It’s Go Time!


First of 82.

Here’s the lineup, unless something changes in warmups:


Del Zotto-Rozsival

Lundqvist, Biron. 

Pruchas: Gilroy, White, Kennedy.

I imagine you guys might be a little pumped.

ps, Chris Drury skated with the team today and felt pretty good. I doubt he will play tonight, but I wouldn’t bet the farm that he won’t. The smart move would probably be to hold him out until the home opener. Then, if everybody’s healthy after the first two games, I’d guess he’d play. It’ll be a very tough decision: Where he plays (LW or C), and who comes out?

See youse later.

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  1. social butterfly on

    Stepan already did just that, and still they handed EC the spot. don’t trust Torts on this at all

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t understand all of this consistency rhetoric. I thought the team was very consistent last season. They had a nice run to start and end the season, and were consistently bad for the middle 50 games.

  3. Maybe the boys should dress up as Power Rangers on Letterman this year instead of carrying Madonna around.

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Game one ,baby!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    GO BOOGAARD!!!!!!!

    WOHOOOOOOOOOOO Rangers gametime is…now!!!


    LGR LGR LGR….cmon fellas!

  6. go rangers~!!! im gonna be on h streams lindzotenko, see ya there, and tomb and koala if they are still around

  7. Czechthemout!!!! on

    My prediction-

    No how well Stepan plays,he will be the one who is scratched when Dreary comes back for opening night at home.

  8. Pizza… Check! Beer… Check! Rangers hockey… Check!!!

    Best night in 6 months! Let’s go Rangers!!!

  9. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    lol Nor, they wouldnt have to go through decontamination!

    It pains me to say this but my daughter is at the Islanders game tonight and is going to the Rangers Isles game Monday. BEAST!

  10. It’s a new season, can we retire Prucha and Byufglien as verbs? Man, that is getting old.

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Game one ,baby!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Grabby , is the game online? I may have only audio on my center ice!!!??

  12. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    Headzo, i’m not overtaken by Hank. He’s too pretty. I like Cally, Prust and Boyle lol. The rest of the girls ( and CR) have the Hank love

  13. MickeyM is pumped for tonight on

    Had to take out the garbage and got caught up talking to a neighbor. Grr.

    Lin, I drafted Frolov back in July so he’s all mine. I might just take Staal too. There’s something about red heads I really like :)

    Wait, Dubi was singing on the pregame and I missed it? Hartnell!

    GAH, Sabres announcers. My ears are bleeding already.

  14. >>It’s a new season, can we retire Prucha and Byufglien as verbs? Man, that is getting old.

    They’ll get retired only after we’ve won The Cup.

  15. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    Gab, once they drop the puck and guys start hitting the ice, it will come. Wait for it….waaaaaaaaaait

  16. Freaking Center Ice, only carrying the Buffalo feed. Typical shafting… But nonetheless…


  17. I wonder if Aves convinced MSG to go with Pearl Jam for the opening song since he and Eddie V are so tight?

  18. I bet Billy Jaffe is in a hotel room watching the Isles game while clutching a knife every time Gorring opens his mouth.

    Isles playing a Rob Zombie song. NYR should pay attention. They look a lot more bad ass as opposed to coming out with a crappy Coldplay song.

  19. Hey Linda!!! How are you? I’m in Amsterdam! So it’s 1am here but I’m still so excited, especially for the Kings game at 4!

  20. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Good to see the King lighting a fire under the troops. He whispers louder than Dreary’s talking!

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Exactly Staal. They don’t need to be more consistent, they just have to be a better team.

  22. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    He whispers louder than Dreary’s talking!


    sad but true!

  23. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    drinking some red bull Blueshirt?!

    Hey Torts in a jacket! Whats the tie look like?

  24. MickeyM is pumped for tonight on

    How many coaches do the Sabres have? 89 million?

    Good to see James Patrick. I vaguely remember him as a Ranger.

  25. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    Blueshirt, maybe if i get a raise at work, i can send you some lol!


    interesting jerseys on the sabres tonight

  26. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    sorry mao! I’ll get back to the plain ol’ Linda name for the home opener probably lol!

    This guy’s good

  27. HockeymanRangers on

    OH O say can you see….. those NY Rangers spanking Sabres Butts tonight.?????? wooo hooo Back and better than ever, Hey LINDI.

