Rangers-Leaves in review


Some thoughts:

1) Ryan Callahan didn’t score again. He did everything but score. He created chances, had chances, and did all those Callahan things he always does, too.His best game of the season. Easily.

2) Brandon Dubinsky’s played some good games since the season began. I thought this was his best by far, too.

3) You can’t begin to calculate how important this game was for Martin Biron, and for the team to have a Biron around. Because if he bombed or even if he was mediocre, or in fact even if he was pretty good in a loss, then you have that same old cloud. But he was fabulous, and now the team can have confidence in him any time out. And now the coaches don’t have to suffer over the decision on when to give him a game.

4) Derek Stepan sure made a nice play on the Ruslan Fedotenko goal.

5) Speaking of that goal, it was scored because Sean Avery goes to net and arrives in ill humor, as Fred Shero used to say. Others occasionally go to net, some do it a lot, but none pf the others arrive in ill humor … give it that little extra at the goalmouth knowing you might get knocked on your wallet, or get a face full of stinky glove palm. Isn’t that something you can coach?

6) Colton Orr, age 28, $1M per year for four years. Derek Boogaard, 28, $1.65M per year for four years. I’m not going to get into that whole thing again.

7) This was the first time the Rangers looked decent against a fast team. Reason: Neutral-zone play.

8) I know I’m in the minority with this one, but I think Marc Staal and Dan Girardi are better apart than they are together. Last night, separated again, I thought both were terrific until they had a few shifts together in the third, including that PK shift that started with a home-run pass to Versteeg about 15 feet behind both of them. How in holy hell does that happen?

9) I understand that MSG is selling its post-game show. But do we need 40 reminders in the last two minutes of a one-goal game?

10) I never understood this. MSG Network controls all three NY-area teams telecasts. So why do they play, so often, on the same night? Then have so many nights when none of them play? I mean, most Rangers fans won’t watch Devils or Islanders games, but some will. When they all play the same night, zero Rangers fans will watch Devils or Islanders, and vice versa. And some are just hockey fans who many nights have to turn elsewhere for hockey, then on other nights have to choose from two or three games on MSG. To me it would make sense for the NHL to help out with the scheduling in that regard.

11) This game is why I predicted the Rangers to make the playoffs — and still believe they can, although my caveat is that I’m convinced it will still come down to the last week of the season on the Leastern Conference. But this year, with the maturation of Anisimov,  the addition of Stepan, the improvement of Prust, and you’d have to figure another step forward from Callahan and Dubinsky, the addition of Fedotenko and the re-Avery-ing of Avery, they will have capable second and third lines. They will have lines capable of kicking in some goals, and preventing some, and doing other things. And if they ever get any kind of first-line production out of Gaborik,  Frolov and whomever, that should make up the few points that make the difference between playoffs and golf season.

12) But let’s not get too excited. It’s one game. Against the Leaves.

I’m out. Got a big meeting (if you know what I mean) today, then work (local football playoffs) tonight. See youse tomorrow.

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  1. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Sauer was good last night, and as Fran said earlier Rozy actually showed up.

    Still have to say Boogy is a joke out there. You have to be able to take a legit shift. Against Wash. or Pitt. Boogy will be exposed, and with only one guy in the conference crazy enough to fight him, there is really no use for the guy.

    Find a Prust clone, and send Boogy back to Antarctica.

  2. Pucktenko, formerly The Puck Drops Here on

    Carp, the Links now show up on the right hand side (IE 8, WinXP) and thanks for putting the Sitemeter back! The new format is really shaping up nicely. Tell the techies good job from the Boneheads.

  3. Watching Biron last night made me realize how bad Hank is at one aspect of goaltending…. Handling the puck. He also seems calmer and more positioned. Hey it’s just one game, but nice to know he has those qualities.

  4. Pucktenko, formerly The Puck Drops Here on

    I agree with Fran on LQ. Hey, I love LQ but he’s not playing smart. Maybe it’s a confidence tihng or he’s so used to not getting any help out there.

  5. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    All valid points, Carp.

    But I think you should’ve mentioned the fantastic performance from both MDZ and Sauer as well. MDZ’s first period was the best I hace seen him in terms of defense. And Sauer played simple and effective and showed that he can hit, too.

    All around, a pretty solid road-game against a good team. Reminds me a bit about the early homegame against the Kings last year, the difference being that the Rangers never really seem to loose composure in this one.

  6. I’m obviously more than happy that Biron produced a very strong game.

    But after that *one* good game and a *couple* of ordinary (at worst, and with far worse defensive performances in front of him) games from Lundqvist, we see from posters that Lundqvist is “very very ordinary” and that he needs to get his Carcillo together quickly or lose his job?

    Just a touch reactionary, perhaps?

  7. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    And oh,

    Didn’t you all get the feeling that in games like these, ones that are really fought through with hits and blocked shots, the downside of EC becomes almost embarrassing?

    I mean, sure, Gabby can disappear in these kinds of games just like EC, but Gabbys upside id obvously a different thing all together. I think EC getting nowhere fast.

