Rangers back on the ice …


… well, what’s left of them is back on the ice.

And while I’m off today, others work. I know, I feel terrible about that.

Our buddy Andrew Gross has all the news from practice, including that Sean Avery will not be suspended for chopping down Mike Komisarek like George Washington and the cherry tree. And an interview with Marian Gaborik, who twice has the letters I and R together in his name.

Apparently White and Christensen are skating on a fourth line with Boogaard today. I am guessing there will be callups. Or at least one in case Christensen can’t play tomorrow.


I’m going to tinker with the links down the right side of the page today, maybe remove some, and certainly add some like the salary-cap info links and news info links like TSN. Do you guys have any other favorites you’d like to see there? Let me know today … or forever hold your peace.

Well, not really. I could still go back Monday and add more before, during or after the game with the Avs.

See youse.

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  1. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Idk if someone already recommended a cap site, but I love nhlnumbers.com.

    Carp, perhaps atdhe.net also? So many people come on looking for places to get the game.

  2. da wickstas (carped as always) on

    I guess bueke’s son has a a few scraps recently….too bad we didn’t get him. seems like a pretty good all around player.

  3. ORR!! Snooki Want Smoosh Smoosh!! on

    Glad to see Boyle and Prust are getting promoted, while EC and White go to the 4th line.

  4. wicky© (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    well, I hate to depart from all the awesome banter here at this point, but I have to work.

    Does anyone know if CR is ok?? that Yanks loss had to hurt!

    Later assens!!!!

  5. g’morning all

    how about a link that deals with Hartfor (insert name here…)
    is Mitch Beck’s site called Howlings?

    or some prospect link.

  6. Hey Carp- I found the following on my twitter:

    must be talking about you-

    StanFischler Stan Fischler
    You don’t hear much carping about my pal, Ron Wilson’s, coaching ability these days. One of the wittiest bench guys this side of Lemaire.

  7. i think atdhe is a great idea. how many times has someone, including me when i first started coming here, asked where to watch the game?

  8. don’t like EC. first he holds out for more money even though he did nothing to deserve it. now he says HE will decide when he is ready to play. peewee herman is pretty nervy for a guy who is nothing but a journeyman barely hanging on.

  9. and Carpy, I love when you apologize for carping me! You crack me up!

    Sally, i was going to suggest your site, then noticed you did! Girl you need to update over there! Aren’t we still waitin for the letter N? To hell with school, finish the alphabet!! :-) I kid, i kid!

  10. ORR!! Snooki Want Smoosh Smoosh!! on

    I agree, EC. He’s a loser. The second he asked for more money, he should have been thrown out of New York. As if we actually *need* him! Fugg that.

  11. This is the quote from our Coach:

    “We don’t have to give up our defense to create more offense. Our approach isn’t raising holy hell and taking chances all over the place. You’re not going to win in this league unless you’re solid defensively…It was a lack of stopping (Friday). It wasn’t a high-man problem. It was running around our end zone, spinning and not stopping”

    Really coach? Solid defensively? In the NHL? So… we are celebrating our 85th anniversary season and we are into our fourth game of the season and our head coach is now figuring out that to win in the NHL, you have to be solid defensively. Is anyone else incredulous? Are you kidding me? We are just now recognizing this?

    Sorry – I have to say it: This is the NHL – this is not Rochester or Hartford or whatever. We are we always the joke of the NHL. Why are we the tagline of so many jokes? This has to stop soon – why cant we at least get 500 hockey – 500, is that a lot with the $$$ the team spends?

  12. Besides regular concern about Gaborik, not playing for next few weeks, I’m now deeper concern, remembering that after the same injury – “separated shoulder” in a famous incident with Gomes, always dominated Jagr was never the same IMO. What’s going to happened to not so dominated and more fragile Gabby after his return is everybody’s guess…

  13. The only hypothetical benefit of Gabby being out for a while, could be, if Frolov, being in his shadow, and playing the way to keep puck along the boards and always looking to make a play and give a pass to Gabby or somebody else, will feel somehow easier and get to his strongest side – to go to the crease and pick up some delicious garbage goals. By default he is now our #2 scorer and have to live up to signing expectations. It works sometimes, in strange way, will see…

  14. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    So, Gabby is sponsored by the letters I and R? Seems fitting.

