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From the Rangers:
October 11, 2010 – Game No. 2, Away Game No. 2
New York Rangers 4, New York Islanders 6
Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
• The Rangers were defeated by the Islanders, 6-4, today at Nassau Coliseum in a matinee match-up between Atlantic Division rivals.  The Blueshirts are now 1-1-0 on the season, including a 1-1-0 mark away from Madison Square Garden.
• Two of the Rangers’ four goals were tallied by defensemen – Michael Del Zotto (power play) at 8:28 of the middle frame and Dan Girardi less than five minutes later, at 13:01 of the second.  Last season, Rangers’ defensemen notched 32 goals on the season, led by Del Zotto (nine) and Marc Staal (eight).
• The Blueshirts’ power play tallied two goals in four opportunities to improve to a 28.6% success rate (2-7) this season.  Last season, the Rangers’ power play converted at a 22.7% success rate in the season series, registering five goals in 22 chances.
• Brandon Dubinsky notched a power play tally at 13:57 of the first period to give the Rangers their first goal of the game, and added a power play assist mid-way through the second period to register his second multi-point effort in as many games.  Last season, he tied his career-high with 10 multi-point performances.  Dubinsky also led all Rangers’ forwards with 21:25 of ice time.
• Artem Anisimov tallied his first goal at 12:46 of the second period, and added a power play assist in 17:52 of ice time.  He also led all skaters with 14 face-off wins in 21 attempts (67%).
• Michael Del Zotto registered two power play points, including his first goal of the season at 8:28 of the second period, and logged 21:23 of ice time.  Last season, Del Zotto led all NHL rookies in power play assists (18), ranked second in power play points (22) and tied for fifth in power play goals (four), and also tied for 10th among NHL defensemen in power play assists and 12th in power play points.
• Dan Girardi registered his third point in the Rangers’ first two games with an even-strength goal at 13:01 of the second period to give the Blueshirts a 3-2 advantage.  Girardi also tied for the team-high with four shots on goal, led the team with four hits and registered a game-high, five blocked shots in 22:51 of ice time.
• Marian Gaborik, Ryan Callahan and Alex Frolov each collected one assist in the contest.  Gaborik’s assist was his second in two games after registering a career-high, 44 assists in 2009-10.  He was also awarded his fifth career penalty shot attempt, while shorthanded at 11:08 of the first period, which was stopped by Rick DiPietro.  Callahan registered an assist on Anisimov’s third period goal, and tied for the team-high with four shots and recorded three hits in 21:21 of ice time.  Frolov assisted on Girardi’s goal at 13:01 of the second, and now has two assists in as many games as a Ranger.
• Defensemen Marc Staal and Michal Rozsival both tallied one assist in the contest.  Staal also blocked two shots and logged 23:13 of ice time.  Rozsival added two hits and led all skaters with 27:38 of ice time.
• The Rangers do not have practice scheduled for tomorrow, October 12.  The Blueshirts’ next practice is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, October 13, at the MSG Training Center.
• The Rangers will return to action on Friday, October 15, when they will face-off against the Toronto Maple Leafs at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in their 2010-2011 regular season home opener.  The match-up between Original Six opponents will be broadcast live on MSG Network and can be heard on 970 The Apple.

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  1. At least they’re scoring. Defending not so much, but I think resetting the D pairs and having Drury come back for his defensive prowess will help. Not a game you want to slip away but at least this helps them realize they’re not world beaters right now unlike last year where I think they started to believe their own hype afte the great start.

  2. CT, I said it yesterday, Drury should be 4th line wing. And I like the rest of your post.

    yay devils losing!

    CR, I got nothing at the end of the 3rd! and for the life of me, I can’t find that comment. It’s not where you said it was.

  3. Sorry if already mentioned but I just watched the wisniewsky incident again on YouTube and the ref is literally standin right next to wisniewsky. There is no way that ref didn’t see what happened. Ridiculous.

