The Captain is Back


My question is, what if it works?

I know, that sounds silly.

But what if, out of nowhere, Chris Drury clicks with Marian Gaborik and Alex Frolov?

What if all of a sudden he becomes this dynamic first-line center? What if he starts putting up numbers that equate to a 30-goal, 80-point season?

Yeah, right. But it could happen. You never, ever know with these things. I do know that Gaborik creates most of his own scoring, so he doesn’t require a great disher. And I do know that Drury will be more than happy to give it up. And that he’d be a reliable defensive presence on that line, and pretty good on draws.

Imagine? Hah.

He might want to renegotiate that contract.


Photo above is Stanley, Blogmama’s buddy, and another feline who reads Rangers Report and obviously is out of its fur waiting for the re-design.


The NHL does some nice things. Here’s one, from league HQ:

NEW YORK (October 12, 2010) — The National Hockey League is partnering with Rock and Wrap It Up! to fight hunger across the United States and Canada.  This season, all 30 of the League’s Member Clubs have committed to work with RWU to pack up all prepared but unsold concession food on game nights for redistribution to local shelters and places of need.

Several NHL Clubs have long-established working relationships with Rock and Wrap It Up! and have donated more than 170,000 meals since 2007. As of Opening Night of the 2010-11 season, all 30 are ensuring that their excess in-arena food doesn’t go to waste and that fewer families in North America go to bed hungry, making the NHL the first sports league to have all of its Member Clubs participate in Rock and Wrap It Up!

“I am extremely proud that every one of our 30 Clubs will help combat hunger this season by teaming up with Rock and Wrap It Up!,” NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said. “Our players and Clubs are dedicated to serving their local communities and it is our League-wide pledge to be responsible stewards of our planet. There is no better example of that commitment than our partnership with Rock and Wrap It Up!”

Rock and Wrap it Up! was founded by Syd Mandelbaum, a forensic scientist by trade, who in 1991 coupled his love of music and passion for wiping out hunger by collecting and redistributing leftover food from rock concerts. RWU was launched nationwide in 1994 with the support of MTV. It has since broadened its scope to include collaboration with more than 150 bands, 200 schools and universities and more than 50 sports franchises to collect in excess of 100 million pounds of food that have fed more than 200 million people.

“Rock and Wrap It Up! recognizes how vital and valuable our partnership with the National Hockey League is,” Mandelbaum said. “Poverty in North America is at a dire and critical point. The National Hockey League and its franchises will help feed millions more who hunger while keeping thousands of tons of food out of landfill. Food recovery has become part of the culture of the National Hockey League.”


I’m sure Izzy, among others, got a kick out of the above.

I’m actually going to try to take a full day off today. Well, full, after I finish this. Meaning no work. Meaning, if Messier comes out of retirement, I’ll catch up on that news tomorrow. Might even chase around Mr. T in the rain later on.

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  1. if it works, the Rangers are better for it. they did miss Drury in the first two games.

  2. oops i mean up early…

    yeah Drury could click …i guess the chances are better than us winning the lotto

  3. Great minds think alike. I was just gonnapost the same topic in the last thread.

    I don’t see why they didn’t try this sooner. I mean if I am Sather, I would ask Torts to give it a shot. Drury’s secondary assists alone would help make it look like Drury had some value for that moronic contract. Secondly, only Stepan has been clicking with Gabby/Frolov, but he isn’t ready for a full time job with those two. Drury can do anything EC does, so why not let Gabby-Dru-Frolov gel, and let EC “heal” in the press box for a few games.

    If Drury is so respected by the team, and adored by his coach, I don’t see how they didn’t try this a long time ago.

  4. Even though he’s older and still has that cap choking contract, Drury is still a better option than Christensen. He’s better on faceoffs, he’s better defensively and ummm….did you know that he won the Little League World Series as a kid?

  5. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I think he owns a pizza place too! You already know he’s gotta click on the top line, pizza place guys always do!

  6. I dont see it being a terrible idea, hes good on faceoffs and maybe after last season will have some sort of chip on his shoulder + wanting to get back out there after missing the first 2 games could be a good thing. He’s got more upside then EC for sure and can open up a bit more ice for gabby. Lets keep our fingers crossed!

  7. I think Drury provides different elements to the line than EC. If anything he’d be a bit of a defensive conscience for that line as well as being a player that could collect some dirty goals for them. As far as passing goes, he’s been more of a goal scorer than a set up man for most of his career.

  8. Torts had every intention of trying Drury there. He just never got the chance in pre season because he hurt his finger. I don’t have a problem with it. If EC was more consistent, I would want him there, but he is so hot and cold. With Dru, you pretty much know what you are getting. Defensively sound and will chip in a few goals.

  9. Toronto has looked great to start the season. It should be a battle tomorrow night. I can’t believe the Pens start. Islanders really hung in there last night too. I have to admit, as dumb as it sounds, I was sort of rooting for them to win.

  10. Good morning all! Thanks Carp!

    Oh chill guys, just a little humor. And my girl was jealous over Gomez yesterday. What, you needed a another pic of Drury :)

    Hmmm. last night, er, this morning was quite interesting here.

    It’s almost tomorrow!!!!

  11. Yes, it would be great if Drury could play well for more than one game and all of a sudden develop great passing sense. Of course, it would be a rare player who actually improves after three seasons of plummeting statistics. He is not a playmaker, and those skills don’t develop out of nowhere. Worst scenario is that since Gaborik is due to score, he scores with Drury and Drury gets credit for it, and Torts keeps him there. Ugh.

