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from the Rangers:

October 2, 2010 – New York Rangers 5 at Ottawa Senators 8 [Pre-Season Game: 6; Away Game: 3]

* The New York Rangers were defeated by the Ottawa Senators, 8-5, tonight at Scotiabank Place, to conclude their 2010-2011 pre-season schedule with a 4-2-0 record, including a 1-2-0 mark away from MSG.

* Todd White led the Rangers with two goals, registered a plus-two rating and won a team-high, eight face-offs in 16 attempts (50%).  His second goal of the contest at 16:33 of the second period was the Rangers’ third shorthanded tally of the pre-season, which ranks first in the NHL.  White finished his pre-season campaign with four points (two goals and two assists) in four games.

* Ruslan Fedotenko tallied the only assist on White’s second period shorthanded goal, and led the Rangers with a plus-three rating.  Fedotenko was tied for sixth in the NHL in assists and ninth in points entering tonight’s contest.  He finished the pre-season ranked first on the team with six assists, seven points and a plus-five rating in five games.

* Rookie Derek Stepan extended his goal streak to three games with an even strength tally at 8:03 of the second period, assisted by goaltender Martin Biron (20 saves).  Stepan finished the pre-season tied for first on the Rangers with three goals, and added two assists for five points in five games.

* Artem Anisimov recorded the Rangers’ first goal of the game with an even strength tally at 11:23 of the first period, assisted by rookie Dale Weise who was recalled from Hartford (AHL) earlier today.  Anisimov tied for first on the team with three goals in five pre-season games.

* Forward Mats Zuccarello notched his first goal as a Ranger at 6:13 of the third period following his recall from Hartford (AHL) earlier today.  Zuccarello’s goal was assisted by Tim Kennedy, who finished his pre-season campaign with two assists in four games.

* Brandon Dubinsky registered the primary assist on White’s even strength goal at 3:11 of the second period, and led the team with five shots on goal.  Matt Gilroy also assisted on White’s first goal of the game, and finished the pre-season ranked second among team defensemen with three points (one goal and two assists) in five games.

* Forward Brandon Prust led all skaters with four hits in the contest, and logged 17:32 of ice time.

* The Rangers do not have practice scheduled for tomorrow, October 3.  The Blueshirts next practice is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. on Monday, October 4, at the MSG Training Center.

* New York will begin their 2010-2011 regular season schedule vs. the Buffalo Sabres, on Saturday, October 9 (7:00 p.m.), at HSBC Arena in Buffalo, marking the third consecutive season the Blueshirts will open the season on the road.

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  1. if rangers are awarded jobs on merit…i think dubi should be next cut…10 bucks says he holds out next year anyway

  2. I thought Dubinsky actually played pretty solid tonight, showing at times what he can do. Granted, if he shows up 1 game out of 6, he would not last too long.

  3. Just got home. missed game. Whoa, lots to read so I would sure appreciate a bonehead recap, aside from MSG’s :) anyone?

    how’d aves, step and mza do? and, um sauer….


  4. CR, no more caffeine for you :)

    Ok, just went thru game thread, saw line-up, read fran :) I’m pretty much up to speed and think I got most of my questions answered. icky score, but hey, it all starts Friday all!

    hmmm. noticed some tension tonight…..oh baby, it’s season all right! hope everyone has taken a pill or a sip or whatever it takes to chill….we got a looooooong way to go.


    I am nervous about the final cuts…

  5. Step-On is officially Stepping-On the roster. Torts would be dumb not to bring him aboard. I know a lot of you think he is. I’ll only agee if this kid starts out in Hartford.

    So far Slats and Torts have made all the right rules. The kids that are not ready are “Whale”, and the the big contract is gone. Just have to add White down there and we’re good to go. Honestly, it’s a toss up between Sauer, V-Tank, and McDognut. I thought McDognut would get the spot, but the other two really have impressed. Sauer never even entered my mind since he’s always fuggin injured.

    EC….bleh. Fugg him. Don’t care aboot his “hands”. He’s an ungrateful dork that needs to be taught a lesson. Send him down with the rest of the Wales. I’d rather have Kennedy get the spot over him.

    Dublowsky has been terrible. He better step it up.

    Bring on the season!

  6. thanks blaze
    for providing the link with the
    hd clips.

    couldn’t watch the game but at least i got to see something

  7. I see Orr is still the resident “know nothing” child of the blog…use of silly nicknames in a desperate attempt to mask the fact that you know nothing about this game since 2006…priceless.

    *carry on!*

  8. You always say I know nothing aboot the game, Salty Dupuis, yet you never get into detail. Go make some friends you old fool.

