KISS’s Ace and cupcakes at MSG


I don’t even know what to make of this … so I’ll reserve comment. You guys can have at it, though.

From the NYR:


New York Rangers Home Opener at Madison Square Garden – October 15th, 7 PM

New York, October 15, 2010 – To kick off the historic 85th anniversary of the New York Rangers, the original six franchise is bringing a host of exciting new entertainment elements to add to the in-game action for the Rangers home opener. On Friday, October 15th, at 7PM, Blueshirt fans at MSG will get to experience Ace Frehley, founding member and lead guitarist for the legendary rock band KISS, live for a performance of his hit song “New York Groove.”

During the first intermission, Food Network will introduce their very own “Ace of Cakes”, beloved baker, Chef Duff Goldman who has created a special 85th anniversary cake to commemorate the team’s history and celebrate the Rangers longest running season ticket holder, who has been a loyal fan at the Garden for 60 years. Duff will be filming an episode of Ace of Cakes in the arena throughout the Rangers game, and will be joined by Ranger greats Rod Gilbert, Adam Graves, and children from the Garden of Dreams Foundation to unveil his latest confectionary creation on the ice. For the first time ever, Duff has included cupcakes in his cake design, which will be made available for a select number of fans to enjoy at the concourse during the game.

The New York Rangers take on the Toronto Maple Leafs at 7PM at Madison Square Garden.

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  1. repost:

    Been a while since I’ve posted, but just wanted to say the site looks great!

    Over/under on the amount of games that it takes for Gabby to take the team lead in scoring (PTS)? Let’s say 5…


  2. Reposting after getting Carped… (maybe not an official Carping since my post was not the first after the new post was announced)

    Mama, I must admit that I wasn’t in favor or bring Avery back. I feared he’d be a distraction and disrupt the locker room. I’ve done a 180. He’s much more talented than I first thought. I get a kick out of his interviews where he practically whispers. I’d love to know what he says to get so many players fighting mad.

    As for Ace and the Cupcakes (sounds like a Disney movie), this is hockey damnit! Let’s just light the lamp and drop the puck.

  3. Ace Frehley?? Really?? They couldn’t dig up a less talented guitarist to sing a more horrible song. And to think I complained abot the blue man group.

  4. Glad to have you aboard Heave! As for the “entertainment” …. oh for holy effing hell. Well, no rush to get to warren for that!!

    I gotta run. have a great day and night all and catch up with you tomorrow!!!!


  5. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Bread and Circuses. That’s what the Emperors used to distract the masses from the collapse of the Roman Empire.

    Where’s Olga? Oh, I’ll do it myself…

    Fire Sather!

  6. Anyone have any idea who to e-mail to stop this madness? Just when you thought last year was the worst they could do . . .BAM. Ace Frehley & Ace Of Cakes. It’s almost embarrassing. No wait it’s very embarrassing.

  7. How about this instead. Show a new version of the “I am a Ranger” video and a few other highlights to get the crowd revved up, introduce the team, sing the anthems and then drop the puck!

  8. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Tony, on the bright side, (no pun intended) you won’t have to watch Ace Frehley & the Ace Of Cakes.

  9. well, New York Groove is an improvement over the Coldplay song.

    hey Carp,
    Duff at Ace of Cakes must be a Blueshirt fan. he’s worn a Hank jersey on the show numerous times.

  10. Come on all you Ace and Kiss haters. You know you will be singing along tonight – “I’m back, back in the New York Groove!”

    With his looks – the dude has to be wearing make-up.

    Should be a very physical game tonight – maybe the Boogie man will finally get to Boogie.

  11. Geez – sounds like we had to copy the Islanders’ cupcake idea – and Ace? Was at last year’s home opener and it was weird – this sounds worse. Last year they didn’t even introduce the players, hope they do that this season. They should skip all this other junk – world’s most famous arena with cupcakes and Ace??? A new low.

