Redden, Grachev assigned to Hartford


From the Rangers:


27 active players remain with the club

New York, September 27, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the following five players have been assigned to Hartford (AHL): goaltender Chad Johnson, defenseman Wade Redden and forwards Evgeny Grachev, Dale Weise and Mats Zuccarello.  In addition, forwards Dane Byers, Kris Newbury and Jeremy Williams will continue training camp with Hartford, while defensemen Garnet Exelby, Brandon Manning and Alexei Semenov have been released from their tryout agreement.

The Rangers now have 27 players remaining in training camp, including two goaltenders, nine defensemen and 16 forwards.  New York continues their exhibition schedule on Wednesday, September 29 at 7:00 p.m. when the team will face-off against the Detroit Red Wings at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in the second game of their home-and-home set.


Goal (1):             Chad Johnson

Defense (1):      Wade Redden

Forward (6):      Dane Byers*, Evgeny Grachev, Kris Newbury*, Dale Weise, Jeremy Williams*, Mats Zuccarello

* Player must clear waivers prior to being assigned to Hartford


Defense (3):      Garnet Exelby, Brandon Manning, Alexei Semenov


Goal (2):             Martin Biron, Henrik Lundqvist

Defense (9):      Michael Del Zotto, Steve Eminger, Matt Gilroy, Dan Girardi, Ryan McDonagh, Michal Rozsival, Michael Sauer, Marc Staal, Pavel Valentenko

Forward (16):   Artem Anisimov, Sean Avery, Derek Boogaard, Brian Boyle, Ryan Callahan, Erik Christensen, Chris Drury, Brandon Dubinsky, Ruslan Fedotenko, Alex Frolov, Marian Gaborik, Tim Kennedy, Vinny Prospal, Brandon Prust, Derek Stepan, Todd White

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  1. Me too, I’m not sure what Eminger has done (aside from having a veteran contract) that warrants him sticking around. I am surprised they’re giving Sauer that much of a look. I like Valentenko’s game, but he needs minutes and not to be a 6th/7th D for the Rangers.

  2. Very surprised about Semenov and thought that Zuccarello would eventually go to Hartford but survive today.

  3. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I thought sauer would be gone by now as well. Valentenko has looked way better than mcdonut.

    semenov would be better than rozy or eminger I would think.

  4. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    forwards at this point….dubi, cally, prospal, drury, boogie, prust, gabby, fro, feds, AA, kennedy………..?

  5. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    LOVE Valentenko’s physicality. He’s scared to hit no one. Speaking of hits, I think last night was the first time I saw Gilroy throw a solid hip check on someone.

  6. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    I think Boyle makes the team again. You can’t help but notice the jump in his first step. Its a fight with EC vs Stepan for the last spot IMO.

  7. Bring back Prucha on

    Thought Sauer booked his ticket to Hartford last night. MZA’s ability to create scoring opportunities by himself with no help from his linemates got management so excited they sent him down to Hartford. I hate our front office.

  8. Damn it! I thought you guys said that Semenov was a big phsyical Dman. Gotta be better than Roszival. Too bad about Aasen. Oh well, he just needs some time to mature in the minors. He’ll be up at some point during the season.

    I just hope we dont totally mismanage Aasen by bringing him up and him having like half a good year next year and then we lose him via free agency.

  9. i was surprised mza was sent down already. i think eminger is the 7th dman cause no one else in that group should be. i would love it if they can move rosie the riveter somehow. have a dmen corps of staal mdz giradri gilroy mcdonugh and tank. everyone would be under 27 i think. i couldnt tell u the last time our d was that young, id be thrilled if that would be the case.

  10. Michael Del Zotto, Steve Eminger, Matt Gilroy, Dan Girardi, Ryan McDonagh, Michal Rozsival, Michael Sauer, Marc Staal, Pavel Valentenko

    So of that group of 9 defenseman, the first 5 defenseman are MDZ, Gilroy, Girardi, Roszival, and Staal.

    Final spot comes down to Eminger and Valentenko. Not sure which is better…

  11. Only need 3 forwards off that list, because of Drury on the IR.

    So Boyle and White…gone. And perhaps Stepan or AA sent down. Or Fedotenko in place of either Stepan, AA, or Boyle.

  12. I don’t think White has been awful, but I like what I have seen from Boyle much more than what I have seen from White. Boyle looks like he spent this summer getting better at things that he knew he needed to get better at.

  13. TR, that is what I think too. Those three will be a dominant line in Hartford. I am sure all three will be called up at different points in the season.

  14. mildy surprised to see semenov go in this round of cuts i thought he showed more than eminger and sauer did

  15. Ohhhhh noooo!!

    MZA went to Hartford, as I predicted months ago! I knew I should have made some fuggin bets on that!

