White and Kennedy put on waivers (updated)


Todd White and Tim Kennedy were both put on waivers by the Rangers, though coach John Tortorella said neither is going to Hartford (AHL) and that both will be at practice tomorrow.

There’s been a lot of speculation around, and I’ll throw in my two cents:

Now is as good a time to put them through waivers as any. Unless I’m terribly mistaken about the CBA, they only have to go through waivers once, then they are free to come and go to/from Hartford. Not that they’re going to Hartford now, but at least one of them would be when Chris Drury returns.

So now might be a good time to do it, while the waiver wire is cluttered with players being demoted and waived. Your players are less likely to be snapped up when there are so many others available.

Let’s face it, neither White or Kennedy is going to be here all year. Eventually they will have to go through waivers.

Once they clear, the Rangers can call on them/send them down as needed.

If I’m not correct about that, somebody please tell me.

Also, I do not know if players can actually report to their minor-league destination until after they clear, which I believe would be noon Thursday.


I’ve been corrected a number of times on the waiver rules — which are different than when I was on the beat; back then they actually had an annual pre-season waiver draft, remember? So thanks to those who set me straight.

Reader Steve was first to point it out, and the Rangers confirmed, that the waiver period is 30 days. And that waivers last for 24 hours, so White and Kennedy could be claimed or clear by noon tomorrow (it’s 48 hours on weekends).

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  1. You are wrong on both things. If a player clears the club has 30 days to assign or they have to go on waivers again if the club wants to assign them to the AHL.

    Kennedy is not subject to recall waivers but White is.

    It’s a weekday so they will clear or be claimed be 12:00 PM tomorrow. It’s 48 hrs on weekends.

  2. I see no need to keep White, and Kennedy is dime-a-dozen.

    Anyway, Sather said the move was made in case somebody puts an expensive good player on waivers. The Rangers now have a boatload of cap space.

    Hey, how about that Redden guy?

  3. Tank The Season on

    We knew this would happen. Of the 4 forwards fighting for spots, Fedotenko and Stepan made the team, White and Kennedy get cut.

  4. Tank The Season on

    Brooks tweets that a deal for a defenseman is likely in the works.

    PS Shane O’Brien and a minor leaguer traded to Nashville for Ryan Parent and a minor leaguer.

    I think we will be getting Souray, although I want no part of him.

  5. Carp,

    They have 30 days from the day they clear waivers to be demoted before they have to be placed on waivers again.

  6. Carp

    Youse guys indeed. How much time have you spent in Chicago?
    I always thought that the only time I’d heard that routinely from both male and female residents, was in Chicago and the movie versions of NY. I can’t recall hearing it from NYers.

    Why do we keep hearing about Souray? From what I’ve heard of him he’s a walking accident about to happen. I recall him from his Montreal days, but since then …nada.

  7. >>I like Quotes :)

    I don’t care for player quotes. I like Tortorella’s after a losses only.

  8. Fran, in his three years in Edmonton, he’s put up one 20+ goal, 50+ point season. The other two years he was plagued with injuries.

    He still has a blast of a shot. Apparently he has the hardest shot in the league, although it’s not official, it’s harder than Chara’s. His D sucks, and he’s becoming the Forsberg of D-men. In other words, he’s an upgrade over Blowzy.

  9. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Papa Drury – also a dime-a-dozen?

    He might disagree with that, unless of course you’re talking about the Wednesday night garlic knot special.

  10. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m gonna disagree with you. I hate Rozsival more than I hate Redden (and slightly less than I hate Drury)… but Souray might actually be a down-grade.

    If Sather is dumb enough to bring in Souray after dumping Redden it is time for him to simply have his job taken away. I don’t care if he works in the basement with a stapler, just get him out of the office and away from the big decisions.

  11. Poor Patrick Rissmiller. He couldn’t even make the Thrashers when they have cap space and have to pay him $1 million no matter where he plays. At least he’s gonna get $3 million for three AHL seasons.

  12. True Fans, I consider them pretty much the same defensively, but offensively, Souray is more willing to shoot, unlike Blowzy. I mentioned it yesterday, the perfect scenario for me would be bringing him in to replace him, and using seven d-men each game. Use him on the PP, like Tampa did for Boyle when he was injured, even though Souray isn’t injured.

