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When I go to games (and hopefully I’ll be going to quite a few) and do my post-game quotes … I know Jane and Sam would put up audio. I don’t know how to do that, and personally I’d rather read quotes than listen. But that’s just me.

So, my question is, do you prefer written quotes or audio. If I could figure out how to put up the audio, it would probably be easier for me than transcribing … then again, given my tech aptitude, it might be harder. Just asking. Not promising. Thoughts?


I have a 10:30 appointment (no, not Mr. Titleist, darn it). The Rangers practice at 10. The appointment is about 20 minutes from practice. So I don’t think I could possibly get from there to the rink and still catch any of the workout or interviews. But if I can, I will. Just don’t bet on it.

I will get to a practice later in the week for sure.


Four days until the Opener.

4: Lou Gehrig. Robert Gordon Orr. Brett “I’m comin’ back” Favre.

4: Ron Greschner. Kevin Lowe (I cannot emphasize enough what he meant to the Rangers in his brief tenure; and how influential he was in holding it all together when the Devils scored with 7.7 seconds left in Game 7).


We forgot to mention this anniversary yesterday:

I’ll just give you the transaction line. You can figure it out yourselves.

October 4, 1991: Traded to NY Rangers by Edmonton with future considerations (Jeff Beukeboom for David Shaw, November 12, 1991) for Bernie Nicholls, Steven Rice and Louie DeBrusk,

Is it really 19 years ago?

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  1. well a couple audio files of Drury interviews would be a great way to beat insomnia i suppose,otherwise keep typin there Carp!

  2. I’d say whatever is easier for you. And you would be surprised to find out how easy it could be to just put the audio up. Especially if you ask TR to help you.

  3. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I would rather read it, but if its easier for you to post, I will gladly listen.

  4. Carp,

    Audio would be awesome. I like to hear the urgency in torts voice and the lack there of in CAPTAIN DRURYs voice….4 days to go, lots of beer for the first three games, a saturday, a holiday monday and then the friday opener!! LETS GO RANGERS U GOTTA BELIEVE

  5. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    I’m with Chopper on typewritten vs audio.

    My Carp’d lines:

    Frolov – EC – Gaborik
    Dubinsky – Anisimov – Callahan
    Avery – Stepan – Fedotenko
    Boogaard – Boyle – Prust

    Staal – Girardi
    DZ – Rosival
    TBD – Gilroy

  6. For those who don’t want to wade through another boring article, this is the last line: “I’m sure we’ll look at who’s being waived out this week, like every team will.”

    Sounds like Torts is planning on going dumpster diving…

    Joekuh – I gotta ask…Why EC on first line? I’m trying to get that answer out of everyone who lists this worthless hack on their first line.

    Personally, I think the team would be better off skating Boogaard in center. At least then Frolov and Gaborik will know they have no help there.

    Carp – I don’t think I’ve ever listened to one of those audio clips. At least when you transcribe, you get ride of all the ‘umms’ ‘likes’ and ‘uhhs’ from player interviews. But if it were between nothing at all and audio, I’d say upload ’em. It’s all about the time you have.

  7. I’d prefer the quotes hand delivered by Chris Drury with a fresh, hot pizza. If that’s not possible then written is fine.

  8. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    I have EC on the 1st line because I think Torts will try the vet 1st to start the season Phil.

  9. carp

    i believe youse guys were using “1 bit audio player” for wordpress. its a very simple plugin and im sure would take you no time to get used to.

    i dont mind reading if you couldnt figure out how to do the audio.

  10. hey Carp the next time you see Jane will you tell her we miss her sweet, soothing voice?

    i prefer both.

    from what i remember what Jane did was when she’d interview players she’d link the audio and the rest she’d write out. i liked that format. you can really feel how geniune everything is by hearing it.

  11. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Is there any chance for video? I get a kick out of the show some of them put on for the camera.

  12. Sam used to put up funny audio, like Jagr mocking Avery, and Shanahan being amusing. That was fun.

  13. my brilliant\insane idea overnight – tell me I’m nuts.
    1st line C at even-strength s/b DEL ZOTTO ! a la Red Kelly\Ron Greschner.
    Our most talented lineup. Cut loose White and EC.
    McDonagh or Valenko can backfill on D.
    On 1st PP, DZ at point, Stepan moves betw Gabi and FroLo

  14. #4 Arnie Brown – One of the 4 D men who played in front of Giacomin in the late 60’s during the Emile Francis resurecction of the team.

    Carp – The transcription is fine if that’s what you are most comfortable with. There is something to be said for old time journalism and we can always go to the Rangers website for the pos game presser by Torts and some other comments.

  15. Written please. I tend not to listen to audio or to watch embedded video, especially not at work.

  16. Carp, makes no difference to me. If you can learn the tech side of putting up audio more knowledge, less work for you.
    When you say quotes is that other than the post game stuff that I usually watch or quotes you get in addition to that?.

