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From the Rangers:


October 18, 2010 – New York Rangers 1, Colorado Avalanche 3 (Game No. 4, Home No. 2)

• The Rangers were defeated by the Colorado Avalanche, 3-1, tonight at Madison Square Garden.  New York is now 1-2-1 overall, including a 0-1-1 mark at home.

• Alex Frolov notched his first goal as a Ranger with an even strength tally at 18:09 of the first period, and registered four shots in 20:22 of ice time.  He has now recorded seven goals and 12 assists for 19 points in 25 career regular season appearances vs. Colorado.  Frolov is tied for fourth on the Rangers in scoring with three points (one goal and two assists).

• Rookie Derek Stepan tallied his first career NHL assist, picking up the only assist on Frolov’s first period goal, and logged a career-high, 20:06 of ice time.  Stepan is currently tied for first on the Rangers and third among NHL rookies in scoring with four points (three goals and one assist).

• Henrik Lundqvist turned aside 31 of 34 shots, including 16 saves in the first period, and is now 1-2-1 overall.  Lundqvist has stopped 30 or more shots in three games this season.

• The Blueshirts out-hit the Avalanche, 32-23, led by Brandon Prust’s game-high, six hits.

• Michal Rozsival logged a game-high, 26:14 of ice time, and now leads the Rangers and ranks 14th in the NHL in average ice time (25:42).

• Defenseman Michael Del Zotto registered four hits and logged a season-high, 25:48 of ice time.

• Sean Avery and Brandon Dubinsky tied for the game-high with five shots on goal. •

• The Rangers are scheduled for an 11:00 a.m. off-ice workout tomorrow, October 19, at the MSG Training Center, with media availability to follow.

• The Rangers will return to action on Thursday, October 21, when they will face-off against the Toronto Maple Leafs at Air Canada Centre (7:00 p.m.), in an Original Six match-up.  The game will be televised live on MSG Network, and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.                                                             

John Tortorella on Alex Frolov’s goal…

“You hope it helps him.  I thought he won a lot of battles.  You hope that helps his confidence.  He is an important guy here to kick in some goals.  I thought he gave us some good minutes.  Hopefully he scores a goal that helps you.” 

Henrik Lundqvist on the injuries to Chris Drury and Marian Gaborik…

“We can’t really focus on who is out.  We have to just to do it together.  What is good about this team this year is that we have four lines going.  I don’t think there is that much focus on the first line.  We have four lines going that work really hard so that is a good thing.  Obviously they are key players but there is nothing we can do right now.  We have to keep focus and get better.”

Erik Christensen on the power play…

“Just some bad luck I thought.  That first power play we had, we had it in their zone for at least three quarters of it.  We had some chances.  They are a fast team and put a lot of pressure on us.  That is one of the most difficult things on a power play, is getting control.  It is tough to gain entry on some of those.”

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  1. Bull, It’s not that I don’t like him personally, or want him to fail. I just don’t like how everyone was so quick to pencil him in on the first line and made him out to be the biggest thing since sliced bread.

    Most of my Hobbit comments are riddled with sarcasm, and I enjoy it.

    I was watching the Blues vs Hawks game. A Hawk taps Halak with a stick, and two Blues jump on him and give him a beat-down.

    What do NYR do?? Nothing. Wimps!

  2. N.CountryNYRFan on

    What the hell is Hank talking about, we haven’t been rolling 4 good lines, Boogaard barely plays and White and EC were invisible.

  3. i’m going to bed and dream of a better game
    rather than this living, ongoing nightmare
    as Charlie Brown
    would say,

  4. N.CountryNYRFan on

    If this season goes down in the dumps, like it seems to be I think we have to do something drastic, like fire Torts and break up our “young core”. What good is it to keep our “young core” if they aren’t improving…very disappointing.

  5. Michal Rozsival logged a game-high, 26:14 of ice time, and now leads the Rangers and ranks 14th in the NHL in average ice time (25:42).- SCARY

  6. Blueval Seaten Horrortenko on

    Quite an impressive showing by Hossa. Like that he bowled through a defender and into the crease and then scored between his own lags.

  7. Carp, anyone else catch this about Staal being named A?
    “The penalty kill is not getting the job done. I think we were a little better tonight in not taking so many penalties, but when we did, it’s costing us,” said Marc Staal, who was named an alternate captain before the game.

  8. Carp

    I don’t totally agree with your outlook on the team to date, as it relates to Gaborik.

    Could it be just possible that we are relying overmuch on a broken crutch? This Gaborik does not show the slash and dash of the early Gabo, prior to his injuries. Injuries I might add, that have floored many players. It must be taken into consideration that Gabo after he returned, ha never
    recaptured the potency that he showed in his first half of last season. He was rather easily minimized by opponents, dueto the Rangers notbacking him up properly, and his own inability to affect a strong poster in scoring areas. Teams were clearly putting dual coverage on him, and it worked.
    The other people who have arrived have not demonstrated the status that Prospal presented
    early last year, and this combo has never been resumed with any continuity.

    This Toronto team now, will demonstrate a team that is overall potent. It has skating speed, superb passing and an intelligent hand at the helm. They seldom beat themselves..a feature that this team has distressingly shown a talent for. I hate to admit it, but I have bad feelings about this team and it;s coaching staff top to bottom, and the helter skelter nature of the lineups. LQ is still scrambly
    around his crease and has regressed to some old bad habits. It is beginning to look like a re run of last season’s also rans. Early ? sure…but it’s early for everyone..and I don’t see the discomfiture on ice by opponents during this “early” time, that seems to have left Rangers adrift in a sea of sharks, ( small S). Too many situations where the on ice people look absolutely clueless. ( Forward and Defensemen. Put a determined pressure wave against them and they respond like a cage of gerbils suddenly let loose in a strange environment.

    It is so pronounced that it is impossible to look at individuals, and say ” well so and so screwed that up,”, etc. It is an entire on ice grouping that often is the culprit. This business of acting like shoi[ wrecked seamen all trying to clamber aboard the same life boat has got to stop. The Bonesters are on the right trqack, but they focus too much on pet individuals whom they despise for their own
    individual reasons, and often without any rhyme or reason other than inherent dislike for that skater or so. Why has Boyle been standing out lately? He’s the same big guy that was here last

    Pone reason is that he has instilled HIMSELF with confidence and has stopped playing afraid of making a mistake. He is playing instinctively and it’s been quite evident that he’s on the right track. That fear of making a mistake zeros in on each individual player’s hesitating before acting when reflex must be taking over. Avery is the only player who in my estimation plays like this. It’s not the fearlessness of being hit…it’s the fear of his own coach;s reactions to what he does on ice.

    ALL of these guys can play this game. They’ve demonstrated that. So what’s holding them back?

    I think it’s everyone will have their pet choices, but these are the first two that came to my mind, but they’re not set in stone for me.

    And stop waiting for Gaborik to save us – t’aint gonna happen even if he is OK.

  9. I had inserted Laviolette and Trotz, but it failed to print. Sorry about the disjointedness of this

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