  4. joke, i watched it several times too. 1 ref did turn away Aves, but the other one was standing right there, and number 93 skated right up to Wisnasski while he was doing it. Oh, they saw all right.

  5. The Rangers defense is pathetic. Year after year after year it is the same thing and it is NEVER addressed. They need DEFENSIVE defensemen. Staal is the closest thing they have to one and he’s good, Girardi somewhat, I don’t know what Eminger is, then Sauer, Del Zotto, Roszival, Gilroy and Gilroy. They don’t need so many offensive defensemen. This team has been lacking defensive d-men for YEARS and you think every year they are going to address it and it never happens. It’s such an obvious glaring weakness it is almost infuriating. Forget even a big physical DMan or two, they haven’t had that since Beukeboom left 100 years ago. Del Zotto should be sent to Hartford and be switched to a winger. It’s pathetic. I feel bad for Lundqvist with the sorry pile of dman he has working with him.

  6. Also the Boogaard issue is kind of aggravating as well. He comes out his first shift, levels an Islander DMan and sets up an immediate quality scoring chance. He comes out early in the 2nd gets a good shot on goal and he’s never seen again. I’m sorry he’s not getting paid 3 million dollars to get 1 minute of ice time. He played great with the little time that moron Tortarella gave him, and has done everything that’s been asking of him throughout camp and he gets rewarded by being plastered on the bench. I don’t expect him out there in the 3rd in a tight game but let him play more than a little over one minute.

  7. jpg, what you said before you got post-carp’d…..agreed. I’m sure there’s tons of crap that gets said (who cares) and done…but be careful if you’re going to “do” soemthing. If you get caught, like Wisnasski did, then you deserve to be called a jackwagon!

    yes, the children! what Aves said was wrong (took me a while to forgive) but this was just stupid. I’m not all up in arms about it. I’m quite the sailor myself, and sports is sports, but he should have been called, and should be disciplined.

    I’m gonna regret saying this, but this really the longest conversation I’ve ever had about this, um, subject, in my life :)

  8. LMAO @ Mike!

    What were you expecting? A goalscorer? Ahahaha!!

    Gimme a break. I’m sorry, when we were down 1-0, 2-1, 5-4, you wanted Booger on the ice??

    Glad you’re not coaching the team.

    Booger isn’t even worth having in the lineup if he’s not going to drop the gloves, because that’s *all” he’s good at.

  9. CR, I apologize, you sent me an excellent post-game wrap, for some reason I just missed it!

    I can’t find that post!!! maybe Lord Stanley took care of it for you :) If you can find it, e-mail it to me including the comments before and after you.

  10. CR9 - Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 Points on

    Orr – Sorry for snapping at you earlier. I was extremely angry/frustrated. We cool?

  11. Del Zotto will be lucky to be over -20 this year again.

    I don’t expect Boogaard to be on the ice in a tight game late in the 3rd nor do I expect him to score goals, but he is a presence which he made felt whenever he was on the ice and was deserving of more than 1 minute of ice time. Capiche? Difficult concepts, I understand.

  12. CR9 - Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 Points on

    lol, i said quit being an asshat.

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZZ " Hank the tank" ...says Greg L. on

    Easy ORR , easy on Mike. Mike has a good point. Boogaard needs to be out there and hes getting shafted.

    ” Booger isn’t even worth having in the lineup if he’s not going to drop the gloves, because that’s *all” he’s good at.” – ORR said.

    Yeah Boogaard is only good for fighting is a bunch of Garbage dude. He is “policing” our team and he gives us INSTANT toughness , something that no mind Colton Orr couldnt do. You got boogy mixed up with Colton Orr man . Cuz Colton Orr sucks and doe NOT scare anyone. LMAO @ yer Boogaard comment , its almost as silly as the delzotto sent down one.

