The preseason ends


And now they move on to the real stuff … a week of work and rest, and then the season begins.

Was it just me, or was the preseason pretty entertaining for the Rangers? Maybe it was because they scored (and allowed) a ton of goals. Maybe that was it.

But I think, perhaps, it has to do with the fact that the Rangers sure looked different. They looked fresh and new, and that’s probably because there was no Redden, no Drury, almost no Rozsival, no Prospal. I’m not saying they’re better without those guys (though they are better off not having all of them, if you know what I mean).

I just think that having so much new blood on the ice, so many kids with energy, some speed, some skill, made the games better to watch. The Rangers forechecked better. They close gaps in the neutral zone better. They killed penalties wonderfully. They were far more physical. They took no crap from anybody.

You know?

It might have been a peek into what life would be like if the Rangers really did rebuild … now that they have some real prospects in the organizations. And it sure makes you wonder how much better this team will be if they keep some of those young, new players around after today and throughout the season.


No word on cuts yet. Will post when we get them, if we get them today.


Six days until Opening Night in Buffalo.

6: Mickey Mantle (that’s right, Mickey Mantle).

6: Bill Russell, Roy White, Clete Boyer, Joe Torre.

6: Doug Lidster. Bill Baker?

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  1. many good young players. not many difference makers but good young players…

    this team will make the playoffs….

  2. #6 – GLEN SATHER

    #6 – ’88-’89 3 guys wore 6 – Hammond, Kennedy, Horava.
    An article in Hockey News about journeymen come-and-go players pictured one of them in NYR colrs, but named the wrong guy…

  3. Exactly, they are not afraid to go hard to the net. And they are shooting much more, their passing game looks different from last year. And I hope the trend will continue, but every time they’d let one in, next shift they would drive their opponents nuts in the zone, especially the 4th line.

  4. Carp- I can’t agree with you more. Drury,Redden and Rosy not only bring this team down cap wise but also on the ice. They have to find a way to move forward and get rid of the other two stiffs!!

  5. Based on this years mantra,”Contract status won’t earn you playing time”, Drury and Rosival are odd men out.Too bad Sather and Torts don’t have the guts to cut Drury and Blowzy.

  6. My opinion of Dubi has been formed from watching him since he joined the club. He’s been given ample opportunity to show his character and playing ability. His style of play is very similar to Callahan. Callahan has an ‘A’ and continues to play with energy, spirit and passion even in the pre-season. He’s a leader that talks the talk and walks the walk. Dubi? With all the competition and skill in camp, I’d think we would have seen more from him. I’m Dubi-ous.

  7. Grabner on waivers from the Cats, he’s got a reasonable contract and I think could be stashed in Hartford without any restrictions.

  8. The Hague Pimp (formerly Miami Pimp) on

    ilb2001 …

    No disrespect, but he’s in the AHL .. Amateur Hour League, not bush-league

  9. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    no way do they recall him with the chance of someone claiming him and we have to pay half his salary!

  10. CR9 - CristianZoTenko Ronaldagr on

    If we could pick up Grabner and stick him in the AHL, do it.

    You dont pass on Fedotenko. Already 3 teams are interested in him – thanks ilb! You keep a veteran like Ruslan on the roster to help the team and help the young guys, and also to trade at the deadline if we are out of it.

  11. Dubi was on pace for a 52 point season last year (given how he would have produced over 82 games), not bad for player. Say he raises his production to 60 points this year, that’s pretty decent for a 2nd line player. I think most of us were satisfied with Prospal’s year last year and he scored 58 points.

    It’s doubtful he’s going to be a point per game player but I don’t think he was expected to be that type of player when he was drafted.

    Now I suppose the knock on Dubi is that between him and Callahan, Dubi has the higher natural talent, thus Cally has to work harder to achieve the similar results.