  12. you guys see on the rangers website near the bottom they have a prospect tracker and so far christian thomas is doing real good. hes got 8g,5a in 5 games. could have a season like grachev had 2 years ago. grachev btw got his first of the season recently for hartford. hopefully he gets about 20-25 this year. hes gotta do much better this year if hes gonna make the team next year.

  13. im actually excited to see drury on top line. lets see if he gets his scoring back because gabby is a great passer. lol i know im probably gonna hate him by the 2nd period but still gotta have hope the papa clutchio gets goin here!

  14. Maybe Drury needs more armor. I tell you, these namby pamby things that pass for gloves nowadays are no help at all, and they might was well be using batting gloves. How about something that really “protects” instead of being fashion statements. (any prospective entrepreneurs, waiting for a big new item?)


    Sounds like EC kinda knows he’s in trouble if Drury comes back and clicks with the first line while he’s out. I think he’s the odd man out either way to be honest. W/e though. Glad we’re getting our captain back and I hope he clicks on that first line. I will be at MSG tomorrow night giving him a clean slate for 2010-11.

  16. On topic, my Drury jury is still out. Let’s see what he actually brings to the ice this time around. OK, off to earn a living. Later all!

  17. oh forgot to mention- EC’s comments were in the Post this morning. He just sounded eager not to miss any time. I’m sure part of that is knowing that his next stop is AHL/Sweden if he doesn’t cement a spot on this roster.

  18. Tank The Season on

    Drury could have been hurt last season. He probably was. We don’t know.

    If he has another crappy season we will know for sure.

  19. Drury has always succeeded when his linemates did most of the creative work. This was the case in Buffalo and in Colorado. He puts the garbage goals in that his skilled linemates don’t always put in the net. Because of this role he is able to focus more on his defensive game, allowing his offensive linemates to cheat a little towards that side of the puck. So yeah, I think it could, in theory, be a very good fit to have Drury on the first line. Still, I kinda like Stepan there myself. Gaborik may create opportunities but he’s no Kovalchuck. He needs someone to pass it to him more than many believe.

  20. Putting Drury in the middle of the first line is an obvious experiment. Being that Drury is a very different player than EC it will be interesting to see how his play affects the dynamic of that line and how well they work together. Also, does this affect Drury’s role on the PK? I wonder if we’ll see the team play a more defensively responsible game with Drury’s veteran presence back in the locker room?

  21. Exactly, Drury doesn’t create that much offense except from in close and around the net.

    I don’t know if Gaborik necessarily needs someone to pass him the puck, but rather he needs someone else to be a threat on the other side of the ice to open things up. He gets at least double teamed when he carries the puck and once the play slows down inside the offensive zone he sometimes draws triple coverage. If Frolov can get hot that will create even more opportunities for Gaborik.

  22. One thing that I’ve been seeing Gaborik do this year which I have been DYING to see him do is cut to the middle. Last year, every time he had the puck he would just skaaaate down the boards and throw the puck toward the middle or take it behind the net. I’ve seen him make a short cut to the middle and get a nice little wrist-shot off on the goalie. ABOUT TIME!!! This is what guys like Kovalchuck, Malkin and Ovechkin do on a regular basis. This is why I said that Gaborik needs someone to pass him the puck. Because he doesn’t always get himself in the best shooting positions- by himself. He needs to dish the puck, move to a good shooting position and THEN fire away. But as a result he needs someone who can pass well. Is Drury an elite passer? I don’t think he ever was considered to be. Stepan is better than average. Gomez would have been good for Gaborik. I kinda wish they kept him and dumped Drury.

  23. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I would like to make one point (and perhaps 42 fewer points than Drury would have if he played on the top line), even when Drury was on the best offensive team in the NHL he still only had 70 points. His career average is about 50 points.

    Unfortunately, Drury just *SUCKS* overall, but has had many *clutch* performances. Regardless, even if he were to catch “lightening in a bottle” on the top line, nobody should be led to believe that he’ll even break 55 points. By and large, that is more than I expect of him at this point, but a miserable failure for a 8.0mil player between guys scoring upwards of 75 goals.

  24. Anyone see the video of Colton Orr getting knocked out last night? I wonder if he’ll be down to scrap with our guy tomorrow.

  25. Drury has a full no movement clause, Gomez had a partial no trade. Also, Gomez had the more “tradeable” skills between the two of them and his speed fit in better with Montreal’s style of play.

    Ovechkin and Kovalchuk are bigger guys and don’t have the injury history of Gaborik. But I’ve definitely seen Malkin try to play wide as he carries the puck into the zone. There’s no doubt that having a great playmaking center would help Gaborik, especially since he’s got such great off the line acceleration and he’s deadly if he’s able to sneak behind the defense and head for open ice. On a team with limited offensive resources, I’d rather see the better centers paired with wingers that have more of a need for someone to do the leg work when it comes to working the puck into high percentage areas.

  26. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    …like stepan, CT?
    Ultimately, that’s what I would prefer to see.

    The only reason I might suggest trying Drury on the top line for a game or two is to see if the other lines can keep producing at this pace and (if so) hope that Drury can get that first line, which is playing more like a third line right now, going.

