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If this is Life without Gaborik, the Rangers are in trouble.

As I wrote in my column in The Journal News and on LoHud.com today, I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. But they’ve got to be better than that. And they should be better than that.

1) If you lose such a big chunk of your offense, well, your defense has to be much better. That includes the PK. So much stick checking, so much eyes-following-the-puck instead of recognition of enemy forwards going to the net. So many easy taps around the goalie, many of which he stopped.

2) I don’t have a problem with Marc Staal being given a letter. Sometimes a guy needs that to help him move to that level everyone sees for him. But in Game 1 with the “A” Staal wasn’t very good. In fact he was very bad on the first goal.

3) You know, the Rangers pretty much brought back the entire defense corps from last year, subtracting only Wade Redden, who is better than Steve Eminger. So what should we have expected?

4) Given that defensive makeup, and given the forwards the Rangers have — with a few exceptions — they really have trouble with opponents who can skate. Speed really looks speedy against the Rangers. Or at least so far it has.

5) I made this point last night: I asked John Tortorella if he would continue to go with the minimum 12 forwards, which includes Todd White. I interpreted Tortorella’s answer, that it’s not his call, to mean he’s not thrilled with his current roster. I would not have gone into that game with Todd White and Erik Christensen sliding onto the fourth line and everyone else moving up, to the point where a tryout (Fedotenko) was playing on the No. 1 line. Late in the game, what was left of the original lines (Avery-Stepan-Fedotenko; Dubinsky-Anisimov-Callahan) were mostly together again. That’s the way I would go. Get somebody — Zuccarello, heck even Grachev — to plug into Gaborik’s spot with Frolov and Christensen, and leave the other three lines the way they were.

6) Besides, it’s not as if Gaborik will be back in a few days. You might win a game here or there with last night’s lineup, but you can’t survive for long with it.

7) The power play doesn’t have nearly enough skill, especially at the points. So it’s time to get somebody into the old Adam Graves position. There are plenty of candidates: Dubinsky, Callahan, avery, even Boyle or Prust. Get some dirty PPGs, because the pretty ones aren’t coming very often.

8) Boy was I on a happy-happy train home last night. Angry Rangers fans and angry Yankees fans. Most of them considerably over-served.

9) I thought what Michael Del Zotto did after his partner, Dan Girardi, was illegally squished, was absolutely the right thing to do. The Rangers even scored on the 4-on-4 it created. You take care of those things when they happen. Just as Carcillo-Gaborik needed to be handled immediately (or else carried around for the rest of the season like an albatross), just as the Armstrong-Gaborik hit needed to be handled (and wasn’t) Friday. Might somebody visit Armstrong’s grill Thursday in T.O.? Other than Avery, I mean.

10) The Rangers have lost three of four; they’ve won 25 percent of their games, and are one game under .500. Only in the NHL.

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  1. Wait, this team is soft on D, and completely lacking in offensive firepower, and expects to ride a goalie that simply has never won it big? And they have too many 3rd and 4th liners and a group of young players without a single one who is like a Tavares or Kane?

    Shocker. This team hasn’t changed in years and every summer we delude ourselves into thinking the new group of journeymen will “do all the right things” and prove that teams win Cups, not talent.

    Too bad that’s crap.

  2. Carp,

    I like the way you refer to opposing players as “enemies.” Too bad the Rangers look at them and see their summertime golf partners and national team teammates.

    This team needs to get way more into being Rangers and consider everyone else “enemies.”

  3. You’re on the money Rick.
    I just watched the replay of the goals. POOR defensive zone coverage on players standing right at LQ’s feet. Too many stick checking (if your gonna use your stick, how about lifting the opponents stick, not poke at it?) Im starting kinda feel Staal is a tad overrated. He does have flashes of “you know who” but they are very rare. He is a good defenseman, dont get me wrong, but plays like last night where he’s spinning around looking for a stick to poke at, rather than taking his man out doesnt bode well with me. Same thing with Rozi, same exact play. Stewart is right in font of LQ, Rozi spinning around just poking, after he SCORES the goal, that’s when Rozi takes him out. Ummm a little to late pal.


  4. we are four games into a very long season. I’d rather have mistakes being made now rather than later. coaches will realize sauer should be playing over eminger and correct that shortly. that said, boogard and white are wasting space and the former will be used sparingly throughout because that’s all you’re gonna get out of him. if his presence is deterring other teams from taking liberties, fine. so far he’s shown zero worth, but I’m willing to wait. white should be in Hartford. rozy has to go. bring up D from Hartford, couple of young forwards and go with the kids. if I’m going to endure this team this year, I’d rather watch the kids than these overpaid vets.

  5. Point number 5 is right on the mark. The Rangers do not have the talent, particularly on the forwards, to compete in this league. Even with all of the injured back, I think that is still the case. They would certainly increase the talent level alot, but not enough to make this team competitive enough to do some damage in the playoffs. While we can go back and forth on what Torts has or has not done, the lack of sufficient skill on the forwards would make it hard for almost any coach to make this team competitive. It all goes back to management decisions on players in the Sather reign of error. I am more hopeful that our young defense unit can improve to be on par, or even better than, that of other teams. It just takes defensemen longer to develop.
    On the penalty kill, while I like Boyle and his progress this year, he is simply not quick enough to move side to side on the point, which causes other players to have to rotate out of their position and then they get caught.

  6. HaHa – all good points Carp. Totally agree with you on the D zone points. I thought that valentanko looked reasonably good in pre-season. Why not give that kid his shot now? Or better, out him in front of the goal on a pp – or BooGuaard for that matter – screen goalie and get some trash out front – a goal is a goal – who cares if it makes the highlight real or not. My granny always said, you cant be a little bit pregnant!