  14. still fuming over this melt down in the last 7 min. thats as poor as a finish that this team had all last year. again losing a game like this in regulation with a one goal lead late is a disgrace and whether its game 2 or 82 all pts are crucial

  15. Hey Greg! You spelt everything correctly! how boring :)

    OK, hunger calls. later all. here’s to the best tetchiest Rangers blog ever!

  16. CR9 - Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 Points on

    C3P did not say “stop being tetchy”

    He observed that I was tetchy – which I found hilarious also.

    And C3P observed correctly. He meant no insult to me.

    Calling Orr an asshat was wrong, and I apologize.

  17. saw the wisniewski gesture. the blowj-b routine. avery is right if he did that the media would be going bananas..

    buttman will do nothing. the rangers have a chance to be good this year, but you need to win these type of games when you should win.

    this team is young, improving, with more talent on the way.

    emminger sit, please.. gilroy is better, faster, and younger……..

  18. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Emminger was the least of the problems today – and he wasn’t a huge problem the first game either. I’m not saying he’s played well, but Rozy and Staal have played worse and (today) MDZ was worse.

  19. Today was the kind of loss a young team will have, and hopefully they’ll learn from it. Everyone wanted youth.

    As to Wisniewski’s gesture — that was disgusting, and he should definitely be suspended. And if his coach didn’t address the issue to the media, he can apologize as well. Wasn’t this game a matinee in order to draw kids?

  20. I didn’t see Booger when he was starting crap with Dublowsky, Avery, Biron, and Boyle.

    Booger doesn’t need to be in every game. And if he is playing, he should be on the ice for more than 3 minutes.

    Mike is a dope. He has no clue what he’s talkin’ ‘boot. Sending a 20 year old sophomore down to the AHL cause of a bad game. Pff, hilarious!

    CR, no big deal. All wild emotions flying. I’m not a baby like some people, and take it personal.

  21. OK, just watched the game on fastforward. A few observations….

    MDZ looked like he was handling a hand grenade the entire game, save the goal.

    Hank looks really rusty early on.

    What a BS call on Cally. But after the Staal penalty, this team should have buckled down, that’s what winning teams do.

    Giradi’s been real good.

    Has Gaborik or Frolov been playing? Cause they sure have been invisible.

    Wisniewski’s gesture was juvenille and stupid. Then again, he’s the one that laid that awful hit on Brent Seabrook last season.

    Dubinsky’s been all over the ice so far this season. Maybe this is the year he finally puts it all together.

    Somehow I’m not shocked that they lost to the Isles. The Isles always seem to play the Rangers harder than the Rangers play the Islanders. Yet, losing to the Isles always sucks big-time.

    I love hearing Howie Rose, but Goring is horrid. Worse than Jeannerat in Buffalo and that is saying something.

    No game til Friday annoys me.

  22. One last thing.. this team NEVER plays well in day games. It’s like they’re not awake or something.

  23. Personally, I am glad we didn’t come out like gangbusters this year and go on some crazy hot streak to start the season. It is good for the youth on this team to go through this kind of loss together. Of course I want our team to win them all, but let’s face it, we are far from a great team. We are a young team, that is going to work, but probably make the playoffs as a 7 or 8 seed. At least we know we can score some goals. I am sure the D will sure up as the season progresses. These games against the Isles are always crazy like this. I am not going to lose sleep over this one. If we can get our top line going, this team is going to be just fine. Also, Drury in the lineup will help our PK. Say what you want about him, but the guy is great on the PK. Even if we only play him on the PK, I would be fine with it, LOL.

  24. Mickey – I kept saying this last year, but the team’s record in day games last season was actually good. Don’t have the energy to look it up again now, but the numbers are out there.

  25. From ESPN regarding the Wisniewski gesture.

    “My guess is hockey operations will do what needs to be done,” Bettman said. “I don’t react to things that are described to me.”

    Wisniewski said he didn’t remember making a gesture, but video of the incident was on the YouTube website before the game was over.