    And keep praising the all mighty Pascalo Dupuis, who the Pens would have never won the Cup without his astonishing 0 goals, 0 assists, -5 plus/minus, and his constant giveaways, yada, yada, yada.

    I know nothing? Your fogie eyes deceive you.

  9. Tank The Season on

    The status of Souray – as I understand it- is this:

    He cleared waivers, Edmonton has until Wednesday to decide whether they will assign him to the AHL, trade him, or expose him to re-entry waivers.

  10. Tank The Season on

    Players who pass through waivers unclaimed remain property of their team and do not have to be demoted to the AHL. Re entry waivers come into play only when a player is demoted and then recalled. Souray has not been assigned to the AHL by Edmonton yet.

    So Souray remains Oiler property and can be traded as of right now.

  11. Claiming Souray would be the one move that could negate any and all good that this Rangers organization has done since Ollie got stopped in the shootout in Philly. Bargain price or not. It’s obvious we have kids that can fill out this blueline- give them their chance. They’ve earned it.

  12. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I wanted to post this sooner, maybe someone else already posted for his numbers;

    #9 and #7 Alexei Cherapanov, RIP.

  13. >>EC…Send him down with the rest of the Wales.

    He needs to speak Welsh well to live in Wales.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    I did it last night and I’ll be the first to do it today as well:

    #6: Wade Redden.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    #6: Manny “Carp likes him better than most of the guys on the team” Malhotra

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    #6: Glen “6 is the mark of the beast” Sather

    I’ll admit, I looked this one up.

  17. Good morning, boneheads!

    Any good games on today?

    Btw, MZA may be ready much earlier than everyone thought. He created well, was very strong and dangerous on forecheck and was very difficult to hit. The only time Carkner was able to hit him was after he scored.

  18. So, funny story. I am at the garden the other night, and I see this guy with a hat on that I HAD to have. He told me he got it at the team store and that there were only a few left. I bolted there, but there were so many people in my lane and in my way that I had to just go elbows high and bust through. I felt bad, because in my mad dash I came across some elderly, a poor guy with an oxygen tank, and two really fat people, but like any hat freak would do, I split the D, made it to the store, and got my hat. Mission accomplished.

  19. Now we know where you got the name Nasty 1 -can it be possible that there is a Nasty 2 ?? Euwww..perish the thought Crunching old invalids indeed… sure you’re
    not a member of the Ruutu clan?

    ……………………Just kidding……

  20. LOL, just joking. That was a made up story. I was catching up on the posts and I read that Doodie thought he saw me at the game. I haven’t been to the garden yet, but I can’t wait for the season to start. I will definitely be going to some games this year. I will definitely give a heads up to people just in case anyone wants to meet for a beer between periods, or hit Warren after. Pre season is pre season, but there are reasons to be optimistic. I am hoping that the scoring continues, but that the D tightens up a bit, and the goals against falls. It doesn’t matter how many goals we score if we are letting in so many.

  21. The pre-season gives us reason for hope but there are still plenty of questions to be answered.

    Even after the roster has been finalized for the start of the season there are still issues; Who goes to make room for Drury and Prospal? Could Prospal be out even longer since he’s admitted his knee hasn’t been 100% all summer? Correct me if I’m wrong, but Torts hasn’t fully implemented his system with the emphasis on conditioning, basic skills (e.g. faceoffs with Messier) and deciding who’s on the team. With the added skill on the team this year, we should get to evaluate how effective Tortorella’s system really is. Hopefully, he also keeps lines together for more than a period a game. This should be a make it or break it year for our coach.

    I hope we carry seven ‘D’ men with at least two of them being more physical players. The locks on defense aren’t very scary and we need more grit on the blue line. Sauer, Emminger and Valentenko all show promise in this regard.

    Hopefully, Biron improves or The King will be playing too many games again this year and we’ll be fighting right down to the end to make the playoffs.

    Your thoughts?

  22. #6 Clete Boyer (great glove, no stick) and Carl ‘Skoonj’ Furillo (right fielder for the Boys of Summer)

  23. Heave Ho, I think there will be growing pains with the kids. Del Zotto and Gilroy are in their 2nd season. I hope that both McDonagh and Valentenko make the club. Stepan is a rookie. I think MZA gets called up by mid season.

    That’s a lot of youth. I should make for more exciting games, but also for a lot of mistakes.

    Not impressed with Biron at all. I don’t see where he’s any better than Auld. What happened to Biron?

  24. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I’m not a Dubinsky hater but also not a huge fan. not only is his play non-inspiring most of the time, to me he comes across a jerk.

    Last night’s game just sealed it for me. did you see when him and Weise were in the box after the roughing and fight by Weise? Weise was trying to talk to Dubinsky and he just ignored him. Weise tried again and again Dubinsky would not even acknowledge him.