    Our turnovers need to stop – I mean crazy right? And, how bout face-offs? We were lousy – I think only Christenson won a majority of the face offs. So – we dont control the puck against a quick team, and we give them plenty of turnovers in the N zone – it is really going to be a long season if this continues. In the NHL mind you

  7. Good post, Carp! Sorry, but this time I am calling my lawyer..:-)

    White sitting here with the big club and eating up cap space daily is infuriating!

  8. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    I saw a cool Rangers calender at Kmart yesterday. $10. Upon closer inspection, I decided against buying it.

    I couldn’t stand the thought of having to look at Drury and Rozy for two months.

  9. mao_del_zedongo on

    ROFL @CW …”I couldn’t stand the thought of having to look at Drury and Rozy for two months.” ROFLMAOAOAAO

  10. I’ve never bought into the “have no talent” idea. Because there are plenty of average players out there that battle every single night. This is why I cant dislike the Islanders. Other than Tavares & Streit – there isnt much “talent” on that team. But they bring it every single night. There are players out there that know they arent talented like Ovechkin, Cindy or even Datsyuk, BUT they compete and give their all every night. That is what I dont understand about this team.

  11. ILB

    Thanks man, but Im not going to stick around for when the negative nancy’s come out of hiding after a loss only to harp on the negative.

    How’s tricks ? ;)

  12. Judging by Torts comments he’s not quite got what he wants on the roster right now. Sending Kennedy down in stead of White was a huge mistake, he doesnt sound happy about the lack of a 3rd lefty on D either, but hey i hear there’s a pretty good one going to be available in Texas this month or next!

    Seriously , we need V’tank or McD soon, Eminger is a waste of a spot(albeit a lot cheaper than Redden) and is forcing Gilroy to play out of position and Mike Sauer, who apart from MDZ is probably our most physical D-man on the NHL roster, is sat in street clothes.
    I would just bring up Grachev or MZA to add another skilled forward, whichever guy is playing the best right now.

  13. It’s only October folks! My view is, in the NHL, October and November are really meaningless. Whatever happens in these months could easily change later on. I mean come on, do you really think the Devils are going to continue the way they are playing right now? No need to panic, this might be good experience for a young Ranger team without Gaborik. Give it time. I’m not worried.

  14. WOW has anyone read the rodents latest post ? LOL his whiskers are in a twist! And its nice to hear another writer give Drury the review he deserves.

    BTW I said it after the Armstrong hit. What is the point going after Armstrong now. The chanced was missed that game. Go after Kessel!!

  15. Mako –
    Not sure that the Islanders are good example, because they also seems aways from being a team that has the potential to go far in the playoffs. I agree that they work hard to get the most of what they have, but that may not be enough. I do like the direction of the Rangers in goal and on D, my concern is and has been with the forwards. I think the D will continue to improve and there is upside. I am not sure how much upside with the forwards as a whole.

  16. Things are good, Mako, thanks..

    I’m not paying too much attention to negative, bashing comments without any insight or constructive proposals. Doesn’t bother me. As well as the comments that refer to something that was mentioned by someone long time ago and is brought up again just to prove who was right and who was wrong. “I told you so” kind of things. We offer so many different, often totally opposite suggestions that somebody will sometimes be right today, and wrong the next day.

  17. Meaningless eh? Tell that to Lundvist when the season was hanging on one point via shoot out. Every game has meaning to it, that is the way they should play.
    They have to WIN these games so you dont get stuck playing for the one point on the last game of the season. I can see them losing to the Pens, Caps, Det, Chi, Van – but they have to beat the teams they can beat. They should have won that Islanders game but they fell apart and played undisciplined.

  18. “If this is Life without Gaborik, the Rangers are in trouble”

    So, Carp. Knowing this, if they could do it over again, do you think the Rangers should have made a play for Kovalchuck?

    I don’t see anything from Frolov (or anybody else on the team for that matter) to make me think that he can be a big time scorer.

    Despite the new faces from last year the team still has Gaborik and 11 third liners. I’ll probably catch hell for saying this, but the most frustrating forward to watch is Callahan. Yes, he’s a hard worker. In fact, he puts himself in quite a few positions to score. The only thing is, the guy can’t finish.

  19. I guess what I’m trying to say is the team the Rangers are now probably won’t be the same team a few months from now. Hopefully they’ll be better. The thing they gotta do is have a strong mid-season, which they haven’t really done in years (or decades).

  20. Boogart had an interesting shift last night. He skated from our blueline to their blueline. By that time the Avs were in our zone already. Deep. The Rangers cleared the zone and went into the Avs’ zone. He has just reached our bench to have line change. He makes Brashear look like Apolo Ohno.

  21. Cross Check, I was talking to a non-regular in the pressbox last night and he asked me what’s up with Callahan. He said he looks like Crosby until he gets into scoring position, then he loses the puck. This is the observation of a guy who has seen a total of four games.

    And I told him that he’s dead on … only that sometimes Callahan figures it out and starts scoring. I had no answer why he goes through those stone-hands periods.

  22. MD –

    wasnt talking about how far the Islanders would go as a team, I was making a point at how they gear up for every game they play. They play with effort, they skate, hit, go to the net, dig and grind. They are a hard luck team with DiPe always injured in the past, now Streit is injured. But they have a good young team and they will be contenders in the future.

    its unfortunate that they have this problem with their forwards. They have a good core, but they all have to be on the same page and they arent yet.

  23. Cross Check,

    Im sure they tried to but the $$$ was probably the biggest problem. Redden was still a Ranger when they entertaining the idea of getting him LOL

  24. I’m not going to say I feel bad for Henrik because he’s making a ton of cash, but I don’t know how he puts up with the defense that’s been in front of him for the last 5 years. And the fact that he gets run every night with little repercussion from his teammates. And that he’s one of the few players that brings it every game. He deserves better.