    With regards to his holdout last year, I know there’s an emotional aspect of judging players and their commitment to a team vis a vis compensation. It’s a natural tendency for fans. However for the players it’s a business and for someone like Dubi and Cally who most likely won’t get a Kovalchuk type contract for life, I don’t fault them for trying to maximize their payday while they can.

  12. CR9 - CristianZoTenko Ronaldagr on

    Let me put this another way:

    You lose nothing by keeping Ruslan on the roster.

    1.) The young guys will still be young in a few months.

    2.) If our team is in the postseason hunt and Ruslan has been successful, you keep Ruslan

    3.) If our team is NOT in the postseason hunt, you spin Ruslan to another team for a player/draft pick and then bring up the young guys!

  13. some fans could be quite funny…

    i understand that when you don’t like a certain player you’ll do anything to paint positive into negative

    last thread…Dubi “ignored” Weiss in a penalty box?? WHAT? Were any of you in that same box and heard the conversation?? LOL So Dubi looked away…and? Maybe Weiss told Dubi “Hey, look, a UNICORN!” Gotta love “jumping to conclusion” fans.

  14. Is there a single Ranger fan who is eagerly awaiting Drury’s return?


    And he’s the captain.

  15. CR9 - CristianZoTenko Ronaldagr on

    Im eagerly awaiting Drury’s return. I believe he will breakout this year.

    Orr – I see your point. How was Kotalik last preseason?

    And one thing, Ruslan would be on a 1 year deal. Kotalik was on a 3 year deal iirc, and look what we got for him. PRUST!

  16. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I am eagerly awaiting something today from the rangers (I am afraid it is the demotion of vtank though, and I think he has earned a spot).

  17. CR, better yet, how is he this pre-season? He’s scoring in every game, ha!

    He’ll still be average of worse for the Flames.

    And yeah, it’ll be a one year deal, so it’s not a big deal. But, I’d rather see someone else get the spot.

  18. CR9 - CristianZoTenko Ronaldagr on

    But look what we got from Kotalik – on a worse deal than Fedo. We got Prust out of it. We could spin Ruslan to a Stanley Cup contender for something much better – given his favorable contract and veteran leadership.

    I know how we call can get the most out of Dubi’s talent. And it starts with Carp.

    We hook up Dubinsky with Sally, and then Dubinsky will be better than both AO and Crosby!

  19. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    my guess is they trade sauer or obrien or souray is coming in.

    I thought vtank deserved to stay, not so much on mcdonut!

    guess step made it!

  20. Drury HAS to be looking at how good these kids are doing and I hope it lights a fire under his butt to improve his game. His invisibility was obvious last year. He gets paid too much money for that. If he is dead weight he NEEDS to be moved. Unfortunately, it took the Rangers too long to “deal with” Redden, so I’m not expecting much with this team. We can only hope. Drury is a liability right now.

  21. Good for Sauer, but I think one of those two are a victim of the numbers/contracts squeeze. I don’t think Eminger did enough to make the team.

  22. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I think one of them may be traded….not sure, just a guess though!

  23. Sauer maybe because he’s got a very reasonable cap hit and I think he’s just happy to be in the NHL and would gladly take a 6th or 7th D role. He’s not paid well enough to ride the buses in the AHL like Redden.

  24. And by “one of those two”, I meant McD and V-Tenk, not Sauer and Eminger. Sauer I have no problem with, I think he earned a 6/7th slot.

  25. CT, Eminger is and always was the 7th d-man.

    It looks like Sauer is a New York Ranger. Wow, honestly never would have expected that a few months ago. Good for him.

    Who knows, maybe Sauer will be our 7th, and Eminger gets sent down, and we pick up Souray. Ugh!

  26. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I think the fact that sauer and eminger have to pass through waivers made a difference in the decision at this point.

  27. I would support a trade of Eminger to the Fishies just so the Rangers improve their scoring chances 6 times a year and clear up the D slots.

