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So I’m headed off to a meeting (no, a real meeting) to discuss the re-design of Rangers Report (aka Boneheads Blog and Festivus Blog).

I’m guessing the new look will be up in a few days, maybe less, and probably by the home opener.

Here, our 26-year-old friend Sally’s trusty sidekick Gomez takes a final gander at the old design.


The NHL Network announced it will broadcast AHL games live this season. However, none of those involve Wade Redden and the Hartford Whale-Pack.

Here’s the schedule:

Day         Date         Visiting Team        Home Team        Time (ET)
Sun        Oct. 17, 2010        Binghamton        Toronto        1pm
Sun        Oct. 24, 2010        Oklahoma City        Hamilton        1pm
Sun        Nov. 21, 2010        Hamilton        Toronto        1pm
Sun        Dec. 12, 2010        Toronto        Hamilton        1pm
Sun        Jan. 16, 2011        Toronto        Abbotsford        2pm
Sun        Jan. 23, 2011        Abbotsford        Manitoba        1pm
Sun        Feb. 27, 2011        Manitoba        Toronto        1pm
Sun        Mar. 6, 2011        Hamilton        Toronto        TBD
Sun        Mar. 27, 2011        Abbotsford        Manitoba        1pm
Sun        Apr. 3, 2011        Manitoba        Toronto        TBD


You guys can patrol some of the other sites and let us know if anybody’s got news on the captain’s expected Friday return, and on what line that might be.

Apparently Erik Christensen is only day-to-day with that groin/hamstring injury, so perhaps a tough decision will have to be made.

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  1. i really hope the new look involves a commenting system like digg or the plug in “disqus”.

    or you guys can hire me, lol.

    cant wait to see the new design!

  2. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Christensen hurt his groin? That’s interesting, because when he left the game he and the trainer were working on his hand. And he told someone he “took a hack” on his hand too. Maybe the hand was not what kept him out of the game.

  3. >>Hey everybody! So I got tix for the Nov 12th game against the Oil. Anyone else going?

    I think you mean the 14th. I think the Knicks play that night too so they have to put the floor down after the game. I just gave my tickets to the guy that sits next to me so he could take his kids to that game.
    If anyone is looking for tickets I still have some games left. Section 426 face value. E-mail me if you have any interest. ajp9977@msn.com

  4. >>…I just gave my tickets to the guy that sits next to me so he could take his kids
    >>to that game.

    That’s very nice of you, AckP. Let’s hope he really takes those kids, and not a couple of ladies instead.

  5. JBytes
    Na, I think he’s a good guy. He’s a season ticket holder too but has two seats & two kids. So unless he stacks the kids on one seat he could only bring one.

  6. Maybe EC had his hand near his groin at that moment?

    Sally, what is this thing Gomez’s looking at? With the screen?
    It looks like 1972 Smith Corona typewriter :-)

    Love the new look. Clean. We will certainly change the latter.

  7. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    There was a Smith Corona factory about a block from my fathers house. I have been trying to figure out why that name was so familiar since ILB posted. The factory was abandoned. Another company that found the states taxes and unions to strong to stay.

    I think the new look is an improvement.

  8. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    we will see what kind of moron the coach is if he sits eminger vs the leaves and play gilly!

  9. I haven’t been upset with Torts so far in the pre-season and first two games, but this whole thing with Gilly is pissing me off.

    The season just started and he’s not getting a chance. If he’s not going to play, either send him to Hartford to get some minutes, or fuggin trade him.

    Enough of Eminger! He’s supposed to be the 7th d-man.

  10. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    yep, same commercial!

    it is really the only place to put drury, everything else clicking too well to change!
    except on D.

    They just need to trade gilly anyhow.

  11. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    everyone says that gabby doesn’t need a top centre and dru gives them a bit more defencive responsibility. Hell, it may up his offencive game.

    Step needs to stay right where he is at this point. He doesn’t need first line minutes to get worn down and he has a little protection between aves and feds.

  12. I like Stepan skating where he is right now too. Drury may be a suitable substitution for EC also.

    I have a feeling Torts is trying to keep the lines together that are working.

