It’s Go Time!


Don’t have time to give you much more than this … then again you guys don’t usually need more than this.

Same lineup as in Toronto, except Lundqvist in goal, with Biron backing up (wonder if Biron might get the nod vs. Devils tomorrow?) That means Sauer is in again, and Eminger is prucha’d.

Andrew Gross reported that Christensen is still dealing with a sore groin … did not skate Friday in Toronto or today in Boston, but that it’s good enough for him to play.

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  1. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    now i understand why you guys make fun of duguay so much. I’m actually getting the pregame tonight, and OMG his get up is horrifying!

  2. Let’s Go Rangers!!!!
    Yes Linda, Dugay is often horrific. He looks like he belongs in the ice capades

  3. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Oh goodie, I get the Bruins announcers. Jack Edwards might be worse than Emrick from what I understand. I’ll let you know after the game.

  4. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    tomb, that ‘s just wrong. last game i missed the first 5 minutes because they had the flyers/ducks game on all 4 choices…. they gotta get into game shape. Just log out and sign back in,hopefully that works

  5. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Center Ice, Linda. I sprung for the package since my streams in the preseason sucked.

  6. Cackling Jack Edwards for me too. At least he’s a caricature of himself rather than outright annoying. Andy Brickley wants another cup of chowdah.

  7. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    ORR, the stench that never leaves?

    WHAT THE HELL… my feed just switched to hockey night in canada???

    oy, here we go, finally back!

  8. SNYRangersblog tweeted: Derek Boogaard beats Hank 5-hole in warmups.

    good for Boogey or bad for Hank?

  9. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Yeah, the tv package, Linda.

    I’m going with bad for Hank. Boogey and Chara tonight?

  10. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    mickey, how much was that? I’m wondering what I’m going to go with once we get back to the NY area. I’m thinking maybe 2 computer screens, one for the game and one for everything else lol ;-)

  11. I actually do think the big guy could score with more TOI. Would love to see him smack Chara around! Doubt it, though.

  12. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Linda, $170 for the season or 4 payments of $42 and change. Not bad when you think about it. I’m lucky in that I don’t pay for my cable and internet, so it’s really very affordable for me.

  13. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Good for Avery.

    Edwards yakking about how Avery got a punch in after the fact= ‘A very Avery thing to do’.. Oh shut up!


    these bruins announcers are the worst…avery didnt even get hit from what i could tell.

  15. The guy was already engaged with another player and you come out of nowhere and lay him out. I think those Scott Stevens types of hits are cheap.

  16. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    i’ll probably go with that Mickey, it’s so frustrating when the streams feed, and then i’m always a minute behind you guys…grrr and now dubi takes a penalty

  17. >>Anybody know why Kovachuckles is a healthy scratch for the Devs?

    Extra motivation for their Stanley Cup match tomorrow?

  18. Unbearable announcing and officiating. I’m not usually one to complain but my god.

    Time to watch it muted while listening to the new Dylan release. My 10 year old who is usually oblivious to the announcing just said that she doesn’t think she can watch the game with “these guys talking.”

  19. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    I do like this view of the PP from behind the goalie. You can really see the movement of the players.

  20. >>…TJ Maxx?

    Hey, don’t knock it! I’ve bought some nice authentic futbol jerseys from there.

  21. oh Hockey Gods!!
    who did i anger so much that i’m stuck
    having to listen to these homer crappy
    frehley bruins announcers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Though, Linda, when you move back to NY, if you get cable, you will get MSG. Only caveat is that if you live upstate, you get the Sabres games a lot.

  23. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    this is beyond frustrating. I hope when I get home and watch the archive of this game the feed is much better… bastages. I’m about 2 minutes behind you guys now… argh

  24. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    On net. Jeez. This team misses the net more than Carter has liver pills.

    So cloooose.

  25. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao @ Carter and liver pills! You say that down here and the jokinen snouted population looks at ya like “WHAT”

  26. Frolov really needs to get his stick on the ice around the goal. 3rd or 4th time this year he’s fluffed a chance like that.

