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Almost crack of noon. Sorry kids. Been burning the candle at both ends (without the fun) and it finally caught up to me.

Here’s my column from The Journal News and today.

Some thoughts about the game yesterday.

1) You know I don’t sugarcoat things, so maybe you’ll respect me when I say this. I didn’t think, overall, the Rangers played a horrible game yesterday. I mean, Del Zotto had that dreadful giveaway. But the second one he was actually doing the right thing, actually just trying to bang the puck from the slot up the boards — probably because he had just been taught, and learned, a valuable lesson about trying to make a play there — when his clearing try hit Dan Girardi’s skate and ended up in the net. The tying goal was a 5-on-3 where Girardi did the right thing and blocked the shot, only to have it slide over to P.A. Parenteau. One of the goals was a bad hop off the backboard and another bad hop in front.

2) That is not to say they played great. They didn’t. They need to find a way to button up a game against a team decimated by injuries like that one. The other side of that is guys like Comeau and Sim and a bunch of others — and they really do have a lot of good young players — get all cranked up for a rivalry game, and the Rangers have to match that. For the most part they did. Just not completely.

3) Does anybody believe for a minute that John Tortorella didn’t know what the injury was to his No. 1 center … a half an hour after the game ended? Or was he exhaling because he doesn’t have to make the difficult decision in order to get Chris Drury back in the lineup?

4) The more I think about it, the more this Wisniewski clown needs to be suspended. Not so much for the gesture itself, but rather for pure stupidity. Doesn’t he realize that even the Islanders’ games are televised … you know, with cameras and stuff?

5) I forget who had the comment of the day, but it was something about “who brought the tartar sauce?”

6) I also forgot how crazy this place gets after a tough loss. Wow. Thanks for the reminder.

7) I wasn’t as appalled about the Callahan penalty as you guys were, or as Tortorella was … but that said, I think the NHL really needs to get this icing call straightened out. Either let them battle for the puck, or don’t. Not this inbetween stuff that leads to injuries AND penalties.

8) The Step-child’s goal-scoring average plummeted from 3.00 per game to 1.50.

9) And Dubinsky’s at 1.50 too. I think he’s playing some pretty good hockey right now. This is how he has to play — going to the net, consciously keeping his feet moving, aware in the offensive and defensive zones. He’s got the goods to be a very good player. It’s between the ears with him and I think he might be figuring it out.

10) Said it during the preseason and after Buffalo. There’s something noticeably different in the jump this team has — and the offensive ability — and I think it’s simply the infusion of some of the younger guys, plus Avery being Avery again, plus Fedotenko, plus having 2/3rds of a legit No. 1 line. I don’t think it’s necessarily that Drury and Prospal have been out (and that the Jokinens, Kotaliks and Lisins gone), but rather the people who took their places.

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  1. First?? Great post Carp, yeah the Isles Super Bowl when they play the Rangers and besides, the weaker team usually plays over its heads in the rivalary. Let’s get ready for Friday.

  2. Carp, great post, and I agree on all accounts. I hate that there is so much time in between games for us to start the year. We usually start with a heavy schedule. With a young team, I feel like the best way to bounce back after a game like yesterday, is to get right back on the ice.

  3. The worst part of yesterdays game wasn’t the fact that the Islandorks won. For me, it was seeing PAP tie the game. That made me throw up a little.

    It wasn’t like Matt Cullen, or a guy like that. You know that goal was a huge F-You to NYR.

    Hated it!

  4. As someone that has banged the drum for letting the kids play and learn from their mistakes I can’t get too upset about yesterday’s game. It kind of reminded me of their games up in Montreal where the home team just gets all pumped up and then all the bounces, penalties and 50/50 plays go their way. That said it still would have been nice to beat the Islanders just because beating the Rangers at this point in the rivalry is so much more important to their fans than it is to the Rangers (they slew the dragon in 1994 and the rivalry with the Devils has been much better since the 90’s anyway).

