Cutting down … but not now


Still, I was reading that tomorrow’s scratches will be Christensen, White and Kennedy. And since most teams go with their regular lineup at or toward the end of the preseason, I don’t think that bodes well for White and Kennedy. I could be totally wrong about that.

But Vinny Prospal is returning to center the top line with Gaborik and Frolov. And I guess that Derek Stepan gets another look … unless he’s already made the team … Or maybe I’m making something out of nothing completely.

The Rangers have decided not to make cuts until Sunday, or maybe later, which could mean they’re working on a deal. Or it could just mean that there’s certainly no harm in having a few extra bodies around until they have to get down to 23 for opening night. And though it’s not his M.O. to keep 23 around, there’s no reason John Tortorella couldn’t live with three extra players for a week or two or three.

If I had to guess, though, White and Kennedy have no place to play here, and that might go for Stepan, too, especially if they like Prospal as the No.1 center and if Drury is going to be ready for the opener, which remains possible.


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  1. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Sweet! my first ever… well first!

    I like Prospal… just not as our #1 Center. I like his passion and his energy… i just don’t see it. If he’s number 1, Artie, EC, Drury, and Boyle are all Centers too… doesn’t bode well for Boyle or Stepan.

    I hope we’re wrong about this. let the kids play!! That’s been his mantra the whole time.

  2. Tank The Season on

    Stepan will make the team. I don’t think the Rangers are in any position not to give such a talented offensive player a shot.

  3. kennedy can play. white is much older and I do not see what the purpose of having him around is……..

  4. boyle serves little purpose he is big but does not play big. with all the young talent with upside Boyle really serves no purpose. Prust is a better player for the 4th line and is physical, etc……

  5. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    thank you may I have another??


    bull dog
    I don’t really see how these lines are a problem and avery is NOT on the 4th line
    Alex Frolov-Vinny Prospal-Marian Gaborik
    Brandon Dubinsky-Artem Anisimov-Ryan Callahan
    Sean Avery-Derek Stepan-Ruslan Fedotenko
    Derek Boogaard-Brian Boyle-Brandon Prust
    you have EC, Kennedy, and drury (injured now) not playing/scrathches. White is indeed the odd man out probably. Either way (I would have kennedy on the 4th between boogey and prust), avery at 3rd line left wing (or the way it could be set up 2nd line B) doesn’t seem like a major issue. why cut a guy like avery that can bring so much in different ways to the team every game to fit a guy like drury or prospal at a left wing position that they do not have to play because they are just effective if not more as centres?? I think you are just anti avery.

  6. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Carp did you see that Fedotenko clip? It’s pretty funny.

    Gabby-Frolov line 1 wings.

    then what? Dubinsky, Callahan, Avery, Prust, Boogaard, Kennedy, Fedotenko.. it just gets murky.

    The center position is a jam up…. a trade at some point seems logical. Just not sure what we’d be trying to get back?

  7. and as much as we all feel differently, Christensen is going to play as well. so who are the two you are taking out for Drury, and Christensen?

  8. Kennedy no Stepan probably no Valentenko or McDonut… yeah we are going with young players…NOT!

    Yes Prospal yes EC and yes Drury of course and most likely yes Boyle… gotta love it

  9. if Stepan does not get a spot, then Torts is a flat out liar, because he claimed that he was going more towards the kids this year, and that they would get a spot if earned. then, to just at the last minute to hand spots to injured vets who have done zero so far this camp, and demote kids who have earned spots by their 3 star winning play, then he is a flat out dishonest coach if he demotes Stepan.

  10. I never thought White would be with the team from the beginning given his salary and that we can probably get similar production from cheaper players.

    I think Kennedy will stay if what the announcers and writers have said are true. It seems they like his versatility (plays wing and center) and he is cheap.

    If White goes and Stepan is sent to the AHL, then the Rangers are at 14 forwards which fits if they are carrying 23 players unless they keep eight d-men – which is unlikely conidering they had six for most of last year.

    That leaves this as a possibility for the lines:
    Frolov-Prospal (if Carp is right)-Gaborik
    Pick 3: Boogaard/Kennedy/Boyle/Christensen/Prust

    On defense:
    Del Zotto-Rozsival
    Sauer (with Eminger gone or an IR candidate if the groin is still hurt – which also buys some extra time).

  11. Gift of GAB-orik on

    That Whale logo is AWFUL. What a disgrace. The Wolfpack logo was 100000000000000000 times better.

  12. I had another thought, but decided to break into another post. BTW, yes it is a slow day at work :-)

    Does a Rozy for Jovanovski trade make sense? The cap hit for Jovo is more, but he comes off the books this year – even though it adds an additional $1.1 million to the Rangers cap hit. I read that Phoenix might be a spot for Mike Sauer (which would unite him with his brother Kurt).

