One more day …


One day until Opening Night in Buffalo.

1: Eddie Giacomin.

1: Alfred Manuel Martin. Mookie Wilson. Bobby Murcer.


Going over to practice today to get stuff for my preview, which will be in tomorrow’s paper. I’ll post that story here, too.

Of course, I will have some quotes and things from practice today.

So see youse later.

But before I go … wanted to tell you all that we’re going to have a bit of a format change here, probably during the first week of the season. We were going to do it sooner, but I haven’t had time to throw in my two cents yet, and I don’t want to be making a big change blindly just before the opener.

What it means is that Rangers Report is going to have a much better, cleaner look.

To get an idea of what it will look like check out our LoHud Yankees blog here.


ps, if the season ended today the Rangers would be tied for fourth in the East, ahead of Pittsburgh and Montreal.

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  1. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    1. I’m number 3!

    2.Good games last night. Glad to see hockey’s back.

    3. I’m a frequent reader of the Yankee blog, though I don’t post there as much as I used to. I liked their updates, so hopefully it’ll work out over here too.

  2. im where the rangers will be in the standings by years end!! watch!! book it ! 5th place baby!!

  3. wait todays the 8th??? ohh byfuglien carcillo’ing mother hartnell’ed abdelkaders!!!

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    Lol, Carp, we made the playoffs already.

    And Happy Birthday, Sally! The girl is really 26.

  5. CTBlue,

    thanks forthe heads up on the fsu cg’s.

    Jenn wasn’t even the best of the group. As for the T and jeans, I guess at my age (mid 30’s) I don’t see the rush in getting to the au naturale part. It gets there eventually so why not enjoy some dress up in the mean time. So the fsu suggestion was spot on my man!!

    I would have thought ivanans would have learned his lesson after macintyre fed him about 30 fists in a preseason fight.

  6. #1 Chuck Rayner – a forgotten Ranger who won the Hart Trophy in 1950. I am a big fan of his and got the chance to meet him in Winnipeg about 20 years ago. I had the opportunity to spend more than a few minutes talking hockey with him. I think he was excited to talk hockey with me as I was at meeting him! :-)

    He started introducing to me the other players who were there and I got the chance to meet Bill Mosienko among others. I rather sheepishly asked Chuck for an autograph and he said he would do better than. He took down my name and address and promised to send me an autographed hockey card of his that a Canadian company produced.

    A couple of weeks later, I received two signed cards from Chuck and as I type I can look up and see one of them in my office. Is it really hard to figure out why I am a hockey fan first and foremost?!?

    Oh before I forget – I am a Ranger!


    Good Morning ALL! One More Day to go-wow this has been a long summer….OLI why did you have to attempt the five hole! SHOOT THE PUCK


  8. Good morning all. Less than 34 hours before our drive to glory begins.

    Carp, any chance of learning the lines for tomorrow’s game or is that only made known immediately prior to game time? Does the team go up to Buffalo tonight or tomorrow morning?

  9. Anthony M

    When you met Bill Mosienko ( a/k/a “Wee Willy”,) did you know that he is STILL the holder of the fastest hat trick in NHL history.

    I was at that game, and had just returned from a year living in Chicago, and Mosy was Blackhawk, and the Trick was scored against the Rangers, and in a game where both had been eliminated from the playoffs and were just closing out the season. that was at the old Garden down in the area of 55th and 8th ave. Don’t quote me, but it was some ridiculous time like about 21 seconds. I’ve watched many games back then with Chuck Rayner…man did he have facial scars then. No butterfly there, a stand up old fashioned goaltender who also handled the stacked pads and slide very neatly.

  10. #1 – Pee Wee Reese

    Also, virtually every goalie who played before the late 60’s. In the old 6 team NHL teams only carried one goalie who was invariably #1. If he was injured, theguy called up to play just wore his #1.

  11. Blair Betts scored for Philly last night. Always good to see him do well, even if it’s for Philly.

  12. Old coach

    I think that Detroit used to use their locker room aide as a backup. ( I think his name was Lefty something or other. The guy who used to put the butterfly bandages and stitches in..I don’t recall them having a Dr on the scene, but possibly there were…………it was a long time ago…..

  13. 1: The rank of this blog in the world.

    1: The rank of Jerry’s dad (which is lower than “World’s Greatest Dad” Izzy Mandlebaum).

  14. Fran
    You are right about that. Each rink had a house goalie who was tha emergency backup for either team should a goalie be injured. The guy for the Rangers in the 50’s was Joe Schaeffer who had some local goalie mexperience. No goalie came out of the game unless severely injured. If a facial cut was sustained, often times the ice cut was done early, the goalie stirched up, and the period finished after the ice cut.

  15. Jo Schaeffer’s obit.

  16. Yeah, I’m not too sad to see the Pens drop their inaugural home opener. But I think we’ve seen anonymous Flyer goalies look good before only to let them down at crucial times. Roman Cechmanek, Niitymaki, Tommy Soderstrom, et al. Then they’ll go to a re-tread, Ron Hextall’s 2nd tour of duty, Sean Burke, Beezer. I could see them trying to lure Nabokov back from the KHL by December.

  17. Fran – I did know about it, but I think Chuck wasn’t so sure I would remember/know who he was :-) When I told him it was against Lorne Anderson and not him, Chuck really lit up.

    I got to meet a few other Winnipeg area players at that NHL Booster Club Convention. I remember talking with Jim Neilson and Randy Gilhen (he was still a Penguin back then).

    One of the more fascinating players was a goalie named Gord Tumilson. If you don’t know the name, don;t feel bad. He played just three games for the Jeets during their first WHA season but boy did he have some great stories to tell about Bobby Hull :-)

    The Jets loved when they played the LA Sharks because it would be a chance to head to Vegas for a brief (and sometimes not so brief) “vacation”.

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