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Brian Boyle:

“We gave up some goals but we never were feeling out of it. Those wins are pretty awesome. Even though it’s preseason, you come back and you have different guys helping, that’s great. Bigger picture, team-wise, that’s usually the first thing, and that’s a huge thing to build on.”

On a PK defensive-zone faceoff, for which Tortorella sent him over the boards:

“Yeah. I won one finally. … He said go out there and win the draw. You want to do what the coach tells you to do. You stick around longer. … But that’s something I have to do. I’ve got to be counted on to do that. That’s my role and I’m glad tonight it went better in the dot.”

“How about my linemates? That was great. We’re all on the same page. That’s a lot of fun. We’re banging out there, we’re bringing the noise. That’s great. It’s a lot of fun to play with those two guys.”

“I’m halfway to last season’s point totals. Unfortunately they reset in about a week. Hopefully I can keep it going.”

Derek Stepan:

“I’m happy with what I’ve done. I’ve put m best foot forward and whatever happens happens. At the end of the day I can look at myself and say, ‘Hey, you know what? I gave it everything I had.’ And we’ll see from there.”

Did a lot of PK at Wisconsin.

“Actually took me until about halfway through my freshman year before I started, but after that I pretty much played PK both years.

“My freshman year, actually, I scored three short-handed goals, and I actually scored two on the same power play. Then my last year I had maybe one or two.”

“If I get the puck, I’m gonna take off, if I’ve got space. Obviously, if there’s a play that needs to be made, if you need to ice it, then that’s what I’ll do. But if there’s some ice for me, I’m definitely going to try to make a play.”

Derek Boogaard:

On his smile after the goal, and it being a big deal (the guy hasn’t scored in 222 regular-season games, since his rookie year):

“It is definitely, with the whole new situation and getting everything figured out, getting that little hump out of the way is definitely a good thing.”

“I was a bit worried there when (Prust) tried throwing it between his legs, back-hand, but it worked out.”

On being around the net:

“That’s the name of the game, isn’t it?”

“To get in on the forecheck and crash and bang and then score goal like that, I think any player would take goals like that any day.”

“Like the coach said, I wouldn’t have been able to get through at the weight I was at, and with the weight I lost … there’s still some work to do, but it’s better.

On the reaction:

“It was a good boo.”

When he took the minor after Winchester elbowed him, Boogaard said, “I thought it was someone else, but that’s alright.”

(I meant to ask him what the odds would have been that he’d have a goal before he had a fight in the preseason. Darn it.)

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  1. Just got back from the game and have a few points.
    1. On Stepan-What more do they want this kid to do to make the team? What is he going to learn at Hartford playing at a lower level when he has clearly shown that he is a good NHL player and has the potential to be a difference maker.
    2. Boogard is an offensive dynamo!
    3. Carp – Did I see you dancing along with Larry before the OT? I hope that doesn’t show up at the end of a bootleg movie!

  2. TR, ha!

    It was a good boo….priceless!

    from Steppy” “If I get the puck, I’m gonna take off, if I’ve got space. Obviously, if there’s a play that needs to be made, if you need to ice it, then that’s what I’ll do. But if there’s some ice for me, I’m definitely going to try to make a play.”

    someone get him a pen to sign!!!

  3. Carps fingers must need a massage and a sauna with all this typing he’s doing tonight!

    Poor Fankist! Swelling does not bode well for our favorite cheeto colored hero! Although it probably bodes well for the latest mancrush Ranger Stepan! Hehehe

  4. Honestly,I don’t mind a lot of things about Boyle. But in his time here he hasn’t shown himself to be what Betts was to this team- the guy who can come over the boards when we need a crucial defensive zone draw won..He’s probably making the team…it’s whatever. he better play solid.

  5. OK, double hat trick for me. Great job Carp! Niters all and see you tomorrow for post game chat. I;m going to bedzo, or bedtenko, whichever, it involves my bed :) TA!!

  6. Linda made me wicky! ha! In my dreams babe…

    Elvis, thanks for the ear worm…mama signing off now, for real. computer going dark…boing! Tomorrow and final TA!