    While Rozy’s cap hit is $5 million, lists his salary as $4 mil this year and $3 mil next year – pretty reasonable numbers – especially if the Rangers send some Cablevision cash to the ‘Yotes.

    The deal can be evened off with the Rangers moving some spare parts for draft picks if need be,

  13. “Not sure why Boyle is a lock to make the team”

    Because he’s a 4th liner making 4th line money.

    Would you rather have a prospect waste time on the 4th line? Boyle knows his role, like I’ve said. He’s the guy that will get limited minutes and *not* complain aboot it.

    You can’t say the same for Dreary, and even that bouchebag Christensen, since he apparently thinks he’s so damn good and worthy of being a top liner on this team that he holds out trying to get more money from us for his measly 8 FUGGIN GOALS!!!

    Dump EC damn it! And Boyle is our 4th line center!!! And Step-On makes the fuggin team!!

  14. See I think that Drury ends up centering the fourth line again. My lineup would be:

    Frolov/Stepan or Prospal/Gaborik
    Avery/Stepan or Prospal/Fedotenko
    Prust/Drury or Kennedy/Boyle or Boogard

    Christensen is the odd man out to me because as Carp said you know what his upside is and its not a #1 center. THE ONLY reason you don’t have Stepan center the top line is because you dont want him to have too much of a baptism by fire, not because Christensen is better.

  15. I wish I could get into the whole lines conversation, but one thing in sports that Im not so good at is drawing up lines :(

  16. Anthony, Maloney may have served under Slats, but he didn’t catch the brain eating disease from him.

    The guy is smart, and knows how to build a team, which is why the Yotes were so good last season, and nearly wont the division and/or conference.

    Jovo for Blowzy is a terrible trade, unless they’re going to dump him in the minors. Jovo can help that team though, so I don’t see why they get rid of him.

  17. I wouldn’t get too excited aboot Dublowsky. I have a feeling he might get traded. Nose picker might be throwing a celebration at some point. I’m just having that feeling like I had with Tyutin.

    Hopefully if there is a deal, it ends up better than that one.

  18. Good afternoon, ‘heads!

    We finally have a real jam of quality players, eh? Good luck, Torts. One thing is certain, they will carry 23-man roster this year. It would be dumb not to.

    I also don’t think that Stepan will benefit from playing in AHL against much weaker defense. Let him make mistakes here.

    Kennedy can play, I just really don’t see any place for him. White is an easy decision, of course. Fedotenko has earned his ticket, and I think he’ll make it, just knowing how much Torts likes him. Again, it depends on how much money he wants. Avery is in, I doubt he was in real danger not to make it anyway. And he should be in. If he plays nearly like he’s been, he will be a tremendous asset. He may render Kovalchuk useless singlehandedly for 6 games.

    Speaking of 6 games. The Devils need to order some extra underwear for those 6 games in order to keep Mr. LeBlond dry.

  19. I don’t know if anyone mentioned, but Hank looked really solid.

    Rozsival looks like marginal 7th at the moment. Imagine if he is gone? The oldest D-man would be Gilroy at 26 (of course). Nah, I don’t see that happen. Too bad. Valentenko looks really good and I like his shot. Who was the last D-man with cannon from the point?

  20. CCCP – We did get Sandis Ozolinsh to be an offensive D man and fire from the point. unfortunately, he was nothing but a piece of …. with us.

  21. I guess the issue with Fedetenko is whether adding his contract and the subsequent roster moves that would need to be made are worth it for a player that has only topped 20 goals and 40 points once. I honestly think they could get equal or better production from Drury if they moved him to the wing when he returns.

    I think most of the blog agrees that White doesn’t need to be around any longer, so that whittles off 2 players.

    That would get you to 14 forwards:

    C: Stepan/AA/Prospal/Christensen/Boyle
    LW: Frolov/Dubi/Avery/Kennedy/Boogaard
    RW: Gaborik/Cally/Drury/Prust

    If Stepan impressed enough last night, meaning he convinced the coaches that he can produce when not paired with the top line then I would imagine that the bubble players will consist of Boyle, Kennedy and Christensen.

  22. Good afternoon, Carp! That’s very exciting news about Sam Rosen! I can only think of stupid questions, so I will keep them to myself. Cant wait!

  23. It makes complete sense. Rozi has two years left with an actually salary less than his cap hit, and the Rangers need what Souray brings (or used to bring).
    I can’t believe Slats didn’t do this already.

  24. I’ve been suuuper busy with classes, homework, internship, work. How’s your fall going so far?

    Maybe Sam Rosen would like to come to my birthday party…?