  27. Orr got TKO’d last night. Such is the life of the enforcer. Shelly knocked him out last year too. Orr was not the same for a long time after that. That is why these guys shouldn’t get long term deals. Once they get hurt, you never know how they will react. Two years into his 4 year deal, he isn’t resembling Bob Probert is he?

    Sather was right to pass on that deal.

  28. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    And a great big Wisniewski Salute to all those cretins who wanted to dump our points leader Dubinsky during the off season. Where are you now?

  29. I’m not against putting Stepan on the top line at some point during the season. But he’s working well right now on the 3rd.

    I believe he’s better off now consistently playing against weaker competition at this point of the season. He’s got less than 10 games of experience at this level (counting pre-season, which while better than the NCAA competition isn’t exactly full NHL competition either). They took their time with Anisimov last year and he played well when playing against an appropriate level of competition. And this was after Anisimov had dominated for a full year in the AHL, which is a better league than the NCAA.

    Overmatching youngsters is a very good way of ruining their development. It takes truly exceptional talent to be able to come fresh into the league and handle heavy minutes against top competition. As much as I like Stepan, he’s most likely not going to be quite at the level of Crosby or Malkin.

  30. Izzy, I’d glady dump Dubinsky now, as there is no way he’ll keep this up. Let’s revisit this later in the season.

  31. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Because dumping Dubi will allow Kennedy and white to step in and have 50 point seasons?! haha.

  32. I think people are forgetting how bad Drury is offensively. He’s a 3rd/4th line center at this point in his career.

    Why Torts doesn’t try Dubinsky or Anisimov with Gaborik and Frolov is beyond me.

  33. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    “I’d glady dump Dubinsky now, as there is no way he’ll keep this up.”

    See Carp, Sather does read your Blog…

  34. The question is always to overload the top line with talent or to “spread the wealth”. It’s a question every year, particularly with the Rangers. We all saw how teams keyed in on Gaborik as the season went on which limited his productivity. By overloading the first line with talent (and I;m not really saying Drury is talent) then the opposing team will have to be aware of more than just one player. I happen to think that this is the better strategy because I doubt the other 3 lines will be able to sustain any kind of consistent scoring threat as the season progresses. It would be better to have one legit line as opposed to swiss cheese throughout the lineup. Line #2 looks pretty good, though, so far. So does 3. Who knows!

  35. So Torts thinks that Stepan’s and Anisimov’s lines are untouchable after two games of the season? So let’s just put Drury in with Gaborik and Frolov? Has anyone watched Drury play the last 3 seasons or looked at his stats?
    And what’s up with Prospal?

  36. I would love it if Dru clicks with Gabolov and starts racking up the goals and points, then at least he’ll be going some way to justifying his pay!! Lines 2, 3 and 4 seem pretty set. Still not sure why we sent Kennedy down and kept White? Surely Kennedy fits better on the 4th LW if Boogey sits out for a game?

    Tony – i watched the Orr fight this morning he was clearly winning on points and got tagged on the chin by a good punch. Tough kid that Engelland apparently, he’s been doing it in the AHL for 3 years

  37. Why mess with lines that worked in the first two games? Of course, things will change over the course of the season, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  38. the problem is that we are only 2 games into the season with a team thats been known to be terribly inconsistent. I wouldnt jump to conclusions about the 2nd or 3rd line right now, as they are all a) young and b) well conditioned at the momement. As the season wears on we will find anisimov/stepan on that first line at times im sure. Whoever made that comment about dubi being the points leader, again, we are only 2 games into the season. This time last year, even after 5 or 6 games, eveyrone thought we were winning the cup. Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves. Hopefully these 2 games are indeed indicators of the season and if we can stay consistent i think we will be in for a nice surpise as ranger fans. Give drury a shot, if he cant produce with gaborik and frolov or if the other lines get stale then we can start saying where certain players should be playing, but for now lets leave that to the coach and hope this team continues to show some nice signs of improvment. LETS GO RANGERS

  39. Shattenkirk Del Headzo October 14th, 2010 at 11:28 am

    I’m allergic to Blogmama’s kitty.


    Then get outta here! ;)

    Mama’s kitty (that just doesn’t sound appropriate) stays!

    Mama’s Stanley is equally bestest with Gomez, Avery, Cup, and Dubinsky!

  40. Izzy, don’t make too much out of two games. It’s way too early to be calling anyone a points leader at this point in the season. Dubi has played well at various points since he’s been here. As mentioned before it’s his consistency that’s been an issue w/ many who are willing to trade him. Dubi was much heralded when he arrived and has yet to play up to the level the organization anticipated on a consistent basis. If he can continue to play as he has for the first two games we’ll all want him to stay and be re-signed at year’s end.

  41. Sauer skating with White as 4th D pair. Probably means Gilly in tomorrow night. But why for Sauer?

  42. Izzy is a forensic scientist by trade? That explains it. LMAO at Wisniewski Salute!

    What’s the fuss, folks? We can only hope Drury on first line works.

  43. “Julia Stiles storyline? what you mean?”

    That’s the chick who was locked in that little room that Dexter saw at the end of the episode. I don’t know how long she’s going to last, but Julia Stiles isn’t the kind of chick that signs on for one or two episodes. She might ride the season out, and it should be interesting what Dexter does, seeing as how she saw what he did, but he can’t kill her since she’s not a criminal.

