Nice donation by Staal, Rangers & Bauer


Got this from NYR:


New York Rangers to Contribute Additional Funds to Round Out $15,000 Donation

New York, October 5, 2010 –In partnership with Bauer Hockey, New York Rangers Defenseman Marc Staal will be donating $10,000 worth of brand new hockey equipment to local youth hockey programs in New York. On Wednesday October 6th at 2PM, Staal will be joined by representatives and youth hockey players from three community rink partners: Murray Skating Center (Yonkers,NY) Ice Time Sports Complex (Newburgh,NY) and McCann Ice Arena (Poughkeepsie,NY), who will all be on hand to receive the generous Bauer equipment donations that they will take home with them that day.  The NYSAHA will also be granted an equipment supply for use in regional events and to supplement the existing equipment supply.

The New York Rangers have also donated a $5,000 contribution, which will enable each organization involved to walk away with $3,750 worth of equipment to use towards their respective youth hockey programs.


I believe we will have our Q&A with Sam Rosen tomorrow morning.

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  1. great gesture by Staal and Bauer, and nice of the organEYEzation to chip in $5000.

    i’m using all lower case because the capital letter might be hard for some to read, and the lower case looks more friendly. And yes, someone did offer me $27.6 million dollars for it!

  2. I expect Staal to be named to the All Star Team this year…

    or whatever year this is for all star games, or country teams, or whatever…you know what I mean!

    Mark me words, fellow Rangerrabids. Mark em well.


  3. HA! True, you bastage!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is one big reason why I love this team. Hey Carp, I know others have come before, but let’s call it the Gravey Standard….cause he sure did, and continues to, set it.

  4. Fair enough I did think he would be Team Canada last year and he didn’t move forwared ENOUGH for this honor, but this is his break out year.

    He is an All Star and a true blue Ranger.

    He will be here for many years.

    He is a future captain.

    He will, before his 30th birthday, raise the Stanely Cup in the Garden for the New York Rangers.

    SeamusORiley, 5 October, 2010

    Mark his words carefully and remind him often.

    We are a young and up and coming team.

    The devils are no longer the prototypical two way, responsible, defense first, team first, type of organization.

    Now, the koolaid says “every man for himself; get what you can, others be damned!” and Kovalchuck will end up being a source of division in the lockerroom. NJ is NOT used to selfish narcissistic players. They have epitomized team work, responsibility, and sacrifice….not exactly Kovalchuck’s forte.

    Mark himself words and mark them well.

    It is going to be a fun year for us and our future is bright…just say no to Souray and old mercenarys who cash more checks than they throw. Kamensky no more.

  5. Carp’ed, Repost:

    I would have been on board with trading for Souray last year if Rozi or Redden were going the other way but not now. Not after seeing what DZ can do and glimpses of what they might have in McD and/or V-Tenk.
    My first issue with Souray is that the Oilers didn’t even let him attend camp, so perhaps he’s been working out on his own but that’s hardly going to put him into game shape. And for a player that’s missed about 50 games in 2 of the 3 years he’s been in EDM who’s almost 35, conditioning is a legitimate concern.
    Furthermore, he’s on the books for another year after this. The Rangers don’t exactly have a lot of big contracts coming off the books after this year, I think Frolov has the highest cap hit out of anyone due to become a FA. Callahan and Dubinsky (if he’s still around, I think he will be but I can see him getting traded) will require another raise of at least a million each. Also, having Souray for an extra year would mean next year they’ll come into camp with 5 D on the NHL roster leaving room for only one of McDonagh, Valentenko and should he impress enough this year, Gilroy. Furthermore, I think having him man the point on PP will rob Del Zotto (and maybe Gilroy if they let him play that role this year) of gaining experience in that role and especially for Del Zotto they should be looking on expanding his role not decreasing it. The Rangers aren’t a Cup contender so they don’t need a guy that will set back some of their rebuilding process.

  6. Seamus, I am a huge Staal fan but unless Lundqvist and/or Gaborik get injured I doubt Staal is named on the team. Theres only so many roster spots for the team and those two provide some name recognition along with giving the East either a top notch goalie or an offensive force in a game where the defense is more laissez-faire than in a real game.

