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Henrik Lundqvist:

“It’s a tough one. I think we played really well as a team the whole game. We had a couple of tough bounces along the way. I felt like they didn’t really have to work that hard to get their goals. But overall, as a team, I think we played a great game and we definitely played well enough to win this game. But, it’s a tough one to get down to 5-on-3 late in the game. It’s a big disappointment.”

On late-second period goal:

“I think I challenged the shot and it hit the boards, hit our D and came out pretty fast. I tried to move from the post, and I don’t know if it hit our D or something, but it bounced straight up. But  I don’t think it had an impact. We came out in the third and played really well and took the lead. Going down two men there at the end, that was a tough one.”

On the down-low goals:

“If you look at the first two goals, it was just some bad bounces from our side. That happens. I don’t think they really worked hard to get those two. But they’re a pretty skilled team. On the power play they did a pretty good job getting in front of the net. That’s about it.”

John Tortorella: 

On the late goal in the second:

“Yeah, that’s a big goal. I thought we dominated pretty much the second period and to give up one in the last minute, it comes back and bites you. But, it’s soemthing we have to learn from. I saw a lot of good things within the club in tonight’s game. But we come away empty.

“I thought we forechecked very well. They came at us hard. We know how they’re going play. Both teams played hard. I thought we controlled a lot of the time behind their net. We grinded. We didn’t get down when, I think, we beat ourselves a little bit on a couple of the goals, a couple of crazy goals. So I’m not unhappy with the club. There’s some good things there.”

“We beat ourselves early, and it was just, I think, an awful call to start the 5-on-3, on Cally’s penalty. It’s assuming that you trip a guy, and he didn’t trip a guy, and that’s what started the wall falling for us a little bit and we lose the hockey game. It’s just a terrible call.”

“We score the fourth goal, we’re right there, and I think you’ve got to make sure on these icings. Everybody’s a little spooked by that play. And it’s not a trip and that’s what starts everything.”

On Del Zotto losing the puck.

“Yeah. We threw him right back out there. You can’t worry about that. It doesn’t happen that often. I think he’s just looking to try to make too much of a perfect play, looking for another option. But, no, we put that right aside.”

On the Wisniewski gesture:

“I heard about that afterr I came in after the game. I didn’t see it.”

On Christensen’s injury:

“I’m not sure what the injury is, but he couldn’t play. That’s all (trainer Jim Ramsay) told me the last little while. I’m not sure what it is right now.”

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  1. Wiseiwski is garbage. I swear it’s like the Islanders find the most unlikeable goofs from around the league and just sign them up. What a slap in the face losing to those idiots. I swear. Rangers have to regroup for Friday.

  2. On the penalties:
    Not just the obvious punch in the face by martinek, when Christensen was hooked on the 2 on 1 and cally was tripped up on the next 2 on 1. Nothing was called on any of these plays, then for them to come out and call that BS trip on cally? I am not BLAMING the refs for the loss, the Isles played a great game and got a lot of pressure around the net (as did the rangers), but they certainly didn’t help.

  3. I expected more from Frolov. Right now he barely looks like a third liner. He has two assists, but it feels like he hasn’t contributed anything.

    Gabby has a few nice setups, but he’s done nothing as well. Only two games, but I hope this isn’t the typical NYR 1st line case where we have to “wait a few games” for the chemistry to build.

    Then wait a few months. Then they switch lines. Then, blah, blah, blah!

  4. i must have missed the wisniewski gesture what happened and when did it happen at the end of the game?

  5. thanks for putting it that way ORR!!
    if i was Avery, i would have asked if he was offering to give me a little skinflute lovin’ after the game.

  6. Tank The Season on

    We got some time to get our D sorted out for the next game.

    It’s good to see that the problem ISN’T inability to score thus far.

    Wicky- what defenseman would you like to see us get?

    Personally I’m ready to waive Eminger and give McDonagh a shot first.

  7. Orr-

    i think frolov has been pretty strong on the puck…the lack of center on that line is going to hurt…..i see torts already rotating the center in between gabby and frolov but in summary after the first two games its the defense that has been shaky-we score ten goals in two road games and end uo at 1-1-a lil ironic dont you think….i think we will be fine-dubinsky played really well….in fact dubi-anisimov-callahan line looks great, avery is skating well, fedotenko plays intelligent two way hockey….boogard was limited but played his role nicely…..roszival looks a lil slow already which is scary….but overall 500 on the road-the home opener should be interesting-everyone knows we have to be better at home so lets see how we oome out fri night….

  8. Good afternoon all! I guess….

    well, reading about the game here was hard enough, guess I’m not too bummed I missed it. Classic Aves reponse to Wisnassky, but so sad that he’s probably right. Real classy Jackisle.

    OK, yes, every game counts (see last season) but lordy people, some of you have the season over and it’s only game 2!!! chill!!

  9. Why do the Rangers seem to be under the impression that the Islanders had so much skill on the ice tonight?

  10. Crystal Water Triple on

    Not our day. Quick whistle nullified Avery’s goal; Gaborik can’t put the puck behind an AHL goalie on a penalty shot; Staal taking the worst slashing, or whatever it was, penalty at the worst possible time with the game on the line; and Del Z. playing “giveaway” to his embarrassment.

