It’s Go Time!


Some pre-game warmup action. Boyle had words with Jon Sim … I’m told that happens every single time they play … Avery yapping at Zenon Konopka, who shoved him. Avery responded with a jab. Every time Boogaard stepped in it broke up. And ex-Isle Marty Biron played peacekeeper.

Same lineup as Opening Night:

Del Zotto-Rozsival


Prucha’d: Gilroy, White, Kennedy.

(I wonder if Mr. Boogaard might get his first “action” as a Ranger today … or if anybody would be interested in pairing off with him and tossing hands?).

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  1. wicky (Our D is still SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    This should be a much better game than the sabres if the pre game is any indication!!!

    Off to catch part of the game prior to work……later assens!!


  2. Just remember, Boogaard once absolutely destroyed Trevor Gillies with an uppercut (Youtube it) … so I don’t know if Gillies would be back for more. And who else is going to fight him?

    He might have to wait until Friday, because No. 28 will oblige. Happily.

  3. Gift of GAB-orik on

    hmm… just watched that video Carp… Boogey laid the hammer down… or up as the case was.

  4. deja dejatenko on

    look at stepan being a leader already waiting for the guys to come by first with fist bumps then heading out to the ice with cally

  5. staal wart..go to for a feed
    rangers wearing home blue..might as well be a home game i guess

  6. Carp do you think that’s just a matter of Torts wanting his best Dman paired with his worst?

  7. why are we playing Islanders in the second game of the season and then dont play them until December? I don’t get it

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Konopka might go with Boogaard, but it seems the bad blood is with Boyle.

    I’ve found two broadcasts online: one Islanders, one Rangers. The Rangers broadcast has bad sound (sounds like a cheap AM radio broadcast). The Islanders broadcast is well… the Islanders broadcast.

    Anyone know of a good Rangers broadcast?

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Without Streit and using Weight on the point on the PP, I expect the Islanders to give up a lot of shorthanded goals.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    “Tortorella just said, ‘see.’ (about Jokinen over Gaborik in PHilly).”

    Jagr is in Russia saying the same thing.

  11. what an asshole play that was by MDZ.

    This is the Rangers telecast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why are all we hearing about is the Asslanders players??????????????????????????????????????

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    I said this about the team last year and I’ll say it again this year:

    It’s not clear whether they will be better or worse than last year, but they will certainly be more entertaining.

  13. SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Did that Islander jawing w/ Avery just make a BJ motion with his hand/mouth? He knows he’s on TV, right?

  15. The BJ gesture went on for an unusually long period of time as well. Started to get weird at the end there.

    I agree that whatever happens to that guy for that gesture, Avery would get more if it were him.

  16. Oh, what a shift by Josh Bailey

    All we hear about is the other team. I dont even care that they scored. This broadcast is just sickening.

  17. sigh!!!!

    hope we wake up soon.
    i know i need coffee but that’s just because i’m lazy.
    the players get served their brew.

  18. All Ive heard so far from Joe/Sam is Bailey Parentau Comeau DiPietro and Wyznewski.

    We heard the name Parenteau more in this period than we heard all season last year.

    Sam: “Stay with us for the Islanders Intermission Report”

  19. That avery incident was really funny. I laughed hard especially when he went to the ref and the ref didn’t want to hear it. avery’s next shift he hit any islander jersey he could find.

  20. Czechthemout!!!! on

    You guys are such a bunch of fair weather fans , it’s amazing. Sh@&$t happens. He will make up for it.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    As far as the Avery thing, it IS National Coming Out Day. He just did it a lot more boldly.

  22. deja dejatenko on

    doodie – youre right and for those of you that didnt know i am a lesbian and im seriously in love with derek stepans mom….and probably his sister.

  23. Holy hell that’s hilarious. Avery at his very best there. He’s like, “Can you believe this?”

  24. Oh well, I guess nobody else seems to care. I was looking forward to hearing Joe/Sam thoughts on all our young guys. We have a plethora of young guys. However, all we’ve heard about is the Islanders. Instead of hearing how great a shift Bailey had, why didnt we hear what the Rangers defense did wrong and what the Rangers defense needs to improve. Nope, we’re never going to get Rangers news on the away broadcast, MSG.

  25. That ref is an idiot. He knew what he was doing, but looked straight down on the ice so he could pretend like he didn’t see anything.