    At this point I’m impressed with the 10 goals scored in 2 games and only 1 came from Gaborik-EC-Frolov. I think Gaborik gets the benefit of the doubt, if he goes 5 or 6 games without scoring then it becomes a concern. He’s still a force out there and whenever he’s got the puck in the offensive zone you can see multiple defenders turn their heads to him and leave the other guys open; see Anisimov’s goal from yesterday. As long as one of the secondary lines can keep it up while Gaborik’s line heats up then they’ll be better balanced.

    I have to imagine that somebody on the blueline is going to get sat if they give up another 3 or 4 goals on Friday. If it were up to me it would be either Rozsival or Eminger. Staal has played pretty solid, chipped in a couple of assists. Girardi has done well blocking shots and although he was on ice for a lot of the goals against yesterday that was more DZ’s play than his own. DZ is still showing some poor lapses on D, but you can’t deny his importance to the PP and he is throwing his body around when given the chance. Sauer is steady, he’s the classic “you won’t notice him unless he messes up” type D.

    Lundqvist kept them in the game early on and his only big gaffe was on the tying goal at the end of the 2nd. Otherwise I thought he played better than he played in Buffalo where he let 2 long range goals from Leopold in. At least he’s not getting beat quite as cleanly as Brodeur is (Carlson’s goal in WSH and Goligoski’s goal yesterday).

    As long as the kids that are supposed to be learning and getting experience are getting their due I’m not going to obsess over the losing, especially not after only 2 games.

  5. ORR!!

    yep, PAP scoring made it more awful
    but really
    didn’t you expect that to happen?

    isn’t that some sort of unwritten Rangers tradition?
    i think it’s the Mario Marois Rule (minus the throwing of the puck at the coach afterwards part)

  6. I rarely disagree with Carp, and that is a great post, but I will respectfully disagree this time- I do think that they played a horrible game. And not from the point of view of the specific moments, but tactically. They took the Islanders lightly. And what we were afraid was going to happen, happened. They dealt with wounded animal who had nothing to lose. A shorthanded team that always come out hard against us. The game was essentially lost during the first part of first period. The Islanders kept coming and our defense was trying to stop them and always looking to make a quick transition. There was very little support from our forwards, all they were thinking is attack. Well, they gave the Islanders enough confidence to feel they could win the game. Then they had an opportunity to put the game away during the second period again, when the Fishsticks looked utterly overmatched, but they didn’t. The defense had their issues, but the forwards forgot to help them. We are seriously lacking a physical d-man, most of the goals were scored right in front of the net. Rozsival keeps getting worse, and I’m not sure, but he may still be hurt. He just seems slow to react and pivot. Emminger, even though he made a few good plays, is playing himself out of the lineup. The officiating was suspect, but wasn’t the reason we lost. It upsets me, because they had two points sitting for them.

    Plenty of positives. I like how they forecheck, how they go to the net, how they are able to create their chances from behind the net. I like their transition game and their passing is far from perfect, but better than last year. By far. Fedotenko signing looks to be better and better. AA and Dubinsky keep giving us a lot of hope. Gaborik, even though he didn’t score, was good with the puck and was of a few forwards who helped on backchecking. He also delivered one of a few impressive hits lol.
    Give Torts some credit for not killing MDZ and letting him play right after his mistake (well, he had a few last night).
    I have no desire to talk about that pure stupidity on Wisniewski’s part.

  7. Re: Icing – they should go to the no-touch icing where as soon as the puck crosses the line it’s an icing. However, (something they will probably never do), they should make icing from inside your own blue line instead of the red line.

    On the subject, how come I see a lot of players get one step from the red line and then dump it in all the way down? All they have to do is take one more stride and the puck is still in play if the opponent touches it first.

  8. jpg- I read your exchange with CR last night. And I knew you lost your dog recently, but I had no clue you lost two within such a short period of time. Sorry. You’ll never forget, but the only way to get over it, is to get another dog. As soon as you can. And as soon as possible.

  9. Good afternoon, Sally, 26!

    ilb, how many times in the last, oh, 17 years or so, have they taken the Islanders lightly? if we only had a nickel for every one …

  10. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    “I felt like they didn’t really have to work that hard to get their goals. But overall, as a team, I think we played a great game and we definitely played well enough to win this game.”

