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From the Rangers:

October 23, 2010 – New York Rangers 3, Boston Bruins 2 (Game No. 6, Away Game No. 4)

* The Rangers defeated the Bruins, 3-2, tonight at TD Garden, tallying two goals in a 27-second span of the first period to win their second consecutive game.  The Blueshirts improved to 3-2-1 (seven pts) overall, including a 3-1-0 mark on the road.
* Henrik Lundqvist made 35 saves, stopping each of his last 15 shots faced in the game’s final 27:33, to improve to 2-2-1 on the season and 2-1-0 on the road.  Lundqvist has now turned aside 30 or more shots in four of his five appearances this season.
* Artem Anisimov opened the game’s scoring with a power play goal at 11:34 of the first period, and won a team-high nine of 17 faceoffs (53%) in 19:08 of ice time.  Anisimov has tallied a goal in each of the last two games, and is now tied for the team lead with three goals and five points on the season.
* Defenseman Marc Staal notched the game winning goal just 48 seconds into the second period, and logged 21:06 of ice time in the contest.  The goal was Staal’s first of the season and his fourth career game-winner, and he is now tied for second among team defensemen in scoring with three points (one goal and two assists) on the season.
* Ryan Callahan recorded his 100th career NHL point with an assist on Staal’s game-winner, and led all team forwards with 22:45 of ice time.  He also tied for the team-high with four shots, four hits and two blocked shots in the contest.
* Alex Frolov registered a goal at 12:01 of the first period, just 27 seconds after Anisimov’s power play tally, and is now tied for fourth on the team in scoring with four points (two goals and two assists) in six games this season.
* Rookie defenseman Michael Sauer recorded his first career NHL point, tallying the primary assist on Frolov’s first period goal.
* Michal Rozsival registered a power play assist, logged a team-high 27:00 of ice time, and tied for the team-high with four hits and two blocked shots.  Rozsival has now tallied a point in four of six games, including an assist in each of the last two games, and leads all team defensemen with three assists and four points on the season.
* Brandon Dubinsky recorded a power play assist and tied for the team-high with four shots and two blocked shots in 22:43 of ice time.  Dubinsky is now tied for the team lead in scoring with five points and three goals.
* Erik Christensen tallied an assist on Frolov’s first period goal, and has now registered 13 points (five goals and eight assists) in 15 career regular season contests vs. the Bruins.  The 13 points is tied for the most against any team in his career, having also recorded 13 points (six goals and seven assists) in 22 career games vs. Philadelphia.
* The Rangers will return to action tomorrow, October 24, when they return home to face-off against the New Jersey Devils at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), to close out their first of 18 back-to-back sets on the season.  The game will be broadcast live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.  Please note there is no morning skate scheduled prior to tomorrow’s contest.  Head Coach John Tortorella will be available to the media at 5:00 p.m. in the multi-purpose room, located on the fifth floor of MSG.

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  1. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    HEY FOLKYERSELVES!! Just got back from Fight Night at the VBC and read that one of my men got hurt. Anyone have any kind of update? I dont know if i want to go watch the stream just yet.

  2. Fun game to watch. Nice to see the Rangers play consistently well for 2 straight games. Congrats to Cally, though that was one heck of a phantom assist. I’m pretty sure that Staal picked up the turnover when the Boston player muffed receiving the pass. Finally the Rangers show some toughness.

    I hope they embarrass fatso tomorrow.

  3. Olga Folkyerself on

    Prust got clipped by a stick near his eye. Went to Hospital to have it examined. Hopefully it’s not serious.

  4. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    from the way some of the posts sounded, it could be pretty bad. I also got a warning on FB that it was pretty brutal. I”m going to watch the 2nd and 3rd periods tomorrow, and hopefully we’ll know more about Prusties injury in the morning.



  5. night all. great game tonight.

    watching some highlights on NHL network and you can see me jump up during the staal goal. i love it XD

  6. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    Good tough win b the guys!

    OPG played a good game!

    I hope Prust is ok!

    Kovi scratched…the devs will be dangerous tomorrow night. We are going to have to call up a forward for tomorrow if prust is out…unless they put gilly at forward and use eminger.

    duguay is a douche, love how dano was all for what avery did.

    Good for avery, another good game by him.

    I’m not sold on dubi yet, never really leads on the ice, seems to really disappear when physical stuff picks up, but the line he is on is playing well together……that being said

    torts needs to use different forward lines on the PP, lines that crash the net and stay there instead of trying to make the perfect pass.

    Both ranger goals showed good things happen when you go to the net, now if we just had guys do that on the power play.

    wholly laurels!!!!!

    centre ice is the bomb. best thing to do with direct tv is buy the sports pack along with centre ice (12 dollars additional per month i think) because it comes with the msg channels and then you always get msg feeds, although sometimes the msg feeds come in on centre ice channels, and always in HD!

    and I’m spent!!!

  7. All reports are saying prust is ok and will play tomorrow.

    So impressed with effort in last two games. They have to play this way to win. Anything less won’t be good enough.

  8. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    thanks for the prust update!!

    night assens!!

  9. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    this deserves a laurel

    we stick check too damn much instead of putting the body on someone!!

    now i’m out!