  25. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    I see some guys have difficulty handling the negative posts, so i will try to spin optimism:

    After seeing a largely innefective EC and White (who played with Lerch/Boogy in fairness), why don’t we just call up Grachev and Assen (as suggested earlier)? I am watching the Isles, and Avs, etc. and seeing a much better product with players who I thought should be in the AHL.

    I get the idea that expectations should be low for the NYR. Why not just roll the dice with the kids? Maybe they would play with less pressure and suprise us like the Isles and the Avs.

  26. Tom – I agree that the defense is weak and no one stands up for Hank when he is run, I don’t think he “brings it every game.” In fact, he lets in plenty of bad goals, but for some reason he never gets criticized while other players who make equivalent mistakes are practically run out of town.

  27. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    search youtube for highlights of Boogaard that are not of him fighting. It is always Boogy backchecking late and commiting a major boarding, or roughing. This guy has one purpose in life: To fight. But he has no opponents. He is Godzilla with no Rodan. And as a result all he does is destroy the game of hockey like downtown Tokyo. He is a freakshow that will be even more dissapointing than Brashear because of his contract.

    Oh poo!!! I was negative again.

  28. cw, not a bad idea.
    Carp, I wonder if that might be where Torts is, but to your interpretation in #5, he can’t get that by management.

  29. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    . . . and i truly believe Torts has no idea what to do with this collection of players.

  30. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    I wonder if there is enough mutual respect between Keenan and Messier. . . . . .I mean if I were a neophyte GM, would I be able to trust a madman like Keenan to lead the team? Specifically ask for players like he did when he stunned the NHL by trading Shanny for Pronger?

    Again, looking to 2012.

  31. I doubt there’s a coach that knows what to do with this group of players.

    This team is depressing.

    Instead of using all that money to sign Frolov, Booger, and Tenko, they should have payed Playboy to keep J-Woww out of the magazine.

  32. Czechthemout!!!! on


    As per our debate yesterday, all I have to say is read Carp’s number 7 point from this post. Fowler would have filled a big time need for us now. Mcilrath won’t for four years!!!! Next.

    It’ts only four games and it seems that we are already coming apart as a team. Gabby is out.
    We don’ t have a third pair defense. Correction. We do. They are waste…..err “developing” in Hartford. Amazingly our defense is worse than last year even though we have better players available to us.

    Did Fedetenko play yet this year?

    Also who is the big tough guy that boogy man was supposed to fight from the Avs? And if the answer is no one than why was he even in the lineup?

    What is a Todd White?

    So blowzy plays well 20percent of the time. So far this year he has not played well in any of the four games therefore he is due to have a good game on Thursday which will of course bring out all the blowzy boys to tell us how well he has actually been playing.

    Derek Stepan is the only creative player on the roster. That is very troubling.

    This team has a lot of work ahead of it self and I am still hopeful.

    But hey if the worst thing that happens is that they Finish with a top three pick, they need a forward who can bang and fight and play a useful role on the fourth line. They can fill that need with a top three pick. Right Wicky?

  33. Playboy has been desperate for years now. They put anyone on the cover. Sad.

    Although, Kelly Brooke was great. Babe! You know a chick is hot when you watch one of her only movies on mute for two hours in the middle of the night on a school night.

  34. >>…Im starting kinda feel Staal is a tad overrated.

    The only Staal not overrated is the one who plays in Carolina.

  35. >>Derek Stepan is the only creative player on the roster.

    Not that creative if you ask me. Bottom line, we have no one on the current roster that opponents should fear. NO ONE!

  36. Joekuh - Slashing behind the play... on

    That staal is underrated JB, that I can definitely say.

    Czech, having Fowler would NOT automatically mean we score on the PP last night.

  37. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Drury- Broken Finger
    Prospal- Bad Knee
    Gaborik – Separated Shoulder

    I introduce to you the Rangers “Snap, Crackle, Pop” Line (Patent Pending)

  38. Carp: Great interview on 970am last nite. Couldn’t agree with you more on Zuccarello. He’s the answer for our first line. He’s doing well up at Hartford and his work ethic could be contagious. Staal is quite a dissapoint ment. So is DZ. The Boogie man needs a big fight.

  39. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Carp, just wanted you to know that despite the lousy start, it’s a pleasure to read your Journal News articles. Brooks’ and Spector’s articles read like they were written before the game began (I know, insert joke here), and yours actually contain game analysis.

    In other words, you get it, and you study the game like we do, and we appreciate it.

    You ALMOST make the losses bearable. I’m not on the ledge yet, but it’s getting old already.

  40. It’s amazing that just a few games into the season I almost feel worse than I did last year in April. How is it that the team feels exactly the same year after year after year? Two words- Glen Sather.

  41. I thought that Duby made a big effort to lead the team after the time out and drew a penalty that helped the cause. Unfortunately the PP in the 2nd and 3rd couldn’t take advantage or the game would hve been different. That is where Gabby’s presence is sorely missed. I agree that Boyle should get some PP time as he seems to be the most improved skater on the squad and limiting him to 12 minutes of ice time hurts the team. Also, anyone who doesn’t see that Stepan is the real deal as a creative player just isn”t watching him closely enough. The kid has hockey sense, knows where to be on the ice, and either finds the puck or it finds him a lot.

  42. Just a thought on

    Dont know if this has been asked, sorry if it has. Are any of the injured guys going on long term IR to save cap space?

  43. HI Mako

    Good to hear from you again. I’ve been hangingout with these folks for the past season or so, even tho I try to sneak under the radar at the Post for some of the old group, but uh uh. I’m persona non grata there solely because they screwed up my ID. Now I just look for guys I knew.
    This is a great venue for browsing, and interjecting when the mood hits you.
    and you can submit what you want ( within bounds of decorum of course), but no one’s gonna eat your ears off if they disagree with you. So refreshing to speak your piece and not be subject to vile mutterings from the un housebroken types.