    “And a great big Wisniewski Salute to all those cretins who wanted to dump our points leader Dubinsky during the off season. Where are you now?”

    LMAO! It’s two fuggin games into the season.

    Regardless. He’s playing really good, but it’s only two games. Let’s see if he can actually keep it up and remain consistent which seems to be his biggest problem, aside from his hair, nose picking, and ugly faces he makes after scoring a goal.

  44. Sauer skating with White as 4th D pair. Probably means Gilly in tomorrow night. But why for Sauer?


    It must be a rite of passage or something, each year one defenseman will receive a photo of Glen Sather committing an unspeakable act. Previous holders of this photo include Tom Poti, Marek Malik, Sandis Ozolinsh and Wade Redden.

  45. ilb – My thoughts exactly about the computer.

    To all boneheads: I have a marvelous idea. We should all chip in and get a laptop for BlogMama – so that she can join us during Rangers games. She only has a desktop, and has to go from room to room during games to type on here. Thoughts?

  46. love the cat photos!

    one of these days i’ll snap a pic of my two furballs wearing their rangers jerseys.. and yes, my cats do have rangers jerseys.. they were a gift from an old friend and roommate.

    here we go, the triumphant return of captain crap!

  47. I live in Albany, NY and when I went to set my DVR to record the game on Time Warner, My options on MSGHD and MSG2HD are to watch Buffalo or the Islanders, neither of whom actually PLAY at MSG! WTF?!?!?!? For Game 1 I had to watch the freaking Buffalo feed, not in HD, until 3 minutes left in the 3rd when it just changed and suddenly became Sam and Joe talking and in HD. I hate them all…

  48. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Heave Ho- what do you think was the anticipation the organization had when they used their 6th pick (2nd round)to draft Dubi in 2004? I would suggest “Hopeful NHL’er” would not be too optimistic. I think he has surpassed any realistic expectations they had at that time.
    Yes, I don’t think he can keep up the 123 goal/year pace he has set so far. I don’t even expect him to end up on top of the Ranger points list. I do expect that, like last year he will provide the biggest bang for the buck on the Rangers. I hope he has a great season and holds up Sather for every dollar he deserves. Actually I hope Sather is long gone before Dubi’s free agency arrives.

  49. Two things:
    1. The Rangers should consider themselves lucky to have found two solid #2 and #3 lines. It’s obvious that the NYR could put any monkey on the first line and get points out of Gabby.
    2. This revolving door of Dmen for the first few games is actually a good thing. A trade is coming. Perhaps one that resolves our first line dilema.

  50. Izzy, the high expectations for Dubi were not established when he was drafted but as he developed in the minors. By the time he joined the big club they saw him as a contender for a top six foward position. I’m also hoping he has a great season but if he falls back to his inconsistent ways his chances of staying with us are not great.

  51. I just have an un-tanned white guy.

    Orr, I never would have guess you chose EC as your avatar.

  52. ORR!! Drugs Are Buh-ad, Mmkay? on

    I’m trying to change my avatar to an alien baby bathing in motor oil. I don’t want EC!

  53. I like it. I hope it works a little better on my BlackBerry. By the way, if you have a Verizon or Sprint 9650 Bold, do yourself a favor and find the leaked OS 6 update. It has the webkit browser, and it makes having the device soooooo much better! You can find the leak on or

  54. Where am I?!?!

    Leafs practicing at Chelsea Piers if ya wanna check em out.

    Orr is practicing, so I guess he is ok.

  55. Looks like the avatars are gone. Please, bring ’em back! The poster’s name doesn’t stand out as it previously did.

  56. I think a pretty face in a Ranger’s jersey would be mighty fine! Our team is hot, why not our avatars?

  57. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    Wow…new look is interesting! Like orr said, how do we add avatars???

    morning/afternoon ILB and all!!

    Dubi has played well so far (loved his princess routine in the fishies pre-game though, all talk….) 2 games into the season. Dubi has also been very inconsistent throughout his career. Would I trade dubi (as part of the deal) for a first line centre or a d man we could really use, yep, guess that makes me a cretin!!!!

    So, back on my torts is an idiot bus. So, he puts gilly in the line up (apparently) in a game that is probably going to be the most physical we have played yet and takes out sauer and not rozy???

    Eminger is still in because he is sadly our muct rugged d man!! Sauer is only here because of the waiver rule and our D is still very very soft!!

  58. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    I wonder if the avatar only shows up if o post from FB? How do you do that btw?

    It is a bit more difficult to catch up on old posts…..if you do that sort of thing!

  59. Haha! Two more women say that Farve “sexted” them.

    So funny. Maybe if he stayed retired the first time, none of this would happen. I always love the domino effect that happens. One girl comes forward, then 20 more come out of the woodwork.

    Forsberg and Sundin should learn from this!

  60. what’s up with the Buffalo logo in the ‘Recent Activity’ box on the top of the page to the right?


  61. Oh, wow, too busy at work…Good work, Carp and Co! I like the new, clean look. Let’s keep it this way. No Wisnewski Salute, please.

  62. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Have I stepped into an alternative Redden universe or is this the new Carp format for the blog?

  63. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    apologize for the typo!!!!

    Not sure, but I would like to know as well!!


  64. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    The font is much smaller on this blog. Maybe increase it a couple or change to a font that is thicker.

  65. I’d like to see a function where you can respond to other people’s posts.

    And avatars.