  7. CCCP
    October 1st, 2010 at 7:29 pm


    That is all i got to say about this! I called it! Too bad it doesnt really count! Greg must’ve went into shock when Booger scored! lol

  8. good game…lots of action in a third period…wasn’t too impressed with McDonut and IMHO, at this point, Valentenko has out-worked McDonut.

    MDZ needs to be better with the puck…he had a pretty bad game.

  9. Greg was in such shock he couldn’t even type, which is why he posted a half hour later. He had a little trouble collecting himself.

    If he did manage to post, his typos would have typos!!

    Seriously though, that goal was a hilarious moment. I couldn’t stop laughing. I didn’t even notice how great the setup was until after the game. Nice job by Prust! Hopefully we can see Booger kick some ass in the next game. A fight is long overdue.

  10. brutal! as CT said, he thought he heard a head explode in Sask! one of the funniest lines of the night

  11. oh that’s what it was…Greg’s skull explosion?? lol

    funny stuff… i should try to make it to the game thread tomorrow…damn job!

    P.S. Fringe first episode was sick!! :) Will watch the second one tomorrow

  12. 2nd was better!

    our hot water heater just sprung a leak…grrr. poor maintenance guy had to leave whatever he was doing to come check it out,now he has to switch it out…crappy way for his weekend to start.

  13. he was awesome! problem solved in under an 45 minutes, and that was with his 20 minute ride to get here from wherever he was.

  14. Blue Seat Horror on

    Steve MacIntyre had a Chris Simon hat trick tonight: A goal, a fight, and a suspendable spearing major.

  15. EddieJ (or Editenko) on

    Have not read all of tonight’s posts yet, but, is it me, or did Staal have a terrible defensive game tonight? Or was it due to his injury? I’m a little concerned.

  16. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    ok, so worked late and just finished watching the dvr’d game.

    Started to read posts, but too many..

    nice job and yes, I did see staal actually clear the crease…amazing!

    you laureled!!

    boogie got a goal, is ZZZZZ ok?

    mcdonut honestly hasn’t impressed me that much. I’d take him over rozy or eminger at this point. He is about even with gilroy and girardi to me. Valentenko has out played him by a significant margin IMHO. I’d take vtank over anyone on the d corps right now except staal and mdz. He should def make the top 6.

    Dubi has been bad. cally and AA hitting on that line and dubi………………. He has been one of the worst ranger forwards in the pre season to me.

    I’ve said all along prust has skill.

    EC plays to the line he is on. If he has gabby and fro on his line he looks decent, without them, he looks sub par. He either plays on the first line or is a goner (at least that is what I would do). Step looks good between avery and feds (better make the team). That is where he should play for 3 reasons.
    1. A little less minutes a game and might not wear down as much
    2. Has some protection on the ice with him in Avery and feds (not afraid)
    3. Might force torts to roll lines more frequently.

    I think that is all I have at this point, pretty damn tired after 10hrs at work. Night assens!!!

  17. I think Stepan is gonna make the team because of the injuries to Drury and Prospal more than his performance. Which has been a great surprise.

    Nice to have a REAL prospect come through, huh?

  18. Guten morgen knochenKopfen

    ( as they might say in the old country…Albania…)
    I do wish that folks would not keep bringing up Betts name in these postings. I never felt such a surge of anger at Slats idiotic trades as when he let him go. There was absolutely no upside to that trade in my consideration. He was like Tommy Henrich of the old Yanks, Old Reliable. He could go out there on a PK, skate like a demon, forecheck you into madness, and deke a goal tender and shoot with the best. Why he was never used other than a PK under Renney at least, was what finally convinced me that Renney belonged in a prep school somewhere in lower slobbovia….. While Hossa blundered on.

    Sorry about that emotional outburst…being a kind and gentle type it is really out of character for me. ( AIN’T THAT RIGHT BW? Now now, put down that skillet, dearest.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    Was at the game last night. It was the first time I really paid attention to preseason play. I noticed some things about certain players and I thought I would share them here:

    Steve Eminger: I think he basically played himself off the team last night. With the exception of the last 19 minutes of the third period (after Ottawa scored their second goal, for which he was definitely partly to blame), he was absolutely dreadful. During the rest of the third period, I thought he actually played a really strong game and even picked up an assist, but it was too little, too late in my opinion. Unless both Sauer and Valentenko both Carcillo the bed tonight, I have to think Eminger is getting cut.

