Tortorella press conference


(delayed by about 20 minutes due to meeting with Prospal and team doctors).

John Tortorella:

“We’re going to keep (Prospal)  off the ice for a couple of weeks, rest him, try to get him back on the ice after that and see how it reacts.

On whether there’s structual damage that might need surgery?

“No, not right now. It’s a situation where we want to approach it conservatively, and it’s not so much a lot of pain, it’s just some swelling that goes on with it. … We didn’t even go there (surgery). So he’s frustrated. He wants to play. But this will be the best thing. It’s been a lot of skating, so he’s going to continue to work out, keep his strength up, but as far as skating we’re going to leave it alone and see how that reacts.”

Said some roster decisions will be made Sunday.

On Boogaard playing that way and getting a goal:

“For him, it’s been a hard camp for him. He’s starting the process with us here as far as the conditioning, which is the No. 1 thing, and then as a player as far as what we want out of him. But for him to score a goal and have a couple of hits, confidence is a huge thing, so hopefully that will help him. He’s going to play tomorrow night, and he’ll play all of them, and hopefully he’ll keep on building and feel good about himself.”

On the fourth line:

“They played well. Prust made a couple of nice plays. Brian Boyle was much better in faceoffs tonight (he was credited with three won, six lost, actually). He’s had a good camp, Boyle. No one tends to talk a whole heck of a lot about him, but he’s had a pretty good camp here. A guy who knew where he stood as far as numbers. Again, he’s handled himself pretty well.”
On Christensen and Stepan playing on the No. 1 line tonight:

“I wanted to (see both). I want to see Stepan in different situations and I want to see Erik in different situations, so that’s what I did tonight.

“Stepan made some mistakes along the way, but he’s a pretty good player. Not so much his goal, but I liked the play he made right before the goal, at the blue line. He made a helluva pass and simply outworked a guy to score a goal. Again, I don’t know where it all hangs out with everything that comes about … but he’s played pretty well.”

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  1. Wow. A couple things 1- Stepan basically HAS to make the team considering this is what’s going on. They’re going to need him. and 2- Worried about Prospal. These knee scopes are supposed to be a simple procedure. Considering he’s 35 or 36 and having this much trouble there’s no telling what’s going to happen. I didn’t want him taking Stepan’s spot but I wanted him to play. Let’s hope he can at some point.

  2. well, here’s my hat trick. I find Torts’ comments interesting in that they don”t really tell us anything. He’s getting pretty good at the good/bad/indifferent/maybe answer.

    Still waiting to see how this team shapes out, number-wise and all.

  3. love Torts’ comments on Stepan. for real? this kid is going to get sent packing by these morons. He made some great plays and yes he made some mistakes too but why concentrate on those? I don’t think he’s too high on the kid. which sucks. If Del Zotto wasn’t allowed to make some mistakes last season he woulda been in Hartford all year and not a staple on this team.

  4. James, what can I say. I am mama :)

    re Vinny: “I didn’t want him taking Stepan’s spot but I wanted him to play. Let’s hope he can at some point.”

    I am with you there. but i have worries.

  5. after my Carping, here’s what i wrote in last post

    October 1st, 2010 at 11:11 pm
    hey Carp,
    why not ask Dubi when he goes to walk the walk and not just talk the talk?
    (just tired of lazy d play) read the tweet from Zipay about his screw up.
    was at work so i couldn’t watch the game for other screw ups, so i’m sure there’s blame to go around but…

  6. James, you’re not talking to me about Steppy, right? that’s a comment from last post? I think he should make the team.

  7. no you got it Mama- I was just talking about Stepan not making it. You can tell by the way Torts talks about players whether he’s in favor of them or not.

  8. I dont know carcillo! on

    Again, I don’t know where it all hangs out with everything that comes about … but he’s played pretty well.” Man torts speaks in gibberish!!

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