    He was probably too embarrassed to explain why he’s calling him for a penalty. Jerk-o!

  26. deja dejatenko on

    “we are back bringing you back all the beauty of Nassau county” – al traudwick all they showed was the outside of Colosseum..gorgeous

  27. Derek Stepan's Mom on

    deja — nice work on the youtube video. I sent it to Deadspin. With any luck they’ll post it. Hilarious stuff.

  28. So I rush home from work on my lunch break to record the game since I forgot to do it this morning and what do I see but them losing to the Islanders? Why do they always seem to suck against the Isles?


    OK, downing lunch and then back to work. Catcha ya laters!

  29. Derek Stepan's Mom on

    So I’m watching the Isles’ broadcast b/c I live in DC and have to watch on Center Ice, and their entire intermission report was about what a big deal it is for the Isles when they play the Rangers. And that illustrates why I hate games against these guys. It’s the Super Bowl for them, but not nearly as big of a deal for us. The Devils and Flyers are true rivals; the Isles are irrelevant pests. But because the Isles are so hyped up for these games, they get chippy, and thus increase the chance that our guys could get hurt. And for what? To beat a team that finishes last every year? Not worth it.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    EVERYONE! I’m sure you’ll all be relieved to know I found a Rangers broadcast with good sound.

  31. deja dejatenko on

    this would be the perfect time for boo to fight somebody get the obviously heavy rangers crowd into it and pump up the team

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s a little bit behind though. Haven’t had that 4th line 2 on 1 yet. I’ll be back after the period so you guys don’t ruin it for me.

  33. A terrificly terrific quick whistle to prevent Avery from tying the game. Thanks ref. At least he fairly called the penalty shot.

  34. deja dejatenko on

    lets what you do when you dont give up if you make a mistake make up for it thats what MDZ did right there

  35. N.CountryNYRFan on

    So far the AA, CallY, Duby line and the Stepan, Aves, Fed lines have been the best lines so far this season

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    good to see the PP working. Maybe now they can do it against an actual NHL franchise.

  37. deja dejatenko on

    i like how sam just called gabby anisimov maybe he should up that prescription in his glasses

  38. Roszival is such a nervous nelly with the puck when he gets the smallest amount of pressure, and then just throws it away blindly. Time for him to sit and Gilroy to get a shot.

  39. Joe/Sam home goalie is Henrik Lundqvist. And the idiots are saying that Henrik and Rick are both good goaltenders. Henrik has been a finalist for the Vezina 3 times. That comparison is sickening. The only comparison between the two is that they are both goaltenders. And this from the HOME broadcast.

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    “Is Torts naturally tanned? Like a self regenerating tan?”

    I think him and Prospal tan together.

  41. Problem with LundQ is, he’s so great that he oft times plays things nonchalantly. That was one instance. Horrible decision.

  42. looks like the Rangers are going to play a lot of 6-3, 5-4 games this year. that’s fine with me, it’s exciting, as long as we win most of them.

  43. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I wouldn’t condemn them just yet doodie.

    The Isles always get up to play the Rangers… this really shouldn’t be any surprise that it’s tied right now.

    The isles got a fortunate bounce there, and Moulson was crashing… it happens.

  44. We need to win the third. Ugh, who do we root for at 4, the Pens or Debbies. Tough one right? Neither team has a win. The Devils have the one point for an OT loss.

  45. Maybe the Rangers should play Sauer more, he keeps things simple. I also dont think he’s been on the ice for a single goal this season.

  46. dubinsky really stepping up his game…i know its only 2 games but very impressive so far with dubi dubi doo…lets go rangers….need to focus here-bad play by mdz and hank but we are scoring goals which is huge!

  47. Hi everyone. First post of the new season.

    At least the PP looks good…

    Get Boogaard on the ice.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d go for the Penguins at 4. I don’t have to ever talk to any of their fans. I can’t avoid a few Devils fans.

  49. hey doodie,

    in regards to ribiero
    i guess that’s not enough for him to
    get “help”
    Avery and his “anger” issue

  50. Nasty1 – I usually root for the road team in games between two teams I dislike because somebody has to win but then at least all the fans go home unhappy.

    I think it’s pretty easy to root for the Pens against the Devils. Would definitely rather see the Pens in first at the end of the season than the Devs.

  51. Who would have guessed that we would score 9 goals in the first 5 periods and have none by Gaborik. Hopefully, Gabby gets a big game winner here in the 3rd.

