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So it doesn’t byfuglien rain all summer, and now, because I have a tee time, we have to get this storm?

Or, at least, it looked like it was going to be a storm. It stopped raining at about 9 or 10 a.m. yesterday and was threatening to pour all night into the morning and through today (though I went to bed still wondering if it would actually rain).

Anyway, no idea if I’ll actually be playing today or not.

Whether I do or not, I’ll be headed to Manhattan later on for the Rangers’ final home preseason game. We expect that Christensen, White and Kennedy will all be prucha’d; that Rozsival (groin) and possibly Staal (lacerated finger or hand Wednesday) will sit, and that Prospal goes back into the lineup, as the first-line center.

You guys can update if I do manage to chase a little white ball for a few hours.


Eight days until Opening Night.

8: Yogi Berra, Bill Dickey, Gary Carter.

8: Steve Vickers, Darren Turcotte.

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  1. The Puck Drops Here on

    I like your 9/27 post on your web site. I totally agree. My friends are all on cholesterol lowering drugs. Hello? Try eating differently. Don’t use the drugs to keep things in check.

    Oh, right! This is Rangers Report. :) LGR!!!!!

  2. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    frank Crosetti 8 WS rings with the Yankees, 8 days a week -Beatles

    Carp if you can’t chase the ball because of the chase the wife or Goomah

  3. Puck
    Website is good, need to work out a few kinks
    Blog is good too but blogging ain’t easy and sometimes I think I’m too cynical…but it’s hard to walk that line.
    That’s for askin!

  4. Gift of GAB-orik on

    8- Randy Carlyle for the Winnipeg Jets

    Carlo Colaiacovo for the Leafs… a fun name to hear when you’re playing NHL on Playstation…

    Matt Cullen for the ‘Canes

    Vinny Lecavalier in 99

    the other Messier… Joby Messier in 94.


  5. VinnyV,that whale logo?*worst* *logo* *ever*
    a cup of coffee sez they change it before the switch occurs.

  6. Carp, if there’s still time to submit a question for Sam…

    In past years, the team has taken trips and participated in activities to build moral and camaraderie. Has the organization (Torts?) found it ineffective or is that time better spent in meetings and on the ice?

  7. Cwede thank you. People forget how great Walt Pobbdubny was. When I think of number 8 on the rangers I think of big Walt!!

  8. Can’t wait to see Prospal get a game in tonight. I hope that Stepan stays up, I don’t think he’ll benefit from a year in Hartford.

    Golf doesn’t seems likely on a day like this Carp! Score 1 for the small white ball. Morning all!

  9. Couple of things from the previous thread:

    Fran – Boogaard is going into his 11th year of playing junior/semi-pro/pro hockey. The main reason the guy has made it that long -especially at the NHL level -is that he’s a menace on the ice. His fists are going to keep other agitators somewhat clean, and if they don’t, his hits will. With that said, I’m sure some coach along the way had the thought that he could turn Boo into a Byfuglein-type player. But from what I can see, the guy simply doesn’t have the reaction time, speed or basically any of the skills to be that sort of player at this level of hockey or any other level for that matter. He is what he is, which is a bruising thug. Right now, I would bet the coaching staff is desperately trying to get his skating up to speed(pun intended), so that he can skate 82 games in a year. Torts already told him to lose 15 pounds or so. Not to mention, it’s rare when you have a guy that size that can actually pull moves in front of the net. Real rare. There’s a reason you don’t see 6’8 power forwards in the NHL too often.

    And for those who think Boo is going to skate only 50 games a year, I’ve got a wager that says you’re wrong. I would be astonished if he’s not in 70-plus. Remember, Dolan’s ‘pledge’ on the last night Orr was scratched as a Rangers…

    Czech – Weiss would take this team from on the bubble of making the POs to being a serious contender. I know his stats don’t look that impressive, but he’s a genuine first-line center. But if the asking price is Dubinsky, the point is moot. The Rangers seem to place him in a category with Staal and Callahan, meaning the deal would need to be too good to be true for them to go for it.

