It’s Go Time!


Here are tonight’s lines, according to our buddy Andrew Gross:

Alex Frolov-Erik Christensen-Marian Gaborik
Tim Kennedy-Artem Anisimov-Ryan Callahan
Sean Avery-Derek Stepan-Ruslan Fedotenko
Derek Boogaard-Todd White-Brandon Prust

Matt Gilroy-Pavel Valentenko
Michael Del Zotto-Michal Rozsival
Marc Staal-Mike Sauer

Lundqvist in goal.

Andrew also had a chat with the captain this morning, and Chris Drury told him he is not ruling out a return in time for Opening Night (which you know is 10 days away).

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  1. ACK! Repost:

    At the risk of getting Carp’d (I did!), everything about Carp is great except for the litter box (inside joke).

    ilb, every time I can see Carp is a good day. and fyi, he gave me carcillo about my bad habit today :)

    Off to game….

  2. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    CR, so far so good. Lots to learn. The people all seem really nice so far, so that is a major plus.

  3. Mama, he carped you too! And I’ll gladly add to that carcillo he gave you today.

    Anyway, starting the car. And putting iPhone down, I promise. LGR!!

  4. Lin, I met him once….Oh, those were some good genes :)

    Yeesh, why do I always forget 7 start means not 7.

  5. Mama, lol! There’s room on the island and lake at my madre’s house. You can station a yacht there ;) conk, lol!

    Linda, agreed. JFK Jr. was perfection! He was from Massachusetts, but wasnt even a sox fan. A terrific guy.

    Fine, LGR!!! But if the Rangers lose, I dont care :)

  6. ilb, thppppttt!

    Mickey, I so envy your ability to pick up and move like you did. But no way I’d still be unpacking! not in my genes, which I got from my mama….we move in fast!

  7. Mickey – Good for you, Im glad you’re surrounded by people you can feel comfortable around, you deserve it! Im sure you can learn whatever needs to be learned.

  8. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    Mama, it’s more than I don’t have enough furniture on which to put all my pictures and decorations, nor did I bring a desk with me so all that stuff is sitting in a couple of boxes on the floor.

    And trust me, it was a hard decision to make since my whole family is back in NY.

  9. Carp r u sitting with the other writers right now. Right above where det came out from. I’m in section 66

  10. Mickey, that’s why I admire you…..feel good about your choice. The earlier in life you do it, the easier, trust me….:) live your life (yessh, sound like Dear Abby)

  11. Shattenkirkheadzo on

    I think i’m gonna order a pie from the Captain’s place. i’ll get the broken finger – 9 slices instead of 10 & sits around getting cold while all the other pies are hot!

  12. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    Mama, actually you sound like my big sis. That’s pretty much what she said.

    LOL @ Shattenkirkheadzo

  13. Lin, I heard about that earlier….I gotta move to another country:)

    Studio 55, ha! how are you even old enuf to make that joke!?

    btw, when I was not even born, since I’m 26, met a lot of Rangers at Studio…good times!

  14. Orr – I meant to say this earlier, I cannot believe you used the term “chesticles.” Ya know, there’s more to women than just cleavage and “chesticles,” like personality and sense of humor. Ah, who am I kidding?!! :)

  15. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    lol @ Carp.

    Cheliosauraus bones were NOT found in Asia Minor as archelogists have discovered it still exists today.

  16. OMG, why are you all encouraging ORR!?

    chesticles: I missed that. I am sadly amused without knowing context…

    Hmm ..I guess most folks are waiting for real season. Me, I don’t care :) happy to be here!

  17. i gotta say, this hd service on hockeystreams is an awesome upgrade over the hq!

    What’s with all these sticks in the face tonight. You’re responsible for your stick! LOL

  18. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    Mama, heh. I didn’t say YOU were my big sis, I said that MY big sis said all those things and she did. She’s smart like that, she’s a lawyer :)

  19. Mickey is still unpacking but is spending proper time here being funny :) (mea culpa, last time I moved was off season)

  20. oy, forgot to incorporate the proper spelling of his name into that!! ORR, liked your sauer grapes! very good

  21. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    There are some things more important than others and a Rangers game and hanging out with you all during it truimphs unpacking any day of the week :)

  22. Mickey, excellent choice!

    Lin, really what other nickname could you give him? And I love sauerkraut!

