The first day of a new season


Your boys don’t play until Saturday in Buffalo, as youse know. But tonight is the first night of the 2010-11 season. Versus has a pretty good double-header, Philly at Pittsburgh followed by Chicago at Colorado.

I’m gonna do my picks today. I was going to go to practice, but John Tortorella gave his boys the day off. Just my luck. So I’ll go tomorrow. I also believe I’ll be covering Games 2 and 3, despite my life mission to never, ever, ever step foot in Nassau Coliseum again. Oh, well. I made it over eight years without going there.

Until then, I’d be interested to see what you guys are predicting, so put ’em up today.

Here are mine:

Leastern Conference
1. Pittsburgh
2. Washington
3. Boston
4. Philadelphia
5. Devils
7. Ottawa
8. Buffalo

9. Tampa Bay
10. Montreal
11. Carolina
12. Atlanta
13. Toronto
14. Panthers
15. Islanders

Bestern Conference
1. San Jose
2. Chicago
3. Detroit
4. Vancouver
5. St. Louis
6. Los Angeles
7. Calgary
8. Phoenix

9. Colorado
10. Nashville
11. Dallas
12. Anaheim
13. Minnesota
14. Edmonton
15. Columbus

Leastern final: Penguins over Capitals.
Bestern final: Sharks over Red Wings.
Stanley Cup final: Penguins over Sharks.


I was reading Sports Illustrated’s preview. For the Atlantic Division “Hot Seat” they chose Glen Sather. HELLO!? Are you guys even remotely familiar with what’s going on here?

Two days until the Opener.

2: Brian Leetch.
2: Derek Jeter.
2: Brad Park, Tom Laidlaw.

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  1. Good morning all! It’s a brisk morning and hockey is in the air. Looking forward to Philly-Pittsburgh. Too bad it’s on
    Versus. I’ll try to enjoy the game anyway.

  2. wow Rick you woke up on the right side of the bed this AM. 6th in the EAST!!!!ill be heading to the Mausoleum monday as well tks to CHRIS and i aint talking about DRURY!

  3. 4generations 4 cups on

    I really enjoyed the countdown, I remember back on a calm summer day when you posted Mike Green’s 52. Or someone mentioned it in the post. The days come fast!

  4. Ill just do the playoff seeds as the bottom of the barrel is just a carpshoot


    Red Wings

  5. And id say Caps out of the east and Red Wings out of the west, i think it’s the caps year for the cup, i wouldnt be suprised to see 3, 100+ pt players on that team.

  6. Josh, division winners are seeded in the top 3. The Pooh Bears would be 3rd and you push the Debs and Fly Girls to the 4 and 5 seeds.

  7. East
    1. Ovechkin & co. (as everyone says, too much talent in a weak division)
    2. Tuxedo Birds (improved their D by a lot, I think they realized how much they missed Gill and Scuderi)
    3. Pooh Bears (last year’s offense had a lot to do with the injuries)
    4. Debbies (maybe the best 1st line in the East, unless Washington uses 8-19-28)
    5. Former Buffaslugs (always find a way to remain competitive especially with their farm raised kids)
    6. Fly-girls (on paper maybe the deepest team in the conference other than in net, they’ve also had a lot of consistency issues the past few seasons)
    7. Rangers (this is probably a pick with your heart and not your head, but I think some better secondary scoring and a younger and more mobile D will pay dividends)
    8. Bolts (Lots of firepower, the goalies will make or break this team being in the postseason)
    9. Sens (some top players getting old, younger players haven’t quite made the jump yet)
    10. Habs (# games over/under on a Carey Price effigy appearing in MTL, I say 10)
    11. Thrashers (finally improving as a team, not trying to find Kovy the right playmates)
    12. Maple Weeps (filling out the roster with legit talent, potentially a scary D if healthy)
    13. Canes (I think this is a transition year for them, although Eric Staal is still a beast)
    14. Puddy Cats (Would have been 15 if not for the Isles losing Streit and Okposo)
    15. Fishies (Dead in the water, maybe a fisherman can help get them out).