    Somerset – I think Boyle is all but penned in as the fourth-line center. They asked him to increase his foot speed and play more physical. He did both, which probably makes the coaches pretty happy. Also, he looked real nice on Boogaard’s line. He’s defensively sound and, if he puts his mind to it, can hit hard. On good nights, he adds offense. EC on a line with a stiff like Boo would be ineffective, IMO. EC is the type of player who doesn’t do too well when he’s in a lower-line role. I think that’s a good reason to cut him, but I don’t think the organization agrees with me…

  10. Phil – great post, agree with you on most points.

    CT – that hat is real niiice, think i may pick one of those up myself!


    Larchmonts been a mess all morning Carp. no power outage yet though so that’s a plus.

    NY Post is reporting that Sather would be interested in claiming Souray off re entry waivers if he could manage it. Souray is currently on waivers

  12. James – I hope what you read was just LB making noise.

    Hopefully, Edmonton never puts Souray through re-entry! Why would we want him? He’s always hurt and a defensive liability on the ice when healthy. And I don’t care what kind of shot he has from the point. Valentenko has all the tools to be better than Souray with a little more experience.

  13. James, if Souray is placed on re-entry waivers I doubt he makes it through to our #10 position. I think at half salary someone else would pick him up first.

  14. read that these are the forward line tonight:

    Alex Frolov-Vinny Prospal-Marian Gaborik
    Brandon Dubinsky-Artem Anisimov-Ryan Callahan
    Sean Avery-Derek Stepan-Ruslan Fedotenko
    Derek Boogaard-Brian Boyle-Brandon Prust

    I’m totally fine with this being our season forwards roster. Boorgaard and Boyle would alternate according to opposition when Drury comes back. The flexibility of Prospal and Drury allows Tortorella to put Stepan in good situations for him to gain experience and have success.

  15. OK # 16 Gaye Stewart (Played for a lot of teams, but was a great shot maker)

    # 7 Don (Bones) Raleigh

  16. Why oh why is he interested in a walking invalid like Souray?

    Hasn’t he got enough on his plate lately to keep him confused
    til the next quarter century?

    He’s bad enough when he has what are laughingly called, “his wits” about him, but when he gets overloaded he gets silly.

    ……….And does some very peculiar things in the trade and drafting area.

  17. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Those might be very good lines, I’m hoping that Stepan stays for the season… scratch Drury forever!

  18. Good morning, boneheads!

    Scott- Souray for half price? I have to disagree with your assessment. I’m sure at least wicky will be on the same page :-) But I do agree that those lines would be ok to start the season.

  19. Drury has definitely had his problems scoring but he does ALL the other things that he needs to be in the lineup every night. People need to stop bashing Drury – he’s tremendous player even when he doesn’t score.

  20. Yes, scott, all the silliness going on on the blog about Drury, but if he is not there for extended period of time, he will be missed.

  21. I’m looking forward to see how Stepan performs tonight with Avery and Fedotenko. If they have another strong game together it would be hard not to have them as a line on opening night. I got upgraded to seats on the red line 7 rows from the glass for the Detroit game and I watched Stepan closely. He definitely looked ready to play in the league that night. By the way, everyone shoould get to sit that close atleast once. It makes you realize just how big and fast those guys are and how hard the game really is. Maybe some of the know it alls that sit with me in the blue seats would have a better perspective when they yell ‘shoot’ and there are clearly 2 gouys blocking the path to the net.

  22. Druuuuury! Ive got a feeling we’ll be hearing that name in the scoring column a lot more this year! “Oh, Dru look so beautiful tonight! In the city of blinding lights”

  23. Old coiach

    you have lurched unerringly into the reality that stands folk, never take into consideration…the line of there an opening from the shooter’s vantage point? Now you can accept this up to a point, but when you see lineups in the PP like Renney used to put out there…Rozi on the right point, and a guy named Joe on the left (often Mara) or Tyutin, neither of whom was normally in a position to shoot, and then see Rozi casually flip a soft looping shot in the goal opposed to blasting it with a slap shot (which usually fell harmlessly to the ice,) and generated a riposte against their own goal which was often a game of catch up…when they usually did not catch up….that’s when the natives really grew restless.

    And he never changed it! No matter how ineffetive
    it usually was.

  24. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Haha… we still got some Drury brain-washed fans (sorry, Ilb, no offense intended). Woohoo!

    He’s a chump. He doesn’t win faceoffs. He’s not offensively creative. And the fact remains that Blair Betts could play just as good, if not better, PK while blocking shots and NOT getting hurt.