    Thanks, Hank. It only took two games to be thoroughly disgusted.

    Yep, I know. Just two games in. But why not start making excuses early.

  11. thanks for the sympathetic words ilb and Carp
    right now, due to schedule and funds it would be unfair to get another one. although, there is that sensation of something missing right now, but i think of both of them a lot and sense that they’re with me in spirit (as odd as that may have come out)

    nice wrap up in the paper

    and ilb
    i do agree that for some pathetic reason the team continues to take the isles lightly. then again, i wonder if one of the problems on the squad is that there is no killer instinct. i believe it was there with Mess and you could even sense with “quieter” leaders such as Yzerman and Sakic

  12. Carp, true…But with the young team, the preparation was totally Torts’ responsibility.

    By the way, I’m sure Henke will get better, but his rebound control isn’t where it should be yet. And I don’t blame him for that 2nd period tying goal at all. That specific rebound was a fluke. But WTB was Moulson doing standing alone, on his feet?

  13. The last 3 seasons have been excrutiatingly boring. This team is (so far) much more fun to watch, and scoring goals has a lot to do with it. Gaborik and Frolov need to get going, but they also had their chances yesterday — scoring will come.
    And Tortorella hasn’t been over-the-top obnoxious — did someone take anger management classes over the summer? A little less freak-out on his part can only help a young team.

  14. jpg- I think they had too much of a boyish killer instinct last night. They forgot to help their defense and their goalie. I feel that if they defended the first part of the period well, showing the Islanders that despite all their effort and energy, they can’t do much more than outside shots, it would’ve been a blowout. They were superior team, the better parts of second period showed it.
    Swallow the excuses, get another dog, jpg.

  15. Mickey – Im glad that KC is alive. More bark than bite, lol. You should just take him from your dady ;) I confiscated my Teddy from my youngest brother. Seriously. I needed a companion for Tiki, and Ted was so perfect that I begged and begged until he finally gave in.

  16. Thanks for bringing “circus to town”, Carp. Well written. Lol @ “you can’t make this stuff up”

  17. It really bothers me that Eminger has been playing over Gilroy. Eminger is awful, I thought he played himself off the team a while ago.

    Also, I’m really dreading the return of Kaptain Klonopin…I was enjoying the fact that it was going to be difficult to squeeze the sausageboy back into the line up.

  18. Salty- I can’t shake off the feeling that Drury’s presence last night would change the outcome.

  19. Maybe he just hated Redden as much as we all did.

    I think since the organization has decided to push the youth movement a little more Torts is more comfortable with the team not being consistent. Last year there was an expectation of the playoffs, especially after their hot start and the constant playing of the veterans underscored that. This year he’s got a player off the roster who represented the “feeling of entitlement” and he’s putting young players in roles with more responsibility.

  20. ORR!: “Orr vs Boogaard”

    It will be tough not to root for Colton on Friday. I think that paying so much for Boogard’s fighting ability may be doubly worse because it seems like there aren’t many guys in the NHL who will actually drop their gloves with him.

  21. What, as far as the 5 on 3? Kind of exactly my point. Oddball situations like that seem to be the only place the guy fits anymore.

  22. True, iW. That really bugs me.

    I agree with you, Ilb. Say what you want aboot Dreary’s contract and lack of offense, but you can’t argue that he’s useful on the PK.

    Wouldn’t have changed the game though. NYR deserved to lose. Pathetic!


    Carp, I saw an obit in the Cooperstown weekly paper for Fred H. Marsh, formerly of the Reporter Dispatch and Journal News. Do you know him?

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    “Such a proud moment on a day when half the attendance came dressed as seats,”

    Love that line Carp. Good article. You found the right tone for that strange display yesterday.

  25. As much as I try not to miss an opportunity to pile on Captain Clutch, I think he does bring a calming influence to the team. And in a game like yesterdays it probably could have helped.

    But I don’t think you can just substitute him in for just the PK shifts and say that would have made a difference. There probably would have been different line combos and who knows whether that would adversely affected the offense along with firming up the PK.