  66. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    Did anyone else see tort’s comments about not liking any d man playing “out of position”? If the organization is going to bow to his wishes, someone is coming up from htfd at some point sooner than later or a waiver/trade is coming sooner than later perhaps?

  67. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Wicky- There are different types of cretins. There are those that propose to trade Dubi but qualify it by expecting something substantial in return. Like your post. I consider that positive or Pro-Crete. Whereas, posts that just want to dump him off the team, I consider Con-Crete, kinda like ORR’s head…

  68. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I would also like to see all the comments listed too, or at least the previous 100 or so… During game days (when there are 500-800, it is helpful to not show them all) but most mornings it’s nice to read all of them.

  69. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    got it, and thanks! I was pretty sure I spelled it right, but after all the concussions…..who the hell knows!!

  70. By the way, CR9- in response to your comment about sending down Kennedy instead of White- sorry, but you are wrong on both accounts: on Kennedy not needing to go through re-entry, but most importantly, on the negative of having White’s contract on the team now. I’ll be happy to explain, if you want me to.

  71. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    kennedy does have to go through re entry correct?? I also (like cr) thought he did not, but I was incorrect!

  72. I don’t know how others feel about this, but I find this early season the dreariest one in my recent memory. When I recall how eager most of the bonesters were to start the season, ( counting down weeks, then days, then hours for the first game and then…one game. Then a while later…another game.

    Like watching water freeze.

    More time and print has been spent intellectualizing the managerial moves, and the minute details of individual play by folks who’ve had barely enough ice time to work up a sweat, and the pulsating fandom is hanging from the rafters waiting for the next game.

    What a let down. One of the goofiest schedulings that I can recall.

    Thois game

  73. When the new design went live for the first twenty minutes there were generic head silhouettes in place of personalized avatars. Maybe having the option of using avatars requires signing up for an account here? If so, let’s do it.

  74. on bleacher report some writer is saying that the Rangers are considering using todd White on D. they had him practicing there yesterday. what a joke if true. that would be the last straw if they put that little pylon on D. he does not bodycheck, is completely non-physical, is strictly a “positional” defender.

  75. Yes, Wicky, he does. As does White. If the player is on a -way contract and is subject to waivers when assigned to the minors, has to go through reentry waivers. They both cleared waivers.

  76. Gil-prucha- White played on D with Sauer. As a fourth pair. That simply means they are being gil-prucha’d.

  77. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    they also say the older you get the smaller your

  78. anyone want to buy 2 tix for Monday Colorado?
    Sec 208, on blue line, 22 rows behind Avs’ penalty box, NYR shooting end 1st\3rd pers.
    List price 2 x $108 = $216
    please email

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  80. You can enlarge the view in a window by hitting ‘control’ and ‘+’ (plus key), you can shrink the view with ‘control’ and ‘-‘ (minus key). You can reset the view back to normal with ‘control’ and ‘0” (zero). Works especially well with text.

  81. Wicky (and CR9)- I think White sitting here is much more important. He is eating up $2.375M of cap space. Put it this way, if they remove him now and sent him to the minors, and after two thirds of the season is played out, they can afford to add a player with yearly salary of around $7M. However, if they decide to send White to the minors after two thirds of the season is gone, they can only afford a player with $2.375M yearly salary. Removing Kennedy now will only allow them to trade for a player with $1.5M two thirds of season in. Big difference! Every day White sits here, he eats up cap space.

  82. Nerf,

    not sure if anyone answered you but I went to school at SUNY albany and it pissed me off to no end also. In albany MSG recieves the MSG-B broadcast if a buffalo home game is on. So be prepared to hear Rick Janerets rediculous scream for the next 8 months. I used to just stream the games off of a site like

  83. Not liking the new format.

    Tiny print, posters names don’t stand out. You have to read all the new comments and then click a link for older comments. Not a fan.

  84. Tony- do you use Firefox or IE?

    It’s all the way up and on the left of your browser page. Do you see “file”, “edit”, “view”, “history” etc.?

  85. Folks, stop complaining and being big babies. It’ll all get sorted out, give them some time. It’s only been a couple of hours, lol.

  86. oh and …make it at least 200 comments for the new page… kind of weird having to turn pages every 50 comments

    and and… i was first on new page! lol

  87. I agree on perhaps keeping all the comments and limit them to maybe 300. Imagine, we will have “first” every 50? And how about a new term of “autocarping” every 50?

  88. Yay, you see, they listen. Give the folks some time. I bet you the IT is reading our posts and LTAO at us.

  89. Last night my eye doctor said my vision was 20-20, I may need a second opinion. The diploma on the wall said Johns Hopkins. Is that as good as University of Phoenix?

  90. If we don’t complain then IT techs won’t know what to fix. Also I just checked site on my desk top and it is different then when viewed on iPhone. Site not very iPhone friendly.

    I see they already fixed comment limit per page, so they are definitely trying to please the boneheads.

  91. LOL. I take a week away to work on my house & you all go and redesign this house on me. I clicked in & thought my bookmark went bad & took me to some sight for the Texas Rangers went to google & it took me here as well. LOL. Like the new look Carp, Im prolly REEEEEAAAALLLY late with that but it looks sleek.

  92. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    ok all you smart computer guys…… about enlarging the type for mac users????

  93. ILB – Thanks for taking the time to respond.

    On my first note about Kennedy not being subject to re-entry waivers, I am nearly 100% sure that I am right.