  13. Bye bye to White.

    Wick, you’re definitely right, but I don’t see why Step-On can’t get a shot on the top line now. If it doesn’t work out, put him on the 3rd. It’s not as if playing on the top line for a few games will ruin his season if it doesn’t work.

  14. Pucktenko, formerly The Puck Drops Here on

    I don’t like the new blog’s type font. (Is that redundant?) I’m sure I’m in the minority. Always am.

  15. Nice seats Beth. Every once in a while I get seats from work in section 105. I usually scrap my other tickets those nights. I actually sat next to Rod Gilbert & Emile Francis at a Flyers game down there.

  16. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    yep, could be worth a look for sure, I think that is why he gets PP time with those two.

    I really wish we would make some sort of trade to eliminate so forward log jam and get some grit on the blueline!

    Has vtank been called up yet??

    “change” comment….LMFAO!!!!!!

  17. ORR,

    I was referring to an actual rock. But you are wrong…the Rock does have personality three times a year…when the Rangers are there.

  18. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Just scored two free tickets to Fridays home opener from my soon to be brother in-law.

    Hell of a way to get on my good side.

    HE got them from a corporate schmuck from hs company so at least you’ll see a REAL ranger fan, in a jersey, sitting in the 100’s section

    so pumped, never been to an opener before
    And I hear Duff from Ace of Cakes is unveiling a cake for the rangers as well.


  19. Also agree to keeping Stepan where he is. His line is playing well and they’re still getting familiar with each other as a unit. He hasn’t even played one regular season game at MSG and doesn’t need the added pressure of being on the ‘first line’. There are other possible solutions for the first line that won’t affect second and third lines that are clicking right now. We’ve only played two games, the first line may simply need more time.

  20. From Andrew Gross blog on Christensen’s groin issue:
    “I felt a lot better today than yesterday,” Christensen said. “It was inflamed and throbbing.”

    I don’t know about you, but…..TMI, TMI, TMI. I don’t care to read about his throbbing groin.

  21. Amen, Heave Ho! Let him have fun, he doesn’t need to feel first line pressure. If he deserves to be there, and looks like he will, he’ll have plenty of time to feel it. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with giving him an occasional look there during some game situations- after the PK, when Drury isn’t availabe, maybe some PP time.

  22. I wonder if they’ll do player intros before the game instead of that lame group team intro like last year. God forbid someone’s million dollar ego is bruised by some booing. And please do away with the blue man group. Rangers opening night festivities are pathetic.

  23. I think they did that group intro last year solely to protect Redden. With him leading the Whale-pack, I would not be surprised if they returned to individual intros.

    I’ll be there Friday night. I’ve been to three of the last four home openers (last year being the exception). It’s always a fun time (especially when they fall on a weekend).


  24. Oh, yeah, forgot about the blue men…Maybe they should ask the Green Men to participate instead.

  25. Wanna know when you’re in NY or dealing with NYers? When you see where they’re demanding “personality” of their gladiators.

  26. >> I think they did that group intro last year solely to protect Redden

    Yeah I figured that and Brashear. I remember one year they had the FDNY hockey team and bagpipes which was pretty cool.

  27. LA Kings get Slash

    NYR gets Blue Man Group

    How pathetic! Last year was so bad, I completely forgot aboot it. That was horrific. Blue Man Group?? Seriously??

    Fugg the opening festivities! Play a bad ass song, and call each players name, let John Amirante sing the national anthem until his voice gives out, and then drop the fuggin puck.

  28. You don’t even get to see John Amirante as much as you used to. I seen him downstairs towards the end of last season and he didn’t look in the best of health. Maybe he was just sick.

  29. ORR – I think Gilroy would have to go through waivers to go to Hartford because of his age.

    I wish Drury wasn’t ready to come back for this game. They probably would have tried White on the top line. It’s worth a shot, since he was successful with Kovalchuk once upon a time. At this point, he’s going down to the Whalepack, though.

  30. <>

    wouldn’t surprise me. he wears a Hank jersey numerous times on the show, and i think he has worn a Rangers cap. wonder what got him into the Blueshirts rather than the caps closer to his hometown.