    1. Sharks (as long as we’re talking about the regular season, solid choice)
    2. Blackhawks (still enough talent to run and gun with anyone in the league)
    3. Vancouver (I know they’re a trendy pick and I hate harping on the past but this team needs to “figure out” how to win when it counts)
    4. Kings (I think they will provide a stiff challenge to the traditional powers in the West)
    5. Wings (a lot of talent, but I don’t think last year’s injury rash was so much bad luck but the sign of an aging team)
    6. Predators (The team you don’t bet against to play dependable hockey Oct-April only)
    7. Avs (they’ll come down to earth to some extent but the kids gained some valuable experience last year)
    8. Blues (very high on their young talent, just a tough conference and division in particular)
    9. Flames (Ollie Jokinen at only $3mn a year is still Ollie Jokinen)
    10. Wild (what will they do without James Sheppard)
    11. Coyotes (I think they’re in for a bigger correction than the Avs)
    12. Ducks (post-Niedermayer world here they come)
    13. Stars (well they lopped about 75 years off their roster with Turco and Modano leaving)
    14. Oilers (I actually think Renney is better suited to coach younger teams)
    15. Blue Jackets (Steve Mason reprising his role as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde)

  8. What a great day! Looking forward to the Hawks-Avs game tonight. Can’t wait till Saturday!

  9. our d will have to be real good but if dz, gilroy and rozy dont play better d and with sauer and eminger i think for now we are gonna see alot of goals against. and who is gonna clear the freakin net?? still havbe nobody!! no vtank or semenov. sauer is physical but not enough. we will have to see if more scoring from our fwds can compensate for more goals against. biron is not going to play more than 15 games. watch, by march hank will be playing every game again and we will scramble for 8th again. just too many teams got better and maybe we did on offense, but our d is weak. they put byfuglien back on d is atlanta. i think we should switch boyle and gilroy. girloy can score more goals and boyle has the size and strength to clear the net. boyle used to play d also i think.

  10. flavah explosion could be used as a fwd on the pk and gilroy a pp pointman. but just switch them up during even strength. actuall, that seems to confusing to keep switching back n forth. bad idea.

  11. i better get to work and leave the line combos to the proffesionals! later heads. at ease!

  12. ct- nice predictions, agree on most. but i think the sharks will finally show up for the playoffs and make the finals. at least if not actually win it. the caps and pens will probably fight it out in teh east, and the sharks and hawks again in teh west for a rematch of last year. but niemi will be the difference and with no more big buff and some other key role players they might not be able to beat teh sharks. cmon they got danny effin heatley!! we shouldve gotten him. damnit.

  13. CTBlueshirt

    Just came back to correct myself, i was half asleep when i wrote that and now feel like an idiot lol. Thanks for settin me straight

  14. saw this on espns site (althought i pretty much dont agree with any of there picks) and thought this might be fun also

    MVP – Stamkos
    Vezina – Lundqvist (just because)
    Norris – Doughty
    Selke – Datsyuk
    Rookie – Paajjarvi (probably spelt that wrong)
    Coach – Maclean

  15. Not a problem Josh, it’s a common mistake. Easier to think of how to rank the teams sequentially and then forget that one last hitch about division winners getting the top 3 spots. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing an alteration of that rule where the division winners are guaranteed a playoff spot but they’ll still get seeded based on their records.

  16. finally the habs are being ranked lower, Price is not a great goalie, yet they get a better ranking… Good Ranking

  17. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Hi All

    Haven’t been aorudn much lately


    As far as picks

    I think the Pens dont go as far as everyone thinks and the Caps implode again come playoff time

    The DEvils are a crap shoot. YEah there super talented now, but MArty is Old, the back-up is brittle, and if anyone goes down there so tight against the cap there gonna have some problems.

    This year I really think some lower seeded and unexpected teams make the playoffs

    Im actually hoping the Rangers and Isles knock some teams out of the playoff race and surpise alot of skeptics

    Whatever, 82 games away from then., so long time to go.
    Just so pumped for the start of the season. What a long summer it has been


  18. Grabby,

    I’m concerned about the defense, but not as concerned as to say they’ll see a big bump in goals against. I mean this is essentially the same D as last year except you swap out Sauer/Eminger for Redden and they were top 10 in the league in goals against with that group, and only 3 goals worse than San Jose who was 7th.

    Now obviously a lot of that has to do with Lundqvist since he made the most saves and had his 2nd best save % of his career (by .001) but I don’t see the D as necessarily being any worse than last year. Staal is their leader, Del Zotto really can’t much worse of a year as last year in his own end and Sauer is more focused on D than Redden ever was. Gilroy showed some improvement in his end during pre-season. I think they’ll still be a decent enough defensive team this year. And if their forwards are better in their end that will cut down on the time spent in the Rangers zone.

