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From the post-game … By the way, I think Brian Boyle just hit a three-run homer for the Yankees in the eighth.


Brandon Dubinsky:

“We’re trying to be aggressive and be smart about it. We have a job to get back, and the first guy attacks and if it switches there we have to make sure that guy focuses and gets back to give the D a little support. I think right now we’re hesitant a little hit coming back and I think that’s what’s creating some odd-man rushes for the opposing team.

“But as far as tonight’s game goes, I think we spent the majority of the first two periods not being physical and kind of watching them and letting them play a little bit. We found a way to regroup in the third and showed some resiliency and came back and got a point. And penalties … we’ve got to focus and stay out of the box. That’s two games in a row it’s hurt us, obviously not just Staalsie there at the end, but we had to kill a lot of penalties tonight. To be successful you can’t be killing, I don’t even know what the number was, 8-9 times short-handed including the extended 5-on-3 and two 4-on-3s. Players on opposing teams are too good in this league, so we’ve got to make sure we focus on that.

“But we found a way to come back from two goals and create something positive. But here at home, we’ve got to play full 60-minute games and we sure didn’t do that tonight.”

On losing Gaborik and Drury:

“It’s obviously tough when you lose your best player. I’m not sure what the prognosis is on him. I haven’t heard. But without him, that just means the other guys are going to have to step up and try to pick up some slack and stay together. We’ve got a good group in here and a strong team and we’ll find a way to get through it.”

Dan Girardi:

“We definitely had to bounce back from the second period there. That wasn’t us. We played good in the first two games, played hard, and just were really flat in the second there. We found out we lost Marian and Dru and we had to rally around that. Boyler had a great effort to get us back in the game  and it’s great to see guys step up like that for us.”

“We kind of dug ourselves a hole there in the second period, so to battle back and get a point is actually a plus, but another penalty hurt us. My penalty could have hurt us — I got lucky there that they didn’t score. It’s just tough for us to lose like that.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

On the interference-penalty calls this season:

“I think the referees are trying to find a new level. It’s very tough for the players. Some calls you understand, some you definitely don’t understand. Same for us. We’re trying to find a level where we feel comfortable out there, and I think the referees are doing the same thing. I think it’s tough for guys to know how to play and on what levels. Hopefully things settle down and guys know how to play without getting penalties.”

On the Armstrong hit that injured Gaborik firing them up:

“Yeah, we talked about that going into the third. First of all we needed to start playing physical and we did and it took us back in the game. They won a lot of battles in the first two periods, especially in the second period. I think that was key for us to come back. We started to play physical and it helped us.”


Good night, boys and girls.

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  1. Eh, I like that 4th line as it is. I wouldn’t jump the gun with Flavah.

    Although, he looks much improved. What ever Torts said to him, he took it to heart. Solid 4th liner, that can hopefully chip in a few timely goals, like he did tonight.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Was at the game. How did Drury and Gaborik get hurt? Was it the collision in the offensive zone?

  3. Carp
    first off
    thanks for all the hard work tonight.
    you deserve an adult beverage or two when you get home (or earlier)

    they said Drury broke his finger but it kinda looked as if he twisted his ankle on that weird play.

  4. Hi Ogie. Buy you a soda after the game? on

    Ha Maple Leaf! Go away Maple Leafs! You’re the worst Leafs on earth! Die Maple Leafs! Die!

  5. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Was also at the game. A few thoughts.

    I don’t know who posted it,but someone said that blowzy played a good game. All I can say about that is wow! The is a mistake factory. He was just horrid. Joining him in the all horrid team tonight was Gilroy. I will forgive him though only because this was his first game this year and he felt some pressure.

    It will be tough adjusting without Gabby but hey, such is life. This might serve them well long term thought.

    In closing, I have to say that the refs were simply awful tonight. Then again, it must be nice playing for the leafs knowing that your going to get most of the calls night in and night out.
    I watch quite a a lot of their games and it happens almost every game. This league is a joke when it is so obvious as to the bias the refs show in favor of the leafs and the league never does anything about it.

  6. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Politcal commecials during a sporting event. Should NOT be allowed. ARGH.

