It’s Go Time!


By the way, Happy October! That means hockey season.

Here’s what I suspect will be the lines tonight:

(Imagine, me talking lines?)


D-men (in no particular order): Del Zotto, Girardi, Staal, Eminger, McDonagh, Gilroy.

Lundqvist in goal.

See youse during the game. And after.

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  1. HAHAHA! 3CP is numbah 1! Everyone was scrappin’ to get Carped, and the Big T was lookin’ for the W!

    What a great day! Laurel’s grand nephew and the Tikadoo are happy and healthy!!!!!!!

    LGR!! But if they lose, I dont care!

  2. norem, I meant on “last” in last thread, but good second too!

    love that second line! second!

    tiki’s good, carp’s talking lines, my gran nephew is home….if we win tonight it’ll be a hat trick day plus one.

    (p.s.) my grand neph’s grandmom was none too please with me when I noted that we kicked him her home team the other night. :)

  3. Congratulations to all the Mets fans on here! Manuel and Minaya will be FIIIIRED on Sunday!!!

  4. My Puggle is incredible. A cop pulls over right in front of me, and my dog moves over to take a crap on a broken umbrella, so I can pick it up and throw it in a nearby garbage. He just saved me $100!!

    Take that coppers!

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's GO Rangers!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    ORR , your in for a treat!!! Rangers will go on heart and soul with a dash of Gaborik here and a spash of Hank there…

    GO TIME!!!!!

    Rangers gametime is ..NOW!!!

  6. Carp – With Morneau out, and Mauer semi-hurt, and the Twins struggling, I’d rather have Minny – especially with our history against them. However, if we get the Rangers, that means we have HFA – and we have a nice history against them, including 9 straight Division Series victories over them :)

  7. >>Congratulations to all the Mets fans on here! Manuel and Minaya will be FIIIIRED on

    Wrong blog! Let us know when you have breaking news on the employment status of a certain Glen Sather.

  8. here here headzo! hoping this manuel/minaya deal is a portent of things to come with the Rangers. I wonder if Charles Dolan would disown Jimbo, making him unemployed! lol oh to dream!

  9. Shattenkirkheadzo on

    Hey Linda.

    Good to see Staal in there – was worried about his trigger finger!

  10. oh man orr i wish you were still on the fb, i’d love to see pics of the puggle. whats his name

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's GO Rangers!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    no ORR , dam!!!!!


    I’d pay Boogaard even more then hes getting!! Seriously sinse when had a few Million go this far?? Besides Prospal.

  12. ORR, send me puggle pics at and I’ll post on FB. (why is he off FB?)

    Nasty, you here? saw your post earlier about an early boneheads fest….fyi, I’ll be at warren on opening night (for game) and TR will be there (after game)….come on down!

  13. Shattenkirkheadzo on

    I’d hate to be that 19 yo that knocked down Aves. He’s gonna have that kids # for the rest of the year. And you have have Boogie taking a look..

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's GO Rangers!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Shut up Sam and Joe I wanna hear ’bout the remarkable run to the playoffs Ottawa had last year. Game 82 you idiots!!! That all I think ’bout when ya say last year!!!

  15. Olga Folkyerself on

    Who is coaching the Rangers Power Play? Is Pearn back? PP kinda stinks so far…

  16. off topic, but, on my way home, I actually saw someone driving a PINTO, and it was in great (lol) condition! I was flabbergasted!

  17. BAH! Fall asleep for 2 hours and I miss all kindsa stuff. Just got caught up while watching the last 10 mins of the 1st. Avery being Avery was nice to see. Good penalty killing. BUt I’m going to get awfully cranky if I don’t see more Stepan and less Christensen soon lol

  18. lmao he’s afraid of heights!
    TRAUTWIG, you’re an asshat of the highest order.
    HOLY CARP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Hey guys and gals! can anyone tell how i can stream the game on an iPhone? Do any of you have a radio stream?

  20. More odd that a 6’7 guy is completely ineffectual. Annnd He looks like Eddie Cahill. That’s the guy that played Jimmy Craig in Miracle…Come to think of it, Cahill may actually be a better hockey player just from what he did in that movie. Perhaps Boyle should retire and try acting?