  26. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    sorry about the dogs, I was working late and totally missed that going over all the posts!!!!

    The wise and all knowing ILB has it correct “But WTB was Moulson doing standing alone, on his feet?” We need a couple of crease clearers badly. Our blueline is just not physical enough. How many goals would be prevented if our guys hit someone and put them on their assen instead of stick checking or being down on their knees (no wizz references please) for a shot block??? At least half so far!

    Hell, I wish we would have claimed obrein at this point! Yes, a lot of crease clearing/physical d man “lumber” down the ice or take themselves out of position to make hits sometimes, but that is why they are what they are and not “positionally sound” puck movers or smooth skating offencive d men!!

    I would rather have a big hitter back there that takes himself out of position and gives up a breakaway for our “elite” goalie to take care of as opposed to having a bunch of marshmallows back there always on their knees or stick checking creating even more traffic in front of our goalie making shots even more impossible to see to stop.

    Hank will have a nice clear field of view if a “lumbering” d man is flattening guys in front of him!

  27. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    hell, willie mitchell would be better than what we have now!

    why isn’t vtank up yet???

    Torts sucks!! I am officially not a fan of his!!

  28. CR, I can’t do that to my Dad, even though I would like to. They are best buddies and ever since my Dad’s surgery 6 years ago, he rarely leaves my Dad’s side. I have a picture of him and I on my fb if you’re ever interested in seeing what he looks like. :)

    Count me among those who think Drury may have made a difference yesterday. As much as we bash him, I do believe he has an influnence on the collective psyche and nerves of the team and it’ s positive one at that.

    tony, I’m very concerned about the amount of goals. Hopefully Hank gets back on track soon ( his rebound control has been suspect at best) and the D sorts itself out and settles in. Both of those will go a long way to bringing the GAA down.

  29. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    are they getting fined for “waiving a finger”???

  30. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    oh, ok. Thanks bro!!

    off to work, later assens!!!!

  31. Mickey – oops, I didnt know that, but i was only kidding about it. I’ll add you on FB when i reactivate my account soon. Id love to see pictures of KC.


    I am the biggest fan of Henrik and I love to tout his greatness. However, as for the goal at the end of the 2nd period, that was solely on Henrik. He should have covered the puck, or sticked it farther away. He played the puck nonchalantly and right onto the stick of Moulson, and it cost him. It’s only the second game of the season, and Henrik is not yet 100%. He will be fine.

  32. Captain Clutch, I think he does bring a calming influence to the team.


    Yes exactly, calming as in a dose of Lithium.

    And it cannot be denied that Christensen has been playing well, unless of course you’re just fixated on how players look and don’t actually understand the sport.

  33. I didn’t get to watch the game until late last night. It was a regular night game for me since I avoided any news of the game. Fortunately it was real busy at work. A few thoughts…

    OK so the loss stung because it’s the Islanders. However, this game is full of good news and bad news…

    Bad News: I think we lost because we let our emotions get the better of us and we started playing their game which is plenty of energy mixed with utter chaos. Sure they forecheck hard but they’re a fairly unorganized bunch and most of their goals were junk. I can’t help agreeing with a few other comments posted that Drury’s veteran presence and leadership may have been kept us from running around and chasing the puck in our own zone. Yeah, it’s only the second game but our first line is still looking for their mojo. Let’s hope they find a groove soon, and I don’t want to hear the whining blaming it on EC. Even after he came out on a play that should have drawn a penalty (I thought a stick parallel to the ice, especially in on the hands was an automatic call. I guess not when we’re playing against our weak, sick little brother) and Stepan was inserted, that line wasn’t very scary. Our Friday home opener would be a great time for a multi-point game from Frolov and Gaborik regardless of who’s in the middle.

