Devils-Rangers in review


Half a day late and several dollars short …

It’s hard not to review the whole three games in four nights as one, because it really was a fabulous long weekend for your boys.

Here’s my story from The Journal News and today.

Small piece of news this morning: Jeremy Williams was returned to Hartford. I guess that’s what happens when you come up and get uniform No. 86. Get it?

1) I see everybody’s jumping on the Michal Rozsival bandwagon. I say, good, to that. The guy’s improved, worked hard, and they’d miss him if he wasn’t here.

2) The Norris Trophy winner for the weekend, though, was Girardi. Went face to face with a fired-up Kovalchuk almost every shift. He’s another guy I wasn’t sure about whom I’m now starting to think might turn out to be a good one.

3) In all the feel-good, the best news is probably that the goaltender is finding his game again, and that the backup goaltender might turn out to be one of those really important signings that gets overlooked.

4) I like Sean Avery’s game so far this season. I really do. He’s the old Avery, which means he’s a factor every night. A positive factor, that is.

5) Forgot to tell you this last night. Some young radio reporter sticks a microphone in Avery’s face and asks, “So did you have any choice words for Brodeur?” To which Avery scowled and said, “That’s a really stupid question.”

6) Tomorrow I’m going to tell you more about why I like this team and its direction. But I’ll tell you right now that one of them is the coach. He’s been a jackwagon at times, and in previous seasons he hasn’t been the accountability-holder he promised to be. But this year he’s gentler in dealing with people outside of his lockerroom, which is a good thing. But mostly, I really believe that he is serious about the direction, and the plan, to get young players involved, to teach and not overwhelm them, to be positive and nurturing when they need it, and to live with their mistakes. And let’s face it, if he couldn’t do that, then why keep him here with this team as it is now?

7) So next time they lose three in a row — and they will — let’s not all jump off the cart and write off the season, OK? Yeah, right.

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Reminder, on MSG Plus’s “The Game 365: New York Rangers” tonight at 11, Fran Healy discusses hockey and living in New York with the Rangers’ three young core guys — Marc Staal, Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky.

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  1. 1st!


    Boardwalk Empire is a great show. Love it! Has a lot of those old time Mob guys like Luciano, and Capone. Buscemi is the man!

    Last night’s win so sooo satisfying. Just to be able to add to the Devs woes was sweet! Cally was great, as usual, and finally was rewarded. Blowzy might finally start shooting even more now that his shots have been helping out one way or another. Hank was great, but too bad he couldn’t get that shutout.

    Yeah, according to TSN, Nylander will have potential career ending surgery.

  2. poor nylander. i always liked that guy. at least Jagr made him a lot of money.

    BlueBlood, mi señora favorito!!!!

  3. Good post Carp. It’s nice to read something positive about the Rangers to get my week going.

    I hate being away at school (especially in Flyer country) and not being able to watch the Rangers, but then again, they’re winning without me watching them, so maybe I should not watch any game for the rest of the season.

  4. Anyone looking for tickets, section 426 row C right off the aisle. F/V $80.00 pair.
    11/7 St. Louis
    11/9 Washington
    12/16 Phoenix
    12/23 Tampa
    1/5 Carolina
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    3/1 Buffalo
    3/22 Florida

  5. gregm_section403 on


    Looks like the IT guys finally worked out most of the kinks on the new site.

    But what about mobile? The blog looks like carcillo on my blackberry! Hard to read.

    Does have a mobile site?

  6. Carp and Boneheads –

    The one thing that I see that is very different in these 3 wins for the club is the 5 on 5 play. By that, it is the play of all 5 players (6 really with Hank and Biron) – they are all playing as a unit. I think Torts referenced it the other day in his post game remarks after the Toronto game. They are moving feet when they dont have the puck, looking for open spaces. They are also getting the puck up and out of the zone so much quicker than in the past that they other teams dont have a solid chance most times to set up offensively. That is key – and that is playing hockey. Finally, at least for the last couple games, they are playing hockey. In the NHL.

  7. Good post, Carp. It looks more and more that the players aren’t afraid to make mistakes. Good for Torts. Only positive may come out of it.

    In terms of losing three in a row. They will, agree. Remember, just hard work alone may not suffice against stronger, more talented teams. But as long as the effort is there, we’ll be happy.

    Horrible news about Nilander, apparently he was pushed from behind in AHL. I think he has 6 kids.

    CR- BlueBlood is a she?

  8. Carp cc All, I am big fan of all of yous. I usually just read, but I need to comment. So Boomer and Carton are now on MSG and during all games and post game they plug the show, and yet, every morning from what I watch and hear on my way to work, hockey is always dismissed like a traffic report they HAVE to do. They are on MSG, home of the NY Rangers, and yet, in most cases they just say the score and move on. It drives me absolutely Bonkers. Can anyone shed some light on why it seems to me like hockey isn’t even considered for this show???

  9. Got this from MSG: On MSG Plus’s “The Game 365: New York Rangers” tonight at 11, Fran Healy discusses hockey and living in New York with the Rangers’ three young core guys — Marc Staal, Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky.

