Kennedy sent to Hartford



New York, October 13, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that forward Tim Kennedy has been assigned to the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL).

Kennedy, 24, tallied two assists in four pre-season contests after signing with the Rangers as a free agent on August 30, 2010.  He did not dress in either of the Rangers first two regular season games.  Last season, Kennedy led all Buffalo rookie forwards in goals (10), assists (16), points (26), and shots (98), and led all Sabres’ rookies in penalty minutes (50) and game winning goals (three).  He recorded his first career NHL point with an assist on October 10 at Nashville, and notched his first career goal on October 28 at New Jersey.  Kennedy registered two multi-point performances, with a two-assist effort on December 27 at St. Louis, and one goal and one assist on March 16 at Atlanta.  He also registered a career-high, four-game scoring streak from March 26 vs. Ottawa to March 31 vs. Florida, tallying four points (two goals and two assists) over the span.  The 5-10, 173-pounder made his NHL post-season debut on April 15, 2010 vs. Boston, recording one assist and a plus-two rating in the contest, and finished the playoffs with one goal and two assists in six games with Buffalo.

The Buffalo, New York native was originally Washington’s sixth round choice, 181st overall, in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. Boooo Sabres! They and that pizza guy kept Jaromir out of the Eastern Finals! That hartnelling pizza guy with the personality of a rock!

  2. Anyone ever seen Bored to Death or Eastbound and Down?

    I recently saw a couple epis of each. My thoughts: Bored to Death is okay, EB and Down is not even funny.

  3. Sally, Oh, didnt know they were playing the Debbies. I was just kidding anyways.

    I wonder how many more sister in laws FATSO has slept with. Id like Avery to ask him that question during our first matchup with the Debbies.

  4. trying to catch up with you guys is hilarious. Some real gems during the day, only you guys can make me laugh when i’m feeling down.

    Carpsta, when’s the official roll out of the new format??

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Wow , Colton ORR just scored!!!! That means Good ol Boogaard has to pop in a few!!! They said Orr played in all 82 games last year and he scored 4 goals . Boogaard can beat that!!!

  6. Awwww, my 2nd favorite Linda is feeling down? Do you need cheering up? I managed to acquire photos of Jaromir in compromising positions; Ill pass them along if youd like! ;)

  7. hey sally
    didn’t get an answer in last post.
    are you from buffalo area?
    if you don’t want to answer here
    you can send me a message via facebook boneheads

  8. So Kennedy is down in Hartford, EC is day to day and Papa Dru is close to returning. Where’s White?

  9. jpg, I did answer! Repost:

    # Sally, 26 October 13th, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    jpg, I’m not from Buffalo but I’ve been here for a little over a year. I love it!

    How have you been? How’s your lady?

  10. Sally,
    lol. thanks. I’ll get on that. contemplating a facemask. Hoping for a large scholarship from UMiami if I get accepted. Fingers crossed everybody! But if I go to Buffalo, you can show me the

  11. U. Otto Folkyerself on

    Before I listen to rap, I’d rather shave my head with a cheese grater while chewing on tin foil…

  12. ranger909! welcome back! if you have a choice between Miami and Buff, Sal, no offense, but stay south dude!

    Olga, in the drawing room with a pipe. (i don’t know what that means, and I mean nothing by it)

    carp! my buddy! Stanley xoxox’s Carp!

  13. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Bolgamama, it’s more like “Olga in the back of the bus with a joint” but at least you got the White reference…

  14. CR and Tony, I’m with ya…but we got a long way to go.

    Otto, down boy, ranger909 does excellent rangers rap, and I’m not a rap girl either, but don’t dis what ya don’t ya know.
    Olga, let’s not get the whole family involved :) Please!!!!

  15. HA! OK, the family has settled in. Oh well. I only get to play early in morning and at night. Sorry everyone else reading! Hugo, you crack me up….