    Glad to see Exelbaby cut, and Semenmov I can care less aboot. He should play for the Crapitals. They could use more semen :P

    This should be good. That 6th spot on defense is up for grabs for three rookies. Eminger obviously will be the 7th.

    Grabby, I would add you to Facebox, but I don’t use it anymore. Lol, Haven’t used it in so long that I forgot my password, and deleted my email, so I can’t get the password from that.

  16. i know all you guys were crazy on the MZA bandwagon but after the couple games i saw him play hes not ready for the nhl yet he still needs time to adjust to the rink size and nhl style of play. Grachev didnt show me much to make the team either honestly though i wanted them both to show something.

  17. Despite of a good impression MZA left, they decided he has all time on his hands to get better used to NHL rink size, system, rules and NY organization in HRTF. He will definitely will be back somewhere midseason, mark my words. Meanwhile, with excessive optional forwards coaches will go with already proven, experience players (Fedotenko was kind of predetermined IMO). I’m a little bit surprised by Semenov move; I didn’t like Sauer play at all and was sure about his back coming to Pack. Valentenko, still raw though, impress me much more, has a great upside and I wouldn’t mind him making the team.

  18. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    I like that MZA shows no fear going into the corners for the puck. Grunt work is just as important as goal scoring.

  19. C: Stepan, Prospal, Anisimov, Christensen
    LW: Frolov, Dubinsky, Avery, Boyle
    RW: Gaborik, Callahan, Fedotenko, Prust
    Extra: Kennedy, Boogaard

    Drury on IR
    White gone

    It can be done! (at least until Drury comes back)

  20. Good afternoon, heads! I’m back. crazy at work. I like what I’ve seen so far.

    MZA is a legit NHLer, he needs a little time to adjust, I’m sure he will come up soon.
    AA and Boyle have both improved, they are staying. EC might’ve killed Stepan’s chances to stay with the big club with his goal last night. I’m not convinced that Hartford would do any good for Stepan at the moment. They can still use EC as a 3rd line center and slide Prospal on the R wing. Fedotenko did make a good case for himself, and Torts does like him, but he will take someone’s place. And on Dubinsky- he actually looked very strong on the puck, was skating very well during the first game, but totally disappeared last night. I think he will be fine. White should take his $2.5M to Hartford.

    Semenov looked better last year. I thought he was slow and out of position often this year. Still thought he would be our 7th. Valentenko and McDonagh are very good ( how does that Gomez deal look now? Aren’t they both from the same trade?). But neither of them should be playing 7th. Tough choices on D position- good thing to have.

  21. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Yea… that Gomez deal looks pretty good. Higgy is gone, but Valentenko and McDonagh came from that trade. So interesting to see where the end up.

  22. I think MZA needs a year in Hartford. Send Stepan down, keep Christensen. Then, when the inevetable injury to a Center somewhere in the NHL occurs, trade him and call Stepan up. A few weeks in Hartford will not hurt Stepan. I have bashed Dubinsky in the past, but I think he will be fine. He must have bombed the last two games, because he looked fine in the first game.

    I have said before that the NYR should be thinking 2 years down the road. Drury and Rozi will be gone, and that will be just enough time to watch some serious young talent develop.

  23. I never understood why so many fans were so quick to pencil MZA in just because he played good in a defensive league. He has talent, but he needs time, clearly. He also needs help with interviews, because like I said last night, he had a Norwegian Dreary thing going on. Papa Zucharrello-Assen!

  24. “MZA went to Hartford, as I predicted months ago! I knew I should have made some fuggin bets on that! ”

    Didn’t you also predict we should have gotten Kovalchuk and Gaborik would have played 22 games or something along those lines..

  25. Leethhalloffame on

    McDonagh will be on the big club as evidenced by his over 24 minutes of ice time vs Red Wings on Sunday. Put it in the book.

  26. Tank The Season on

    If Stepan gets sent down it is because he does not have to pass through waivers to get sent down/up and he’ll get called up later.

    I want McDonagh and Valentenko to make the team as well as Stepan.

  27. Tank,
    That’s the point I was trying to make. Stepan is superior to EC right now, but Stepan can be sent down and brought back up without going through waivers. I am usually skeptical of the NYR prospects (still doubting Grachev), but I think Stepan is the real deal. Maybe MacD too.

  28. Semenov doesn’t make the same sense as he would have last year. And this further tells me that MacD is ready to be this years version of DelZotto.

  29. I know its early but it’s never to early to crush the announcers for their idiocy.

    First, Chico is the biggest d-bag in all of sports announcing. Period. Total homer. He really tells it like it ain’t.

