Rangers 5, Senators 4 (SO) in review


Some quick thoughts, then I have to run to football. Hope to make it back to a TV by gametime.

1) I may have said this last night, but the injuries to Drury and Prospal (and maybe Rozsival) should give the Rangers an opportunity to keep and use some extra young players. Can you say blessing in disguise? Because they sure might have been tempted to cut the roster down to 22 or 21 and send some guys to Hartford. Those couple of guys might now stay … and play. At least at the start.

2) I don’t mind Christensen playing with Gaborik and Frolov. He sure had some moments with Gaborik last year, and he certainly has some skill (how about that skills competition goal?). But my thing with Christensen is, I think last year was his upside. I think Stepan’s upside could be a lot higher. A lot.

3) Not to go on and on about Stepan, but he made two tremendous plays on the short-handed goal, and he scored a nice one in the shootout, and, hey, they had P.A. Parenteau around for a while last season just for shootouts. I really think Stepan’s head is as ready as his body. (The media really loves the way he handles himself in interviews, too). And if he can kill penalties and even if he just plays third-line minutes, he should be here.

4) Boog-a-loo, Derek Boogaard has sure gotten a lot of sniffs in front of the net, and he finally put one in. I wasn’t sure what to make about his post-game interview. Seemed a bit like he didn’t want to be there, but at times he had a smile that was difficult to interpret, and some short answers. It was odd. But as a player, maybe he just did need to drop some pounds and get into better shape. He’s sure had the chance to do that by playing in all five games, and he’ll play again tonight. What were the odds he’d score before he fought?

5) Decisions could come tomorrow. But looking at the numbers, the Rangers are at 27 now. If Drury and Prospal start on IR, that means the Rangers only need to cut two players before the opener, though they could cut one or two more than that. I think Todd White is done (based on John Tortorella’s luke-warm “He’s been OK” comments) and since he’s been outplayed by centers Christensen, Anisimov, Stepan and Boyle. And they won’t keep nine defensemen, or probably even eight (unless Rozsival is still hurting by the end of the week). So I’m guessing White and one of the group of defensemen are going to Hartford tomorrow: Eminger, Valentenko, Sauer … and I’m not sure if Ryan McDonagh is staying or not. Tim Kennedy is probably not going to be in the opening night lineup, so maybe he goes down to play games, too.


Seven days until Opening Night.

7: The Mick. Rod Gilbert. Ed Kranepool. John Elway.


Here’s my story from The Journal News and LoHud.com today.

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  1. FIRST!!!!! WWWWOOOOOO. First time ever posting and I’m first.Great start. Let’s hope the Rangers have one as well

  2. BANJ,it would be so awesome if Boogie would wreck that asshat tonight! Either him or Ruutuuti

  3. Lintenkozo :) he’s got 2 hands, he can do both at the same time. We haven’t seen one NYR fight from Boogie yet.

  4. lmao Cliff Ronning! Thanks for the hilarious memory Tank! Just about every time my youngest brother bought a pack of hockey cards, he’d get Cliff Ronning! It was a running joke for years.

  5. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    speaking of redden, anyone want to buy my rangers away redden jersey??

  6. There won’t be any babies from me, mommy had my tubes tied. She was crying when she told me, and lately she has been watching Wading to Exile at least 6 times a day. Hey mommy lose the shirt it’s feeding time, daddy said no more Similac we have to make this money last.

  7. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    anyone know if the mtl vs fishies game in quebec is on tv tonight??

  8. Great game last night still look pretty iffy on the defensive side of things but they are showing a never quit attitude and they are scoring a lot more goals and a lot of them are pretty.

    it might sound weird but whenever they would score goals over the last few years they were never impressive. they always seemed like happy accidents, now though we look like we have some actual skill out there.

  9. The Puck Drops Here on

    I don’t think Hank looked sharp at all. I thought he was going down too much and too early. Any thoughts?

  10. The Puck Drops Here on

    Tony, I agree that Hank will get sharper. Not really worried. What bothers me is that he has a tendency to go down so the opponents shoot high.

  11. sevens lil field mice twirlin on a branch! eatin lotsa sunflowers on my uncles ranch! you know that old children’s song from the sea! Carpintenko step into my office. cause you’re byfuglien fired!

  12. I told my wife that I had a feeling that Boogaard was going to get a goal this year – and she gave me a real weird look when I said it (then again who wouldn’t). I guess i was kind of right, but I was hoping it would be during the regular season :-)

    I almost thought Torts was going to let him go in the shootout because he was laughing behind the bench prior to it. I am gioing to go n record and say BooBoo gets a goal during the regular season and go even further to say it might be on the power play when the Rangers are struggling.

    When you think about it, BooBoo on the power play would be a big object to move and could work if we ever could get Rozy to shoot!

    One thing on the Rangers csouting the Oilers, someone needs to treat Sather like a kid. If he wants a bright “new” shiny toy (aka Souray), then he has to get rid of an old toy (aka Rozy).

  13. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    shane obrein waived by canucks….slats and torts alert, a torts player…this might be an issue!

  14. Good afternoon all! So sorry I won’t be able to play here tonight :(

    If Sauer goes, I will be quite sad :)

  15. Didn’t O’Brien get suspended from the team last year for behavioral issues? If I recall it was because he was spending too much time in the Vancouver bars. Not exactly the type of guy you want in a city like NY.

    If they waive White and I hope to the hockey gods Eminger as well and they go unclaimed they’ll be up against veteran limit in HFD. Who’s ice time is getting too?