  12. Ace Frehley? We go from the Blue Man Group to an old has-been who thinks he saw a UFO land in his backyard? Ugh! KISS sucks!

    Probably going to have to have a half hour delay for this garbage.

    I’m not even going to touch this Cake business. But, why do I get the feeling Messier is going to cry when the cake is presented?

    Whatever! Just fuggin hand these guys their first loss of the year!

  13. Sather is brilliant! He figures everyone will be so disgusted or disinterested they’ll go to the concession stands for hot dogs and beer.

  14. I’ll be at the game tonight (sec 66). How does one become a part of the “select number of fans” who get a cupcake? Sure, it’s cheesy, but who among us would turn down a free cupcake?

  15. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Let’s have Blogmamma & Linda face off in a good old fashion cat fight (or as kramer says “c-c-cat fight!”) on center ice between the 2nd & 3rd periods. Bobby Granger can be the guest ref. Worth the price of admission right there!


    Sire Father!

  16. jpg, thanks for the WSJ link. What a great article. Let’s hope Stepan scores tonight in his MSG debut with his Dad watching. Even better is if it’s a game winner! LGR!!

  17. I can’t believe the little things that so many of you seem to moan and groan about. Talk about a spoiled generation. From the sound of things, a good day’s worth of really hard work would probably put a lot of you folks in traction.
    Unless you’re really just kidding….but it doesn’t look like kidding, some of y’all.

    I thought my kids did a lot of complaining…..I recall tbw getting after my three daughters about cleaning up their rooms right thru the college years for Pete’s sake.But they keep their dorm and apt rooms neat…because they have to. ( Yeah we spoiled them)…but you tend to do that with loved ones.

    But now we have satisfaction in getting revenge. Their combined 5 daughters are even worse than they were ( which might not be physically possible.) Funny thing though, my only son who is the oldest, kept his as neat as a navy ship’s quarters, and he’s the backwoodsman.. ( his passion is Bow
    Hunting..big game, Mt Lions, Bears, Elk, Caribou and whatever,( and he travels all over north America to do it)..but his home is neat, and shipshape ,as is his workshop.) I always get the impression that he is surprised that his sisters did as well as they have.

    Now remember guys, when you get involved in rooting on the Rangers…be careful not to strain
    yourselves…we can absorb some injuries from the team, but we can’t afford any trauma among the bonesters.

  18. I don’t like how we no longer have the time of the original post. I’m sure that can easily be added. And yes, the color scheme needs some tinkering.

  19. alright Tony
    ORR says that Orr is playing, according to wilson.
    (thought that had to be a time period or maybe it’s just according to each team’s
    evaluation, which can be suspect.)
    but i don’t if that means Orr is playing or ORR is playing or…

  20. cupcakes!!! YEAH!! I assume all of the ‘festivities’ will be televised, right?

    someone said on here “stop the madness” – what is so bad about having a talented chief present a beautiful creation for the 85th Anniversary of the team??

    Don’t care about the Kiss guy as much as i don’t care about Rock music…other than that, i think this will be fun! Too bad i wont be there in a “selected” fans group to try the cupcakes!

  21. I like it when Fran puts things in perspective.

    It’s an opening night act, it has zero bearing on how the season goes.

  22. I too miss the days when MSG showed a 3-minute introduction video and the players were introduced and the puck was dropped right after.

    Now that I know what’s happening before the game, I’m not so worried about being late. How about getting Pearl Jam (Eddie Vedder is boys with Leetch) to do opening night? They tore the roof off the Garden when they were in May.


  23. What CCCP? I could have sworn your facebook profile said something about dressing up in cat make up and wearing a jet black mullet wig.

  24. fivefootzerotenko on

    How to we click forward to the “new post”? I used to be able to go to the top of the page and see the title and just click on it…I don’t see that any more. Maybe this new format IS making me blind too.

    And for some reason, I cannot just hit control + to make the font bigger, I have to go to view, etc.