  8. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on


    I think people who knock Hank should really take a deep breath and think for a few…

  9. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Moring Carptastic and ‘Heads! I trust everyone slept a bit better last night after a pretty good win.

    Carp, enjoyed the breakdown and great point on number 3. Maybe Marty “crazy eyes” should get a few games in a row. No, I’m not thinking the guy is tne 2nd coming of Patrick Roy or anyone, but if he has a few solid games in a row and the team plays well, giving Hank a few days off could be a pretty good thing, and maybe he can ‘relax’ a bit back there, knowing it’s not all on him. A bit off the game topic but number 10 was also an interesting choice. I believe JB and I made mention of that exact thing last night.

    Hope you have a GREAT ‘meeting’, and hope all you ‘Heads have a fantastic Friday!!

  10. And I don’t think anyone said this, but I would say Bye-Bye to Emminger for a long while. Everything looked quicker on D last night without him in the lineup. And say what you want about Rozi, but he has looked fine this year, and even looked very good in some games.

  11. Gift of GAB-orik on

    It’s easy to ride the waves of positivity and negativity alike. I’m not going to impeach Hank because he’s shaky at times. When you play 70 games, and have this squad in front of you, not all of them are going to be stellar. So relax.

    Good for Biron to have a nice game… HUGE stop on Versteeg. Game saver right there.

    Stepan seems legit. Dubinsky is on a mission this season it seems… and we all know what we’re gonna get from Cally effort wise night in and night out.

  12. i know she mentioned the other day
    due to photo in the post
    but i didn’t know about the Maxim photos til now.

  13. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good solid effort against the team that looked sluggish in the first. But they did what they needed to- scored a couple and Toronto never recovered. How many times we suffered from those slow starts last year?

    Biron just confirmed what everyone was hoping- we have a very capable back-up. Finally. But please, could you stop with bashing Hank? He will come through, he always does. He gets better with more games, and his rebound control will recover. The goaltending should be the least of our worries.

    Sauer doesn’t do anything eye catching, but he is very solid and steady. He is a good stay home third pair Dman, and I believe he will get even better. He needs to add more physical game without loosing his position. Eminger experiment should be over with, IMHO. I doubt they are ready to give up on Gilroy, remember, Sather went very hard after him a couple of years back. MDZ is progressing very, very well. And Roszival was very good last night.

    They need to keep Dubinsky-AA-Callahan line together. They will start scoring eventually. AA keeps impressing. Prust alone makes that Calgary deal a steal! Avery was very very good, so was Strepan. Heck, almost everyoner was great.

    Boogart actually had a couple of decent shifts. He can hit hard, and is impossible to move around the net. If e gets to the net, that is. I doubt his skating will improve, not at this point. He actually won the fight. As brave as Orr looked staring it, he was intimidated somewhat. He started to throw punches without Boogart being ready( I was very surprised ), and after catching that right, he realized he was in trouble and went for take-down. When was the last time you saw Orr not willing to continue exchanging punches.

    Lastly, and I have to take a deep breath before posting it. But WTB is White doing on the team? For what he does, we can bring an AHL player for a quarter of his salary. Glen? Can you count?

  14. Great win. Excellent effort by all the defensemen. Biron was solid.

    Anisimov was a monster last night. Stepan is such a smart player, a lot of fun to watch.

    We still need more offense though. 2 goals a night is not going to cut it in this conference to win games. Bring up Zuccarello and plug him on that top line with Frolov. (White has been terribly underwhelming and he should be sent to the Whale). MZA can get used to the rink size with the big club. There is no reason to waste talent like that in Hartford. The guy has been scoring and looked good in the pre-season.

  15. Even Roszival looked OK last night.

    Still surprised no one took on Colby Armstrong. Happy to see Boogard finally fight. At least he is doing something. But Armstrong needs to be taken care of.

    Blocking shots! Wow. I think it was a case of trying to protect Biron. Either way, if they blocked shots like this every night, we’d be top 8 team in the league.

    Todd White…agree with most here, showed little.

    Sauer is steady and solid I like him far more than Eminger. Gilroy….not wholly sold on. He needs more confidence.

    Overall nice effort. I thought we could have easily been up by 3 or more. Still have concern that we are not finishing as we need to.


  16. I believe Mike Sullivan said something during his interview right after the 1st period about all the guys on the ice have to be involved in every zone or at least the defensive and attacking ends . Essentially he was saying that there needed to be “5 in the picture”. Now I wanted Renney gone as much as the next person by the end of his tenure and last night when the Rangers were playing their best they pressuring the Leaves in their end (something Renney teams rarely did), but this was the type of game they’ll have to play while Gaborik is out.

    If Frolov keeps up his flubbing of shots and missing relatively easy chances there’s a good chance he will draw the ire of the Garden faithful. He’s got this year’s Higgins written all over him. I’m willing to give him a reasonable amount of time to get his game together but the team needs him to step up while Gaborik is out.

    Most impressive defensive feat of the night, other than the PK being 100% was limiting Kessel. The guy owned the ice at MSG and they kept him pretty bottled up last night.