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Game one ,baby!!!" ...says Greg L. on


  29. Just wanna say before the puck drops that it’s a pleasure to be set to go through 82 games of joy, pain, misery and excitement with you guys. You know what we get to do now?! we get to watch Rangers hockey!

  30. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    I think I’ve read that name (Darth Staal) on this blog before so I can’t take credit.

    PS – you’re a geek!

  31. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    Ag, that’s awesome!! We’re going to the game on the 27th of November. Was hoping you guys might be in the area for Thanksgiving! Could have a mini bonehead fest in one of the country bars outside the arena!

  32. nah we are going down for New Years so we won’t be down for Thanksgiving :(

    I will be at the home game though, I was there for one of the preseason games and texted “boneheads” say LGR!! to the jumbotron, and they put it up!! so I’m going to do it again at the home opener, anyone else going to be there?

  33. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    you got it ag… facebookin you updates, just let me know when you go to the Yankee game

  34. Good news: Rob Ray thinks the Rangers will make the playoffs.

    Bad news: He decided this after speaking to a “really excited” Chris Drury, thus completely destroying the legitimacy of his prediction.

  35. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    oy, feed froze and it comes back to Eminger sittin in the box… sigh

    you got it ag

  36. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    an hour later, i finally see the goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. MickeyM is pumped for tonight on

    Ok, who had Avery with the first goal of the season? WOOOT!!

    WTB happened to the defense? They were better last year and that was WITH Redden.

  38. lol Orr indeed!! What’s up with that… is Stepan being half Prucha’d (gets to play but not the right line… its a partial Prucha-ing)

  39. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Lets Go Rangers…..just fixed some internet problems with my wi-fi and I’m back…Lets Go Rangers

  40. way to Aves!


    HATE THEM!!!!


  41. i have a feeling stepan could score 3 goals and torts would still be like : ” he was ok. kid made some mistakes”

  42. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I know we are gonna suck more then we are great this year but I am very excited with all the young talent we have.

  43. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on


  44. ilbzotenko2001 on

    Dubi scored, but it was all AA. There is your best two- way center, guys. Arrived.

  45. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Boog-a-loo wouldn’t make my men’s league team. 4th line makes me nervous

  46. Rangers lookin good. Stepan gets his first

    tough start for their big kid, Myers, he has been responsible for both goals.

  47. MickeyM is pumped for tonight on

    DUBI! 2-0 Rangers! Sally must be losing her mind with excitement right now!

  48. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    GOOD WORK ANISIMOV!!! lmao @ the homer Sabres announcer wanting a GI call against anisimov

  49. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Gianone very excited for the first intermission…off to the men’s room!

  50. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    ORR, how are you celebrating? Butterscotch pudding?

    now THAT was an interesting first period!

  51. Awesome way to start the season! Let’s hope the boys keep it up. How many times last year did we go into the second with a two goal lead? Loving the teamwork!

  52. quite a sports night , not enough split screens, computers, or tv’s for it all

    and after Bama already lost to the Game____s!

  53. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on go to live sports and bring up the game. you might be stuck with the buffalo announcers though lol

  54. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Game one ,baby!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    ITs all about us , we rock , we roLLL , we are gonna pop in a few more goals!!! Rangers will not be denied!!!

    Go Rangers!!!!!!

    Harry Neale is a putz. He needsto retire cuz hes blind as a bat.

  55. Stefan, AA looking good. Delzotto is flying. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he skated across the rink and hit a buffalo player like a bowling ball, almost killed another ranger player.

  56. Derek Stepan is quickly becoming one of my favorite players each time I see him get interviewed. Just seems like a great, great kid.

    Also his mom is smoking hot

  57. way to go miked
    keep up the good work

    trying to make wings (bad idea)
    while watching the game
    so i thought it was Avery that got the goal.
    oh well. congrats to the New Kid in Town!!!

    THEY MAKE THE penguins guys look alright….SHEESH!!!
    “I thought Anisimov ran into the goaltender”
    idiots times infinity

  58. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    Good idea Orr! Does that mean you’ll be eating fish sticks on monday afternoon?

  59. henrik lundqvist blog fan on

    Agravaine – If Tampa-Texas goes to extra innings, Yankees game will begin on TNT.

  60. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    i hate you comcast and your insistence on continually screwing with my hockey game!

