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October 24, 2010 – New York Rangers 3, New Jersey Devils 1 (Game No. 7, Home No. 3)

• The Rangers defeated the New Jersey Devils, 3-1, tonight at Madison Square Garden to extend their winning streak to three games.  New York is now 4-2-1 overall, including a 1-1-1 mark at home.

• New York is now 14-5-2 vs. the Devils since the start of the 2007-08 season, including a 8-2-1 mark at MSG during the stretch.

• Henrik Lundqvist made 27 saves to improve to 3-2-1 on the season, including a 1-1-1 mark at home.  Lundqvist is now 19-7-5 with a 1.89 goals against average, .934 save percentage and four shutouts in 31 career regular season appearances vs. New Jersey.

• Ryan Callahan notched the game winning goal on the power play, his first goal of the season, at 12:22 of the second period, and added an assist on Dubinsky’s empty net goal with one second remaining.  He has now tallied at least one point in each of the last three contests, registering four points (one goal and three assists) over the span, and is now tied for second on the team with five assists and six points.  Callahan also led all skaters with seven hits and tied for the game-high with four blocked shots in 22:47 of ice time.

• Brandon Dubinsky registered his third multi-point performance of the season with two points, including the primary assist on Callahan’s power play, game-winner, and an empty net goal with one second remaining.  He ranks first on the team in scoring with four goals and seven points in seven games.  Dubinsky also led all forwards with 23:36 of ice time, and now leads all team forwards in average ice time (21:41) on the season.

• After a scoreless first period, Michal Rozsival opened the game’s scoring with an even strength goal at 1:26 of the middle frame, and added a power play assist on Callahan’s game winning goal.  Rozsival extended his scoring streak to three games, registering four points (one goal and three assists) over the span.  He leads all team defensemen in goals (two), assists (four) and points (six), and is tied for second on the team in points, ranks third in assists and is tied for fourth in goals.

• Ruslan Fedotenko and Sean Avery each recorded an assist on Rozsival’s even strength goal at 1:26 of the second period.  Fedotenko tallied the primary assist, and registered three shots in 14:15 of ice time.  Avery also recorded three shots on goal, and is now tied for the team lead with five assists on the season.

• Michael Del Zotto led all skaters with a plus-two rating and a career-high, 28:38 of ice time, and registered six hits and four shots in the contest.  Del Zotto ranks second on the team in hits (22) and average ice time (24:40).

• Dan Girardi tied for the game-high with four blocked shots and logged 27:42 of ice time.  He is now tied for second in the NHL with a team-high, 24 blocked shots on the season, and ranks third on the team in average ice time (24:03).

• Forward Jeremy Williams made his Rangers debut in tonight’s contest after being recalled from Hartford (AHL) earlier today.

• Brandon Prust registered five hits and logged 16:50 of ice time after leaving last night’s game at Boston early with an eye injury.

• The Blueshirts do not have practice scheduled for tomorrow.  The Rangers’ next practice is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 26, at the MSG Training Center.

• The Rangers will return to action on Wednesday, October 27, when they will face-off against the Atlanta Thrashers at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in the second game of their three-game homestand.  The game will be televised live on MSG Plus, and can be heard on Bloomberg Radio.


John Tortorella on the team concept… “We have talked a lot about trying to continue to create an identity on how we are going to play as a team and along the way when you are trying to build that you get some wins.  I think that it’s an easier sell as far as what we want to do as a hockey club, how we are going to play the game so hopefully we will continue. You go through the momentums and there will be some down times and you just have to grab a hold of it and remember what we are as a hockey club. We are really concentrating on that as far as the things we need to do to create our identity.”

Henrik Lundqvist on tonight’s game… “You need some luck, in tight games; you need that extra bounce and tonight we had it. I think we earned it for working so hard the whole game. We played simple and hard. The guys have been working really hard and it’s paying off. We are finishing checks a little more and guys are skating harder, a lot of blocked shots; we are really paying the price the last couple of games and it’s great to see.”

Ryan Callahan on doing the little things…  “That’s what I try to do. I try to be good on the puck, be really good on the fore-check, take the body and do what I can. Obviously, I want to chip in with the goals when I can too, but when that’s not going well, you definitely have to concentrate on the other things and when you do that, you start to get bounces toward the net and start getting more chances.”