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  26. hey CR9

    don’t worry about not being able to come up with your own version of the lines
    if history repeats, Torts will just mix ’em up midway through the second period of the first game anyway if we haven’t scored 2 or more goals.

  27. >>… They’ve charged me $460 + $60 tax for an early
    >>cancellation fee, when Ive never canceled Directv!

    You should definitely cancel now! That snafu definitely voids the contract as far as I’m concerned.
    [No, I’m not a lawyer!]

  28. What do you guys think about this trade?

    C – Stephen Weiss(3 years at 3.1m per), Florida Panthers 2nd pick in 2011 NHL Draft for Sauer, Dubinsky, Grachev, Rosival and NY Rangers 3rd pick in 2001 NHL Draft???

  29. jpg – LMAO!! I needed that laugh!

    JBytes, Just got off with one phone representative, Ill explain later what they’ve done. Now on to a dispute resolution specialist!

    I cant cancel, I need the NFL Ticket. Nobody else has it! :)

  30. Some of you have to realize Boogaard is not fighting for a line up spot. He got a massive contract for an enforcer, and he’s going to play. And that’s a good thing. Get it out of your heads next time you come up with your fantasy line up combinations.

  31. That’s a lot to give up for Weiss. He’ll probably outproduce Dubi and if they got rid of Rozsival you’ll free up even more cap space but Florida would be taking back more salary than is necessary for them.

  32. Boogard will make the team, but how often he PLAYS is questionable. and he will be a scratch on nights when they play a non-tough guy team.

  33. I was always pushing for Grachev but after this training camp all i see is a bust. With this trade Florida would be taking back around 5.5m of salary and they have 11m available as of now. Perhaps Grachev would get more of a chance in florida, Sauer could obviously play d for them.

  34. Even Callahan and Dubinsky were tearing it up in the AHL when they were 20… I hope i am wrong. I could see Grachev being a little worse or along the same player wise as Nik Antrapov.

  35. True Blue Mike

    are you high? two pre-season games with very limited ice time truly serve as a great sign of a bust…yeah ok

    i think the problem with Grachev this year is that the kid got a little intimidated by all these players fighting for jobs…

  36. In his first year in the AHL he scored 12 goals, 16 Assists in 80 games… In the AHL keep in mind. If we where looking at a good player we would have known by now. He was a 3rd round draft pick. In his first year in the AHL Callahan scored 35 goals and had 20 assists in 60 games, plus Callahan is a great leader and shot blocker. Dubinsky at 20 played in the AHL and scored 21 goals and 22 assists as a center in 71 games. Getting rid of Rosivals salary with Dubinsky, Grachev and Sauer which is just a spare part in my opinion, for a first line Center in Weiss plus a potentially bad teams 2nd round pick would be a good deal…

  37. CCCP I agree. I think its a mental thing with Grachev. He needs to build confidence at the AHL level before he can be a full-time Ranger.

  38. Also i didn’t base my decision on 2 preseason games. Grachev was in camp last year and called up a few times last season. He has potential but so did Zherdev…

  39. agree with above post…boogie is a lock… i dont think E.C. was signed to be cut… people talking trade but what parts do we have that a desirable? I DO not want Dubi to go…many want to trade and get something in return for nothing…unless we just talking cap deals..i’d like to stand pat here and let the early part of the season marinate a bit and see how things shake out. You feel me, sons?

  40. Grachev isn’t that good right now. and the window to trade him is almost closed anyway, so let him play in Hartford again and hope he turns it around. The thing about Grachev is that he has yet to grow into his frame, to be that big at 20 is one thing to be tht big at 25 when you have more confidence is another.

  41. Prediction:




    EC-Eminger scratches

  42. True, I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said … except that it’s impossible to tell what he will be next month or next year or beyond.

    do you think Florida would do that deal?

    mao, you sound like mao_senior when you call us sons.

  43. Seriously, why would you name your team “Whale”? So stupid. Those poor guys will be the laughing stock of the AHL. Might ruin prospects confidence on the ice and in bed.

    At least they’ll have Dredden to help out…oh wait!!

  44. Im not sure, it seems like a decent trade for both sides. That was the fairest trade i could think of for Weiss. And i think with Weiss on the team you could put Frolov on one line and Gabby on another spreading the offense. Lines that would look something like this…



    Boogard, Eminger, Kennedy ( which could fill in for Prospal, because i dont see Prospal’s knee lasting 82 games.)

    Of course our D-line would go through some growing pains, but in 2 years with Druries salary off the books they will have some good experience, plus we would have cap space to make a move mid season for say Brad Richards?