  61. has anyone else noticed that the
    are featured in two commercials
    one with the caps
    the other with the blackhawks
    in both of ’em their goalie lets in a goal?

  62. ilbzotenko2001 on

    Had to talk to mrs during the intermission. She is watching the movie, she said what it was. I didn’t catch the name. It’s with Will Smith. She was teary, so I know it wasn’t ” Men in Black”

    What did I miss?

  63. Fugg no, Lin! Fish sticks = buraaaaahhhh [vomit noise]

    I’ll have to figure something out. Maybe I’ll visit my Cousin in Long Island. I never do, so maybe if I go, that will be bad luck for the Isles.

    But, I like this food thing.

  64. ilbzotenko2001 – It was probably Hitch i know i was crying when i was forced to watch that.

  65. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    lmao ORR! maybe you should watch the Golden Girls, since Dipi has hips like them lol

  66. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    The third happiest guy in the Ranger locker room has to be Gabby. He’s got to be relieved that there’ll be other scorers on the team to help carry the offensive load.

  67. MickeyM is pumped for tonight on

    I miss Western NY sometimes. Just not these announcers.

    Gotta say I like the Buffalo jerseys, but the stitching on the numbers looks like Dr Frankenstein did it.

    Keep it going in the second, boys!

  68. yes… Krisy is now KriZZerello..
    You changed your name so I had try and be creative.
    Still depressed MZA isn’t playing so…

  69. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    it must be Italian night, we just had homemade meatball parmigiana heroes earlier!

  70. sorry everyone
    moved to another room (got kicked out…)
    to watch the game.

    it’s all my fault that we didn’t score on the power play.
    hope that changes soon because i’d watching on the new flat screen in a comfy chair than stand up the whole time.

  71. but is Eminger a crease clearing dman?

    if he gives a hard check
    do we all yell
    “Take Some E!”

  72. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    lmao ilb i thought that said purist! that miller light is out of control lol ;-)

  73. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Enjoy it while you can folks – Pizza boy wants back in by next weekend.

  74. MickeyM is pumped for tonight on

    This Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale is pretty good.

    Some work in the Buffalo zone would be good too.

  75. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    just in time to ruin the home opener eh Headzo!


  76. Lin just call the house I’ll do play by play for you and Shan said she’ll color comentate lol

  77. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    its the feed James, it keeps freezing up on me. I had to leave the extreme feed (with crystal clear video) and go to the premium feed, not crystal clear, but so far it has not frozen! I’m getting the Rangers feed, but I might take you up on that for when i am stuck with the other teams feed! Shan doing color, that would be awesome!

  78. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    AGZtenko, i cant get directv…no ‘clear shot of the southwestern sky’ business

    Drury sighting… i’m feeling lethargic

  79. deja-tenko (a tribute to mr rosey cheeks) on

    did kaleta take a little bite on sauers arm right there

    kaleta has always been a scumbag since that hit on mara

  80. Looking like theyre on the verge of being back on their heels. They need something here

  81. I know these Buffalo mic monkies are trying to tow the line, but what game are they watching?

  82. WOW.. I’m really late.. I’m watching the goal and you guys write about Callys smirk..

  83. Linzotenko 2010-2011 on

    ok get you’re heads back in the game here, too much silly stuff

    I’ll have to get directv when we move back to NY

  84. deja-tenko (a tribute to mr rosey cheeks) on

    getting close to yankee time i need them to get one here

  85. ilbzotenko2001 on

    Do you think Rozsival was a little slow catching up with Vanek. He looked like he was sliding at French Open.

  86. just comin back from h streams to ask where our supposed 1st line is and when are they gonna show up?

  87. MickeyM is pumped for tonight on

    Deuce for Stepan!

    Kid is making is near impossible for them to send him down.

  88. Nice comprehensive analysis of the Rangers supposedly running Miller all night by the Sabres crew there. One clip of Anisimov getting tripped into him and one of Callahan brushing him while trying to avoid serious contact and getting cross-checked for it.



  90. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    st0w, i’m wondering the same thing you are. When have we gone crashing into Miller tonight?

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Game one ,baby!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Keep it up boys!!! Lets bring home a win baby!!!!

  92. HockeymanRangers on

    They are trying to piss Anisimov off. LOL Looks like they are getting under his skin. Ansimov OFF I crack myself up.