  10. Meliss, surprising since Boomer is supposedly a diehard, life-long Rangers fan.

    But anybody who listens to or watches that crap … well, what can I say?

  11. lots of panic and fire everyone mode over at the Fire & Ice blog.. I mean it’s the same here when we are losing like that too but it’s more amusing over there.

  12. Joekuh - Slashing behind the play... on

    LAWL @ Carp calling Scratchalchuk a “gazillion dollar winger “

  13. CR, I think the Yankees will fall somewhere in between CW3 and your prediction for them. Their biggest obstacle is health.

    And Jeter has been trending downward 3 of the last 4 seasons. It’s not a great comparison to use a guy that will be 37 halfway through next versus a player that’s barely old enough to drink. Andrus has a lot of upside and mostly due to his age is a better defender. The Yankees can afford to pay him for his years of service to the team, but even 3 years is a questionable deal, let alone 4 years for him at this point.

    ARod also has concerns. He’s missed at least 20 games the last 3 seasons and I don’t see that trend reversing going forward.

    Tex and Cano will anchor that lineup. Granderson should stay about the same, but he should concentrate on getting on base a little more than trying to hit home runs even if it’s tempting in Yankee Stadium. They should consider moving Gardner up to lead off if he can prove his huge jump in OBP wasn’t a fluke. Swisher has really come into his own the past 2 years, solid guy to put in the lineup to drive runners in.

    Signing Lee is a priority for them as is Rivera. It’s just at some point they’ll have too many positions locked up in players that only the Yankees can afford to pay. Very little solutions to fixing the team revolve around finding players from within except for catcher. Hughes is a big candidate to have drop in next season’s form because of the huge innings jump from the previous year (mostly because the Yankees messed around with moving him back and forth between the rotation to the pen and then back to the rotation).

    Overall next year they’ll be highly competitive if they’re healthy and because Boston has a lot of question marks themselves are the Rays are losing a couple key guys. It’s just in a couple of years, the spend now and spend large philosophy is likely going to hurt them.

  14. from last thread:

    old coach, yeah, but the view sure is sweet from where I sat :)

    boxcar, true that, but I’m sticking my rah rah….

    ah, so nice to be here during the day :)

  15. Torts is presently showing a real maturity in his persona, which shows that you’re never too old to learn some lessons! But we’ll see — it’s a lot easier to be pleasant when you’re winning.

  16. Last time a New York coach changed his hard-nosed demeanor to a more gentler tone, some good stuff happened (See: Giants, New York – 2007).

    Just sayin’.

  17. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Callahan= Next Captain. He’s really maturing in leaps and bounds. Linda probably said the captain thing last season if i remember right… or was it Sally?

  18. LindaCalPruBoylahan on

    Lol Gab! Last season and again last night! He just embodies hard work, grit, and determination…everything you’d want in a captain ! Hope the puck starts bouncing his way again too!

  19. Carp
    good reminder about youth
    and mistakes and that the coach is working with
    the situation that we’ve wanted for a long time


    true. we all should all put those words in a frame right next to the screen we use to watch games.

    i think as many others here do
    that if we, at least, show a consistency in effort then we can live with the losses
    won’t like to lose
    but we’ll recognize that the team put in a good effort.

    on a loss like Toronto, it looked like the 2009-2010 mail it in version.
    they might as well have had Kamensky out there.

  20. 5) Forgot to tell you this last night. Some young radio reporter sticks a microphone in Avery’s face and asks, “So did you have any choice words for Brodeur?” To which Avery scowled and said, “That’s a really stupid question.”

    I read this at work, in a situation that REALLY required me to be pretty silent, and a pretty hefty snicker left my mouth. Thanks, AVERY! You even cause problems via html.

    ; )

  21. Mama
    Can’t argue with the view. The 1st time I sat down low on the red line it was like I was at a tennis match whipping my head back and forth to keep up with the play. It’s amazing to see how big, fast and good those guys really are. You don’t get a true appreciation of that from up high.

  22. I always liked Kamensky… he was one slick mofo! Reminds me of Datsyuk

    Obviously, like many others before him…once he joined the Rangers, his career hit the wall! lol

  23. Joekuh - Slashing behind the play... on

    By the time Kamensky came to the Garden, he should have been put out to Pasture.

  24. old coach, very true. you also don’t realize exactly how brutal it is when players get boarded and HOW LOUD the puck is when it hits the glass until you’re 6 inches away. I had about 20 mini heart attacks

  25. and that’s another reason why I hate red seaters who don’t use their seats. If I had the ones I sat in last night I would never miss a game. I’d have to be hospitalized, and even then would probably show up.

  26. Crystal Water Triple on

    CR9 – Re the Yankees prospects for next year, this month one year ago, right after the Yankees won the WS, I emailed my sports media contact in Las Vegas and promised him that the Yankees would not repeat, in 2010, because of the age issue. And sure enough, they were by far, the best team in baseball over the first half of this season, then they slowed down in July and August, then they lost 14 of 20 in one stretch in September, and then they got bounced by a younger, but not necessarily better team in the playoffs, a fast-track downhill slide pattern, if ever there was one.

