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John Tortorella:

“I thought we played better in the second period than the first period; I thought we had the puck more. Then the third period we end up with, what, six minutes there of power-play time and we don’t get it done. And really not even … I don’t think we won many battles there. I don’t think we got many good looks.

“I think our power play has had some good looks along the way here, although it hasn’t scored. Not tonight. I just didn’t think … and at that point in time, it was a key time and we didn’t get it done. And they did. We don’t get the puck out on the winning goal when we had an opportnity and we leave ourselves full of holes around the net and they score a goal. We don’t.”

On losing three in a row with a man in the box:

“Well, I thought we were more disciplined. I thought — we were down what two or three times tonight? — I didn’t see Michael’s penalty, haven’t looked at whether it is (a penalty) or not. But we have to kill it. We have a chance to get the puck out there and we don’t and it’s kept in and I don’t think we did a good enough job around the net that particular time. I thought we were better around our net 5-on-5, but on the two goals, two power-play goals, we don’t eliminate sticks. We get beat with a seam pass on the first play, before the goal’s even scored. We don’t do a good enough job there.”

On the message during the timeout:

“I just didn’t want them to blow themselves up. We had plenty of hockey to play. A lot of it was … even some of their shots were some crazy bounces onto our net in that first period. But I don’t think we were at our best there. They score a goal quickly on their power play. I just don’t want us to blow ourselves up. I felt the momentum had changed a bit; it was on their side, so we gathered ourselves a bit and I felt we played much better in the second period, but we can’t have six minutes of power-play time in a 1-1 game in the third period and come up empty. Or at least, get some momentum. That was the game there, I felt. We got no momentum off our power play and they score.”

On the mental fallout of the PP failures:

“No, we’ll be .. we’ve got to work through it and try to grind away. Again, before tonight’s game I thought our power play had some looks on the prior ones … early in the year here. Tonight we just didn’t have the puck enough. I don’t think we won enough battles to keep zone time on the power play, and we were hitting legs and we just were sloppy with the puck.”

On Frolov’s first goal:

“Yeah, you hope it helps him. I thought he was strong on the puck in the corners tonight; he won a lot of battles. You hope that helps his confidence. He’s going to be an important guy for us, to kick in some goals here and try to score more than one and get consistent with it. He’s going to be a pretty important guy. So I thought he gave us some minutes, at times struggled in other parts of the game that he’s going to need to improve on, but hopefully he scores a goal and that’ll help you.”

On whether he’ll stick with the minimum 18 forwards (and in my opinion, this answer kind of says he’s not thrilled with the roster he has):

“That’s not my call. I haven’t even talked to Glen about that. We’re going to have to re-assess it. We’ll re-assess it tomorrow and see where we go.”

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  1. Hi Ogie. Buy you a soda after the game? on

    Whoo Hoo! I am your God! Bow down and abandon hope all ye who enter.

  2. Bull, It’s not that I don’t like him personally, or want him to fail. I just don’t like how everyone was so quick to pencil him in on the first line and made him out to be the biggest thing since sliced bread.

    Most of my Hobbit comments are riddled with sarcasm, and I enjoy it.

    I was watching the Blues vs Hawks game. A Hawk taps Halak with a stick, and two Blues jump on him and give him a beat-down.

    What do NYR do?? Nothing. Wimps!

  3. WEll, thanks to Versus I wound up watching the Islanders game. And that was a game. Man the Leafs are really fast, and good passing. But Roloson was nothing but superb. And he had to be. But I tell you right now, and I know it’s early on and we’ve only hbad the Rangers play 3-4 games, but right now at this time I see the Islanders as a much better team than Rangers up and down the lineup.
    Make what you will of this.

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