    Second, how about Joe Mich for maybe the dumbest comment of the preseason. Game 1 or 2 versus the Devs, maybe it was actually the first game…he starts talking about 5 mins left in the game and maybe Torts would shorten the bench. Are you kidding me? Game 1 of the preseason against the Devs with maybe max 70% of the starters playing, and he is talking about shortening the bench.

    He and Chico, dumb and dumberer.

  30. I like the moves…
    Semenov and Exelby remind me of Malik…and the only thing I saw from Eminger was the really bad play he made on the Debbies goal the other night…flat foot!
    I don’t see the point in keeping White around.
    So does this make EC the first line center?

  31. Tank The Season on

    Centers at least for now look like Stepan, AA, Christensen and Boyle at least until Drury comes back. Todd White will not make the team based on his cap hit.

  32. Gift of GAB-orik on

    There’s lots of Rangers on Waivers today…plus a few ex-Rangers, Montoya, Jessimen, Hollweg.

  33. Ok, so you get two extra roster spots for scratches? I couldnt remember how many.

    If that’s the case, Boyle stays, Fedotenko is signed. Stepan sent down, and White is gone.

    If there is a 3rd extra sratch, the loser of Eminger, Tank stays.

  34. My biggest concern is what Torts is doing to Dubi. Dubinsky is not a wing and the only position he could be effectively used is center. Moreover, if you look objectively at the current selection of the centers the Rangers have, he is the only one who (remotely but still) has a potential for a first line center. Besides, he’s got grit, passion and a will to stand up for teammates. Hope, these ridiculous experiments with playing him a wing won’t cost us a good player.

  35. Tank The Season on

    Dubinsky made himself a trade candidate when he pulled his camp holdout last year.

    I have a feeling he will be traded.

  36. What are we going to get for Dubinsky?

    Draft picks?

    We’re not going to get anything of value. It’s best to trade someone at peak value, not vice versa. And we need Dubinsky for Sally!

  37. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    no offence my friend, but if semenov reminded you of malik, then you need to sober up because you are in bad shape!

  38. Dublowsky wont get us what we could have gotten two years ago if Slats wasn’t a moron and held on to him.

    And if Dublowsky was such a damn good player as every Ranger fan thinks he is, then he wont have any trouble playing the wing. Just excuses! Blame Torts, blah, blah!

    It’s only pre-season, so maybe he’s half assing it. He better be, cause he looked lifeless out there. He needs to step it up, cause we need that fuggin secondary scoring, and he needs to be the guy that provides it.

  39. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    so much for guys earning their spots on the roster. feds and kennedy have earned them…wonder if they get them? semenov and valentenko both played better than the majority of the the d men including mcdonut, so wonder who “earned” spots??

    torts sucks!!

  40. A friendly reminder for those “fans” with short memory:

    NY Rangers are a team that was completely destroyed and depleted by MANY years of degenerated management. One of the results is the fact that today we have a bunch of third and forth line centers (EC, Drury, Boyle) + promising rookie with potential to be a first or second line center two-three years from now (best case scenario).
    This is a sad reality and we have to deal with it. Dubi is no superstar, Rangers could NOT have a superstar for the reasons stated above, he is just the best choice NOW.


  42. CR9 – 23 spots on the roster, 20 players active every game, so there is the potential for three scratches, not including IR of course, which will have Drury.

  43. In general, I’m surprised how little the subject of NYR missing a legit first line center is discussed here. IMO, this was one of the primary reasons of the Rangers not making play-offs last year and I’m sure the opponents, especially within the conference will try to exploit it again to the max this year.

  44. opie,

    Drury has a full no movement clause. They can’t even waive him to Hartford like Redden. Best case scenario is that he gets moved at the trade deadline next year for a team looking to add a veteran for a playoff run and put Drury in the role he is best suited to fit, PK-specialist/face-off taker/garbage goal scorer on a good PP.

    Richards has value if he’s having a good year, which is not completely a given, but the guys you’re proposing sending the other way all have expiring contracts and I’m sure Dallas would at least want someone that can stick around.

  45. wicky,
    big, slow what else is there…
    I guess he hits a little more.

    I find it funny you thought McDonagh played worse than Semenov.
    He’s young, hits, needs a little work but has a huge upside…Semenov on the other hand is just another Redden, Rozi, Exelby, Eminger type.
    Semenov should have stayed last year, when he actually did play better than some of the others.

  46. Spiderpig is correct about the 23 players, but I doubt the Rangers will carry that many. Torts does not like to have extra players sitting around – as seen by the fact they carried 21 for the majority of the time last year.

    Remember that those extra players count against the salary cap which is why the Rangers spare player(s) won’t big ticket items. That is why Sauer could stick in NY over Eminger (because he makes about half the salary) and why White has to be in the lineup, dealt or sent to Hartford – they can’t afford a player with a $2.4 million hit on the bench.