    This ongoing slide was confirmed by all the come-from-behind rallies to win games. Great teams dominate from start to finish, they do not have to rely on big rallies three times a week, which is a sure sign of trouble dead-ahead. You think the 1927 or 1961 Yankees had to rally almost every other day, to pull out a win? Now those were great teams which won wire-to-wire with consistency.

    For you to dream of big comeback years from A-Rod (at age 36); Jeter (at age 37), and already having lost a step in the field; and for a significant contribution from Posada, is unrealistic and unlikely to happen. Also, you do not mention Mariano Rivera. He will hit the career brick wall one of these years, as an over-40 baseball geriatric. He is no better than 50-50 to get through next season as a dominant closer force.

    Swisher scares no one, Gardner is a punch and judy hitter who will start to lose his speed, soon, which is his only real value, Granderson is a good, albeit not great ballplayer, and we can agree Tex is a great ballplayer who tipped the balance in the Eastern Division to the Yankees, in concert with Manny Ramirez opting-out of Boston. Every ballclub has guys like Swisher, and Granderson, they are nothing special. Gardner is a one-dimensional player who has worked hard to develop a value far beyond his natural ability, and I give him credit for that.

    We agree the competion in the division is marginal. Rays are a big question-mark, given the instability of the franchise; and the GM in Boston was out to lunch in not replacing Wakefield, Ortiz, Lowell, and Varitek a year ago, to get a big rebuilding jump on the Yankees who will start doing the same, soon. Yankees are really lucky that Boston does not yet have the replacements for the above-listed players in place, as yet.

    If I were a Yankee fan I would be extremely guarded in my optimisim and enthusiasm as to what will be transpiring over the next three years in the Bronx. It could get ugly.

    Thanks for your response.

  27. CTB – The Yankees are in a decent position in terms of long-term contracts and long-term flexibility.

    Alex is the only question mark; will he be able to perform through his contract at 3B and DH? Maybe, maybe not.

    CC and hopefully Lee will only have 5 year deals. Andy is year-to-year. Only 3 more years of AJ. And hopefully many more of Hughes.

    Hughes struggled towards the end of this season because he surpassed his innings total from the prior year by a large margin. Next year, he should have more stamina and be more consistent throughout the entire year. This year, he struggled mightily in the 2nd half because of his growing innings total.

    Grandy made remarkable progress after working with Kevin Long to retool his swing in mid-August. He was having a horrendous year up to the mid-August point. After mid-August, he was our most consistent hitter. He also missed an entire month due to injury in 2010. Next year, with a full season under his belt, and with his new mechanics, should be much better than he was this year.

    I hope we can resign Wood. But if Wood receives closer years and closer $$ from another team, he’ll probably take it.

    Jeter and Mo are sure things to resign. They wont be a problem. Jeter is not trending downwards, unless you consider one horrible season to be trending downwards. He had an MVP like season in 2009 and 2006, a very good season in 2007, and a respectable season in 2008.

    While my comparison to Andrus is not a very good one, the comparison was only meant to illustrate that even in Jeter’s worst year, at age 36, he still had a better season in 2010 than the much-praised Andrus.

  28. i lucked out like that at one game in buffalo.
    2 or 3 rows back
    at the faceoff to our goalies left
    (can’t remember who it was at the time. all i know is it
    was during Lindros era)

    very loud and cold.
    my normally mild-mannered wife turned into some hockey hooligan
    getting all hyper excited and cheering every time the players crashed into the glass in front of us.

  29. Crystal – Before I answer your post in depth, I will state this simply:

    Alex Rodriguez still had 30 HRs 100 RBIs. So whatever he does next season would not be considered a comeback season. And to think that Alex will put the same numbers is not unrealistic. In fact, it is realistic. He will likely sit 10-15 games next year not due to injury. And he’ll likely play about 15 games at DH.

    Rivera is not your average athlete. He is a one of a kind freak of nature. He has shown no signs of slowing down and might possibly be able to pitch until he is 50.

    Posada already has shown his wear and tear, and like I said, he will spend much time at DH next season, and Cashman should go out and get a viable backup. He’ll probably start 40-70 games at catcher in 2011.

    Jeter is a rare case. As I said, he had an MVP season in 2009, and a horrible season in 2010. Is it likely that he will have an MVP season in 2011? No. But will he put up better numbers than this year? Almost certainly. Jeter is another one of a kind athlete. He is always motivated to better himself. And with the new contract, he wont simply go quietly into the night.

  30. Shoot the puck Barry on

    I like the direction of this team, but let’s not kid ourselves– we need Gabby back badly. We are going to need to score.

    I see this team over the next year or so as improving to the point that we could trade some excess youth/talent to get another big-time player to put us closer to the top. Kinda like the Mets did in ’83 and ’84 when they got Hernandez and Carter. Way different sport, I know, but when your young players enhance their value, sometimes you need to make a tough choice as to which ones are going to be on the bus with you when you go to war. Dubinsky is one guy that I could see going either way— keeping with us or traded for some bigger piece down the road.