Carp … “Good night, boys and girls.”

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  1. LindaCalPruBoylahan on

    lmao @ Lin….ahan


    LindaCalPruBoylahan says:
    October 24, 2010 at 11:15 pm

    yea, Church, then IHOP! endless pancakes i suppose!!

    Yea Mickey, I like that Cally is stepping up. It’s time for our younger vets, like Cally and Dubi, to take on more in the leadership area. Continue to change the face of the franchise, continue to develop the gritty, hard working identity, continue improving individually as well as a team. Consistency is key. They really gotta keep this going. They won’t win every game, but we can all appreciate consistent effort like this. No quitting, no gliding!!!!

  2. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    mmmm, pancakes. The team that prays and breakfasts together, stays together.

  3. New York!!!!

    Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
    There’s nothing you can’t do,
    Now you’re in New York!!!
    These Rangers will make you feel brand new,
    the MSG will inspire you,
    Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York Rangers!

  4. ThisYearsModel on

    Neat to see home grown young players leading the way. Anisimov is developing into a nice player. Hard work throughout. Staal and Girardi played very well……Staal with some nice, long outlet passes.

  5. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Most impressive stat from the press release:

    New York is now 14-5-2 vs. the Devils since the start of the 2007-08 season, including a 8-2-1 mark at MSG during the stretch.

    Man is that sweet.

  6. well done CCCP!

    Mickey, I watch Boardwalk Empire. Have not seen latest 2 epis (inc. tonight) but will catch up soon. Excellent show!

  7. Olga Folkyerself on

    Come on, Stanley don’t you want to go
    Come on, Stanley don’t you want to go
    To the same old place, sweet home Chicago

  8. im busting some chops over at the devils fire and ice blog! those homer fans got no comebacks other than “yeah, try to make playoffs!” LOL


  9. CCCP – After a couple weeks of mourning the Yankees, Ill be renting the NHL 10 EA game for the ps3. But I want to make sure your ps3 will be available for us. i.e. you’re not on vacation, busy at work, etc. Let me know…

  10. >>Kovalchuk’s goal made NHL’s Network highlight of the night. barf!

    Probably because of Zubrus’ between-the-leg pass.

  11. i cant believe how different a team the devils are; they are not the team that they used to be. even on a night when brodeur played extremely well and kept his team in it, they still couldnt win. we dominated them with toughness, teamwork, and effort….
    except for in the last 5 minutes when we granted them a 3 on 1 and a 2 on 1 rush for no earthly reason.

  12. yes, NHL 11. sorry, not up to date on video games. tried playing modern warfare 2 and world at war with a friend on saturday and was absolutely terrible. in one online “battle” i had like 35 deaths, 0 kills, and 1 assist. I stink!

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " We rule NY !!!" ...& Greg L. on




    We won We won we won we won !!!!

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " We rule NY !!!" ...& Greg L. on

    Everyone goes bla bla bla Lou Lam is sooo good . Lou Lam is a sham . He says he wanted no part of the deal but his dirty fingers were all over the kovalsucks contract. The devils are officially garbage now. We nailed that coffin tonight and it felt pert dam good. BTW and dumazz whom cheers anuther team on this blog is an idiot.

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " We rule NY !!!" ...& Greg L. on

    Cr9 was telling us all not to get too excited earlier and maybe hes right. We are happy and beating the Devils is probally the best win we can ever get. I love beating the Devils more then any team. I love beating fatso and I love watching the train wreck call KovalchUmP. The Devils should move to ANAHEIM and join that “Mickey Mouse” operation.

  16. greg – i never said dont get excited. however, i do agree with that notion. it’s only 3 games. every sport is about consistency. these rangers look like a very special team, but it’s all about consistency and work ethic.

  17. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    CR, I’ve never been a big fan of Steve Buscemi, but he is excellent in the show.

    Ok, time for bed now to get ready for the upcoming work week that is going to attempt to kill me. Laters all!