    “When are these players going to figure it out? We do have cameras at games,” a league source told

    Avery was only 23 games into a four-year, $15.5 million deal with the Dallas Stars in December 2008 when Bettman suspended him for six games for a crude remark Avery made about ex-girlfriends dating other hockey players. The suspension was actually the culmination of a series of transgressions that included a vile diatribe against a fan in Boston a month earlier.

    Avery also underwent counseling for anger management. That incident ended Avery’s time with the Stars and led to his return to the Rangers that season after a stint in the minor leagues.

    “It’s pretty obvious what the guy was doing,” Avery said of Wisniewski, “but I’m sure nothing will happen to him because nothing ever happens. It’s interesting, he’d get a warning for something like that.

    “Can you imagine if I did that? They sent me to rehab the last time I did something. It’s crazy.”

  26. LW, I’d look it up myself, but I’m too lazy to so I’ll take your word for it.

    I love what Avery said. Because it’s the truth.

  27. kc, Nasty, ORR, great posts….

    Geez. Hence Buttman: “My guess is hockey operations will do what needs to be done,” Bettman said. “I don’t react to things that are described to me.”



  28. Frolov has been underwhelming but Gaborik has created a lot of chances. He set up Artie’s goal and he commands a lot of respect from the D. The 2nd and 3rd lines have been good. As I said at the beginning of the post, I’m more excited about the offensive production coming from the non-first line and the D.

    That said, they can’t get into a run and game, even if they have more forwards that can score. Their D is so raw that if they face a team like Washington they will get picked apart. On the other hand, a lot of back and forth rushes are a result of the D being much more aggressive this year with pinching and moving in on the play. It’s a risk reward game right now but obviously you can’t give up 4 goals a night. Then again the Devils D which is usually their strength is giving up a ton of goals too.

  29. great comment: welcome to the world waldo!
    “When are these players going to figure it out? We do have cameras at games,” a league source told

  30. CT, at the risk of repeating myself, I like the third line and think it’s pretty dang good. :) seriously though, it’s been a producer….i’d rather have that line rack up chemistry than mess with it too much.

    chemistry. all I’m saying.

  31. NHL Network just showed the replay of that incident, and they pixelated out Wisniewski doing the motion. Both analysts said they expect him to be suspended though.

    And how did Bettman miss it? He was in the stands! Or was he too busy demonstrating said actions with Cindy Crysby since Cindy was in the area today?!?!

  32. Sandis Ozolinsh used to be a premier offensive dman for a long time… Rangers of course got him at the point where they get most of the stars… used, abused and useless! Though, in his first 14 games as a Ranger Ozolinsh had 2 goals and 12 points!

  33. messiah, most youtube posts are blurring it out also. ridiculous (aristophanes!!) I await word of Wisasski’s (i’m, sticking with that. Nobody has spelled his name consistently anyway) punishment tomorrow. If there is none, unleash the Aves!!!

  34. C3P, agreed. though it’s hard to say this…Sandis Ozolinsh…without spitting :)

    OK all, I’ve caught up for the day. Tomorrow! TA!

    ilb and TR, missed you today….hope all’s well.

  35. ORR, on the TV in his box where he’s watching ALF or whatever on re-runs. Watch the game commish!!!

    hee hee, sorry. I wicky’d….

  36. C3P (sigh, you guys kill me) yes and no. different contexts. point is, Wasski should get something…not what Aves got, that was beyond the beyond anyway….but be fair league. Wasski was gross, in public, offensive and unsportsman/conductlike.

    Fact: If Aves had done that, the “refs” would have seen and called it.

    If someone wants to try to out sweet Sweet 16, look the hartnell out! puhleze!

  37. saw a post by Linda on facebook
    said she had to work today
    hopefully she didn’t come to the board
    before going to the videotape (or dvr or…)
    cause she wanted to watch.

    good luck to hear…..maybe the outcome will be different!