    Derek Stepan: I thought the kid looked great. Sure, he had some defensive lapses, especially in terms of two-way play and tracking back (there was definitely one goal where he was kind of lagging behind the play and should have been covering the third man in), but the kid has boat loads of talent and skates hard.

    Erik Christensen: I thought he had a pretty nondescript game. Great shootout goal. But I think because he has a better two-way game, they leave him on the top line instead of Stepan.

    Brandon Dubinsky: Dreadful. Honestly, they should give EC a look on the wing in Dubinsky’s place and sit Dubinsky for a while. Lazy, listless, careless with the puck. Just terrible.

    Sean Avery: Pretty good game for him. I think he’s finally in a role that suits him best: 3rd line winger.

    Marc Staal: Hot and cold defensively, but man, that was best goal of his career.

    Brian Boyle: Where was this guy last season? Skated hard, took the body, dove to break up plays on the PK, and since when can he shoot?

    Derek Boogaard: I think it’s funny that his weight has been discussed openly because after seeing him for the first time during the preseason, all I could think of is how fat he looked. I really like the look of our 4th line.

    MDZ: Thought he played well, but still getting caught a little too deep.

    Matt Gilroy: Good skating, good puck carrying skills, but just makes bad decisions in the offensive zone. It really limits his value because what is the point of him carrying the puck up ice if he’s just going to turn it over once he gains the zone. That’s what Scott Gomez used to do.

    Ruslan Fedotenko: Boy, the Rangers are going to have a really tough decision on their hands with him. I thought he played great.

    Alexander Frolov: Thought he was kind of invisible actually. Disappointed. I think he may end up being the second coming of Zherdev, not that there’s anything wrong with that (for one year).

  20. The Puck Drops Here on

    I think Boyle and Stepan should make the team. Stepan can play at this level and give Boyle a chance. He’s worked so hard. Dubi not showing much, so far.

  21. From where comes all this disturbance about Dubinski, and his ah, lack of effort.

    This has been going on since the first puck was dropped with Detroit…and it hasn’t changed by a measurable amount. What is he- has he reached “elder statesman’ status at his tender age?

    I believe that it is an attitude, sorta like ” I’ve got let’s pry me loose if you can.” I believe that his attitude has always been his biggest problem. Too bad he couldn’t be awakened by a dispatch to Hartford for a few games. You know, like the old one about the farmer hitting his mule between the eyes with a 2 by 4, and the young visitor outraged by saying ” why did you hit the poor thing? He didn’t do anything wrong”. The farmer replied, ” oh I know that, but I was just trying to get his attention.:

  22. Hello and good morning!

    Still here, trying to keep up with most of the posts.

    Very excited about possibilities for this team. Stepan isthe real deal. Staal better get his act together, that highlight goal DOES NOT make up for the terrible game he had. He looked like redden out there on some of those goals against. I hate it when a goal is scored and our d man looks at the goal scorer like he didn’t know he was on the ice.

    Have a great Saturday!!!

  23. I’ve noticed comments here and there that make me believe people are critisizing the Rangers because Zherdev and Kotalik are scoring preseason goals?? Really? Did you guys not see the way these guys played as Rangers through a legit regular season of hockey? or Zherdev’s playoff performance? (and I use the word performance loosely). Pre season hockey doesn’t mean anything when it comes to stats. We’re lucky to be rid of both of them. Will Zherdev probably have flashes of brilliance? yes. He’s done it most of his career. And on nights when we stink it up it’s going to sting to watch, but we’ve seen what he’s about when it counts. And it’s nothing special.

  24. Doodie – I’m with ya’ on most points, although I think you’re being a little overly hard on Dubinsky, and frankly I don’t see how EC’s two-way play is any better than Stepan’s. I’ve got few issues with the guy being in the lineup, but my issue is where do you put him? Stepan, who flat-out has nothing more to prove, looked like the best choice as top pivot. Christensen, OTOH, has been his usual streaky self there. After a strong game on first, he played his more-usual ‘nondescript game,’ as you put it. Not bad, just not what I’d expect from a guy with one of the league’s top offensive forwards.