  16. sorry Sally
    didn’t see that
    jumped to next post.

    too bad i didn’t realize that earlier it would have given me some added incentive for me, my wife and sis (aka jpg’s sister)
    to shuffle up to buffalo for the game.

    used to go there all the time but it got really expensive and last time turned out to be really weird.
    their fans went from tolerating us or being friendly to having a bunch of people hassling us.

    used to get seats last or second to last row between the blue lines. now, the price is so high it’s cheaper for me to get seats in the 300s at MSG

  17. btw, Sally
    if you ever get the chance go see a show at
    Seneca Niagara Casino’s Bear’s Den
    it’s only 450 seats.

    saw Rhythm Devils there last month. not a bad seat anywhere!

  18. U. Otto Folkyerself on

    I didn’t dis Ranger909’s rap just rap in general. His might be the best rap there is.

    But that’s like being the greatest hockey player in Ecuador…

  19. contemplating a game in last november. just before Thanksgiving. i’ll let you and everyone know if we’ll be there.

    hopefully, at the very least we can meet at W77 if there isn’t a home game.
    hopefully, unlike last time, CCCP won’t send me on my way because he wanted the Boneheads get together at W77 last May to be more exclusive.

  20. Orr’s clearly just a goalscorer now – he wants no piece of Boogaard.

    Didn’t see that coming though. Engelland was taking a lot of punches before he landed that haymaker.

  21. Orr got knocked out in a fight?!?!?!?
    not doubting you.
    just surprised because i thought he was good at defending himself.

  22. LW, I called it before it happened. That’s the way Orr fights, he takes shots to give shots, but he was taking too many straight to the jaw.

    Jpg, Orr was never good at defending himself.

    Gotta give him credit though, he’s been knocked out three times in the last three seasons and has popped right back up. Tough mudda fugger.

  23. Paul In Sunrise-tenko? on

    Did i add the tenko properly?
    Sather could not trade Kennedy even after torts praised him all camp. That kid got blackballed by the sabres.
    When does Gilroy play? Geez.

  24. well at the very least i don’t recall him ever getting knocked out as a Ranger

    3 times in the last 3 seasons since he left. whoa!

  25. Hugh Jess Folkyerself on

    Hawks lead 2-1 over Nashville after 1 period.

    Malkin missed a penalty shot, Pitt scores later in the period. Tor 4 Pit 3 after 2.

  26. Paul, don’t hyphenate the tenko!

    LMAO @ ‘on rice’, clever!!

    Greetings Folkyerself family!

  27. I’m losing the tenko for the home opener. I’m thinking of adding Calpruboy though lol

  28. Linzotenkoizoagruryuchaoyleustqvistichtereetchaves – Do you want those compromising pictures of Jaromir to cheer you up? ;)

  29. YIKES CR, that’s some handle there!

    I don’t think even the mighty JaJa could calm my frazzled mind.

  30. Linzo – In all seriousness, I hope you whatever you’re concerned about works itself out.

  31. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on


    who got him?? Didn’t carkner knock him out once last season??

  32. Of Orr really got knocked cold, that means no MSG for him Friday, and Boogaard will have to wait for his first fight.

  33. I always liked Orr. I loved his face; I thought he was quite good looking. I couldnt stand Hollweg or Purinton.

  34. Carp, he wasn’t knocked out cold, he popped right back up. Nothing like Ivanans. Just got clocked and dropped.

    I was really bummed out when Orr turned down being on “The Bachelor”. That would have been funny seeing him on a reality dating show.

  35. Orr – Modern Family is the greatest show currently on TV.

    Cam: “Are we gonna die?”

    Mitchell: “We better hope not, because if they find us in these outfits, it’s not gonna be good for the Gays”

  36. Orr – is that the only reason why you watch certain tv shows, lol. My favorite character besides Phil is Manny. I love that kid.

    ABC next is Miracle at the Mine: Tremendously tremendous story about the saving of the Chilean mine workers.

  37. Oy.
    CR, haven’t got your e-mail.
    I generally hate the term milf….unless we can talk about filfs? yeah, sorry, mama can be such a bee-atch :)

    Lin and Sal, help me?? :)

  38. CR, actually I’m a huge Married With Children fan, and wanted to see Ed O’Neil. I didn’t know who Vergara was. I saw her once, but wasn’t paying attention to her, and didn’t realize how much of a milf she was.

    But, sometimes I do get into shows based on how hot a chick is.