    G’ afternoon all.

  15. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Avery-Boyle-Prust is gonna be one pain in the assen line. Good for Stepan to be playing with Frolov, too. Some serious skill on that line.

  16. looking forward to the game tomorrow night.. even though it’s on versus and we’ll be stuck with either beninati or the screamin emerik

  17. Good evening all! Ha, Torts said holy hell!! OK, I’m going back to the coma that has been my weekend….later all!

  18. Is it nice being in coma, mama? I always ask patients that question, but for some reason they don’t seem to remember…

  19. lol ilb. not very good communication there. He has a point, about not making the injury worse, but wow…

  20. it’s lovely, actually. but mine has very specific causes. it’s called latenightatwarrencrappysaturdayweatherfollowedbyterraceloungingitis.

  21. side effect. not direct cause :) OK, I’m really off to resume the plotz. TA til the morning all!

  22. Thanks Linda! I know I need to update SO bad! “N” is my favorite one I’ve come up with so far and I think my expectations are keeping me from working on it at all. Also grad school doesn’t help. I’ll get to it one of these days…

  23. Does the NHL network package come in HD? Moved out of the area and just about to sign up for it. 25 yrs of season tix out the window. I’ll get to see them on the road about 10 times this yr and maybe a couple @ home

  24. if you’re talking about the Center Ice package which includes NHL Network
    there are 2 channels of HD. so far, it seems to be just one game on the HD channel and occasionally 2.

    if there are more, then someone let us know.
    NHL Network is supposed to be in HD but every time i’ve gone there i get the “call this toll free number to this channel” on the screen.
    haven’t been in the mood to deal with such a call….yet.

  25. MickeyMzo really likes the second line on

    Coach Sean, we’ve been in the twilight zone for years. It’s part of the curse of being a Rangers fan.

  26. jpg – I think you’re right, unless the free preview isn’t indicative of the regular programming; 1 maybe 2 HD games at a time is what i’ve seen.

  27. Pregame ceremony in Anaheim to promote “Hockey Fights Cancer”. NHL and NHLPA have done an admirable job and raised a massive amount of money. Fittingly, there are three cancer survivors playing for the Ducks- Koivu, Blake and Voros.

  28. ORR!! Snooki Want Smoosh Smoosh!! on

    I miss Voros. He would have stuck up for Gabby. He probably would have gotten beat up, but it’s the effort that counts!

  29. jpg & Dude – Where are the HD channels for the Center Ice package? I’ve gotten it for years, and have NEVER seen a broadcast in HD! Some of the the game listings will say it’s available in HD but where is it?!!? I have Comcast in central jersey and would love to see some of these games in HD.

  30. Snooki from the show “Jersey Shore”

    South Park portrayed her as “a terrifying, orange monster stalking the streets of South Park in search of “smoosh smoosh”

    I don’t know exactly what smoosh is, but I’m’ gonna take a wild guess and say it has something to do with humping, or hugging since that’s what she kept doing in the episode.

  31. MickeyMzo really likes the second line on

    ilb, I’ve always liked how involved the NHL and NHLPA are in cancer-related causes. They really do most excellent job, I have to agree. The only thing that would make it better is if they made them wear pink skates and use pink sticks, much like MLB does on Mother’s Day for breast cancer awareness. I doubt the PA would go for it, but it would be very striking.

  32. wicky© (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    great tweet

    JeffMarek Jeff Marek
    Remember when players wouldn’t rely on refs and the NHL hockey operations deptartment to protect them?

  33. MickeyMzo really likes the second line on

    OK, I’ll admit it, I just lol’d hard at that one, ORR. What a terrifying mental image.