    Also, in the first period the Isles had a one-step jump on the Rangers. So much for a practice session on the one day off between two games, with the second game a day game. This team was not mentally ready to take the ice Monday at 1 PM. So how the hell did the practice session help? They looked like it was the first day of training camp – completely out of synch. A day off skates on Sunday might have freshened them, a bit.

  11. I dont know but if i were a Ranger fan i would feel pretty pathetic about losing to the Isles without JT91, Okposo, and Streit, who happen to be our 3 leading point getters from last season.

    James (G)
    October 11th, 2010 at 5:03 pm
    Wiseiwski is garbage. I swear it’s like the Islanders find the most unlikeable goofs from around the league and just sign them up. What a slap in the face losing to those idiots. I swear.

    Reply: well you lost to those unlikeable goofs James. Also see above your quote.

    ORR!! Drugs Are Buh-ad, Mmkay?
    October 11th, 2010 at 5:01 pm
    Devils are down 2-0! If that makes anyone happy. I know it makes me happy.

    Reply: If that is what it takes to get yourself over a loss to the Isles. Also see beginning of post.

  12. season’s not over, but as you said Blogmama
    each game does count
    and to lose one to rivals as well as in your division as well
    as the way that we lost it
    just puts a bad taste in one’s mouth (and no that wasn’t an intentional nod to wisniewski!)

    i can live with the MDZ bad moments because it seems as if he learns from his mistakes but to see certain things return such as Rozy unable to control a puck at the blue line on pp
    or bad play in our zone
    or the return of the non-call brigade
    makes it an uglier loss.

  13. Anthony-congrats on the win buddy…good luck the rest of the year-now go hang out with your boys butch and howie…..isles came out strong but were then dominated the rest of the game-two mishaps and you guys capitalized and then a late five on three so congrats for capitalizing on that…..but have no fear u will be in the cellar soon its early i know

  14. Anthony- refer to Wiseiwski’s gesture for my reply. That’s the hardest your ahl squads gonna play all season. You’re cellar dwellers. get over it.

    Anyhow, atleast Torts sounds confident in this team and maybe now that EC may miss some time it opens up a spot for Stepan to move up and Drury to slide into the 3rd line center spot

  15. jpg, agree on all counts. It was very frustrating not to be able to watch or comment, but I guess the lack of visuals (except the now pricless video moment) kept the greater pukeage at bay.

    btw, deja, you were the first video up and fast! soon as I heard about it I looked for it and there you were! but, yeah, the other one will get more play :(

  16. CR9 - Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 Points on

    You still at work, Mama?

  17. this game will eat at me for a long time. we all know how important every hockey game is and with the parity in this league all points are precious. this is a game at the end of the season u will think about if we miss out again. up one with 7 min to go and not to get a FREAKING point.

    dont blame the refs we had our pp and cally and staal our veterans take dumb penalties especially cally 2000 feet from his net.

    ruins my whole day

  18. Nope, in home office now. Thanks for the updates btw (a little inconsistent :) but appreciated!

  19. You all are making all upset again! OK, the day was for carcillo, and I’m miserable….happy now!

  20. yeah while i thought we played ok, i do feel very sick but atleast the devils are losing AGAIN!

  21. Blogmama,

    not saying that wisniewski’s gesture wasn’t funny
    but i was actually shocked by the gesture.
    i imagine such comments are made all the time
    but to see it done like that really surprised.
    waiting for his punishment (and i’m sure i’ll be waiting a looooooong time) because a comment about “sloppy seconds” is soooooooooooooooooo much much much worse.
    just think of the children!

  22. Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 Points.

    COME ON JUNIOR! in the 2nd period you guys had all 5 power plays.

    And in reference to playing an “AHL” squad, your making the Rangers sound even more pathetic. Also James, your saying Torts is sounding confident and EC getting hurt and Dru coming back will help??? The Rangers lost to a team at the CAP MINIMUM!!! without JT, Okposo, and Streit. 3 best players on our “AHL” team. Bailey and Comeau tore you beloved Ranjerks a new one!!! Oh yeah, how you like PA now?
    He said in his post game interview “I like this side of the rivalry better!” You saw a $59 million dollar team lose to a team with a $43 mil payroll, and in that $43 million, 6 mil go to Yashin and Witt, 3.75 to JT, 4.1 to Streit, and 1.75 to KO. Subtract those #’s and a $59 million dollar team lost to a 28 million dollar team, give or take. Thats the fact and there is no comeback for that. The newly named Whale (Wolf pack) probably have a higher payroll with Redden there than the team the Isles put on the ice today.

  23. so Lundqvist thought that bad bounces is the reason for some of those goals? He doesn’t think that all of those rebounds that he donates had anything to do with it? Nor the way he gets on his knees and stays there like he used to do when he first came up? Oh yeah. I will agree that the ref job was atrocious. right after calling for a late “eh” penalty on Rangers, an Islander swiped both feet from a Ranger in front of the ref – no call at all. Pathetic.

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