    As far as some of other players, I’ll admit I didn’t see a ton of Phaneuf when he was in CGY and I heard his game had slipped in recent years thus facilitating the trade to TOR, but from seeing him last night and the game in NY I really can’t see what the fuss was all about a few years ago.

  17. New Newman – I am most concerned with Dubinsky, as far as not being able to finish. At times he really looks great out there, strong on the puck and a solid checker. At other times he looks completely lost. The guy has all the tools to be a very very good player in the league. However, he has real trouble finding the back of the net consistently. I really think its between ears with him. He is easily frustrated and doesn’t carry that pro attitude and confidence like say a Callahan or a Prust. I have to think that if he doesnt become at least a 50 pt guy the Rangers probably won’t resign him. He needs to make strides to be better. I know numbers arent everything but as a second line winger, 30 goals should be a realistic target for him.

  18. Neither Cally or Dubinsky have shown they’re natural finishers at this level. Pro-rated to a full 82 games last year, Dubinsky would have had I think 52 points. If he wants a raise from this contract he needs to show he can be a 60 point player. But out of all their home grown kids (non-rookies) I think Anisimov has the best chance of becoming a 60 point guy. He’s got better hands than either Cally or Dubi and I think overall a better hockey IQ. He’s gotten a lot stronger on his feet and on the puck this season and his goal last night was perfect fundamentals of driving to the net with his stick on the ice.

  19. Joekuh - Slashing behind the play... on

    Carp, just got struck with an idea. You have your “10 points about the game” post right. Can you pick one game, say every 2 weeks, and let the boneheads have say, 5 of those 10 points? Just pick some good comments from the game thread.

  20. Good morning Mama and Linda.
    This was the type of game we should expect the Rangers to play every night. If they do, they will be a playoff contender. Lay off hank. Most teams will play an extra good defensive game with the backup in there while relaxing a bit with the #1 expecting him to be the big eraser for their mistakes.
    As for all 3 teams playing on the same night, Carp is right. It is especially frustrating because the 3rd game, on MSG2 is not in HD, and once you see the games in HD, watching in Standard def is torture.

  21. The only negative I can say about last nights game is that the rangers don’t finish. They should have scored at least 4 goals last night. Is it me or does Rosival play much better on the road than he does at home.

  22. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    You have to remember that Dubi & Cally, on most other teams in the NHL are 3rd line players!!! Damn good 3rd liners, but 3rd liners nonetheless. Avery is a 3rd liner too. Throw AA in there as well.

  23. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!!

    couple of things here and then off to the national bison ranger and then a hockey game tonight.

    This is the second time I have seen orr (not ours) try to jump a ranger enforcer before they had their gloves off. Shelley at the end of last season and boogey last night. He looked very concerned (not that I blame him) i think as well and took boogey down. Maybe orr jumps ranger guys now because he is trying so hard to show the organization that we should not have let him go…maybe he knows some guys are better than him and he wants every advantage he can get….maybe its nothing!!!

    I think boogey needs more ice time, not like 20 minutes a night, but 8 or so a game. I think this team as it is currently constructed needs tough guys because it doesn’t have team toughness. If we had team toughness, we would not need a guy like boogey. I think we have been known as a soft team and a lot of teams take liberties against us since the lockout. And until we exhibit that toughness (guys like dubi and cally and some d men need to step up and get nasty) on a nightly basis, slats is always going to go for a enforcer type!

    Another prust would be awesome, that guy rocks!!

  24. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    the manitoba moose barely missed on out drawing the coyotes last night…..wow!!!

  25. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    could have honestly done without that mental image!!!

  26. If the Dubi, Cally and Artie can become at least 50, and maybe one of them hits 60 points then their production will be comparable to 2nd line production from the rest of the league.

    Some 2nd line players and their stats (G/A/PTS):

    Langenbrunner 19/42/61
    Elias 19/29/48
    J. Staal (21/28/49)
    Guerin (21/24/45)
    M. Richards (31/31/62)
    Briere (26/27/53)
    Giroux (16/31/47)
    Sharp (25/44/66)
    Versteeg (20/24/44)
    Pominville (24/38/62)
    Vanek (28/25/53)
    Krejci (17/35/52)
    Recchi (18/25/43)
    Holmstrom (25/20/45)
    Bertuzzi (18/26/44)
    Burrows (35/32/67)
    Samuelsson (30/23/53)
    Clowe (19/38/57)
    Pavelski (25/26/51)
    Setoguchi (20/16/36)
    Laich (25/34/59)
    Knuble (29/27/53)

    The Caps and Canucks had some higher numbers, but they were also the top 2 highest scoring teams in the league. There’s some notable exceptions like Malkin or Semin but those guys are in more 1A/1B type situations. The Rangers might not have developed superstar players but they’ve got guys that can contribute solidly in secondary roles.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    The most complete game they’ve played all season. It stays the airing of grievances until Sat night/Sunday morning.