  18. im not happy. im buying things to fill the void left by a world series-less year and i really want these giants and jets breast cancer hats. and every website i go to says that they leave the warehouse in 6-7 weeks. it makes no sense. i dont want the hats in 7 weeks, i want them now. i always wanted a team hat with pink in it, and i want to support breast cancer now, not in 7 damn weeks. i dont understand, do they want to support breast cancer and sell the damn hats or make people lose interest in them?

    im going to buy a portable sauna off amazon, if anyone has any thoughts on what the best one would be!

    MickeyM – I agree. Im not a big fan of Buscemi, but i like him in this role. have a good week, dont let it kill you. the rangers need all the true fans that theyve got.

  19. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " We rule NY !!!" ...& Greg L. on

    Yo Cr9 , No ya CANT!!!! Hire the old man for pete sakes. Carp…Im very happy : )

  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " We rule NY !!!" ...& Greg L. on

    Mr Pink , is awsome!!! Steve B played that role purrfectomundo .

    Cr9 , did you read my post earlier about the Yankees?

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " We rule NY !!!" ...& Greg L. on

    NAA NAAA NAA NAA HEYY HEYYY whos next? MUHAAAAAAA !!!! Winning back2back weekend games!!!!!???? WOW thats the shizzle man , thats beuty!!!

  22. CCCP – Not a spoiled Yankees fan. I appreciate everything the 2010 Yankees accomplished. The 2010 Yankees will always be champions in my heart. Im just heartbroken that it didnt end with a World Series. As I told Linda and others, we simply got outplayed and outmanaged by the other team. I cant even blame the umpires. I told my friend that today, and when I uttered those words “I cant blame the umpires” he made me sign a piece of paper stating that so it can never be forgotten. Our entire team struggled, and that’s why the baseball playoffs are a crapshoot. You can struggle for 3 or 4 games and get knocked out.

    greg, no i didnt see your comment about the yankees. but im sure that you said you were sorry. because you’re an awesome sask. guy!

  23. long season all. debbies are playings without 3 starting d men including volchenkov probably there best d man.

    like the ranger effort.. glad sauer was sore not scratched for poor play. torts needs to distribute the minutes a little more even else he will kill these guys.

    we just need some more offense, to bad grachev or another young guy is not ready yet…they have home grown players all over the place…staal, girard, dz, gilroy, henrik, dubi, cally, aa, etc…..the only old guys are 2 guys hurt and roszival, a fedetenko….

  24. Good morning all! I’ll catch up here tomorrow…all I got to say now is, mama had a great night!!!!

    hay, train asshats….thhhpppppttttt!

  25. It would appear that Roszival has finally exorcised his phantom. He has finally decided to play this game the way it has to be played here in North America, and no …Jagr is not coming back.

    I’ve wondered for a couple of years why a guy who could play this game refused to do it. Always looking for JJ whenever he got the puck. Always afraid to slam it home from the point. Always looking to make another pass rather than taking the shot. Always a limp wrist shot instead of a blazer. Welcome aboard Rozi..keep playing this game with elan, and you’ll have arrived.

    It disturbed me to see however, the way that they let Jersey back into the game in that third period.That’s the one thing that they have to work on now….the killer instinct.

    And yeah…a little bit of luck never hurts. Who was it who said that luck is the residue of
    endeavor?…or something like that. And old Bonaparte was the one who said, “I like Generals who are lucky”.

    And young Stepan is learning something too. He’s finding out that this is the big leagues. It ain’t as easy as it looks, when you’re out there day in day out grinding away.

    Bring on the next opponent.

  26. its the little things guy!!! i love cally, hes a new yorker, hes hard working pit bull. he fights for the puck like a rabid dog. i see his play is becoming infectious for some others on the team we didnt see this from last year. duby is playing harder, avery, rozy, boyle,prust(always did), girardi, AA and even frolov has made some good defensive plays. stepan too. like to see him shoot more though. hope he isnt getting burned out like gilroy did last year. but back to cally. i was so glad he scored. hes one of 2 or 3 guys who has consistently maintained this level of play, and hes fast becoming future captain. duby im so glad is playin like a leader finally. i think alot of it is torts, and i now boogyis not bein used enough, but hes slow, and hasnt shown to prevent anybody from running hank. he may be a deterrent for the heavyweights, but most guys wont fight him. or they hug him, and as long as they come out of it still standing, its almost like a win for the other vteam. and torts doesnt know where to put white? lol yes he does he just has to wait for glen to do it. jeez whiteis not close to a replacement for even drury. theres no use for him now, i noticed williams a few times last night. should give him more minutes he looks alright.

    btw, thanks everyone for the nice comments. means alot. can u guys imagine if we keep this up, and when gabby n prospal, dru come back how good we can actually be? not like the top teams, but not 13th!!! like they picked us.