  52. deja dejatenko on

    you know i was the first person to post that video of wisneswki but because people have better cameras they are gonna get all the press sigh i need a new phone

  53. Gravey (Formerly known as jor71) on

    According to Andrew Gross Twitter:

    Commissioner Gary Bettman, in the building, did not see Wisniewski’s gesture. It was described to him. Says Hockey Ops may look at it.

    I love how they say “may look at it”. If it were Avery they would have already reviewed it and have his suspension set up.

  54. Gravey (Formerly known as jor71) on

    Hey Orr, I could see it now. Avery speaking with Buttman:

    Avery: helllloooo Gary

    Buttman: Sean you made an obscene gesture and you need to go to therapy for 3 months.

    Avery: Gary, when your daughter is in bed with me…where will it tickle you…..

    Buttman: take him back to New York

    BTW, Buttman is an Islander fan…

  55. announced crowd 11, 748. for a Rangers-Isles game! And that’s not people in the building.

    and that includes the commissioner.

  56. Carp – You would definitely expect more people today but unfortunately not everyone has off and not every school is closed today.

  57. Derek Stepan's Mom on

    What I find interesting (and telling) about Bettman being an Isles fan is that he was 20 (!) when the Isles started play. So he only became a hockey fan when he was 20 (at the earliest)? And now he runs the league? Sad.

  58. Dubi has made me take back what I said about him in the preseason. I saw nothing that made me think he was going to step up once the season started but he is probably our best player through 5 1/2 periods so far.

  59. did you guys hear that the Devils will play with nine forwards, six d-men and two goalies today … because of cap issues?

    what a disgrace.

  60. Hey, a penalty. Whaddya know!! They miss the penalties that get committed against us, and then call that. Where was there a penalty there??????????? He went to the ice on his own.

  61. Carp:

    The league has to step and do something to prevent this from continuing with the Devils. This is just more circumvention caused by the previous circumvention. I hope the Pens play a very high tempo game and score 6 in the 3rd when the Devs are out of gas.


    ANISI with A NICEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  63. THATS NOT A PENALTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  64. did MSG show who hit Christensen, or what he hurt. it looked like a groin … from up here in the ceiling at the Coliseum.

  65. Carp – MSG said his glove was hit iirc. Maybe a change of equipment?


    BIASED Refereeing at its finest. That’s not a penalty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. That was real penalty by Staal.

    Oh well. The referees cheated us. It was painfully and blatantly obvious. They’ve began this season right where they’ve left each of the last 50 seasons.

  67. This scumpile Parenteau. We got screwed. Deflections right to them. Bad luck as usual. Biased refereeing as usual.

  68. Tank The Season on

    I thought Boynton’s “throat slash gesture” was actually an “auto-erotic gesture” directed at the ref…

  69. Typical of the Islanders play???

    3 cheap penalties by the anti-Ranger referees, and it’s a loss for us.

    And our sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick losers Sam/Joe cant bother to mention it. Nope! These scumpiles cheer the Islanders and laud the Islanders.

    We GOT CHEATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THATS A PENALTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2nd game of the season, and already, the referees have begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Hey, Torts, instead of berating your team or berating Rick Carpiniello, why dont you bother to berate what deserves to be berated. THE REFEREES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You’re a Bostonian, Torts. Show the arrogance that you always had prior to being our coach. Call out the referees for their anti-Rangers bias.

  71. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    Staal definitely deserved that one. The Cally one was iffy. I thought Mottau went down on his own.

  72. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Carp they only showed one replay of the Staal penalty but from what I saw his stick only hit his shoulder and the Isle took a dive.

  73. The Hague Pimp (aka Miami Pimp) on

    Stop blaming the refs, you weaksauces … this is pure amateur-hour from a bush-league NYRangers squad.

  74. Tank The Season on

    Blame the refs all you want but if our D is this soft we are in for another painful season.

    Where’s wicky?

  75. It wasnt just the refs. They outworked us. Del zotto was beyond rough in the beginning. Gaborik hasn’t showed up to play yet. Lundqvist needs to be better.

  76. they gave it a way.. bad loss.

    callahan tripping in the offensive zone. and staal with the crap lift the sticlk routine.

    bad loss. gave the game away.
    del zotto with 2 gifts in the first period.

    BAD LOSS…….