    For now, however, nothing needs to be done. Just let them play hard and see if we can sustain this until our big gun comes back.

  31. You guys know we have a Yankees blog right?

    also, I know folks commented on this last night, but that run on Hank was deplorable. He’s kneeling down on the puck and play was clearly stopped, then whoosh…asshats.

  32. Crystal – Here’s the last part. When we were losing games down the stretch of the season, it’s because we weren’t playing full lineups every day. As an insider close to the Yankees said, Girardi took his foot off the pedal too soon on the season and settled for the wild card. While the wild card benefited us against the Twins, we simply lost to the Rangers because they outhit us and they aggressively ran the bases; in addition, our offense simply died from top to bottom, nothing to do with age. Swish and Tex are only about 30.

    I know this may sound like a generic excuse, especially coming from me, but also, a key factor in the Rangers series was BAD LUCK. We had near a .200 BABIP and the Rangers had near a .400 BABIP. The 2010 Rangers are very similar to the Angels teams of years past that beat us. Get lucky with balls in play and beat us on the bases. In addition, Girardi managed us out of Games 4 and 6.

    Gardner is a three-dimensional player. He plays excellent defense with an excellent and accurate OF arm. He has near a .400 OBP and he sees a lot of pitches, and like you mentioned, his speed is his best asset. I wouldnt be surprised to see Gardner packaged in a trade this offseason, as there were at least 4 teams very interested in him last offseason.

    Grandy is an All Star caliber Centerfielder, with great power. He missed a month of the season with injury. After retooling his swing in mid-August, he went on to be the best Yankee in the last 2 months of the season. Grandy is a legitimate star and I expect big things from him next season.

    Swisher is not a star, but he is a very good role player on a championship team. Not every team has a Swisher. The red sox version of Swisher was JD Drew. And you know what JD Drew was? Crap. 30 HRs and nearly 100 RBIs is not chump change and most certainly, not every team has a Swisher for a role player.

  33. And even if Swisher his not hitting HRs or driving in runs, he still gets on base. It’s not like he puts up an empty 30/100. He walks a good portion of the time, probably around 8%.

  34. Mama – I cant stand the Yankees blog. All they do over there is bash each other when differing viewpoints or opinions arise. Personal attacks after personal attacks. You cant read 5 posts over there without reading personal attacks over a simple disagreement. And not to mention, the talk of muppets, sesame street and utter nonsense.

  35. CR, I think you’re underestimating the effects of age on players that already have a lot of mileage on them. Especially in a sport that is literally a daily grind. Jeter can work as hard as he wants, but players start to lose a step at some point and if there’s any player (and remember this is coming from a Mets fan) that I can trust that isn’t on any PEDs it’s him. If he magically bucks the trend of what happened to players for the 70-80 years before the 90’s steroid era then it will certainly raise some suspicions. So to expect him to have a bounceback season just because of what he’s done in the past is really looking at things through pinstripe glasses.

    As for Hughes, it’s been well documented that the effect of having pitched a lot of extra innings carries over into the following season. Look at Cole Hamels as the most recent prominent example.

    ARod, Jeter (whatever his new deal will be), Tex are locked up until their late 30’s. Most likely Cano will need to get locked up until around that age. That’s half of the line up signed to long term deals that no other team can afford. So, theoretically if some of those players start a steep decline they are un-tradeable.

    The Yankees formula of signing premium but older players has worked out once in the last decade, last year. And for a team with their payroll, their bench was pretty weak. If injuries pop up, again fairly likely given the age of some players, they’ll be using replacement or below replacement level players. They’ve also traded prospects (Tabata, Austin Jackson, etc) or lost draft picks for signing FA’s. Otherwise, many other teams have turned to making sure their teams remain younger and more athletic. I’m not saying the Yankees don’t have talent. They still have plenty of front line talent. Probably more than all but a handful of teams in the league, but they are loaded with downside risk.

  36. I dont watch Yankees during the season at all! Way too many games and way too slow! I only watch them when/if they make the playoffs…that’s it!

  37. Tex is only locked up until his age 36 season. That’s not bad at all.

    Jeter will likely only get 4 years, maybe 3. That’s not horrible.

    Alex is the only unreasonable contract, and like I said, he’ll likely be spending his final 3 years at DH.

    Our bench was not bad at all. If Cervelli had bothered to play defense – which he was supposed to be able to do – then he is a viable backup C. We should look to replace him in 2011. Thames had a terrific year although he was only brought in to face LHP. Berkman was a terrific acquisition. Nick Johnson was a great addition in theory, but in reality. Pena and Nunez are just what they are, backup utility infielders. Kearns was a mid-season acquisition, and was a bust.

    I expect Jeter to have a better season than 2010. In fact, it wouldnt take much for him to be better than 2010. Do I expect Jeter to have a career year? No. Do I expect Jeter to have a year that is more comparable with his career norms? YES. To say that Jeter is done because of ONE bad season is misguided. Is he trending downwards? Yes, typically everyone trends downwards after age 35.