  27. btw.
    where did Dubi slash the bruins player??
    just looked like a tap on the shoulder in the replay.
    nothing major enough that he should be off the ice
    and then trotted back out in order to beg for more penalty time

    what happened to the big bad bruins?
    enough to make milbury hit himself in the head with his own shoe

  28. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    I have no idea where the phrase comes from, it’s just something my Dad has said for years. LOL.

  29. so,
    does the blade tip of the stick have to be below of the crossbar as well as the rest of the stick?

  30. impressive hand /eye coordination to get that puck out of the air
    way to go AA!!!!

    and it’s a POWER PLAY GOAL!!!!!!!

  31. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Boogey and Thornton. Ha, Boston announcers do a Tale of the Tape thing that is lame.

    That fight was kinda lame, too.

  32. deja (drury isnt bad his contract is) on

    great swing there by AA Yankees could have used him and nice follow up by frolov


    agree, Orr, that was BS that they stepped in…boogie was going to put him down for the count

  34. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Anyone else freak out a little every time they see #12 on the ice. I keep thinking that Jokkinen is back on the team and I don’t like that one bit.

    Nice save on the 2 on 1.

  35. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    WTB with the whistle? Our guys get hurt and the refs dont blow the whistle.

  36. Seriously? That “great hockey insight” to sit on the bench? Really? The guy who just got himself hit in the face with a puck… has “great hockey insight?”

  37. Ugh what’s with the refs breaking up the fights just as they’re getting going? Good for Prust for stepping up though.

  38. these guys are going to be competing with the sabres announcers
    for homerism and irritation.
    at least they don’t have the annoying voice
    of that sabres guy.

  39. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    exactly tomb! Hope they keep it up for a nice stretch, lets say until mid 2011~~~

  40. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Dubi, i hope it’s soon.. i gotta leave for a hockey game in about 15 minutes lol

  41. Rozsi… what in the world was the point of that? A super-blatant hold three feet from the ref, which served no purpose at all? And that slashing penalty needs to be done away with, it’s just plain dumb to call a penalty.

  42. MickeyM really likes the second line on


    Still, ballsy for Cally to be going down to block Chara’s shots.

  43. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! bad penalties lead to bad goals, and yet again in the last minute of a period! grrrr

    Ok, I gotta get goin! Hope when I get back, you guys will have been celebrating a victory!!


  44. Don’t really mind the slashing call when it breaks the stick (despite their brittleness) or when it’s a blatant swat away, but that one was really weak.

    Meanwhile, how many tortoises were killed to make Torts’ tie tonight? Torticide?

  45. good period despite that last goal. good team toughness, good forechecking, good offensive plays by AA, Stepan, Fedotenko, Cally, Frolov

    Avery might get to play in the 2nd, how long these prissy refs let him i can’t say

  46. 2 5 on 3’s and we just about were gonna come away with a 2 goal lead. game is totally changed now. stupid staal. and rozy. and i thought boogaard was a beast/ he is like jabba the hut and hasnt landed any good punches. thought he was good at the one thing jhe was signed to do??

  47. Er, so what exactly was “fluky” about the Anisimov goal, Mr I’m Only Good Enough to Work Bruins Games On NESN When Milbury’s Off?

  48. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Very impressed by the willingness to standup for each other. Prust has a lot of character. So does Avery. Good job. So I have seen boogyman with two fights. I don’t get what the big deal is with his fighting.

    Stupid play (what’s new) by blowzy. He is just a piece of crap.

    Sauer once again showing very well. Gilroy quietly effective.

    Boyle has been good all year long so far.

    Overall, a very enjoyable game. Tough to let one in with 4 .3 seconds to go. Hope it doesn’t change momentum of the game.

  49. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Boogaard is something from ‘The Nightmare of Elm Street’ according to the Boston announcers.


  50. I am the biggest assen. Carp, a post that says new post would help. I’ve been chatting with myself for an hour on previous thread. OY.

  51. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Wow, Kovalchuk a health scratch…I think this signing will be the death for the Devils for quite a few years.

  52. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    OK, that was a funny commercial. Airing the audio of the Bruins/Rangers melee from the 70s while showing all these pairs of shoes until the come to the last pair and there is only one shoe there. Commercial is for a show that Milbury hosts on NESN.

  53. Someone please help me….I missed what Aves did, but from what I heard, why didn’t Thornton get the same?

  54. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    lol @ mama.