  38. ThisYearsModel on

    Wisniewski. What an idiot. Guess he forgot that playing for an NHL team means you will be on TV.

  39. No Wizz just forgot his team was playing the Rangers. Nobody would watch that team for any other reason. Kind of like the Devils!

  40. somebody should have posted this last saturday
    but i guess we all hoped things would be better.

    regarding the refs calls and the low expectations that Wiz (rhymes with ***)
    will be fine/suspended/sent to rehab/anger management….
    we can all say now


  41. I’m kind of upset, I just read that the Devils waived PL3. That’s too bad, I really wanted to see the Boogeyman give him a beatdown.

  42. CR9 - Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 Points on

    Who is PL3?

    jpg – How have you been? Since ya know…

  43. Wolfpack’s (soon to be Whales) website had this for their homeopener:

    Redden Satisfied

    Redden hadn’t played since a shootout loss to the Philadelphia Flyers in the season finale eliminated the Rangers from playoff contention in early April. He didn’t play in any of the Rangers’ preseason games before being waived, then didn’t play for the Wolf Pack as Gernander and his staff wanted to see the younger players play as much as possible.

    As expected, Redden showed plenty of poise while paired with rookie Tomas Kundratek and playing on the left point of the power play alongside Jeremy Williams.

    “The team had a great effort, and it felt good to play again,” said Redden, an assistant captain with Newbury. “I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. I just tried to help out. We got a big game from Johnnie (Chad Johnson).”

    Redden admitted his first assist was a bit risky.

    “It was a hard play, but I was just in the right place with the puck,” he said. “If it was two feet the other way, it was past me.”

    Gernander had few complaints with the man who has been the model of professionalism since he arrived 10 days ago.

    “He was a steady, calming defenseman,” Gernander said. “He’s not going to wow you with a lot of flash, but at the end of the day, when you break down his game, he’s steady and dependable. And I thought he did pretty well offensively at the blueline. He was a good shooter getting pucks to the net. It was good first game for him.”

  44. CR9

    how have i been since ya know…?

    referring to my Newfie’s sudden passing.
    if so, moving forward because i have little choice
    with intermittent moments of emptiness because
    i lost my two best friends in the span of 14 months.

    if not that, then i’m not sure what you’re referring to…

  45. CR9 - Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 Points on

    jpg – Yes. That. I didnt want to specifically mention it. Are you looking into getting another puppy?

    You have any funny stories about the Newfie or your other puppy that you’d feel comfortable sharing? If not, I understand.

  46. CR9

    thanks for the continued sympathy.
    much appreciated.
    hmmmmm….let me see. as far as Jack, the Newfie, he was the size of St. Bernard. well, there were times when he had to go potty early in the morning. one time i didn’t feel like getting up so i pretended that i was still sleeping. he sat next to the bed and…the way he barked was “Woo-olf!” then there’d be a long pause…”Woo-olf”
    kept trying not to laugh. so, he did the next best thing. he whacked me in the forehead with his paw. luckily, i didn’t get scratched by his nails. too funny. laughed, got up and took him outside.

    Shugarie was always a great companion. even when he was sick he’d come round to sleep near me. his odd thing was he broke out of the habit of chewing things such as shoes or pajamas but he would just pick something like that up and relocate ’em.

    as for getting a new dog. not yet. still bumming about these two being gone so quickly and our schedule is hectic and money is a bit tight. we’ll see…….maybe someday.

    i meant to mention in the past that you’ve seemed a lot calmer compared to some of your rants in the spring or early summer.
    i vaguely recall reading something where you noticed that change was a good idea.
    so, good for you!
    thanks for asking.

  47. Aww, puppy talk. I miss my baby boy (who is actually 8 years old, but he’ll always be my baby) :(

  48. yep, they were My Boys alright.

    well, not that it’s a competition but at least you had ’em til
    lost the golden retriever at 7 1/2
    the newfie at 4 1/2

    both were cancer. both were shockers.
    the newfie. found out in emergency room on monday. lost him in surgery on tuesday morning.

