high and pick the corners, and that’s what we’re ready for.”

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  1. I guess they’re not as bad as the Devils right now. So they got that going for them which is nice.

  2. They’re a bit up and down. Some part Cup hangover some part a team getting used to a host of new players. I’m going to see them on Monday. That’ll be the 3rd game in 4 nights for the Rangers, not expecting great things.

  3. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hawks look pretty good. Obviously it’s early yet, but I don’t think they were hurt severely with all the changes.

  4. I thought the Hawks would struggle out of the gate with the new additions. Im surprised. Who’s their goalie? I think Turco, right?

  5. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Thanks for your stellar work tonight Carpy. You are CONSISTENTLY tremendously tremendous!

  6. Olga Folkyerself on

    They’ve been using both Turco and Crawford. But I think Turco is going to carry most of the mail for Chicago.

  7. bad effort the byfuglien PP goal was dubinsky’s fault. he left the right point for no reason so byfuglien came on down.

    bad bad effort. why is emminger playing over sauer……..

  8. 4:1 SJ !!! Thornton having a night – hat trick! Brodiva made unbelivable letargic, rookie mistake. ha-ha!

  9. Rangers fans…i’d like you to meet your new team killer… he’s big…he’s strong.. he’s calm and Joe M really likes him…the one and only Byfuglien!

    Capable backup my asshat!

    I really hope MDZ learns how to play defense…like…fast.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for AA

    Doodie called the loss… bad bad Doddie!

    TortCruella was back in the second period! YEAH!!

  10. Chico is so bad, blaming the boards for a bad bounce not the fact that Fatso was wandering out of the net on the PK with the Sharks set up in the zone. Yeah Chico, no goal is ever Marty’s fault.

  11. I have a strong feeling Johnny Mac is going to have plenty of time to trick or treat with his kids on Sunday.

  12. TapDancingTeddy on

    I wonder if anyone dislikes Jumbo Joe as much as I do. I also find this start by the Devils to be enjoyable; let’s hope it continues. I hope that Kovy is the ruination of that franchise.

  13. TapDancingTeddy on

    Also, Im not sure if anyone despises Chico or Emrick as much as I do. Id like to ask Ricky the Devs fan that frequents here if he loves Chico for his absurd homer-ness, or if he finds it unprofessional and dislikes him!

  14. As I said before tonight game – it was supposed to be a coaches game; Torts lost. Team fell into the trap. Single mistakes itself didn’t exceed usual Rangers level, game wrong texture and behind the bench personnel decisions did the damage. Poor super kid Stepan get totally lost in the last games – wrong role in a wrong lineup. And stop blaming Biron, who obviously wasn’t a superhero, but Hank would swallow the same goals, if not more, under same circumstances. (his “favorite” above left shoulder, for example). Situation could be now even more dramatic if AA injury is serious – could lead to total chaos – it was the only one good chemistry, productive line. But look at Islanders they started with injuries and unknown, but very hungry, energetic AHLers , learning in process and quite honestly pretty impressive, even in lost. That how characters hardened and surprising players are discovered. May be even the bad times could turn good for Rangers.
    Meanwhile it’s 5:1!! SJ.

  15. 4everanger

    it’ll be great if we could bring some kids from the minors and just let them loose…but you know it ain’t happening!

  16. I’m really, really concern about Artyom, kind of personal attachment and rooting for this kid, whom we watched developing. Wish him the best and get well A.S.A.P.

  17. Good to hear/read (from the last post) that Torts is looking forward to having Stepan here for the balance of the season, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he spent a couple weeks to a month in Hartford if he plays more games like tonight. If someone good is hot in Hartford, make the swap.

    Good to see White make the most of his extra time if he has to be on the roster.

  18. I’m just waching the recording now, the end of the 1st and the start of the 2nd period they are flat, no-one hitting, Atlanta players are getting almost a free skate at times. The first 10 minutes of the 1st the Rangers were great, hitting, forechecking, passing, shooting – its all gone flat. Its a shame for Avery as he’s playing a great game.

    I really hope the injury to Anisimov is not serious, he’s making huge strides this year and starting to look the top6 forward we all hoped he’d turn out to be, as are Cally and Dubi (finally).

  19. I pretty much agree with Carp’s assessments. Their passing game was vintage last season..sloppoy, bad passing judgment, ( shooting it to other team consistently, passing to guys completely tied up, very badly handling the puck in close quarters.

    Staal looked terrible. Biron had way too many “adventures” beyond his crease, and ..a few too many rebounds that he should have smothered. Dropping to his knees and exposing the over the shoulder area along the pipes, looked like LQ’s play book. Except for the usual suspects Avery and Callahan, many of the other folks looked like pure beer league.

    ………….now don’t think it’s gonna be any easier against Montreal…they polished off Islanders very cleanly last night. Islanders could no where near match the Habs puck handling game, nor their passing..both of which simply outclassed the Isles. They’re also faster. Price looked great in goal…Roloson not bad, but he was overwhelmed.

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