    It’s OK. We love you anyway.

    STAAALSY!!!! Sweet move.

  55. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Avery jumped Thornton after he hit Tenko hard. Got 2, 5 and 10 for it.

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Its all 'bout the rangers!!!"...& Greg L on

    Healthy Scratch for KovalcHuMp !!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!

    NJ Devils suck!!!

    Go Rangers , Beat these bums of Boston!!!!

  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Its all 'bout the rangers!!!"...& Greg L on


  58. Mama

    The misconduct 10 minutes was issued along with the 2 minute instigator penalty to Avery for starting the fight.

  59. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    On this shift alone, Boogey has been called a traffic cone and an aircraft carrier at 39 knots by Edwards.

    Swear to god.

  60. hey ORR
    MDZ’s play is making me angrier
    than Rozy’s
    so far

    must be a matter of expectations.

  61. MickeyM and CR, thanks….hartnell! I still want to know why Thornton got a pass.

    Sweet 16!!!

  62. sorry Prust
    but that was dumb (blind pass in your zone to bruin)
    and then
    hook that didn’t even hook for the penalty

  63. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    You’re right, Orr, it was Stuart, not Thornton. My bad. Thanks for the correction.

    C’mon PK!

  64. wonder how many power plays boston is going to get tonight.

    maybe the referees can get to 10. already at 6.

  65. I’m still pissed that Thornton seemed to get nothing, I don’t care if it was against Boo.

    Sweet 16! he is rocking this year!

  66. Email I just sent to nesn:

    Your Bruins announcers are offensive to hockey fans. Rarely have I heard such blatant disrespect for the opposing team, or such narrow minded commentary.
    As a hockey fan, I want to be able to enjoy a game regardless of whether or not my team’s announcers are calling it.

    My kids, ages 8 and 10, are stunned at the idiotic comments they have heard from your announcers.  Their dad and I have had to instruct them never to act the way your announcers do, as they display a lack of sportsmanship.

    I understand that announcers are fans, but yours lack professionalism and tact and are unlistenable.

    Orrington, Maine

  67. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Surprised Avery didn’t get called for goalie interference there.

    Hey. CR! We missed you! Welcome back.

  68. Uh… What, the ref forgot he’s supposed to blow the whistle when the goalie freezes the puck?

  69. nice one Winston
    send that same letter to some of the sponsors of the game
    and maybe someone will really listen

  70. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Oh man. Put a body somebody, stop stick checking. GRRR. And get the puck out.

  71. how is it we turn into peewee players
    in our zone
    and just chase the puck??????

    of course, a penalty on us.

  72. hi MickeyM. missed you all too. hope everything is going great with your new home and job. are you on boneheads FB group?

  73. Wow, Maloney just made a great comment. “The game is so sanitized now”….now I’m paraphrasing, but he noted you can’t do this, you can’t do that, but in the old days you expected to be hit….it was part of the game….

  74. so Mama
    we’re allowed to say

    any other words besides frehley and byfuglien?

    cause i’m running out of the real words during this game
    think i’ve used all of ’em so far

  75. The way Prust reacted I’m afraid the stick hit him in the eye. I hope it didn’t because that would be brutal.

  76. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    CR, work is crazy busy, with lots of OT in the past few weeks, so I haven’t gotten a chance to really meet people outside of work. Hopefully soon, though. Otherwise, things are really good. Yeah, I’m on the Boneheads FB page.

  77. all I said is he was on the calendar jpg, and found it funny that he was with Gil….remember, this was made a year ago :)

    Oh Prust, be OK…..I think (hope) he is….

  78. anyone have a non-veetle link?
    also, what is up with devils? no kovalchuk and rest of lineup looks like an AHL team tonight lol.

  79. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    I keep seeing these commercials for Dunkin Donuts and they are making me want to go there. MMm, donuts.

  80. >>…also, what is up with devils?

    I wouldn’t worry about that stupid team too much. They always find a way to turn it around and finish ahead of us in the standings.

  81. i hope nothing is seriously wrong with prustie, linda would be devastated

    we gotta capitalize with at least 1 goal on this power play

    we arent likely to get another power play the rest of the game, capitalize when you get the opportunity guys.