  93. >>well theres our 1st line center!!

    If he’s scoring, it doesn’t matter which line he plays on.

  94. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    I dont mind penalties for agressiveness. Besides I hate Kaleta. This penalty’s ok long as we burn it off.

  95. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Game one ,baby!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    More goals we score , Boogaard time!!!!!

  96. HOLY CARCILLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STEPAN WITH THE TRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  97. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    AA, they called him for interference. Looked like he just made Kaleta wasn’t gonna run our goalie like we’ve been running theirs all night.

  98. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    STEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP on a hat! – throws Ranger hat in the air –

  99. alright. who were the doubters who were saying he did not belong on the #1 line?

    STEPAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Stepan is going to check in the mirror when he gets in the room to make sure he’s not dreaming. He should also have Dubinsky pinch him while at it.

  101. HockeymanRangers on

    OOOOOpps it was Mark455SD Called it Mark455SD called it. Mark455SD called it yea that’s it

  102. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    Nothing better to hear on a road game than boos. And they’re not for Bloodsport aka Boogaard.

  103. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Um…. i’m not sure what the hell i just watched… but i’m pretty sure Dubi kissed his face. Or really close to his mouth. weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiird.

  104. I’m really digging Mrs. Step-On’s female companion.

    That kiss from Dublowsky has got me thinking though. Dublowsky kiss, Glee. Am I missing something? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Maybe there’s something to this Glee thing. The team should watch the show together.

  105. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Game one ,baby!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    I’d kiss Stepan on the face too right now!!!!!!

    WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO Stepan is NO fluke . This kids drives hard!!!!

    RANGERS!!!!!!!! Lets FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

    WOHOOOOOOOOOO baby , all is good in Rangers land tonight…I ‘m getting this feelin , wohoooo!!!!

  106. oops!! meant to say I can’t wait until drury and rosival are gone so we can bring in more kids from hartford.

  107. Stepan’s only had three shots on goal too. Can’t believe too (m)any can have scored with their first three NHL shots.

  108. yep, duby a bi-curious or somethin. damn guy, i cant watch 1 more of those unless slats has a talk with him or trades him

  109. Gift of GAB-orik on

    no, there isn’t anything wrong with it…. just don’t see that every day on a hockey bench!

  110. Linzopantenko 2010-2011 on

    tomg, if he rebreaks that finger, he could be out for months (as gianone said during the bad luck spot he was doing when the sabres scored lol) so ONE OF YOUR GUYS ( i nominate ORR) needs to run into him in the city and somehow rebreak that finger lol!!

  111. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    I want 3 more from the Step-child – just so I can see his Mom & sister again.

  112. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Hey if Glee equals hat tricks… the Rangers need to DVR that show immediately.

  113. averys been the reason for all 3 of his goals too. lets give that dude some credit… and girardi too. hes been good. get minger off the team. 2 penalties in his first game? and bad ones at that

  114. Linzopantenko 2010-2011 on

    egt October 9th, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    gives a whole new meaning to Dubi brothers



  115. shouldnt a hat trick in your first game should earn you a kiss from hank? i mean c’mon, if a guy’s gonna kiss you, you can do better than dubi!

  116. Linzopantenko 2010-2011 on

    LMFAO NOR!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s the answer! Tom Brady can go to his pizza joint and smash his finger! LOL!!

  117. hate to say but since it’s buffalo they’re obligated not to show replays of the other team’s goals
    it kinda looked as if it went off Staal’s stick.

  118. Greg – it’s taken Stepan two periods and three shots to outscore Boogaard’s whole 255-game career. Nice, huh?

  119. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Winston – he’ll just have to make it 4 goals then!

    As I said before – Gabo has to be thrilled about this.

  120. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Game one ,baby!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    That kiss was passion ORR!!! That was the kiss of unity man!! This team needs Avery with Stepan and yes Gaborik on a different line . This with hank in net , will make our team hard to beat.Period.

    Dubinsky is a leader , he and Avery are fast and have PASSION!!! Hank always has passion along with Torts. We have a heart beat and if all our players start “making out” Im all for it!!!!

  121. Blueshirt in Paris on

    awww, he is like a big baby, I would kiss him too. they must be very proud and happy for him. Glad to see some team emotion. Maybe I should take back those things I said about Dubi.

