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  1. happy birthday sally!

    wow, carp going totally all in on the new media stuff- all right! i love to see that.

    one more day of work, one more day til the season. symmetry is wonderful sometimes.

  2. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    Anyone have a link to the bonehead FB page? I keep forgetting to sign up for that…

  3. “And apparently Sauer might be a scratch for tomorrow’s game, with Eminger and Gilroy pairing up.”

    Thanks for filling my mouth with stomach bile, Orr…

  4. There you go, Carp!

    By the way, he mentioned twitter some time ago, I’ve been following him for a few days now.

  5. wicky (Our D is still SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    so, stupid question here, but how do you “join” the RR facebook page? Just hit the like button??

  6. from the last post regarding Drury – He’s asked to play on every line in every possible situation on any given night. One night it’s center the top line, next is center the 4th line, next is wing on the 3rd line. The guy just goes out there and does whatever is asked of him without complaints. Yes, his scoring is down and his salary is too high but he’s not put in a position to succeed either. However, he is put in a position to do whatever is asked of him.

  7. right…last thing we need is for Drury to start complaining about being moved around…

    he’s not put in a position to succeed? really? have you checked his ATOI at even strength and PP?

  8. sports blogs are for complaining,so you complaining about others complaining is all good.

    now STFU.


  9. nov 14th we get to see how Boogy stacks up against big Stevey Mac,dude shut the lights on Ivanans,tho Raitis did use the old “block his punches with my face” technique.

  10. I really thought that last year was Drury realizing his diminished role…and after a good Olympics he seemed to be thriving in that role. So why are we now talking about him playing on the top line again? Just a paucity of true centermen? Drury should be 3rd line center and then our goto faceoff and defensive center in late portion of games…that is still a ton of icetime to go with his excellent PK work.

  11. bonehead group is one thing… LoHud Rangers Report is another…

    one made by fans… the other is for the journal itself made by journal for fans lol

  12. wicky (Our D is still SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I use that stupid line with customers at work all the time…LMFAO!!!!

    are you on twitter??

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Let's call up Zucarello!!!" ...says Greg L. on




  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Let's call up Zucarello!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Oh btw Chicago BlackChuMps lost . (snicker)



    Marian Gaborik is gonna seal the deal.

    We will win on opening day!!!

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Let's call up Zucarello!!!" ...says Greg L. on


  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Let's call up Zucarello!!!" ...says Greg L. on


    Stomp ,Stomp Stomp!!! Sorry ’bout the Caps . Got a little excited over here :)


  17. Stars look terrible. 2-0 halfway through the 1st. Parise and Zajerk with the goals, Kovalchuckles with two assists. That line looks like they’ll do a lot of damage.

    Funny though, Ott went to drop the gloves with Clarkson, but didn’t, and Fraser tried to step in to do it for him. I wonder how Chico feels aboot that.

    Ah, 2-1 now!

  18. Chico – talking about Kovalchuk and Parise – seems to think no two players on the same line have ever scored 50 goals each.

    Within 30 seconds, producer clearly prompts him to “remember” Gretzky and Kurri might have done it once or twice.

  19. are you guys watching the caps vs atl game? ondrej pavelec, the goalie just collapsed. motionless. looks lifeless…

  20. Holy crap, the Thrashers goalie just collapsed on the ice. He hasn’t moved in over 5 minutes! No one was near him or anything.

  21. By the way, I didn’t write that last post. I just didn’t want you guys think I was referring to myself in the third person.

  22. Holy crap, I hadn’t read the previous few comments. I just saw about the Atlanta goalie. That’s horrible. Also did you know that Clint Malarchuk is the Thrashers goalie coach?

  23. Beninati just called the offensive zone “the attack territory”. Just when you think he’s reached the peak of his profession, he pulls out another classic.

  24. And now Beninati says Pavelec “went down of his own volition”. I’m no doctor, but it looked like precisely the opposite of that to me.

  25. Wow, that is a very weird to have Malarchuk as the goalie coach. Hope no bad flashbacks for him.

  26. seeing that only 1 tenko made the team, should we halve the ‘tenko’ part of our names??