  19. Leastern Conference
    1. Pittsburgh
    2. Washington
    3. Montreal
    4. Philadelphia
    5. Boston
    6. Rangers
    7. Buffalo
    8. Devils
    9. Tampa Bay
    10. Montreal
    11. Carolina
    12. Atlanta
    13. Toronto
    14. Panthers
    15. Islanders

    Western Conference
    1. San Jose
    2. Vancouver
    3. Chicago
    4. Detroit
    5. Los Angeles
    6. Colorado
    7. St. Louis
    8. Phoenix—9. Calgary
    10. Nashville
    11. Dallas
    12. Anaheim
    13. Minnesota
    14. Edmonton
    15. Columbus
    Eastern final: Penguins over Capitals.
    Bestern final: Vancouver over Red Wings.
    Stanley Cup final: Penguins over Vancouver.

  20. Gravey (Formerly known as jor71) on

    1. Pittsburgh
    2. Washington
    3. Philadelphia
    4. Devils
    5. Boston
    7. Ottawa
    8. Buffalo
    9. Montreal
    10. Tampa Bay
    11. TorontoCarolina
    12. Carolina
    13. Panthers
    14. Atlanta
    15. Islanders

    Bestern Conference
    1. San Jose
    2. Detroit
    3. Vancouver
    4. Chicago
    5. Los Angeles
    6. St. Louis
    7. Colorado
    8. Calgary
    9. Phoenix
    10. Nashville
    11. Dallas
    12. Anaheim
    13. Minnesota
    14. Edmonton
    15. Columbus

    Leastern final: Penguins over Devils.
    Bestern final: San Jose over Canucks.
    Stanley Cup final: San Jose over Penguins.

  21. East – Rangers
    West – Canucks
    Cup – Rangers

    MVP – Gaborik
    Vezina – Lundqvist
    Norris – Staal
    Rookie – Stepan
    Coach – Torts

    Did I miss anything?

  22. my predictions for this season:
    Rangers finish 7th
    Slats trades for Brad Richards before trade deadline
    Boogy has more game misconducts than fights (because they’re all too scared of the Boogeyman!)
    Gabby is our only 30+ goalscorer
    Pronger is the first transgressor to the new headshot rule

    last but not least:
    i will watch more Ranger games than ever as i’ve signed up to ESPN Europe’s Center Ice package and i can watch it all on demand!! No more falling asleep in the 1st intermission!!

  23. Comeback player of the year: Alex Frolov
    Mark Messier award: Chris Drury
    Selke: Brian Boyle
    Masterton: Tim Kennedy
    Rocket Richard: Gaborik
    King Clancy: Marc Staal

  24. Canes and Wild on in an hour. Looking forward to real hockey! Pre-season was getting boring. GO WILD!

    I originally picked the Bruins vs Kings for the Cup Final, but with Savard’s brains all scrambled and fried, I’m not sure now.

    I’m sticking with the Kings though.

  25. Good morning, Carp!

    I was up late bowling last night, I’m way too slow today to make any predictions. But OMG hockeeeeyyyy!!!! Can’t believe I get to see the guys so soon!!!

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Out of respect for Brian Leetch, I won’t sully his number with a list of terrible twos.

    In fact, I have a 2 that should provide hope:

    2: the number of years left on Rozsival and Drury’s contracts.

  27. Leastern Conf
    1-Philadelphia (Mike Richards has the look of captain)
    2-Washington (they’ll finish top3 in east on talent alone)
    5-Boston (they’ve picked up some good players)
    6-Ottawa (Gonchar will help them)
    7-Tampa Bay (Yzerman knows how to do things)
    8-NYR (another we make the playoffs but can’t get past 1st round)
    10-Toronto (if they found some forwards they could actually be a good team)
    11-Montreal (Montreal so badly wants Price to be their goalie, but he doesn’t seem like he has it)
    12-Atlanta (hard to tell how atlanta’s gonna do this year)

    1-Vancouver (this may be their year)
    2-Detroit (will be better than last year)
    3-San jose (they’ll never win the stanley cup with Joe Thorton)
    5-Chicago (they lost soooo many players)
    6-Colarado (alot of good young players here, they’re going to be a force in 2 years)
    8-Phoneix (they’re getting some good young players coming up)
    9-St. Louis
    11-Calgary (Jokinen and tanguay??)