    I’ve been saying this for YEARS! Seems like a nice guy and all, but he needs to be Redden’d IMMEDIATELY!

  25. No Souray!

    Anybody in the ESPN hockey lg, I need help with something…

    *Matchup Acquisition Limits (Used/Max) : 0 / 4*

    What does the above bolded mean?

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{WICKY}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} You have a trade proposal from CJ, “You dont know Carcillo”

  26. Souray probably wont even be put through re entry waivers.

    In other news- what has two thumbs and wants Stepan on the team?

  27. I think a lot of Drury-hate is partially due to the fact that he represents the faults of Sather and the way the Rangers have built teams over the past 20 years. Large contract, doesn’t perform like he did elsewhere and a team that pinned its hopes on him when he was signed has performed poorly. Top that off with the fact that he was given the captaincy in only his 2nd year and it’s no surprise he’s become one of the more frequent targets of criticism in recent years.

  28. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    “Souray is old and washed up. If he wasn’t good enough in Edmonton, why would he be good enough here.”

    Unfortunately, logic has never stopped Sather before. If he can pick him up at 1/2 price at the scratch and dent sale it may be too much for him to pass up. The farce is strong with this one…

  29. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    CT, that is an extremely well presented analysis of the situation.

    Add to that, all of the commercial propaganda that happened the first year or two! All of the “CLUTCH” talk! “There he goes! He did it again?! And an MSG-PROfiles: Chris Drury?!, really?!! Tons of nonsense talk from Joe and Sam to promote Drury and make A LOT of the NY fans like him… it was nauseating to me then and has since backfired on them.

  30. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Drury hate is the same as Redden hate, he’s not doing enough to justify his dent in the cap. Especially for a third line center. What’s worse is we can’t move him…

    8- the number of million reasons to hate Drury…

  31. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Didn’t you know that Avery is a super-star now, he doesn’t worry about goons like Tucker anymore.

  32. I remember the Avery-Tucker stick fight a few years back. I was half hoping it was going to lead to some Youngblood type brawls.

  33. Puck, for some of us (not me), it doesn’t matter how well you eat, your cholesterol is high. My dad is a carrot-eating, always-exercising, 130-pounder who has high cholesterol. Right, ilb?

    CCCP, Hah. A Carcillo Hat.

    Not sure what to think about Souray, even at half price. I tend to lean toward Staal’s sentiment. What, they couldn’t get an older guy?

    Love the subtle Seinfeld references. 8: The secret sign of The Van B Boys.

    TheDude, the white ball always wins.

    Good morning, Sally!

    Not a good morning for me. Washed out.

  34. Carp, while that may be true, there are ways to lower cholesterol naturally, without the use of prescription drugs. And yes genetics does play a role. But the point is…it can be done without the harmful side effects of drugs.

  35. Staal, I’m not being a smart-ass when I ask this. Are you a doctor? Because in some cases (my dad is a perfect example) there’s nothing else he could do. If there was a natural way for him to lower it, he would be the last person on earth to take a prescription drug.

    right, ilb?

  36. Gift of GAB-orik on


    you’re on man… mostly because i think the logo should be changed… cuz it’s awful. I heard from Gross, Zip, And Fischler on my twitter page… The Maven liked it, Gross and Zip dislike it.

    I think the logo is fine, if you’re 9 and playing hockey. AHL club deserves better. Family Environment? please… lame excuse for a lame logo.

  37. Gift of GAB-orik on


    to clarify… the cup of coffee bet… are you saying you get coffee if it IS changed? and i get it if it’s NOT?

  38. Not an MD Carp. But a DC and nutritionist.
    I have clients who have lowered it naturally who were told they couldn’t. Does it work in every case…no but it is worth a try…right, ilb?

  39. Joekuh - I made it outta Blog Training Camp! on

    So i walk into the ATL flagship New Era store, and guess what I find. An official Wolfpack hat! Got a Rangers, Wolfpack, and Whalers hat. Piff!

