McDonagh, Valentenko cut (updated)


from the Rangers:
25 active players remain with the club

New York, October 3, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that defensemen Ryan McDonagh and Pavel Valentenko have been assigned to Hartford (AHL).  In addition, forwards Dale Weise and Mats Zuccarello, who were recalled from Hartford yesterday, have been reassigned to the Wolf Pack.

The Rangers now have 25 players remaining in training camp, including two goaltenders, seven defensemen and 16 forwards.  The Blueshirts practice schedule for tomorrow, October 4, is 9:00 a.m. at the MSG Training Center.

New York will begin their 2010-2011 regular season schedule vs. the Buffalo Sabres, on Saturday, October 9 (7:00 p.m.), at HSBC Arena in Buffalo, marking the third consecutive season the Blueshirts will open the season on the road.


Defense (2):  Ryan McDonagh, Pavel Valentenko
Forward (2):  Dale Weise, Mats Zuccarello

Goal (2):  Martin Biron, Henrik Lundqvist
Defense (7):  Michael Del Zotto, Steve Eminger, Matt Gilroy, Dan Girardi, Michal Rozsival, Michael Sauer, Marc Staal
Forward (16):  Artem Anisimov, Sean Avery, Derek Boogaard, Brian Boyle, Ryan Callahan, Erik Christensen, Chris Drury, Brandon Dubinsky, Ruslan Fedotenko, Alex Frolov, Marian Gaborik, Tim Kennedy, Vinny Prospal, Brandon Prust, Derek Stepan, Todd White.


With this move, the Rangers are actually at the maximum already, assuming Prospal and Drury start the season on IR. So they don’t have to make another cut, other than to fit in Fedotenko under the cap if/when they sign him.

But the possibility, maybe even probability, of another acquisition via trade or waiver pickup remains. It would then still be simple to get the roster down by demoting White or Kennedy, or IR’ing Rozsival or sending Sauer or Eminger to Hartford.

IMO, don’t read anything into the McDonagh cut other than they probably feel he’d benefit from getting a lot of minutes in Hartford and coming up later in the season. I believe they’re still very high on him.

Also IMO, I haven’t seen anything special in White, and I’m luke-warm on Kennedy and Eminger. I think Sauer deserves to stay, but that the main reason he stayed is that he’d have to go through waivers. And I’m not sure he’d be claimed, but as the saying goes, it only takes one team (and the Islanders sure need D-men).

And I still wonder if they’re going to make the typical Rangers move (aka blunder) and claim Souray, who is obviously a shell of his former self and, while he brings a physical presence and a big shot, will be another pylon the Eastern forwards can use as they slalom through the Rangers.

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  1. CR9 - CristianZoTenko Ronaldagr on

    Have a great day all! ‘Til we meet again! Au revoir femme fatale Mama

  2. Post-Carp re-post:

    I’d agree Dubi has a big year ahead of him, both in terms of defining his role as a offensive top-six forward and the payoff from his next contract. And he clearly needs to show a more consistent effort.

    Asshat or not, I don’t know and don’t especially care. I’m guessing there have been one or two successful pro sportsmen who inherited the asshat gene. I just think that the majority of this “hype” – such as being a point per game player or future captain – seems to come from those who flat out don’t like the guy and use these expectations as a stick to beat him with. (I’m not including Sam and Joe in that group.)

    If he’s never captain and maxes out as a 70 point man, I wouldn’t see that as the crushing disappointment that some appear to.

  3. BANJ, yes it does :)

    ORR, I disagree. I do care if the guy off ice is a druggie, drunk, gang banger, etc. And so would his teammates I imagine.

    Dang, kinda got carp’d and third. oh well.

    my last thoughts. sorry, but bye Eminger and White. I’m guessing also Kennedy? But wait, there’s the Vinny issue. And I wonder what the thoughts are on Rozi (not here, but at MSG). keep an extra D-man Torts! Keep Sauer!

    I think MZA is going to get brought up at some point.

    The forwards situation is such a tangle, what with Drury maybe on IR and Vinny, argh!!!!!

  4. In order to sign another Tenko, they will have to cut more players. According to LB, the team is at $57.4 M, not counting Fedotenko. White appears to be a logical option. Opinion?

  5. Agreed on White. sorry dude…next time :)

    OK, I have wicky’d my derriere off. Gotta go. TA!