  122. I just had to log on to say Stepan HOLY GUACOMOLE! I knew the kid was good but this is ridonculous.

  123. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Stepan is step on up the ladder!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Lw3h , Yeah pritty sick huh? Boogaard need game like this so he can get on the ice.

  124. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Stepan is step on up the ladder!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Screw Parise!!!!!!!

    YEAH MAN!!!

  125. jeez, when i was a kid, when we did something cool we didnt kiss each other. we gave each other headlocks and for birthdays it was punches and noogies. wtf? homophobia? ur takin our comments too serious

  126. True Blue Mike on

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves it’s only the first game, but boy i hope Steps can put up 30 or more this season.

  127. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Hey whatever, good for Dubi, showin some team spirit! and well, rookie season, game one, hat trick… why not a kiss!

  128. ok, back to hockey…that whole line has played well, avery and fedotenko lookin good as well as stepan

    anisimov strong and fast, cally running into stuff. hank very solid

    negative is that christensen stinks on faceoffs. 3-7 so far, anisimov 5-8, stepan 4-3, boyle 3-2, dubi 2-0. gaustad 7-1 for buff

  129. dejAN dejatendko on

    Just so you know there are gay players in the NHL a couple of them im sure you like a lot.

  130. Dubinsky might be a leader, but Ryan Callahan is the heart and soul of this team. Hank can be the spinal cord..

  131. As someone fortunate enough to end up taking Brodeur in the first round of *two* fantasy drafts (I was picking late in the round both times…I was desperate), may I be among the first to say MAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYY?

  132. if anything it makes more anti duby comments and we all know we could use some more of those ;)

  133. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Stepan is step on up the ladder!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Messier cries and dubinsky “kisses” …sounds great to me!!!

    Dubinsky kissing Stepan was BEUTIFUL!!!

  134. I don’t care aboot them kissing each other, I’m just breaking testicles. I’m not homophobic.

    Looked like a nose pick though. Dublowsky doesn’t have Steven Tyler lips. He couldn’t have gotten him on the lips.

  135. So far the only place for drury when he will back is on 1st line(Christensen is expandibale). I wouldn’t touch chemestry on so called 3rd line(looks like 1st)Fedotenko-AA look very good also.

  136. dejAN dejatendko on

    noremry – haha i know i was trying to give them some credit since im sure most people here are adults.

  137. The team looks good. Decent pressure on the puck in all zones. Nearly everyone seems more willing to take a hit to make a play and were not passing up too many opportunities to finish our checks. We need to be better winning faceoffs. Nice to see that our #1 line will have some help with scoring this year. Avery has played really well. MDZ as well. Also good to see that Lundqvist doesn’t have to stand on his head all game long. I’m sure no one here is surprised by Stephan. No way he gets sent down.

  138. “Dubinsky is a leader , he and Avery are fast and have PASSION!!! Hank always has passion along with Torts. We have a heart beat and if all our players start “making out” Im all for it!!!!”

    ROFLMAO…im in stitches…ROFLMAO …u the best, greg!

  139. I can’t believe the buffalo announcers complete unwillingness to talk about Stepan’s amazing feat. Jackarses.

  140. i just said it would be nice to get 5

    Christensen….maybe he knows he can’t coast anymore.

  141. what rookie has ever scored a hat trick in the first 2 periods of his nhl career against the vezina winning goalie??

    never before I’m sure.

  142. Has nobody here been to an italian family holiday. There is guys kissing guys alot, but its just a sign of love and respect.

  143. you know what i HATE almost as much as buffalo’s
    p***poor announcers?

    this slow piece of carcillo computer!!
    (taking forever to respond and read comments)

  144. Linzopantenko 2010-2011 on

    i’m waiting for Bettman to announce a recall on the Rangers drafting of Stepan

  145. EC: “Stupid kid and his stupid mom with his stupid hat trick…”
    *Stepan scores again*
    EC: “Dumb mother ****er thats my spot on this time”
    *stepan scores again*
    EC: “HAH this kid blows.. lemme show u how it’s done”
    *EC scores*

  146. Shoot the puck Barry on

    Haven’t seen this much aggressive play in front of an opposing net by a Ranger team in a long time. They’re crashing the net like teams usually crash the net against Hank…

    I like the line combos, too. And the D is playing solid.