    I see your point on Hughes. However, he did throw 110 innings in 2009, and 180 in 2010. But, I still believe the full year under his belt will have benefited him.

  38. cant even have a civilized discussion without being reprimanded. be thankful there isnt talk of god damn sesame street and the muppets every single damn day like on the Yankees site. this is a new york rangers site, a site for rangers fans and new york fans.

  39. Completely agree with the thread on Callahan having captain material. Did think it was funny though during the telecast when Joe M. kept saying that Callahan has great hands. There is a lot to praise about his game, but I am not sure I would say his hands are great. Glad to see him put one in the net and maybe raise his goal scoring confidence.

  40. “I see everybody’s jumping on the Michal Rozsival bandwagon. I say, good, to that. The guy’s improved, worked hard, and they’d miss him if he wasn’t here…The Norris Trophy winner for the weekend, though, was Girardi.”

    I still wish that Sather had held on to Paul Mara…6’4″, 212 lbs., and a native New Jerseyan! I would much rather see Mara in the lineup over Eminger or Gilroy.

  41. NYR, on shoot once side, which is why I was particularly pleased that we scored those 2 goals in the second!!!! I’m telling ya, luck was on my side all night…..

  42. yeah, but I noticed that when Rosival made that blunder fanning on the puck at the blue line which led to a near goal the other way, only prevented by some great shot blocking d by Staal in front of the net. well, Rosival immediately skated to the bench after the boos started, even though their shift was only about half over. that shows that he still is a big baby who just cannot stand up to pressure and criticism. he bails when the going gets tough, and THAT is not a good sign.

  43. well kittens and pups, I’ve had a grand time chatting here today, but I’m stepping off now. mama’s adventures are catching up with her and it’s time for a little rest :) Ta for now!

  44. Joekuh - Slashing behind the play... on

    George, did u notice that when they were announcing Rozy’s goal, they booed him too? Even when he SCORES they boo him. If you boo him after he makes a bad play, fine. That’s your right. But dont boo when he scores. That makes no sense to me.

  45. Poor Rozi… he cannot get it right with Rangers fans

    He plays poor – fans booo him

    He plays good – fans still boo him

    I think we should change boos to cheers and criticism to support! He’s playing very well and it shows…the guy is trying hard and does not want to share a bus seat with Redden in CT!

    By being booed Rozi will go back into his shell…and that is not good…We need him to play well.

  46. mao_del_zedongo on

    is anyone going to delete that annoying buffalo sabres logo from the facebook plugin?

  47. mao_del_zedongo on

    lol @ ‘i got a belly button!” ROFLMAO …we can talk sesame street as long as mrs. Katy Perry Brand is involved…thank you in advance

  48. That SNL skit with Katy Perry in that insanely tight Elmo shirt has been tattooed in my mind ever since I saw it.

    Great gonzagas on that chick. Why would she marry such an annoying unfunny guy like Russel Brand? He looks creepy too.

  49. the fans should not exalt a player just based on 3 games either. if his total body of work in all his years here is mostly negative, and it is, then 3 games does not a hero make. I will not change my mind about him unless I see an entire season of good play, and so far, it has been a bad few games followed by a very good 3 games. no evidence so far to get on any #33 bandwagon until that wagon shows longterm good play, not just flashes for a week or two.

  50. Rozi’s been playing well going back to last season… he was our best Dman last few month of last year and basically continues to play well right now…

    Have i ever wished that Rozi was benched or just simply banished from the team? of course i have…but i would never boo a guy when he’s obviously trying hard to help this team

    just give him a chance to prove himself… dont fuggin boo him when he plays well or scores a goal… its stupid!

  51. Crystal Water Triple on

    CR9 – You make some valid points, but here I want to address something, to my thinking, most baseball fans, executives, and certainly managers have bass-ackwards. And that is placing too much emphasis on the “aggressive” running game. I sometimes maintain a stat I call: BPO, which stands for Base Path Out, which is the most expensive kind of out in baseball, given that the hardest job in baseball is to get on base. Once on base, when a player is caught stealing, doubled up, or God forbid, out trying to advance from 1st to third on a single, or from second to home, the inning-killing price is enormous. Some managers even try occasional steals of 3B, which represents mimimal percentage gain in run scoring percentage, for a successful attempt, to MAXIMUM percentage loss, on an unsuccessful attempt. Aggressive base running is the most moronic “strategy” in the sport.

    How did the Yankees win all those pennants and WS, over the years? Great talent, yes of course, but their game was almost always station-to-station baseball, save for the Rickey Henderson years, which are the notable exception. Baseball is a sport, unlike any other, where being overly aggressive can be the most self-defeating way to approach any given game. As Bill James has written, stealing bases is at best a break-even strategy. Yet, so many teams base much of their offense around the speed element to the game. According to my research. over the years, by far the most important element to the game and the composition of a roster is QUALITY STARTING PITCHING. 85% of the time the team with the more effective starting pitching performance in any given game, wins the game. All speed and mediocre quality starting pitching gets a team nowhere. Great starting pitching keeps a team in every game, if the baserunning doesn’t puck it up.