  45. This centermen discussion is making me wanna vomit. think of the centers we ACTUALLY have…

    Prospal…ok..the coach is basically telling the press that his knee is shot and that’s going into a season where he’s going to be what? 36? Not to mention he has had very lil consistency over the last several seasons when it comes to production. It’s been good season followed by poor season and well..last season was a good one for him…

    Christensen…alright, here’s a guy who has gone team to team while brass has waited for him to finally come into his own and be a legit NHL player…yeah well..still waiting..basically if the guy wasn’t a Ranger he’d be in some farm team or playing in Europe. He’s doing just enough in preseason to make the team and he’ll be exactly what he was last year. a spare part with no long term future on this team.

    Boyle…ok he’s worked hard in the offseason. strong pk guy. what else does he bring to the table? He wasn’t anything special and Torts doesn’t use his 4th line for much anyhow.

    White…washed up and old. only here because they needed Brash off the team. nuff said..

    SO this is what we have for candidates for center aside from Drury and Anisimov and as an alternative to Stepan?

    How can a team that preaches letting youth play an important role on this team justify not giving this kid a top spot with the way he’s played? Do you guys remember what Dale Weise looked like trying to play last year? ok now THATS what a prospect who isn’t ready looks like. Stepan’s been confident, strong on the puck, and smart all while keeping up on a line with our two best offensive players. How is Hartford the best choice for him? MDZ got a shot last year and look how that’s turned out. He’s an indespensable part of the team going into his sophmore year. Yea there’s growing pains. but that’s part of the process. You take it in stride while staying competetive. And at the end of the day the kid is here playing big minutes and growing as a player. And please no BS about ‘hurting him by playing him in the big league’…not when you don’t have a better alternative or another player within the organization who can effectively assume the role he’s going to wind up filling…

  46. The way Avery has been playing, he deserves to play on the top line and with the way Weiss and Gabby play all he would have to do is play like a mild Holmstorm and that would be a very effective line.

  47. Exactly James thats what i am saying, get rid of as many spare parts as possible and start developing your young guys. We aren’t contenders but in 2 years with MDZ, McDo, Gilroy all a bit seasoned and kids like Kreider coming up we could very well be a contender.

  48. If only their was a team that would give us a bag of pucks for Rozi. If only it were that easy.

  49. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Its pretty cool that Messier was on the ice today helping out our centers on winning faceoffs. They also said Mess would join the team on ice for some practices during the season to give advice, etc.

  50. True Blue Mike

    you contradict yourself… first you want to trade Dubi and Grachev and now you want to develop our young guys? so which is it, Sherlock?

  51. Whomever said that Roszival had a “cannon” for a shot…Sure you don’t mean Mortar?

    Now for those who have an idea that letting the kids grow on the NHL and earn their way into capability, I give you…..the Detroit Red Wings. ( Now who’s gonna believe that THEY know what they’re doing?) Case in point…one young man named Valteri Fillpula. I’ve watched him for several years now as an occasional forward out on the ice amongst those red demons who have clogged up the ice, and I noticed that he is fast, he is nimble, he has great hands, he can unload a quick shot, and he skates his position well…but he is not a regular in the lineup.

    For several seasons.

    he was growing within the womb so to speak.

    Last night I saw this self same young man who looked dynamic. he was all over the ice and was a force to be reckoned. And the Wings let him develop on their team among the super players that won those cups.

    Based upon what he showed last evening, I’d say that he is just about ready to earn his way into a regular position on this team. Home grown within the womb. Can the Rangers do this with any of their youngsters…?
    DelZotto seems to have emerged rather well’ The jury is out on Boyle, and possibly Sauer, and we don’t know about Sauer now do we? They tried it with Voros, but he was always what one might call, a case of arrested development
    (hockey wise that is). But they have several youngsters who might well thrive under the
    Wings technique, if they care to avail themselves of it. We shall see. this is the most interesting pre season for this team that I can recall for many years. All that can cause the system to come apart is if the bosses turn tail and
    fall prey to panic at the first indication of imperfection in the development of these kids.
    Let them make mistakes. That’s what they learn from.

  52. Grachev had a pretty strong season in junior, then had his first season in the AHL which obviously didn’t go well. If he fails in the AHL, then maybe it’s time to call him a bust, but every scouting report indicates he’s ready to be a top 6 player when he finally develops.

    And there’s still some upside left to Dubinsky where his production will be on par with Weiss, especially considering the potential future production of Grachev it could turn out to be a very uneven deal for the Rangers.

    Also, even though dealing Rozsival will open up more cap space, what impending free agent would the Rangers target? If they’re patient and wait through this year and next they’ll have Rozi and Drury coming off the books.

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    AHAHAHAHA!!! How do you jump out of a two story building and leave your gf behind like that? That’s too funny.

    You never hear anything like this from the NHL!