    It wont happen, but that would be great. Souray probably wouldn’t go for it. And with only 11 forwards, Torts can sneak Gabby in certain lines to get him away from guys that shadow him.

  13. JB, he’s also great on faceoffs, blocking shots, killing penalties, and planting himself in front of the opposition’s goalie. Also, I don’t think he’s the Captain because of his contract. His leadership will also be a positive influence for our youngsters. Remember, it’s not his fault Sather overpaid. He may not be the prolific scorer we’d like him to be but he does make a difference for this team.

  14. bull dog line on

    I have no problem with putting White and Kennedy on waivers, but what I will have a problem with is when Drury comes back and they send Stepan down.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    I have a feeling that Sather is going to jump at a left handed defenseman on waivers other than Sheldon Souray.

    Souray needs to be on reentry waivers, and even then, not sure he goes for it.

  16. Shane O’Brien was traded Tuesday from the Vancouver Canucks to the Nashville Predators as part of a four-player deal.
    The Predators receive O’Brien and forward Dan Gendur in exchange for defenseman Ryan Parent and forward Jonas Andersson.

  17. OK if that’s the way it is with youse guys, I can handle it…just surprised me a bit, for I thought it was typical Chicago.

    I take it that it’s a sort of colloquial plural of you( as
    opposed to y’all. ) Neat, and there,s a sort of flow to it.

    Unlike the past several years, this opening is going to be very emotional for many Ranger fans…they want to forget the embarrassment of the past several seasons and could be well fired up for the Buffalos. ( I wish they’d call that team the Bisons like of old)…who’s afraid of a sword, particularly when no one is holding it. But a Bison…uh oh, don’t get in the way of them when they get a pack a runnin. I sure hope that they bring their A game with them
    this weekend.

  18. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    But Orr, you’re missing the main point.

    If Souray can’t play defense (he really is a terrible skater these days), and if he’s too oft injured to score on the PP, then what’s the point of having him on the roster/salary-cap besides continuing the fabulous tradition that Sather has started here?

  19. And don’t ask me why I’m in a bit of a lather about the Buffs…I know there’s a lot of good teams in the league, but for some strange reason this team bothers me, and I can’t put my finger on why. Just a bit uneasy about their entire makeup, and how they looked early on. I may be all wet,but it;s something that I can;t seem to shake. I’ll feel a lot better after that first period.

  20. Fran, if the recent past is any indication of the future we don’t have to start worrying until the eleventh game. We usually look like SC champions for the first ten games. Two years ago Stan Fischler predicted we would be lifting The Cup during the first weeks of the that season.

    Still, I’m excited to see how good we can be. True and Blue… let’s go Rangers!

  21. 4: Chris Tamer. I know somebody mentioned that on the previous thread. What they didn’t mention was that it was Tamer’s slapper (wasn’t it?) in warmups that broke Richter’s skull and began the end of his career.

  22. That’s the risk that goes along with it, True Fans. It’s like with Gabby, it was a risk, obviously more of a risk in his case.

    If he gets injured, then no big deal, Sauer gets more time.

    And if it doesn’t work out, we can just send this fugg-face down to Hartford. There’s no stopping Slats from doing that if it’s not working out.

    I’d like it better if he only had one year left on his deal though.

  23. But, what I want wont happen though. I’m positive this guy thinks he can still play the game, and other GM’s probably think so too. I’d only want him for limited playing time, and like I said, most of it on the PP.

    Wishful thinking though.

  24. it just bugs me to see them giving a damn journeyman the #1 center spot over a kid who is the team’s present and future at center. let EC play between Avery and Fedo. EC is a journeyman forward, NOT a #1 center.

  25. Kevin Hatcher, who made some of the worst plays in the history of Rangers defensemen when he was here, and the worst of his over-rated career.

  26. Keep going, Doodie, let’s get them all out of our memories..

    ORR- I think Stepan and EC will rotate between the 1st and 3rd. Most likely even during the same game.