  28. Linda

    a lot of things on TV look a bit odd :)


    You just missed the Unicorn! But I’m telling you…it was there! :)

  29. Yeah Wicky, that’s why I said McD and V-Tenk were victims of the contracts squeeze. There’s waivers and a veteran player limit in HFD that McD and V-tenk don’t count against.

  30. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    the most interesting thing at this point to me is one that brooks brought up on twitter…rangers have almost all right handed shots on D as of right now.

    Are they any left handed shots available…hmmm….isn’t that guy that slats likes from out west somewhere a left handed shot??? now what is his name again???

    torts coached a guy in tampa that is a lefty….kind of a rugged guy…damn what is his name??? Luckily he hasn’t been waived recently or anything….

    Just saying!

  31. Souray has two more years on his deal (incl this one) right?

    The issue is then is not this year but next year when Dubi and Cally will ask for raises and not that many large deals are due to come off the books. Next year if Redden doesnt refuse assignment and void his deal they still have his deal count against the off-season cap. On top of that he’s very injury prone.

  32. Tank The Season on

    Stepan looks like he’s made the team.

    I have a feeling a trade for a defenseman is coming.

  33. Sauer deserves a chance — he’s had good training camps before, but had a lot of injuries — it’s his turn first. McDonough and Valentenko have great potential, but they’re not quite ready. Veteran defenseman can be very important.

  34. It was, Wick. The kid never came back. They were shoving each other, and Cammalleri was throwing a few shots at him, then he followed him and gave him a nice whack. He had to be helped off the ice.

    I’m sure Campbell will let him get away with it. Star players get away with everything.

  35. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Some of these young guys on d better take advantage when they can because slats new fave (pashinin) is eligible for the rangers next season. And mcilrath is another season or two away.

  36. so true C3!

    Glad that Stepan is here to stay. Expected MZA to get sent to the WhalePack, he needs some NA seasoning. Laurel will be ecstatic if Sauer is here. Eminger needs to go somewhere. I’m sure Souray will be here by Wednesday.

  37. I’d like to offer a theory on the Wiese-Dubi penalty box controversy. I too watched the interaction with curiosity, especially since a reliable source (very very close to a number of key Ranger players) told me this summer that the team hated him because he was cocky and arrogant especially towards the vets. But on the second and third time Wiese was talking it actually seemed like he was talking to someone off camera to the left of Dubi, probably the penalty time keeper. That might explain why it seemed Dubi was ignoring him, because Wiese was actually not talking to him. Then again it could have been just as it seemed and Dubi is an even bigger jerk than I was led to believe.

  38. Good afternoon all! Keep Sauer! Yay Step! CT, that link was hysterical. Nasty, I liked your story better when I thought it was true :) will I see you on the 15th?

    mark your calendars all! mama will be at MSG on Oct. 24!!! Whoo hoo! with none other than Mrs. TR, and kinda TR, with warren a definite, obviously…..

  39. wow, listening to a game being called in another language still beats listening to Joe. M :)
    OK, that’s my hat trick. TA!

  40. oh wait, it was CR! ha, I just saw french and assumed wicky…LOL!

    merci beaucoup mon ami…

  41. orr

    big talk from behind the keyboard.
    do you sit up at night and think about me? clearly im on your mind today.

    sad. muy muy sad.

  42. orr

    i stopped reading your one comment cause you wrote “wittle”.
    obviously i need to dumb down my sentences and grammar for you.

    you want to run your mouth and talk shit about me thats fine. dont think for a second i wount defend myself.

  43. Blueshirt in Paris the “jumping to conclusion” fan on

    I’m watching the scene again to see if it looks like he was talking to someone off camera…and that I jumped to a conclusion.

  44. CR, ha, I get what you’re trying to say, but it also comes out kinda not so good :) I’m enormously enormous?? some things don’t always translate well !!!