  31. I find it amazing that the same guys who are ok with rookies to replace vets on defense turn around and make phony excuses as to why Stepan should not be on the #1 line. talk about inconsistent.

    they did not say that Del Z last season should have to sit behind redden because he was inexperienced. or sauer this year. and I agree on that. so let’s apply the same thing at the forward postion too. sorry, but the excuses just won’t wash. Stepan deserves the #1 center spot for HIS PLAY so far in camp and in the first couple games. He EARNED it. and if the coach and the fans are going to be consistent at all postions, and all circumstances, then he should have it over a guy who has not even played a minute so far, and is a defensive center at this juncture of his career. and was not the #1 center before he got hurt.

  32. I agree, Step.

    The way I see it, the 1st line has been useless, and the 3rd line has been useful. The roles should be reversed!!!

    Not saying Step-On can change that, but he sure as fugg didn’t look out of place their in the pre-season, so he should get the opportunity.

    I would at least put Artie there, but that line has been the most solid. So, put Dreary on the 3rd where he belongs, and put Step-On on the first, where he belongs.

  33. Developing a rookie forward and developing a rookie D are a bit different. Plus, last year there was such paucity of talent on the Rangers blueline before DZ arrived that there was almost no way he wasn’t going to get major minutes in his rookie year. They didn’t put DZ out as one half of the top pair/shutdown D last year. Throughout most of the year he got a good chunk of his time on the PP.

    On the other hand, the Rangers already have a bona fide sniper on the 1st line and a guy that’s proven he can be reasonably productive in Gaborik and Frolov. You put Stepan out with those two and it’s guaranteed that he’ll draw the other team’s best lines and top D pairing. Furthermore, the Rangers biggest need on offense is going to be scoring from the 2nd and 3rd lines. If Stepan is helping increasing production from those lines, then he’s adding plenty of value right there.

  34. I can’t argue with Torts reasoning though. He said that because Anisimov and Stepan’s lines were playing well he didn’t want to mess with it.

    Just inserting Drury in the top line will keep those two lines intact and who knows? Drury just might be able to click with Frolov and Gabby.

  35. man, why does that keep happening??
    here’s the quote i was referencing from TheRealMikeyNJ:

    so pumped, never been to an opener before
    And I hear Duff from Ace of Cakes is unveiling a cake for the rangers as well.

  36. exactly, Orr. and in the long run, the rangers will have to get production from gaborik and frolov to lead the way, and they are going to get the most out of them offensively by putting an offensive centerman bwtween them, not a journeyman and not a defensive center.

  37. >>Rangers opening night festivities are pathetic.

    Actually, they all are! Drop the darn puck at 7:00 PM and let the games begin. What’s the point of those player intros anyway? If anyone at those arenas don’t already know who’s playing for their team, they don’t deserve to be called fans.

  38. Step, first, people are expressing opinions not making excuses. Second, this has nothing to do with whether Stepan deserves the #1 center position but rather what is best for him and the team. Given that first line players will be up against an opposing team’s best defensive pairings it probably is best for this rookie to be right where he is for the time being. He’s playing well and gaining confidence as a result. What’s the rush?

  39. ORR – As stated many times in the past, a one- or two-way deal doesn’t matter. In fact, Gilroy is on a one-way deal. It just means his salary ($2.1 million) will be the same in the NHL or minors. All players can be sent down freely in their first year, but since he is already 26, I don’t think he can be sent down freely this season, or they would probably do it. NHLSCAP is the only place I know of to find the info without going through the real CBA, but it may be out of date.

  40. CCCP – so does the new phrase become “Gilroy’d” instead of “Prucha’d” when someone gets scratched? :o)

  41. Stepan is foremost a playmaker, a passer, even more so than a goalscorer. that has been his strength in his amateur career. so, even though he has been able to cash in on Avery’s passes and fedotenko’s grinding, those 2 guys are not big goalscorers like gaborik and Frolov, that he can setup often like he could if he was put where he belongs, between 2 guys who can cash in his passes.

  42. i think its a bit early to change the phrase but if Gilroy sits for more than 5 straight then i think its safe to rephrase!

  43. Torts is finally carrying 7 dmen.
    maybe it’s a matter of wanting Eminger’s experience over Gilroy’s at the moment.
    maybe they are working on a deal that will send off
    Eminger or Gilroy plus White and/or Kennedy

    i’m with wicky
    on this
    need a crease-clearing dman
    and maybe someone’s suggestion as Boogard as the man for duty
    or how about just putting him in front of the net during the PP and just stand there. and if the opposing team’s dmen trying to move him, he’ll just beat ’em up?