  23. AH, now I have the source on that. be done :)

    Lin, still haven’t seen what Tort’s is wearing, but if it decent, I’m telling you, I called the link between his dress and team performance ages ago!

  24. Laurel, you need to see it. He’s got on a Rangers zip up, probably what he wears on the ice for practice! He looks like a freakin fan! It’s awesome

  25. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    I have white zin… and spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. So I’m honoring Carp and DelZ with my supper tonight. :)

    Saurkraut… not my thing, though I’m a sucker for kielbasa.

  26. I love sauerkraut, any food really, especially sushi! Hard liquor, but mainly….wait for it, wait for it….Appletinis! :)

  27. thanks for the link Linda
    and i’m watching/listening now.
    (have to get some work done….deadlines)

  28. Laurel,there’s nothing wrong with sour puss, it’s a person who never smiles. its what you get when you suck on a lemon

  29. anytime jpg. I try to find links after i get hockey streams going because there are some ‘heads who are looking. atdhe is usually consistent

  30. lmao SHATTENKIRK.. my mind was actually NOT in the gutter on that one… that’s why i rushed to your defense! now i realize why laurel got the newspaper ready!!!

  31. That Justic Beaver is already getting a piece of that Kim KardASSian.

    All while the Jonas Bros stay “pure”, ahaha!

    Although, I’m extremely jealous of that Joe Jonas, because he’s A) dating Ashley Greene, and B) rich by making horrifyingly horrifying music.

  32. Hi Linda! Welcome to HD.

    you guys were bashing hstreams last year (me too of course but I knew how good the picture was when it worked). this is the 3rd year for me with the premium subscription.

  33. Anyone remember that Jets/Jaguars playoff game iirc in which KeyShawn had a Reception TD, a Running TD, a fumble recovery and an interception? :)

  34. i get annoyed with hockeystreams when the feed is jumpy, or stalling. this is my first year on HD, and I’m pretty happy so far. they had some blips last game, but it’s much better today. I really appreciate the service this year!

  35. On line? Tv?

    I’m looking to see it but the channel on cable advertised is not ranger hockey.

  36. Bring on the kids. I McDonagh and Stepan on the team, I wouldn’t mind Sauer either.

    2 is probably the max for opening day face-off

  37. intermission 2…saying how kennedy should go to hartford. no way! He has skill and some grit. are they crazy?

  38. At 5 mill I just done see Rosival as a hitter, a quarterback, a stay at home guy, a join the rush guy, a shot blocking kinda guy….

    Nothing special.

    I find myself hoping he doesn’t hurt us.

  39. Carp when you Q+A mention to him, to call the play instead of talking about players families or off on some tangent about pasta. When you are getting to know a team in preseason it’s nice to hear the name of the players involved on both teams.

    Buffoon Call On Boogaard By NHL Referee Could Have Cost Mats Zuccarello his Career Video

  40. i guess you guys get to start watching the player profiles again very soon. someone needs to keep a running count of how many times they show the drury one

  41. ORR, everytime you type WEEEEEEEEEEE, i think of the little pig in the geico commercial!!

    MONDAY AFTERNOON!?!?! DAMNIT. Guess I won’t check the blog until i get home from work and watch the game lol

  42. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    OK, srsly. I canNOT get adthe or channelsurfing to hold a connection for more than 10 seconds. VERY ANNOYING.

    I miss having MSG on cable :(

  43. Shattenkirkheadzo on

    It’s great to see the kiddies get involved. Also glad to see the King not bailing them out like he did once or twice last year!

  44. She’s baaaaaaaaack! Yaaaay! Hope the grand neph is kicking aasen!

    Mickey – Wherever you live now, is there an old satellite dish hooked up?

  45. Shattenkirkheadzo on

    Does MSG have a camera out or is this a new angle? Either way I like it. Gives a nice bench perspective. Anybody else notice?

  46. grand neph still in hospital :( he’ll be fine, but everyone wants him home …thanks CR.

    tr, if step makes it will you stay ? :)

  47. Mickey – I was going to say, if there was an old satellite dish hooked up, Id send you one of my Directv receivers and then you could just get the NHL/NFL/MLB for free.