  27. Orr, read the Ranger rants by Gross. here is part of his column from today—

    Both Kennedy and Whites have been skating as extras as Tortorella apparently has settled on some lines to start the season. For sure, Tortorella said Erik Christensen would start the season between Marian Gaborik and Alex Frolov:
    Avery-Stepan-Fedotenko (though Avery and Fedotenko switched wings for some drills today)


    that is what set me off.

  28. I think they should assign a different number to MDZ, and retire this one. The list is really painful.

    That was a smart move to put those two no waivers. Neither of them was going to play for the team. After 12 noon tomorrow, both salaries can come off the cap right away over the next 30 days, if need to. Don’t overthink the moves, it doesn’t mean something is imminent.

  29. that is no misquote. those are the lines that were on the ice in practice.

    I agree with you, but Torts doesn’t

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, what has Dubinsky done in the preseason to warrant a spot on the team? Or Drury or Prospal for that matter (aka no preseasons)?

    EC showed he can play with Gaborik on the top line last season, certainly well enough that Gaborik can score 40 goals and 80 points.

    It’s probably better they let Stepan get his feet a little wet in actual NHL games that matter because his two-way game still needs A LOT of work. Totally lost when tracking back/in the defensive zone. I know plus/minus is a BS stat, but I think looking at it generally, the guy scored 5 points but was still a -4. That’s saying something.

  31. you mean he got a minus because Staal did not pick up Staal’s man.

    seems to me he scored a shorthanded goal mostly on his own great effort. he outfought an opponent for the puck in his own zone at the point, mad a great backhand saucer pass to his teammate, then outhustled the dmen to get in position for a rebound goal off the goalie save. a great play and goal shorthanded.

  32. I wouldn’t worry too much about the current lines configurations. I think we forget we are dealing with Torts. Those lines will be as stable as Dow Jones has been over the last couple of months.

  33. Christensen will produce… He didn’t look ‘lost’… and how does anyone know what he’s doing ‘in camp’ other than what you’ve seen from a few preseason games?

    Orr do you need some milk and cookies or something?…


  34. yeah, that’s brilliant. IF he is supposedly still learning the defensive part of the game, then wth are they doing putting him on the CHECKING line? instead of the SCORING line , where he should be

  35. I agree with ilb that the lines will change often. but it seems that torts likes to stir things up just for the sake of it. he is just like Avery, except in the coaching business

  36. Checking lines aren’t what they used to be anymore… and if the Rangers have one it’s definitely the line that has Boyle, Prust and Boogard… Not a line that has Avery and Fedotenko on either side of Stepan…

    It actually looks on paper that the Rangers have three lines that could score goals going into the season!


  37. it is not the scoring line. no, you would just have to term it the third line, or the Torts mix-and-match combo

  38. All lines ‘should’ be scoring lines… that’s the point of the game…

    Needless to say though, Stepan playing with Avery and Fedotenko is not a move to bolster his defensive game. He would need to work on his defense whether he was on the first line, second line or third. That line is going to be put on the ice to score goals… period!


  39. 4generations 4 cups on

    Why is everyone so against Souray? Would you rather have somebody that can shoot the puck on the point, really honestly has something to prove and was RECENTLY a guy that scored 19 on the PP from the point? I think Orr is the most correct in saying that if blowszival can go and Souray can take his place, why not? Screw Rozsival. He’s burdened us ever since he signed the contract we ridiculously gave him. Other people (for some reason) around the league seem to like him a lot, why not waive him and put him on re-entry so we can get a better suitor for a pick up than his 5.5 (i think) million dollar contract. I’d take Souray shooting the puck and standing there playing no defense than rozi any day..

  40. 4generations 4 cups on

    BTW, 3rd line is usually called the checking line, its just the hockey parlance.

  41. because the choice won’t come down to Souray for Rosival. it will end up with both of them on the rangers. no thanks.

  42. Also, Souray at half price is less than Blowzy at full, and they both have two years!

    Doodie, C’mon, Gabby can score 40 goals with Tommy Lee as his centerman using his pecker as a stick. Doesn’t mean Tommy Lee will contribute. But, it does mean that Tommy Lee will look like Barney the Dinosaur on parts of his body.

    And don’t get me started on Dublowsky and Dreary. They’re both on my sh*t list.