  7. Also with regards to the Stepan discussion, I have no problem with him going on the 3rd line to start out. It’s important to remember that he’s played only a handful of games, almost all in the pre-season against greater competition than he saw at Wisconsin or in the WJC. Moving Christensen to the first line isn’t about rewarding Christensen so much as protecting Stepan against being overmatched when the games count. He’ll still face better competition than he ever has before and hopefully he proves himself worthy of being in the NHL at an appropriate level. Very few kids can walk into an NHL job fresh off making the jump from NCAA/juniors and play at an adequate level particularly when facing the best each team has to offer.

  8. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    I wonder if that was Redden’s equipment they donated! Throw in Drury’s as well!
    I’m surprised Ice Hockey in Harlem didn’t get a look.

  9. I wish Sam Rosen still seemed capable of giving an honest answer. Sadly, the days of MSG employees having open perspective seem long gone. Maybe he can comment on Sepan’s pre-season and how he compares to any Ranger rookies over his long tenure with the network?

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    “Fuggin EC! I hope he rots on the first line. I’m not rooting for him at all. I don’t like Dublowsky, and I hope he does well, but EC? No! Hope he does horrible, and goes to the AHL!”

    Dude, you are retarded. You would rather EC fail so they can put Stepan on the top line than hope that EC succeeds and we have a great first line? Do you ever think before you speak?

    They aren’t starting Stepan on the top line because there’s a lot more pressure there than there is elsewhere.

    There’s also an endurance question. He’s coming from college where he played 40 and 41 games in his 2 seasons, respectively. Forget just the adjustment from the more intense practicing schedule and 82 game season. There’s also the issue of how Torts rolls his lines. He wouldn’t make it through a whole season (82 games) playing Torts-style top line minutes (20+ a game). Let him build up to this kind of stuff.

  11. Exactly Doodie, Stepan will be facing world class D if he’s paired with Gaborik and Frolov. At this point in his career he’s not ready to face Pronger or Volchenkov or Chara and the like.

  12. Carped! Reposting…

    True, look at EC’s history. All his ‘chances’ were divided between how many teams? How many teammates, coaches and systems? He’s played with the Penguins, Thrashers and Ducks. As a young 22 year old with the Penguins they shuffled him down to the AHL twice between ‘05 and ‘07. In two years with the Thrashers he played 10 games in ‘07-’08 and 47 games in ‘08-’09 before going to the Ducks. With Anaheim he played 17 games in ‘08-’09 and then 9 games last year before coming to the Rangers. Each time he was moved in mid season. Not exactly a recipe for success.

    All he might need is a team to put him in the right situation long enough so he can feel confident to unpack his bags. I’ll assume you realize how important confidence is to being successful in this league. Once he starts feeling like he belongs somewhere I think we’ll see a better player than many give him credit for. He deserves a chance to show what he can do.

  13. For all the negative things said about Pizza-Boy and Fankist …

    Our Lineup looks WEAK without them

  14. Doodie, learn to read! I said I’m over it, and I don’t care and I agree with it, because I expect Step-On to take the spot from him.

    That being said, I do want EC to fail, I don’t like that guy after what he did this summer. Ungrateful loser is what he is.

  15. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    reitz, damn I forgot reitz. That guy could hit. Really liked him!

  16. I agree with Stepan being on the third line to start – remember last year’s rookies being exhausted by the schedule, and Torts likes to give his top lines a ton of minutes…don’t want the kid burnt out or discouraged by facing the top Ds either. He’ll be on the top line as soon as EC makes a mistake anyway.

    As far as EC goes, he had some chemistry with Gabby for part of the season. Also remember being stunned when he told the media that Sather suggested he buy himself an ego…maybe he will get better with the confidence that comes from playing with the top line. If he stinks he’ll be replaced one way or another.

  17. Lol, c’mon!! A half dead Chihuahua would have chemistry with Gabby. There are guys that just make you look good no matter who you are, but it doesn’t mean they are good enough to put the puck in the net.

    I really wish Torts gave Artie a shot on the top line in pre-season, just out of curiosity.

  18. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Please hilight, capitalize, bold, 72-pt font that previous post. Thank you! And, yes, most of us would concur.

    I agree with the importance of “confidence,” but when a player needs more than 50 games to develop said “confidence,” then we are talking about a guy who is too easily rattled to be a reliable first line player anyway.