  49. CR9 - Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 Points on

    Thanks for the stories; any time you want to share them, all the boneheads would have to hear them. The bark and the paw to the face is too too funny. He sure taught you not to try and fake him out, hehe. I love the name Shugarie, very cute. That must have been fun, temporarily losing things all the time.

    I understand, it’s best to take a lot of time to grieve them properly.

  50. not meaning to bring things down on the board this late at night so i’ll change subject.

    Wisniewski S***S!!

  51. CR9 - Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 Points on

    oh my god, that is so terrible; so heartbreaking. Only good thing I can say, at least they got to spend their years happy in a great home.

    Mickey – what was your boy’s name?

  52. CR9 - Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 Points on

    jpg – was the Newfie’s name Jack Black Kerouac?

  53. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    “I felt like they didn’t really have to work that hard to get their goals. But overall, as a team, I think we played a great game and we definitely played well enough to win this game.”

    Thanks, Hank. It only took two games to be thoroughly disgusted.

  54. CR9 - Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 Points on

    jpg – You are never going to believe this…..

  55. CR9 - Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 Points on

    You put Jack’s name and his story on FB Boneheads group when the tragedy happened.

    This is part you’ll never believe. I loved the name so much, Jack Black Kerouac, that over the past month or so, Ive sort of like sung the name repeatedly on many occasions. Also, Ive been calling each of my own puppies that (they dont really care about getting called different names).

  56. i knew i posted on facebook
    couldn’t remember where
    that’s funny and pretty cool
    in our sick twisted minds one of the other
    funny reasons we told people we named him Jack was that if he was on the couch and we want not to be
    we could yell, “Jack! Off!”

    moderators, please don’t hate me.

    but yep, the Jack Black Kerouac just fit.
    have fun with your pups. what are they?

    if i don’t respond, send the response to facebook.
    dropping off internet soon.

  57. CR9 - Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 Points on

    Jack! Off! That’s awesome. Ill respond to you later tomorrow when I see you on here! Have a great night, jpg.

  58. mao_DEL_Zedongo on

    Dubi getting ice time commensurate with Torts sentiment towards him…they expect this kid to be a main cog. He plays hard..he is highly skilled, and he plays at both ends..this team is very easy to like this year….i continue to think we will be quite a surprise this year barring injuries….they can tighten up defense, but when you don’t have skill to score you wind up like we did last year…id rather have our players and work on the defense in time. To quote Blogmama: “CHILL!”

  59. mao_DEL_Zedongo on

    i got stick listening to the Islanders announcers for most of the game. Those two are very close to the worst ever.

  60. wicky (Our D belongs in MAMBY PAMBY VILLE!!!!) on

    Ok, home from work. Not really sure where to start……

    Torts is an idiot. He starts juggling players and lines (I understand after a special teams situation your lines are juggled for a bit, but he is ridiculous). He quit rolling 4 lines which is also stupid, especially in a physical game!

    The refs did not cause us to lose the game, our crappy D (I’ll get to that in a minute) did and crappy coaching. The call on cally was bad, but everything else was pretty legit.

    I would expect wisniewski (sp?) to be suspended.

    Drury needed to replace EC and all the lines and players needed to remain as they were, but depending on EC’s injury (update anyone?) it may be what happens anyhow.

    Now my hot button, our D is frakking soft!!!!!!! Not that I haven’t been saying that for quite a while, but there are some who still don’t seem to understand that. This team is SOFT on the blueline. Eminger is actually the most “rugged” d man we have. I used to say the same thing about mara. No offence to either one of them, but if that is the case, your D is SOFT!!!

    The 2 most physical guys we had in the preseason were semenov and vtank. Just a fact!!! Sauer is on the roster due to waiver rules and I’m not impressed with OPG or Gilroy. Rozy is just a waste and I would rather have redden than him because at least he was physical in front of the net occasionally.