    Oh yeah we’re playing tonight huh? I was hoping to see more of Kennedy, but we’ll see…

  40. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I lowered my cholesterol significantly, I keep all my meats, cheeses, eggs etc on the lowest shelf in the fridge…

  41. Tiki’s test results have come back finally! No cancer or autoimmune disease! Just a Hypersensitivity, fancy word for Allergy! She’ll take Prednisone and hopefully her pretty little face will be 100% soon! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  42. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    Carp is right … there are obese people who have fantastic cholesterol and there are healthy people who have extremely high LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and low HDL (good) cholesterol, regardless of how much fiber they eat and exercise that they do. It’s always good to exercise and eat right, but for his dad (who sounds like he is doing nearly everything in his control), a prescription might be the only additional measure to take.

    I’m not an MD… but hopefully will be one day in the near future.

  43. Carp: I can attest to what you are saying re: high cholesterol. Spent the better part of 2 years on diet, etc. 3-months after low-dose lipitor, numbers dropped 90 points. Genetic? I think so…

  44. Look at this product on Amazon, and then look at the description!

    In this book: All the details about how the dark horse New York Rangers turned into a Cinderella team by winning their first round NHL playoff series against the high-flying Washington Capitals with Alexander Ovechkin while being led by “Averella”, the two-headed, fire-breathing monster made up of the hot-headed Sean Avery and the fiery coach John Tortorella. These articles, features, recaps, humour pieces, etc., have appeared on CBS Sports,, Sports Fan Goods, T.O. Sports, and Bleacher Report.

  45. You are all right, to an extend. Familial hypercholesterolemia is very difficult, if not impossible to control with diet and exercise alone. Staal is right too, there are other natural and safe ways to control it( he knows more about it than I do, I’m sure), and should be tried before resorting to meds. Most of the patients with this type end up on medications. Btw, those medications are not without side effects.

    CR9- good to hear about Tiki. One question, though. Why does she have to take steroids? Does this rash bother you or her? If it’s you that can’t take it, then think twice. Again, I’m not a veterinarian, but I’m sure whatever allergic thing she has is eventually self limited.

    Boy, I can just feel that our medical convo will get a few boxers in a bunch.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Going to my first game tonight in the new spot where my group splits its season tickets. The rest of the group is in agreement that they are much better than where we were last year. Can’t wait!

    Anyone have the lines for tonight yet?

  47. ilb, my boxers are already in a bunch (see: rain/golf convo).

    But thanks. Hope you weren’t driving on the iPhone when you wrote that.

    CR, great to hear about Tik.

  48. Fran
    I hear what you’re saying about those Renney era power plays when it seemed like good shots were being passed up. A funny story from those days – at a fan forum a kid who looked about 12 gets the microphone and asks “why do you guys on the power play always pass the puck 12 times before you shoot?” Scotty Gomez answers with a deapan straight face “Well, the plan is to pass the puck 13 times but then you guys start to boo so we shoot early.” The whole place cracked up!

  49. Orr- considering that Carp is 26, I could well be. That’s exactly my son’s age lol.

    Carp, sorry about your golf…Have you thought about taking some water polo lessons? :-)

    True Fans- no offense at all. Drury does what he does well. And don’t compare him to Redden. Redden flat out stinks. Drury should be paid $2M. That’s what he is worth. But he isn’t going anywhere. So we may as well accept him.
    NYMC Valhalla, btw? In a couple of years, if I remember correctly?

  50. The Puck Drops Here on

    Carp, I agree with you that if changes in diet and exercise don’t work, cholesterol medication is appropriate. I’m faulting people who eat whatever they want with the expectation that the drug they are on will keep their cholesterol count in check.

    Sorry about your rain out.

  51. I always find it funny when fans (including myself, btw) start telling the players what to do. Or what should’ve been done. Hello? There is a reason they are playing in NHL and we are, uhm… the spectators.

  52. 4generations 4 cups on

    I really think your use of players’ last names instead of obscenity is friggin hilarious.

  53. Thanks guys! BB! :)

    ilb – Technically, it bothers me more than it bothers her. I hate seeing her face all red and irritated. However, she’s always pawing at it and making it worse and causing scabs.

    Ive looked up the dangerous side effects of Prednisone. Doc consulted with a dermatologist that said that they see cases like this often in huskies and it’s just a little higher dosage than the steroid – Temerol P (sp?) – that she was on a couple months ago.

    Her face has been going like this at least since the end of June, and IIRC the end of May.

    What are your thoughts? I’d really appreciate your take.

  54. Vinny,yes.

    im saying they change it,add a laser on its head,have dolphins hanging halfeatin out of its mouth,some biceps and gloved hands holding a hockeystick…maybe something creepy like the wolf-head-submarine.