  7. wicky© (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    thanks for the at the game report. My sentiments exactly! Those to just need to go away asap from our D.

    claim valabik!

    look into souray (if he has even played in hershey yet).

  8. wicky© (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I’d love to see vtank up here, but no way valabik is worse than rozy. Just because a guy doesn’t fit on one team, does not mean he can not help another!!

    forgot to mention something form earlier since you guys made me laurel……so mrs wicky saw dubi get into a little scrum in the first period (I think) and she goes”what the hell is princess dubi going to do, hit them with his purse?” LMFAO!!!! She cracked me up!

    Ok, resume talking amongst yourselves!! Night assens x2!!!

  9. MickeyM really likes the second line on

    Stay away from crazy drivers! And sugar! And… other stuff!

    OK, it’s been one, long assen of a day so with that, I’m out. Niters!

  10. here is what i think they should do for lineup (forwards):
    Frolov-Stepan- Avery
    Fedetenko-Christensen- Kennedy

  11. Dubi should be next captain…this kid wants to lead. He is looking much more polished. AND STOP micromanaging every nano tick of this team. I thinkn that is a horrible trend in the new internet world we live in. ADD way of life…short term views…pull it back, sons…perspective. I see the same thing from people in the trading community…a stock goes down for a few days and the sky is falling…no one wants to think longer term…this team isnt an elite team, but they are a heck of a lot more fun to watch…they have entertaining players…i enjoyed today’s game…they fought back…give them that at least.

  12. Joekuh - En Gaard!!!....for his 2 on 1? on

    I’ll take the aggressiveness from Eminger. At least he’s showing he has a pulse out there. Gilroy had some TERRIBLE cough ups in the 2nd, but I thought he did a much better job in the 3rd.

  13. Tank The Season on

    Nah Torts is from Boston but if you are around hockey enough you will sound Canadian no matter where you’re from.

  14. That was one of the most bizzare games I have ever seen. It had injuries, poor play, stupid penalties, Bizzaro Boyle, turnovers, lucky goaltending, and general chaos. I would critique the game, but I don’t know where to start.

    I’d say Drury’s injury is a blessing in disguise.
    I’d say Gabby’s injury is a horrible diaster.

    Other than that, I can’t say much.

  15. The game was exciting, but I can’t say that the Rangers are must see TV anymore. I just can’t get with this team this year.

  16. Crystal Water Triple on

    The two-referee system favors incompetence, there are not that many good refs on the planet. What a horrible idea, to mock the NBA going to three officials, by adding one in the NHL. Of course “Mr Basketball” our esteemed NHL Commissioner just had to push for another 35-40 incompetent refs to be employed, so that no NHL game can ever be officiated decently. And what is with the false pride of never rectifying the experiments which have failed, starting with two referees and the sh*t-out?

  17. Can we just cut bait on Dreary and upgrade either Callahan or Dubinsky to Captain, now? Hard to believe any team could be lacking leadership just because Dreary is on the sidelines for a protracted period.

  18. Hi folks.. It’s been a while since I have posted, but I’m here every day. This team losing to the leafs was no suprise, the comeback was. I have to say though after you get beaten to the puck as many times as they were in the first period, you have to wonder why they came out and played the second the same way. They were not physical enough, and the D threw the puck away under pressure time after time. The leafs out played them, out hit them and were much more disiplined the entire game. This defence has not improved if anything they have gotten worse. There are better D men in Hartford. I also have to add that the Leafs are a prime example of what a good manager can do for a team in a short time, while not breaking the bank doing it. The Leafs are playing the same style game the Rangers want to play, but for some reason Torts and Sather haven’t realized to play that game it takes speed. It may take a while but hopefully they will start playing the system they have to play to win with the players they have. There is talent here, and I think this is a better team up front than last years, but they can’t open up like they did last night with many teams in this league , or there will be a lot more games like last night. They have to find a balance, they have to win more battles and take less penalities. I know this is early and you don’t make the playoffs in Oct. but as the saying goes you can play yourself out of the playoffs in Oct.