  54. I am not contradicting my self at all, you are making a Hasty Generalization a common fallacy when composing an argument. We should develop our more talented prospects that look most promising. It wouldn’t be reasonable to believe that every player we draft would stay on the team. With my proposal we would have a defense core with the average age of around 23… As well as slowly developing Stephan (by sending him to Hartford when needed and inserting EC and Kennedy to where EC is) and allowing AA to improve because i think AA has much to learn and could end up being a great second line center.

  55. Weiss put up 28 goals last season, on a team that put up even less on the scoring sheet than the Rangers as hard as that is to believe. Dubinsky was always one of my favorite players and i am hoping for a breakout season if he doesn’t get traded. But as we all know it is a business and you need to take some risks. We have watched some of these players put up decent number so why not take a risk, that wont hurt us in the long run… and just opens up space for future moves.

  56. ps. Anyone a meteorologist?

    Why does it rain every single day here in The Hague? No, seriously, every single day for the past 15 days.

  57. Amen, Fran. Let’s them learn from their mistakes here, not against slow, lower skills AHL players.

  58. HOw many noticed that move the Boogard made on goal late in the game. It was like the OK corral, the goalie faced him, he deliberately took his time, he made his play …and shot it into the goalies pads with no open space to the right of the goaltender’s cage.

    Now what if someone on this team, took the time to take Boogard aside, and show him that quick little deke wherein he passes from his shooting side quickly with little motion to catch the uck on his back hand. Teach him that basic move, and encourage him to practice it a lot, so that he can quickly make that move anytime he wants. Because it seems to me that “Tortorella is developing the habit of putting him in a game, late when it’s ether won or lost, and gives him a little attack ice time. If he could just learn and consistently practice that little laft to right deke where it winds up on his backhand, he might surprise a few people now and then. If he’d had it last night he would have scored because that goaltender was committed to his right post and that quick little pass to himself would have gone in.

  59. Could it be possible that playing with Gabby allowed Prospal’s game to be up to par with your standards for first line? and if so, wouldn’t it be possible that Avery playing with Stephan Weiss and Gabby would do well on that line. Also if Avery doesnt play well on that line you could very well switch in Frolov…

  60. Fran, I’m afraid that if Boogart tried that little deke you propose, and attempted to remain on his skates at the same time, they would be scraping all his 265 lbs off the ice for the rest of the game.

  61. Weiss was *4th overall* pick in 2001

    Dubinsky was picked *60th*

    Weiss has been in the league for seven years now and his highest point total was 61 points (14 goals)

    Weiss and Dubinsky have very similar numbers.

    Dubinsky is entering his 4th full season…his numbers improve every year. Last year in 69 games Dubi had pretty solid season with 20 goals and 44 points…i expect those numbers to go up again this season…so i dont know why do people always looking to trade Dubi and call him a bust?

  62. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!!" ...says Greg L. on


    We kicked azz!!! I knew it!!!!

    Boogaard with 2 huge shots!!!


  63. agree again. these proposed fantasy league trades should just be ignored, because they are not going to happen, and they make no sense.

  64. I don’t think Dubi is a bust, but you have to give a little to get something back. Other teams want Dubinsky, do you see another trade that would be reasonable for both the Panthers organization and Glen Sather, that would give us Weiss?

  65. Avery would not come close to putting up the numbers Fankist did last season.

    Face it, Avery is a 30 point guy. Always has, and always will be. He needs to play *his* game on the 3rd line. Putting him up on the top line wouldn’t allow him to play his game, in my opinion.

    Leave where he is!

  66. Grachev isn’t a bust wow. What i don’t get is how Torts says things like he wants to put guys in position to succeed but then obviously doesn’t. All during rookie camp and Traverse City Grachev played with Stepan and they had good chemistry and both produced a lot. But then during training camp, Grachev doesn’t ever play with Stepan…which would have been his best chance to succeed. It would have been nice at least to start and have him have confidence early on.

  67. Dubiiii, the staff could care less aboot their chemistry in fuggin Traverse City of all places. They want to see if Step-On can play on the top line with Gabby, and Frolov. They don’t want to see Grachev and Step-On with Gabby.

    And c’mon, you’re just using that as an excuse. Honestly, if Grachev can only play good with Step-On, then the kid will have problems in his career.

    He’s not a bust, but he’s clearly not ready for the NHL. Any GM in the NHL will tell you that.

  68. Fran I have to agree with you Boogaard got in good position a couple of times he needs some moves to finish the play. After hearing Messier teaching faceoffs to the centers I think he could teach Derek a few moves.