  47. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    neither is anything like malik….I mean i guess if you are saying vets not kids well ok they are similar by being vets. That is where the similarity stops. Did you watch the preseason? semenov and valentenko hit everything and played with an edge in front of the net. They both played more physical than mcdonut. I am not anti mcdonut, just saying to this point they both played more physical.

    I do not care about anything at this point other than adding physical d men to the blueline. we have more than enough positionally sound puck movers already, so I am only looking for the physical stuff which is what we need. Mcdonut is more physical than what we have to this point (not saying much), but the whole torts line is BS about earning a spot if they think mcdonut has earned one over semenov or valentenko to this point IMHO.

  48. I dont understand why Torts – or any coach – wouldnt want to have the most resources available to him.

    Thanks Spiderpig! Since there are 23 spots with Drury on the IR, there is no need to get rid of the loser of Eminger/Tank; just stash him as a scratch.

    You send down Stepan and rid yourself of White. Your team is set until Drury comes back and you have options available.

    To play with a 21 man roster when you can have a 23 man roster is ludicrous.

  49. someone said AA in the minors………….

    sure 22 yr old centers with good size and vision who are defensive responsible need to go down. also all things considered he had a very nice rookie sweason last year.

    semonov got released because the rangers have many more younger options then they had last season. sauer, mcdonagh, valetenko, have upside and do not look overmatched.

    semenov also has no offensive abilities……..

  50. There’s a limit (6) to how many experienced players you can have on the AHL roster. Or at least how many can dress for a game. It’s based on a sum of either NHL games played or an aggregate of time in other professional leagues. I don’t know how the roster moves of today affect that number in Hartford, but they can’t keep sending down veteran players unless they’re going to get scratched down there too.

    Based on play alone, Semenov should have been given the inside track between him and Eminger/Exelby. From most reports I’ve read, Exelby was a long shot to make it anyway so it’s not a surprise he gets released. Semenov was probably a numbers game since he’s not under contract and the Rangers could ill-afford to have excessive veteran contracts that would either be carried at the NHL level or work against their limit in the AHL.

    As for McD, he seems to the player this year that the organization is pushing to play at the NHL level and he’ll be cut a generous amount of slack when he makes mistakes. He’s probably like the Del Zotto of last year and Staal in his rookie year in that respect.

  51. I was never too high on Semenov. He’s physical, but he’s nothing special.

    Besides, I don’t like the crap he pulled last season, even if it was his wife. Made him look like a totally soggy cottage cheese smelling virginia.


  52. All our favorites are on wavers: Ryan Hollweg (PHX), Hugh Jessiman (CHI), Hugh Jessiman (CHI). Can create a great team out of them! ))))

  53. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    i so agree that mcdonut will get the mdz treatment from the org. He will probably get the spot even if someone else out plays him! I hope they keep him and valentenko in the top 6, just not sure how that can happen at this point.

  54. I think McD should get the MDZ treatment this year. I agree with the sentiment that I would love to see both McD and the Tank make the top six with Eminger staying with the big club as a 7th. That would mean at least four of the 7 D have significant NHL experience and that McD and Tank could be given the slack to learn and make mistakes.

  55. CCCP, and Wicky
    you are way overrating Semenov. he is 6/7th Dman. with all the young D on the way you want Semenov with a roster spot instead of McDonagh, Sauer or Valentenko. it was wise to do it now, so the young D can fight it out, instead of having Semenov playing the last 3 pre season games.

  56. I have nothing against McD making the club. He’s definitely not overwhelmed with the game so far. At the same time I think they need a 7th D vet like they did with Eriksson. Someone that jump in a game or two here and there to give the youngsters a breather if they’re getting a little overmatched for a few games. Importantly though, make sure that vet understands that he’s going to be a spot starter and that the commitment to the youth is firmly in place.

    McD, Tank and Eminger all can’t make the club unless Gilroy gets demoted or traded.

  57. CTB…I forgot about Gilroy…I still would like to see McD and Tank make the team.

    Lets be honest, the Rangers are a LOOONG shot to win the Cup this year, so if we can give our future the experience they need as the team continues to develop, get younger, and free up cap space, I’m all for it.

  58. Ah me…looks as though I’m one of the few defenders of EC. And Sauer. Just going by what I observed, and the way everything has shaped up to date…do not let yourselves become beguiled into thinking that these games were the foreshadowers of what will transpire when the teams really start with everything on the line.

    And am I the only one who observed the very deft play made defensively by EC in his own end just as the Wings were spooling up for a real attack that would have caught several Rangers way up ice out of position. I still believe that the man is under rated, largely because he is not flashy. But he is competent. If he gets to stay, I think that some minds may well be changed by mid season about him.