  52. Look

    I have never gone for the idea of booing any one at any time, and this goes even for Roz in his worse moments, and even Redden. I have always found it a childish expression of disfavor. But it;s a negative one, and it has never helped improve a guy’s capability. At best it lets a little steam off, but at worse it compounds his insecurity and gains nothing.

  53. Just a thought on

    Never understood booing your own team or player. They are all Rangers, I root for the Rangers. Sheesh so you see it effects him so you boo more? It hurts the team. Besides he is not that bad. Soft in the corner but watch his passes. He has strengths.

  54. Quick pop in…we’ve had the booing chat here before. I hate it. Hate it! You just don’t boo your own team. I never have, never will…….though…..mrs. TR did have some choice words for Eminger as he passed us by :) but she never booed, and I don’t think he heard :)

  55. I agree if a guy is playing bad, boo him, or hope he is traded, BUT, Rosie is definitely contributing, his goal, assists, defense better, his passing. Give the Guy a Break! Do not boo the positive things that he is doing. I read in an interview, that Callie said they hear it and he doesn’t think it is right.

  56. jpg’s sis….aww, and I liked you when we met :)

    sorry, gotta disagree, no booing. I have let loose several WTBs! and the like, but never a boo (except for the other team, naturally)

  57. Gerry, I like where you’re at :)

    btw, if anyone cares, the only downside to this weekend and today was having to shell out $200 clams to replace my lost eyeglasses – no insurance help thank you – and even though the guy gave me a deal on frames, they didn’t have the ones I lost, and I lost my beautiful leash, and that did kind of bum me out.
    But hell, I ordered the mac and cheese at warren last night not just cause it’s awesome, but cause I couldn’t read the menu to choose something else. Sometimes being 26 ain’t so grand :)

  58. Am I in the right place? Or has IT totally byfugliened up and combined as with that famous Yankees blog?

  59. i’m all for trading roszival at the deadline. I don’t care how “well” he has played as of late, he makes too much money to be that medicore.

  60. So, to boo or not to boo? Real head-scratcher there! This is your team! Do you know how much satisfaction it gives the opposing team and their fans to hear the home crowd booo their own players? We are supposed to make MSG the most difficult place to play, they should be miserable coming here. On top of that, someone tells you it affects his play. So you want him to lose more confidence? Idiots.

  61. ilb, haven’t found your or my glasses. I did talk to the girls. they deny everything. does Leo know my address!??? I figured as soon as I shelled out bucks they’d turn up, but alas, I think they’re gone. I’m gonna put an id tag on the new ones, like for dogs :)…”If found, call…..”

  62. Miss Rosival I doubt it. He’s played wel but still not worth 5 million cap hit. Trade him while hes value is high. Don’t get sucked back in by this guy. He’s played well but hes not a leader and not a winner. Trade him,Trade him, Trade him!!

  63. It’s tantamount to Bizarro hockey world when you go on and you see Rozsival as #2 Star and the Devils at 15th in the Conference.

  64. Wait, for the record, if we’re all on the same page aboot the “booing”, does that include certain chants like “Fire Sather”?

    Maybe Slats has sucked for so long because we’re always chanting “Fire Sather”

    Maybe if we chant “We Love Sather”, he’ll find us a crease clearing d-man, and a first line center.


  65. ORR, Fire Sather does not equal booing. First good, second bad :)

    btw, don’t know if you heard on TV last night, but there were about 10 Potvin ducks chants…and that’s no exaggeration. Good times! Two little kids near us, had to be more than 7 or 8, started chanting it, um, properly….mrs. TR and I were cracking up.

  66. Boo, it's halloween on

    fans booing is mainly a statement to the GM and the coach. we don’t like this guy. get rid of him. I find it incredibly hypocritical of posters here who are so happy that Redden is gone, but it was the very booing that you now pretend to abhor that got rid of him. sorry, can’t have it both ways. booing is the fans method of thinning out the herd.

  67. ….and…..hat trick? anyway, dinner time for me. FOX and Dolanvision are still hartnelling me with their issues, btw, but thankfully mama’s mama is saving my shows so I can watch over Thanksgiving weekend.

    How sick is it that I spent so much of my day off chatting with all you assens! (said with humorous mama love)……it was grand though :)

  68. Boo, still don’t like the booing. What I say at home to the TV is one thing, and again, I’m all for groaning, WTBing, moaning etc. in the arena, but I don’t like booing.

    “fans booing is mainly a statement to the GM and the coach”

    yeah, it affects them how compared to the player?

  69. Dang, no hat trick for me….oh well. I need to go to RR rehab after today…..

    Chris, good question, I honestly hadn’t noticed. Maybe I’m wrong under the rules, but with Drury out they don’t want to give someone else the C, but they need at least one A?