    East Conf Finals: Philadelphia vs Washington
    Wester Conf Finals: Vancouver Detroit
    Stanley Cup Finals: Philadelphia vs Vancouver
    Stanley Cup: Philadelphia

  28. since someone already said #2 Slava Fetisov…ill go in a different direction and say…

    #2 – Secretariat (horse)

    This is a bit of a stretch because racehorses do not have a permanent number, but are assigned a different one in each race.

    Secretariat wore #2 in winning the Belmont Stakes, to become the first Triple Crown Champion in 25 years in 1973. Not only did he win the toughest leg of the Crown, but he destroyed the opposition, winning by an unheard of 31 1/2 lengths, knocking over two seconds off the mile and half record (a time which not only still stands, but has never been approached) related

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Picks (following division winner rules):

    1) Devils
    2) Capitals
    3) Bruins
    4) Penguins (but with more points than the Bruins)
    5) Flyers
    6) Sabres
    7) Lightning
    8) *YOUR NEW YORK RANGERS* (I’m being optimistic)
    9) Senators
    10) Hurricanes
    11) Canadiens
    12) Panthers
    13) Leafs
    14) Thrashers
    15) Islanders

    1) Canucks
    2) Sharks
    3) Wings
    4) Kings
    5) Hawks
    6) Blues
    7) Coyotes
    8) Predators
    9) Anaheim
    10) Dallas
    11) Calgary
    12) Columbus
    13) Calgary
    14) Minnesota
    15) Edmonton

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    oh, forgot:

    Final predictions:
    Devils over Flyers
    Sharks over Kings
    Sharks over Devils

  31. How’s the Kings of Leon album Orr? I’m going to see them at the Garden next month, maybe the most entertainment I see inside MSG this year! Actually it will be tough for them to top Arcade Fire.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    I kinda want to rearrange my bottom of the west anyway, so here it is:

    9) Anaheim
    10) Colorado
    11) Minnesota
    12) Columbus
    13) Calgary
    14) Dallas
    15) Edmonton

  33. Two Calgaries? That means two Ollie Jokinens. Twice the nostril capacity, what air will the rest of the world breathe?

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    “A new episode of South Park was on last night! Fuggin slipped my mind!”

    Was pretty stupid.

  35. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    #2-Calgarys in Doodie’s world!!

    becareful, don’t mention brad richards around mao

    forgot the fantasy league…crap!

  36. Thanks Orr. I thought the rooks name was Stanislovski and he was from Bobrovski in the Ukraine?

  37. I can’t believe how many of you think the Pens will rise to the top and the Caps will continue to falter. Personally, I think this is the year for Washington. They have the best wing-center combo in the world, and pretty much have the most potent top-two lines in the NHL. With Three-or-More finally out of the picture, I think we’re going to see two very hungry Caps goalies dueling for the top seat. Pittsburgh, however, seems as though they’ve taken yet another step back. I know some think Martin and Michalek will somehow carry that defense. But I think that team took a major step back in losing Gonchar, even if he is aging.

    I’m also somewhat surprise how highly everyone thinks of SJ. Hard team, without a doubt. But to the cup finals? Nope. Thornton is a loser. Period. And as much as I like Niemi, he doesn’t have Chicago’s defense in front of him any more. And CARP! What’s with you picking Calgary for the sixth seed?!? Is that a JOKEinen?!?

    Here’s my list:
    Leastern Conference
    1. Washington
    2. Boston
    3. Pittsburgh
    4. Philadelphia
    5. Devils
    7. Ottawa
    8. Buffalo
    9. Tampa Bay
    10. Carolina
    11. Montreal
    12. Toronto
    13. Atlanta
    14. Panthers
    15. Islanders

    Bestern Conference
    1. Los Angeles
    2. Chicago
    3. San Jose
    4. Vancouver
    5. Phoenix
    6. Colorado
    7. Detroit
    8. St. Louis
    9. Nashville
    10. Calgary
    11. Dallas
    12. Anaheim
    13. Minnesota
    14. Edmonton
    15. Columbus

    East Champs: Washington
    West Champs: Chicago
    Stanley Cup: To the Washington Ovechkins. Mark it down, take it to the bank.