  21. lol nice Lin. I’ll just be thankful if they can be consistent. Another 7 or 8-0 start and I’m going to be angry and anticipating a 4-10-2 stretch!

  22. Eddie Cahill was at Bonehead Fest back in May. I’ve also spotted him at bars outside MSG before games.

  23. CT- I heard he goes to Rangers games. I think someone was saying they ran into him at Stout once.

  24. there’s my preseason shout out to the press box! We have nobody using a walker this year, so I’ll have to come up with something for later in the season! I might have to send LW a FB message to help me out with a special photo, his skills are boundless!

  25. I missed being here like crazy and had the most insane summer LOL But its all behind me and Im so happy to be back.

    CARP I MISSED YA!!!!!!!!
    Laurel what’s shakkKKKKKing!!!!

  26. Shattenkirkheadzo on

    Speaking of Stout, anybody have favorite Ranger pre-game bars? I like the dark & nasty Hickey’s, which is next to stout. I’ll also wonder over to the Molly Wee on 31st & 8th to watch dudes rap with h*m% Larry.

  27. Yeah CT I was working nights and weekends when it rolled around and just couldnt get down there. I think the fiance is taking me to Warren for my birthday in December though. Bonehead fest II is going to be like my festivus this year!

  28. I go to Blarney on 33rd btwn 6/7th. Total dive and not pretty but easier to deal with than Stout.

  29. Linda – my skills most definitely do have bounds. I might do something good once every two or three months. I’m like the Drury of Photoshop.

  30. When the shark bites…la la la…MAKO!!!

    John G and Joe M. handling tomorrow’s game? Suddenly, I’m no as bummed that I won’t be home to watch.
    Loving hank, but I would like a goal…by us.

  31. LW you always amaze me with your creations! I have a special request for you… to cheer up the guys in the press box come thanksgiving time!! I’ll shoot you a message if you don’t mind

  32. props to you nor on the magically delicious! i was celebrating too much to put it in my first post!

  33. Doing ok MAKO, glad that hockey is starting and the Mets are done and supposedly clearing house ASAP.

  34. Tenko Brothers

    omg, for the girls out there, have better looking guys ever been involved in one goal? Boyle and Prust! i know some of the ladies like danny g too.

  35. “firm” in the zone LOL Linda!

    Sam just mentioned the Yankees! WooooHoooo! That’s why I love Sammy!

  36. jpg had a great line point in discussing lines when Torts will change them midway through the 1st period of the 1st game if we havent scored 2 goals!

  37. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Stepan has to be our #1 center he has a lot more skill than EC. EC just floats around out there no sense of urgency or fight for the puck.

  38. Rick

    I missed your musings over the summer. It was a crazy one. Im glad Im back and hope you had a great summer. So do we have a little bit more optimism this year?


  39. Blogmama October 1st, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    nuthin much changes here MAKO :) except lines, of course….

    lol, we are consistently insane for sure!

  40. Country I agree. Even if he’s 1% better than EC once the season starts he’s still a kid coming into his own who’s going to play top line minutes and develop his obvious skill. NO BRAINER! which means it wont happen.

  41. boyle, prust and girardi, wha?! how about jaromir, drury, and avery, were those 3 ever in on the same goal?

  42. Shattenkirkheadzo on

    I Ruutu & Neil collide so hard they swap jocks & are out for the year those filthy Carcillo’s

  43. Can’t believe how many fans of the visiting team come to these games to see half a roster play. Detroit the other night, and Ottawa tonight.

  44. you have a different hotness scale than i do CR!

    lmao James, the organEYEzation is that predictable, isnt it?

  45. How is that boarding on Boogaard? Are players not allowed to hit anymore?

    Stepan says no he won’t go Whaling!

  46. It’s official. I am so bufuglienly over hearing “big” “strong” and “big and strong.” if that’s all it takes to do that job, let me have it!!!!! holy effing hell!!!!

    i agree, lame call on Boo. possibly cause he’s just so big and strong.

  47. lmfao NOr! great minds!

    somerset, i think with the Pack becoming the Whale, we should be ok

  48. i agree mama, i could talk all day about big and strong! and firmness! linda, im with ya on prust and girardi, and even sox fan boyle, but theyre not Avery!