  70. Boo, it’s halloween- do you really think booing was the reason they got rid of Redden? Perhaps we should start chanting “Give us the Cup!” and “Raise our salaries”. Bet you that will come through right away.

  71. Resigning Staal… bring in Frolov…giving new contract to Prust and Booger..none of those thing helped getting rid of Redden but the fans booing? OK!

  72. Roszival was our best defenseman the post-lockout year….since then, he has gone downhill fast. Maybe it was his surgery, but he is medicore at best for us. He’d be an asset playing less minutes / responsibility on a contender though. So, yes….TRADE HIM!

  73. Boo, it's halloween on

    btw, it is the diehard Ranger fans who are doing the selective booing. the same fans who pay for tickets, who get the “Let’s Go Rangers” chant going, the same fans who are the most ardent Ranger fans. it is not the corporate suits who arrive late and sit in the company seats near the ice and could care less. it is the fans who care the most who do the booing.

    who cares how Dredden, Or Blowsival. Or Dreary “feel”. they can always go home and bathe in a tub full of millions of bucks. poor babies.

  74. So, I come home from work and find a large envelope with CCCP’s return address. I was expecting the long promised set of DVDs with 1972 Summit Series. Was very happy to see it arrive. I open the envelope and inside find a small, pink gift box from Victoria Secret. With DVDs inside. Mrs ilb looked at me for a second..It’s a good thing she met him at W77 lol.

  75. ilb, I just near about choked to death laughing!

    Boo, you raised a most excellent point in that post. Seriously. But that doesn’t mean I still don’t like booing….LGR!

  76. I got to tell you, there are a lot of people who sit in 100s who care and know a lot about hockey. As well as there are a lot of fans in 400s who can’t tell the difference between the hockey stick and baseball bat. Where you sit doesn’t determine your knowledge about the game. Nor how much you care about your team. Can’t generalize.

  77. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that inside of that box the DVDs were nicely wrapped in pink soft paper. SOB!

  78. I’m telling you, Linda, if mrs did know who CCCP was, I’d have to show her all these DVDs to assure her it wasn’t a porn…I’m going to send him Fran’s movie this Saturday. Any suggestions?

  79. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao ilb, your wife must have been thinking what in the blue hell…. wish we all could have seen that!!

  80. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Ok everyone inluding carp,cally. Let’s not go crazy because blowzy played a decent game or two.
    He was decent not good. Girardi was good. Blowzy has a nack for teasing everyone with a brief spurt or two during the season which gets him some added rope(along with his contract). The
    Bottom line with him is that he is very inconsistent. In fact it can happen shift to shift with him.

    I fully expect him to revert back to good old blowzy Orr. The scrub we all like to boo.

  81. HAHA!


    i knew you’d get a kick outta my little “Victoria Secret” surprise!

    The problem was… i didn’t have anything to put the disks in! LOL

    Tell Mrs. that it’s all good! There’s nothing in that bag but pucks! :P

  82. Watching the Flyers against Columbus Wisniewskis. I don’t think the arena in Columbus is half full. Parity, anyone?

  83. CCCP

    Can you burn me a copy of those games as well?

    ilb & CCCP – Do you both have copies of the first 2 rounds of the 1994 Rangers?

  84. Tim

    yeah i can burn it for you…but you gotta give me some time

    i’m gonna check my old DVD’s and see if i still got the first 2 rounds of the 94 playoffs

  85. Crystal – I agree with your take on aggressive base running. It’s just a cliche i threw out there re: the rangers because it’s the same way the angels teams that beat us in years past were described, and they did actually put pressure on our defense to make plays. and jorge posada is no longer the catcher he once was.

  86. CCCP – Dont worry about it. Take all the time you need. If you do not have the 94 Rangers, I can easily burn both you and Ilb a copy and send them both to you, 3CP, and you can send ilb a copy.

    Im trying right now to acquire the entire 1994 regular season of the Rangers. At this point, I have about 15 regular season games, if either of you are interested in them. :)

  87. Still new to commenting, should have looked at my comment one more time. I think it is DEFINITELY okay to boo the other team. Should support your own team, the blueshirts. So leave Rosie alone.

    Does yelling, Fire Campbell back in the day count as booing?

  88. jpg’s sis, now you’re talking!

    ilb, red v. blue seats, you are 100 percent correct. kinda like america huh :)

  89. BJs look good….the Flyers are running around. Hartnell looks like he was barely saved from under the guillotine without his long hair.

  90. all, I’ve had a great day here…..thanks! see you after work tomorrow and for game Wednesday!

    mama is gonna go plotz now and officially, irrevocably say TA! (wicky, I swear!)

  91. expecting my first child in february.

    looking to sell the following games. section 330 aisle seats face value 120 for pair

    1/5 wed vs carolina
    1/25 tues vs florida
    2/17 thurs vs kings
    3/1 tues vs buffalo
    3/3 thurs vs minn
    3/6 sunday vs phil

    email me if interested

  92. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Got nothing except for doing a spit take at #5. Thank god it was only water. LOL.