  27. fran- ive liked rozy this year. just think at this point in hsi career, he is just a little slow and not physical enough. but if he uses that great shot he has, he can more than make up for it. i know without hank makin those saves we would be killin rozy right now. but hes doing better all around. i can deal with him and tolerate soem of his mistakes, just not the stupid penalties. and hes cut those down a little too, so thers really nothing to complain about except for our pp. it is still pretty crappy. yes, we get the puck more and control more, but that stupid long stretch pass that dz and others do is like a 1 outta 5 connect. its getting predictable. they gotta do more than just dump it in and do that stretch pass.

  28. CR9 says:
    October 25, 2010 at 12:30 am
    yes, NHL 11. sorry, not up to date on video games. tried playing modern warfare 2 and world at war with a friend on saturday and was absolutely terrible. in one online ?battle? i had like 35 deaths, 0 kills, and 1 assist. I stink!

    cr9- thats still 1 more point (with the “assist”) than capn clutch!!

  29. Per Gross, Cally on Rozy and the boos – sorry if it was already posted, thought it was a good point. Rozy has improved 100% – he’s not gonna win any awards but he has been pretty solid for a while now. It seems like the booing just makes him worse, he seems to play better on the road.

    “Ryan Callahan admitted to feeling some relief after finally getting his first goal of the season. At the same time, he also admitted hearing the Madison Square Garden fans boos Michal Rozsival relentlessly ?gets under my skin.?

    ?Look at how many minutes he logs per night and what he does for us,? Callahan said. ?It?s disappointing to hear the boos coming from the stands. It?s unfortunate he gets that. I don?t think it?s right. I don?t think he should.?”

  30. Hey Carp – great job – noticed Torts and Cally both had something to say about Rozy –

    Think they decided to stand up for each other off ice too as part of the “team concept”?

  31. Grab

    That long pass is a throw back to last season when they’d rather flip than fight. And yes, DZ is now an addict, and it’;s gonna take some severe coaching to wean him from it. He’s got the legs…he’d better start using them. In fact passing is still one area that they ALL need remedial work on. I was a bit non plussed to see Sauer on the sidelines and Emminger still out there. If there’s anyone who still believes that Emminger is going to be a viable member of this team, ( other than Torts apparently), then they’d best disabuse themselves of this right now. He tries of course, but he just doesn’t have that extra little , oh, je ne sais quoi, (as the Albanians say,) that will keep him in the bigs.

  32. btw

    It does gladden me a bit to see that Parenteau has finally found a home in the bigs, and is an accepted member of the Isles. Finally found a perch after all those long years toiling in the minors, great down there, but not quite good enough for the bigs. I wish him well.

  33. Crystal Water Triple on

    Callahan, seven hits, two takeaways, no giveaways, what a gamer. But of course his passion and fire don’t rate him the “C,” that rightfully belongs to a sidelined milquetoast. Interestingly the team is playing better lately, as though Dreary’s absence is more of a positive than Gaborik’s absence is a negative.

    RANGER D LINEAR WEIGHTS SCORES FOR SEVEN GAMES. (100 is par, above 100 score = player is helping the team; below 100 score he is a drain.)

    1. Girardi 120 Outstanding
    2. Sauer 119

    3. Del Z. 112 Good

    4. Staal 99.5 Mediocre
    5. Gilroy 98

    6. Rozsival 85 Poor

    7. Eminger 69 Terrible


  34. Disagree with you Crystal

    Rozi has been upgraded.. Gilroy has seen so little ice time that to assign him a mark is a waste of effort. He hasn’t been able to contribute much from the bench. A bit harsh on Staal…he’s had his moments, both good and bad…wait him out a bit.