  34. MickeyMzo really likes the second line on

    Pink mouthguards- OMG. That is perfect. And no one could really trash talk another player cause they’d all have the same thing.

  35. Mickey, I could continue that train of thought, but it might be best left unsaid lol, at least here on the blog!

  36. Sparta…i thought so too…

    btw, someone mentioned Jagr’s shoulder injury and how he was never the same after that, which i totally agree with…didn’t Jagr need a surgery in the off-season to repair the shoulder?

    i don’t think Gaborik needs a surgery, right?

  37. CCCP,
    Yeah, it was me. And even after off season surgery which was called successful at that time, he was never the same.

  38. I’ll try to get this to make sense…

    The NHL network is seperate from the centr ice package. The NHL network has hockey games in HD but most of their other shows are sd.

    Center ice has only ever had one hd channel until this year where they now list up to two games a night as HD. For me, the HD channel is the first channel offered by center ice. Meaning my center ice channels run from channel 1929 thru 1940 with channel 1929 being the HD channel and all other being sd. 1930 is the mosaic channel where they have four screens that switch between all available games at that time as well as that nights scores listed on the side.

    How’d I do?

  39. I don’t know, injury type looks the same, except Jagr has separated right shoulder and Gabby – left.

  40. I believe jagr’s injury was a much more severe injury. Jagr dislocated the joint as well as shredded surrounding muscle. From what I have read, gabby “only” dislocated the joint.

  41. Messiah,

    this might be a dumb question…but do you have a HD cable provider with a HD tv? I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t get the HD center ice.

  42. As for NHL/Sparta question, to me it looks more like Roman Coliseum basement with backroom’s deals between gladiators’ Owners and Emperor Administration. (Caesar however, not very convincing to say the least).
    Not Honest Ligue.

  43. 4everanger

    right, it was you… and yes, Jagr did tor the muscle on top of dislocated shoulder…hopefully Gaborik will be alright or we’re screwed!

    Tomorrow should be interesting how this team will respond w/o two key players…Avalanche is a very quick and strong young team… i think they’re even quicker than Toronto…

  44. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    BTW, I wanted to clarify a common misconception… Separated shoulder injuries are very different from dislocated shoulders. These terms often create a lot of confusion because they sound similar while, in essence, they are very different injuries. From what I have read, Gabby separated while Jagr dislocated. In short, the difference is that Jagr pulled his arm out of his socket while Gabby damaged the ligaments holding the shoulder and collar-bone together. Both injuries can be accompanied by varying level of damage, often determining the amount of time needed to recover.

  45. Dislocated shoulders are the ball of upper arm coming out of socket, which is painful enough, but the real problem with dislocation is that the joint becomes unstable. Without surgery, subluxations often occur, or even complete dislocations re-occur. Seperated shoulders are in the area near the collar bone, and really don’t require surgery. The biggest issue is the pain. I dislocated BOTH shoulders when I was in high school. I never had surgery on either one. I had quite a few subluxations and subsequent dislocations. Especially when I played rugby or hockey. I was body surfing in Montauk once and it popped out. I was lucky my uncle was with me. He had to help me out of the water!!! Now when I watch football or hockey, and I see a guy get whacked, I can tell right away what the injury is.

  46. Off topic. . . . kinda:

    Let me get this straight: I pay the scumbag Dolans $200+ a month for cable, internet, and phone. They pay me back by blacking out the Giants game and running 24-7 loops of mind control adds telling me that FOX are the greedy bastartds that are keeping me from watching the game. As a bonus, my $200+ per month goes to fund the NY Rangers and Knicks who have not been relevent in 16 years.

    Great job Dolans. Thanks so much.

  47. I know I posted these tickets the other day but I wasn’t able to sell them and I would like to get some money for my friend. I have 2 tickets in section 341 row C. I will take offers if anyone wants to make one. Email me at allie91213@aol.com and I will email tickets.

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