    Will, last season was proof enough, he was inconsistent, which is the way he has always been. He shouldn’t get the spot. Step-On looked much better than Pee Wee. He should at least start there.

  43. Good evening all! ORR, um, ahem….:)

    before we start (oh wait, to0 late) debating lines for a season that hasn’t started yet, is it just me, or have things actually been getting done in a – dare I say – intelligent way since July and through pre-season? Kinda makes one hopeful. Or scared…..
    LGR into May!!!!!

  44. I think people also forget that Souray, on top of his shot, is a big, strong SOB who can also drop the gloves very well. Exactly what we don’t have on our defense. I’m aware that he has been shying away a bit from that stuff lately, but it’s still better than we have at the moment. I’d take him in exchange for Rozsival in a heartbeat. If we have to give up someone else in addition- totally different story.

  45. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Wow, almost time for Tortellini breath to go.

    I think I have had enough… EC has been atrocious (when compared with Stepan) and only slightly better than that in the context of playing with the top line. EC has looked more like the AHL kid while Stepan has looked like a seasoned vet playing those top line minutes.

  46. ORR- if he goes into rotation, he will be on the ice more often than Boogart.

    Does anyone remember how he broke Tomas Kloucek’s nose?

    Btw, Sharik means baloon in Russian. And it’s also a very commonly used name for a dog in Russia.

  47. Gross(i think) reported that Prust was giving MDZ and AA fighting lessons today at practice.hmm.

  48. there are 2 things that hockey insiders say that young players forwards need to have. they need to be in the top 6, and they need to be put in a position to succeed

    you gotta wonder about torts because he is breaking both of those guidelines

  49. #4 Robin Ventura on

    Noah-tenko, lol Chris Higgins old number! I am sure Stepan will restore all regalness to it!

  50. CARP – Late to the party, but regarding your last entry, I prefer to read what you write rather than listening. It is sometimes good to hear from certain players – who can be entertaining – like Prospal, Avery, Boyle – and don’t always give the same canned answers. Maybe you could throw in an audio once in a while – say like from Avery after a Devils game or something?

  51. this is what happened to AA. he was put on lower lines all the time, and his development was delayed by it. I fear the same thing is being done to Stepan, but it would make sense if they had a topnotch #1 center keeping him from that spot, but they don’t, they gave the job to a team to team travelin journeyman. makes no sense.

  52. also, if I remember correctly, gaborik did not do as well after the olympics as he did before them. and wasn’t it EC who was his center during the end of the season when he was at his lowest production?

  53. Mama, I never said Russians name their children Sharik. The rest is a long story. With a glass of NZ Sauvignon Blanc.

    I think most of us agree that EC has skills, quick hands and a wicked wrist shot. He is very inconsistent. And I believe it comes from his lack of confidence. I think it’s a function of his personality and the fact that he’s been moved from team to team and placed on waivers. Who knows, maybe him having a steady, 2 year contract, will boost his confidence and make him more consistent. We can only hope. ‘Cause he can clearly play.

  54. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Ilb… if that’s the case, why hasn’t he shown any of that production and “consistency” in the pre-season?

  55. I like that Stepan is not starting out on the top line. It is hard enough to be successful as a rookie in the NHL without consistently playing against top offensive lines or shutdown lines. Let him get his feet wet..its a long season. He still needs to get actual games under his belt. When he merits moving him up..they will. I would be more concerned if he was playing well, and not getting PP time. We actually have some nice depth, and as William said the ability to score from three lines potentially. This will be a team that will be successful if they find unity..which i think they will as they will be inspired by their own energetic play.

  56. Again, with his confidence, he wasn’t sure he would make the big team….Similar unstable situation.

    Hey, I’m trying to put a positive spin here. He is on our team, let’s give him a chance. You can’t deny, he has skills.

  57. Laurel,
    Sharik also mean diminutive of ball(small ball)exactly like if you call your little dog a hairball.

  58. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    He definitely has skills… I distinctly remember a goal where he went through 3 or 4 devils, through the slot, and had Marty so confused as to what was going on that EC had the left half of the night from about 10″ off the ice to the cross-bar wide open… and he finished it.