    What kind of adventures have you been having , and incidentally have you ever heard anymore from Greg the Coast Guardsman from upstate NY? I see 3439’s ID pop up over there now and then, but no one else. He’s a good fellow…..my cousin Jack the NHL scout knows him well cause he played for Jack when he ran the Dubuque Fighting Saints in that midwest league in Iowa some years back. A goalie.

  44. Carp
    This is completely off the subject but I was in Las Vegas last week and went to the stage show at Bally’s. One of the acts featured 2 well muscled obvious ex gymnasts who perfomed an amazing series of hand stands and other moves off of each others bodies. All I could think of while witnessing these feats of strength was that I hadn’t realized that Festivus was upon us.

  45. Just a thought on

    Thanks Carp. Thought maybe they could bank money not used while player on long term IR.

  46. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Izzy… well done on the snap, crackle, pop line. GOLD.

    This is certainly not what he were all hoping for… the team looked lost against Colorado, and is still not playing well for 60 minutes. Without Henrik, we’re getting blown out each night.

    These rumors all over hockeybuzz are getting annoying. Ek has been talking about an Oilers/Rangers deal for like 8 months now! I wouldn’t be surprised if there was talks with the Oilers… we all know how much Sather loves Cogliano…. but i can’t see, nor do I want to see giving up Dubinsky. Not for Cogliano, not for Souray, and not even to get Redden out of Hartford.

    It must be nice to toss rumors around for entertainment purposes. His ‘source’ is a magic 8 ball.

  47. old time hockey on

    the big story is the fact that the rangers were near the bottom in home wins last season, and are starting this one the same way. THAT is what is the real problem. you can’t make the playoffs if you can’t win at home. and you certainly can’t make your fans happy if you can’t win at home.

    when the team plays sominex hockey, and does not hit, does not get the fans into the game, then any home fan advantage is lost, and it becomes a negative atmosphere

    that is why it is so unfathomable that Torts seems to have no interest in having Boogard and Avery and Prust going ballistic every home game and really creating us against them hatefests that get the garden rocking and get the team interested like they do when the debbies are in town.

    sorry, but if the Rangers are going to be just vanilla ice at MSG, then home losses will be the norm, and we will rap them the next day on this blog.

  48. Dubinsky and Callahan have had their chances, and remain inconsistent.
    Old Time is right — if the Rangers can’t score and aren’t skilled, at least make them the meanest team to play against. That’s better than being the most boring team to play against. Once again, Torts is making it not necessary to spend the money to go to the Garden.

  49. those guys in their 60’s now could probably do more to help the Rangers than disgusting weakling Todd White

  50. Just a, no, they still have to pay guys on IR … they just get cap relief for temporary roster cap space. So until they need to add somebody who will bring them over the cap, no need to put anybody on IR for cap reasons. And until they get to the 23-man max roster, no need to take Drury or Gaborik off. Right now they’re at 21, plus Gaborik and Drury.

  51. off-topic, but about another Ranger … what Cliff Lee is doing this postseason, that’s what Ron Guidry did for an entire season in 1978, for those who don’t remember.

  52. Check out this Article by Mark Paul. He is an idiot contributor for Associated Content and Yahoo. He went to Penn State and is from Philidelphia. No surprises here;

    Fan trash talk: Five reasons the New York Rangers are the worst team in the NHL
    By Mark Paul, Associated Content
    23 minutes ago

    *Note: This was written by an Associated Content Contributor. Sign up here to start publishing your own sports articles.

    The 2010-11 NHL season is under way. Most teams enter the season with a lot of hope that this is the year they can win the Stanley Cup. There are no doubt contenders. The New York Rangers are not one of them. The Rangers have not come close to winning a Cup since they last won in 1994. That doesn’t figure to change this season. As a Flyers fan in Philadelphia, I have a long standing dislike of teams from New York. That is especially true with the Rangers. Ever since the Flyers defeated New York in the 1997 Eastern Conference Finals, it seems the Flyers have had the edge in the series. Philadelphia got in to the playoffs by eliminating New York on the final day of the season last year. It is a joyous moment to clinch a spot at the expense of a team you hate. Here are five reasons why the Rangers will be the worst team this year.


    1. Bad Contracts

    Over the years, the Rangers have signed some of the worst contracts in the NHL. That has not changed much in the past few seasons. Wade Redden(notes), Chris Drury(notes), Bobby Holik(notes), and Scott Gomez(notes) have all signed big time contracts and offered little in return. They have left the rangers in a bad salary cap position as well. For all the money they spend, the Rangers rarely find themselves in the playoffs. The poor deals of GM Glen Sather still haunt the franchise. For some reason, he is still running things.

    2. No Playoff Pedigree

    The Rangers have not had much playoff success. They missed the playoffs from 1997 through 2005. They did qualify for four straight seasons from 2006 to 2009. However, they only managed two series wins during that time. Last year, they missed the playoffs. Playoff hockey is a different animal, and experience helps.

    3. Sean Avery(notes)

    Sean Avery is the Gilbert Arenas of the NHL. He might have talent, but he is a head case. The agitator is more famous for getting in to trouble off the ice than he is on it. Avery has no history of helping his teams win anything. This is his second stint with New York. A boneheaded play by Avery helped cost the Rangers their first round series with Washington in 2009. As long as he is there, he will hurt them more than he will help them.

    4. Their Division Is Too Tough

    The Rangers might have a shot at beating the Islanders, but their other division rivals have a huge edge. The Flyers, Penguins, and Devils are all significantly better. They are more stable franchises with playoff experience. They also don’t fear the Rangers. It is almost as if they aren’t circling that date on the calendars anymore. The team from Madison Square Garden has become ordinary, and their opponents know it.