  39. ORR, we will win!!!!!

    OK all, mama love to all, but TA!

    p.s.this mine story is beyond words. Bravo to them all! I wouldn’t have lasted more than 3 days….

  40. Mama – hehe! Email must not have gone through. My question was “Is Doctor Cameron off of HOUSE?”

    And Ive got your back. No offense, Orr, cuz I love ya, but MILF is not a very respectful term regarding ladies.

  41. Just checking in to remind you that Sather is a schmuck, in case you forgot. Why Kennedy? White is sitting with the big club and eating up prorated daily cap space that the team may use later on during the season. Olga, you may take over now.

  42. 2 3 point games out there tonight.

    mtl/tam devs/buff.

    i hate when i have no pref who wins this early in the season and these games go to ot

  43. You send Kennedy down because he is not subject to re-entry waivers iirc.

    You keep White because once he goes down to the minors, he is subject to re-entry waivers, and therefore, cannot be recalled again – because another team could pick him up with half his pay on our tab.

    White’s cap space doesnt mean anything because when the time arrives for us to make a trade, he’ll either be involved in the trade or he’ll be sent down to the minors to recover the cap space that he occupies.

  44. moral of the story, dont take a stupid delay of game penalty with less than 3 minutes left in the game lol

  45. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on


    if you pay close attention to my team and our matchup, I am winning two categories……..PIMs and Hits! Thank You Very Much!!!

  46. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    you aren’t winning it, you are dominating it (to this point)!!!

  47. leethalloffame on

    Trade Henrik while we can get something for him. We can free up cap space to get Redden back.

  48. Hugo Folkyerself on

    You mean Dublowsky? He looks just awful sitting there at the top of the Rangers scoring stats.

  49. I am SO SO SO angry right now!!

    You all know that I hold many controversial opinions, right?

    Well, I hold a non-controversial opinion – at least I thought it was – that the Chilean miners were heroes. Simply, heroes are defined by the display of courage.

    Im getting ripped on the Yanks blog because “SURVIVORS arent HEROES”

    You’ve gotta be kidding me. I hate HATE HATE those Yankees fans. They’re all disgraceful.

    My father was a SURVIVOR of the Holocaust. He showed great courage, as did many of the victims of the Holocaust. He took food out of his own mouth to help nourish others – to the detriment of his own health and well-being.

    These miners banded together to help each other. One trained medic – referred to them as Dr. House, based off the TV show – helped everyone down there. Others sang songs and instilled hope in each other. What those miners did defines heroism, and these idiot Yankees fans are trying to take away from that. SICKENING!!!!!!!!!

  50. Just a few of them are morons. They ARE heroes. Instilling hope to keep your buddies alive is an act of heroism. Ask any soldier who saw combat. That’s a hero. It’s very easy to give up and die.

    Hey anyone see that goalie from some team in NJ get a shutout tonight? Quite impressive…

  51. Ricky – Are you that Devils fan that’s here occasionally? If so, LOL! Thanks for agreeing with me.

    If you’re the Devils guy: Just as a joke, do you mean the same guy that sleeps with his sisters in law? :)


    And for those on here that disagree, I dont have a problem AT ALL with being disagreed with. However, I have a problem when I get attacked personally over something so non-controversial.


  52. Ricky – What are your thoughts on the Devils this year?

    Personally, I think this may be the year that Brodeur significantly declines. Also, iirc, the Devils have a shortage of defense – even with the addition of Volchenkov.

    I dont have any personal dislike or hatred for the Devils. Just my opinion, and since I am not familiar with other NHL rosters, I could be wrong.

  53. And just so you know, as per the current CBA (which Devils fans were schooled on a lot this summer)

    27:9a: Any active player with 2 Stanley Cups in less than 6 years apart may decide to abandon his current wife for a better looking one. If that said player wins a 3rd Stanley Cup in the span of 3 years, he is permitted under the rules of this section of the CBA to marry her even if that woman was married to his wife’s brother.

    So there you have it. It’s perfectly legal. May i also add that Reverend Richard Bloch held the ceremony to marry them.