  19. LindaCalPruBoylahan on

    Should I feel badly that a few days ago, right here on the blog, I was hoping a bonehead would run into drury’s broken finger on home opener evening and he’d miss more time??? I guess this makes Rozsival an honorary bonehead?!

    enjoyed your post hockeymon

  20. It doesn’t matter who the captain is or is not. They need to stop playing like a bunch of rookies, and play aggressively and offensively. They’re not winning defensive team of the year, so just play hard in the offensive zone. This is the first season since the Jagr years where they have actually had shifts which could cycle in the offensive zone.
    P.S. Drury is a lot more fragile than Gaborik.

  21. LindaCalPruBoylahan on

    crystal water, liked both of your posts also. I thought to myself after you guys mentioned drury was out 6 weeks, that maybe Cally would get the chance to wear the C in his absence. Now I’m wondering if Torts would give it to Rozsival, since he’s the longest tenured Ranger…

  22. Without even talking about the game-The Garden was a bummer last night. Tons of Leaf fans, Ace F$%#@#g Freeley, and some dude with a violin. It was truly embarrassing.

  23. We deserved a point last night, and nothing more. We definitely didn’t deserve to win that game. But I like this quote from Boyle, a lot.

    While Tortorella was understandably miffed by Avery’s act, Boyle had no problem at all with his teammate’s aggressiveness. Quote below from Brooks’ Post column today.

    “You know what? We killed it,” Boyle said. “We will stand up for each other, and then we will kill off those penalties when we get them.

    “It’s not going to be like last year.”

    That to me means more than a win or loss last night. Boyle said on Post game, and he was very careful with his words, but he said, that what happened to Gabby will be dealt with. He had the look of a man possessed in his eyes all night last night. And I know a lot of people are ready to sell this team down the river already, but to me, it is a new team, and it is not going to be like last year. This team is going to gel and win games, but they are still learning how and we are only 3 games in.

    I could be totally off here, but I really feel this way. The losses of Gabby and Dru both hurt, but this team can overcome them. Now, that second half of the first period and the whole second period are completely unacceptable, but they never quit. And “They never quit” is getting a little old and they need to turn in to “They never quit, and they won,” but I always like to give a team ten games before I really make an opinion, but I am not as down on this team yet, as many are. I am glad we play Toronto next week and I truly believe that someone will go after Armstrong or Kessel or someone on their team, and I think that is what Sean did with his whack on Komiserek. He may be suspended for that, but again, I have no problem with it. You shoot my dog, and I’m going to skin your cat. End of story!

  24. Good morning, boneheads!

    First of all, Toronto is a much improved team. And their start is reflecting it. They’ll have their ups and downs, but they will do some damage.

    One positive, and consistent thing about the Rangers this year- it’s a resilient team. And they are entertaining. But for whatever reason they decided to play a “no-hitter” for the first two periods and they paid. The forecheck was superficial, they couldn’t send enough people in, and had issues with Toronto’s speed. And don’t get me started on their own end. Were they afraid to dirty their home jerseys? They are clearly lacking a banger on D, but they didn’t even try.


  25. LindaCalPruBoylahan on

    Carp, the rink here in Alabama wouldn’t even have trampoline things, or a fiddle player (although they do have a band in Nashville). Good article, and that line made me laugh!! The one thing the rink here in Alabama WILL have, is a Championship Banner going up on Opening Night!

  26. MSG officially lost its first class status last night. I had an Ace Frehley nightmare last night. Even MSG network cut that short.

    All this talk about, “We aren’t gonna stand for that.” after the Gaborik injury. What did they do? Aside from Avery chopping down Komisarek, who sent a message? I think Boogaard is like a nuclear weapon. Horrifying, but he just can not be used.

  27. Oops, sorry, pressed on “submit” too fast.

    Aver, IMO, was the best player on our team. He played hard, mean and fast. He was the only player to go after Armstrong and tried to fight him, regardless whether it was a clean hit on Gaborik or not. He took a bad penalty later( I wouldn’t be surprised if he is suspended), but came back and created a goal. MDZ was the second best ( and most physical on D, lol), followed by Boyle. Boyle keeps surprising me this year. Hope he continues. I do like the point and hope they learn their lessons.

  28. LindaCalPruBoylahan on

    “I think Boogaard is like a nuclear weapon. Horrifying, but he just can not be used.”