    5. Poor Coaching

    Since 2000, the Rangers have had six head coaches. That includes the current second stint from John Tortorella. Tortorella won a Stanley Cup while coaching Tampa Bay, but has brought none of that magic to Broadway. Tom Renney helped return the team to competitive status, but was fired in 2009. He is the only Rangers coach this decade to experience the playoffs. Tortorella has made poor moves in key situations. With the Rangers likely to lag behind their Atlantic Division rivals, there could be more changes on the horizon.

    More from Associated Content

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    List of Rangers Coaches

    Poor Free Agent Signings

    NY Rangers Seasons

  53. Carp, fantastic post-great recap…staal was awful last night, everyone of courses booed roszival as usual but he was probably their best dman last night both offensively and defensively…girardi was awul….on the PP twice in a span of 2 minutes the ranger dman shot the puck directly at the opposing defensive player that lead into two break aways after the other ranger dman tried to dive and lay out and take himself completely out of play…..now we can talk about talent but this team has to use their head on the ice as well

  54. Crystal Water Triple on

    I try to be flexible in my thinking and validate the learned opinions and observations of others, BUT I am shocked to read an opinion that Wade Redden is a better D than Eminger. I am of the – easily disputed – opinion that Wade Redden and old-timer Arnie Brown are the two worst Rangers defensemen I have ever seen, and maybe the two worst D’s in the history of the francise. To put Eminger in this bottom-feeder class is a dose of reality I was not expecting.

    Yes, I would rather see Sauer or any other kid D in there in his place, and so would others, so why is the DOLT GM going out and procuring wash-out veteran’s in place of inserting decent, upside rookies from the Ranger system, when it is their time to pay some dues and establish themselves? Really feeling dis-heartened about the Rangers innate organizational incompetence in their player personnel evaluation procedures. Age is NOT ability, how many times must many of us out here say it.

  55. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    Morning ILB and all (afternoon actually)
    so catching up on all the posts and tweets from this morning and of course snideness abounds ….

    love the way you whine about snide comments yesterday and then incessantly post with snide remarks every time.

    I’m very sorry the player you liked didn’t get drafted. If I could sent a letter to gord or slats letting them know how distressed you are over this, I would. If you think fowler or an offencive minded d man would have made the difference last night more than a physical guy…well that is not correct. The way we played, both would have helped, but read what the majority of posts are about from EVERYONE! PHYSICAL D!!

    Point #7 doesn’t mean we do not have guys capable of delivering from the point (we do, our idiot coach just doesn’t have the correct guys there). It was about traffic in front.

    And what the hell are you talking about with the top 3 fourth line forward bit, I never said anything about a fourth line forward??

    Bottom line is we could use better d men all around. We also need physical guys more than we need offencive guys at this point. If we had 6 guys on our blueline that were like andy sutton, my guess is we would have taken fowler, but we don’t so we didn’t!!

  56. agree with Old Time and KC. if the Rangers can’t be good, then at least be interesting. last night was apathy inducing

  57. Kovalchuk? Thatls the topic that got me started arguing withe resident douches here.

    Carp sSomehow couldn’t make up his mind for weeks, and irefusing to a statement on the record one way or another, just nsisted the rangers had no interest.
    Except others reported they did have interest and extended an offer.

    How would he look now?

  58. ThisYearsModel on

    There is not a lot to like about this team. Castoffs like Fedotenko, Christensen, Eminger and White getting big minutes? Shows how little talent the Rangers truly have. Dubinsky did squat last night. Staal sure did struggle. Anyone notice how much better Staal looked when Renney was the coach? Now, Schoeny is working with the D and they look like garbage. They simply don’t have the talent, on the bench or behind the bench, to contend.

  59. interesting article posted by steve…

    Flyers fan picking Rangers as the worst team in NHL! What a shocker…

    though, the article is on the money… except point #3

    based on what happened last year and they way the started this year, basically picking up where they left off with poor play and coaching, i’m not surprised that many fans going bananas over this team so early in the season…

  60. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    seems like after 4 games there is a lot of panic!! I’m not happy with our performance either, we need to play in people’s faces more and still need the grit on D (a new coach would help IMHO), but it is only game 4.

  61. It’s easy to forget positives after the game like last night, but they were actually carrying the play during long stretches of the second period, and I believe if they scored on one of the PP, they would win the game. Let’s see what the next step this team takes.

  62. So yet another rumor from this neckbone Eklund saying the Rangers and Flames have a major deal in the works involving Dubi. Now we all know this to be complete B.S. but if it was infact true who would you trade/package and get in return. My thoughts would be Dubi, Gilroy, Rozsival and prospect for Jay Bo and Stajan. Im sure most people will say no shot we get that much in return but I believe we will require that coveted left shooting stud defensemen and a quality center like stajan as well. What does everyone think?

  63. I think it’s odd to see the greatest city in the world produce such mediocrity. The D on this team makes me hurt inside. Let’s hope for something better next show.

  64. everyone back in off the ledge…
    holysmokes,its the first month of 7 months of reg season hockey.
    Didnt everyone here think we would be fighting tooth and nail in april for the 8th playoff spot in the Leastern conf.?
    yes the games are ALL important,but its the second week of the season people!…

    now with that being said,Fire Torts!!

    im off his band wagon(short ride eh?),this dork at least has to try matching lines,maybe Boogey would seem more useful facing guys his(and his linemates)speed.

  65. ilb
    I agree totally. If the Rangers has cashed in on those power play oppurtunities in the 2nd and early 3rd the outcome would have been different. It’s early in the season and there are some key injuries. It’s way too early to panic just as it was way too early to celebrate after last year’s fast start. Remember that it is a marathon not a sprint.