    Also starting to agree on the sentiment about McDonagh. I’m starting to see him as the odd-man-out on defense.

    And Boyle…what a great addition to the team if he can keep playing like he is. I’ll be honest, I saw flashes of this last year. But his increased speed has added another dimension to his game. Now he just needs consistency. The team doesn’t need two Christensens.

    Also…nobody seems to be mentioning Ryan Callahan. What a game that guy had last night. I counted him with about five hits in the first period a lone. Not just small hits either. He was hammering guys.

    Bottom line is, if the Rangers play a tough game, they win. If they let up on their checks, they let the other team back in the game, as was evidenced last night. I went out for ONE beer and I come back and the game is tied…

  25. Very astute commentary James (G). And putting these pre -seasonal games in their proper perspective…but unfortunately they are all we have to measure anything by at the moment, but I get the thrust of your statement…..correct me if I’m wrong…”don’t get seriously overworked by the do’s and dont’s, and the slips and slides of these’s what happens for real that matters. And sometimes, by then it’s almost too late.

    in short these are windows of possibilties and probabilities..little more.

    ( I still can’t get over that shot by Frolov at Lundqvist, to start the game, and none of the announcers picked up on it, or even seemed to notice it.

  26. James – as someone who always liked Zherdev and who was flat-out pissed when he wasn’t resigned(and even more pissed when he went to the Flyers of all teams), I can say I’d take Frolov over him ANY day of the week. Fro brings so much more to the table. The minute I saw him play, my worries about Z went right out the window.

    And on Kotalik? There’s just no rational explanation why any self-respecting Ranger fan would pine over him for any reason, even if those goals were scored in the regular season. I crack a smile every time I see Prust take the ice, knowing that we’ve got him and not that worthless Czech.

  27. Fran – My buddy saw that shot! He thought it was Del Zotto for some reason… I thought he was nuts…tried to rewind the game, but couldn’t find it.

  28. Don’t worry about Dubinsky, he will be fine. Agree that if this team plays hard for 60 minutes they will contend. Anything less will be 15th place as predicted in the Hockey News.

  29. Fran- thank you. And that’s exactly it. There’s enough to worry about with the team we have and what they’ll be like when theyre playing these games for real. Worrying about the performance of guys we let go isn’t needed.

    Phil- I agree. Through the first half of that season I was happy we had Zherdev. He made some big plays and scored some exciting goals. His speed was something we didn’t have around here in a while. I remember the game in Columbus where Renney got hit with a puck on the bench and he basically took over the game against his old team. But when the team started tanking where was he? and when they snuck into the playoffs what did he do? Frolov has the skill and speed and he has the size. Hopefully he turns out to be one of the better signings in the NHL this summer.

  30. TK- that was their problem all of last year. They couldn’t put together 3 periods of hockey where they kept up with their checks and being relentless on the puck. If they can’t do it again this season then it doesnt matter whos on D or who centers who. It’s going to be a long season.

  31. >>>and it appears they see Stepan starting out on a second or third line, assuming he makes the team. Perhaps Prospal’s injury, and the broken finger suffered by Chris Drury early in camp, will make a decision on whether Stepan stays completely moot

    Ya know, probably the best decision Tom Renney ever made in his tenure here was making the decision to make Lundqvist the starter and making the veteran with the bigger contract (Weekes) the back up despite being signed to be the no.1 guy. It was the right decision for that season and for the long term well being of the entire organization.

    Now, in Torts’ era he’s faced with shaping a team for an organization that needs promise for the future and not to just ice a team that’s going to try to get by on being mediocre with 6-9th place finishes every year.

    So why does it matter what they invisioned before the start of camp? Or even what they predict with their ultra conservative philosophy for the team after 5 preseason games? why is it so important to have guys like Stepan or Valentenko start the season in lesser roles?
    I mean ok, not every prospect that shows promise is going to become a star like Hank did. But when you have the need for someone at a position and you have a kid who fits there and has done everything he can do to show he’s capable of doing good things, why cant you just look outside the box and take a chance on them?

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