    I would LOVE to see that show with Cally. Dubi and Staal. Despite my extreme dislike of Fran Healy. The man made Joe M look like a genius.

  93. mao_del_zedongo on

    was watching our young ranger that left us too soon earlier on youtube…can you imagine if we added him to this homegrown mix?

  94. alexei. i was so saddened by his death after it happened. the worst was him collapsing right next to jagr. i cant even imagine having that happen to a teammate right next to me. so sad for the kid and his family. ♥ Alexei

  95. Fran, Cherepanov is who he was referring to.

    I still get bummed out thinking aboot him. I was so excited when he fell in the draft. He definitely had to talent to be a superstar, but we’ll never get the chance to find out, sadly. Makes me want to barf, just thinking aboot it.

  96. Orrsie, Im watching some heartwarming Yankees videos, and a video of Mark Messier to help me through my grieving process.

    Wanna talk aboot anything? I gotta walk the Tikadoo and shower, be back in 30 minutes!

  97. i’m awake too! watching “Scream” on TBS


    i got both of those games…though, i’m not playing FIFA much at all.

  98. I’m still fighting a stomach virus. It’s ruining everything for me. I can’t even watch my favorite tv-shows. I’m putting it off until I’m healthy.

    I watched Jonah Hex for the first time. I watched 25 minutes before giving up. I forwarded through the rest to see how much Fox is in the flick, and she’s only in it for a total of 10 minutes or more. Horrible!

  99. Man, the best part aboot Mark Messier is the fact that he cant hold back his tears. Even though he only won 1 Cup with the NYR, he won 5 others. And also being fans of Berra, Ruth, Jeter, Rivera, Reed, LT, Banks, Ottis, Namath etc…..I believe with all my heart that Messier is the greatest leader that this world has ever seen. On and off the ice. The stuff of legends.

  100. Big bad boogard banging body checks on

    To be honest there are many long term ticket holder in 100’s but you can generalize most of the noise comes from 300 and 400 section. I’ve hade 22 game plan in section 40 a few years ago and last 3 years been in 300’s. It’s a world of difference most of chants start and trickle down at garden the hockey knowledge of surrounding fans about current and past teams is much higher in the higher seats. It’s not to say that there are not hardcore fans in lower seats but it is a good generalization. As someone who goes to 30 plus games a year you will notice it.

  101. Nite CCCP; Hope you feel better Orrsie; I cant believe Dallas is 1-5, lol. Seeing that scummy scummerton Nolan Ryan made me sick; seeing Jerry Jones cheering early on had me fuming and it was quite delightful to see his sickened look later on in the game.

  102. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Cally stepping up, kids are playing great, Rozy is playing well, team is winning, Drury is back Thursday. . . . . .oh s***. Thanks for ruining a good time Capt. Pizza.

  103. Good morning all! Well, back to reality for me today…..C3P, that video was priceless! Are the little black suits state issued or something though ? :)

  104. the reason Carton and Boomer don’t talk hockey is because Carton is totally clueless about hockey!

  105. cr9- u can get the 94 playoffs(every series i think) on the rangers website. but if ya can get them from boneheads for free, do that. i also wanna get all the playoff games too. i have all the newsday and other newspapers from the day after, and a signed team photo holding the cup, and some rookie cards and signed pucks n jerseys. but as for the games only thing i have is the game 7 cup game and i really miss seeing every game that playoffs. hit me up on fb if u still have it. i havent been on in a few days. and cccp, ilb,(who i owe for the bonehead shirt, and sallywaffles!) i will send whoever can get me the games either soem cash, or a bottle of mark messiers tears. i hear they are very valuable. they have healing properties and if ingested, is a mild hallucinogen.

  106. oh and mornin heads! at ease. no more booing rozy! as long as he plays well, and for gods sake, how do they boo him when he scores???? thats sad

  107. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Rozy has been so lousy for so long it’s hard for people to forget. I was a big Rozy supporter, but he went south after #68 left. He is showing signs of life, but even after a good game Sunday night, he almost gave the game way late.

    I think the booing of Rozy is just as much to Sather as it is to Rozy.

    With that said, I don’t believe in booing anyway. I think if Rozy keeps this up, he will make the fans forget about the last 2 years.

  108. I think Roszi’s play is excellent this year, he’s like a different player, he’s looking more like a top pair d-man – its a shame he’s being booed, i suspect as much for his contract(in which case boo Slats not Roszi). Good to see him looking to join the rush and shoot more – will it continue when we get Gabby back?

    Good article on AA today in the Post too.

  109. REALMikey- I wouldn’t waste a second of my life emailing her. Her knowledge of hockey is very similar to my dogs’ knowledge of agriculture- they pee on everyone’s lawn.

    Good afternoon, boneheads!

  110. Since this article is 9 months old, and yesterday June 15th the Boston bruins won the Stanley Cup, we can all run out to the our favorite sports fan shop and buy a Bruins sports throw or other sport related item. The people in Vancouver, BC who lost last night routed in the streets and were most definitely not running around waving their old college banners in support of the Bruins.

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