  66. so, apparently
    i have begun a twitter argument with Steve Zipay
    after my comments that the Rangers are playing
    minus intensity, passion, offense or defense.

    let him know i appreciated his replies.
    he must be trying to avoid work just like me.

  67. Rants at the picnic on

    according to Gross, there will be no callups.

    from Gross’ Ranger rants—-

    Here’s one reporter’s guess:

    they will simply re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  68. Morg- if it continues, meaning they play the way they did last night, I’m afraid Torts will have plenty of free time to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family. Which would be a shame.

  69. btw old coach
    the outcome would be different but there would still be
    a lot to criticize.

    one big problem that i noticed happening waaaaaay too much on our
    team is that our players get way too anxious in our zone and just
    shoot the puck out of the zone, allowing the enemy to just come
    back within seconds.

    now, i want them to make a smart play but there are times when it is the best option.

    same thing with shooting the puck in the offensive zone. a lot of that was done last night
    but it was a waste since none of our forwards caught up to it or the puck was in a spot for the goalie or dman to easily retrieve it.

  70. Rants at the picnic on

    Bo-mister is softer than charmin. he has been a bust in calgary, his teams never made the playoffs in fla. and now he is vastly overpaid too. ring a bell?

  71. jpg- I had a little twitter discussion with Larry Brooks over the period of few days. Mostly about cap issues, escrow etc.

  72. funny, i thought i was following Larry Brooks. i’ll have to check.
    nice to know they’re paying attention even if we disagree.

  73. jpg- it’s a young defense, hence the anxiety. However, Hank’s questionable puck control over the last couple of games didn’t help to settle the either. I’m sure he will get better, but for now they need more calmness in his play to settle.

  74. Rants at the picnic on

    gee, I’ve got a trade with Calgary that sather would probably make. Dubi, Cally, Stepan, and Mcilrath for pigface Jokinen.

    or the same 4 kids to Edm for midget smurf third liner Cogliano

    i would not put it past the pieface in chief in the ranger front office

  75. jpg – that’s the same problem as last season. Dump it out of their zone or dump it into the opponents. There is no breakout pass from their own zone unless they are trying one of those long passes from the goal line to the opponent’s blue line. You have control of the puck, don’t just give it away!

  76. jpg
    You’re right about dumping the puck in. It has to be done as part of a planned agressive forecheck that can either win the puck or cause the Dman to turn it over because of the pressure. Sometimes you just dump it in to get a change, but other than that someone has to be hard on the puck while the next forward looks to stop the breakout pass.

  77. true ilb
    they are young but they’re not all rookies plus the coach has been around for a second year, a similar system and until the 3rd period it rarely looked as if we have a breakout/first pass out of our zone.

    the pp is much much worse. i watched some of the blues/blackhawks game afterwards just to see what other teams do and i could see the blues making moves in the offensive zone quickly and confidently which game them room and allowed for decent shots and rebounds. i won’t even bring up chicago since we’re not even close to them…

  78. i’ll look for you ilb
    i’m johnpgatta
    mostly music, culture with a touch of political snark once in a while

  79. Someone asked about LTIRs. LTIR contracts still count against the cap. You can only use it as an exception if the team has to bring a “replacement” player. In this case the CBA allows the team to go over the cap, but only for the duration of LTIR. But remember, once the injured player returns, the team has to bring the cap under the limit. What do you do with the replacement player? In other words, LTIRs only help significantly if the injured player is out for the whole year.

  80. okay, here’s a bit of something to mentally chew on….
    maybe sather wants the Rangers to do horribly in the opening weeks
    so that we sink past the islanders in the standings
    and then we can pick up souray in some sort of backroom deal
    that finds the oilers suddenly bringing him up from Hersey.

    …i need some fresh air.

  81. okay, i’m back for a second.
    thought it was funny
    but if it ends up in Bruce Garrioch writing
    remember where you saw it first!!

  82. I told you the Aves would kick our ass. They are the youngest team in the NHL too.

    Our defense sucks, Emminger got burned a few times last night that I remember.

    I would rather see some kids out there. Colorado started last year flat with all the kids but in the end pulled into the playoffs. Granted the goalie ha lot to do with it but HL is just as good.

    we need to revamp our defense. The offense lacks a little skill right now but they should be able to keep the ship afloat.

    I have had my tickets for the Rangers game here in CO for a while. I hope to see more kids make that trip.

  83. Lloyd Braun aka Sid Farkus aka Bob Sacamano on

    Its a sad state of affairs when im ok with the loss but hoping they can at least get the Bettman bonus point this early in the season. Team still sucks and I miss Hank’s intensity.

  84. Fran

    Its really good to see you have become a regular here. You have so much insight & knowledge of the game, plus some really great stories ;) Its refreshing to have you here versus some of the posters who only come out to flap their traps when they lose and to drone one about the same things that cant be changed. Other than Olga’s comic relief “FIRE SATHER”

    No I havent seen anyone around. I think Joe L. was here a few times a while ago but Greg has been MIA havent seen him either. Again Im really glad you’re here :) Looking forward to spirited discussions about the season with ya ;)

  85. ILB –

    Im really happy to hear your doing well!!! I’ve missed you guys. This was a rough summer and I missed all of the off season action.
    I told Linda Im not going to get myself all riled up over what’s said. Just gonna go wif da flow ;)

  86. That’s the right attitude, Mako. Maybe we will make a little local ‘heads gathering at W77. Mama?

  87. Sounds good!!! :) I have this insane schedule now because my company took on a Chinese company as an account. Guess who has to stay at work from time to time till 22:00 LOL But I would love to!

  88. LindaCalPruBoylahan on

    Can we get ‘The Rent Is Too High’ Dude to coach the team for a while. His facial hair needs to be in the Hall of Fame with Maras Beard.