  147. I don’t know who these guys in the white jerseys are, but I love ’em! Hope they stick around for a while

  148. Mavenator October 9th, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    Has nobody here been to an italian family holiday. There is guys kissing guys alot, but its just a sign of love and respect.

    On the cheek.. on the face is a little much..

  149. tell us deja, im sure i wouldnt hate them, i have a few gay friends and a gay cousin. no hard feeings

  150. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    Orr you still have a reason to streak. Who would’ve thought Step would’ve gotten a hat trick in his 1st game?

  151. ilbzotenkopan2001 on

    And the funny thing- it’s time for Bufallo to get someone on the ice to send the message. Against the Boogart? Gulp.

  152. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    LMAO @ Boyle and Boogaard on a 2 on 1. THAT would have been entertaining!

  153. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Stepan is step on up the ladder!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    OMG!!! TWO on ONE with Boogaard!!!

  154. Linzopantenko 2010-2011 on

    JB, i guess he worked on the top corner glove side and now we have this to worry about lol

  155. dejAN dejatendko on

    i honestly cant all i can say is i was at a function where it was a gay and lesbian event for charity and there were two nhl’s there one is a name not a super star but a name if you know hockey. I dont out people its up to them

  156. Fantastic game, guys.

    I don’t think any of us thought Stepan would show up this much! It’s absolutely incredible.

    Not even going to get into the kiss (which I missed) since it’ll just turn into a rant about how “gentle ribbing” can actually hurt people.

    But, even if Leopold just scored a second goal(maybe?) I love this team’s jump right now, and I’m sensing an amazing season if they keep it up!

  157. Linzopantenko 2010-2011 on

    deja, i had read that several players have stepped up to support gay and lesbian causes since the death of Brian Burke’s son

  158. dejAN dejatendko on

    Linda- Yes they have and thats really amazing that some people in sports put their machoness aside to respect other people but i know for a fact they were there together.

  159. Shame Prust took that penalty. The last 15 minutes of the game would’ve been killed off in the time it took Boyle and Boogaard to reach the other end of the rink on the 2-on-1.

  160. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    Wasn’t that the same corner where Myers got his clock cleaned by Cally?

  161. ilbzotenkopan2001 on

    A little nose adjustment? He’ll live.

    They’re really going to the net, folks. Right after they let the goal in. Hockey is different here? Maybe?

  162. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    bahahahahahahaha @ LW3H. I’d have been amazed if Gaard had simply made it to the other side of the rink still standing to take the shot.

  163. Has there been a lot of crashing the net this game? I haven’t been watching closely, but Hank’s net just got knocked, and I know it happened to Miller a few times…

  164. Linzopantenko 2010-2011 on

    Deja, anyone who DOESN’T think there are gay players in the NHL is out of touch. And really, it shouldnt matter to any of us.

  165. MickeyM is pumped for tonight on

    Someone needs to smack Kaleta around. Prust probably, since no way on hell does Kaleta go anywhere’s near Boog-a-loo.

  166. wicky (Our D is still SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I’m behind on the game with DVR (at second intermission) but I’v e been saying this for the last couple of seasons, avery is the best passer we have behind the net…..ok, see you assens after the game!!!

  167. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    What’s up with all the back n forth odd man rushes? And i take back my Boogaard joke, he made it down the ice on that 2 on 1. DRINK!

  168. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Stepan is step on up the ladder!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Prust you hog !!! Pass it to Boogaard!!

  169. Linzopantenko 2010-2011 on

    i know deja!

    This has to be on youtube somewhere, Sally needs to see this!

  170. ok so if this guy said this to my face, what would u think i would do? i would do much worse than what i said.

  171. Gift of GAB-orik on


    Power Rangers video was pretty damn funny!

    “The punching sells it!”

  172. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Stepan is step on up the ladder!!!" ...says Greg L. on


    BOOOO BLAckChumPs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. oh crap you mean it started at 7pm Eastern? I’m a retard, but I’m here for the last half period at least

  174. Linzopantenko 2010-2011 on

    so on hockey night live we have Bill TO CATCH A PREDATOR Pidto, Disco Duguay, ken caveman danyeko and Pat Riverdance flatley. WOW

  175. Linzopantenko 2010-2011 on

    lol deja! sally will love seeing that! it has to be a highlight of the season! GO GO POWER RANGERS!