  77. Blue Seat Horror on

    #3 Star Bettman
    #2 Star #19 Gord Dwyer
    #1 Star #13 Dan O’Halloran

    Thanks for ruining the game byfuglers

  78. this was BS by the refs – did the Isles have 4 or 5 PPs in he 3rd while they let everything go vs the Isles. There were at least 3 or 4 that could have been called on the Isles. I guess Martinek punching Stepan in the face after a whistle with the ref looking right at it is okay while Motteau falling on his own is a penalty.

  79. This is the reason why this team will never turn the corner and be a great team…This does not happen to Detroit, The Devils, etc…great teams do NOT blow games like this. This was the exact type of game that his killed this team for years…Great teams win these games…Scott Gordon, is one underrated coach…6 goals to THIS team…should never happen!!

  80. Orr – Quit being an asshat.

    This game was solely on the referees. We had a 4-3 lead with 6 minutes left. IT was our game. And the referees took it fro us.

    The referees “missed” an Islanders hook of Christensen that damaged his glove and a trip of Callahan that cost Cally a clear scoring opportunity. Then, the referees proceeded to give 2 cheap Power Plays to the Islanders with less than 6 minutes, and then an actual real penalty on a high stick by Staal.

    Call it anything you like, but make DAMN SURE to call it the truth. A REFEREE CHEAT JOB!

  81. >>wait, are you guys saying the call on Staal wasn’t a penalty?

    I have my doubts. It looked like the stick hit the guy’s shoulder.


    all the isle goals were on the pp or turnovers. they generate zero offense. rangers figure that out yet………

    emminger should not play over gilroy i know that………..

    all the good things and a meltdown last 5 minutes horrible………………………

  83. The last Staal penalty was the only one that was legit. The first Staal penalty was Carcillo. Parenteau knocked the puck passed Staal and Staal hit him. That ia absolutely not a penalty.

  84. True Blue Mike on

    nothing to do with the refs, terrible effort by the Rangers and great rally by the Islanders. Refs will make bad calls but you have to get around it. so sad

  85. BS game. Cannot give up that many goals to this trash team missing all their scorers. Defense was awful, and Lundqvist did make a couple nice saves or else they’d have 8 or 9. That said, the 3rd period officiating was atrocious.

  86. Tank The Season on

    I think Staal and Girardi need to be paired together and I never want to see Eminger on the ice again.

    We need to make a deal for a veteran stay at home crease clearer to be paired with Del Zotto. Not too many to pick from though.

  87. CR9 - Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 PointsT on

    Thanks for letting me know the name O’Halloran. Must be a Boston fan. Anything with “O” in front of the name is a Bostonian.

    He’s probably angry that his Red Sox didnt make the playoffs. So he’s trying to sew the seeds of discord.

  88. Yea the Rangers beat themselves here. You can argue that the refs missed a couple of calls on the Isles, but the Ranger penalty’s were legit calls.

    Blame the defense guys. We scored enough to win this game. Everyone but Girardi on defense looked pretty bad.

  89. True Blue Mike – Yes, you have to find a way to get around it but it was definitely not nothing to do with the refs, the refs certainly were bad on both calls and non-calls in the 3rd – all for the Isles. You can accept bad both ways but everything they called and let go were all in the favor of one team.

  90. CR9 - Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 Points on

    Orr – Despite our poor play, we STILL HAD A 4-3 lead with 6 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THEY CHEATED US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Blue Seat Horror on

    In all honesty (stole that from Maloney), in order to win you have to overcome all obstacles…even bad officiating. Can’t whine about the refs, just makes you look weak.

    They lost because they didn’t play to win.

    I’m not gonna moan about it. Let’s see where they take if from here.

  92. The calls don’t always go your way. This game never should have been close enough for the refs to even be a factor. This is the Islanders, who haven’t had a wiff of the playoffs since ’07, without their three best players: Tavares, Okposo and Streit. A very good team would have wiped the floor with this group of Islanders and called it a day.

  93. i just got home and i just gotta laugh. so yea im not worried about hank at all with our backup. i think the backup might become the starter if this keeps up. was hank that bad or what? they were missing their 3 best players!!!! ughhh, yea consistency sure torts! its only game 2 but if this isles team got 6 on us, were in deep doodoo

  94. CR9 - Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 Points on

    I hate Parenteau. I absolutely despise Parenteau. I hope Boogie takes his head off the next game that we play the Islanders. I have no added a new person to the hated list.