  59. “I still believe that the man is under rated, largely because he is not flashy. But he is competent.”

    “do not let yourselves become beguiled into thinking that these games were the foreshadowers of what will transpire when the teams really start with everything on the line.”

    Agreed fran.

  60. LMAO at sending AA to AHL.

    Semenov was physical enough but he looked better last season, he was too slow this year, was caught out of position too often. My only issue that instead of him playing 7th Dman they will give it to a young guy. McD may not be as physical as Valentenko (who actually should make the team way before Eminger and Roszival), but he has much better game awareness and offensive abilities.

  61. fran, are you talking about the same Christensen who has been picked up and dropped by 3 teams in the last couple of years. the same guy who barely produced anything last season when handed the first line center role. is that the Chritensen you are talking about.

  62. one thing to keep in mind about Sauer. he would have to clear waivers to be sent down, I doubt he would clear. so for that reason he probably has an edge on Valentenko.

  63. “LMAO at sending AA to AHL.”

    Welcome back, ILB!

    I put AA in my list as a covering all angles just-in-case possibility, not because I thought it would be so.

  64. Tank The Season on

    Florida got something for Nathan Horton and his contract, we can get someone decent (a defenseman?) for Dubinsky.

  65. Bull Dog
    Yes ..the very same. And he was mishandled by several of the teams that he was on, due to flashier and their more productive players ( which the Rangers til now have not had ( and may still not). That very one. I,m not saying that he’s the next coming of Stevie wonder, I,m merely pointing out that he has some very good points in his favor, and the Rangers have put up with worse…a LOT worse. He has an opportunity over the first dozen or so games ( if they retain him) to show what he is made of especially when playing on a team that has a reasonable expectation of NHL caliber pay. ( As opposed to the chaotic and mildly manic
    depressive style of last year’s contributors.

  66. Horton has scored 20 or more goals in every NHL season but his first. Dubinsky hasn’t quite proved to be able to play at that level yet.

    This is Dubi’s put up or shut up year. It’s very unlikely this year’s team does much of anything (I think winning one round in the playoffs is their highest upside) so there’s not a huge risk associated with waiting to see whether Dubi can up his production and maintain some consistency.

  67. I think Dubi will have a very good year. 25+ goals at the least. And our upside is never set in stone – i.e the first round – because we have the X factor Henrik.

    If we even improve our scoring and our defense by just a little from last year…….

  68. Henrik isn’t an X-factor. You pretty much know what you’re going to get at this point. High 2.20’s-low 2.30’s GAA, a little under a .920% save percentage. Stretches of brilliance, some stretches where he can’t handle bad angle shots, amazing reflexes and lateral movement, vulnerable to high shots through screens and of course the less than stellar glovehand.

    Scoring will still be an issue and there will be some expected bumps in the road because of the rawness of the D. Most likely if the Rangers qualify it will be in the 6-8 slots which means you’ll have to face a division winner (presumably a deeper and better team).

  69. bull dog line

    im not overrating Semenov at all… his big body and long reach could’ve been useful…what was the point of bringing him back? I would definitely not want him over the young guys but i just think that he played well enough to stay

  70. not surprised by any of the cuts. they were the right ones. Sauer will not make it either. he looked poor with the puck vs the wings.

    would love to see Todd White dumped, he sucks, but I doubt they will have the nerve to do it.

  71. Gift of GAB-orik on

    NYP_Brooksie NEWS: Agent Don Meehan texts that Redden will report to AHL Hartford on Wednesday.

    Brooks twitter as of 12 minutes ago.

  72. MZA will be on the big club before the new year, almost guaranteed. I’m going Wednesday and it would have liked to see him play. Hopefully he can help Grachev gain some confidence in the AHL. Grachev looked better last camp. Let’s hope he’s not a head case. Sauer is probably heading to the waiver wire unless he has a big game Wednesday. I like Kennedy’s play but I’m not sure where he fits in…

    I think Todd White gets dumped too and they probably will sign Feds to a 1 yr deal around $1mm.

  73. Gift of GAB-orik on

    NHL Hockey and Money went head to head.
    Redden is taking the money and running(skating) all the way to CT with it!

  74. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I can understand it. Pride takes a hit, sure, but new baby, don’t want to uproot the family, stay in the NY area, and $6.5 Million? Yea i can see why he’s reporting to AHL.

  75. Gift of Gaborik,
    Redden would have to nuts not to report the Hartford. by reporting he gets his whole salary, and maybe the Rangers at some point put him on re entry waivers and he gets claimed. the Ranger would be on the hook for 3 mill, and the team that claims him the other 3 mill.

  76. fran,
    you said a couple of things there. 1 the teams he failed on had more productive players, and 2, you are OK with Christensen being mediocre, because the Rangers have had mediocre players in the past. I don’t think the Rangers need to accept mediocre anymore.