    Tony in AZ on here does the same thing and has a receiver in Mexico!!

  48. BOOGIE the silent assassin of offensive weapons!!!!!!! Greg’s counting his money as we speak! Boogie will probably get that 5th goal in GAME 82!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAME FREAKIN 82!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. OK, as they said earlier, this wasn’t the “NHL” red wings, whatever that means in pre-season, but what do we all think? We’ve scored more goals in past four games than in forever…good for morale I think, and I think this team is jelling more already this season than last, despite our run out of the gate last year..

    anyway, just my thoughts….

  50. if boogie would have deked, all you guys who bet with greg should have just sent him five bucks for the shock factor lol

  51. whoa, i just saw three yes 3 blue shirted individuals in front of hank, keeping three guys in white away from him! It’s CHristmas in September all week long!

  52. CR, not even 2 weeks yet :) problems, but all solvable….he’ll be OK…xoxo

    You can tell game is over….carp’s getting column written (or is done) so can play with the heads!

  53. “shot their load” LMAO!! I hope this isn’t vulgar…if it is, please just delete it….My wife hated me watching sports, but one thing she had fun with, I used to yell at the TV “shoot it from the slot!” She’d pass by and jokingly say “You can shoot it in my slot” :)

  54. Mama, omg, Im so sorry. Im glad the problems are all solvable, and Ill keep him in my prayers.

    Please excuse my prior post, i hadnt seen your post yet.

  55. OH lordy, can’t keep up with comedy gold here anymore tonight!

    CR, nothing to apologize for. don’t even know which post you’re talking about….so busy tonight!!!

    yes, Lin, exactly :)


  56. Tank The Season on

    Gilroy, McDonagh, and Valentenko should make the team, Blowzy should be waived/buried.

    I thinks its safe to say at this point that Stepan and Fedotenko should make the team over Todd White and Tim Kennedy.

  57. sure, i get done
    and the game’s over.
    well, at least i was able to listen to it.

    heard some interesting things on players.
    good comments on Stepan (yes, love the comment regarding Stepan+Matteau…….too bad they can’t play on the same line)
    as well as Fedetenko and Kennedy.

    thoughts from those who watched on these players or others?
    (already know of your complete satisfaction with the scoring prowess of a Derek Boogard)

  58. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    A win? ALL RIGHT! And the Boogeyman scored? Must be a full moon tonight, lol.

    Mama, sorry to hear about your nephew, I hope he’s OK.

  59. boogie did NOT score…but he was close
    greg is gonna win that bet in GAME EIGHTY FREAKIN TWO!!
    he’s gonna be so happy!

  60. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    CR, sounds like your ex-wife and my ex-boyfriend would have gotten along fine. My ex wasn’t a sports fan like I am, which made watching or going to games next to impossible.

  61. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    Ah, that’s for clearing that up about Boogey, Linda. Wasn’t sure since my feed wouldn’t cooperate :(

  62. Shattenkirkheadzo on

    Great job by the Rangers, Boogie, & Drury. See y’all at the next one. Gonna go wash my mouth out with soap now!

  63. Mickey – LOL! Well, I made sports the priority, and that’s why I no longer have a marriage :)

    The worst was when I started watching all Jets games. She said, but you’re a Giants fan, now you’re going to watch the Jets too? That’s at least 6 hours every Sunday! And also, Id watch Red Sox games. She’d say, but you hate the Red Sox. Why watch them? And Id say because I needed to watch them lose. :)

  64. Ha! Shatten, keep coming back….awesome exit line :)

    and yes (or no) Booogey did not score. Came dang close though.

    thanks Mickey, he will….no go unpack!

  65. So we should have a Vtank and an Ltank to start the season.
    Love the physicality of Vtank.
    I think Rozi must feel the pressure even he hit tonight, but just a little.
    Hate to say this but so far Sather looks like a genius on the Frolov move.
    Really like Stepan…
    Torts has some tough decisions to make!

  66. Staal, I just hope he makes the right ones, but agreed.

    OK, off to watch my regular Wednesday DVR show, then niters….so TA!

  67. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    lol @ Shattenkirkheadzo and Linda.