  176. dejAN dejatendko on

    Grabachev – calm down internet tough guy its not that serious. Oh I get it now no wonder your so hateful. :)

  177. Deja–

    That’s what everybody was making a fuss over? Really? *sigh*

    I am a little worried that this team seems to be running short on steam as the game winds down… anybody else getting that feeling?

  178. Didn’t Datsyuk teach boogard how to shoot, because obviously boogard tough Datsyuk how to fight.

  179. MickeyM is pumped for tonight on

    wow Hank. Someone get him some coffee, he looks a little lethargic in this game.

    Sweet pass by the Sabre player.

  180. Orr – Sadly, Maaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrtttttyyyy got pulled after the first five. Solid two goals on five shots by Hedberg though.

  181. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Stepan is step on up the ladder!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    …feelng a little worried over here.

  182. they call a penalty now?!?!?!?! after they could have called 200 in the past couple of minutes?!?!?!
    pieces of carcillo!!!!!!!!

  183. Linzopantenko 2010-2011 on

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! and i just lost the stream! AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!

  184. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Stepan is step on up the ladder!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    DUBI!!!!!!!!! yeahhhhh yeahhhh yeahhhhh

  185. I think there’s no A–Torts might have decided that since we don’t know how long Drury and Prospal will be out.

  186. noremry, i’ll apoligize for my comments. i love all you guys, and sorry if i came across like a jerk.

  187. i guess i saved all my yelling at the screen/cursing for the last several minutes.
    thanks Rozy for making the game close with that assist to the sabres and thanks Hank for not closing the 5 hole.

  188. What a FANTASTIC game. Lots of promise from secondary scoring. Looks like Hank needs to shake off some rust, but I’m not about to complain.

    If this is a sign of things to come, we’re in for a good year!

    Alright, I’m out–later all!

  189. homophobia period is just wrong
    sabres’ announcers are horrible, mispronouncing names wrong all night

  190. Pretty good first game.
    Great game for Stepan. Its early but this kid is fun to watch.
    It seems we have more offensive weapons this season…thats nice!

  191. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Stepan is step on up the ladder!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Stepan should of had 6 tonight , amazing!!!

    We win!!! I predicted a win tonight cuz I knew our team was hungry. We lost in game 82 in a shoot out of all things and tonight , we righted a wrong. We turn a new page and I will not dwell on the the 2010 game 82 fiasco any longer.
    We have learned ( me as well) a thing or two about laying it all on the line game in and game out. Our team showed tonight why we can contend and ultimatly win it all. I really feel the chemisty here and I am even more proud to say I am RANGER!!! I can’t believe Stepan missed the open net!!! Gaborik coulda got a point too!!

  192. Shattenkirk Del Headzo
    October 9th, 2010 at 9:42 pm
    Linzo – you have Blogmama-itis!

    LOL… I def read something else.. itis
    Time for bed. Goodnight!

  193. okay, now that we’re relaxed and celebrating
    where’s the link to an image/youtube with
    Stepan’s mom and friend???

  194. ilbzotenkopan2001 on

    Folks, that what happens if you have some depth scoring. Bufallo shut down Gsborik & Co. Last year it would’ve been 3-1 Bufallo.

  195. Linzopantenko 2010-2011 on

    exactly ilbzo, i think torts needs to leave the lines alone for a while. I like how dubi ani and cally work together. let’s see how the team progresses before he starts tinkering. The worst part is going to be who takes a seat when drury comes back.

  196. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I thought Stepan(obviously), Avery, AA, and Del Zotto all had a really good game tonight. I liked the physical play of Del Zotto…only if here were a little bigger I think he could be our crease clearing d-man.

  197. So in review…Rozsi still sucks. We still need to learn to play a complete game and it’s more than obvious that Stepan needs to play 1st line center.

  198. Two points and a good feeling going into Monday’s game. The energy level did seem to drop there in the 3rd for a bit but we held on. Also, Buffalo turned up their physical play but we didn’t get rattled. We had better puck movement and more drive to the net. Buffalo is known as a quick team but we looked just as quick as they did. Let’s hope there’s no let down coming off this first game and playing against a team not expected to make the playoffs. Plenty to like but also plenty to improve on. Let’s go Rangers!

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