    LW, Beninati in mid season form, and congrats on your six in the city being on Puck Daddy!

  27. they are just saying he lost consciousness… brilliant. transported to the hospital. he definitely was not moving. not even a flinch from his fingers.

  28. they did not perform cpr or anything, so maybe it is not as serious as it looks. im just not sure

  29. I got this dipbrash*t on mute. Two different feeds of this game and they both have to be Beninati, and that other guy with the retarded cartoon character voice.

    Poor Craps fan. They’re lucky to have Ovechcant. Imagine life before him. Bad team, horryingly horrifying commentating.

  30. Per Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal Constitution Pavelec has regained consciousness.

  31. Just watching a movie called The Rocket on MSG. It’s a biography of rocket Richard and in one scene he was coming to play in New York and the Rangers had brought in a goon to take him out. Richard beats the stuffing out of the goon, played in this 2005 film by – wait for it- Sean Avery!

  32. ThisYearsModel on

    I was at the Malarchuk game in Buffalo. I will never forget that scene…….the absolute hush of the arena. I though sure the guy had bled out.

  33. Morg
    Guess I lead a sheltered life because I never had heard of this movie. Laughed out loud when I saw Avery in the scene.

  34. I feel dirty saying this but the Debbies Does Dallas game is pretty exciting. Lots of end to end action.

  35. Devils D doesn’t look good so far. They’re gong to have to hope the ZIP line scores in bunches.

  36. NorthStars let the Devils get a point. Oh well, it’s the first of 82 losses for the Devils this year. One can dream.

  37. Brodiva will be chomping on one of those strawberry cream filled twinkies to get over this loss.

    First game of the year and he gives up four goals in a loss. I’m happy!

    I wish tomorrow’s game was a day game. I’m so fuggin excited!!

  38. martin brodeur is horrible now. he was getting sniped all night. wonder if they have any good goalie prospects… ( jeff frazee?)

  39. The day they replace the greatest goalie of all time i might choke on whatever I’m eating.

    – Chico

  40. According to Michael Buteau of Bloomberg Businessweek: Pavelec was taken to a local hospital for further evaluation, the team said, and will be kept overnight for observation.
    “He’s awake, alert and asking about the score of the game,” the team said in a statement.

  41. Early in the third period, the team released a statement saying preliminary tests failed to determine any serious health problems.
    “He’s awake, alert and asking about the score of the game, but will be kept overnight for observation,” the statement said.
    Associated Press PAUL NEWBERRY

  42. social butterfly on

    the debbies spent most of their cap on forwards, and they have slowfooted, below avg puck movers on d

  43. Old coach

    Old Coach

    ilb2001 has a great film to send to you, but you gotta give him the address…about the early days in the league and the exploitation of the players by the owners.

  44. Sabres 2 Ottawa 1.

    Tautly played game. ( man does Kovalev look slow….and old.)

    Buffalo outplays the Senators all over the ice…but not in goal. Leclare was sensational…and busy. Buffalo had almost total control of the ice all game long, except for a couple of spurts by the Sens. Who were out passed, out shot, out played, the Buffs play a very good puck control game. I cannot recall seeing Connolly look so inept at carrying and passing the puck. Ottawa doesn’t look like they are ready for prime time…..just yet. They have some pretty good players there though. But the goaltender was the reason is wasn’t a blow out by Buffalo.

    Rangers had best bring their best game forward tomorrow.

  45. wicky (Our D is still SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I wonder if mao’s head exploded because brad richards played a good game??

  46. Can someone – smart cap expert, explain me how Devils, after restructuring Kovy contract, still fit under cap without getting rid of anyone? It is beyond my

  47. Is it me or someone else is also scared from teams like Atlanta, Carolina and Lightings this year(besides usual Grand suspects).And BTW Carp, don’t you thing that off season happened kind of equalization of West/East conferences at the expense of “mass moving” talented western players to East, like Chicago to Atlanta, etc.? I mean more team (from conference bottom) in East become (or looks at least) much better.

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