  35. Yankees peaked a year ago, were a year too old this year, and, man, with the core of the team named Jeter, A-Rod, M. Rivera, Posada, Pettitte, etc. no Cliff Lee FA signing or anyone else can prevent this core from being a year OLDER, next year. Big trouble in the Bronx for years to come.

    Phillies peaked this season and next year will start sliding, too. This was their year, best record in all MLB during the regular season, so that they will pay for coming up short in this post-season. And to think they wasted Lidge being back to nearly perfect, again, in the second-half of the season. It is over for the Phillies and Yankees for years to come. And the Phillies bringing the worst manager in baseball back for one more go-round next year, is a disaster. Here is a man who played 38-year old Raul Ibanez in 155 of 162 games. Jesus what a cue-ball hack of a manager.

  36. Thanks for your input, Fran. In linear weights the numbers don’t fudge or lie. What they do is compare the player’s overall performance vs. the team’s overall performance, so that Rozy’s teammates on D are all doing better than he, with one notable FA bunko signing exception.

  37. 4generations 4 cups on

    I think it’s worth noting that Rozsival has a lot to offer when he doesnt differ to Jagr, Prospal and the likes. He’s shown he’s valuable but this new system seems to help him a lot. I hope we can improve on his play a bit more.

  38. 4gens, I like Rozsival’s “battle level” in these last few matches. One can only hope he’ll be able to sustain it throughout the season.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    Trade Rozsi while he has value! 2nd on the team in scoring! #1 scorer among defensemen on the team! #8 scoring defenseman in the NHL! SELL SELL SELL!

  40. Mornin’ Heads!!

    I’ll be honest, I watched that game last night not expecting too much. The Devils all have huge chips on their shoulders right now with their crappy record especially Kovy after being scratched and who better to come out and get a big win against but the Rangers. It was a pretty good game and I thought pretty much everyone played well.

  41. Crystal Water Triple (hereby shortened to CW3), Mets fans would love to complain about having 90+ win teams and making the playoffs 4 straight years or being only one or two years removed from winning a title.

    Yankees will benefit from the Rays not being able to retain some of their bigger players like Crawford and Pena, probably the former more than the latter. Also the Red Sox have a bunch of question marks in their line up and rotation.

    Phillies will still have the two Roys and Hamels and remember they had a bunch of injuries that should have sent them tumbling down the standings. The Mets are in rebuild mode (which starts when they figure out how many years they’re giving Alderson) and the Braves never had the offense to keep up with the Phillies over the long haul. Even if the Fightin’s are getting old, which I agree, their core is more on the slight downside of passing its peak; Howard/Utley/Rollins are still under 35, rather than rapid decline.

    I’d be plenty surprised to not see either team in the hunt for the division title if not the wild card late next year.

  42. I was at the game last night, just a few random observations:

    -Staal and Rosvival both had solid games. Only noticed one dumb play by Rozy giving up the puck
    -Rangers were totally dominant through 2 and held their ground in the 3rd when Devils tried to come on
    -Lots of empty seats in the reds and the 100’s. Seemed like more than usual. Was this a ‘sellout’?
    -Cally and Duby were by far the best forwards.
    -Solid game by Hank, and honestly Marty was not bad, just victimized by his team’s poor play.

    It was nice to see a solid team effort, the outcome never seemed in doubt.

  43. Yeah, hate to give Fatso credit but he’s the only reason his team wasn’t down by 3 or 4 heading into the first intermission. He’s been letting up some real softies this year, a lot of straight on/un-screened goals but he was on his game last night. I was kinda afraid after the first period that the Rangers would dominate the game and then let up a goal in the 2nd and get all deflated. Fortunately Rozi actually decided to shoot the puck and it took a fortunate deflection off the Devils D.

  44. >>Yeah, hate to give Fatso credit but he’s the only reason his team wasn’t down by 3 or 4 heading
    >>into the first intermission.

    I attributed it more to the lack of top-notch scorers in our line-up.

  45. Good morning again all! Mrs. TR and I were discussing Rozi last night, too. We think it’s also helped that he’s not paired with Redden anymore. Seems to be a weight off. I think he did well last night.

    and btw, if you ever want to experience a game with the most enthusiastic vocal fan in the universe, you gotta go with Mrs. TR. :) Our whole section fell in love with her….