  6. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Out of the remaining forwards left, I would like to see White and I guess Kennedy cut. I think Kennedy will be a decent player but I just don’t see Torts/Slather cutting someone like Drury or Christensen. I think the rest deserve to be there. I think we should also keep 23 players with the big club that way you can rotate Boogaard in and out when needed and maybe rotate Boyle and EC as needed as well or on performance. Keep Sauer in the line up and have Emminger as 7th d-man. The new Black Aces.

  7. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    white will be the next cut I think as well. Depending on any possible waiver claims/trades I think a d man or two may still be gone. I think the guys that were sent down were done so as we discussed earlier due to not having to clear waivers.

    Drury and prospal on IR give the team some cap relief (if they go there) temporarily. They do not have to move another forward if they do that.

    It is a week until the start of the season for the rangers, I think slats is really trying to do some not within the organization moves. I don’t think what we see now will be what we see opening night.

    Feds will get signed. A torts guy and played well.

  8. Great update Carp. So agrees with my posts :)

    Keep Sauer…and oy, whatever, catch up later. I’m a horrible liar today :) signing off!

  9. Tank The Season on

    White will obviously be dumped due to his salary.

    I am sure Fedotenko will accept a 1 yr, $1M deal.

  10. Valentenko played well enough to stay. What in the world did Emminger do to earn a spot?

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know the spiel – Valentenko would be better playing a lot of minutes in Hartford and yadda, yadda, yadda. I say he’d get better playing against NHL players than AHL players.

    I sure hope when Mr. Pizza comes back White is the one to go. He didn’t impress me at all despite the two goals last night.

  11. Todd White's Cousin James (G) on

    Stop hating on my man Todd people! He had two goals last night! Ya know a lot of guys hit their prime after 35 years old

  12. N.CountryNYRFan on

    When was the last time we had some many hard choices in a preseason to determine our team for the year. I guess it’s a good problem to have. I think that any team we put on the ice on opening night will be better than last years team.

  13. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    cross check
    I think in vtank’s case (i agree with you, he looked better than mcdonut and sauer) it was not having to pass through waivers more than anything (same with mcdonut). I am curious to see how this all ends up by next thursday or friday. The rangers will move some players around yet I think!

  14. Cutatenko for Valentenko..bummer. Bottom line here tho folks- Sather is notorious for sending down the guys who do not have to clear waivers and Sauer actually hasn’t been bad(and i’m sure Torts wanted to make Mama happy) a lil suprised that Eminger is staying because he hasnt exactly earned a spot imho…we’ll see where we stand once they start playing some games. He could very well not make it 40 games with this team if he struggles. In general it’s going to take some time before our roster firms up.I seriously doubt we’ve seen the last of Mcdonagh (gotta learn to spell his name right) and Valentenko for this season.

  15. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Opening nights lines…

    Frolov – Stepan – Gaborik
    Dubinsky – AA – Callahan
    Avery – EC – Fedetenko
    Boogaard – BB – Prust

    Staal – Girardi
    DelZotto – Sauer
    Gilroy – Emminger

    But…when Drury, Prospal, and Rosy all come back to the line up your guess is as good as mine.

  16. …or if Boogy gets a suspension for the spearing!

    I still cant help but think Slats is lining up Souray, maybe trying to shift Todd White or Sauer in the opposite direction…

  17. As I’ve said, I’m all in favor of picking up Souray at half price if he’s replacing Blowzy. They’re basically the same defensively, but at least Souray will actually shoot the puck, and he has a cannon of a shot when healthy. He could be potentially the final piece of the puzzle on the PP.

    Playing seven d-men would be a pretty good option. Just use him on the PP, like Tampa did with Boyle when he was injured a few seasons back. This way you can use him to his advantages, and let a kid play, which is what we all want!

    I’d be in favor of that. But, would Souray?

    Also, you have to wonder aboot Danekyo’s comments aboot Souray last season. Totally out of the blue.

  18. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I agree that Blowzy for Souray would be a decent deal. And wouldn’t it help with our cap space?? Throw in White for Carcillo and giggles and I would be happy with that.

  19. Orr, I forget what Kenny D was saying about him. was it a shot at him for being a lousy teammate?

    Also, while you have a good idea Torts isn’t the kinda guy thats going to carry an extra dman for that situation.

  20. I think it would. Souray can’t make as much at half price as Blowzy makes at full. Throw White downstairs, and you got a decent amount of space.

    And it’s not like we couldn’t throw Souray down there either, or at the very least trade him if it doesn’t work out.

  21. yeah who knows. as far as i remember they liked him just fine up in Montreal. my main concern is his health and his defense. Back when he went ufa he was on my wish list, but a lots changed and we have capable prospects who are healthier faster play better D and cost less.