    Other predictions: San Jose chokes again. Pittsburgh finds out how badly they needed Jordan Staal in the first few games of the season. Philadelphia finally learns that they can’t keep starting AHLers and win anything but a consolation prize…Derek Stepan shocks everyone and runs away with the Calder!

  38. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Did you see that “Varl-ya-mov” or “Varla-move” or however you say it also went down! They are literally starting a rookie, backup, backup, goaltender for the season opener.

  39. Calder – Mats Zuccarello

    Hart – Gaborik

    President’s – Boston

    East – Devils

    West – Chicago

    Cup – Chicago

  40. I have my doubts about the Caps winning.

    They had their moment, ( “that wonderful moment when fate takes your hand”)
    remember that aria in the musical Stop The World!, by Littlechap? ) That wonderful show with great songs, and music)?
    But I digress…..I think that the Caps had their moment when Ovechkin was King of the North Pole, and Washington simply did not have enough of the right mixture, to go for the cup,
    and fell a cropper. They ( nor Ovechkin) have never quite reached those heights again, to date. Can they? Of course…any team that is well founded and a coach that knows what he’s doing, and doesn’t suffer any key injuries or other player let downs, can do it……but do these apply to the present Caps? I for one simply do not see it happening. And I find it hard to believe that Buffalo is slated to finish lower than both Montreal and Rangers. Again – could happen, due to the vagaries of this sport…but I have my doubts.

    I don’t try to anticipate finishing positions, just don’t hahe the know how. Just hunches.

  41. One things for certain:

    “This year’s AHL Eddie Shore Award, going to the best defenseman in the American Hockey League is….Wade Redden!

  42. too difficult to do my list now so i’ll do it when i get home later on. i DO think the rangers make the playoffs though.

    CCCP, great call on secretariat. the movie coming out him looks really good.

    #2- bobby valentine when he managed the mets.

    hockey is here!! FINALLY!

  43. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    You are officially a West County Princess!!!!

  44. What a long day for me already.

    2- that’s how many times I would like to kill some of my resident doctors.

    What did I miss? Has someone already mentioned Btian Leetch?
    I’m too tired to make any predictions.
    But I strongly believe they will make the playoffs. And I think it is Washington’s year.

  45. That #2 carcillo joke just clicked in my head. It was like a hand grenade that didn’t blow at first.

  46. For the most part I like those picks Carp.

    Would not a Souray for Rosival trade make sense? … Salary-wise they are close…. Renney is familiar and likes Rosival. Oilers need defenseman … Souray can help the Rangers toughness and powerplay. To me it makes sense for both teams.

    Let me know your thoughts.

  47. Are you serious about Brian? I was being sarcastic lol. Didn’t have time to go through all the posts, but I was sure the blog’d be all over it.

  48. Koffy- Souray was assigned to AHL, hence he has to go through re-entry waivers before he is traded, and it’s highly doubtful he will not be picked up (Fishsticks?) for half-price.

  49. Let me make it more official- he CAN be traded while in AHL, but then the receiving team will have to put him through re-entry waivers before getting him in the line-up.

  50. sheesh!
    Carp picks the pens to win it all
    and then
    i see that HBO is going to follow team cindy
    as well as the caps for its
    24/7 reality series
    anyone surprised? (i bet blackhawk fans are miffed)

    both items are combining to ruin this sunny day.

  51. Happy official hockey day all! Mama’s mama is in the house and she says LGR!! (well, no, she doesn’t really, but anyway). Just wanted to pop in say hi. Gotta run….later heads!

  52. ThisYearsModel on

    1. WAS
    2. PIT
    3. NJD
    4. BOS
    5. TBL
    6. PHL
    7. MTL
    8. CAR
    11. NYR

    1. VAN
    2. DET
    3. LAK
    4. SJS
    5. CHI
    6. NAS
    7. COL
    8. STL

    Eastern: WAS over PHL
    Western: VAN over CHI
    Cup: WAS

  53. guys, while u wait for the game on versus, on the channel versus, brought to you by versus, the home of teh nhl, versus, theres an awesoem movie called pterodactyl on the syfy(sci-fi) channel. coolio’s in it!!!

  54. Cccp,

    Of course you have to say you didn’t read it, what else could you say, since your ignorance was so obvious? Fraud.