  95. Hey Carp, ask Torts if he still feels like singing and dancing. Bet he tears someone a new one out there.

  96. CR9 - Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 Points on

    “The calls don’t always go your way. ”

    The calls *NEVER* go our way! BOOOM!

  97. Yes I said Devils…they have been a top team for years…watch them…they never quit…how many times over the last 15+ years has that team been down late and they score late…happens alot! I hate them as much as the next guy but I’m jealous as he!!…you do NOT lose to a team that is missing its 2 best offensive players or should I say ONLY offensive players..

  98. Blaming the refs? The calls at the end were pretty legit. The call against Staal for interference was bad, but the Isles didnt capitalize on it. If you want to be made and blame something, blame the terrible D this afternoon. It was painful to watch all of them flub passes, fan on pucks, and get horribly beat throughout the game. The D looked like they were playing wtih a hot potato. Let’s just say what it is. The Rangers have an average D at best.

  99. CR9 - Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 Points on

    It’s frustrating hearing LundQ and Cally. They just accept the calls that go against them.

    They just accept it as if it were fair. Nobody says anything. Nobody cares to make a statement.

    Like I always say, there needs to be consequences for referees/umpires.

    Maybe Torts will actually grow a sack and say something about it.

  100. As long as Rozsival is on the ice this D will never jump to the next level! That guy can barely skate let alone play defense! Hank has to be better as well, and Del Zotto was pretty brutal also! This will be a long year if the D will not clear the crease and they keep using that infernal poke checking style. Aaaarrrrgggghhh!!!

  101. CR9 - Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 Points on

    JCL206 –

    Let’s see if I put this in a simple manner for all of you.

    Our team played terribly today. We dont know if our team will play terribly all season or get better as the season progresses.

    We had a chance to win a game in which we played terrible, and get both points of the game. 2 points that could loom large in game 82 of a season, LIKE LAST YEAR.

    Who knows how many points that we got cheated out of last year that cost us a playoff spot and nearly gave your hated Flyers a Stanley Cup.

  102. CR9 - Games and Points cost by anti-Ranger referees for the season: 1 Game 2 Points on

    Im so so so so furious, so I think Im going to stop posting for today, as I dont want to upset anyone. Sorry for all the rage and vitriol.

  103. You create your breaks…
    Rangers looked pretty flat in the first period…good in the second…and ok in the 3rd…
    Had they played with a little more “jam” in the final frame, the game most likely would have gone in our favor…Stupid calls maybe, but sloppy play resulted in stupid calls.

  104. I havcen’t seen such mediocre goaltending in years. WElcome to rebound city. Lundqvist looked alike a kid just called up from the ECHL…and of course that illustrious coach who decided to keep his star defense man, # 33 out there late in the game with a 5 on 3 against them.Brilliant coaching.

    Does anyone ever wonder what these “coaches” are telling the troops when they go into a huddle at the bench in a last 30 seconds, while they strategize with a play board? what do you tell them other than ” and remember – if anyone gets near you, …scream!

    This entire game was a throw back to the worse performances of last season, which included all those high lofting pop fly passes, the constant handing the puck off to the opponent ………………and of course we’ll have the usual folks crying for Emminger’s head. If Lundqvist continues to give away rebounds like he’s been doing in every game to date…this is gonna be another looooooong season. And I still think he’s over rated. He has not mastered the control of rebounds, he still plays goal on his knees ( oh opposing forwards love that.) And he does not secure his posts. Back to sqaure one.

    quick quiz:
    What is it that Rosival does when he’s on ice for a PP and a PK?

    Answer below.


  105. Good teams overcome bad calls. The problem is that this is not a team that can overcome these bad calls. They are a .500 team that will be battling for a playoff spot. Ranger D except Girardi played pretty bad. Gaborik and Frolov have been mostly invisible.

    JCL – only the last Staal call was legit. The Callahan trip and first Staal (interference) call were absolutely horrible. That doesn’t include Stepan getting punched in the face by Martinek after a whistle with the ref looking right at it from 10 feet away being let go.