  55. If anyone is watching the Ryder Cup tomorrow or Sunday, look for me wearing Rangers White. It’s an honor to represent the Boneheads at this International event.


  56. I’m heading to see the Wolfpack pre-season tilt tonight. Zuke should be in the lineup, wonder if Redden will be?

    I think a forward and defenseman must be packaged, I wonder if Gilroy and Christensen could land us back some picks, could it warranted a late 1st rounder or early second rounder from some team in next year’s draft?

  57. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    congrats on Tiki. I’ll check the league tonight if I can remember!

    sorry about the golf. Take out your frustrations with unexpected carpings!

    re souray

    Souray isn’t good enough for edmonton in the way heatley wasn’t good enough for the sens. Don’t confuse ability and personal/cap reasons for a player being unwanted. Souray is better than rozy now, he is better than girardi now, he is better than eminger now. He is better now than than at least one d man on almost every team in the leagues starting 6, if not more. I’d rather have him on the roster over any of the 3 guys I listed above. And he costs less at half salary than 2 of the 3.

    That being said i doubt if he makes it past the fishies (at 4 I think), or to 10 at all even if he goes on re entry waivers. It would be an interesting decision for slats if he was there on re entry.

  58. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Ilb, if that’s how you feel Redden played (rotten), then I think that’s a fair assessment of Drury. I disagree in that I feel Redden would be playing in the NHL for $3.0million. I don’t think any team in the NHL would pay Drury $3.0 million right now and so, in that comparison, Redden is more valuable than Drury. I don’t think Redden’s performance has been as poor as you have, but that’s a difference of opinions in a situation that would be very difficult to analyze. We can agree on the obvious though, that the most significant fault of Drury and Redden is that they signed monster contracts offered by Glenn Sather, essentially, leading to the demise of both player’s reputations.
    BTW:2 years, 8months, and some days … yes, you are correct on the location too. Did I post that info here or within the facebook group somewhere?

  59. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I guess I have not seen the new “whale” logo. Anyone have a link?

  60. I’d rather have Souray over Blowzy, but it would piss me off if they waive Blowzy to bring him in. I’d much rather them waive his ass for V-Tank or Sauer.

    Souray does have a pretty powerful shot still, if he stays healthy. His defense isn’t all that good, but he could help out the PP.

    But, we’re not winning the Cup this year, so what’s the point?

  61. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I think redden could be on a nhl roster for 2 or so mil and dru would definitely be on one for 3 or 4 mil.

  62. congrats CR9
    on the good med news

    now, Carp and ilb
    what do i do about my blood pressure rising
    when i see that my editor added a line to my story that DOESN’T MAKE SENSE TO THE CONTEXT OF THE REST OF THE STORY?!?!?!?!?!?
    (maybe it’s just me but…)

  63. be aware also that the reason that Edm did not want Souray to even show up at training camp is because he has a selfish attitude that they did not want to rub off on their young players

  64. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    That is what they say…2 sides to every story right or wrong…..redden was a great guy everyone says…where is he? I think to some teams/business owners, dollars make the final decisions and conclusions/dialogue/non-silent opinions develops from there.

  65. go on the wolfpack site and you would never know they have back to back preseason games against the big in-state rival.
    tonight at quinnipiac,tomorrow at the rinks in shelton(tickets still available 15$s)looks like a bunch of guys youve never heard of for the soundtigers,could be a good one for you Jimm,and the Pack.

  66. To take that further, could the word be both an adverb, as in “it doesn’t byfuglien rain all summer” and also be a verb, like if the Rangers decided to make Gilroy back into a forward they have just byfugliened him. Sam with Grachev, the kid is really a center but the Rangers byfugliened him and stuck him at LW.

  67. ilb,
    you are an exception to the rule and I knew that from the last time we spoke.
    There are not many like you…

    I would also say diet didn’t work, it obviously depends on the diet. What I recommend is not easy, though it usually works well. Its very hard to change diet, and re-learn how to eat.

    back to hockey…
    I”d pass on Souray. Vtank also has a great shot.

  68. Maybe I’m wrong, but I find it difficult to accept that the rancor generated by misplays and nonchalance on the part of the players is prompted largely by their financial situations.

    in fact I also believe that NY is unique in having such in depth knowledge of the financial details of their players. Many towns have no clue to this whatsoever.