  16. After being at last night’s game, here’s what I came away with:

    1. Christensen should no way, no how be the top line center.
    2. Stepan looks great out there and really looked like he was going to put in a second goal. No way can you send him to Hartford and he really needs to be on one of the top 2 lines (preferably the top).
    3. I need Eminger gone – now.
    4. Our defenseman are way too sloppy with the puck at the point. That has to change – quickly.

    Last night was a lot of fun though. The first period got off to a slow start, but the second period on was really exciting. I took my neighbor (he turns 13 next week), it was his first game, and he had a blast. He really enjoyed the “Hen-rik” chants and loves our goalie.

    Here’s to the season.

  17. oh and on Boog’s non-fight in the first, the crowd was mixed between Boos (for the refs not letting them fight) and Boogs. He’s a frickin’ monster.

  18. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    cool SI link. I still have that issue with mess on the cover they used for the pic!

  19. Orr- here was Staal as quoted by Brooks:

    “Of all things, it was my right hip-flexor,” Staal said. “It was just a precaution for me not to go back out. I’m fine.”

  20. Good afternoon, ‘heads!

    I have a feeling that both Stepan and EC will remain with the team and alternate the 1st and 3rd line duties. 6 times per game.

    A bit worried about defensive mistakes. McDonagh gets caught out of position very often. I think he is trying to do too much.

    What I really like is that they are really bringing their game a notch after they fall behind. Last year, once they were down a couple, it was over. Granted, it’s only a preaseason.

  21. Was happy to see MAKO-TENKO back on RR. Officially. Very happy.

    Couldn’t watch with you, mrs wanted to go out. I was 1 hour behind on DVR, by the time I finished watching and caught up with all 500+ posts, it was too late. I think we are going out again tonight. It’s ok, it’s only a preseason. Lose a battle, win the war..:-)

  22. Tony from AZ – Make sure you remind me when you’re out here. Since it’s a Sunday game, I should almost definitely be there and can hopefully meet up.

  23. Orr

    I don’t know whether you intended that as a droll comment, but it was quite humorous for all of that.

    If these guys only knew what y’all really think of them…there’d be some red faces at the old corral this season…..counterbalanced of course by some swollen egos.

  24. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Avery has played a great pre-season. very effective. ANd Boogaard is a monster. Can’t wait to go to the game 10/29!

  25. bull dog line on

    Zuccarello, and Weisse, to play tonight, in place of Gaborik and Cally ( not injured, just resting).

  26. 7 – Me!

    That’s my number in our street hockey league.

    Carp, I disagree about Christensen. I think he has a few good moments, but as a whole he’s a marginal NHL player. Even if Stepan showed nothing I would rather see anybody else that’s on the roster play center instead of Christensen.

  27. Lines tonight

    @NYDNRangers: Tonight’s #NYR lines: Kennedy-White-Fedotenko, Dubinsky-Anisimov-Weise, Christensen-Stepan-Zuccarello, Boogaard-Boyle-Prust

    According to Spector, Ryan McDonagh and Steve Eminger are a defense pair as are Pavel Valentenko and Matt Gilroy and Michael Del Zotto and Michael Sauer.

    Martin Biron will play the entire game

  28. Haha. Seven Costanza.

    Yes, Espo wore 7 with the Bruins, then Bourque wore it, and he switched to 77 when they retired Espo’s number, Coffey wore 7 in Edmonton, and switched to 77 when he went to Pitt, because Rod Buskas had 7. Then at the all-star game … must have been one of those N.America vs. World games … they were on the same team and I think Bourque got to wear 77 and Coffey had to settle for 7. Irony.

  29. 4generations 4 cups on

    Why is Christensen regarded so highly by the coaching staff? I understand his excessive hand speed and puck skill but where is it all when the puck drops? He shows a lot of flare at times but is very inconsistent…we dont have any room for that anymore.

  30. I’m watching the first period again. I really like our fourth line. I think they will get better as the season goes along.

    Those are some big bruising bastids on that line. They definitely shift the momentum

  31. bull dog line on

    Christensen is highly regarded because he has NHL speed, and NHL hands. his problem is that he does not use his speed to get to places that he can use those NHL hands. the Rangers think if they can get him to use his speed and hands, they may have something. potential is a killer.

  32. Anyone watching the Mark Messier countdown? WOW Say what you want about him what an unbelievable player.

  33. on break from work.
    scanned through comments and i don’t believe i saw this mentioned

    Zipay tweeted that Wiese and Zuccarello were back.
    wondering if there are any trade rumors swirling or why they’re around.

  34. alright,
    read at Gross that they’re in for Gabby and Cally
    but still seems a bit odd.

    gotta go.
    have a great game!

  35. Well if this is the Rod Gilbert No. 7 thread I guess I should ceasse hostilities for a moment, at least.

    So….. Souray more likely than not manning the point on the opening night PP.
    Could be a pick or somelike like Eminger that entices the Oilers, though for 3 years I’ve been told Edmonton wants Dubinsky and so it could get expanded.
    As widely reported NYR like Cogliano, but from what I can tell cobbling together bits fro here and there, Stephan has complicated the scenario having knocked everyones socks off with his performance thus far. He is a LOCK to make the team and may have even short-circuited a deal for Weise w. The Panthers .

    Apparently its a very fluid situation around the league, as is normal this time of year. The fortunate teams, like the Rangers this year, get a few surpsies and their asset management scheme changes because they actually have more to manuever with than anticipated.

    So even what seems like a borderline case like Kennedy (just as an example) forces moves sometimes because certain guys can help someone and deserve an NHL job.

    Go ahead locusts, believe what u want. Just relaying what I heard.

  36. anyone have the website to view tonight’s game?

    we’re worried they are going to drop stepan to hartford and want to see him play tonight

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