  106. staals lifting the stick /high stick penalty really really killed them.

    the guy was behind the net, 50/50 pick staal did not need to do that at all.

    the rangers lost because they played sloppy and gave the isles easy goals. bottom line.

    the moulson goal, emminger was soft as usual. the 5 on 3 goal, right place right time when down 2 means a goal….

    they gave away 2 points they count in october like in march………

  107. Fran – I was thinking about that with Roszival at the end too but Torts had no better option. Staal was in the box and Girardi was on the ice. That leaves Eminger (ugh) and Sauer and MDZ who was not having a great game handling the puck. It was really only a choice of bad choices for Torts on that one.

  108. did they say that the debbies would have to go with only 15 skaters today because of the cap crunch caused by Kovalsuck??


  109. Horrible calls… weak goaltending today and a terrible job by the defense.

    Losing to the Isles is the ultimate slap in the face.

    That being said the Refs helped the Isles win this game and Marc Staal’s dumb play cost them the game.

  110. Yea it definitely suck losing to the scrub islanders. It could be worse though. We could be the penguins or devils about to go another game without a win.

  111. Good for Totrs sticking behind his guys and giving it to the refs in the press confrence, even if the call was borderline.

  112. N.CountryNYRFan on

    WTB is Dugauy talking about Cally didn’t chop down on the Isle player.

    All in all though as bad as this loss was, at least we can score goals and I still have a good feeling about this team.

  113. Cally was reaching for the puck, not the man. and no turnover was caused. and it was tie game with 6+ mins left. thus, a ref better be damn sure it was a worthy foul that HAD to be called. and it certainly was NOT. bottom line.

  114. And baseball is “concerned” about its officiating? At 1-1 Rangers are probably about where they deserve to be- effortwise- especially considering how shaky HL has looked- but third period was a disgrace by the officials. I’ve given up trying to figure out what is or isn’t a penalty- even taking into account each year’s “interpertation” of the rules.

  115. it was not a tie game the rangers were up by 1 before the cally penalty.

    glad torts supporting cally and called out the officiating.

    the staal call was obvious. gave away 2 points.

    btw aa, dubi, cally, stepan, staal, and girardi are young and good.

    the staal penalty was disappointing, he is a smarter player then to do that……sit emminger put gilroy in, sauer is fine, he keeps it simple……….

  116. henrik has played fine, none of those goals were his fault i am not sure what people are talking about. a 5 on 3, block right to a open forward and he hits the open side of the net, lundqvist is not superman.

    the moulson goal henrik could have pushed out further but that is it………….

  117. It’s really not putting yourself in a position for a penalty to be called, because in a 1 goal game late in the third period, the refs are just looking for an excuse to make a call to even things up. No cally really didn’t trip the guy up, but his stick was there and it “looked” like a trip.

    Its like driving. Just because you follow the rules doesn’t mean your not going to get in a car accident.

  118. $100 mill for kovalsuck, and look at the stands in jersey. nothing but empty seats. too bad, Lou. poor baby

  119. ughhhhhhhhhh….all i can recommend ranger fans is drink often and early, drink drink and DRINK…..until FRI!

  120. henrik was terrible on that goal off the wall at the end of the 2nd. he was unable to stick it aside before it got to the Isle because he goes down to his knees in that butterfly and thus can’t move laterally on his skates to the side of the net when necessary in those circumstances.

  121. Scott

    So you believe that those two guys are better than Rozi/ Sorry my friend, but I cannot see hardly anyone worse than he is in not getting the job done, and making his patented giveaways. And those rebounds are like gifts from the maji.

    And LQ gives away more of them than any other netminder that I can think of in the NHL.

  122. Shattenkirkheadzo on

    1-1 on a two game roadtrip. I’ll take .500 on the road all day long. The Island-girls always play their best against us. Chalk it up to an early season learning experience. Everyone settle down & get psyched for Friday!

  123. so you said they were not even the announced 11748 people in Nassau Colliseum, so it was not even half full ????

    good to hear Bettmann in attendance because he always praise the numbers of fans in the NHL

  124. Maybe I am just in a complaining mode now – After watching the Rangers lose two games at the same time (MSG was replaying a loss to Caps and MSG Plus had a loss to Isles)on their own network a few weeks ago, now I’m watching the MSG Countdown of the top 25 Game Winning Goals and the morons at MSG programming don’t see Pete Stemkowski’s 3OT goal against the Hawks in the 71 playoffs as one of the top 25 goals! They also had a segment on some of the top game losing goals! Could you imagine the YES network showing Yankee losses as Yankee classics or momentus game losing moments. The production and programming folks at MSG Network are complete idiots.

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