    Booooooooooooooooooooooo! Spezza is big and strong!

  49. Stepan is the real deal. he better be #1 center. I don’t want to hear anymore from the Rangers aboot EC. he can fill in on the lower lines.

  50. spit it out giabone! he sounds like the weathermen down here. It. Takes. A. While. For the. Sentence to. Form.

  51. I am also officially going with STEP-ON. Double emphasis. Seems to work. And it seems so deserving in CAPS!!

    Shatten…my language is beautiful and pure. Just like me :O

  52. Went to the Hurricanes-Thrashers game this afternoon.

    A few former Rangers in the game:

    Bobby Sanguinetti was not impressive at all. There was nothing about his game that made me wish the Rangers kept him.

    Nigel Dawes was invisible. I kept looking for him, but he didn’t do much.

    Nick Antorpov scored the game tying goal with less than a minute left. He looks like a big, slow guy, but he still does some good things. When he was with the Rangers I thought he played well enough to get resigned, but I guess they wanted guys like Eric Christensen more.

  53. this place is like a comedy club! comedy gold! Giabone! Whale of a Body! It’s like one after another!

  54. Carp, Ottawa has most of their top players in the lineup, except for their 2nd line of Fisher and Kovalev

  55. another look at boyle!

    eminger looks like Voros probably looks in the offseason when his face isnt swollen from taking all those fists to it!

  56. Shattenkirkheadzo on

    LOL Mama! It sure as s@#t is! And I’m with you on Step-on.

    PS – Fire Sather

  57. I’m down to riot! especially if Lin is in on it. I’ll be the guy standing behind Clinton talking carcillo lol

  58. LMFAO JAMES!! yea, Clinton and Shannan will be the tag team, and you and I will be the carcillo talkers!

  59. lmao orr!

    you guys are in mid season form! youse guys did NOT take the summer off!! well, all except MAKO Lol

  60. LOL Linda
    yeah we’ll I’d rather have been waterboarded then go through what I went through this summer LOL

  61. this is gonna sound hilarious, but I swear he totally looks like how i thought ORR would look! lmao

  62. But that ties, with that suit? he needs to stop listening to torts in that department :)

  63. lol nice Lin.

    I’m curious about the whale merchandise. I’m in the danbury area now and I see a lotta whalers stuff at the mall and elsewhere. It’s like a cult following. can’t wait to see what happens when the new stuff comes out

  64. Ties for Torts everyone
    I hope Stepan saved some money, you know he’ll be paying for a team dinner pretty soon!

  65. LINDA! what, i’m a healthy 26 year old woman :))) and he i delishy! Rangers maintain the standard!

  66. Mama, WHA?!?! You’re questioning your for Avery….for Sauer Power? Aver would not like that!!

  67. Laurel, i yelled your name because i was SHOCKED that you’d say Aves has competition! At least you picked a good one!

  68. Uh oh, Stepan is going to get benched for his defensive lapse. Just the out Tortorella was looking for.

  69. double carcillo… last minute AND first minute? WTB!? OOH MSG with the Metallica tonight!

  70. HA! Lin, you and CR had the same reaction! Hey, my heart is true to Sweet 16, but I’m just saying….:)

  71. well, gosh, all, i’m sorry, but did you look at him?

    what the heck is happening in this game?????

  72. Why do I have a feeling someone’s gonna say “Bring back Redden” sometime this season LOLOLOL

  73. omg Mako, I can’t imagine anyone but a troll saying something like that!

    BANJ was reddens baby last week, i thought it was CCCP. I’ll always go with BANJ from now on with the topical new name lol

  74. “Sauer & Mama sittin in a tree…” LMFAO!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!

    I did not see Sauer, so I am not yet sweet on Sauer!


  76. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's GO Rangers!!!" ...says Greg L. on


  77. Wait a second, did Boooogaaaard just score???

    That doesnt count in our bet with Greg. It has to be regular season.

  78. CT and ORR, you guys are killin me! I’m crying over here because of you two and CHris!

  79. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's GO Rangers!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Cr9…yer looking perty scared!!! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Yeah just pre season…LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!

  80. some great new nicknames tonight, especially those for Boyle. I like Boog-a-loo, also.