    You guys have been busy today. It’s a disheartening start to the season, but after the past few years of having great Octobers, horrible November through Februarys, I’ll take a frehleyy first month if the tradeoff is a better, more consistent 6 monts to follow ;-)

  89. Wicky

    Yes Torts is unpredictable, largely in his player movement and assignments. But it’s not only him…it’s the other so called coaches. what in Heavens name do they work on in practice?

    I see no evidence of coordination here. and the passing game has already slipped back to last seasons dimensions. Sloppy, panicky, erratic, poorly decided. And I’ve long since made my case re Lundqvist…….I have always had a sneaking suspicion that he was over rated, and though he had some great streaks, at times he does not get scored on, not by his own efforts but by bad moves by the opponent. But when that puck gets jelly beaning around in his crease, that’s when it all goes to hell in a hand basket as they say. And he is also STILL being beaten on high shots over his shoulder while he waits patiently (on his knees..someone drop a quarter into his glove
    some time, and see if it ignites a fire in him.) he means well, but quite frankly I think that he has plateaued…..I do not believe he will get any better than he is right now. They are getting wise to his pattern of moves, and wait til it really shows up later in the season, when these powerhouse teams really get their act together..remember this is still all early season for everybody. When he is good – he is spectacular, but you can count the times. I am not writing off the effects of a poor defense in front of him, ( and I’m still amazed at the calls by the refs against Rangers for infractions that are not being called against their opponents. Something is rotten here somewhere.)

  90. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you were in Madison Square Garden and you saw flames coming from the Ranger President’s office what would you yell?

    FIRE, SATHER!!!!!!!

  91. LMAO I was looking around waiting for Rick’s new post =P

    His Glove hand has improved a little bit from years past. But the D has to control those rebounds. When their GA was best in the league… they controlled the rebounds better and LQ wasnt scrambling around to find the puck. Then again this was under Renney’s regime so, you know. Torts really needs to balance out the D & O and I honestly dont think he either A. knows how or B. refuses to. You can’t have the D pinch and help out when they arent making the most basic of defensive of plays that were taught in peewee hockey on a consistent basis. Work out cementing them playing DEFENSE, then you can work on them being a little bit more offensive when needed. Just my two cents.

  92. Carp,

    Completely unrelated, but I was walking from Grand Central to Penn Station after attending that massacre in the Bronx and passed right by you. I didn’t realize it was you until after I had passed you and didn’t want to freak you out by running back to say hello.

    I don’t know the point of this post. But I thought it was funny.

    As for the Rangers, I will thank the heavens above if the Rangers can tow the .500 line until Gabby returns.

  93. LindaCalPruBoylahan on

    i havent heard from him yet ilb. I’ve been expecting a phone call, but nothing yet. He must be despondent

  94. Blueval Seaten Horrortenko on

    The hardest part about these losses is that there’s so much time between games. Brutal.

  95. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I think calgary just made a trade with someone, the ducks maybe????

  96. Blueval Seaten Horrortenko on

    wicky, they claimed Brendan Mikkelson off waivers from the ducks, according to TSN.

  97. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    here is a tweet…not sure on the validity

    hockeybuzzbarry matthew barry
    Hearing Calgary and the Kings have just made a trade

    now this one

    hockeybuzzbarry matthew barry
    Sorry – it was Anaheim/Calgary not Kings –

  98. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    oh ok, that may be it…thanks!!!!

  99. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    that’s no big deal, I was hoping to add some spice to the blog with some sort of trade activity from someone…oh well!

    back to the regularly scheduled banter!!

  100. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    isn’t vtank supposed to have just a huge shot??

  101. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    LINDAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!

  102. oh yea, the yankees are on! i got stuck watching the caps-bruins.

    as for the rangers…i figured out why they don’t score. it’s because nobody tells them to!!!

    all we (and the players!!!) ever hear is how they are supposed to play smart, play hard, be aggressive, be smart, forecheck, backcheck, control the puck, stand up for each other, don’t take bad penalties, battle, jam, blah blah blah!!!

    why did the kids score in preseason? cause the coaches weren’t bitching at them, just watching to see what they could do.

    how about telling Callahan to score some carping goals?!!??! tell him “you want to be captain? go score 35 goals!”

    and! wooohoooo canoooooooO!

  103. LindaCalPruBoylahan on

    i’m about to put that on. The man did some rock work today and is passed out on the floor, so i’m getting the remote as we ‘speak’

  104. LindaCalPruBoylahan on

    ya know Dubi, that is a great point! No one tells them to, it’s right in front of our faces, but you’re the first one that I can recall to actually mention it.

  105. well the rangers really are what everyone says, a goalie, a sniper, and the rest.

    but just wait til Kreider arrives…next season hopefully. and steve thomas’ kid. and ray borque’s kid. and the Undertaker! and Hagelin, Werek, Horak, and a bunch of other fuzzy foriners! and the kid from florida (who’s more often injured than gabby but anywho)!

    there’s always hope, right? that’s what being a ranger is all aboot!

  106. Good evening all! I’m not going to paint a broad stroke here, not everyone is guilty, but some of the early negative nanciness here is driving me bonkers!

  107. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    doing well, house full of the flu right now! It happens though, overall not bad at all. Just wish our d was a bit more rugged. Game 4 though, so plenty of time to sort things out!! You guys doing ok??

    sorry, i’ll try and be better!!

  108. waive eminger and move gilroy to offense.

    play sauer everynight.


  109. LindaCalPruBoylahan on

    the lil wickstas are tougher than our D, arent they?!

    Dubi, hoping is what we do. I still have a feeling things will get better sooner rather than later this season.