  17. Writing is more efficient. Video or quotes someone has to listen to the whole thing to find what he or she wants. Prose can be scanned.

  18. Gravey (Formerly known as jor71) on

    Carp, ultimately it is up to you in which way you feel more comfortable. I prefer audio, as you can sense the actual emotion of the person being interviewed.

    But, I would be happy with either way.

    Bobby Orr
    Jean Beliveau
    Red Kelly
    Bill Gadsby
    Scott Stevens
    Vincent Lecavalier

  19. I like the flexibility that the printed word gives, you can always go back and review the wordage for reference, but once a word is spoken, it’s in the wind.

  20. Where does all this animus for EC come from? Amazing. The guy has done as well as several others and better than many for his brief tour of duty here, and his particular skills
    are not insignificant, but he sure takes a pasting here.
    Admittedly he’s not the second coming of Jean Ratelle, or
    Bones Raleigh, but cheeshe…give the guy a break and at
    least a little time to reclaim his dignity.

  21. “Cut loose White and EC.”

    And why would we cut loose EC? LOL he’s our #1 center for the time being–that’s how badly we need centers. And he did an alright job last year.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, I prefer transcribed quotes over audio, but if you find out the audio is easier for you, I am not that picky.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    If video is in the discussion (whichit’s not, you’re a newspaper blog), I’d rank video>text>audio.

  24. Carp, first some appreciation just for asking the question. In addition to your worthwhile comments the interaction you foster here is what makes this site a real community. Thanks again.

    There are times that hearing what someone says adds a quality that isn’t communicated by the written word. In those circumstances audio clips would be appropriate and appreciated. Once someone shows you how to do it you’ll find it much easier than you imagine. Go for it! I’m sure you only need ask once to find plenty of help here if you can’t get it from an IT tech at work.

  25. Fran, agree on backing off the negativity towards EC. Let’s give the kid a chance before we tar and feather him. If the MSG crowd would throw a little love his way I believe he would respond in a significant way. I also think he could be very effective on the PP with his stick handling skills and more open ice.

    There’s plenty of time to roast him if he turns into a pumpkin.

  26. Mine too, Tony. I was a big time Dodger fan and always looked forward to his Bedford Avenue blasts. For those who don’t know, Ebbets Field had a right field version of the Green Monster and the Duke was known to clear it on a regular basis.

  27. I prefer written just because I am usually at work when I read all this stuff and that is easier for me to keep up with your entries.

  28. Carp, thanks for asking. Having listened to 30+ years of hockey player interviews, I’ll take the written word. As much as I like hockey & hockey players more than any other major sport, they are the worst “interviewees!” Thanks for asking though!

  29. Crystal Water Triple on

    Thanks to those who remember Duke Snider, #4. Just last week I received a photograph of Duke with my uncle, who is a fellow neighbor of Duke’s in Falbrook, CA. Also got a personalized autograph to me from Duke in that mailer.

    Duke is now living in a retirement home in Fallbrook, but I must say, he looks quite well, highly recognizable and still distinguished and handsome in the picture I now have of him with my uncle. My uncle and Duke have the same birthday, Sept. 19th, Duke born in 1927, uncle Joe in 1924, so Duke recently turned 83.

  30. Crystal Water Triple on

    Anyone who thinks hockey players are the worst interviewees, hasn’t heard a “you know” NBA interview. Once I counted 19 “You know’s” by an NBA player in ONE minute. lol.

  31. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    well, iLB got both brad brown (loved that guy) and tamer (strudwick before strudwick, total team first guy).

    the line of simon mess barnaby was one of my favorite lines ever!!!

    the audio is fun sometimes (unless you are posting it), but I’m good either way. Whatever works for the blogfather works for me!!

    No way should step centre the first line at this point. He is right where he belongs on the 3rd line with aves and feds!

    EC??? like I said before he plays his best (whatever that may be) on the first with gabby, the rest of the time he is well, not very good. If prospal goes on IR for extended time, a move for a first line centre would not shock me!

  32. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    There are a few less rangers to BOO at this year coming out of the gates. Last year it was very easy to Boo at least 3 on opening day or soon after. IMO EC never deserved high praise, but he also never earned the carcillo he seems to get. I feel very similar towards CPT Clutch. I dont believe that it is my responsibility to pat them on the back for their averageness, but it is also not my job to berate them into changing their performance. Players play and managers manage. I have more resentment for Sather and Dolan than anyone that can actually wear their sweater. Yes I will bitch and moan along with everyone else, but i think that is more of a means to vent some frustration for not having the all star team take the ice EVERY NIGHT. I am happy to support a team that has a history of struggling, reaching and most times failing. It makes the good times even better and the great times worth reliving with friends bound together with a common love. LGR!