    But I only remember one play like that.
    I appreciate your optimism, but I think that spot should be Stepan’s.

  59. True Fans- how about the last shootout goal he scored?

    Stepan will definitely get the first lines duties, rather sooner than later. I mentioned before, I believe he and EC will rotate 1st and 3rd line duties, perhaps even on sift-to-shift basis (knowing Torts, lol)

  60. Maybe Torts is just testing Step-On out. He wants to see how he’ll playing with average players.

    I was pissed aboot it, but I’m over it. The truth is, if Step-On deserves it, he’ll prove it by outplaying him on the 3rd line, and then he’ll replace him on the 1st line.

    Then we can all be happy! Unless EC replaces Artie on the second line! Then it’s open season.

  61. losing by one pt last season should be the warning that a point in Oct is just as vital as one in March. so why experiment with a guy who they KNOW is not a #1 center. this guy had chances playing with top players in Pitts, etc and never did squat

  62. ilb, agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of EC. He does have skills and putting his strengths with two players that compliment what he can do puts him in a position to succeed. Torts must see something in the kid to have him centering one proven big gun and another we hope to be our second leading scorer. It’s way too early to be writing this kid off.

  63. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “It’s way too early to be writing this kid off.”

    Are we talking about the same “kid?”
    I’m talking about a guy who has already had 49 ‘chances’/games playing as a NYR. I’m also talking about a guy who has had 275 chances in the NHL.

    …who are YOU talking about?

  64. 4ever, oy, that’s funny! but another example of how foreign words don’t always translate well into English.

    ilb, I look forward to hearing the long story sometime with a glass of NZ Sauvignon Blanc. :) good memory! but with the weather now, it’s pinot noir time :)

    you and Mrs. ilb showing up on the 15th I hope!

  65. yeah, that post seems more appropriate to Stepan than to Christensen. it is Stepan who is being written off, and HE is the kid, NOT Christensen, who is a veteran journeyman, not a kid, who has failed is Pitt, Atl and Ana already.

  66. I would have been on board with trading for Souray last year if Rozi or Redden were going the other way but not now. Not after seeing what DZ can do and glimpses of what they might have in McD and/or V-Tenk.

    My first issue with Souray is that the Oilers didn’t even let him attend camp, so perhaps he’s been working out on his own but that’s hardly going to put him into game shape. And for a player that’s missed about 50 games in 2 of the 3 years he’s been in EDM who’s almost 35, conditioning is a legitimate concern.
    Furthermore, he’s on the books for another year after this. The Rangers don’t exactly have a lot of big contracts coming off the books after this year, I think Frolov has the highest cap hit out of anyone due to become a FA. Callahan and Dubinsky (if he’s still around, I think he will be but I can see him getting traded) will require another raise of at least a million each. Also, having Souray for an extra year would mean next year they’ll come into camp with 5 D on the NHL roster leaving room for only one of McDonagh, Valentenko and should he impress enough this year, Gilroy. Furthermore, I think having him man the point on PP will rob Del Zotto (and maybe Gilroy if they let him play that role this year) of gaining experience in that role and especially for Del Zotto they should be looking on expanding his role not decreasing it. The Rangers aren’t a Cup contender so they don’t need a guy that will set back some of their rebuilding process.

  67. True, look at EC’s history. All his ‘chances’ were divided between how many teams? How many teammates, coaches and systems? He’s played with the Penguins, Thrashers and Ducks. As a young 22 year old with the Penguins they shuffled him down to the AHL twice between ’05 and ’07. In two years with the Thrashers he played 10 games in ’07-’08 and 47 games in ’08-’09 before going to the Ducks. With Anaheim he played 17 games in ’08-’09 and then 9 games last year before coming to the Rangers. Each time he was moved in mid season. Not exactly a recipe for success.

    All he might need is a team to put him in the right situation long enough so he can feel confident to unpack his bags. I’ll assume you realize how important confidence is to being successful in this league. Once he starts feeling like he belongs somewhere I think we’ll see a better player than many give him credit for. He deserves a chance to show what he can do.

  68. thanks Carp for mentioning about the waiver draft
    i recall that being another interesting time, like the trade deadline day.

    was that something that got tossed by the new CBA or…?

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