  44. oh man i hope the new look is ‘work friendly’ and not too snazzy

    lol @ surprisingly Sean Avery wasn’t suspended

  45. well actually if we go back to last season and count all games down the stretch the Gilroy sat out plus 2 this season that number will break double digits for sure!

  46. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    Drury as our first-line center … welcome to amateur-hour … aka “groudhog day”

  47. not saying you gotta buy into it ORR
    just trying to guess why Torts is doing it.
    maybe Carp can ask him what he see in Eminger vs. Gilroy.

    not saying i agree because i wasn’t able to watch much of pre-season so i have no idea how Gilry did versus Eminger.

    maybe someone else can compare and guess the reasoning behind the playing of one over another.

  48. If you gotta put Dreary in the lineup place him between Dubie & Callahan. Derik belongs with Gabie & Frolic (like that) But don’t mess up the chemistry that AA, Aves & Fedo had earlier in pre-season.

  49. Re: Gilroy. He’s reacts way to slow on defense. I think he could be far more effective as a forward which he was originally in college before playing D.

  50. I agree, Lone. But, at this point, there’s literally no room for him at the forward position. Not just the guys on this team, but a few guys in Hartford too.

    But, with his speed, and a pretty good shot, I think he would be a decent forward. Just wouldn’t happen with this team.

  51. agree about Gilroy moving up front. he was a forward his entire career until he got to college, and then he agreed to try defense only because they had openings there, and the coach made it clear that was his only option.

    I think he could be a decent forward on a team like Fla, or Columbus, or the Isles

  52. Good evening all! Boy, I miss being here during the day.

    I am so ticked! I posted a picture of Stanley reading RR on the former sister blog eons ago! And I couldn’t find it to send to Carp today. Not that I don’t love Gomez, but come on!

    Stanley is sad.

  53. Thanks 4ever! That’s actually an amusing piece, and probably accurate (though the lockout was a while ago). But this cracks me up:

    “(Avery) must have gotten underneath his skin enough that he just kind of probably lost it for a second and made the gesture and now he’s probably wishing he never did.”

    I’m sure he is. Boo hoo. Geez. You learn in kindergarten that when someone calls you names you don’t respond by being a bigger assen. How much does he get paid again to play a game, oh which instigating is a huge part for all players!!!!?

  54. Just a reminder Blueshirt Banter radio tonight at 8 PM.

    Special guest CCCP and his take on the Chile Miner # 21 controversy

  55. So the Devils get “lucky” with Rolston hitting LTIR?

    Shocked that Kennedy is getting sent down. White should go. At least Kennedy’s salary means he has the chance to be recalled.

  56. Mouth, LMAO.

    I found the pic I was looking for! Let’s see if Carp gets it and is nice to mama.

  57. and my pic has a puck in it!

    (man, my hours here stink. nobody in the morning and nobody post work). It’s lonely on off game nights!!!

  58. Good evening, Carp!

    Gomez is really excited about being on the blog! He’s celebrating by napping and being a fattypants.

    Dubinsky is playing with a plastic straw she pulled out of the garbage.

    Ranger909, “what clothing would I bring to UBuffalo?” Warm clothing & warm clothing with Rangers logos on them.

  59. I am a little disappointed that i missed first two Rangers games of the season…being trapped underground and all… BUT i couldn’t be more happy to be rescued before the home opener on Friday!


  60. >>…being trapped underground and all…

    It won’t be long before the team’s play makes you wish you were still trapped.

  61. Drury on the top line? Really? Does Torts not remember the disaster Drury has been when trying to masquerade as a skilled player? He is Blair Betts, with more money. He is not the guy to get the top line going, and has proven that over and over and over again. And keep him off the power play while you’re at it.

  62. *Breaking* *News*

    Apparently Wade Redden was one of the people trapped underground, which is why he was not playing in pre-season.

    Glen Sather has announced that he talked to him and he was told that he’s been “working out underground and is in the best shape of his career”

    He’ll report to the team tomorrow.

    When asked about his new baby that his wife just gave birth to, Redden replied “What?!?!”

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