  110. following games available for face value 120 for the pair

    10/27 wed atlanta
    10/29 fri carolina
    11/22 mon calgary
    1/5 wed carolina
    1/11 tues montreal
    1/16 sunday phil
    1/25 tues florida
    2/1 tues pittsburgh
    2/17 wed kings
    3/1 tues buffalo
    3/3 thurs minnesota

    section 330 aisle seats email me baum27@aol.com

  111. I rely on you wicky! Oy, a house full of wicksters with the flu…..you’re sending some diaper company exec’s kid through college this week eh? Our D should be as rugged as Mrs. Wicky right now :)

    YAY! I realized cause of playoffs all my FOX shows are on break until next week anyway! And I bet those bastards know that……soooo clever. Hartnellers!

  112. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    yep they are def tougher than our d!!!!

    you can say that again, and it isn’t community college either!!! Mrs wicky is the BOMB!!! She is the glue here!!

  113. wicky, ha! yeah, I was thinking Oxford then med school, then PhD :)

    sigh, the most romantic things get said here on RR :) do you think Mrs. Wicky Bomb would count that as a love letter :)

    do you think if I’m ever lucky enough to meet her and I say “your husband thinks you’re a glue bomb” she’ll understand?

    (sorry, I just think I’m hilarious. mrs. wicky is a serious glue bomb!!! LGMW!”

  114. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I’m sure you will meet her at some point. Either when we get to W77 at some point or you could always tag along with ILB on his yearly!!!! I tell her she is the glue that holds this together all the time and she also knows that she is the bomb, so yep, she’d know!!

    You rock mama!!!

  115. wicky, there’s a lot of heads I haven’t met yet who I really want to, and you are on top of the list (with the glue bomb, of course)…and CR, who is so missing!

    btw, was out to dinner with my dad and his wife tonight, and he had poussin au vin…(I swear) I thought of you :) Me, I’m having cassoulet leftovers for lunch tomorrow. merveilleux!

  116. ilbpurpletietenko2001 on

    What’s going on here? Flu, diapers and bombs? Am I in the right place?

    Let me guess, mama. You went to a Thai place ? :-)

    Are the girls ok, wicky?

  117. Hey! ilb, that was nasty, and I don’t mean Nasty…..Flu, diapers and bombs? that’s all wicky….:)

  118. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    nice. And we will meet at some point, I swear!!

    yep, they are getting over it (I think). Mrs is also on the tail end of it (I hope) and I’m heading into it full bore!!

    Thanks for asking bro!!

  119. My computer is being very tetchy tonight so I’m saying TA! I swear wicky!

    Hope you and the family heal up soon. And I hope so! (to meet, I love skiing, fyi, even though it’s been so long I’m slightly above bunny trails) )! ilb, thanks for the help detka :)

    Oh yeah, on topic, LGR! third line! keep the faith all!

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    can we do something about this? it says i wont be asked these questions again using this computer (my laptop) but everytime i try to come here it asks these same questions over and over again! Between this and some stupid ad that wont let the page to load, the blog is one big pain in my tuhes now!

  121. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    We haven’t had to answer any of those questions on any of our computers! Kind of odd!

  122. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    does anyone know if the roster updates are available for NHL 11 yet???

  123. ahh. wicky!

    Duker, great post…hey, fans can be assens, but Rpyaone was way out out of line. Grow some dude!

    yessh, I am being so crude, I gotta go….

  124. >>…but everytime i try to come here it asks these same questions over and over again!

    CCCP, do you have cookies enabled in your browser?

  125. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    just busting your chops a bit here, but I posted the rypien thing 10 minutes before duker and I get zero props??? what the assen???

    good catch on the link though! Bad move by rypien.

  126. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I have to ask, what is HUT??

    you laureled!

  127. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    Oh, ok. Just unwrapped the game today and was going to update the rangers to current fabulous roster and could find one. I’m not the most gamer savvy guy though, so thought I might be missing something. You have ps3 or xbox??

  128. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    real funny! What are you orr jr???

    Every time I turn it on I have a little ritual where I play firestarter by prodigy!!

  129. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers finally win and still New Yorkers aren’t happy. Can we trade Sather to Texas?

  130. tomb says:
    October 19, 2010 at 6:03 pm
    Duchene is better than anyone on the Rangers. No question about it.

    We need more youth.

    yes we need more youth. but we need young guys like duchene, and we dont have any. so stepan who is the best we got is it for now. our d is young, and it sucks. we dont need to ice an ahl team, we need SOME vets out there. weve been bringin in 2-3 rooks every year. we dont have the duchene or eberle type of talent, so the guys i would bring up is weise, and byers. both are hard workers and will not be pressured to play lots of minutes. we need to trade for top 6 talent. let grachevget some games though. i think he should get 5-10 games but only if he does well in hartford. so far, he hasnt proven he can handle ahl, so he shouldnt be called up yet. mza is still adjusting to nhl rink and the physical part of the league. weise should be here in whites spot. or kennedy. besides that, were already young on d. only move from within there would be to try to trade for a wicky d man, or move eminger to 7th, and sit one of the pokecheckers for mcdonagh or vtank.

  131. Good morning, ‘heads!

    Mike, Valentenko was the only D-man in preseason who was consistently shooting from the point. I was watching Bruins- Caps last night. The moment D-man has a puck on the point, he shoots. Both on PP or 5 on 5.

  132. I wonder how many games Rypien will get for shoving that fan. Apparently he pushed a ref before that as well.

    The kid must have said something. But, it looked like he was just clapping.

    I’m against players or coaches attacking fans, unless they throw a water bottle at you :P

  133. Crystal Water Triple on

    Wish Sather would take the place of the Newfie who got a breakaway in a Shinny game and hasn’t been seen since.

  134. I’m thinking about buying a string of racehorses just so I can name the star of the stable: “Fire Sather.” “Down the backstretch, Fire Sather drawing out by a length and a half, Got My Buck is second, Fleet Nahani moving up between horses…..Through the stretch – Fire Sather in front!”

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