    énorme can be bien ou mal en francais :)

  45. Orr, no baby involved. You guys are both long timers here and I enjoy reading posts from the both of you. TR has seem MZA play a lot more than most of us outside of Krisy have, so I respect his and krisy’s opinons in regards to what he could bring to the team.

    I think we all expected that it would take MZA some time to adjust to the way the game is played here, and to being in the US. You cannot deny he has some pretty impressive skills, and will soon be exciting the Faithful, once he’s adjusted to the smaller rink and the NA style of play.

  46. CR9 - CristianZoTenko Ronaldagr on


    Je fais des excuses. J’ai voulu dire que vous êtes impressionnant !

  47. Ah. as I said last night, the silly and hockey season has begun. You know what drives me nuts? Stupid insulting fights over people’s perspectives on players, which everyone is entitled to.

    If I got pissy every time someone said something bad about, um, a certain player, I’d do nothing but grow old sniping here. (besides, I have the fact that I’m right on my side, so who cares :)

    move on boys. debate the player, don’t pee on the poster.

  48. You said “wount” so does that mean I should skip your comments too? Hmm?

    Quit being so dramatic TR, what are you eight years old? You can’t handle someone joking around with you. Are you gonna email Carp and tell on me. Cry me a river.

  49. LinZo, the voice of reason as always!

    CR, je sais. pas de probleme.
    btw, are you googling french or can you really speak it ? :) cause mine’s all from the brain buddy!

  50. Blueshirt in Paris the “jumping to conclusion” fan on

    Ok, just watched it again like 10 times (yeah i have nothing better to do)

    And he was certainly talking to Dubi. At first Dubi turns to him and gives a half-assed head shrug..then Weise says something again and Dubi kinda make a motion with his hand.

    He is an asshat, I am sure.

  51. TR, do you need help reading? Do you need one of those futuristic robot reading devices that blind people use?

    I never denied his skill. All I’ve said from the start is that some people need time to adjust to the NA game. Everyone had him on the second line right when his contract was signed. I wasn’t willing to believe in the hype until I’ve seen him in NHL action, not a fuggin Euro league or AHL.

    You’re so protective of MZa, it’s kind of creepy.

  52. CR9 - CristianZoTenko Ronaldagr on

    Mama, Truth, it’s just google. But I am interested in teaching myself Spanish, French and Russian, in that order.

    I always knew you were tremendously tremendous. Is there anything you can’t do?

  53. orr

    you said you only watch nhl games therefore you can not have an opinion on him as a player. same thing with heikkinen last year.

  54. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    If my mum read this blog, she would love it with all the French….Mama and CR, merci!!!!!
    this came off of twitter..

    TSNBobMcKenzie Bob McKenzie
    NYR in market for experienced d-man. Could Torts-Shane O’Brien be reunited? SOB may be claimed by another team. Will find out noon Monday.

  55. Do you have an exact quote where I said “I only watch NHL games”?

    So, let me get this straight, you’re basically saying that only you can talk aboot this guy or that guy, but everyone else can’t? Hahaha! You’re hopeless.

    Move on, it’s over! He’s in Hartford where he belongs, and maybe he’ll be back up if he plays well enough. But, just accept the fact that you, and many others were wrong, and he’s not NHL ready. It’s pretty simple.

  56. HA! I thought so :) did you have to look up my responses :)

    hey, go for it. and I’m sure some folks here can help you with Russian :)

    Lin, OY!
    ORR, when you’re not annoying the whizzle sticks out of me :) I usually enjoy your posts. But let’s decaf this chat shall we?

    So what if TR really likes MZA? Disagree with him if you will, but TR happens to be one of the most informed hockey fans I’ve ever met in my life, and I respect that knowledge.

    I think what i said earlier should be the blog motto. “debate the player, don’t pee on the poster.”

    and TR, come on buddy, why get into the litter box :)

    let’s talk about how great Aves was in camp!!!!