  77. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Stepan ,steppin up the ladder !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Zucarello and Grachev to Hartford ..ugh!!!

  78. Renney is the luckiest dope. he gets the job just as 3 topnotch kids come in to Edm to turn that team around.just as he benefited from Henrik getting started with the rangers, except he tried to bury Henrik behind sieve Weekes, not once, but twice, before the second time weekes was injured then henrik played so well that the fans would not allow dummy Renney to bench him a third time in favor of weak weekes.

  79. With Redden now off to Hartford, I think the most realistic way that Redden ends up back in the NHL is what Eliotte Friedman wrote in his 30 Thoughts column today in which he posits that Redden’s best bet is to get traded to a small-market, low-payroll team that is below the salary cap floor in a trade in which the Rangers agree to pay some of the salary but do not assume any of Redden’s cap space thus allowing the acquiring team to be over the cap floor but save in real dollars. Apparently this is legal (until Bettman says it isn’t)

  80. why would the Rangers trade Redden and pay some of his salary plus the salary of whoever they get back in that trade when they could just simply keep Redden in Hartford? Redden career will end in the minors.

  81. I agree, the Rangers can just let him play down in Hartford and throw away the proverbial key. I also agree that hockey is a cold-hearted business, but the Rangers, if nothing else, have been known to be a generous organization doing what’s best not only for the organization but for its players and so my guess is that if Sather could move him at a reasonable price because Redden still wants to play in the NHL and he can give him that opportunity with no CAP implications for the team, I think he would.

    How much money have the Dolans thrown down the toilet over the last decade?

  82. Spiderpig – In the Jagr deal, the Caps and Rangers split salary AND cap space. I believe the sharing of cap space is illegal, but whose pockets the actual dollars come from to pay a player’s salary is a bit grayer.

  83. CTB – Poor use of words. Of course Hank isnt an X factor. I should have worded it like this:

    Hank is the constant, the constant that affords the Rangers the opportunity at the postseason and winning in the postseason.

    The X factor this year will be whether we can sustain more consistent scoring – which I believe we can – and whether our defense has improved even the slightest amount – which I believe it will be.

  84. bull dog

    Clever misdirection of what I said..(mediocre is your word..not mine.) I said that he has been oft underrated, and that he is a better performer than he’s been given credit for. I further intimated that it is difficult to measure just how off beat he was last season, given the overall amateurish play by most of the rest of the team. And I mean some of the so called stars. NOw when I said that he was not Yzerman caliber of play, that doesn’t translate into mediocrity. There are several levels of performance between the two. Do you find Dubinski to be a better centerman for first line wings that he may play with this season,than Ericksen? Perhaps he will so develop..right now he hasn’t proven anything.

    If he does become that 1st line center that all have craved since the end of last season, I will be among the first to laud him for it. But to believe that Ericksen need be discarded because he is not, does not mean he cannot be a source of talent to this club that it may not have at the moment. That’s all.

  85. Evan- i don’t think it’s legal. Any money transaction involved in the trade (unless it’s re-entry waiver pick up) isn’t allowed by new CBA. I doubt they will buy him out either, too much cap hit for too long. I think they will wait until the new CBA. Most likely it will allow some sort of cap reliefe for a limited amount of time, then they will byu him out.

  86. ilb – I’m no expert…just after reading Friedman’s column (linked above) he made it appear as it it were a legitimate possibility.

    If it is illegal, I agree, I don’t see any other circumstances other than a non-recourse (to the cap) buyout period after the next CBA signing where Redden is bought out or traded.

  87. Good evening all!

    from last thread: CT, to be or not to be in the NHL…brilliant post!

    Nasty, happy daughter b-day! awesome story.

    ilb, welcome back! man, you catch up fast!

    TR, sorry bout MZA….some folk have hopes for him this year yet. Here’s my predicted Carp headline: welcome back to NY MZA” or something like that :)

    I’m curious about the debate about Eminger…

    Aves is in!!

  88. fran,
    Christensen’s career high’s are 18 goals, and 38 pts. Dubi has already surpassed those numbers in his 3 seasons(not by much). so if you are asking me if I think dubi is a better option as the top center, I would have to say yes. he has a much higher ceiling that Christensen, and I think a much tougher player.

  89. Right now, this team seems like more of the same journeyman mediocrity that has teased us for years. Except for Biron, who I am sure will get between three and four starts. Oh, wait, that’ll be the same, too.

    Christ, can’t we get any players that “do all the right things” but where we don’t need to laud that because they’re doing all the big things well, too?

  90. Crystal Water To Win on

    Gilmour is a better winger than half the guys on the team, how about putting him where he belongs and opening an extra D-man slot?