  69. if kennedy has no place on this team, why the eff was he signed in the firts place?
    if youth will be given a shot, why was prospal and EC brought back?

    something doesn’t add up

  70. True Blue,
    I’m also dissapointed in Grachev’s slow development, but I wouldn’t give up on him yet. He is still really raw physically, and with his size and shot, i think once he gets used to pro game…he could be something. I’d say next training camp will be make or break for him

  71. mike, because they needed players in case the young kids didn’t make it and then if the young kids do make it, they’ll need players in Hartford.

  72. Youth IS being given a shot. Do we not have Step-On, Sauer, V-Tank, and McDognut fighting for roster spots? Two of them are making this team.

    EC I never understood, but why is everyone turning on Fankist? I thought he played his ass off last season, and did well.

  73. carp,
    but a guy like kennedy who has good hands, grit and scored 10 goals as a rookie playing on third and fourth lines for Buffalo, would be wasted in Hartford.

  74. paul g in sunrise on

    Anisimov first year in Hartford – 12 goals 16 assists
    second year he was top five in points

    Give Grachev a chance. Also last year Grachev played with checking line players (Hartford did not have much talent). Weise played with the play makers (very few).

    For what its worth I think its a huge mistake promoting Ken Gernander to head coach of your farm team since he skated in three NHL games and was a solid AHL pro. He does not know what it takes to take the next step. Lots of potential in Hartford now and would rather have someone else to take over.

  75. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Well trading Dubinsky and Grachev , amoung others for Weise is a Risk Mike. A risk we can not afford to take. Give up on all those players for Weise!!?? Your lines are nuts cuz as good as Avery is..he can’t be a first line guy ( who cares if Prospal makes the first line). Avery is a second at best . Wicky had some really good lines ( minus Christensen). Grachev looked not too bad to me …he is no bust. CCCP could be on to something here when he asked if you were high.

  76. paul g in sunrise on

    oh – my guess – because that is all this really is …

    Stepan to Hartford until first injury. (which meand he may stay intil Drury is healthy)

    White is 5-7 round pick trade fodder or Hartford bound. Once he goes, you won’t see him again.

    The price tag on Boyle and Kennedy make their NHL futures pretty logical – they stay.

    McD and VTank – both go to Hartford. Rangers will trade Sauer before they would ever waive him. Eminger is another Torts guy – he’s staying.

    I predict no trades – Sather wins almost all trades and other GM’s hate that.

  77. paul g in sunrise on

    Orr – No – not saying that – just someone who actually made it to the show. Shoenfeld (sp) was great in Hartford.

  78. ZzZz NYR ZzZz ” Rangers rule!!!” …says Greg L., great argument besides the fact we are debating over the topic of wether to attain “Weiss” not Weise and i guess you don’t know who weiss is if your making it seem like its a horrible trade, because it is far from it. You have to look towards the future as well. We would get a 2nd round pick, plus a good center to play with Gabby. While shedding salary and getting rid of some spare parts.

  79. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Fran , you are correct about Boogaard. He will NOT pull a groin nor will he fall flat on his face Ilb…if he tries a deke or two. Boogaard has got a long reach and last night was a prime example why he will score 5 goals and actually play here in NY. Boogaard has a home now ,he is happy . I am happy …the Ranger players are happy. Its happyness all over the place. Players acting tough cuz they gots BOOGY to hide behind. That is awsome. Boogaard can lose in a fight but if he does ..the other guys gonna be missing half his face. EVERYONE has not seen yet ..what he truely brings. His presence is already paying off but when it comes time to “drop the gloves” you are gonna be in for a treat. Peeps will be “strutting around” thier livingrooms with thier chest all “poofed out” acting all “cocky” after watching a Boogaard beating!! This team is a special one this year …Game 82 in da past!!!!

  80. Since you guys seem to think Avery sucks at hockey, which he will prove to you this season otherwise (I hope and pray), here are other proposed lines if that trade were to happen.



    Boogard, Eminger, Kennedy ( which could fill in for Prospal, because i dont see Prospal’s knee lasting 82 games.)

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Weiss and Gaborik!!?? Nawww can’t see it. Grachev is the gem here and if we scoop up Weise and he gets hurt….we lose Grachev and Dubinsky? If Florida covets Weiss , then they wont make that deal anyways.

  82. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Boogaard scratched!!?? No Stepan!!?? True blue Mike …hate to bust yer bubble but weise is garbage . Ok ok not pure garbage but he is not what we are looking for. Next question , pass , move along…

  83. Also let me ask you this would you like to just trade Sauer to Phoenix for a 3rd pick because that is probably what will happen if he doesn’t make this team.