    Your teammate just got into a fight and part of it was due to sticking up for you, try to be a leader, pat the kid on the back…or at least respond when talked to.


  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty, that’s a pretty funny story, even if made up.

    As for Fedotenko, I don’t think there is any way the Rangers let him walk after the preseason he has had.

  26. Paris…
    I noticed that incident in the penalty box as well. I’ve noticed similar incidents over the past couple of years as well. I’ve heard stories which I wont’ repeat since I can’t confirm that make me wonder what kind of teammate Dubi is. I don’t think he’s a candidate to ever wear a lettered jersey. I wouldn’t mind seeing him moved. His play has always been inconsistent and I don’t see much more upside to his game even if he does become more dependable. Nothing more than a third liner on a competitive team. Did you see that Boyle wore an ‘A’ last night with no Drury, Cally or Prospal playing? Torts gave it to him because of his attitude and improvement this pre-season.

  27. Doodie- Fedotenko should be signed, but it depends on how much money he is willing to sign for. Three teams calling his agent doesn’t help Sather from that point of view.

  28. Blueshirt, I noticed that too. Dubi said maybe three words to him, and then just looked ahead. A bit odd. Wouldn’t it be something if he was packaged in a trade and Avery was still here? Sorry, just chuckling to myself over that.

    Was nice to see Boyle with the A, good for him. He had a pretty good camp, and seems to have made the improvements necessary. Good character guy, just hope the improvements were enough for him to stay AND be consistent. oOing to be interesting to find out, later today, who is staying and who will be leaving.

  29. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!

    Just watched the dvr’d game…feds needs to be signed for anything under 1.5 per. Dubi still looks kinda, well, not as good as he should be and it seems to me he is being outplayed by boyle by quite a bit (or by feds, or by cally, or by AA, or by….you get the idea).

    Was it me or did boyle have A on his sweater??

    mcdonut still doesn’t just jump out and impress me. I would like to see him make the team, but he just seems positionally sound to me and we have waaaaay to much of that!

    Interesting to see what happens today!

  30. no way wicky, several of the guys mentioned it in posts last night, and also this morning, we’re just the tail end of that discussion lol.

  31. I know this is the hockey season now, but not til next week so to speak, and I was going to mention a retired # for the Reds, , Big Ted Kluszewski 9 BIG KLU, he used to cut off the sleeves of his baseball shirt at the shoulder because of the size of his arms. ( One guy said he has arms that look like legs…thighs)
    He was so powerful. Little story here:

    Summer of l952, Wrigley Field ( Before the center field was blacked out and still had seats up there).
    Bubba church on the mound for the Cubs ( one of the original ” Whiz Kids” of the pennant winning Phillys
    that lost to Yanks in 1950 W/Series….. the other “kids” Curt Simmons Robin Roberts ) Richie Ashburn Del Ennis ,etc.

    I was in the right field bleachers in Cubs park, with my taxi parked outside, because I wasn’t going anywhere til the ball game was over, so I paid my 85 cents bleacher price and waited to cram all those hundreds of people into my cab for the trip back downtown.)
    Big Klu comes up to bat. Poor Bubba throws a pitch and Klu slams a hard line drive right into Church’es face. That ball hit him so hard than it bounced almost all theway backto homeplate and Chruch went flat on his back and never moved. We thought he was dead. It wasn’t a big crowd, but still the dead silence was incredible. Klu went running out to the moudn as did just about everyone. In a few minsutes you could hear some women in the crowd crying, and in later years when Mark Howe got impaled Almost destroyed his rectum) you could see the blood on the spike of the goal cage in Hartford, after being shoved by Johnny Tonelli,( yeah I was there right up close for that one too)…..but Church did survive, but I don’t know what ever became of him but that was the worse accident I ever saw on a ball field. Klu was really upset about it, and I never really learned what the aftermath of that was.

  32. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I’ll say this, avery (when with dallas) and came into NY to play the rangers, only really had bad things to say about 2 of his former teammates and really only bothered 2 of them. Valli (said he was an AHL goalie only and he was) and dubi.

    Whatever his likes or dislikes may be to you, I think avery is a good judge of teammates. I would never give dubi a letter.


  33. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    guess we are the caboosi (cabooses? caboose?) of the convo train!!!

  34. I was a bit inarticulate in print, but the crowd at the Civic center reacted the same way, with weeping sounds from the stands, and it brought back memories of that day in Chicago.

  35. an awful lot being put into pre season games. so now Dubi should be banished because he didn’t talk to a teammate in the penalty box,and he has did not play up to everybody’s standards in the pre season. what does everybody think they should do with Staal, being that he was by far the worst Dman in the pre season? I will answer that, nothing, because it is pre season. these guys will be there when the bell rings.

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