    Offering a solution to that problem would be to make a trade for a physical d man that might be available dealing a surplus forward or two or a young d man or two like sauer and gilroy. It would be really great if we could deal rozy or OPG, but not holding my breath on that one. I would deal for one of the d men from the flames or bieksa from the nucks. I would also bring up vtank, who is the most physical d man we have on the rangers or in htfd right now. You need two physical guys not just one (one would be a nice start though). Hell souray would be an improvement over what we have now (so would semenov)!

    You have to understand most physical guys will take themselves out of position to make a hit some times or might be a bit slower, but you DO NOT need to have top speed to CLEAR THE DAMN CREASE!!!!

    sorry it took so long to respond, but I hope my post here answers you question.

    about 6 laurels and thanks for asking, I’m fine (or did you just ask about ILB and TR??)!!

  61. I don’t know if it’s the weather, Columbus Day, or what, but I was invited to go to the game yesterday (free) and I didn’t go. I had no interest whatsoever. I go with some interesting people too, but I just couldn’t do it. Could be that going to Uniondale just sucks in general. I am glad I didn’t in hindsight.

    “Wisniewski. What an idiot. Guess he forgot that playing for an NHL team means you will be on TV.”

    I mean he is playing on an AHL team, so maybe he thought there were no TV cameras in the building. . . .of course this AHL team beat the Rangers. . . . I am glad I didn’t go.

  62. From Brooks’ article this morning:

    “Wisniewski, who signed a free-agent deal with the Islanders this summer, danced around the issue, offering the non-response response, “He was doing his thing and I was doing my thing.”

    lmao @ “and I was doing my thing” That’s pretty sad when gesturing like that is ‘your thing’.

  63. the puck drops here on

    Carp, do you know Fred H. Marsh? I’m reading a weekly paper from Cooperstown and I just saw his obit. Let me know if you want more info.

  64. Tank The Season on

    I think the most important thing to take away thus far is that the Rangers have 10 goals in 2 games, all scored by people other than Gaborik.

    I second wicky’s sentiments exactly. I don’t know if we could get Souray on re-entry waivers but the Rangers should definitely look into Bieksa. Calgary had Cory Sarich who used to be tough but now he is overpaid and washed up.

  65. Tank The Season on

    Sarich has 2 yrs at $3.6M per left on his contract. Wasn’t he one of Tortorella’s favorite guys on TB when they won the Cup, like their crease clearer?

    He is VERY unpopular amongst CGY fans from what I understand.

  66. jpg and CR, His name is KC and he’s very much still alive. He’s just living back in NY with my Dad, since he’s as much my Dad’s dog as mine. He’s a beagle and cocker spaniel mix and the biggest chicken you will ever meet. He barks at people, but only from inside his own house or from behind one of us if we’re out for a walk. Most loveable dog I’ve ever had.

    And sorry about the loss of you dogs, jpg, I know how hard that is. We had to put down my childhood dog while I was away at college and it devastated me. Hang in there, ok?

    All right, off the work. Later all!

  67. I still do not understand the steady complaint of Emminger as being a source of their problems. Reminds me of Mara’s early days with Rangers. I found him to be a very competent and skilled defenseman..which he still is by the way,
    What really amazes me is the way that Roszival ( the man who is always out there) seems to float thru his nonsensical gestures of playing defense – while constantly giving the puck up! And it doesn’t seem to register with Torts at all, because he’s always out there in critical situations.
    I think that poor Emminger is going to get the same treatment ( and from the same critics) that dogged Mara. What did Mara do that was so great? Well, great is an over used word..let me say that he was extremely competent. Want an example? How about Kovalev and Briere. How did he handle these two. When they came by his way, he’d simply turn up the accelerator pedal and skate with them shoulder to shoulder as they carried the puck and did their little moves, but he was like glue on them, and always with his stick outreached to sweep before him neutralizing their stick work, but he never stopped skating with them like their shadows. Eventually they’d either run out of gas, or space and then he’d strip them of the puck and get rid of it. He was very seldom rattled, and I think he’s a most under rated D man in the league. And so few claimers for him. Amazing. I for one wish he was still here.