  84. On Dubinsky. He just set a career high in goals last season and showed streaks of brilliance here and there. I wouldn’t talk about him like he’s reached his potential or can’t fit with this team as far as the core guys are concerned. The only thing I don’t really like about him is that he’s a puck hog. Heaven knows we need players who aren’t affraid to shoot but the “I’ll do it all myself” attitude doesn’t work either. Little nervous about how he’s going to adjust to the whole playing LW thing. Guess time will tell. For now though, he’s a Torts guy and he’s not the worst guy to have on the roster for if/when Drury is no longer a Ranger. This seasons going to tell a lot about him.

  85. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    Evening all!

    Prospal with his wonky knee at center makes no sense. I know they are stacked at left wing, but it would be better for Vinny to play the wing, and on a lower line.

    White is gone, as many have said. I think Kennedy, EC and Stepan stay.. at least for the first week, until Drury comes back. Then who goes all depends on how those 3 players did in the first few games.

    I wonder if Eminger gets cut/sent down due to the groin issues he’s having.

    9- Todd Hundley. My favorite Met for the longest time.

  86. a==ZzZz NYR ZzZz ” Rangers rule!!!” …says Greg L., are you illiterate? Stephan is centering he second line. And Weiss had 28 goals last year as a center on a more offensively challenged team than the Rangers, as hard as that is to believe, and more goals than Dubinsky will ever put up in a single season.

  87. Booger will probably play all 82 games. Torts is a three line guy. So, he might as well have him there for backup.

    And Avery doesn’t suck at hockey, the guy has talent. The fact is, he just isn’t a top line player. I mean, it’s pretty evident, isn’t it? All the guys to play on the top line, he makes no sense.

    Paul, that doesn’t really matter. There’s been successful coaches who have not played, or barely played in the NHL. Torts is one of them.

  88. Since being in the NHL Big guy has played an average 51 games a season in 5 season. Ill bet any amount of money that he will not play 82 games. Tort’s doesn’t even think he is conditioned enough to play, let alone play the entire season.

  89. There you go, Ilb.

    True Blue, the Wild were not a team that got bullied constantly. This is why Booger was brought in. Personally, I don’t think it will change a thing, but Slats and Torts think it might.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he plays all the games. Remember how little Orr played until Fedork started throwing cheap shots at all of the NYR players? After that he pretty much played every game. Brash*t probably would have played a lot more if he knew his fuggin role.

  90. I was watching that Montreal Buffalo, so much so that I wonder….is this the year that the Sabers win the cup? They look awfully good to me.

    And they have my all time best puck handler since Gilbert Perreault…Tim Connolly.

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers won!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Yeah Yeah call me illiterate , so I missed him on the 2nd line …I was too busy puking seeing Weisse on the 1st line!!!

  92. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers won!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Fran , there is no way Buff wins the cup!!! They have to get by the Rangers first and I really don’t see that happening.

  93. When it comes to a sport, some people are better thinkers than players.

    Anyway, why would the Cats trade Weiss? If their offense was so fuggin bad, why would they get rid of Horton *and* Weiss? Makes no sense. Booth might be a drooling monkey after one more open ice hit, and they’re going to leave all that pressure on him?

    Unless Weiss wants out. But, I haven’t heard any rumors aboot that.

  94. I don’t think the Sabs have enough talent to win the Cup. Their D is better since they got rid of a few losers, and obviously Miller is great. That being said, who’s scoring the goals? Vanek, Pomminville, Roy, Stafford. After that, who do they have?

  95. I think White is a no-brainer to waive and For me, it comes down to Boyle or FTank – and I’d rather have FTank.

    EC and Kennedy have more skill than Boyle, and size and toughness isnt really needed this season with all the players we have in that department as well … Boyle just seems out-dated and unnecessary to me at this point.

    My Lines (when completely healthy):

    Frolov – Props – Gabby
    Dubi – AA/Steps – Cally
    Avery – Steps/AA – FTank
    Prust – Drury – Boogaard

    Scratches: Kennedy and EC

    Staal – Girardi
    MDZ – Rozy
    McD – Gilroy

    Scratches: Eminger but I’d rather have VTank make the team

    With Boogaard being unnecessary for every game and Rozy, Prospal, Drury and Gabby all having some level of Injury Proneness, I suspect the “Healthy Scratches are gonna still see A LOT of playing time, which is why I’d rather have VTank just make the team regardless

  96. Fran, Sabres look good, but Montreal seems to have serious issues in goal. Price looked shaky in the preseason, and Auld looks very pedestrian today.

  97. I imagine 2-3 rookies make the team and that is more than you could expect from a middle-of-the-road team looking to get back into the playoff picture.

    Almost every year it’s 2-3 rookies making the team and I’m really excited about the future.

    We seem to be doing the right things finally

  98. Halak is definitely better than Price, but I think everyone is making a big deal out of Price in the pre-season. Hank has looked worse in previous pre-season games, and nobody would panic.