  91. i just figured out who kennedy reminds me of…theo fleury. its the little guy with the chipped tooth thing.

  92. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Stepan ,steppin up the ladder !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    The x Factor is Gaborik .

    If Gaborik even comes close to what he did last year …we are in bizness!!!

    Other Notables :




  93. Zuccarello will be back. They just want him to ge t used to the smaller NHL rinks. Grachev really didn’t put the effort in needed for a person to make the team.

    My inaugural visit to the Prudential Center aka The Pebble. Didn’t realize it was a home game Video.

  94. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Stepan ,steppin up the ladder !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Zuccarelloooo!!!! Good call Mouth!! Now Grachev didn’t seem to bad from what I saw . Put him with good players not the scrubs hes playing with.

  95. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Stepan ,steppin up on the ladder !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Yo CCCP , I did my list a few days before so I have the players I wanted. I know you’ll probally beat me cuz what ever I touch turns to Carp.

  96. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Stepan ,steppin up on the ladder !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Tommorows my birthday Booooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Sucks , this age thingy!!! Rangers on tv Wednesday!!!!!! Best news Ive heard all day besides REDDEN gone!!! Ive been holding back my excitement but I will not be able to for much longer!!
    If everythning goes to plan… we will make the playoffs.

  97. Wade, I realize we’ve signed a multi year contract with you but at this point I think it’s best that we go our separate ways.

    “I don’t understand.”

    We don’t like you, and we want you to leave.

  98. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Stepan ,steppin up on the ladder !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    ORR , yeah I maybe-probally-might have made that bet. Zuccarello will be back man , Mouth said so . So eat that!!!

  99. Hugh Jess Folkyerself on

    Oh My God!!!!!!!! Hugh Jess is Waived! Rejected by the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Black Hawks. I never expected this! Now my career summary says “never played for TWO of the Original Six teams.” The Cup dream is over! And I was just getting used to bench-pressing 36 pounds…

    Maybe the Boston Bruins will pick me up. Now THAT’s a Conspiracy Theory!

  100. Watching Buffalo and Leafs…pretty good game. Buffalo has finally gotten decent looking uniforms…hope they stick with it. ( I was not aware that Armstrong had gone to the Buffs.)

  101. btw

    The play by play are DOING play by play. Some interjections
    of a color nature, but at least they aren’t engaged in a long running personal dialogue between each other about sideline stuff that has no or little bearing on the game itself. What a contrast.

  102. U.Otto Folkyerself on

    I knew Jessiman was a bust when I heard Sather say “And for our 2003 first round selection, The New York Rangers pick…”

  103. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    bull dog
    I don’t think I overrated semenov at all. I never said he should be our #1 or #4 d man. He would have been a good 6/7 guy. would I take him over staal, no…..mdz, no. rozy, yes. He played a physical game which we are very lacking on the blueline.

  104. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    happy birthday bro!!

    I think the x factor will be how physical the d plays in front of hank. If it is as soft as last year…..that will be a negative x factor.

    who ever made the kennedy looks like theo comment, good call!

  105. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    did you guys see kennedy try to jump into the avery clarkson scrum and fall down and take out two devils in the process…awesome!

  106. #12 – Yevgeny Mishakov

    Team USSR

    Evgeny Mishakov was not famous for his slick skating or 1-on-1 skills. The most impressive parts of his performance were always his fighting spirit, game discipline, team dedication and determination to win the game. Mishakov was equally strong in defense and offense. His best play was associated with his on-ice partnership with Yury Moiseev in the initial version of the experimental “torpedo” line created by Anatoly Tarasov.


    “We always criticize our players for fighting. In this series we didn’t do that. If our players didn’t stand up to the Canadians there wouldn’t have been enough Soviet players to complete the game. After the fight between Mishakov and Gilbert, the professionals began to realize that Russians can fight too.”

    Lev Lebedev, Pravda

  107. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    whew….thought I had taken lunch too late and was crashing the folkyerself clan party!

  108. Olga Folkyerself on

    It took Chicago 10 days to figure out Jessiman wasn’t any good. It took Sather over 5 years…

    Need I say it?

  109. Here is what I don’t get…Sather knows there will be some kids vying for valubale roster spots, so why re-sign christensen in the first place?

  110. #12 if i remember correctly John Stearns wore that number for the Mets

    sorry for being late to the festivities

  111. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Once again people are chiming in with their opinion claiming to have watched the games. Again I ask, are you really paying attention when you clam to have watched or are you just blind.Mcd was the best damn on the ice last night followed by vtank and then Girardi. Some of the comments are just unreal.

  112. Czechthemout,
    I agree on McDonagh. He has looked NHL-ready for the most part, and way better than the other dmen.