    And anything with a Tenko at the end. Carptenko.

  81. CR. was that stipulated in the original bet? IF NOT, you can’t go back and change the rules now. If you guys said ALL SEASON, and did not exclude preseason, it should count!

  82. >>So now Stepan gets his shot with the first line?

    [Torts says] NO! We don’t want to give him too much too soon. We want to save him for later.

  83. Hey TR, I was just going to say that :)

    tr, in all friendliness, you’re quite welcome here, but TR coined his handle ages ago and is know by that. Can’t ya pick something else just to be cool?
    You’ve done nothing wrong here, just get an original name. Seems fair to me.

  84. Greg – pre-season wasn’t included in our bet either, but I’m such a generous type (and I’m confident that the Booger is still such a hopeless player type), I’ll let you have that one.

  85. Greg – i have a feeling im losing my bet of 0 goals for Boooogaaard. but hey, if the rangers succeed, then who gives a rats …! :)

  86. Carp, caught that did you? This poor kid is doing everything right and he’s gonna wind up in Hartford because Mr “Safe is death” is going to play it safe and use EC in what should be Stepan’s spot.

  87. Somerset:

    if you have been paying attention to this team Dubi hasnt looked good since Jagr departed. Remind you of someone else? (Prucha)

  88. you guys are the absolute best!

    ‘big strong body’ man, these guys really make ya wonder. Maybe they shouldn’t be allowed in the locker room!

  89. Shattenkirkheadzo on

    Dubinsky ate too many of the Captain’s slices & has contracted a case of the drury’s.

  90. Maybe we should stop chatting about the forward lines and pay more attention to the Sauer, Valentenko, Mcdonagh debate because apparently the issue with this team is going to be that they randomly stop playing defense

  91. linda I was wondering if Sam is married because the way he describes players sometimes is pretty homoerotic.

  92. Big strong firm hard gargantuan bodied Boooooooogaaaaard has delivered – albeit in a meaningless preseason game!

  93. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's GO Rangers!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Either Hank has rebirthed of the “tank” or Spezza is having a WHALE of a game.

    TY LW3h!!!! BUT BUT , I don’t take charity ..Boogaard does so I’ll take that as goal #1 , Ur a good sport man!!

  94. YAY man on man coverage WTF is Dubi looking at. Um are we still allowed to say that Rick?

    I know about the other word that will get you banned for.

  95. honestly, i do NOT want to think of Sam or Joe being approached to pose in playgirl lol

  96. A late PP to the Rangers to help the Rangers get back in the game. It must be preseason!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. OK, really, spare me the snookies…that woman (and I use the term loosely) makes me want to prucha……

  98. i may be wrong, but they have not really delved into horrible chickie pop music at the garden during the game.

  99. i just learned the other day that Sean Patrick Flanery posed in Playgirl long ago! Hubba Hubba!

  100. Mako, last night waiting for FRINGE to come on,they should teasers for next weeks BONES, and omg, its a freakin guido episode! FOR SHAME!

  101. Ha, I knew you children would react to spread eagle…lordy….wait STAAALLLLLLLLLLL! This is pre-season?

    STAAL has finally arrived in the preseason! and damn, he might be hurt!

  103. I love the LGR chant! The fans are getting into form early this year!

    We want the Cup! We want the CUP! WE WANT THE CUP!

  104. lmao James!!

    THE CROWD COMES ALIVE…….. i wonder how many times Sam has said that over the years!

  105. OK, yeah, it’s pre-season, but everything still counts mentally and all the other “allys”

    they seem to be in it to win it, and I like that.

  106. not only are they remaking True Grit……but the Munsters also???? Has hollyweird totally run out of ideas!? Sacrilege i tell ya

  107. This team going to be fun ladies & germs….there is speed and talent here and our lower hockey IQ players have been shipped to shore….Drury can stay out all he likes.

  108. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's GO Rangers!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    WOHHHHHHOOO Ive got this feel’in , that Tonight’s gonna be a good good night..

    LET’s GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!

  109. Linda they have when they remade “swept away”, “willy wonka & the chocolate factory” and a few others. But the biggest blasphemy was that “Honeymooner” movie. Dont get me started!!!!!