  28. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    stevezipay Steve Zipay
    Sean Avery on ACC ice alone waaaay before practice shooting pucks

  29. Why do you think Larry got beat up at the bus stop everyday? Torts wasn’t kidding about that.

  30. Joekuh - Slashing behind the play... on

    Avery missed the net a couple of times last night on good chances. Not surprising. For all the ish people talk about him, the man puts in work to be successful on the ice.

  31. Nice to see Aves putting up extra time in practice. He needs to learn how to finish on those breakaways/partial breakaways, which he never seems to do.

    I’m not going to get excited over Biron yet. He’s played worse with better defense in front of him, so I can’t accept the fact that he will be better with an average defense backing him up. I just can’t see it. Hopefully he can put more games like that together.

    With EC all hurt and useless, maybe Kris Noberries gets called up?

  32. Thoroughly enjoyed the game last night because of the effort this team put out. Really good neutral zone coverage and support in addition to standing up at the blue line were the two major factors in getting two points. Oh, and Biron’s play was outstanding as well.

    I think Callahan makes Dubi a better player. They should be kept together.

    Biron should play another game in this 4 games in 6 nights stretch.

  33. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I agree about avery, he is a great team player and a leader!!! The whole team needs to practice their shots!!!

    I honestly think it is way past time for EC and white to be gone from the forward lines and roster in general!!

  34. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I wouldn’t mind seeing newberry up either!!

  35. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I agree miked

    later assens..have a great friday!!!

  36. Been sick, busy and sick of being busy. Just wanted to stop in to comment though- This game had to be a confidence boost to a few of these guys. Esp the ones who felt the team was working hard in 3 straight losses. The key? they played 60 minutes of hockey. Not 20, not 46. 60.

  37. I know Hanklund is reporting that the Rangers are very much trying to land Spezza, but a friend of mine just sent me a text saying that he is hearing, Dubi, Gilroy, and VTank for Spezza and prospect to be named.


  38. I know rumors are rumors, and I wouldn’t post them if I didn’t value my friends word. He has been right, or very close to right many times in the past. Such as Torts coming to NYR way before it was really released.

  39. I could live without Spezza.

    Ilb, that is true, he’s another PA Parenteau type of player, but apparently he’s been the best player down there. Not that he’ll be amazing, but it’s better for him to get the spot, since it will probably be 4th line duty.

    Still early for the more talented kids with a brighter future. No need to rush them.

  40. According to the BOUNCE theory, I was kinda expecting the type of game the Boys played last night in TOR in the previous game against the Aves, The BOUNCE theory is simple and has been around for a while. Essentially a team comes together after significant injuries to talented players. Losing Gabby fits, Dreary?? at best, subtlely). In any case the BOUNCE games can continue for a couple before the team becomes physically weary (blocking shots, being focused 60 minutes is harder than you think) and reverts to realistic expectation, like losing more than winning. I think this may be especially true in a Torts-style game, aggressive fore-checking game. We certainly are going to need 2 sharp goaltenders during this stretch AND you must score first.

    Now with that said, hopefully we’ll see once the BOUNCE is over if anyone will really step up and stay above normal (paranoid?, certainly glass half full) expectations OR players will shine as more responsibility is thrown their way. My candidates are up front the young centers Anisimov, Stepan (their true baptism of fire) to play the entire ice, as well as Avery, Prust and Cally to provide the jolt of energy and keep the rest of the team ignited or out of harms way. On D it has to be Garardi and Staal.

    Actually now anxiously anticipating the upcoming games after what I thought, albeit from a small sample of games, was going to be a looooooong, losing season. Considering how long I have watched Ranger hockey I should have known better.

  41. Carp,

    You watch Rangers games, post a few astute comments, attend meetings (read: play golf), and then come home to watch more television. Can I get a job like this?

    ET #10

  42. Does that work under the cap, when Gaborik and Drury return? Or do they send Todd White and Eminger down?

  43. Nasty, I am not sure about your friend, and he may well have reasonable sources…
    But the only reliable source Eklund ever had was his dog. And, unfortunately the poor thing died last year. But, yes, I’d take Spezza. Legit number one center.

  44. CTB- Spezza’s hit is $7M, so White and Eminger will have to go down. They should anyway for COL

  45. Joekuh - Slashing behind the play... on

    Hmm. I wonder why Ottawa would want Valentenko. He’s young, LOVES to hit, has a cannon from the point…..yeah, definitely nothing a NHL franchise would be interested in.

  46. Joekuh- yes, Valentenko would be painful to lose. So would be Dubinsky. But something has to give. There are very few legit first line centers. I’d go for this trade.

  47. I completely agree with the tv Scheduling Carp. I often enjoy watching the islanders right now because of their young potential and the fact that i really like Gordon’s up tempo system. Also i watch because i live on LI and think that the Isles leaving would be awful. I can’t imagine the NHL without the Rangers/Isles rivalry. They should break it up a bit so that more games get shown per week. Though i will never ever watch a devil game, not because i hate them so much but because everything about them is unentertaining.

