Some post-game quotes


Sean Avery (with some help from Andrew Gross, because my recorder started buzzing during the interview):

On the Callahan penalty:

“That’s a tough call. Two guys going hard for a puck. Hard game like that.”

On the lewd gesture by the Islanders’ James Wisniewski:

“Imagine if I did that? Heck, they sent me to rehab.”

“But I’m sure nothing will happen, because nothing ever happens.”


FYI, Wisniewski wouldn’t talk about it, saying only (to Newsday’s Arthur Staple), “What happens on the ice stays on the ice.”

And Islanders’ thin-skinned coach Scott Gordon punked out, refusing to answer questions about it, then walking out of the room when another question came up. Guess he doesn’t like it when there’s actually some media paying attention to one of his games.


Michael Del Zotto:

On the play where he was stripped by Comeau for a goal:

“I just lost the puck. I went to pull it back to make a play and I just lost the handle on the puck. I couldn’t have put it in a better spot for him. I put it right on his stick and he made the most of it.

“I probably should get rid of the puck right away, but it’s something — you live and you learn from that kind of play. It’s uncharacteristic of me. It’s kind of my job to take care of the puck and make good, smart decisions. But it happens and you learn from it.”

On what his teammates and coaches said to him after the goal:

“They just said to keep your head up. It’s kind of uncharacteristic of me … just kind of lost the puck there, and (Blake Comeau) made the most of the opportunity I kind of gave him. But I felt I did a good job bouncing back after that. I made a good pass to Dubi on that first power-play goal, and kind of settled in after that.”

“It was a good confidence boost that they had my back there.”

On what he thinks when he sees it will be 5-on-3 late in the game:

“You don’t like your odds, that’s for sure. But with the PK unit we have, we’re confident when they’re on the ice, all the time, doing a great job every night and putting their bodies on the line, blocking shots. And especially with Henke back there. (Girardi) did a great job blocking that shot. It’s just unfortunate that it bounced right on P.A. (Parenteau’s) stick and he made the most of the opportunity.”

On the lesson from this:

“Don’t take anything for granted. You know, you look up on the board there and you see they got some key injuries to their team, but it doesn’t mean anything in this league. There’s a lot of great players and they kind of put us in our place there.”



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  1. love avery, hope bettman hears what he said….
    and the “bj” thing was worse blown ( no pun intended) call of the game

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " booooooo" ...says Greg L. on

    OMG I missed it , 11 am time here !!!! Well I scrolled up the posts and saw that we lost…but what was the score? Why did we lose to the lowely Azzlanders? How could I sleep through the game? I was sure it was a 5pm start but nope!!! Im gonna have to watch NHL network to get the jists of things. What the Firetruck was the score and why is Fran so upset at Hank again?


  3. what was this lewd gesture? i was at work and they didnt say anything on the radio about it…

  4. Fran – I don’t think Torts had a good choice no matter who he chose in that spot is what I was saying. Blowzy just has more history of not getting it done. I don’t think you put Staal was in the box. Girardi was on the ice. Sauer in that spot. Eminger is terrible. MDZ is the only clearly better option and I’m not sure how long he was off the ice at that time but he was having a bad puck handling game anyway. It was damned anyway you look at it for Torts.

  5. From what I saw was the islanders getting away with three penalties when the rangers were forcing the issue in the first half of the third period before they scored there fourth goal. Than I witness the refs call 3 penalties against the rangers in the second half of the third period. Two out of the three were big time soft calls to say the least and seemed to be the refs calling these calls to give the islanders a chance to at least tie the game. callahan’s tripping call was a complete joke. The islander player lost his edge, it didn’t appear callahan even touch him.

  6. Cindy Crosby – Wisnewski gave Avery the international sign language for a BJ after a whistle. It’s on Youtube already.

  7. Maybe I am just in a complaining mode now – After watching the Rangers lose two games at the same time (MSG was replaying a loss to Caps and MSG Plus had a loss to Isles)on their own network a few weeks ago, now I was watching the MSG Countdown of the top 25 Game Winning Goals and the morons at MSG programming don’t see Pete Stemkowski’s 3OT goal against the Hawks in the 71 playoffs as one of the top 25 goals! They also had a segment on some of the top game losing goals! Could you imagine the YES network showing Yankee losses as Yankee classics or monumental game losing moments. The production and programming folks at MSG Network are complete idiots.

  8. Wow..just wow..I can’t believe the end of the game went down like that. Naturally PAP had to tie it. Horribly reffed game. And I can’t even bitch on Facebook yet because Linda and iLB don’t know the outcome yet blah! lol

  9. Islanders coach Scott Gordon stormed out of his press conference when he was questioned about James Wisniewski’s hand-to-mouth gesture made to Sean Avery after they jawed at each other at the Islanders’ net in the first period.

    Wow- what a joke that guy is. I dislike him very much

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