Live at the Garden


Yep, just checked my pulse. I’m still alive.

Actually having a great day. On the train into the city I ran into one of my favorite all-time ex-bosses and we had a nice chat.

Then I went into see the best — and when I say the best, I mean THE BEST — hockey producer/director tandem on the planet in the MSG HD truck. It’s like the Starship Enterprise in there, only with a few hundred HD monitors.

Anyway, producer Joe Whelan just got married, so congrats to him. And director Bob Lewis is in his 40th year as a Garden employee. Wow. Those guys spend every game night in that truck with, oh, 22 or 24 of their closest colleagues. Very cool.

Then I got into the Garden and had a nice chat with Mark Howe — and how’s this for a ridiculous commentary: I went in and didn’t need to identify myself to pick up credentials, and Mark Howe, great player in his own right and son of Gordie, had to ID himself. We spoke about his dad, and we talked about the old days in those little arenas, and the noise and how you never saw a bad game in those small rinks.

He also told me he had just gotten to Detroit when the Wings came in here one night, and he didn’t know the history and wasn’t aware of what was to come, but he saw Bob Probert snarling and chomping. That was the night Probert beat the carcillo out of Domi.

So that was fun.

The other thing is, I believe, we’re going to have a pre-season Q&A with Sam Rosen next week. We’re working on the details now. So if there’s anything you really want me to ask — seriously, not stupid stuff — let me know.

Oh, also got to see Mama today at the office. 

See youse later.

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  1. September 29th, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    Mama, I mean does anyone hate how controlled and disciplined and a non entity I am on the blog like the 2009-10 Avery was for the Rangers. Im a shell of myself!

    Ive been carped!



  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Wednesday , we will win!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    WTG CR9!!!! you are foist!!!

    Well good news and bad news…

    Bad news is I can not watch the game live .

    GOOD news : It is on replay on NHL network in 5 hours!!!

    So I wont be here cuz youse guys will spoil the score . Im gonna stay away and post later tonight after I watch the game. Boogaard , I havent seen play yet…I cant wait!!!

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Wednesday , we will win!!!" ...says Greg L. on


    GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!! GO TIME is soooooon!!!!!!!

  4. Ha! Carp, until I got the end of that post I was about to chide you for leaving out part of your great day!! xoxo

    Hey, tell Joe personal congrats from me on his marriage :)

    CR, I didn’t read that carefully enuf…LMAO! Don’t you worry pal, your still the biggest conch shell on the beach!

  5. “Sorry, I can’t give you credentials without I.D.”

    “Come on look at this face, tell me I’m not Carp. I’ll drive out here tomorrow and show you my I.D. I’ve got nothing to do all day.”

  6. “your still the biggest conch shell on the beach!”

    enuf?? LOL! your? that should be you’re. And what the heckers does that mean? what’s a conch shell??

  7. OK, one was a typo, the other was shorthand….but, are you telling me you live in FLORIDA and don’t know what a conch shell is?????

  8. lol, i was just playing Mama, with the typo! I know what a conch shell (a shell on the beach), but dont understand the metaphor! Is a conch shell wacky? some other adjective?

  9. Damn, Greg’s in for a crushing disappointment in around 8 hours’ time when he finds out Boogy the Sasquatch has failed to bulge the twine ((c) Beninati) for another game.

  10. not your fault, Mama. Sometimes I can be dense! I forgot my own comment “shell of myself”

    LW3H – Funny stuff. You’re Boogy Sasquatch failing to bulge the twine has me LMAO!

  11. You’d think Bure would try a different move one of these days…

    Anyhow, for the Q and A with Sam, I’d kind of like to know which current prospect he thinks will make the most difference on this team this season and/or which was the most difficult game of his tenure as play by play man to call..

  12. BTW- Carp how awesome is it to be you at times? You get to hang behind the scenes at MSG, Watch the Rangers play, and talk on THE premiere Rangers blog to all of us while you do it!

  13. Look at Carp. PC!

    Sorry, I love most of youse guys, and think of you as Rangers family, but if I had a chance to be Carp, my favorite part would be (remember this is a family friendly blog CR) talking to the guys off the record – like Avery and Jaromir – and talking Yankees and other sports with them.

  14. You sound like you see mama once every 7 years, Carp.

    Won’t make it home in time to join you, ‘heads. So LGR!!

  15. HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tony, from the previous thread: The SPHL was thinking of inquiring about Redden, I BEGGED THEM TO RUN, DON’T WALK, AWAY!

  16. At the risk of getting Carp’d, everything about Carp is great except for the litter box (inside joke).

    ilb, every time I can see Carp is a good day. and fyi, he gave me carcillo about my bad habit today :)

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