  25. fivefootzerotenko

    its at the bottom of the page now…under comments box

    Rich says:

    Not a fan of the new look


    i guess you wont be having cupcakes then!

  26. What color scheme? I only see white and grey….


    All this talk about cupcakes is making me want one.

  27. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    fran, when I was young, I remember having to to school in a blinding snowstorm, in June. We had to walk uphill- both ways, ten miles, without shoes. Why, my little sister didn’t even have feet! I had to drag her to school with the bent coathangers that I used in place of my missing arms. I wore a coat so tattered that there were six sleeves. We had muddy water soup for lunch with a crust of moldy bread the size of your fingernails. (We had eaten the fingernails for breakfast.) And when we finally got home, we had to work in the barn until midnight, then our father would beat us to sleep with his belt.

  28. Rick (No, not that one) (age 26) on

    I think Ace might need Bras***’s old walker….
    (tennis balls optional)


    Sec 322 tonight. Carp I’ll be yelling at the press box for ya lol

  30. wicky© (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    who cares, he should be a must claim by the rangers…he can bang!!

    brunnstrom also on waivers!

  31. Yes, he was a first rounder, just checked. Big firetrucker! I’m sure Joe M is drooling.
    Forget it, they can’t claim him. They would have to send White to Hartford. Apparently he is too valuable lol.

  32. Brunstom? They could have 2 of the 4 players to score hat tricks in their NHL debut. Get ‘er done Slats.

  33. speaking of the links on the right-hand side… what is THIS site doing there??

    Chris Botta’s Islanders Point Blank

  34. wicky has a crease-clearing D-man personal alarm. It goes off twice as loud within 30 seconds of the words “Witt”, “waivers” and “Brendan” being posted on any forum/blog/website.

  35. wicky© (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    On that note, back to work….later assens!

    See you after the game…LGR!!!!

  36. Blueval Seaten Horrortenko on

    You guys are en fuego today. Keeping me laughing at work. Thanks.

    Just remember this…technically Boogaard is still on track to win the Lady Bing this year. Maybe he’s turning a new leaf (no pun intended).

  37. Blueval Seaten Horrortenko on

    After reading through all those posts I’m nauseated like I just watched Blair Witch Project.

  38. fivefootzerotenko on

    That NY Times article about Stephan has a lot of “Mr.’s” in it…a few too many if you ask me.

  39. Blueval Seaten Horrortenko on

    Everybody keeps mentioning free cupcakes. Nowhere in the article did I see the word free. I’d bet the chosen few get to pay $20 per cupcake. Hopefully it goes to charity.

    My wife watches Ace of Cakes and I notice it passing through the room on occasion. His cakes are interesting looking, but not one of them ever looked edible to me.

  40. Crystal Water Triple on

    Some bozo came in and completely changed the Wall Street Journal print media format, a few years ago – effectively breaking something that was perfect and didn’t need “fixing.” That is what we have here. I’ve seen better looking debris carnage all over the track following a NASCAR accident, than this crap format looks. It STINKS! Fire the GD “trouble shooter.” Make the jerk go out there and find a REAL job.

  41. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    1925 the year my late DAD was born , a life long Ranger fan.
    I thank him for introducing me to the NEW YORK RANGERS and to the game hockey.

    GOOD LUCK to the NEW YORK RANGERS for the upcoming season .

    GO ROOKIES GO !!!!

  42. On a more positive note, I see Christian Thomas scored EIGHT goals, and added five asssists in his first five games with Oshawa, OHL. He keeps that madness up, we really have got something, here. The other draft picks look poor to awful, so far, with one out with injury until November. But one diamond in the rouge can make a draft, as we know.


    It’s too bad the Black Aces won’t be there.

    It would have been a treat to see Eddie Olcyzk, Mike Hartman, Mike Hudson, Peter Andersson, and Phil Bourque again.

  44. Izzy

    Well have a little consideration for Pete’s sakes, you can’t expect everyone to have had it as easy as you did.

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