    On my second note, I will take your word for it. I believe that if a player is sent down in January, his full $2.75 million gets taken off the cap altogether. I had no idea that a prorated portion of the salary remains on the cap for the time that White was in the NHL.

  94. I posted this earlier but thought it might be worth repeating… after zooming in and out with the ‘control & plus’ and ‘control & minus’ functions you can reset the view back to normal with ‘control & 0’ (zero).

  95. Steve says:
    October 5, 2010 at 2:38 pm
    You are wrong on both things. If a player clears the club has 30 days to assign or they have to go on waivers again if the club wants to assign them to the AHL.

    Kennedy is not subject to recall waivers but White is.

    It’s a weekday so they will clear or be claimed be 12:00 PM tomorrow. It’s 48 hrs on weekends.

    Steve posted that on RR, and Carp later confirmed it.

  96. my cat Layla is sitting here right now, looking @ Rangers Report with me. where do I send the photo?? :)

  97. Doodie Machetto on

    Nice layout. I hope I don’t have to answer those questions everytime I want to post.

  98. Ilbzo,

    not seeing a difference on phone. Comments are seperated by shading, not individual boxes like on desk top. Just overall a very bland grey/ white look to the whole page. Old set up had a more distinct look that seperated the comment box from the background of the page. This new look just seems to blend in all together.

  99. “I consider Con-Crete, kinda like ORR’s head”

    Izzy, I’m glad you’re commenting on my top head instead of my middle head like you did a while back. You should learn how to read while you’re stalking Carp, cause then you might know that I don’t want to dump him for nothing, you dope.

  100. Joekuh - En Gaard!! on

    LOL the Moose Jaw announcer gets so excited for a fight…..wish more announcers were like that!

  101. I dont know ORRsy Booger has been beating up little kids with his brother all offseason.

    realy tho.wish Boogey had a tuneup fight.

  102. Dreary hardly has the finesse of EC or Stepon. Still think Stepon’s the best bet for our top line. It’ll be nice to have Captain motivator back, however, He’ll bring the team’s confidence to a new level.

  103. In terms of prorated salary: the best explanation is in actual CBA, but I’m not about to link that one, lol. In short, players salary is prorated over the length of the season. It varies from year to year, but in 2010-2011 it will be 186 days. The team gets charged (in cap terms) on daily basis. the moment the contract is removed, it’s off the cap. $1M removed from the cap on day number one allows to trade for a salary of $3M per year two thirds into the season.

  104. Joke- I do have individual boxes on my iphone, but I do agree, I’d like a bit more contrast. It looks great on iPad, though!

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d like to point out that at the start of the season I had suggested that Drury play 1st line center for a few weeks while we see what Stepan can do in games that count.

    Here’s what we know:

    Drury is better than EC. I don’t care how overpaid he is, he is a better player in all aspects of the game (other than creativity) than Christensen. I would even argue that Drury has more upside. He’s better defensively and can kill penalties (which Gaborik has been doing and could be paired with Drury for such an assignment to help further build their chemistry). If it doesn’t work, you can always change it. If it does, he might just come close ot earning that ridiculous salary.

    Honestly, what is there to lose?

  106. Did you guys know that mr. Redden is taking home, while in Hartford, more money than Gaborik?

  107. Drury is slow

    Frolov is slow

    that first line will be slow…except for Gaborik who would have to create for himself (as he does anyway) AND now for Drury too since Drury, as Doodie said, lacks creativity…which is true

    but yeah… we ain’t got nothing to lose.

  108. Ilbzo,

    you’re not alone. That’s my big complaint is the lack of contrast coupled with the smaller print. Just makes it harder on the eyes. I liked the light blue background we had in the comment boxes of old. If we could get a more defined comment box with a shading that differed from rest of page, it would make a huge difference in readability.

  109. IT must be gone for the day, Joke. I’m sure they’ll work on it tomorrow. I doubt it’s a final product.

  110. ilb – Thanks again. I learned 2 new things today thanks to you.

    So, essentially, we wasted Tim Kennedy, as he is now a goner in terms of being a Ranger this year. Because being subject to re entry, someone will claim him at his $275k price tag.

    We could have just kept him up as a healthy scratch until one of our guys got injured, and then replace the injured guy with Kennedy. Oh well.

  111. Agreed on the contrast. Blue needs to be a little darker, like on Yankees Lohud. And the names need to have a darker contrast as well like on Yanks Lohud.

  112. CR9- precisely. And, which is more important, keeping White up with the big club eats up our cap space daily.

  113. ilb – Yep. I guess we can’t expect wise thought processes and decision-making from Sather.

  114. Said Drury: “Everyone would love to play with [Gaborik and Frolov]. Obviously, with Christensen not being out there [yesterday], someone had to fill in, so I was glad to do it. But I wouldn’t look too much into it. Whatever Torts asks of me, I’ll try and do it the best I can every single night.”

    What a captain!…sheesh

    Is this guy awake?

  115. wow! this looks too professional i might have to leave.
    but seriously.

    it looks good but something seems to be little wrong with the visual aspect. i agree that the blue should be darker, even closer to Ranger blue. just seems like the font is a little fuzzy…

  116. just noticed right now that the comment section where you’re supposed to list you email address was wrong
    but it took my comment anyway.
    because i’m an honest lad and highly doubt i’ll be sexting any comments
    now or in the future
    i fixed the address for Carp Central.