    Good News: We played 60 minutes for the second game in a row. How many times did that happen last year? Our second and third lines are generating plenty of scoring chances and working well with the defense as a unit of five. They go from defense to offense quickly. Our second line is off to a great start and playing with a growing confidence. If Dubi can maintain his intensity this could be a breakout year. Callahan is his usual self and I think he’s a big part of helping Artie play with more confidence. I love our third line, three very different components that make a nasty, smart and lethal meal which they force down their opponent’s throat. Great two way hockey. I’m curious to see how our fourth line develops. I don’t see personnel changes but the big question is Big Boo. How many games does he play and how good a skater will he be by the end of the season? Imagine if he could skate like Boyle? Our defense is still a work in progress. No one will be surprised (not if but when) there are changes made either by call ups or a trade. We’re not looking at our mid-year or year’s end pairings in front of Henrik. One way or another we’ll be better, and not just by a little bit, on our blueline. Tort’s seems to be more positive and in control of himself and the team. It looks like they’re all playing the same system.

    Last night’s loss hurt like a paper cut but provided plenty to build on.

  34. CR 9

    Lundqcvists problem isn’t that he played this or that goal wrong…his technique is basically flawed> his entire game is his superior athleticism. It’s what he parlays to victory.But it is also an albatross around his neck, for he has been left without a full technical know;ledge of how to play different situations with different styles. His entire style is to out move the attacker, and rely upon his nimbleness to gather in victory. Sometimes it works beautifully, but when it doesn;t ,,,,it winds up a horror show.

    I’m not against LQ, but it bothers me that he seems tone deaf. He could be so much better if he admitted that he has gaps in his defense and learns the various other goal tender moves that are necessary. For continued success in this highly charged atmosphere. He’s got to know when to stand with his knees together and face the shooter and when to drop the stacked pads and slide sideways. He does neither. To him ,every thing is a butterfly drop, and if he’s off just a smidgen …it’s usually in the net.

    If you notice the goal tender stats, he does not rank very high ( despite the great press he gets locally), and it cannot all be blamed on his defense.

    Side post securing..fair, to negligent. Stopping shooters head on, looks like 50-50, pile up in goal..bad scene, because he is always flopping and squirming…and it’s these that are largely his purple heart makers. I would really like to see him under the tutelage of a supreme goal tending judge who was successful in his day, to teach him these things, and his coach to see to it that he does. He could be awesome if he did.

  35. Milbury is a moron. How can anyone take what this guy has to say aboot Avery seriously? Aves never walked into a crowd and beat a fan with a shoe.

    Fugg him. He needs a slapshot to the ballsack so hard that his sack completely slices off and goes flying into Lucic’s mouth, and he throws up all over Chara who then slips on his throw up and hits his head and gets a concussion.

    How’d you like that, CR?

  36. If you notice the goal tender stats, he does not rank very high ( despite the great press he gets locally), and it cannot all be blamed on his defense.


    Lundqvist has occupied top 10 spots in the following categories:

    Shots Against (07, 08, 09, 10)
    Saves (07, 08, 09, 10)
    Save % (06, 07, 10) incl. 3rd among active goalies
    Goals Against Avg (06, 07, 08, 10)
    Shut outs (07, 08* league leader)
    Minutes (07, 08, 09, 10)

    He’s been about as good a player relative to his position as the Rangers have ever had.

  37. Carp,

    thoughts on the PP and gabby on the “2nd” unit…I think Dubi was AWESOME on the PP, gained the zone easily and was able to set it up pretty well…MDZ was very good on the PP as well….1-1 after two road games not the end of the world-the sky has not fallen yet….i am not saying the loss is a “Good loss” but we have 41 road games we are not going to win em all…lets take care of business friday at home-those are the games that will come to haunt us down the road when we flop at home to teams like the leafs

  38. fran – I agree with your assessments of the overall picture. Lundqvist has not even come to close to realizing his full potential. Benoit Allaire is supposed to be the best goaltender’s coach in the league. We all know about LQ’s problem with shots glove-side high, Im wondering when Allaire’s expertise will be evident in LQ’s play.

    However, yesterday’s problems were mainly due to horrible defense, an inability to control rebounds and lackadaisical play on his part. It’s early in the season and LQ is not yet 100%, so I expect to play as he usually does. If Benoit and Hank decide to better Hank’s game, that’s better for us. If they dont, we still have an excellent goalie.