  22. The Hague Pimp (formerly Miami Pimp) on

    I have a feeling Sather is going to trade Stepan … perhaps straight up for Poti. It’d shore up our defense.

  23. Its obvious that Eminger stinks…but he’s good enough for the 7th d-man spot sitting in the press box every night. McD and Valentenko do need more seasoning, and will log big minutes in Hartford. Sauer clearly earned his spot on the roster.

  24. think emminger is the least deserving on the team. did not think he was strong in his own zone.

    sauer, mcdonagh, and valetenko all showed me more then emminger…

  25. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Mcd was the most consistant dman in camp.
    any agent that allows his client to sign here is nuts.Eminger sucks and should be cut. Sauer should be the sixth and mcd should be number five.

    if you judge purly on performance, blowzy she be seven.u

  26. I’ll send you the remote, wickster stays?

    Both teams look good. Turco with the giveaway.

  27. If It was up to me I would be shopping Gilroy, Dubinsky and a pick for someone to center Gabby and frolov. This might not be popular with everyone but we have enough talent to let them go and at the same time make the top line one that could match the little debbies 1st line.

  28. After watching the first period, and I hate to break it to you, ‘heads, but I think Keith Is better than Rozsival….

  29. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I think you are waaaaaayy out of line with that last post!

  30. Sorry, bro. So is Seabrook.. This one is a close call though…

    For some reason I don’t remember them signing Pisani this offseason.

  31. Carp
    October 3rd, 2010 at 4:17 pm
    they can’t cut Drury.

    its funny but no matter how many times u say it carp, some people still say “dump drury”. where? only place he could go is ir right where he is now at the moment. NMC!!!

  32. The Sens are a huge team, and they can skate.

    That “spear” on Neil was nothing, but the Rangers can’t hang with that team. They have some pretty big boys.

  33. i hope grachev gets a call too. guy is gonna get passed up on the depth chart soon. mza and weise are both ahead of him it seems. they didnt let him play in last nihts game, opting for the other 2. i wouldve liked to have seen artie and grachev play 1 more game they were good last preseason. and boogaard didnt have to play every game either. shouldve put grachev in a few more games to redden himself, i mean redeem himself

  34. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Another pylon, or “Pilon?” (as in Rich Pilon) … I guess either works in this instance.

  35. North Country, and Linda, I think in that instance, it would be carcillos, plural.

    True Fans, I thought they named the Pylon after Rich.

    blaze, thanks for answering that earlier question for me, and so well.


  36. Eminger can skate well. Am I trying to make you feel better? Yes. But he can.

    Carp, that new Ukrainian name of yours sounds solid

  37. The White Plains Batman on

    MZA and Weise are also both two years older than Grachev so no worries there.

    Glas Sauer is getting to start. Eminger I’m fine with sitting, I just hope we see McD this year.

  38. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Anything that ends in “-tenko” just sounds so much more vicious.

    Imagine if Nik Zherdev was Nik Zherdevetenko?! He (and his 5 preseason goals, 6 points total, and shootout game winner!) might still be an asset of the Rangers!

    That’s right, the guy scored 5 goals … I think he’s going to crush the Rangers this year.

  39. I don’t think we should be too quick to judge Eminger negatively. He’s seen limited duty due to injury and could prove to be a reliable 6th or 7th. Like Sauer, he’s not small and isn’t shy when he greets visitors in our defensive zone. We need their gritty play in front of Henrik.

  40. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Sabres will lose on opening night!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    “Those skaters keep skating around Rich , looks perty easy too!!” ” Yeah Rich just stands there and the forwards just skate around him , yeah I see that ” My Uncle is in the making of a “cone thing” that’s Orange so Cars can move around it when there is a traffic hangup” ” Haha tell him to call the cone a Rich Pylon!!”

    Oddly enough the name stuck.

  41. are we officially adding ‘TENKO’ to the end of things?

    would sid vicioustenko be even MORE vicious?

    lmao @ Carptenkos “carcillos” correct of course! multiple carcillos…oy the pains of the gene pool

  42. “I held the blade in trembling hands
    Prepared to make it, but just then the phone rang
    I never had the nerve to make the *Final Cut*.”

  43. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Yes Carp, I meant “Carcillos and giggles”. I did notice my error but I am glad Linda still got it. I was just to lazy to post a correction.