  82. why is maloney on radio and not on msg….though, I guess if you have to listen on radio (i’m doing both tonight) thank goodness he’s there….xoxo Dave!

  83. Looks like Dysugtien Bufflin got a 5+game for charging the Caps goalie, Neuvirth. Rare call. Neuvirth is seemingly still alive to tell the tale.

  84. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Ok, boys. Keep the pressure on in this period, score another goal or two. And for chrissakes, play good defense. A PP goal to start would be nice.

  85. I sent my email rant to dunkin donuts, southwest airlines, td bank and ford motor company. (bruins on NESN sponsors). Futile, I know but it made me feel better.

    I can accept that most things on tv these days need to be filtered for my kids, but hockey feeds shouldn’t be one of them!

  86. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    I do not understand why they don’t plant BB right in front on the PP.

  87. I wish I had been listening with the sound off… These NESN guys keep getting dumber and dumber.

  88. I think he’s out for tonight, just hope the injury is healable fast. (hmm. new word, healable)

  89. thanks everybody!

    and yes MickeyM
    why not put Boogie there
    only reason i guess is that we can’t keep it in
    the zone long enough for him to catch up and
    get in front of the net

  90. Maloney not being very favorable about MDXZ either….he needs to be a better quarterback, he says.

  91. looks like all that time working on face offs with Messier
    are working about as well
    as when he
    gave ’em all that anti-flu stuff

  92. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    To be fair, they’ve been a little bit better on faceoffs tonight. That is one area where they sorely miss Drury.

  93. thanks for the advice Orr
    considered playing some music
    but haven’t had the chance to
    pick something out
    maybe some Primus…’s nearby.

  94. OK, he can come back from that. get stitched, make sure eye is OK, I hope and am sure he’ll be fine.

  95. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    What the byfuglien is that a ‘self pass’? Edwards keep saying it and I have no idea what he’s talking about.

  96. rangers are really working in the offensive zone, good clear out of the zone, nearly a break the other way

  97. Um, wait…I am so confused. In all my running back and forth between TV and computer/radio feed/blog, I just realized radio feed is behind…wtb?

  98. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    According to the Bruins announcers, we were “lucky this game wasn’t longer because (we) were backpedaling [the entire third period]” … STFU

  99. Haven’t seen much offensive cycling since the Jagr years, so not sure if I remember what it looks like, but it sure seemed like all the lines played well in the offensive zones. How did that happen?

  100. Two straight hard fought wins on the road + Devils getting embarrassed at home = interesting game tomorrow night

  101. CR….newspaper !

    now i’m worried, I need 3 in a row for me tomorrow.

    sigh, our team’s tradition’s make me want to cry….I love the team head pat to hank after the win :)

  102. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    Watching this game via the Bruins broadcast was akin to watching “Pride and Prejudice” sober.

  103. Czechthemout!!!! on

    We created a lot of scoring chances. We just have to work on finishing them.
    Buins announcer’s must of been watching some other game. We had more chances to score in the third than they did.

    Eff them!

  104. watching the game with the bruins announcers
    was akin to hitting myself in the head
    with my own shoe

  105. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Let’s see, crapinger plays two games we lose. Sauer plays four games. We win three and lose on in ot. Hmm

  106. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Sauer, Prust, Anisimov and Giradi are having great year so far…much better then expectations

  107. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Pens and Blues scoreless after two.

    Darren Pang works the Blues games. Huh.

  108. kc, I hope so.

    Hague, don’t know what prompted that (girlfriend make you watch it?) but that made me LMAO, since I am a huge P&P fan…..

  109. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    lol I had actually never seen it … I just picked a Jane Austen at random … in all honesty, I hear the movie has a couple of hot skanks and Jack Bauer’s father is in it, so it can’t be that terrible …

  110. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Ok. So who gets called up to replace Prust? I say Mza or we probably will dress seven dmen.

  111. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    So here in Holland, people say “Prost!” (Cheers!) when toasting …

    Next time I’m out there, I’m yelling “Prust!” (even though I think he’s a no-good bassclown)


    the negative nannies cried about Dubi’s lackluster preseason play…the kid is looking great…dubi is my fave ranger…that is all! Hopefully we are looking at future Ranger’s captain.

    If rozy’s brain were placed in a bird, that bird would fly backwards.

