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First the news. As I tweeted earlier, Brandon Prust will play, though I can’t imagine he’ll be very attractive with that eye. Jeremy Williams may also play, in place of Todd White. Same lineup otherwise. Tortorella wouldn’t say whether Williams will play on the power play, where he excelled in Hartford.

Lundqvist is in goal for second of back to backs.

John Tortorella:

On his concern going into the game.


On which penalties in Boston he considered “stupid.”

“Staal, Dubinsky. Take your pick. You can talk about penalties and what you think a penalty is or isn’t. We have to start understanding as a team what we feel is going to be called in this league as a stick foul. Not whether you agree with it or not. It’s what is being called in this league. And we have to adhere to that.

On what Staal could have done.

“Stick on puck. It’s something we talk about all the time. I’m sure it’s been, and has been, a point of emphasis with the league as far as stick fouls. It’s to the point where, you lift your stick off the ice, they’re looking to make a call. We have to understand that. If you take your stick off the ice and it’s parallel in any way, they’re looking to make a call and we have to understand that as a club. You may not agree with it, but that’s what it is.”

On Prust.

“His eye’s opened up. No (restrictions) at all. We were a little concerned after the game, but he had a good night, it opened up, I just talked to him and he’s ready to play.”

On Todd White coming out.

“To be fair, I’ve got to figure out what I’m going to do with Todd White. I don’t have him in a spot that I’m certainly given him a chance to show … I don’t know what he is as a player. And I think, when you put him in spots and put him in different situations that really isn’t fair for him to show me. I don’t think he has a ton of confidence in his play and I have a bit to do with that, as far as spots I’ve put him in and how I spotted him in certain areas. I’m concerned about the speed. I’ve talked to him about that. But again, I don’t think I’ve given him a fair shake.

“But we bring a kid up here that could add some offense, may play a bit on the power play, and I want to look at him. I’ve been very honest with Todd about that. He understands it. We’ll talk next week and try to figure how we can give him a better opportunity, if we can.”

Williams, he said, was brought up because of the Prust injury. 

“We asked for the best (forward) down there. We spoke to Kenny (Gernander) … he was the one, so we brought him right up because we weren’t sure what was going to happen with Prust. But he’s here and simply I’d like to see him play.”

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  1. Carp, you’re right! I still can’t believe you’re using twitter. But you twitted the news about Prust first.

  2. LindaCalPruBoylahan on

    uh, Carp, he’ll be even MORE attractive with that messed up eye! If it’s a bit puffy and multi colored, that’s ok! Chicks dig scars :-)

    they have to stop taking these stupid penalties with a minute or two left in the period! I hate those!!! Also, the lazy penalties too. Aggressive we can tolerate, but lazy penalties drive me crazy! I’m expecting Aves to have a pretty interesting game, that’s probably the safest comment anyone can make!

  3. Three aspects of tonight’s game I’ll be watching….

    Playing at home… after two solid efforts on the road can we play in front of our faithful fans, who also happen to be pretty damn demanding and vocal when they’re displeased, with the same focus and intensity for 60 minutes? I’d like to see this team play with some real swagger at home.

    David Clarkson… Someone needs to step up and stop him from having his way against us. He’s a decent player but he has consistently had good games against us by throwing his body around providing inspiration and room on the ice for his teammates to make plays. Someone needs to step up and negate his influence.

    Hot and bothered… getting an aging net minder, who’s sure to be focused for tonight’s contest, off his game by crashing the net should be one objective for our forwards all game long. Marty’s a sensitive guy and we should do our best to hurt his feelings.

  4. Torts words about White sound more like an obituary….Kinda RIP in Hartford. I’d say ‘BBT ( ‘Bout Byfuglien Time)

  5. From where I’m sitting, MDZ has been much improved defensively the last couple of games. If anything has been concerning, it’s been a handful of bad reads and decisions on the point when on the PP. I’ll live with those as growing pains.

  6. yea slow down carp!!! i got my 2nd carping in a span of few hours! anyway, hello ilb, linda, wick, cccp, greg, cr, jbyte, pimp, larue, nasty, 4ever, fran, mama, sally,crosscheck, 909, heave, morg, kern, tomb, tim harry dick, chloe, pearl, jerry, george, elaine,. kramer, carp, everyone. i forgot. hope to see a home win damnit

  7. clip game is strong Pimp!call up Williams, let him get his 4th in 4 nhl games,then send him down til next year!

  8. Linda

    Im working on it. Having a problem with FB.
    At least I can watch the game with youse. Im all set.

    Avery has his work cut out for him tonight. 45 till GAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Too mamy posts, lol.

    I’d advise Prust to not take on Clarkson tonight. Let Avery handle it.. or Boyle. I’d say Boogey, but we know Clarkson will run from him.

  10. ThisYearsModel on

    I hope Torts plays Avery against Kovalchuk the entire game. let him be Kovy’s shadow.

  11. If everybody just got one wish for tonight’s game, what would it be (other than a win)?

    Mine? Avery scores not once, but twice!

  12. I’m hoping MSG Network will keep the Devils clowns…I mean…announcers off of my TV screen tonight.

  13. My wish – for 3 more wishes so I can wish for:

    Avery to score 2 goals & rub it in fatso’s face.
    Kovy to get stoned by LQ every time he shoots so MacLean benches him again (i’ll take that since he’s on my fantasy roster) LOL
    Boogey to knock out Clarkson.

  14. barf away bro, ive been getting sick with all the iowa germs my kid brings home from school. im not used to clean air!!

  15. HAHAHAHA – I know I know…I’ll take Kovy being benched a few games to get his ego in check.

  16. so anyone know if theres a trade in the works? i saw something about spezza here few days ago. was that from a reliable sauce?

  17. LOL Mike

    Yeah the red sirens are going off.

    So still no word on what going on. Kovy in tonight’s game… Im sure no one is surprised about that.

  18. im posting too quickly it says, lol. ive never seen that before. it even says” slow down, you are posting too quickly”

  19. LindaCalPruBoylahan on

    grabby, she has some things going on, that’s why she hasn’t been around much lately. Just message her on FB

  20. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    sorry, I’ll try and keep it at grabby!!!

    do we play the blues anytime soon??

    perron or backes would be my pics

  21. Time to start winning games at home!

    Let’s see how the Jersey Shore Devils and their elite goalie Snooki play tonight…

  22. LindaCalPruBoylahan on

    grabby, we sometimes get the pre game. I’ve gotten it 3 games so far…unfortunately NO postgame though lol

  23. wick, i thought u were mad by the way u said “hello grabachev”. ok then, ready to rock!! but before i go, linda, i have nora on my fb, had no idea it was her. i better go talk to her.

  24. still don’t like Rosen getting away with part-time announcing. if he wants to do football, then replace him. either he has to make up his mind to be the RANGERS play-by-play guy, or not. you can’t just blow the team off whenever you feel like it. I can’t think of any other hockey announcers in other cities who get away with that stuff that Rosen and Rose do to do other sports while their team is playing.

  25. im gonna be gone watching the game. be back during intermissions. larter aasens(sorry wick, i like that line)

  26. sam- oh well, hes rosen. hes not gonna be around forever. might as well get used to giannone. lol omg they better get someone else. not giannone!!!

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