    Those Habs fans are such classless babies. They’re so pissed over the trade that they’re taking it out on him instead of management. Such dopes!

  99. Greg i give up, until you can spell Weiss properly in one of your posts. All i am saying Orr is if that trade could be done it would be a decent one for both sides. Florida scouts have been reported watching some preseason games and they have also shown interest in Dubinsky thats why i proposed the trade the way i did. We are all on the same team here i am just trying to spark some conversation to fuel our minds.

  100. Orr! i like fedetenko and if this team had a legit shot at cup, i’d be all for him…but we need to play the kids

  101. That’s exactly what I’m thinking, Miked. I’d rather have Kennedy play Fedetenko’s minutes.

    It’s only pre-season. Chumps can look like stars. Kotalgeek played really well, then look what happened to him. Fed could be the exact same scenario. I think they should pass. Too many forwards as it is.

  102. Tough news on Jordan Staal. His loss was a big factor last year in the playoffs.

    Any idea how many times the Rangers will have the advantage of facing Pittsburgh without Staal?

  103. paul g in sunrise on

    I get it. But something about a guy who stops playing “coveted” rookie and giving him the chance to succeed seems poor.

    I seem to recall – mayne I am wrong – that there was some question some years ago that players felt he was not in support of promoting them because he himself never was.

    Doesn’t matter. He ain’t goin nowhere.

    As far as trades – my guess would be prospects or picks in return unless the return is a top 6 forward. We have a surplus of 3rd liners.

  104. Gernander not in support of promoting them?

    If that’s true then he must really want to win!! I remember Pack fans crying when Dublowsky and Callahands were promoted. The team needed them badly.

    Doesn’t matter. It’s not like he has any say in who gets promoted or not.

  105. Hartnell! I missed a lot of good chat today….just got home.

    in short, all I’ll say is, to paraphrase Mr. Lennon: All we are sayyyyyiing, is give kids the chance!

  106. {{{{{{MAMA}}}}}}}

    I Hartnellin’ missed ya!

    Listened to those 2 Boss songs last night, only like one of ’em!

  107. Oh, yeah, and by the way, for your information, that chat about Aves not making he team? My litter box remnants to you :)

    The man has had a camp! and he’s in! YAY!

  108. Czechthemout!!!! on

    The strange posts continue. Are you guys nuts? Dubi has been in the league three seasons. He has been bounced from line to line. From center to wing and back. He is coming off of his first 20 goal season. He has improved his point total every year and looks poised to build on last years numbers. He has just turned 24 years old,yet you guys are ready to trade him for a player who is three years older,has only put up one more 20 goal season than him and has played three more seasons?

    If that isn’t bad enough, you are already giving up on Grachev who is all of 20 years old and is coming off of ONE pro season! He was also coached by a Tom Renney protege. That in it self will slow anyones development.

    Is it a wonder then that so many in management feel that the fans don’t have the patience for a rebuild?

  109. I miss you and everyone too during the day! :(

    CR, remind me, which songs, and which did you like or not like? I’m not fran…got no memory past this morning :)

  110. ORR, never expected him on first line. Nor should he be, and that’s no insult to him, but a credit to where he works best for the team…and leave the state of Virginia out of it will ya? OY!

    Czech: I’m with you except for this: “Is it a wonder then that so many in management feel that the fans don’t have the patience for a rebuild?”

    when has management ever worried about what the fans think?

    and there goes my job with msg…:)

  111. “Unless he starts playing in virginia with Torts’ daughter.”

    Orr – What does that mean? Does his daughter go to school in VA? Is she hot? Is there a rumor about the two of them?

  112. Ah, OK, fair enough….video version doesn’t always capture live experience, but yes, One Step Up is awesome!

  113. I’ve got a great suggestion for this blog:

    Inspired by Linda’s question yesterday of my personal theme music which is, for anyone that cares: U2 “City of Blinding Lights” and “Beautiful Life” and Frank Sinatra “New York, New York”

    This blog’s theme music should be, since we are all 26 forever and always….

    Forever Young, by either Alphaville, Youth Group, or even Jay Z if you prefer!


  114. CR, love these! “Beautiful Life” and Frank Sinatra “New York, New York”

    noooo. not the Jay Z version of anything.

    my preference. “Born to Run” :)))))))

    OK, all, long day, TA time! See ya tomorrow….

  115. Orr – LMAO!!! I just spent 10 minutes searching google for Sean Avery Tortorella daughter trying to find something about the 2 of them! Could you imagine how much in the doghouse Avery would be if he hooked up with Torts’ daughter?! :)

  116. ORR, see my previous post re: statehood. dang, you made me wicky! now behave or……Sunday paper!

    OK, bye…snooze. And Stanley is mewling like Torts after a bad play. niters! TA!

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