  10. Crystal Water Triple on

    RANGER D LINEAR WTS. RANKINGS AFTER SIX GAMES (Considers minutes played in each game; whether game was won or lost; and closing Las Vegas Odds Line team percentage winning chance, as posted at 100 score is par. Linear Wts. score distance from 100 is multiplied by 10 for separation, so that 130 is really 103.

    1. Sauer, M. 130
    2. Girardi, D. 117
    3. Del Zotto, M. 107

    4. Staal, M. 98
    5. Gilroy, M. 98
    6. Rozsival, M. 86

    7. Eminger, S. 64

    The above raises questions such as why is Rozsival getting so many minutes, why is Sauer getting so few minutes? And what the puck was Sather doing and thinking in bringing Eminger the wash-out in here, at the expense of one of the talented young Ranger system D’s now banished to Hartford getting a full shot? And Staal for Richards straight-up looks like a steal. He has settled to a mediocre playing level, not blossomed into a star because his name is “Staal.” Weak link in the Staal family, he is. Not physical and not smart given all the stupid, untimely penalties he has taken, to date.

  11. I thought Anisimov played a really good game. But, the team as a whole played well. What really impressed me was in the third period with about 10 minutes left, instead of staying back and trying to hold on they took the game to the Bruins for the next 6 or 7 minutes and controlled the play. Then they went into the shell in the last 3 minutes or so.

    Good job.

    Now, if Callahan can actually score a goal imagine how good they can be? He’d be able to give Roberto Duran his nickname back!

  12. Carping due…

    Re those “stats” posted by Crystal Water Triple. You can’t really place much faith in a metric like that to evaluate performance after six games, for one thing. Way too small a sample size to get meaningful conclusions, let alone to damn Staal as mediocre and to have him traded.

    And once you strip out the rather bogus factor of 10 applied for “separation”, we see that Sauer’s true score of 103 is a whopping 4% better than Rozsival’s true score of 98.6. Again, close enough to be insignificant.

    I’m not even sure what the figures are supposed to represent. Sauer is the best D-man because he happened to play the fewest minutes in games the Rangers won after being less favoured to win? Does it actually factor in anything that happened while each of those players were on the ice?

    Just be careful what evidence you choose to use to illustrate what may or may not be valid points…

  13. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Is watching rozi and staal suck this season and be the worst defensman on the team enough proof?

  14. There are still too many folks making condemning observations for activity of too short a time period.
    I will agree with one thing…Eminger has proven that he doesn’t belong on an up tempo team, and

    Sauer should be getting more than a regular shift on a third line set up..he;s been instrumental in several dynamic attacks Ranger have launched recently and he covers his position very well. I also don’tsee him taking any “lazy” penalties, at least lately, you know the drill, slashing, hooking, tripping.

  15. Hope Avery isn’t penalized for his curiosity when he politiely asks Brodeur and Kovy why they were benched last night. They’re so sensitive.

  16. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Morning ‘Heads! watching the rest of the game now, then do all my chores before tonight’s extravaganza

  17. Fran, I agree that some here leap to conclusions based on so little evidence. This is a young team with several new players in important positions (e.g. Frolov, Stepan, Sauer, Gilroy et al.). The last two games show what’s possible with all players playing with intensity and committed to a system. The idea is to grow as a team (chemistry), refine the system played (decision making with and without the puck) and to get better as a player (technical skills). That leads to making the playoffs and going as far as possible. The best team doesn’t always win, the team that plays the best always does.

    Also agree on Sauer. Quietly effective, not flashy but smart and tough. If he keeps playing like this we’ll see his minutes increase in a slow and steady fashion.

  18. hey guys, loved the staal goal. hes better at breakaways than gabby for gretzkys sake. or lucky rask is not having a great season to start. either way, hank won us the game because our pp was terrible. the bruins had at least 5 golden oppurtunities on our pp’s, while we just passed around and nobody was ever open! and cally still gotta find the net but hes been awesome and a leader for us killin penalties n such. showin balls by goin up against chara. no fear from cally. i guess i have enjoyed the last 2 games because of the effort and the goaltending im used to seeing from hank. that is the biggest thing right now for the team is hank getting back into form. hope prust is ok, cuz hes been one of the best players we have traded for lately. need more guys like him.

  19. LindaCalPrustBoylahan, thanks. I forgot to mention another vital ingredient which is a coach that can teach and motivate. I see a different approach by our coach this year. He’s more positive and I think our team is listening and believing in themselves this year as opposed to last year when they tuned him out and played as a disjointed group of individuals.

    Mama, of course. Forgive my oversight? I’ll empty the litterbox as a way of making amends.

  20. Yes, I posted the above knowing that the findings are sketchy and will change, dramatically, in some cases, over time. A player’s score is upgraded, for example, if he played more minutes in a win than in a loss. So playing lots of minutes in losses is costly, by this standard. It is a sophisticated system, and while I am not given to complete elaboration as to how it works, with ample evidence it is a solid barometer of individual play, which is actually being graded, by position, with the team’s overall play. A player upgrades his team or hurts his team. It helps to know which players are the star performers, which are mediocrities, and which are negatively impacting the results the team is getting.

    Think of the sketchy evidence same as baseball playes batting .400 in late April. Take it for what it is worth – a possible indicator of a really good season in the making, but nothing more. Thanks for your response and your constructive thoughts. I will post same info on forwards following game 10. Go Rangers!

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