    Mama, but I don’t want to unpack all my jewelry, it’ll take me too long. ;)

    ‘Sides, I need to do some research on center ice. :)

  68. oy, why do i read posts after i’ve said ta…bad mama, bad….

    here’s a theme song..”one step up and two steps back..”

    hoping that’s not the case this year. who sang that song anyone?

  69. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Ok, some observations on tonight.

    Blowzy scored! Oh, I’m sorry,into the wrong net.

    Mike Sauer was outstanding. All over the ice. No need to have crapinger and his five teams in six years here.

    Derek Stepan hs to make this team or we will have a riot at the garden. Was the best forward tonight.

    To all those ” prognosticators” who said Avery would not make the team, up yours!

    Frolov may force Sather to talk about a multiple year deal sooner than later just to save some money.

    Would love to see Vtank play. He is a character. But he was running around a little too much out there trying too hard for the big check. He needs to go down to Hartford for about 20 or so games and then he should be ready.

    Fedetenko should make the team based purely on play. Todd White should not.

    Mdz is coming on. Looks like he should produce some nice numbers for us this year.

    Gilroy was once again steady and noticeable with the puck. I really like the way he is looking. Blowzy needs to be replaced by him.

    AA looks much stronger this year and should contribute 20 goals for us.

    Staal was eh.

  70. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    CR, you sound like a man after my own heart :)

    btw all, Ken Burn’s ‘The Tenth Inning’ on PBS the past 2 nights has been excellent. A great next chapter to his remarkable “Baseball” Series.

  71. Mickey – Center Ice is $170 a season, split into 4 payments. You’d have to get a base package worth at least $30 a month. In addition, you’d need the HD programming package for &7 a month to receive the Rangers in HD.

  72. Mickey – was it the Van Halen song? or the Jets story? lol

    Also, I recently learned that Ken Burns is a Red Sox fan. :(

  73. Czechthemout….obviously, I agree on point 4, but the correct response, as I’ve said, is kitty poo to you! :)

  74. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    Linda, yeppers, was using I think it might have to do with my connection, now that I think about it. hrm….

  75. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    CR, thanks for the info on center ice. I have one tv that is already HD and I have the HD connection (even though that tv is not the one in the living room as it’s only a small one). And $170 a year isn’t bad, considering the other cable deal I got ;)

    It was the ‘sports is a priority thing’ :) Van Halen is good and I have no specific NFL team I root for, though the Bills are dear to my heart after my college years in western NY.

    So Ken Burns is a Sox fan, that is bad for you, yeah. But you cannot deny that he makes amazing and indepth documentaries.

  76. >>Mickey – Center Ice is $170 a season, split into 4 payments.

    Unless you’re a Cablevision customer! These idiots insist on billing me the full amount for the past three years. I’m giving them an ultimatum this year; either they split the payments, or I do not order. Between the local teams, VS, and NHL Network, I’ll have more than enough games to satiate my hockey thirst.

  77. Mickey – LOL, ive never seen any of Ken Burns, and I will now keep it that way because of his fandom! I’ll take your word for his documentaries being amazing :)

    As for the HD package, even though your TV has the HD connection, you still would need to pay them the $7 a month for the right to view Directv Programming in HD. However, that’s not a very significant cost.

    Good luck to the Bills in the future, I always had a lot of respect for Levy, Thurman, and Kelly. And because they lost to us in a SB :)

  78. I should have clarified. My info on NHL Center Ice was only for Directv.

    I dont know what the costs are for Comcast, Cablevision, etc.

  79. If ORR really knew the song, then kudos! If he googled, well…CR, good for you, but really check out the song. sigh.

    this was when he was “with” Patty, his now longtime wife, but then, um, not…she’s backup vocals on the song. hot video, great song…

    um, too much bruce on RR? sorry. it is pres-season :)

  80. ORR………don’t. get. me. started!

    OK, I admit it, I once kissed the Rangers on the Cup backstage at a Bruce show….ha ha ha! so what he’s a devil’s fan! I was backstage and kissed the cup!!!

  81. One think I like about Stepan is that he will shoot the puck rather than look for the pass all the time. And his shot is great. This guy should play 15 min a game.

  82. Mama, keep talking about the Boss if you want to! Who cares if he’s a Devils fan! Awesome, you got to touch the CUP!!!!!!!!!

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