  117. Carp, thank you for making me dream tonite….8-0 points for CAPTAIN CLUTCH….from your lips to GODS ears….i did my praying at a BRIS today so i will now pray for CAPTAIN CLUTCH tonite….listen no matter what its days like tomorrow that i live for -it will be my 6th home opener as a season ticket holder and i just get the goose bumps everytime i walk into MSG And watch the ceremonies…i will get more goose bumps for the national anthem and then its “GO TIME”!

    btw these are the games that we most take care of business….i know toronto is off to a hot start but we have had three days off (and we travelled from LI), the leafs played a nice road game in pitt last night but Torts has been brainstorming with the team about how to get pumped up at MSG well the time is now and these are the games where we have to take care of business

  118. Did you notice that in McIlrath’s fights, they wear the visors for the entire tilt? What’s up with that?

  119. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    So my guess is the blogfather is sitting back with his feet up drinking some wisers and chasing it with a labatt laughing his assen off as we all forrest gump our way through this, knowing all the while that it will be a frakking porsche of a site when the amusement wears off for him and he pushes the button!!!!!

  120. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I agree with many other post here today that this new font is harder to read.

    I did however just noticed the tabs at the top of the page for Stats, Schedule, Roster,News, etc… I def like those. Did the old format have those?? If so I never noticed. If it is new it’s a great addition.

  121. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Is it just me or did the font just change, all of the sudden it looks easier to read, but a little cramped, like more space needed between comment boxes.

  122. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Nevermind, I just figured out it was me screwing around with the font size on my computer. It’s easier to read on a 20 font size for me.

  123. sorry CR, all this white is blinding lol! Doing ok today bro. The weekly wrench in the plans threw me for a loop, lol.

  124. CR9™ - Gm. 2 on

    *LINZO* lol, that’s why im bolding ur name now! Glad to hear it. Enjoy tomorrow’s home opener!

  125. thanks CR! Hoping hockeystreams will show the pregame festivities. Does anyone have any info on any special guests? I’m hoping, for ORR’s sake, it’s not blue man group again!

  126. What is Fringe about? The story of the 2010-11 New York Rangers and their quest to be jussssst ouside of the playoff picture?

  127. wicky© (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    just got done watching jonah hex, not bad, not great, but decent.

  128. CR9™ - Gm. 2 on

    That blue man group was so humiliating. I felt embarrassed for the Rangers with that pathetic display.

  129. wicky© (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    It’s not your trademark, but what really is??

    anyone know if slats fave has played in hershey yet??

  130. Hey guys, I have been reading the blog for several months now and love it. I had someone ask me to sell their 2 tickets for them so I figured I would try here. I have 2 tickets for Monday’s game against Colorado. Section 341 Row C. Face Value $62. I can email the tickets or meet you at the game. Thanks!!!

    If anyone is interested please email me at

  131. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    WHooooaaaahh where am I?

    What the Carping ,byfuglin holey hell’n iz gowing on ’round here man!!?

    Did I take that wrong turn at alberkirky … nice look . I think.

    Drury being on the top line is what ive said all along ,duh .It’s ovious to put yer 7 .5 million buck center at the top . Hes too small but who cares , what else can ya do with yer 7 .5 million ? Drury is like the golden boy , everything always works in his favor. He can even enjoy his xmas after a loss the day before. He wins all the time. Drury won the puck toss with Gomez and hasnt looked back. He even convinced management hed be a great Captain. With Drury “golden boy” we can do no wrong …cuz we are paying him ( GULP) over 7 million!!!! Let him flourish on the top line then DUMP him like a xmas turkey once he hits 40 goals. Can’t dump him…well if he agrees to a trade or if we do keep him till his contract runs out…he better be popping in 40 goals and threatning on 50 before I take him seriously.

  132. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule !!!" ...& Greg L. on

    Our team is nice N rested for the up comming schedule . I really think we can make some noise here and pull out alot of wins. If we can get on a roLL …we can lead on our division and make sure we have that playoff spot. Winning is everything . No one is safe on this roster exept for Gaborik.

  133. Hate to complain, but I agree – the comments are hard to read. I liked the boxes but the names and the blue definately need to be darker – it all sort of blurs together. Getting funky spacing when typing a comment too. Still love the site, not loving the changes yet though.

  134. mao_del_zedongo on

    comment section is hard to read and not easy on the eyes…has to be more differentiation between the various texts.

  135. mao_del_zedongo on

    especially given the fact that this blog gets insane number of comments…this look would work with limited comments… have they thought of using DISQUS for the comments section?

  136. great name Mao!!!

    i’m thinking that by tomorrow afternoon, the background and comments section may be a bit darker! I’m about to put my sunglasses on now just to be able to continue reading lol

  137. mao_del_zedongo on


    ty, re: name!! :) ..was inspired by your -tenko suffix…lol

    ya, hard to scan quickly and see everyone’s name easily

  138. oh and btw…does anyone have an issue when posting? when i submit comments, my page goes blank and acts as if its loading but nothing happens… i literally have to go back or hit refresh to comeback to the page again.

  139. Good evening all!

    Important note about the new blog design.

    We hear you. Hey, it was a launch, and it didn’t go perfectly, but carcillo happens. Stay with us….While Carp was on a much deserved day off, someone was paying attention :) and all the issues will eventually be taken care of. OK?