  68. Good morning all!

    jpg, I had no idea about the newfie! I am sooooooo sorry.

    wicky, HOW ARE YOU TODAY!!!

  69. Oh – btw – A poster for the Post ( I don;t ry them any more
    but I read them) indicated that raqngers are oging to have to “clear their crease” if they’re gonna be susccessful this season..well get set for a long season, because as long as Tortorella keeps shoving Roszival out there as his “backstop” they’re not gonna do much “cleaning”

    So far, this season, is beginning to look like a re run of last season.

  70. You guys really have to read Carp’s column. Only he can make you laugh while reading about a horror.

    OK, I gotta go earn kibble. later all!

  71. fran, i liked mara too, but he was slow, which led to lots of tripping, hooking and interference penalties. he couldnt hit the net. he was like the kid from might ducks. 1 outta 5 he hit the net. he was a good leader though. and stuck up for teammates. good guy just wasnt a torst guy.

  72. What ticks me off most about last night loss wasn’t any player’s play in particular, but rather how this team is coached.

    Game 2 of the season, and Tort’s finds it necessary to break up the only line with chemistry?? (Avery – Stepan – Fedetenko?) He finds it necessary to shorten his bench – from 3 lines to 2- in the third period?? This guy is a nut – and though the Rangers are a HECK of a lot more entertaining to watch now VS Renney’s regime – they are a ton more undisciplined and that is in large part (IMO) due to the nut running the team from the bench.

    I’m not saying Fire Torts (err yet) – but common, let the team / new players develop some consistency and familiarity before you start switching things up in GAME 2!

  73. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    How about Scott Gordon

    Three questions and he throws a hissy fit and walks away

    “”I dont answer questiosn about San Avery”

    OK how about answering questions about one of your key offseason acquistions imitating A BJ on National TV?

    Sorry but what a total homo. All he needed to say was “Didn’t see it, if there was something league will respond.”

    Just another reason to hate the fishsticks

  74. Grabachev

    One of the reasons that he didn’t hit the net as you say, is because he was so seldom out there. He had a good low hard shot, but it was always Roszal, and sometimes Tyutin, and whomever. Furthermore, Rozi always played the right side, and that left Mara – when he did get out there, in his off shooting stance. It didn’t seem to me that he got many more penalties for those infractions than the rest of the holders and grabbers. As to his lack of speed? Have you ever watched him skate with Kovalev or Briere, or any other fleet forward> He’d stick to them like glue. Not bad for a slow skater eh?

  75. Larry Brooks is right. The least the Rangers could do is own up to stinking. MDZ was terrible, even for a young guy. Hank was hot and cold. Torts gets desperate and overreacts, in terms of cutting down the rolling of lines and moving pieces around.

    I agree that a young team will have bad games, but this is silly.

    And what is sillier is suspending a player for that gesture. But, the league went so crazy on that juvenile Avery comment, how can they not do the same at this?

    Good (and surprising) to see Dubi finishing.

  76. How is suspending Wiz “silly”? There’s kids at the game. I’d be pissed if I had a kid who saw that, and started walking around school doing some air blowing.

    His response is pretty strange. It’s sad that he calls it “his thing”.

  77. ORR, I’m not saying it was cool, I’m just saying it was 3 seconds in a game, when the ice was crowded and there’s a ton of other junk happening. The talk, and website attention, has probably gotten more kids to focus on it, and to see it, than the actual event. It’s nothing. It’s stupid. Focusing on it makes it bigger than it is. I mean, it’s not like he sent photos of his junk and suggestive texts to a team employee, or anything absurd.

  78. Imagine if someone was ever able to tape what Sean is telling those players on the ice and put out on the internet?

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