  113. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sauer and McDonagh will be sent down, not because of playing ability, but because they can without clearing waivers. He wants to keep his scratch and dent pickups up in NY as long as possible.

    Sather official comment will be “It was a tough decision, but yadda yadda, more seasoning, more playing time, more experience”

    It’s the Sather Way….

  114. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’m not happy about the Black Hawks turnover. Niemi included. But Cup win or not, they were going to have to lose some good players. If Stan Bowman has nine lousy years as GM- Yes, then out he goes….

  115. ZzZz,
    Happy tomorrow Birthday! Don’t worry about your age, out of everyone – you’re the most joyful, boyish, ageless optimistic fan character and please, stay this way to our enjoyment and never lower your expectations toward beloved team. Hurray!

  116. I love going on Cap Geek and seeing …

    1. Redden off of the Books

    2. The Rangers have 3.3 million in Space WITH White on the books (whose 2.375 mill should be gone soon)

    At this Rate, maybe we get B.Richards at the Deadline for a Reunion Cup Run??

  117. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    12- Ron Darling

    Not surprised Redden took the AHL route. He gets to stay close to NY with the new baby and earn his cash for this year. Then over next summer, he can bolt to Europe cause I’m sure Sather will let him do that.

  118. the Hawks have 2 great 19 y.o. kids who are nhl ready and look real good in the preseason. winger Jeremy Morin and dman Nick Leddy. they may not keep them because of experience and cap issues, but they will be regulars for them sometime this year or next for sure.

  119. Orr – Castle is comedy police show with Nathan Fillion – who is hilarious. The entire cast is excellent, and if you’re a fan of Firefly, you’ll love Fillion in this.

    Ive actually met Fillion – he’s an arrogant sob, thinks he’s better than everyone, but i still like him anyways! I guess he has a right to be arrogant!

  120. The Town was OK… i was expecting more to be honest

    not sure if you like animation or not but ‘Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole’ was a great watch! Watch in IMAX 3D…amazing visuals!

  121. I think Dubinsky has to get some credit, he knows he’s making the team so he’s just got to get through pre-season uninjured (he sensibly turned down a fight against a Debbies minor leaguer at the weekend) and make sure he is fit and ready to go for game 1. I think he’ll fit well at LW this year and can just use his size along the boards, make some hits ont he forecheck and drive to the net. I think Stepan, AA and EC are more creative at C and i think Dubi will reach 25 goals if he can hold a spot on the top 2 lines at LW and on one of the PP units.

    I think its Fedotenko or Kennedy for the final spot at LW and given the cuts, someone is moving over to RW, possibly Prospal. I dont think there is a spot for White either if Stepan stays, or maybe he will stick around till Drury is back?

  122. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Wednesday , we will win!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Yeah today is my boithday , go figure .

    4everanger ,ty for the kind words. I appreciate what ya said .

    Carp !!! Ty yeah I am 26 . Crazy huh?

    Wicky!!! Ty ya tanks!! Im off for now …

    Oh yeah Detriot dressed alot of regulars last game. Pay back time!!! Our team will win , it is my gaurentee!!! plus I get to see it on tv!!!!

    WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO we love da Rangers!!!!! HOley hell yeah!!!!

  123. Zipay says average AHL salary 65K, so Redden is getting paid 100X what his new team mates will make – wow

  124. Go, go, go, go
    Go, go, go Greg-y
    It’s your birfday
    We goin’ party like it’s yo birfday
    We goin’ sip Bacardi like it’s yo birfday

  125. Some morning levity here – I was reading the local paper for the Devils this morning and there’s an article on Brodeur being named by SI as the greatest NHL player in history to wear #30. The picture with the article shows Brodeur watching the Rangers celebrating a goal.

    Want more laughs? Aaron Asham is listed by SI as the greatest #45 in NHL history, too. SI writing about hockey is like listening to Mike Francesa talk about hockey.

  126. Tank The Season on

    Inception will win best picture, only Oscar competition looks like The Social Network as of right now.

  127. Doodie

    that article is pure gold! I’m still laughing!

    ‘The New York Rangers were placed on waivers by their frustrated fanbase this morning, the culmination of several years of disappointing regular seasons, brief playoff appearances and poor managerial decisions.

    “It’s difficult any time you have to make a decision like this, but we just had to do it,” said Frank Peterson, a lifelong blueshirts fan. “At the end of the day it’s not a business though, it’s a game of passion, skill and beauty. And well, they suck at it. Hard.”

    sad but rue

  128. Bored at work =’s possible line combos…

    Frolov-Stepan-Gaborik…Dubinsky-Anisimov-Callahan….Avery-Drury-Prospal…..Prust-Chistensen-Boogey/Boyle….If Stepan gets cut then replace him with Prospal and slide Fedetenko onto Drury’s right side….



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