  48. Dubi, Gilroy, Vtank, and a prospect for Spezza. Thats two guys to many. There’s a reason they want to dump Spezza you know. Spezza’s best years are behind him, plus he carries a huge cap hit. I realise the Rangers are weak down the middle, but making that trade would be a typical Sather mistake. It would not be long before the Spezza complaints would start here. My opinion big mistake to make a trade for Spezza. To big a cap hit for a guy on the down slide. Build a team use the young guys. Make a trade if you half to, but not one like that. Jason Spezza is not going help this team much.

  49. please no spezza. he doesnt make us instantly better. i think valentenko could be a solid dmen when its his time. also dubi on the wing is an effective player not when he centers lines.

    gilroy wouldnt mine losing.

  50. Guys, he is 27 year old (just turned), averaged more than 70 games per season over the last few years and instantly becomes the only player on this team with more than one point per game. I thought we needed points.

  51. Dubi/Gilroy/V-Tank have potential to be very good players. However, Dubi and Gilroy are at best mediocre (just look at the numbers) and V-Tank is a hungry AHLer who is at least a year away from regular NHL time. The Rangers have the depth in their farm system the depth to let them go.

    Despite a bad camp and struggles in the AHL. I think Grachev has more skill, size, and potential than Dubinsky. McDonagh and McIlrath are the future of this team’s defense.The Rangers are grooming McIlrath to be the next Beuke.

    Spezza is a proven number 1 center. There is no guarantee we will be able to sign or trade for Brad Richards. I think it would be a smart move to get Spezza if the Rangers want a legit top line.

  52. I agree that Spezza doesn’t make us instantly better, but he’s a number one center, and that’s something we don’t have.

    I can care less. This team isn’t winning the Cup anytime soon, with or without Spezza, so why throw away potentially solid youth?

  53. We have easy replacements in our system for both Gilroy and V-tank. No one in our system is near Spezza’s skills and abilities. What’s wrong with getting 27 yr old legit 1st line center now and add more youth in a couple of years? Cup- no, not this year, but better chances to make the playoffs. And with all these guys coming up, he may help us to win one at 29-30. Along with elite goaltender, the legit 1st line centers are most difficult to find.

  54. Well a much better, NHL calibre preformance from the cast last night. Two players stood out I thought a bit more than they have in the past. First, Prust – anyone see that much speed in him lately? The kid was flying all over the ice. He was hitting, passing, and in general was using great sense on the ice in playing hockey. Anyone notice that when they got a turnover, ALL 5 players were sprinting up ice? Again, playing hockey, not our usual 3 forwards who cant score and 2 D who cant clear the front of the net. Prust played a hell of a game.

    Next, Sauer, who is really not that fleet of foot, played a solid game in the D zone. He may not have a ton of speed, but he was with the play most of the time – AND – he Hit! He already looks better than Emiger – sorry, I really dont want to Redden him, but Emiger has not shown me that style consistenly as of yet. I thought Sauer made a good arguement to dress EVERY game last night.

    Cally was amazing, period. the kid needs to finish, as many here have said. And Stepan is here to stay if he continues to play the way he did last night. He has great hockey sense, anticipation, and quickness – he is not the fastest, but he sure can be quick.

    Lets see what happens Saturday in B town before we crown ourselves Atlantic Division Champs!

  55. I was going to mention before, but forgot. Prust’s skating technique is very ugly. He skates like he just got off the GYN chair. But he is deceptively fast. And he skates only in one direction- North. Very good support player!

  56. Dawes is back in the AHL! Wasn’t good enough for the Trashers. Dawes looks like Byfuglien’s calf.

    According to TSN, Tie Domi’s son is the complete opposite of him. He’s a “highly skilled playmaking, goal scoring center”. He’s 15 years old. Although, he’s serving an eight game suspension for his part in a line brawl.

    There’s our first line center!

  57. Right on Orr… This team is not going to win a stanley cup this year for sure. I say develop the guys we got. When the time comes that we are knee deep at a certain position, we will get a lot more for them if they trade them. Spezza’s a good center, but not nearly good enough to make much differance on this team right now. I would brain a dead move to take on a cap hit like that right now. I am sure this team is going to score more this year anyway.

  58. Prust was not the player he is today when he first arrived in NY. Though he worked very hard, he was not nearly as effective. I don’t know who has been working with him, but he really has improved big time as far as his hockey sence goes.

  59. Old coach

    You’re beginning to get as spoiled as these kids here. No HD indeed. Down here on the space coast we have to run out on the patio periodically and search the sky…unfortunately smoke signals are a poor substitute for actual play by play. We’re relieved if not happy to have anything we can get. ( At least the skies are mostly clear.)

  60. >>…Dubi, Gilroy, and VTank for Spezza and prospect

    Make it Dubi+Gilroy+Saur and we have a deal.