  46. Brodeur faced 17 shots in the first. Even if not all of them were high quality he did make a few good saves. He gloved a scorcher from I think Del Zotto that had essentially beat him and stopped Cally on a breakaway. I hate the guy as much as any Rangers fan but he certainly made some saves with a decent degree of difficulty.

  47. Bedbugs scaring off New York City tourists ….probably the reason the Devils lost last night :)

  48. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    So what you’re saying is that Brodeur had an atypical night?

    I expect this weak (and tired) Devils team to truly expose Brodeur for the inflated stats generator that he is.

    This maybe the first time in his career that Brodeur has a mediocre or even bad (we’ll see if it gets that far) team in front of him! Awesome.

  49. Yes, atypical in the context of this season and vis a vis his performances against the Rangers of the past few seasons. No sofites last night for him, other than the ice cream Chico probably had waiting for him served out of his personalized “Greatest Goalie of All Time per Most Biased Announcer of All Time” bowl.

  50. btw, someone last mentioned the empty red seats. it’s one of the reasons I hate red seaters. lots of corporate-holding no-shows. we had a whole group in our section who arrived very late in the first, and left before the game was over. wtb?

  51. Everyone has the right to their opinion, but to boo a guy when he is playing well is complete crap to me. I understand the past, but if you want your team to win, you want to support the players on it, even ones that have had some bad years. Salary is salary, and if they trade Rozi is anyone’s guess, but the guy has played well to start the season. Good for him. I for one am proud of the guy.

    This team played a great 40 minutes last night, and then took the 3rd off. They are damn lucky their relaxed play didn’t cost them in the 3rd.

    Frolov looks very strong on the puck, and goes right to the front of the net on the PP. I really hope he starts to fill the net. He is doing the little things, but now it is time to produce.

    I can’t wait to get Gabby back. I just hope that when he does get back, that the team still plays at the level they have been playing, and doing all the little gritty things it takes to win.

    I definitely like the “team” vibe I get from the boys right now. It is good to see, and even better when it pays off in the W column.

  52. Nasty, I’m with you. btw, I almost cried when Hank raised his arms in victory. I also love the way he bangs his stick on the ice to motivate the team when they’re in the other zone. you get to notice little things like that when you’re almost sitting on top of the net :)

  53. Brodeur was the only Devil to show up. Do you remember Parise at all? This team is in big trouble, and our blog has been saying that even before the season started. Give our boys a credit, they didn’t give them any reason to feel positive. I think it was the best team effort so far. The third period was expected- two hard played games in two nights and against the desperate team. But that’s why we have Hank. As good as Marty was, I can bet you that Gaborik would’ve scored a trick had he played last night.

    Everyone contributed. Was happy to find out that Sauer wasn’t playing because he was sore, not because he was a healthy scratch. Avery stayed focused.

    Two things are becoming a totally new trend: 1. They do not crumble under sustained D-zone pressure, even with three forecheckers in. No panic, they clear the puck, if they can’t- they know how to “eat” the puck. The worst case scenario- they allow peripheral shot.
    2. They are using more and more long first passes from D to the opposing blue line. Most of them click and leave the backcheckers behind. I think they click because they are not afraid to make a mistake, not anymore. This one is on Torts. Must be his new hip.

    Question to everyone- do you trade now. If yes, I think it’s the best time to do it. You are trading from the position of strength, when your tam is playing well. Thoughts?

  54. first post in a while:

    Haven’t been able to catch but the last three games so maybe my view is skewed.

    team looks solid. addition by subtraction with drury. a healthy gaborik and the emergence, or trade for, a top-line-center away from putting a very solid team on the ice. stepan could easily be that top guy by years end.

    The D looks very good. you have to be happy with the top 6 right now.

    in my opinion lamoriello takes a sather-like misstep as GM with the Kovy signing. no coach has ever liked coaching him and he appears spoiled and just a generally unhappy person/player.

    Carp, thanks for keeping this blog THE go-to place for rangers news

  55. Anyone else check out the comments on the game at the Devils Fire and Ice blog? Holy hell…never seen that much panic from Devils fans in quite a while.