    Orr – I loved it! :)

  39. fran – I wouldn’t pretend that Lundqvist has no technical flaws (nor would I pretend to be able to offer any insight in how to fix them), but I can’t help but be reminded of Brodeur’s slightly bitter “he’s weird” remark when reading your criticisms.

    Like it or not, he’s a butterfly goalie and that style has proved pretty successful league-wide for quite some time. I don’t see how Lundqvist or anyone can suddenly transform himself into a stand-up goalie well into his career. And playing that style is designed precisely to limit the need to “flop and squirm” as you put it.

    Not sure about “supreme”, but Allaire’s history as a coach is pretty impressive (while acknowledging he’s reknowned as a butterfly devotee) – I’d have more faith that he is doing the right things with Lundqvist.

  40. They have to bring up their intensity … Actually Tortorella was outcoached which does seem to happen quite frequently … there is no way they should lose with them missing Taveras, Okposo, Streit …

  41. Fran- I don’t have nearly as much knowledge about goaltenders as you do, but certain techniques that you suggest he should learn do require different physiques. Not everyone is the same. You build on your strength. Every goalie has flaws.
    In term of the press- I don’t think it’s only local. He’s been ranked within 5 best over the last few years, was Vezina finalist 3 (IIRC) years in a row, and was named second best(after Miller) by TSN, I believe.

  42. yea fran, i mean hank has a few moments but most of the tiem he plays great or good enough to get a below average offense 35 wins a year. minimum. that said, i do blame the system renny had in maybe inflating hanks numbers and making him seem better than he was. hes still getting into form, and he’ll be fine. hes not richter, but hes the best weve had since. in fact, with the d richter had in front of him, its no wonder. look at miller, hes the best in the game and our young rook lit him up for 3. most because of his d in front of him playing poorly. i am not worried bout hank, i used to be, but he has shown time and time again he is the best player on this team and the reason we will make the playoffs again. with a little help from some better defense!!

  43. Ya mean no anger management and 6 game suspension for Wiz?

    *”nor would I pretend to be able to offer any insight in how to fix them”* I want to echo the same sentiment. All I know about goaltending is what I read and hear via the media.

    Yes, Henrik has been a 3 time Vezina finalist and the only goalie in history to win 30+ games in his first 5 seasons. That’s what made Joe M’s comment about LQ and DiPietro both being great goalies so absurd.

  44. Hey, I called him Wisnasski and I got nuthin, now ilb’s funny?! Man!

    (OK, his are better)

    I’m happy with the suspension. At least they did something!

    ORR, I try not to listen to Milbury, but what are you talking about?

    Good evening all!

  45. Mama,

    milbury wrote an article about incident where he more or less somehow blames Avery for the incident and says he is tired of talking about Avery and these types of incidents.

    Jane M. Was on outside the lines talking about favre.

    The del zotto offseason special wasn’t very good. It was him, stamkos and downie doing very little trainingand a lot of golf and then del zotto doing an MTV cribs kinda thing. Pretty lame really. Although the ladies and some fellows would appreciate the shot of MDZ’s abs thanks to downie lifting Michaels shirt up during an interview.

  46. the only goalie in history to win 30+ games in his first 5 seasons.


    Food for thought: How many other goalies have accomplished the 30+ win feat in the last 5 seasons with the rule changes? I have no idea, but I bet a nice handful. That’s a skewed statistic if I’ve ever heard one.

  47. Milbury is a Bruin, through and through. He derided an entire population by calling Europeans EUROTRASH, and yet there wasn’t even a consequence. Ironic talking about Avery’s antics….when Avery goes into the stands to beat on innocent fans, then Boston Mike can speak.

    Mama, I liked Wiznasski! I gotta say, my favorite word on here – believe it or not – is not carcillo, but hartnell!

  48. To avoid any misunderstanding about del zotto training…

    I meant that the special showed them doing very little traing abd spent more time showing them playing golf. I didn’t mean to imply that del zotto did very little training over the summer. From what I’ve read, it was a very intense summer program.