  61. hate to break it to the poster at 11:48, but a lot of those guys were NOT second line players last season when they got most of those stats.

    for instance, Langenbrunner was on the first line all season until Kovalchuk arrived late in the season. Richards was the first line C in philly. Staal was on the 3rd line in Pitt, so was Versteeg on the 3rd line in Chi, and he is now on the 1st line in Tor. Burrows was on the first line with the Sedins, and Knuble was on the 1st line with Ovechkin and Backstrom

  62. man is the ranger D the youngest in hockey? with mcdonough and V in the minors. they have a lot of options. emminger is definitely the odd man out.

    stay the course get gaborik back and this team is not half bad.

    spezza at the right price may work. how many years on his deal and at what cap #?

    avery is playing well but he cannot shoot the puck….

  63. Yeah with Richards I meant to use Carter. I was looking at the wrong line of data.

    Staal averaged very close to the same amount of time as Malkin did 5 on 5. Malkin’s overall ice time is higher because he logs a lot of minutes on the PP, although Staal logs a lot on the PK. Chicago tended to divide the ice time up very evenly between their 2nd and 3rd lines. Ok, so they’re not 2nd line players per se, but they get a lot of meaningful minutes for their team. And including a few first line players further illustrates the point that a 50 point player (which I believe Dubinksy can be and Callahan can be but to a lesser extent) fits on most teams 2nd lines and a 60 point player (which I believe Anisimov can be) can be a borderline 1st or 2nd line player.

  64. this is the kind of Boogeyman the Rangers need. the great Gordie Howe. he could probably still patrol the ice. according to Lanny Mc Donald, the mustache, from Kuklas Korner—-

    “I was playing in Toronto and Gordie was playing in Hartford with the two boys (sons Marty and Mark).” The boys told me beforehand ‘be careful because Gordie kind of runs things out there.’ I run Mark into the corner, knock him down and am heading back up the ice feeling pretty good about myself. All of a sudden ‘bam!’ Gordie drops me with an elbow and says, ‘don’t ever do that again. And I never did.”

    -Lanny McDonald, retired NHL player. Via Eric Francis of the Calgary Sun

  65. I understand. I just wanted to make it clear that the numbers they put up needed to be put into context as to who they played with, on what lines, and what roles they had on those lines. an apples to apples comparison is impossible with Ranger players. for instance, guys who spend a lot of energy killing penalties, blocking shots, and taking the body in the corners, such as Callahan, will not get the same amount of points as a guy who does not spend much energy doing those things but just skates around and shoots or moves the puck

  66. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    “Prust was not the player he is today when he first arrived in NY. Though he worked very hard, he was not nearly as effective. I don’t know who has been working with him, but he really has improved big time as far as his hockey sence goes.”

    I seem to recall he and Jody Shelly coming in at the deadline and being two of the better Rangers down the stretch. I posted earlier that I would rather have another Prust than a Boogaard ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

  67. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    RE: Spezza

    I would do Dubi and a pick for Spezza, only because Spezza is just like Drury/Gomez. Not living up to his contract. Dubi and a pick would be MORE than enough for Spezza because whoever takes him has to carry the burden of his contract.

    And Slats is a stingy bastard when it comes to trades. With the Ottawa D sucking wind, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sather pulls a Jedi Mind Trick:


  68. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Another 7 million dollar man?
    I know he’s a first line center and we really coudl use one, but I’d rather wait and see what happens after game 15 or 20 before I start making trades of that caliber

    For right now, I see no reason to trade or bring up anyone until a.) Gabby & Drury are back, b.) get some game sunde rour belt and see how we play (5 games is not a good enough sample) c.) if players fauleter we have aplethora of HArtford call ups jsut waiting to steal someone’s job.

    Stay the course, build our youth, try and make th eplayoffs. that should be the goal this year, not trying to trade for it. Been there done that, never works.

  69. Cally’s overall ice time is bolstered by his PK time this is true, although he did get a decent amount of 1st unit PP time last year. Dubinsky gets more 5 on 5 time, but obviously takes a backseat to Drury as the first unit PK center (and I think he’ll cede even more time Boyle, AA and Prust on the PK, but he will also gain PP time). I think the Rangers understand exactly what to expect from Callahan. 20-23 goals is probably his ceiling, but his PK work and goal prevention makes him worth what he’s earning now and hopefully a proportionate raise when his deal is up. Dubinsky is a bit more of a curious case as I think the offensive expectations of him are greater. A 25 goal, 30+ assist season should be the benchmark.

  70. >>”…Gordie drops me with an elbow and says, ‘don’t ever do that again. And I never did.”

    What can be said other than that Lanny McDonald is a little coward?

  71. Prust came to NY when Higgins and Kotalik were traded to Calgary. I can’t remember the date but it was before Shelly. I watched him in Calgary and I always like the effort he put in. I am just saying he has improved a lot.

  72. CW- Spezza isn’t living up to his contract? What is this statement based on? Is Gaborik living up to his contract?

  73. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on


  74. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Jason Anthony Rocco Spezza. $7mil per year. To his credit he got 70 points last year after losing Heatley. I shouldn’t say he sucks, or even worse, in Drury’s class of $7mil centers, but he is unpopular in Ottawa for a reason.

    Frankly I will admit he makes the Rangers better. But he sets up goals. No one but Gabby can score. So it makes little sense.

    I say Calgary and NYR erase their mistakes. Boogy for Olli.