    FYI; the hometwon announcers are the least of the problem. Because its hockey it gets virtually no mention in print hardly a word on sports raadio, which may be the most influential of all the mediums.

    For instance, could Brian Cashman ever survive the horrendous run Sather has? Or Omar Minaya? Obviously not, right? Because the spotlight is so bright on them.

    Imagine the Yanks having no No. 1 pitcher for years – and all the reporters making believe they didn’t notice, and perhaps going golfing instead of asking the questions they’re paid to ask.

    Speaking of which, wouldn’t Olli Jokkinen be the No. 1 on this mishmash of a squad?

    OK, fine, Olliels gone. Where’s the alternative?!

  55. orr- they are so cheesy arent they? haha its like watching a discovery channel episode of walking with dinosaurs and then just putting bad actors in them. i dont understand why they dont show actual sci fi movies like star trek, aliens, matrix, etc…

  56. Lol, Joekuh! Just noticed. So, who is watching Pens-Philly? Should we ask Carp for “It’s go time!” post?

  57. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I can’t believe orr didn’t like my dubi comment at the end of the last thread!!!!

  58. Hey boneheads, I’m looking to sell all of my tickets for Wednesday night games throughout the season (11/17 is spoken for already). Section 304 Row H. If anyone is interested, please email me – I’ll be selling other games throughout the year as well, but Wednesdays are a particularly bad day for me. Thanks.

    10/27 – Atlanta
    1/5 – Carolina
    1/19 – Toronto

  59. Least:
    1: Washington
    2: Buffalo
    3: New Jersey
    4: Pittsburgh
    5: Carolina
    6: Ottawa
    7: Tampa Bay
    8: Philadelphia
    9: New Jersey

    1: LA
    2: Chicago
    3: Vancouver
    4: SJ
    5: Detroit
    6: Colorado
    7: St. Louis
    8: Phoenix
    9: Calgary

  60. East:
    1. Washington
    2. Pittsburgh
    3. Boston
    4. Philadelphia
    5. Devils
    6. Tampa Bay
    7. Buffalo
    8. RANGERS

    9. Ottawa
    10. Montreal
    11. Carolina
    12. Atlanta
    13. Long Island
    14. Toronto
    15. Florida

  61. West
    1. San Jose
    2. Chicago
    3. Detroit
    4. Vancouver
    5. Los Angeles
    6. St. Louis
    7. Anaheim
    8. Phoenix

    9. Colorado
    10. Calgary
    11. Dallas
    12. Nashville
    13. Minnesota
    14. Edmonton
    15. Columbus

  62. oops… what was i thinking

    1: Washington
    2: Buffalo
    3: New Jersey
    4: Pittsburgh
    5: Carolina
    6: Ottawa
    7: Tampa Bay
    8: Philadelphia
    9: Toronto

  63. i think edmonton is gonna be the surprise team in the west this year. svensson hall and eberle are all great. lets see if they all score 25 points under rennys d first system though.

  64. N.CountryNYRFan on

    A while back i just randomly picked a fantasy hockey league that i saw in a post to join on RR and I was wondering who from here is in a league called Doomsday Prophets ’10.

  65. CCCP,
    I’m too lazy to answer this moron’s – rod lurks=(urod jerks), unsolicited “doctorate theses” on irrelevant subject, but just wanted to let you know – you could officially and creatively translate his “nik”,…ready?, as “xyj v zasade”. True. How appropriate! Ha-ha, imagine, out of the blue…coming. Bad, he will not understand that, I gladly would send 25c for him to find and call someone who gives a bullcarcillo about his pathetic, boring, tasteless chew. Sorry, but it was too tempting.

  66. rod lurks – If Jokinen were on this team, he’d be exactly where he is now: ON THE IR.

    No but seriously, the guy had no chemistry with Gaborik and Prospal. Who knows how he would’ve done with Frolov and Gaborik, but I suspect not very well. Oli, I’m afraid, is on the decline. However, I would’ve gladly traded White’s and Eminger’s spots on the roster for him…sadly, those to schleps make more than Joke.

    Orr- when you have the two of the league’s top-10 forwards on your team(three if you count Semin too), plus the league’s top-scoring defenseman, you don’t need a strong defense. But on that note, they’ve got that Carlson kid, who is supposedly real strong(and looked great on Team USA last year). I stand by my prediction: This is the year of the Caps. That team is simply too talented to not win a cup.