  54. As of today Brian Rolston has been put on LTIR for a while. Which frees up $5,000,000 in cap space until/if he returns. Their D is not so shakey as people think. Its the new system that’s slowing them down. But last year they came out of the gate slowly too. A-Train has to mesh also. He has been pretty shaky like the rest of the team. But the Rolston LTIR will definitely help right the ship.

  55. yes..heroes

    But it’s hard for me to show sympathy towards them because Chile is a very anti-Semitic country with multiple serious attacks on Jewish population in recent month…

    There’s a huge Palestinian settlement in Chile and the country is getting financial support by Iran

  56. Orr – LOL! I meant to say earlier, Ed O’Neil is an extraordinary actor. Just extraordinary.

    Many actors can really only play themselves – if that’s too ambiguous, what I mean is, they act the same way with the same mannerisms, basically just being themselves.

    One example is Scott Kahn.

  57. I am a life long Yankee fan. Since birth. I went to Yankee games before I knew what baseball was. I sat through the 80’s with nothing more to brag about than Mattingly. I went through the early 90’s with nothing at all to brag about. Then came Jeter, Rivera, and Pettitte (Posada came 2 years later) and I had all the joy and it continues till this day.

  58. i was playing NHL 11 on my PS3 and lost in a tournament finals to some stupid kid who called me all kinds of names for no reason! Then i ate two tuna salad sandwiches and now im about to watch DVR’d new episode of South Park about *New Jersey*! Lol

  59. CCCP the same goes for Argentina and Brazil for S America. VERY anti-Semitic. If you think Germany has turned a page you are mistaken. It’s just kept under wraps by the media. France and Spain also are anti-Semitic. Their star goalie and Rafael Nadal were quoted as slamming Israel while the country was supposed to celebrate their World Cup Win Ceremony

  60. CCCP – I understand your point of view. That’s your right. I was not aware of their anti-semitic views and attacks on Jewish populations.

    Ill just pretend as if those miners werent anti-semitic.

    And either way, imo, just because they choose to be pieces of …. doesnt mean i have to respond the same way. And yes, I know it’s hypocrisy for me of all people to say that – with my “unimportant-in-the-grand-scheme-of-things” hangups. But, as much as it pains me to say it, regarding my hangups, they’re people too and Ill just have to be better than them.

  61. Rafa Nadal? Are you serious? This is why sometimes Id rather not know the personal characteristics of athletes.

    Orr – Im up because I have a migraine headache; my head’s about to explode, and Im extraordinarily nervous about Friday.

    Good for you, Ricky! There’s only one right way to be in life, and it’s the Yankee way.

    I was in my teens when the Yankees began winning. 2001 was the one of the most difficult things Ive ever had to deal with sports-wise – along with 1994 Knicks. I felt like going to sleep and never waking up.

  62. South Park ep was funny. I knew it was a matter of time before they tackled the whole “Jersey” stuff.

    I was at Target the other day, and I was so close to buying NHL11, but I didn’t. Just doesn’t seem worth it. I still haven’t decided if I’m selling the PS3. Fuggin thing’s collecting dust over here.

    I’m aboot to watch some movie called “Les Diaboliques”. Anybody ever see it?

  63. Leonardo Farkas.. Sounds Sephardic. I grew up with a Farkas in Brooklyn. He was a Sephardic Jew. But the long curly blond hair is VERY Israeli

  64. two dumb asses Nadal and Casillas…wtf do they know?
    Btw, The House on Garibaldi Street is in my netflix instant queue…will watch it over the weekend.

  65. I have NEVER watched that show… There was an interview with Parise, and one of the questions was “do you watch Jersey Shore” his answer was, “I watched an episode for 10 minutes, but then turned it off when some guy started calling himself ‘The Situation’ then I had enough.”

  66. Jersey Boy, lol :)

    Come back soon Ricky!

    Doakes from Dexter? I love that guy. The manager of the Baltimore Orioles prior to Showalter looks just like Doakes.

    Boston version of him? UGH! UGH!

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    GO RANGERSSSSSSSSSSSS …oh wait its not Friday :|

  68. Why is kennedy not subject to re-entry waivers? That means teams cannot pick him off on the way up for 50% of his salary.

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