  75. Cool off, CW. Gabby IS living up to his contract. So is Spezza. Stats- Gaborik is 28, 9 NHL seasons. Spezza- 27, 6 full NHL seasons. Gaborik- averaged 64 games per year. Spezza- 66. Gaborik- 29. 2 goals per season, Spezza- 28.9. Gaborik- less than 1 point per game, Spezza- just above a point per game.

    His cap hit is $7M per through 2014, Gaborik’s $7.5M through 2014. Sounds like perfect couple to me. Through 2014.

  76. thnks but no more Nostrils plz… Joke-inen can stay in Canada and stick up their air

    as for Spezza living up to contract…i think 70+ points every season is pretty damn good and def. worth the money… but he is very often injured, so…

  77. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Stepan will be ready to feed Gabby next year. If he isn’t already.

    Say no to Spezza

  78. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    I like that combo right now, but the NYR will not get that mileage from them in 2014. Both of these guys have dealt with injuries in the past, so 4yrs from now. . . . .?

    Again, don’t get me wrong. Spezza got $7mil for a reason. I just think Spezza=Drury=Gomez etc.,etc.,. . . .

  79. Spezza can also match Gaborik’s speed.

    The chances of Jokinen coming back here are just slightly higher than M.Jackson’s chances of singing again. RIP.

  80. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    LOL, ilb

    eh, maybe you have a good point re: Spezza. I just can’t see Sather going down that road. He is a great player. I shouldn’t try to paint it any other way.

    I will tell ya one thing for sure: Now that Redden has been buried, how long is it before Drury is the focus of the NYR fans ire?

  81. And before we all get our boxers in a bunch about another $7M contract: by the time anyone of our young guns requires a significant raise, Drury’s and Roszival’s contracts will be off the books.

  82. It’s amazing how much discussion can one little rumor trigger…We have no idea if it is even being discussed lol..We should all get a life..

  83. Anisimov, Dubi and Cally will need new deals after this one. I think Frolov is gone unless he puts up really good numbers, like at least 30-35 goals. Eminger is off the books and I don’t think they’ll bring Gilroy back if one or both of McD and Valentenko are ready. So if you subtract Frolov+Gilroy+Eminger you’ll have almost $6mn to you use on extending the 3 aforementioned players with Dubi’s future maybe being the least certain. They have a chance to have a fantastic cap situation after next year. If over the next 2 years, MDZ really shows he’s capable of being a PP QB and rounds out his defensive game he could probably get an extension comparable to Staal’s, even so that will take up only around $4mn. Basically Drury’s $7mn is “free money”.

  84. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    EXACTLY!!! The Rangers played a great game last night. All 19 players!!! Ad we are shipping off because Eklund’s dog is talking to him again.

  85. CTB- none of the three guys will require bank braking contracts. In two years, just by subtracting Drury and Roszival, we have a little more than $12M in free cap space. I get chills just typing that number.

  86. Eklund’s dog, unfortunately, died last year. He was very cute, btw. Was the only reason to open that site lol…

  87. That’s what I was saying. If you subtract Frolov/Eminger/White, there’s the money for those 3 players. If MDZ pans out to be a D that can put up 25-30 points on the PP and play passable defense for 20+ minutes a night, he probably gets locked up for $3-$4mn a year like Staal, which is 60-80% of Rozi’s cap hit. The $7mn collar for Drury is almost free to use on any player(s) you want.

  88. I should have said:

    Frolov+Eminger+White = raise for Dubi/Cally/Artie after this season
    Drury+ Rozi = raise for MDZ + $1-$2mn excess from Rozi + Drury after next season

  89. you guys think slatipoussin wont make another big cap killing deal after dru is gone? if only i had faith in him, i could be hopeful.

  90. dont know how much of this is true BUT… i heard that Drury’s pizza ain’t that bad! Its very clutch-y…err, crunchy, with free intangible toppings and will not spoil any holiday table!

  91. maybe Dreary and Blowsy can put up the money to bail out Sather’s crooked pal, former Oiler owner Peter Pocklington

  92. Fran
    I guess I am spoiled. I never thought much about HD before I had it but once you watch the game in HD it is hard to go back. The quality is just so much better and the game is much more enjoyable. I think it makes a bigger difference in hockey than in anything else.

  93. i agree

    HD is the best thing since… forever!

    I’ve been watching free NHL Center Ice games and all of them are in SD and i got to say that it sucks watching hockey or any program for that matter in this choppy sort of out of focus picture!

    HD FTW!

  94. Well the Rangers won the Cup in SD, better hockey looks better no matter the resolution. Big argument against HD? Sidney Crosby and Carcillo.

  95. CT

    maybe you’re right but back then there was no option…TV was in SD and that’s it… but today we have that option and i choose HD!