  57. Hey, I didn’t start anything. TR is just acting like a highschool girl.

    Actually, I did start it today, but I was joking around, like we *all* do here. I should have known better, clearly he can’t handle it without getting into hissy-fit mode. Whoops!

  58. CR9 - CristianZoTenko Ronaldagr on

    Mama – Only had to look up a couple of your responses. I know a few French words here and there!

    Like this: gardes forestières de New York

  59. lol @ EddieTenko, good job. We’re just a silly bunch of jibberish/gibberish spouting Rangers fans.

    Prucha, i thought we had an imposter earlier!

  60. I didn’t see any of last night’s game or the incident in question, nor would I claim Dubinsky has been an outstanding player during preseason.

    But if we’re debating whether a player is or isn’t worth his place or is or isn’t an asshat or an arrogant, veteran-disrespecting jerk based on a perceived “half-assed head shake” whatever that is, then I suggest we’re scraping the barrel for reasons to dislike the guy.

    (More of a general point than any dig at BiP alone.)

  61. CR, I don’t even understand what that means in English :)

    LW and BANJ, love your posts!

    ORR, I give up and am stepping out (ha, no step-on pun intended)

    dang, wicky’s gonna kill me….

  62. CR9 - CristianZoTenko Ronaldagr on

    Rangers of New York aka New York Rangers!!!!!!! I googled that one years ago and it’s been one of my favorite phrases!

  63. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    My roommate went to high school with Dubi… the word that I have heard many times describing his former classmate, it is ‘asshat.’
    Well, not exactly ‘asshat,’ but its consistent with that sentiment..

  64. CR9 - CristianZoTenko Ronaldagr on

    Here’s a common french line that describes Laurel perfectly!

    Femme fatale! :)

  65. Mama, it was supposed to read..I have cheese in my skates. if there was a mistake blame Google translator. The attempt to make a funny french sentence, blame me. :)

  66. I’m a former fan of Dubinsky and I think he’s never going to live up to the hype that was once so prevalent about him “…a Captain some day…”. Regardless, he’s on the team (at least for now) and this is a contract year for him. He should be looking to make this a career year for himself so the next contract is a a big payday that’s longer than his current two year deal. The next few months will show us what he’s capable of.

    Regarding Drury, I believe he’s been voted the Player’s Player award twice since arriving here. He must bring alot to that locker room that we’re not privy to. Seems like a good guy to have showing our youngster’s all the subtleties of being a professional in this town.

  67. ah…see, CR, not everything that translates from one language to another can be taken literally from our understanding. Hence the confusion over “Rangers”

    it’s like blue jeans :) which is even weird in English when it’s typed.

    what am i talking about….I don’t even know anymore. This afternoon here has made me fou!!

  68. Hey, enkos’, what’s up with bickering? And French?

    Sauer deserves to stay. Eminger was outplayed by both McDonagh and Valentenko.

  69. Heave, nice post. But then maybe he should be an off ice assist? locker room seemed to be taken away from him last year…

    BANJ, i’m still confused :) maybe you typed cheesesteaks and it came out fromage patins?
    wicky, help me!

    ilb, welcome to the wide, wide, world of sports! And I so agree on Sauer….

  70. CR9 - CristianZoTenko Ronaldagr on

    Have a great day all! ‘Til we meet again! Au revoir femme fatale Mama

  71. I’d agree Dubi has a big year ahead of him, both in terms of defining his role as a offensive top-six forward and the payoff from his next contract. And he clearly needs to show a more consistent effort.

    Asshat or not, I don’t know and don’t especially care. I’m guessing there have been one or two successful pro sportsmen who inherited the asshat gene. I just think that the majority of this “hype” – such as being a point per game player or future captain – seems to come from those who flat out don’t like the guy and use these expectations as a stick to beat him with. (I’m not including Sam and Joe in that group.)

    If he’s never captain and maxes out as a 70 point man, I wouldn’t see that as the crushing disappointment that some appear to.

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