  33. Crystal Water Triple on

    Let’s give Arnie Brown his due, WORST D in Rangers history until Wade Redden came along and made him look like Brad Park, by comparison. Regrettably, much of the major gain Muzz Patrick made in acquiring Rod Seiling and Bob Nevin for Andy Bathgate near the end of Andy’s productivity as a star in the league, was given back by accepting Brown as a throw-in on the deal, and giving Brown several years of ineptitude work as a regular. And Emile protecting Brown in the expansion draft of 1967, and letting Bob Plager go, was a freakin’ joke. Brown was small, was always getting pushed around in front of the net, and was a poor up ice rushing D. He was a major liability at a time when the team was really coming together as a Cup contender, in all other areas. You cannot have a sieve on defense and expect to win the Cup, period.

  34. on the audio or non i like to read the good quotes instead of having to listen to the whole

    any chance rosi can be traded prior to sat

  35. Quick trivia:

    Who is the first professional hockey player ever from New York City’s Staten Island to play for the local NHL New York Rangers?

    Don’t look it up! :P

  36. Hey Carp, I rarely post but am a loyal follower and I like the current format. I’d rather read the quotes than listen to them. The only way I want audio is if Torts has a real good post game blow up.

  37. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    I think someone will pick up Kennedy. White’s definitely going to Hartford.

  38. Carp, whatever is easy for you as far as the interviews go…
    Kinda surprised Kennedy was put on waivers…
    White not so much…how is this guy getting paid over 2 million a season?

  39. Given that Torts changed lines so often last year that no one had a real opportunity to develop any chemistry, I’m not sure we have a clear idea of how good (or bad) some players could be. That’s one big reason I’m reserving judgment on a player like EC. With this year’s camp showing hopeful improvement in many areas, let’s hope lines are kept intact for a while.

  40. Good waiver claim by the Islanders to pick up Michael Grabner. Not really sure why the Panthers put him on waivers in the first place.

    Todd White was an expected move, just to get him off the roster. This doesn’t necessarily mean a move will be made, but I’m sure Sather would love to use the extra space. It will be interesting to see if Eminger or Sauer goes the other way if it is a trade for a defenseman, maybe even Rozsival. :)

  41. I’m also surprised Kennedy is on waivers. He would be a solid 13th forward at a cheap price. Rangers signed him late, so maybe nobody will claim him. Brooks seems to think he might get claimed. Maybe this is just in case a trade is made, these players can be cut immediately.

  42. RangersSteven on

    No problem with waiving White, but upset about Kennedy. Good little player and not at a huge cost. I would expect the Rangers pick up Souray or someone else in the next few days. Why else expose Kennedy as well? Hard to believe they could not get anything for Kennedy – even a 7th round pick!

  43. You’re right about Souray and waivers. It’s just that I don’t trust this idiot running the team! Years of watching him do the same thing over and over makes you leery. I’m crossing my fingers he doesn’t do it.

  44. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I dont think players need a long period of time together to develop chemistry as line mates. I think that a longer period of time together alows them to be on the same page as their line mates. Habits, traits and routines are developed over time. Finding their niche within a line seems to develop over time. Maybe I am saying the same thing, but it has always seemed to me that chemistry cant be tought or developed. If a line clicks or flows, they will do that rather soon after their first shift. Chemistry is either there or it isnt.

  45. I think Slats more of less has learned his lesson. I mean, how many bad contracts does it take to get it through his head?

    He’s been lucky with a lot of them. Mainly that Blowmez deal. I mean, McDonut and V-Tank for Blowmez and a borderline 3rd liner? Awesome! Prust for Kotalgeek and Piggins was pretty awesome too.

  46. Bubblehead, I agree that chemistry can’t be taught. However, the game is played at such a fast pace requiring instinct and instantaneous reactions that constantly changing partners results in hesitation and poor decisions. Torts needs to make up his mind on line combos and stick with them to give them time to gel.

  47. i live in los angeles. cam fowler is making the opening night lineup for the ducks. sbisa and fowler will be on the revamped d line………….

    kennedy looked good to me, he can play different roles. more talent on the team then previous years………

  48. From Andrew Gross blog Ranger Rants:

    “But coach John Tortorella says they’re not being sent to Hartford (AHL) and he expects them to be on ice tomorrow. Meanwhile, the indications are, despite evidence to the contrary, the Rangers don’t have a deal in place to be completed today.”

    So, they aren’t going to Hartford, they are expected to practice and a trade is not in the works. Hmmmmmm.

  49. I like reading quotes and I like listening to certain interviews depending on the subject.

    I think it’s good to listen to the comments sometimes after a big game or a big ‘happening’ in the organization because it gives a better context for what the player or team personnel is trying to convey in their answers.

    Either way Carp… all good!


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