  49. Salty – Yes. A skewed stat. But you distorted the stat entirely. Im sure Brodeur has won 30+ in his last 10+ years, and others alike have done so also. But the fact is, Lundqvist is the only to win 30+ in his *FIRST 5 seasons*

    Food for thought: Id like to know how many goalies prior to the institution of the shootout won 20+ games in their first 5 seasons….

  50. <>

    sad to say but i think he’s better with the puck, as far as better strength in moving the puck but the communication between him and the dmen SUCK at times.

    an example happened yesterday when the Hank and i forget who our dman was were next to each other and Hank was in the way and didn’t play the puck either
    in the meantime, the isles player had the time to make it to the spot where the two are having some discussion

    “did you see what wisniewski did?!?!?”

    “no, what’d he do? i’m all the way down the other end of the rink, you idiot piece of carcillo!”

    “well, what Aves was yapping at him. you know, like what he normally does…”



  51. Salty – for what it’s worth (and I’d agree, not much – anyone relaistically evaluating goaltending would put wins way down the list of things to look at), the list of 30+ winners in each of the last five years is Lundqvist, Miller and Luongo. (Uncle Fatso probably would’ve got there but for his injury two years ago).

    “He’s become a caricature of a professional…It’s not good for hockey, it’s not good for the image that [the league] is trying to portray. We’re not all poster boys for this business and never will be, but this has gone on far too long with his focus on being a distraction and an agitator rather than honing his craft.”

    Is Milbury talking about Avery or his own GM/broadcasting career there? The irony…

  52. “Lundqvist, Miller and Luongo”

    Yes! This!

    I agree that wins are much farther down the list of stats evaluating a goalie’s performance…

    But that list right there speaks volumes. It’s tough to be a goalie for 70+ games a season and take the wear and tear on the body.

  53. 2 games is the right call…no surprise the incedent involves Avery…he is going to get killed out there soon.

  54. thanks CR, me too!

    Oy, I’m gonna regret this hugely, but I’m going in to read that article. If you hear a loud explosion in the next 10 minutes, you know it’s from White Plains :)

  55. it’s just so so so sad that milbury is taken seriously and not mocked and chased down a short pier

    (no, i’m not calling for his death, dear moderators, just for him to get wet in a raging river and have to swim back to shore)

    funny that i think he was the one he brought up the term “wussification” of the nhl and here he advocates that sort of thing because he’s uncomfortable that Avery was jawing at wikid.

  56. Lundqvist, Miller and Luongo.


    Awesome…that answers that…thanks for doing the research.

    I’m a big LQ fan of course, I’m still just a bit weary and hesitant to go gooey for him when he’s yet to put up a “complete” season.

  57. Has Milbury noticed that in every hockey game there seem to be “tough guys” interacting, and coaches and players saying the “f” word to each other nonstop, and yet Avery is somehow the only player who is hurting feelings out there? Hmmm.
    Not to mention, as stated above, that Milbury has consistently questioned the integrity and character of countless players of European extraction, and never been punished. Why exactly is he still allowed on the air?
    Wisniewski set a new standard for disgusting behavior, and his coach, Scott Gordon, didn’t have the class to apologize to his own fans for that just plain gross act. How exactly is that Avery’s fault?

  58. Hey Salty, Tsn (as i was reminded the other day) ranks LQ #2 goalie in the league!

    do YOU know more than those Canadians?! :)

  59. sigh. idiot. that’s shockingly all I got. Except for here, I don’t post comments on other boards. (I want to express myself, oh yes! but don’t like signing up for 20 different places)

    However, does Milbury have a blog? That I just might make an exception for. At least most of the comments at that link were anti-idiot.

    Tired of talking about Aves Mikey? Then shut the Hartnell up. Oooooh. A goalie got snowed in hockey! Stop the presses!

    You know what? I’m tired of people talking about Aves, too, the way Milbury does. He’s moved on, we’ve moved on…it’s the jackwagons who haven’t.