    However, am I the only one who thinks they will end up just fine and likely make the playoffs with ease?

  56. Nasty 1
    100% agreed on Rozi. He seems like a different player this year.
    I didn’t think they took the 3rd period off. I think until the debbies scored they were flat but the goal energized them. The Rangers may have been a little tired though considering they played the night before.

  57. Nasty
    I don’t think the team took off the 3rd period . This was their 3rd hard fought game in 4 nights and they were tired. I even anticipated this as We discussed the game pbetween perionds 2 and 3. The important thing is that even after giving up the goal with 5 minutes to go, they nheld on to win.

    I totally agree with you about the corporate non fans in the reds. On the few occaisions that I’ve left the blues and ssat in the club seats, I hve seen empty seat galore and of those people that come, half of them only watch the game half the time, being more concerned with ordering food and drinks, texting or talking business. Much better atmospere up in 417 where I sit.

  58. Nasty, I totally agree about Rozy. The booing is ridiculous. He even got booed when they changed the scoring on the first goal to him from Fedotenko. There’s no reason to boo anyone on this team now. Hard to understand what some people are thinking.

  59. The Devils will find a way to hang in there. They always do, so I am not going to write them off just yet. They didn’t start too hot last year or the year before either.

  60. great effort the last 3 games, keep it up boys!
    blogmama… he is banging his stick on the ice to communicate things to his teamates like the end of a PP not to cheerlead. glad you had good seats, hockey is the greatest game when you are there in person

  61. I disagree with Crystal wholeheartedly on his view of the Yankees.

    First, the core hitters that compose our Yankees lineup are Cano, Teixeira, Granderson, and Swisher. All in their primes.

    Jeter – in his worst career season – put up better numbers than Andrus. I fully expect Jeter to rebound next year and be even more motivated to live up to his next contract.

    Alex is one year older, but hopefully, will come into the season healthier.

    Gardner, if he’s still around, is a valuable asset to any offense.

    Posada is Posada, he’ll likely only be able to catch 50-70 games next year. We may go out and get a more viable backup catcher, and Montero may come up at some point after the conclusion of May, because of arbitration and major league service time rules.

    Cashman will certainly improve our team in the offseason. CC and Phil, AJ as our number 5 starter. If we sign Lee, and perhaps if Andy returns, our rotation would include 3 lefties and a blossoming ace in Phil. AJ cant possibly pitch any worse than he did this year, and hopefully his personal life difficulties will be behind him as well. Andy is still one of the top pitchers in the league. Succeeding in the AL East is not an easy thing to do, and Andy simply knows how to win (please excuse the overused and often misused cliche)

    CC, Lee, Andy, Phil, AJ = Ill take that rotation over any other ML rotation.

    As someone else mentioned, the Rays should regress, and aside from Lester and perhaps Buchholz, the red sox entire rotation is filled with question marks. However, I never count out the red sox.

  62. ilb

    I will have to agree with you on Torts. He is not kicking and screaming anymore and turned from TortCruella to Cinderella! His new and improved (calmer) demeanor is rubbing off positively on the team.

  63. BlueBlood!!!!


    I too love Hank’s emotion and I love emotion in general. There’s nothing better than a Jeter fist pump after a playoff series victory, or a Hank exultation after a victory.

  64. Don’t know if anyone mentioned it yet, but apparently Nylander broke his neck. I will him well, that is awful!

  65. Boardwalk Empire is a great show. Love it! Has a lot of those old time Mob guys like Luciano, and Capone. Buscemi is the man!

    Last night’s win so sooo satisfying. Just to be able to add to the Devs woes was sweet! Cally was great, as usual, and finally was rewarded. Blowzy might finally start shooting even more now that his shots have been helping out one way or another. Hank was great, but too bad he couldn’t get that shutout.

  66. I was worried about how Dubi was going to play this year, but he has been absolutely solid each and every game. I always notice the kid on the ice when he is on. He has been very strong on the puck, and has even been drawing some penalties with his hard work. Good stuff. Now if only our PP would really click. Gabby should help there. We have had great control and movement on the PP, just have not really been able to light the lamp.

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