    In the meantime, glitches aside, this is still the best Rangers blog ever!

    and to all of you commenting on your eyesight…ha! welcome to mama’s world! (eyes go bad even at 26 ya know)

  140. mao_del_zedongo on


    to be honest i didnt read thru the posts today, so I apologize if it seemed like I was piling on. This is unequivocally the best Rangers blog and the best people. That is never up for debate… optical problems aside, of course. :)

  141. Feedback for the webmaster…
    * Please make alternate posts with a lightly shaded background, preferably blue as in the previous version of this site. This would aid in differentiating each posting as well as adding a little color.
    * Take the white background down about 10-20% in value and make the text about 10% darker. Much easier on the eyes for those of use who hang out here for long periods of time, especially on game days.
    * Please make links that posters add clearly distinguishable by bolding or underlining them.
    * The general consensus seems to be in favor of adding avatars, even if it requires establishing an account.

  142. Mao….(great extra name btw) you weren’t piling on at all. It was all good info from everyone….we need to know….

    The rest of your post was spot on (and I only know that cause I have my specs on:)

  143. Heave….all excellent comments. Go to our Yankees blog (just to take a peek, not to stay) that’s the way this is supposed to work as Carp alerted everybody to….better, huh?

    as for avatars, I’m not the webmaster, but maybe……can’t say for sure at all.

  144. It looks to me that placing every 100th post is like playing “sudden death” or being selfcarpcided, sending yourself and previous 99 out, to free for new page, or I’m wrong, lol.

  145. CR9™ - Gm. 2 on

    The Yankees blog is sick awesome in setup! The tech guys at Lohud know what they’re doing, this place will look PERFECT in no time!

  146. Czechthemout!!!! on

    So I just read that Sauer is scratched tomorrow. Carp, can you please ask Torts why. I am a fan of Torts and am interested to find what his reasoning is for keeping the useless Crapinger in the lineup over someone who has so far been the steadiest defensman the first two games.

    I am starting to doubt that Torts has any imput on who plays if it comes at the expense of a Sather personell decision. I am also starting lose faith in Torts.

  147. Thanks Mama, I’ll check out the Yankee site as you suggest. I do happen to be a Yankee fan but the Rangers own my rights so I’ll be right back.

  148. 4ever, hopefully we keep the posts for as long as they go on for each Carp post….that is how we roll! It’s not an official carping until carp says “new post” ….carpicide, LMAO!

    Czech…sigh. who’s he prucha’d for??

    CR, excellent comment :)

  149. Heave ha!

    CR, huh?

    On topic: I hope the 3rd line stays intact…thoughts on where EC may go if Captain takes his place? My opinion….leave the 3rd line alone!!!

  150. Czechthemout!!!! on


    Gilroy is coming into the lineup. He and Crapinger as the 5-6 dmen is going to be a problem.
    I will be there tomorrow sec 307 row e if anyone wants to stop by and say hello.

  151. Czech…I am starting to get nervous about tomorrow :) OY

    hey, if our plans work out and don’t change, join us at warren after the game! Bunch of boneheads (not me, sob, until the 24th) will be at game and coming down….look for final plan alert here tomorrow ….

  152. Mama, I see what you mean. I’d still like to see the links displayed so we know they’re links without having to mouse over them. And avatars would be very cool as well. Otherwise, I’m happy with the direction the blog and my favorite team are headed.

    Is it Saturday yet?

  153. Whoa. My eyes and this fancy dancy new blog. All spiffy and upgraded. I feel like I walked into one of those really high-end stores where people watch you like a hawk to make sure you don’t steal anything. Except I always wanted to take a hockey stick to all the expensive stuff in those type of stores (but never did).

    Anyways, two thumbs waaay up. Although I agree about the color of the comment boxes. Needs more variety! :P

    Home opener is in less than 24 hours and I’m pissed because I will miss at least the first period due to work. Things are totally nutty there right now and if it’s anything like last Friday, I’ll be logging a few hours of OT tomorrow, which cuts into my Ranger watching. GRRR.

    Thank god for DVR.

  154. Heave…I hear you, see you and raise you (sorry, too much time in Vegas this year). But you mean Friday right? By my clock it is! Home opener and real season begins!!!

    I’m gonna miss the pic above tomorrow, but thanks again Carp, from Stanley and her mama. So cute!!!

    CR, shhh…

    see ya tomorrow all! TA!

  155. MickeyM, that’s it. You have to quit your new job and move again :)

    argh…..wicky, shut up!

    signing off…fade to black….tomorrow and TA for real!

  156. Mama, only if you find me the job, pay the moving expenses AND pack for me!

    In all seriousness, if I see another moving box anytime soon, I will scream my head off.

  157. wicky© (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on


    working at 0500hrs in tomorrow, so good night assens!!

    Hope you enjoyed your wisers today carp!!!

  158. ThisYearsModel on

    Captain Clutch finally has some talent around him. I see an all-star season coming for CC.

  159. Woof. Finally made it to the end.

    Like anything else, it’s a matter of getting used to it. Myself I like the very pale shaded areas..easier on the eyes.

    I know, I’m terminally square, but what is an avatar?…………….and why should I bother asking?

    What sets this blog apart is that the members all routinely disagree with one another without all
    the internecine snottiness.

    It’s such a long time between games, that I keep waiting to hear about Spring Training.

    This is developing in to the strangest season since the lockout.

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