    OK. I guess I did have more than sigh and idiot. I’ll stop now before I have enough for a Ph.D diseration :)

  60. “he’s yet to put up a “complete” season.”

    I agree with that statement.

    But let’s remember, he has busted his ass for most likely 70+ games each of the last 4 years – with very little defense in front of him.

  61. Crystal Water Triple on

    Dropping the gloves and fighting is ok, but making a gesture, whether obscene or not, is worth two games on the sidelines. Is Bettman a little girl in a little man’s body, or what? Why does everything in the world of hockey have to revolve around grown, physically-aggressive men acting like they are sipping tea with the Queen of England?

    The answer is that grown men are not allowed, by law and by the rules governing sports, to act like real men, anymore. We are all here to accomodate the N.O.W.,and the P.C. mindset of never offending anyone by word or deed. The National Metro-sexual League, NMS, is what they should rename the National Hockey League. I am thinking Bettman’s replacement will be just as wimpy – consistent with the times we live in.

  62. Mama, it’s nothing more than a Bostonian going after a New Yorker. He’s just doing what he’s been taught. Stick Avery on the Bruins, and Milbury will be his biggest supporter (and Ill be his biggest hater).

  63. Id like to take this opportunity to thank Mark Messier and Jaromir Jagr – my two hockey heroes – for never going to….

    Leetchie going there was okay by me. He was in the tail end of his career, grew up there, and was one of the greatest defenseman in the history of the NHL with the greatest hockey organization to exist – the New York Rangers!!

  64. I don’t think I could hate him at this point on another team, I’d just be really sad if he left, and honestly probably wouldn’t watch those games against us. The Rangers would understand, obviously, and know how to play him, but I don’t think I’d enjoy it every much.

    case in point: when beezer got traded I couldn’t watch those. didn’t have it in me to root against him. That trade killed me.

  65. mike milbury…he made a career out of fighting guys loike don murdoch and (tough but small) eddie johnstone….he looks like the kid in class who would “tell on you”

  66. carp…the game drew under 12000 yesterday..ranger fans did their part…if it was carolina or florida it wouldve been 7000…if wang hasnt succeeded in getting the project done in eight years,he’ll never do it…the isles lease expires in 2015..they could probably break it with penalty fees…my question to you-seriously,do you see the islanders here much longer…it’s a great rivalry,but the devil rivalry has passed it by…they have a two county fan base….what say you?

  67. It seems that I’m not making myself clear about Hanks goal tending. I’m no maven, but all the years my son played hockey right up thru Jrs, I coached and taught kids the game, and I was a deep student of goal techniques. I used to spend a lot of time with goalies ( and no doubt I am a bit weird when it comes to that, but I do not say that LQ is lacking talent…he certainly has proven that he has. But never lose sight of the fact that it’s been a product of his terrific mobility and his overall coverage of his zone. Burt keep on eye on the rebounds that he has real problems controlling. If you watch some of the old games on NHL center ice, and see how Glen Hall, Johnny Bower, Mike Richter, Terry Sawchuk did it…they were all different to a degree. And so was Toronto’s great goal tender Turk Broda.

    None of these old great used a butterfly, (possible exception Glen Hall,) but that was a tactic not a style.

    I should add Emil Francis and Chuck Rayner to that group also. Francis was an acrobatic goaltender and fantastic to watch.

    One thing that I did with the kids, just learning the position, was to teach them to recognize the angles.

    I would bring in a piece of long cord, and tack one end to the side boards at different places, and then bring the cord into the net and placed it at the corner posts, and the far post, and high and low points, to let the kid see where the line of the puck would travel from those different points along the boards. It taught them how not to throw themselves out of position when a shot came at them from those angles, and then they gained confidence when shots came to them. Then I’d have them come out a few feet from the goal and then look back at where the puck would hit from several different depths, so that by not anchoring themselves deep in the crease they could become confident that the shot would go wide of them.

    This didn’t become a fixed rule, but generally they came to understand what was possible and what was a bad move.
    They were glad to do this, because they could actually see the line that the puck would probably take ( barring deflections of course.)

    That;s all.

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