  19. Just curious, anyone think Dubi should be up there centering like he did with Jags, instead of on wing?

  20. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I’d rather see brad richards centre the first line over anyone we currently have!!

  21. Nah I think Dubi’s offensive game is best suited to playing the wing. He’s got the size to play along the boards and he’s not really a top notch passer. He can carry and protect the puck pretty well but I think the added responsibilities of playing slot to slot as a center hamper his offensive ability.

  22. Orr – That’s true about Gabby making others look better, was probably the case with Jagr/Dubi as well but you’ve got to have someone who can keep up with Gabby and there is still something to be said for chemistry. Would like to see AA on the top line too, but being that he was most comfortable on the 4th line last year and that he got hit with his head down so often maybe facing the top D isn’t good for him yet…hopefully he’ll be ready this season.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I think the lineup would be better with them if they were put in the right spot. You’re telling me moving Drury down to the 4th line instead of either Boyle or Boogaard isn’t an improvement? Or what about making them Stepan’s wingers instead of Avery and Fedotenko and moving those two to the 4th line?

  24. I doubt Richards becomes available any time before the deadline unless the Stars are really tanking I think they view him as vital to developing James Neal and Jamie Benn.

  25. CT – You’re probably right about Dubi, but like you said he can carry and protect – that long pass won’t work all the time. Not a huge Dubi fan either way, but I’d like to see a bit more strength on 1st line – maybe Frolov takes care of that this season though.

  26. Gotcha Wicky. How about Keith Richards over say Drury. You probably give up hockey skills (debatable) but he’s probably got some awesome stories to tell. Much better than LLWS stories.

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Interesting rankings on TSN… Crosby, better than Ovechkin? Umm, not on this planet.

    I also like how Dany “Effin” Heatley (ref: Youtube) who is only surpassed in goals by 2 players since the lockout (Ovech, Kovy) and by 2 players in points (Crosby, Ovech) is #36 on the list! He is one of the most under-rated players in the league and, obviously, hated by Canadians with good reason.

  28. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    so can the oilers place souray on waivers again tomorrow? not re-entry, just regular waivers??

  29. Well consider that it’s a Canadian publication and Crosby scored a gold medal winning goal for Canada (who embarassed Russia in the process) and he has the Cup ring and the Pens beat the Caps when it mattered in the playoffs, I can see why they say he’s better. I don’t whole heartedly agree but there’s a few legs to stand on with that ranking.

  30. C’mon Carp …

    Forget about his contract – Drury (Our Captain) as a 4th Line Center and PP/PK specialist is worth more to the Lineup than Boyle and Prospal (our Alternate) and second leading scorer last year makes a better First Line Center than EC.

    They will be missed in the lineup out of the Gate

  31. Yeah, so many Rangers fans loved Betts so much, but Dreary is basically the same player if you take away his contract.

    Can’t love him because he’s making too much, but you can still appreciate what he brings to a team.

    As long as he plays where he’s supposed to play!

  32. True, I’m not saying EC should be playing on any specific line. I think judging him on his past is not an accurate measure of what he could be on this team. There’s also something to be said for everything we don’t know about him. We’re merely spectators while the people inside the organization, largely coaches and scouts, have lots more info to assess a players potential. Given the competitive camp, the fact that he’s still here and the need for this organization to show the team is improving is a recommendation that he can contribute. I don’t know how good he’ll be but he deserves the chance he’s been given before being trashed.

  33. Here’s the lines that some Rangers fan was expecting this Saturday [from July]

    Boyle (hopefully traded for a pick)
    Shelley (hopefully not re-signed because there is no need and no room)

    Del Zotto-Girardi
    Gilroy (hopefully traded for a pick)
    Redden (hopefully in AHL)

    I hope he’s not too disappointed!

  34. henrik lundqvist blog fan on

    Another entry from Henrik Lundqvist Blog that did not make the cut.

    Titled “Crosby’s Diving Pays Off”

  35. got news for you, heave ho. I watched a lot of the pens games, and I saw EC play with all their top guys, including Crosby and malkin. he got more than a fair chance in Pitt, and he failed. and if a weak atl team can’t use him, then who can?

    but he will so-called “succeed” here now because he is apparently one of torts favorite pets, and playing with those 2 scorers will give him points and a plus rating no matter how average he plays

    but then he thinks he’s so good that he held out for more dough. talk about nervy.

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