  44. LMAO JAMES!! yea, cutatenkoing fedetenko in bed would be unfortunate and COULD be messy! ( MESSY, not messier lol)

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    This is what I said last night:

    “So two probably stay for now because of Rozsi’s injury. I’d bet on Sauer and Eminger.”

    McDonagh was unimpressive and Valentenko was just awful last night. He literally played himself off the team.

  46. N.Country, I don’t usually nitpick, but I’m pretty serious about my carcillos, byfugliens and abdelkaders, not to mention firetrucks.

  47. why are people talking about salary cap concerns? the Rangers have more than enough cap space.


    Alexander Frolov ($3.000m) / Derek Stepan ($0.875m) / Marian Gaborik ($7.500m)
    Brandon Dubinsky ($1.850m) / Erik Christensen ($0.925m) / Ryan Callahan ($2.300m)
    Sean Avery ($1.937m) / Artem Anisimov ($0.821m) / Fedotenko Ruslan ($1.000m)
    Derek Boogaard ($1.625m) / Brian Boyle ($0.525m) / Brandon Prust ($0.800m)
    Tim Kennedy ($0.550m) / Vaclav Prospal ($2.480m) / Chris Drury ($7.050m)
    / / Todd White ($2.375m)

    Marc Staal ($3.975m) / Daniel Girardi ($3.325m)
    Michael Del Zotto ($1.087m) / Michal Rozsival ($5.000m)
    Mike Sauer ($0.500m) / Matt Gilroy ($1.750m)
    Steve Eminger ($1.125m)

    Henrik Lundqvist ($6.875m) /Martin Biron ($0.875m)

    SALARY CAP: $59,400,000; CAP PAYROLL: $60,126,667; BONUSES: $1,775,000
    CAP SPACE (25-man roster): $1,048,333

  48. No concerns at the moment, oleo. But with Fedotenko signed( you penciled him for $1M), they have to use their bonus cushion, as you can see. That will hurt them next year. I guess White can come off the roster after Drury returns, that will bring them under the cap.

  49. N.CountryNYRFan on

    No problem Carp. Thanks for allowing all of us crazy NYR fans to have an outlet such as this. Can’t wait til next Sat. and the new season. Let’s Go Rangers.

  50. ilb2001

    they are under the cap already even after signing Fedotenko (who i designated at 1 mil). they could keep all those players once Drury and Prospal return and still be well over the cap.

  51. Oleo, not really….take a careful look at the numbers you posted. They are using 726,667 from their 1,775,000 bonus cushion to bring them under the cap from 60,126,667 to 59,400,000. Hence, their cap space is 1,048,333.

  52. sure but once they get down to 23 players the bonuses will be a non-issue. I’m assuming it will be White and Stepan/Kennedy/Christensen

  53. Exactly, they have to go down to 23. My guess is White and Kennedy.

    Good night, ‘heads.

  54. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    night ILB

    thought this was quite funny off of twitter

    DownGoesBrown Down Goes Brown
    by NHLconnected
    What does Jay Cutler have in common with Kyle Wellwood’s groceries? Nine sacks, with multiple turnovers.

  55. Checking in on what appears to be a busy day here at RR.

    A little surprised that McDonagh was cut, but as others have said, I think it came down to who could be sent down without needing to be waived. That’s why Sauer is still with the team, imo.

    Say no to Souray, Darth Vader. For the love of god, just say no.

  56. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    hey mickey
    how is the central time zone treating you??

  57. Carp – Not to mention jackwagons!

    Even with the injuries, I would assume that White gets waived before the season starts anyway, since the trade was basically a salary dump anyway. If they can put Prospal on LTIR, I guess it’s irrelevant for cap purposes.

    I’m surprised Sauer made it because they probably did everything but guarantee McDonagh a spot to get him to sign, but Sauer earned it.

  58. I think what we’ve seen so far is the Rangers protecting players from being claimed on waivers. I wouldnt be surprised if one of our excess forwards (White, Kennedy, Christy?) is shipped for a draft pick or prospect, especially as Drury will be back so quickly.

    I dont think we’d get chance to claim Souray on re-entry waivers as we’d get the 10th slot and you’d have to think that the Isles or CBJ would take him first. If Darth is going after him it will need to be a straight up trade and we’d need to clear the equivalent salary (Blowsival + Sauer or Kennedy?)

  59. Greg

    Ak-chelly, Sauer’s been raw-ther good, y’know…
    ( a little British lingo there).