  110. Greg – Lets paint the town…We’ll shut it down…Lets burn the roof…and then we’ll do it again

  111. agreed Joel! we should be so lucky that all our games this season are this action packed!

    OMG Mako, all those and the wiz. They just better leave 16 Candles and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure alone! Just leave stuff alone! Get an original idea!

  112. Lin, Hollywood is full of ‘tards now. Barely any original ideas these days.

    “Inception” was the only movie that kept me interested throughout the entire movie. Everything else I saw, there was a moment where I though aboot a passionate makeout session with Blake Lively, Megan Fox, etc. Then I would realize I’m watching a movie.

  113. I’ll let Clash of the Titans go because AUSSIE AVES was the star, and, well, to look at him for a few hours is fun

  114. Orr, i was reading something yesterday about casting the Thundercats movie, they said Joan RIvers should be Mumra

  115. Yeas, but True Grit remake has Jeff Bridges so, um, I’m kinda gonna go see that.

    In the meantime, does the world really need another couple meets cute over adorable but abandoned messy baby again? (one’s coming out, saw the preview) ugh. I’ll clean the litter box instead. better time spent.

  116. jeff bridges..sox fan, i think!

    Oh my goodness, Joe, he just saved the game, a preseason game! Whoopidee Doo!

  117. ORR, ugh. If we lose this in a SO I will be PO’d. don’t care if it doesn’t count.

    Quick, who’ll shoot?

  118. holy carcillo. was torts actually laughing and smiling at the same time???? There’s a rip in the universe

  119. Which long stick? I know Hennie uses 2 long sticks!


  120. And the Rangers win it….a meaningless game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But the good news from tonight…

    STEPAN STAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. EC not going anywhere…the guy is talented…i agree with Fran here. Good night all! we gong to have a fun season together!!!

  122. Great moved by EC, beauty save by Hank. WHOA OH OH OH, WHOA OH OH OH. Stick salute! A great day all around!

  123. Cross Check – whatever Christensen does or doesn’t contribute during the game, he’s got one of the best shootout records in the league. Hardly an incredible decision to use him.

  124. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's GO Rangers!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    NOT a SHOOT OUT !!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO …wait!!! We won!!!!???? Holey Hell yeah baby!!!!!

    Tonight’s gonna be a good good nighttttt!!!


  125. mao, I just fell off my chair! HA!

    Lordy, I love this game, team and blog!!! it’s a happy day when there’s so many comments you can’t keep up!

    ilb, where’d you go! you’re not coming to my wedding! (semi-inside joke, sorry)

  126. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's GO Rangers!!!" ...says Greg L. on


    WOHOOOOOOOOOO Staalsie scored!!! BUT BUT he maybe hurt .

    BOOGAARD is the Shizzel!!!

  127. Bravo Mao!!!!!!!!

    omg you guys were freakin blazing with the fire of a million suns tonight! WELL DONE!

  128. 5-4, I was just going to ask that. dang, asshats cut away. no stars or slices for us :( Carp?

  129. almost 500 posts for a preseason game! (OK, about 100 were mine lol)

    I am honored to spend another season of Rangers hockey with the best group of people in the world! You guys are the best!

  130. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's GO Rangers!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Mao , this one will last 1 night CUZ tommorow anuther star is born. Tonight it is Stepan and if it wasn’t for Boogaards goal…Staalsies rush …and do not forget Christenson , he trys hard and is golden when it counts.

    Derek ” Money” Stepan. Sounds beuuuty!!!

  131. Ditto Linda!!!

    Im beat from a LONG week but I am absolutely thrilled to be back. My hours at work may change so Im brining my lap top in so I can watch the games.
    I have to head out of town tomorrow morning but I’ll be back and must push back the fantasy draft one day.

    I’ll email you in a few.

  132. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's GO Rangers!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    U rock Linda!!!

    Rangerssssss are the greatest team alive!!!!

    New uniforms are comming too!!! Lots of drama to unfold with Boogaard and Stepan!!! Everyone plays thier part. How can anyone not love the Rangers!!!

  133. Greg, my positive man, that makes no sense….on any night if weren’t for whoever and whatever we’d lose…am I misreading you?

