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First the news. Erik Christensen is playing tonight, so the Rangers will come into the game with one healthy scratch: Mike Sauer.

John Tortorella:

On the news on Vinny Prospal’s surgery.

“I think (it was) a little better than expected. We just weren’t sure and I don’t think they were. I don’t want to speak for the doctors, but now they know what they feel was causing the problem and we have a bit of a timetable, so just a little bit of closure as exactly what is with it, and when we expect him back.

“It was a bone fragment that they took out. They felt that was the main cause of the problem and the timetable’s 6-8 weeks.”

Originally Tortorella had said the surgery was tomorrow, but he said he just made a mistake when announcing it.

On whether he’d name another alternate captain:

“I may. I may. We’ll get through this game and I may. I have an idea of who I would like, but we’ll talk about it as a staff, as a team, and see where we go with it.”

On the PK giving up a goal in every game so far:

“And I think it’s been good. I do. I’m not sure what we are percentage-wise, but we’ve been down too much. That’s the problem. I mean, we stuff them the last game and we still give them a seventh in the overtime. I still think we did the right things to start that, the 4-on-3. For the most part it’s been pretty good. We just can’t be in the box as much as we’ve been.”

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  1. CARPINTENKO’D! Glad Vinny’s surgery went well. Hope we can pull a out win tonight.

    Tony- don’t feel bad I’ve been trying with my limited time too haha

  2. with all these injuries does anyone else want to see how good gilroy is as a forward? i’d rather have him and sauer in the lineup than todd white

  3. deja (drury isnt bad his contract is) on

    the last time the Rangers and Yankees played on the same day the rangers lost in OT i believe and the yankees came back to win at this point id take a repeat performance.

    Lets go new york im ready for game time

  4. agree, but Torts seems to be oblivious to the fact that Gilroy was a forward his entire career until college, and only moved to d because it was his only option to get a spot on the BU team.

  5. What’s with Torts’ “I’m gonna go get the paper. Get the paper”?

    Games G- can you repost your last post from the previous thread? It’s pretty good.

  6. the fact that Torts said “And I think it’s been good. I do. I’m not sure what we are percentage-wise, but we’ve been down too much.”

    cmon. a coach SHOULD know what his team’s PK% and PP% are. if he doesn’t then he is just a seat-of-the-pants coach, which is exactly what Torts apparently is. don’t bother him with facts and actual performance measures. just go by how he “feels”

    no thanks.

  7. Wisniewski-sival on

    again, when Blowsival was in Pitt for years, he was a 3rd pair dman on a weak team, and he was not a regular PP point man either.

    that says it all about the ranger d corps.

  8. *Carp and/or Tech guys*

    every other time i refresh the page some site blocks me from entering the blog by showing me a blank page that keeps on loading. I literally have to type in the site address again to be able to comeback to the blog! This been going on since the first day of the new format! Can we look into it please? Thank you.

  9. Possible candidates for “A”:
    Avery – leading by example on the ice and a veteran; would certainly piss off the refs
    Dubinsky – seems more mature on ice this season but is he really leader material?
    Staal – steady, leads team in ice time; a bit on the quiet side
    Prust – a heart and soul type player, like Avery, but without the rep, and attitude
    Boyle – young guy who seems older, playing with confidence so far

    I would choose Prust but thats just me.


    Bettman was the world’s biggest fool to allow this….the versus nose under the tent.

    And NHL center ice is really not into this situatlon in any noticeable degree. Just constant reruns of ancient and recent games set ups etc., but they should have demanded a larger say in who gets to cover games (other than the home office TV stations. ) And what really do they gain by blacking out ANY games. Most of the TV viewers are folks who are no where near getting to the arenas.

    If they must black out,then it should be allowed only in cities where they don’t sell out every game.

  11. LindaCalPruBoylahan on

    ALMOST GAME TIME! I’m excited, I think we’re going to see a pretty uptempo, fun game!

  12. LindaCalPruBoylahan on

    C3, i get that a lot also, but all i do is hit the back button and it brings the page up.

  13. And hey! It’s Deb Kaufman. Changing her name to Placey really ruined her career. She’s better than Versus.

  14. The ties that those guys on VS are wearing are available on They are a part of Hockey Fights Cancer program, btw.

  15. the rangers are ranked 24th with a 76.5%

    they are ranked 22nd in times shorthanded with 17

    They average 6.3 PK’s a game which I believe does lead the NHL…

  16. Versus offered the nhl $420 mill bucks. Espn declined their one year option. NBC pays zero rights fee. so versus is the only logical financial choice

    get over it

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