    And beware the Ides of Buffalo…..this is a sleeper team, but awflly good ……y’know, ……….and I cannot help myself for not trusting this Ranger goal tending based on what we’ve seen to date. I was planning on watching the Hawks Blues but was transfixed in watching the Mets steal softly into the night. If ever there was a team that needed a good thrashing they fit the bill. Starting from the top down. And they seem to have lurched into finding a possible replacement for the demoralized left field position in this large fellow, eh, Duda? :Like in duda duda day?

  60. wicky, pretty good, although the whole ‘leaves not changing til November’ thing is throwing me for a loop. :)

    off to work, catch ya’s later!

  61. Prospal’s a good guy and is a good value for the price. If he should be gone for the season his spot provides a great opportunity for one of our kids! I’d like to see MZA learn to celebrate his (hopefully) many goals ala Vinny!

  62. Orr – Where are you seeing that?!? I’d be OK with it, had it meant either MZA or Weise got a shot with the club…but if its true, it likely means Todd White is here to stay. And that makes me want to barf out my last three meal, plus some of my stomach lining.

    Doodie – Even IF Valentenko and McDonagh played their ways off the team…how the hell can you say Eminger didn’t?!? Jeeze, every time I see that guy on the ice, I’m thinking who the hell is that AHLer…He was simply abominable against the Sens. Every time he was on the ice, the Sens had a scoring chance of some sort. And that followed up an equally abysmal showing Friday. Even if you discount Eminger’s performance(since Coach Clueless wants a vet on defense), how do you explain Gilroy, who despite having shown flashes of what he can do, still was a close second to Eminger for the ‘goat of the game’ award Sunday.

    Or White? His goals were both of the garbage variety we only see in pre-season. the guy showed how unbelievably ineffective he is at this late stage in his career.

    There are only two ways these moves make sense: Sather is planning a trade and knew he’d lose three of his pieces through waivers(White, Eminger and Gilroy). Or second, that Torts is a piss-poor coach who has no concept for evaluating talent.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    Heave, no way is there room for MZA. If Prospal was going to play center, it just clears a potential spot for Stepan. If he was going to play wing, it creates a spot for Fedotenko. As it is, they already have one too many centers once Drury returns (Drury, Stepan, Christensen, Anisimov, Boyle), so I figure they were expecting Prospal to play 2nd line wing, which is also a filled spot on the roster (Dubinsky, Callahan, Avery, and Fedotenko).

    Before Drury returns, I think the lines will look something like this:

    Prust-Boyle-Boogaard/Kennedy (depending on the opponent)

    Once he returns, I have no idea what they do at center.

  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZzellotenko " Rangers rule!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Fran , Fran …Fran. Buffalo is going to lose to us on opening day . Bank it. Accept it. Realize it . Embrace it.

    Buffalo will lose and I will put $$ on it Fran.

  65. Doodie, I agree. I’m really rooting for the little Swede but Stephan has absolutely proven himself the #1 guy to join the big club!

  66. Forgive me, my mistake! The point is I love the kid regardless of where he’s from and I can’t wait to see him in Ranger Blue.

  67. The Puck Drops Here on

    Morning, ‘heads! Do you suppose Carptenko is going to post from practice (this morning) and surprise us?

  68. Joekuh – i saw the 5 righties but then when you read through the list, it just means that one of them possibly plays out of position(Sauer or Eminger) and the other one is prucha’d.

    I imagine that Slats is looking to shift a couple of bodies right now, given that it looks like F’tank is getting a contract and Drury is only going to miss the first few games – 2 weeks into the season there’s going to be a real logjam of forwards and if we have to include a d-man in the deal then V’tank and McD are able call-ups to replace the departed. I know there’s a lot of talk about Souray but being 10th in the claim order for re-entry waivers i cant see him getting that far and the only way we can afford the full salary is sending Roszival the other way.

  69. 20 bold predictions for the 2010-11 NHL season

    3. The Rangers will make the playoffs this year.

    “New York Rangers: It seems Rangers fans are a bit divided on whether the final round of cuts was a good or bad thing. Witness consecutive posts on Blueshirt Banter extolling how horrible the decisions were, and then praising them for their judiciousness. (You can also consider this part to be my undying and bottomless lament for underestimating the Dolans’ desire to waste money by sending Wade Redden(notes) to the AHL, so you morons can feel free to stop chirping me. Get over it.)”…aining-content

  70. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Uh-oh. Is Souray a leftie? I smell another Sather Snafu. And it smells like Old Spice and Polident.

  71. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    old spice and polident……LMFAO.

    If souray is placed on re entry waivers, we only pay half his contract, so he would be the cost of white plus a little bit.

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