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Buffalo will lose ,Saturday!!!" ...says Greg L. on


    OY OY OY OY OY!!!!

  68. Carp – i cant believe you put yourself out there with picking the sharks to make it to the stanley cup. I bet youre the only one left that believes that can happen at this point.

    also Lets go yankees!

  69. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Buffalo will lose ,Saturday!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Eastern Conf

    1- who cares?
    2- who cares?
    3- who cares?
    4- who cares?
    5- who cares?
    6- RANGERS!!!
    7- bums
    8- scrubs

    the rest are garbage.


  70. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Buffalo will lose ,Saturday!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    CTB , great post . I love the names ya used!!!

  71. LW3H- excellent as always, and very resourceful. Keep bringing them.

    On the other note, LW3H- isn’t it enchanting that someone finally opened our eyes on that complete lie and deception that have been going on for all 27 years? I can’t believe we are so naive and have been lulled into our state by the network. Thank you, thank you, eye opener.
    Seriously, the only reason someone would bring it up so many time, in my view, is because it took him all 25 years to figure it out. Let me remind the person who keeps bringing it up: it’s an entertainment, schmuck! We enjoy it as such. I would suggest you take it seriously if it is related to your finances. And if you really take it to that extent, then, well, get a life.
    And, LW3H, I hope you realize I wasn’t talking to you, buddy.

  72. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Buffalo will lose ,Saturday!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    ORR , I am not a dummy . I Know we are not a first place team yet. We have a solid 6th place team trying to move up the ladder. We need Hank to stop letting in weak goals ,Gaborik healthy and scoring ,Delzotto working his passing ,Boogaard being Boogaard and so on .. Our team is dangerous . If we make it in the playoffs…we could win it all. Two words.

    Hank Gaborik.

  73. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Buffalo will lose ,Saturday!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    EC , belongs here . His shoot outs are really good and hes got a knack for scoring. His pay is small and he is not old.
    EC is only getting a bad rap cuz hes put on the line with Gaborik . He is not your sterio-tipical center. He is no VL nor is he even close to a Spezza . I see why you are fusterated. NYR has needed a #1 center since Messier ,Gretzky,Nedved left. We are in DYING NEED for a bonafied top guy!!! We get Frolov , hes good but he is no Center. When EC gets pushed down to the 3rd line then everything is forgotton. Don’t dam a guy just because hes having the time of his life playing with Gaborik…hes only human ORR.

  74. EC might be decent in shootouts, but it doesn’t mean he deserves to play on the top line. We’ll see how he does, but as far as I’m concerned, he’s only getting free points playing with those guys. Hopefully Step-On plays well enough to bump him off the line.

    Anyway, looking forward to this game. Hopefully Crybaby, and Milkman get hurt, and Carcillo gets hurt :)

  75. Olga Folkyerself on

    Washington 1st in the East
    Rangers 10th place in the East
    Chicago 1st in the West.

    Chicago repeats it’s Cup Win!

    Sweet Home Chicago!

  76. ilbzotenko2001 on

    Wow, good pace. A bit erratic, but you could see the difference between the preseason and the regular season games. The Pens need to test that rookie Russian goalie…

  77. Joekuh - I made it outta Blog Training Camp! on

    Bobrovski-tenko’s looked good. Anyone else watching Zherdev when he has the puck? He had a nice setup to Giroux in the slot earlier. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD save on the trailer by Bob.

  78. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    WTC was with the pregame pour of (what looked like) some bubbly on the ice?

  79. ilbzotenko2001 on

    So, the Versus gang( including Aaron Ward) said we had a chance to make the playoffs. I’m so relieved…

  80. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Chicago sucks "...says Greg L. on

    Don Cherry wearing a plaid suit was weird!!! He looked like a crayon box!!

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Chicago sucks "...says Greg L. on

    Flyers need to go back to the bottom scum where they belong. I will not watch another Flyers game again . Ever.
    That joke team choked to the bottom scum -gone- wild Chicago team.

  82. Orr,

    not sure if you know already…but the girl who Brett was laying game on Is the hot brunette from that terrible versus betting/ interview show. She is very easy on the eyes, so to speak. Ny daily news has some nice slide shows of her.

    Love watching the Yankees quite an away stadium!!!


