Lundqvist on the new season


Henrik Lundqvist:

I asked if there’s reason to believe this team is better:

“Yeah. I mean, you can only go on the feeling you have. It’s still so early. But it feels like we have a better team than last year. We have more guys who can do the job, I think; more skill guys. I really like what we brought in over the summer, and also the guys who stayed, we hopefully learned something from last year. But it’s up to us to prove it. Asking me now, yeah, it feels like we have a better team than last year.

“Yeah, but we had stretches last year where we played really well, where you thought, ‘Wow, this could be a really good year,’ especially at the beginning. But I say this all the time. It’s not so much about being better, it’s about being more consistent and that’s how you get into the playoffs … and that’s how you miss the playoffs, if you’re not consistent enough. So that’s going to be our biggest challenge. I think it is for every team.”

I said to him that the Rangers didn’t go into the off-season fooling themselves into believing they were one goal short, but rather that they missed the playoffs because of what happened between the fast start and strong finish.

“Yeah, it was too many games we left slip away. Of course we should be disappointed missing that close, but at the same time you can’t be upset about that game because we were 10-2-1 or whatever the last 13 or 14 games. So it’s hard to be upset about our finish. It’s more in the middle. There were games here and there where you remember how you lost in overtime, or late in the game. It’s going to cost you in the long run. So we have to make sure we’re focused for every game here, and pay attention to it.”

On learning from last season, and how that gets turned around.

“I think it’s important that everybody’s pushing each other, every practice and in games, and really reminding everybody how important every game is, and you can’t let one point slip away. Of course you’re not going to win every game; there’s no way. But if there’s a point you can get, you have to go after it. Some ¬†games it’s going to be tough to get points. You might play a really good team, you might have a tough night. But there’s nights where you definitely have a chance to get away with one or two points and you can’t let those slip away.

“So you just talk to each other and be aware of it.”

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  1. These two Canes vs Wild games are kind of boring.

    I hope NYR gets to go to another country to start the regular season. Preferably London, like the Kings and Ducks.

    It would be even better if they got two British chicks to do the play by play.

  2. >>So what happens to Stepan when Drury comes back?

    I think he should be sent to Hartford for two weeks of conditioning… Drury, that is.

  3. Besides Frolov…who did we bring over the summer…let’s see

    Kennedy – scratched

    White – scratched (and frankly useless)

    Booger – only good for one thing…and thats not scoring goals

    Fedotenko – good camp but the jury is still out for him

    Stepan – the only bright spot out of all new additions (not counting Frolov)

    Eminger – never seen this guy play before

    who else?

    MZA – AHL

    Two young hard nosed dmen sent down too…

    where is the youth movement? Drury? Rozi? If it wasnt for Prospal’s injury i bet Stepan would be sent down too…

  4. >>…where is the youth movement?

    CCCP: you and I may not see them, but trust Tortorella, “the kids are here”.

  5. Of course he is talking about the team without Drury. He’ll most likely suck the life right out of the team when he gets back.

  6. you guys badmouthing your captain are just getting tired and boring to listen he overpaid yes but he is not the problem..he’s been here 3 years and had a 25 goal season, 23 goal season, and a bad season last year (something like 12/13 goals) mostly playing third line with no power play time..3 years of complaining…get over it!

  7. Drury needs to double his numbers from last season or the Rangers will not be a contender. We need him to step up. Yes he always done the “lttle things” better than anyone else in the league (blocking shots, faceoffs, PK, etc.) but we need him to be the Chris Drury from
    2006-07 when he scored 37 goals. He can’t be a 3rd or 4th liner who blocks shots for $7m a year. Is is possible? Yes. Is it probable? No.

  8. >>you guys badmouthing your captain are just getting tired and boring to listen
    >>to…had a 25 goal season, 23 goal season, and a bad season last year
    >>(something like 12/13 goals)

    I’m no expert, but I think I see a downward trend.

    Seriously though, as long as the guy is donning the NYR sweater, I will cheer for him; but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a bit of fun at his expense.

    Get over our complaining, FP!

  9. I think AO is on downward trend too!..understand credit is deserved when credit is due…just bet Drury would put up numbers on first line..and said it before..he makes most sense there..tough to put up numbers we want him to when half his minutes are on the PK.

    ..and I will get over your complaining once “you” stop comlpaining about Drury!

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