  113. HA! Hague, you’re talking about the modern re-make, but yes, Donald Sutherland is in it. The fact that you randomly chose Austen and that film still impresses me :) But the big film re-make can’t beat Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy….Oh baby!

    new word, bassclown?! or am I behind again?

  114. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Heh. Just realized that I signed up for trip to Boston next spring. Great city (sorry, CR)

  115. For all the crap ppl are giving Rozi, does he at least get credit for starting to shoot more on the PP?

  116. funny thing about kovalchuk situation..devils have always been all about ” the team” and the “system” and now look how one guy’s contract is killing them

  117. miked – i cant understand that myself. their system is what got them three stanley cups. theyve never been about one superstar; always been about the system. their trade for and signing of kovy made no sense.

  118. It’s not Kovalchuk’s fault — Brodeur has been fading for years, but it’s apparently against the law to mention it.
    And Elias and Langenbrunner, among others, are not playing well at all. Apparently sitting Kovy didn’t have a very positive effect on the team, since they got crushed.

  119. won’t miss kovy tomorrow. ha ha ha!

    Tonight was great, hope to repeat tomorrow. If you watch the game, look for fabulous fan to the right of Hank in second row behind glass. That would be moi :)

  120. kc, you’re a laugh riot…

    OK all, mama’s gotta go so she’s rested for her live game v Debbies!!! whooo hooo!

    Late nighters/DVR people…enjoy…See ya tomorrow and TA!

  121. Gilroy is an obious improvement over Emminger.

    Todd White does not belong on an NHL ice rink any more.

    Excellent game form the kids, Rozisome good plays alot of terrible plays.

    Sauer had a good game too.

    Its the vets that need to be sent down.

  122. Devils are a wounded, confused animal…..we best better not lose to them at home..or linda…wait for it….WE RIOT

  123. i barely noticed White tonight
    Rozy, some good some bad…a bit better than usual
    at least Rozy had 2 assists going for him
    (don’t know who got assists on 3rd goal)

    as far as kovy situation with devils, what’s really strange is that the coach
    would send a message following a win. i could see if he did something like that
    after several losses. give the player and team a message. whatever. didn’t work.

  124. a wicky….”wounded, confused animal'” they should not be underestimated. they can get snarly and dangerous when you least expect it. but great metaphor miked!

  125. NYR, my first live game in forever! They were a b-day gift from my dad and his wife…..bless them! Season tix holder auctioned them at a benefit…..everybody wins :)

  126. two nights of Chinese food. two Ranger wins.
    man, am i going to have keep the local restaurant on speed dial???

  127. Per Kovy, why did coach bench him for home game? Not way to treat fans who spent big bucks on tickets, then don’t see Kovy for healthy scratch, then team loses big time? Not a good business move.
    Hope Rangers continue consistent play tomorrow. Devils don’t have game plan for a strong forecheck.

  128. Czechthemout!!!! on

    On a slightly different note. The pack lost again tonight. Renney protege gernander needs to be canned. Thisidiot is ruining the kids down there. He has Grachev playing third line center.

    He has vtank playing third pair with a echl buffoon. This needs to be addressed.

  129. will do jpg! will miss you all here, but….:)

    Czech, I don’t follow the Pack as much as I should, but your comment is disturbing….wtb?

  130. That was a lousy call of Boarding for the Boogster. He barely caressed that guy, yet these refs can watch a guy come charging full tilt across the ice to truly slam someone into the boards and nothing in the way of a call. Boog got caught in a “reputation’ call on that one. Leave him be. Give him some legit ice time when possible and leave him be. He’ll be fine. Ever see Shara throw some side board hits?

    They played a pretty good game tonight and with the exception of a few really hideous giveaways, did OK. LQ looked a lot better than he has been looking, and let’s hope that he comes up with some really inspiring performances. ….They’re gonna need them. The more I see of Sauer, the better I like him….same with Prust. Man that was some hurt put on him – hope he’s OK.

    I was pleased to see Gilroy join the action tonite. He needs more ice time, and a showing of confidence by his ( ah… coach).

    They might also take a brief course in stupid penalties. What a job that does on the Goalkeeper when those cheap penalties come down the line, especially with an aggressive bunch like the Bostons.

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