  83. >>NHL Center Ice is having a free trial from 10/7-10/24.

    I’ll never forget the year I called Cablevision to ask why I wasn’t getting the Centre Ice free preview.

    Me: …Yes, I should be getting those channels.

    Rep: Sir, you’ll have to order Centre Ice before you get the free preview.

    Me: [Long pause] Ma’am, if I ordered the package, it would no longer be a free preview, would it?

    Rep: [Silence…]

  84. 1994 champions edmonton rangers on

    eastern confrence:

    1) Washington Capitals
    2) Pittsburgh Penguins
    3) Boston Bruins
    4) New Jersey Devils
    5) Philadelphia Flyers
    6) Tampa Bay Lightning
    7) Buffalo Sabres
    8) Ottawa Senators
    9) Montreal Canadiens (cause of goaltending)

    10) New york Rangers (cause they well have similiar year as last year. it sux cause they cant regroup cause were not bad but were average.)

    11) Carolina Hurricanes (cause a lack of scoring)

    12) Toronto MapleLeafs( give em another year..maybe)

    13) Atlanta Thrashers (they dont have a go to player sorta like the rangers two years ago. they’re overrated just cause they got byfuglien)

    14) New york islanders (same as leafs give em another year)

    15) Florida Panthers (youth movement)

  85. Well, call me crazy but I prefer her in the jets T and jeans over the one au naturale pic I just saw.

  86. >>Lisa Rinna, after 30+ years of having huge lips, decided to get a lip reduction.

    Angelina Jolie is jumping for joy.

  87. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, so much for the undercard- Bring on the Main Event!

    Black Hawks begin their defense of the Cup!!!!

  88. Liv Tyler might have the perfect lips. I can’t believe that mess of a face managed to help create a babe like her. Amazing.

    Most rock stars have hot daughters. Drugs are buh-ad, Mmkay? But, I think they’re the secret ingredient to creating an attractive child. That’s just speculation, but a lot of these guys have done it.

    Steven Tyler
    Phil Collins
    Gene Simmons

    I can go on, but I might throw up thinking aboot these guys.

  89. Hugh Jess Folkyerself on

    Twenny-Cent got the Cup winning Goal though. Maybe he should rough up another Cabbie- just for luck.

  90. Ahhhh. I love the sound of hockey in the evening! Good 2010-11 season all! Shhh. Mama’s mama’s is going to sleep.

    and yes C3tenko, my calves rock :)

  91. He’s standing next to Joe B, everything looks bigger. How can someone so small be so byfuglien annoying.

  92. Olgazo go Hawlksyerself ….hee hee. Really, season for me starts Sat! Yay Sally at the game!

  93. Olgazo Folkyerself on


    I don’t think we’ll hear Chelsey Dagger tonight though….

  94. 4everanger

    xyj v zasade!! perfect! LOL

    too bad he’s not having “xyj v zade” maybe he wouldnt talk so much then!

  95. watchign free nhl center ice trial

    EDM vs. CGY

    man…watching hockey in standard definition really blows! I can’t even imagine HOW i used to watch all SD games before!

    Rangers in HD FTW!

  96. Hey Folks et al..I love ya so, but time for mama to go bedzo…got the mama mama in house :) must respect the MAMA!


    LGR!!! we will do better than you all predicted today, right Greg!!

  97. Don’t care about picks right now, but I had to come over to throw in a Beninati-ism for the file: “These two teams are battling on ice.” Well, then. :D

    How’s everyone’s opening day? I love this week: NHL season starts, MLB playoffs start with 2-4 games per day, NFL in midseason form, and no NBA (except for preseason).

  98. Nice! Fantasy points with the win by Anderson.

    anyone know who runs the team “You Don’t Know Carcillo”? they have players on the bench that could be playing. They left Gionta on the bench last night. they lost out on 5 SOG. they still have Kristian Huselius on the bench for tomorrow night.

  99. Morning all.

    Work wiped me out yesterday so I stayed offline once I got home so I didn’t get to my picks. In short, I think the Caps come out of the East and it’s the Kings out of the West. As I said before, the Rangers will make the playoffs, but as a 6- 8 seed.

    Pens/Flyers was entertaining last night and from what little I saw of the Oilers/Flames game, the Oilers kids are gonna do all right.

    1-Mookie Wilson

    1-it IS the loneliest nimber

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