    Perhaps I’m judging this by my own situation and those of my close friends who are also Ranger fans. If a guy is consistently under performing then he gets taken to task, for this reason only – not by how much he gets paid.

  69. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I agree with that.

    ILB (and mrs ILB) are indeed one of a kind!!

    off to work, later assens!!!

  70. For those of you that may have Dish Network, I just read that they pulled all of the MSG networks because Carcillo-head Dolan is trying to force them to carry his Fuse network along with MSG. Dish Network rightfully refused his demand.

  71. Wow, that whale logo looks atrocious. It would serve better as an antidepressant ad than hockey team logo.

  72. Thanks wickster and everyone!

    Fran – The reason why players get taken to task for how much they get paid is because their contracts affect the team and affect what other players we can sign or acquire via free agency.

    And fans of other teams – at least hardcore fans like us – are aware of the team’s salary cap situation. for example, go to a flyers or a red wings site – 2 teams with hardcore fans – and you’ll see it’s quite common.

  73. *via trade

    ilb – Just got the medicine. It’s 7.5 mg twice a day for the FIRST WEEK. Then 7.5 mg once a day for the SECOND WEEK. Then, if all things look better, it’s 7.5 mg once every 2 days until there’s nothing left.

    Does that sound reasonable? She’s a 34 lb. dog.

  74. Staal- thanks, but I’m not an exception, not anymore.

    Wicky- xoxo.

    Fran, you are absolutely right. It’s a bit different in a salary cap era, though.

  75. CR9- I have no clue about the dosing when it comes to dogs. I’ve treated a few “dogs” in my life, but they were all with two legs :-)

  76. ilb – Okay. LOL @ “dogs” with two legs :)

    Last question, the doctor said she’s taking it for the redness/irritation/itching to go away, And the ultimate hope/goal is for once it goes away, for it to not return. Does that seem reasonable?

  77. Souray flaws accdg to Forecaster—

    FLAWS: Can get beat one on one, due to questionable lateral skating and mobility. Can at times cough up the puck when rushing up ice. Is somewhat injury-prone and can also take bad penalties

    bad lateral skating. not good.

  78. CR9,
    My dogs would show similar signs with allergies to dog food. My dog Abby would scratch her face and chew on her front paws all the time. We switched foods and now no problems.

  79. This looks like the team we will see going north, at least so far. I expect Stepan to go down when Drury comes back unless he produces in those 3 games.


    Del Zotto-Rozsival

  80. Staal – That certainly is worth a try. I have had the same food for the past 5 years, maybe 4 or 6. My question is, why would she suddenly get an allergic reaction to a food that she’s been with for so long?

    Holistic Select, Chicken Meal and Rice Recipe

  81. dont know if it was mentioned but it looks like Bryce Salvador may have some serious problems from his fight with Newbury the other night.his(potential)retirement would help the debbies with the cap i suppose.

  82. I don’t think Salvador’s cap hit is enough to get them under though. And you figure they’d have to fill in his spot with someone that probably costs in the 700-800K range. Someone else has to go down with him to clear enough space + adding back in their replacement cost.

  83. Yeah capgeek has Salvador at 2.9 cap hit, the Devils are slightly over by that amount. I think though they’re putting Salmela on LTIR which gives them another 600K of wiggle room. They’ll still have to replace that spot on the roster though. And if someone comes off LTIR they’ll be over the cap.

  84. CR9
    I don’t know, we had the same thing happen to our dogs. We switched to Wellness and had no problems, until about a year ago one of my dogs, Abby again (problem pup) developed issues again. So this time my wife went all out and gets a new food called “Dr. Harvey’s Miracle dog food”. Its a base of food that needs to be rehydrated, then my wife cooks chop meat for the dog and mixes it together. Since we switched, Abby’s tumor’s have shrunk, her bald spot on her back went away and she no longer chew’s her paws or scratches her face.

  85. I swear I’m gonna byfuglien scream. I can’t believe MSG has been pulled off Dish and I can’t see the games tonight and tomorrow. Time to call Dish and complain and threaten cancellation. The only reason I don’t want to cancel is because they’ll probably come to an agreement quickly and I’ve never had a game blacked out on Dish even though I live in northeastern PA.


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