Opening lineup


At least what it looks like from this morning’s practice:


Del Zotto-Rozsival

The third D pair will be two of these three, obviously: Gilroy, Eminger, Sauer.


Pruchas: White and Kennedy and the extra D-man.

Don’t get used to this. You guys know I’m not big on lines.

Only number change from preseason: Stepan from 57 to 21.

Hope to find out who will wear the second “A”, or if anybody will wear the “C”.

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  1. I’m really curious to see what the 2nd line does. It would also be great if Booger scored tonight and got that monkey off his back, (I can dream can’t I?).

  2. Seth, you gotta be kidding. Dubi? Let him perform well for a single, whole season (or even a preseason) before we actually turn him into another Dreary. Give it to Staal. Maybe it’ll push him to continue to grow.

    That the New York Rangers organization doesn’t have a true first line center is appalling.



  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Chris, a lot of teams don’t have legit first line centers.


    Islanders, Sabres, Thrashers, Blue Jackets, Panthers, Predators, Coyotes.

    OK, maybe not that many.

    But we have good depth?

  4. Gift of GAB-orik on


    Callahan has an ‘A’, and it’s not solely because of his numbers, cuz they aren’t much different from Dubi’s. The difference is the effort and grit shown.

    IMO, Dubi might have had a letter if not for the camp holdout. Torts HATES that stuff.

    Moving forward,


    Anyone going to the game 10/29 vs. Carolina?

  5. Not to pile onto the guy, but I think the main reason I’m so pumped for this team this year is not watching Redden and his albatross contract lumber around the ice for 20 minutes a game.

  6. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I’d also like to point out i LOVE that Philly beat Cindy and Co. in their home opener. Love when the party gets spoiled, like when the G-Men beat the Cowgirls when they opened their billion dollar shrine Jerry Jones built for himself.

    This much is fact. Pittsburgh hasn’t won a game this season.

  7. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    I see on the board that a lot of people are chasing Richards for #1 center. I was just thinking, what about Ribiero? IIRC there was some talk that he was holding back the Stars pipeline.

  8. Heave Ho- you are dreaming. But not about Boogart, about the game being tonight. :-)

    I will start worrying about true first line center when we are fully convinced that Frolov and Gaborik need one. Remember, a true offensive first line center is very expensive. I think they can create for themselves. If anything, they need someone with decent two-way skills.
    I wouldn’t get used to these lines anyway. They will have a different look by the end of first period anyway.

    LMAO at pruchas..


  9. Unless they’re trading off Rozsival, I don’t think they need to be taking on B-level veterans (which they’ve spent most of the last 2 seasons trying to divest) just for the shot of finishing 6th or 7th instead of 7th or 8th. They’ll need to get Anisimov and Stepan ice time over the next couple of years. After Drury’s deal is done, and if he’s still on the team, Rozsival’s too they can assess what their team needs. Hopefully at that time we’ll see whether AA and Stepan look capable of being 1st and 2nd line pivots.

  10. Maybe a fair number of teams don’t have legit first-line centers, but the operative and missing word here is “good” as in “there are no good teams that have no legit first line center” – personally I’m happy to let them try Christensen there because if he doesn’t work out Stepan will be next and I think he could be a legitmiate first-line center.

  11. Yeah, I totally agree with you Gift of Gabby. IF Dubi did not hold out last year I think he would be given the A. I am expecting big things from this kid this year. He is obviously going to be counted on to score but he also will play a huge role in the special teams and i am expecting a break out year.

  12. ThisYearsModel on

    Lines? LOL! Torts is the coach. Those lines will be blown up after the first period of the first game.

  13. wicky (Our D is still SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Happy Birthday sally!!!

    Morning ILB and all!!

    Watched the calgary game and….edmonton is FAST…I mean FAST!!!!!!

    Almost forgot to change my call sign!

    No way dubi deserves and A, I can think of (depending on the torts criteria) at least 5 guys that deserve the A before him!

  14. How many years has it been now? Do you really think it’s still clever to use “Prucha” as a synonym for scratched? I enjoy reading this blog, but I’m really getting tired of some of this immature stuff. Also, way to beat up on your own “Leastern” conference in the titles for your predicted rankings yesterday before the season even starts. Good to get the season off on a positive note. I’m going to start referring to this kind of whining as “Carping”. Oh wait…

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