  134. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's GO Rangers!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Feels like we just won the cup , ahhhh ( put my feet up) It’s gonna be a great year!!!!

  135. With ya Banj. really hoping they sat him just to be cautious. Hate to find out that he hurt himself on that play regardless of how pretty that play was

  136. Blue Seat Horror on

    Linda, 3 stars? Yep, as per I’m at work so I won’t see the game until 1 or 3 am, but that’s what the scoresheet says.

  137. lol blue!

    October 1, broke the jersey out today and wore it. It’s officially HOCKEY SEASON, and you guys made it even moreso tonight! Here’s hoping all our games are as exciting as this was. Hell, even HALF as exciting would be better than about 50 of our games last season!

  138. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's GO Rangers!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Momma , I don’t have the foggiest idea what you are on about?

    Im only positive cuz I see the reality here…we are gonna win alotta games this year , you can “bank” it!!

  139. Niters! If ya think the Rangers are gonna win the Cup this year, raise ya hands…
    :hands raised:

  140. argh, i hate when another team’s guy gets a slice (btw, I love that replacing stars :)

    oh well, we won! Greg, call the fog even, been a long week.

    I sadly will miss you all for game tomorrow. Got a social deal…will hopefully be able to watch some, but not be online. :(

  141. life is that much sweeter any time these guys win. It just puts a bigger smile on your face and more swagger in your walk lol

  142. Blue Seat Horror on

    I actually had tickets for tonight but had to give them away because I had to get SOME work done this week. Can’t do 2 in one week.

  143. Look folks

    You just knew that this would be a somewhat nutty game, at the very opening when Frolov found the puck on his stick at his own sideboards, lined up and shot it directly at Lundqvist who had to make a save on it, and probably had a few choice Swedish words to say about Frolov’s ancestry.

    I was in the mist of drinking a cup of coffee and I almost choked laughing at that one. tbw came over and asked, ” are you all right?” still trying to catch my breath I said,
    ” yeah but these guys aren’t” Now how long are the anti EC folks going to be in denial about the guy. He’s not gonna hurt the team by having him,and he just might help.After all, the whole thing when you come right down to it is a crap shoot. I am still waiting for Dubinsky to display all of this wonderfulness that I keep hearing about. He has seemed on one continuous float from the opening faceoff this season. Oh I know what he can do, and I expect him to come around, but it seems that he gets a pass where a rookie or a lesser light might be dispatched to the outer limits. I get a big charge out of seeing BIG BG, make his mark. Surprising as it is.

    And Lundqvist frankly, needs to pull himself together. He was taken rather easily here tonite, and that’s no way to approach the Sabers. Uh Uh.

  144. Blue Seat Horror on

    Thanks, Linda. I’ll have to have a talk with my boss and let him know about your disapproval. (the inside joke here is that I’m self-employed.)

  145. lmfao BLUE! you need to have a face to face with the boss and let him know it’s hockey season lol ;-)

  146. not against EC being part of the team. but he should NOT be the #1 center over Stepan. that is going with the past over the team’s future

    let EC do what he is best at. and that is being a veteran forward who can play all forward postions on different lines to fill in spots. and he is also good on the shootout and decent on the PP occasionally.

  147. raise your hands if you love fran! sir, I am go glad you are a regular here now. fran’s early post-game notes!

  148. Blue Seat Horror on

    Now that’s what I call 4th line contribution. 2 goals in just under 10 minutes of ice time.

  149. boyle and prust work well together. and boogie with the stickhandling skills! offensive weapong lol. i kinda like our 4th line the way it is.

  150. Boogieman is so big and powerful that when he decides to crash the net, the goalie just cowers deep in the net in mortal fear, and da puck goes in

  151. Where is Mako.? ..I haven’t heard from him in ages. We were emigres from the discarded Post blog, and I was surprised to find he was here.

  152. he was on earlier fran. will be around more once the season gets into full swing if job duties allow him! I used to read you over at the Post, but never posted there myself. Glad to have you aboard!

    nyr… understood. it’s like brainwashing!

  153. eh? ugh? post has a blog? This is the Rangers blog!

    FB heads, please see message I posted tonight. Nasty, this means you :)

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