    Your argument against HD isn’t strong enough… you want to know why? well… i dont see those two asshats very often and when i do (when Rangers plays against their teams) i usually close my eyes! :P

  96. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    If and i mean IF this deal were legit, I would probably have to do it, but I have serious reservations about letting vtank go. He is better than mcd or sauer and has more edge to his game for sure. I can understand why another club would want him and don’t understand why he is not playing for us now. Dubi and gilroy can go away at any point and time in a deal for spezza (or brad richards). If vtank is never going to get a fair shot here (doesn’t seem like it at this point), then yes, include him.

    As far as cap numbers and things go, you guys are forgetting to add souray’s cap hit on our payroll (I KID I KID)!

  97. Wicky, in any type of a deal involving Spezza something of serious value will have to go the other way. V-tank looks very, very promising, absolutely. But this is the first time in years when we can actually afford to sacrifice such a player. Does McIlrath ring a bell?

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Spezza was soft :-)

  98. are you kidding wicky, never going to get a fair shot. he is 2 weeks into his career, you make it seem as if we are never going to see Valentenko. let things play out, maybe they wanted to see what Emminger is, or if they could increase the trade value of Sauer. and by the way, they might actually have a player in Sauer. more time needed for sure, but to me he looks like an NHL Dman.

  99. why would you trade anything of value for Richards when you can overpay for him as a free agent after this season.

  100. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I agree about giving to get, I’d rather part with mcd or sauer (not worth as much) or grachev even than vtank. He isn’t as soft as some of our forwards. Who is this mcilrath guy??

  101. Carp,
    I am surprised you are still talking about Orr, and Boogard (Shelley, Brashere). I know you covered hockey back when the enforcer of an NHL team actually meant something.. these guys today are all useless, they can’t play worth a lick. there is no difference in any of them.

  102. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    uh oh……here he comes

    SunGarrioch Bruce Garrioch
    No sign of Jason Spezza in warmup.

    JOKING FOLKS!! probably just an injury.

  103. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    bull dog
    I just think we need him now, our d is very soft and that includes with sauer. I really don’t see the logic in not playing him now, but it is just my opinion and you may be right.

    the only way I would get rid of him is IF he is not going to get a shot with the big club. Next to a crease clearing d man, a #1 centre is our most pressing need…you have to think richards or spezza is the guy knowing slats.

  104. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    ok, off like a prom dress!!

    later assens!!

  105. Miked- no, it’s through 2015. And he will still only be 31 then. Spezza’s numbers are better than Richards’. Better goal scoring and better overall point production. He is also more than three years younger.

  106. Spezza or Richards still leaves us with another 7 million a year player. I’d take Spezza or Richards only if asking price didn’t include the names mcdnoagh, valentenko, grachev, mcillrath and would also spell end to drury’s tenure here (which is impossible)

  107. read the Hockey Rodent’s take and found this really interesting
    “However, Torts dialed-up the appropriate adjustments… ”

    wow! that’s one of the bigger compliments that could be given by the furry one
    who normally rips Torts for a lack of adjustment.

    like others, i’m not expecting complete games or wins every time out but a good performance, some grit and a group of players acting like a TEAM would really make this transition period go a little easier.

  108. Tank The Season on

    I’d give Dubinsky Gilroy and a pick for Spezza. You could do a lot worse than him that’s for sure.

  109. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    baseball sucks….the end!!

    Lets Go Rangers!!!

  110. Stamkos is scary good. He had a solid rookie year for a 1st overall pick, but he’s exploded ever since.

    The Bolts are 5-1-1, I think. Good start.

    “baseball sucks….the end!!”

    All balls suck! Baseballs, Foot balls, Soccer Balls, man balls. Pucks are the best. They look like giant areolas.

  111. jpg

    thanks for the link! i’ve seen those pictures before! now, the naked ones on the other hand… i wouldn’t mind to see at all!

  112. was checkin out the yanks blog here and found this –

    Jason Voorhees October 22nd, 2010 at 8:19 pm
    I hate to side with CR9 on this, but that call was conspiracy-like. Ump was in the perfect position to make that call and completely blew it.

    lol cr9!!!!! timmy!!! where are ya buddy??? get off the ledge!

  113. hockeys enough for me too orr. i love the yanks. always have been sinc most my family are yankee fans, but i just dont get the same passion for them than i do for the NY rangers and hockey. cant explain why i love it so much, way more than any other sport. i dont get why more people dont love it!!

  114. haha Orr, that would be great. would be even better if drury kicked the wall and broke his leg. stamkos, bourque and alfredsson all hat tricks tonight.

  115. bourque had a hat trick? damn… i droped that kid few days ago from one of my fantasy teams!

    speaking of fantasy hockey… Wicky… i hope your family wont take two weeks in a row beating personally! BUAAHAAAHAA

  116. Tank

    No you couldn’t. Spezza is also an over rated Ottowan..if he’s worth that, then why do they want to ship him, ( other than salary of course.)? His age would be a drag on the Rangers,. Look at how they dilly dallied about Sauer, and then note how well he plays the position that everyone is clamoring for. Why Eminger is still here “sharing” a spot with Sauer is really beyond my comprehension.

    I’d not be surprised to find that the answer to many of the Rangers problems rests right there in their own organization. I get the impression that the top brass doesn’t even trust the people in their own system.

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