    I nominate CW for the line of the week award!

  29. Here yo go, Nasty. I feel the same. I’m very positive about the team and their attitude, and excited to see the next game. I believe they should call up MZA. They lost a right wing scorer, call up the right wing scorer. But I’m afraid they will insert White- safe route. Too bad.

  30. Typically, injuries derail a team. But if the team sucks, then it actually presents an opprotunity to improve. The future could be now. . . . .unless Slats trades for Brad Richards.

  31. Btw, speaking of Boogart. I had no doubts that Orr and Boogart wouldn’t fight. They made some noise towards each other, but neither of them wanted to fight each other. Not after Orr was KD. This is what they do for living, folks. Orr and Boogie knew that if Colton catches one more on his chin two days after, it could be devastating or at least long term. It’s an unwritten rule, but the goons respect each other.

  32. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I only caught bits and pieces of the game, so please tell me if this is correct…

    Were Rozy and Staal by far the worst defensmen in the game? Perhaps for both teams?!

  33. It hurts losing Gabby no doubt,But Dreary is to slow for this team.We don’t need or want him.And Vinny might not come back at all.So we’re getting what we ask for,a team full of kids.Bring up Kennedy get Christensen back on the ice where he should of been last night. I can’t wait for Monday night. A much faster and aggressive team.Digging in the corners swarming around the net.I’ll give Torts a few games to get the right line combos. And if it doesn’t work out its time for a new coach….We have the talent.
    I’m not saying Stanley cup,But I am saying respectable. 95 points I still say we need another top 4 D-man though.Or someone step up and play like one.
    This is everyone’s chance to play. We know it and they know it. oh ya one more thing

  34. I’ll tell you, last year I’d get pretty depressed if we lost Gaborik that early. But not this year. Perhaps because he hasn’t scored yet. But most likely because one can see they have more secondary scoring. AA struggled a bit yesterday too for some reason. I think he was trying to score too much and forgot to play his game.

  35. By the way, you can forget about Kennedy. He has to go through re-entry waivers, and he is more likely than not, going to be picked up at $225K. And the Rangers will be paying the other half. That’s why I kept saying it was a dumb move to send him down instead of White.

  36. I’m also not terribly worried after a very uneven showing last night. Our defensive effort, and I’m speaking of the entire team, was the reason for this loss. Poor coverage which led to chasing the puck (again) and open ice for Toronto to move the puck quickly through the neutral zone and over the blue line with speed. As everyone has noted we weren’t physical enough either.

    Our defense is a work in progress that Torts is still trying to figure out. I think he wants it to work with players already within the organization but if we continue to give up 4+ goals a game the team will have no choice but to make a trade.

    Boyle continues to impress with improvement in every area of his game. It’s easy to root for him when the work he did in the off season is so evident. Let’s also credit the coaching staff for waking up our sleeping giant. Whatever they said or did to motivate him is working. He seems to have some leadership qualities and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him throw the gloves down at some point. Let’s hope Big Boo is showing him a thing or two in that regard.

    Yes, Avery was great last night excepting for about :30. The penalty he took was just plain stupid. Sean lost control and he’s lucky there was no goal scored on the resulting PP. He’s shown himself to be a talented player but that behavior is partly why officials look the other way when he’s fouled. I’ll bet the penalty he drew earlier in the game would not have been called if it had occurred after his attempt to amputate a foot.

    I strongly disagree with some of you regarding the hit Gaborik took that separated his shoulder. It definitely was a hit from behind.

    The officiating is atrocious! Not only are the referees extremely inconsistent but they are increasingly out of position and interfering with the play. At one point not only was the linesman right in the middle of the play but he was grabbing a player in an attempt to get out of the way. Where do they get these guys?

  37. True

    If you see many of these posts you will notice that I have little respect for Roszival’s demeanor, let alone his participation. He has the talent but not it seems the inner engine for dynamic performance, which a solid D man needs in the NHL. But he actually played a reasonably good game last night
    ( irrespective of that lucky butterfly that found it’s way into the net.) And to criticize poor Gilroy for not being up to par, after sitting out the past couple of weeks is an absurdity.

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