Rangers 5, Devils 4 (OT) in review


Just a few thoughts:

1) It is remarkable how Sean Avery can take over a game, but he did it again. And this is prime reason No. 1 why the coach needs to find a way to get him to play exactly like that, and if he goes over the line once in a while, so be it. Live with it.

2) That was one of the worst non-calls I’ve ever seen on Clarkson. How he doesn’t get a third-man in is bonkers. And if one of the refs actually told Avery that he got the misconduct because he went after a superstar, that ref ought to be suspended.

3) Speaking of suspended, MSG cameras cut away from the Avery-Kovalchuk discussion between the benches just as it looked as if Kovalchuk was going to give him the throat-slash gesture. I am not saying he did, because we couldn’t see it. But if he did, and I’m sure there’s footage, then he ought to be suspended as was Nick Boynton for doing the same thing this week.

4) Ruslan Fedotenko made his first significant case to stay. And we already know that John Tortorella has a history with him and likes him or he wouldn’t be here. But, to me, if he makes it, well, who doesn’t? Because overall, he’s another one of those players of which the Rangers already have enough, if not too many. Maybe he’s better than somebody else, a Prospal or a Christensen? I don’t know. I do know there are too many locks to make the team on the wings already.

5) Garnet Exelby didn’t distinguish himself in his debut. On that one alley-oop pass, he was so flat footed that he tried to reach straight up and knock the puck out of the air. In other words, to make as bad a last-ditch attempt as you could. In other words, as badly beaten as you could be. I don’t think he’s making it.

6) I was very surprised how anti-Ranger Chico Resch was, especially in a telecast he had to know was being watched by Rangers fans. He couldn’t explain why Avery had to fight David Clarkson, but LeBlond didn’t have to fight Boogaard. And he complained the way they celebrated the OT goal as if they’d won a playoff series, he said. I thought Joe Micheletti was going to tell him to shut up at one point.

7) Boogaard really does prevent fights and he will prevent opponents’ bigger guys from doing stupid things to a degree. LeBlond wanted no part of him. Boogaard’s like Joey Kocur in that regard. But I still doubt it will have any effect on the Carcillos of the world, who simply won’t fight him.

8) Lundqvist played in his first game. That’s about the best I could say about his performance.


Thirteen days until Opening Night.

13: A-Rod (who passed Sammy Sosa; gee what do they have in common?). Curt Blefary.

13: Dan Marino.

13: Sergei Nemchinov, Valeri Kamensky.

Don’t forget, it’s a 5 p.m. start tonight.

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  1. First…
    repost after being Carped:

    If Fedotenko makes the team what’s his cost for cap purposes? He’s looked pretty good and he would also, like Frolov, being playing for next years contract. Correct?

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  2. Totally agree with everything you said, Carp. There were a lot of calls in favor of the Devils yesterday. Also wanted to point out that Ryan Callahan had an extraordinary game last night. He was a true leader out there and helped carry the team to the comeback.

  3. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Chico is a jerk.

    he was upset because he knew Kovlapuke can’t keep his composure.

    I am surprised Michelletti stood up for Avery and defended him.

    Chico should check youtube. There are plenty of fights between avery / clarkson and other tough guys.

    No more pushing the rangers around.

  4. So, if no one wants to tangle with Boogaard, then when the other team goes after our stars, he should be free to go after the other teams stars, NOT AFTER THEIR TOUGH GUYS! A few solid hits on Kovalchuk by Boogy will force the Leblondes of the world to either take him on or sit on the bench and watch.

  5. While I agree that Boogey is good for limiting the pushing and scrums after the whistle, I just hope he isn’t too big a liability while hockey is actually being played. He’s slow and lacks mobility. His skating abilities really need to be improved big time. Since he was signed so early in the off season I wonder if he did any work to improve this obvious weakness.

  6. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Chico is exactly what an announcer shouldn’t be… biased. His views are so one sided, it’s disgusting. Like Joe Buck doing a Yankee game, or Troy Aikman calling a Giants game. You can feel the hatred in the booth!

    Avery will be called names for not fighting Clarkson, and Devils fans will be up in arms that he went after Kovalchuk…. but Avery did his job, and did it perfectly. He got the Devils running around trying to kill him, and drew a slew of penalties that resulted in goals. So advantage AVERY.

    Lundqvist had a rough one… whatever. First game action for him, i’m not worried. I like the toughness the Rangers have shown thus far.

  7. I’m really pissed at Duguay for claiming (on the post-game show) that Christensen should be the first line center. What’s the deal – is EC a party buddy of Duguay? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Stepan looked better in every way than EC. No objective observer could say the EC should get the job over Stepan.

    Then Goring stated flatly that Vinnie Prospal would be the Rangers’ top center this season.

    I’m starting to think that the smartest guy on that panel is Daneyko…

  8. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Also, I agree that if the ref said Avery got a penalty cuz Kovy is a superstar… that guy should be checking out games from the bleachers.

    It’s like the NHL’s sick obsession with letting Cindy Crosby do whatever he wants. Just gross.

  9. Are Joe Mich and Chico going to do all the Devils-Rangers games together this season? Initially, the thought of that was somewhat horrifying, but after Joe Mich stepping up to the plate and (almost) telling Chico where to stick it, I’m kinda intrigued as to what could happen next.

  10. the officiating was quite suspect last night. Too bad Bettman won’t do a damned thing about it. Drops the gloves first, no penalty; third man in, no penalty.

  11. slighlty off topic but, my daughter is doing a fund raising walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society next month. I know several of the ‘Heads have donated already and we’re hugely grateful. If anyone else would be interested in making a donation, the link follows. I believe the final day for donating is October 1. Thanks again to all you guys for everything!


  12. Izzy,
    I would absolutely agree with that concept (at your 11:01 post), except IMO Boogie’s lack of speed and any sense of position, make it virtually impossible to implement, don’t you think?
    P.S. He is really much worse skater, then I thought.

  13. Guess the referring is back to normal – lousy.
    The next new penaly will be if you stop a pass it will be 2 minutes for impeding the flow of the puck.
    I agree, the guys on last night’s broadcast just could not shut up. Let’s try to enjoy the game – even Mike Emerick was not at his best.

  14. hey heads, good game last night. how bout dz impression of leetch? good stuff. and fedotenko looked good. byers is the new voros, artie looked great,cally was awesome, avery is back!!!!, grachev is gone!! at least to hartford for now. boy i really like that kid and wanna see him do well, but i dont think i seen him touch the puck at all or at least didnt hear his name called(mainly because of the announcers arguing most of the night instead of callin the game right). but what did grachev do last night? fedotenko is gonna steal his spot, and the little z man’s too if they dont step it up. was not impressed with hank or the defense, except for dz and gilroy on the pp. they are still bad in their own end. another reason why semenov or sauer or valentenko should make the team. didnt say they would, but at least 2 of them should!! at lest they hit. mcdonagh too. i saw gilroy had a glorious chance to hit a gy on the boards and instead he just shoved his arm or shoulder and try for the puck which he didnt get. hes lousy for 1.5 mill.

  15. For years now, the most frustrating part of watching any game is the inept and inconsistent officiating. I’ll agree that the job is very difficult but the linesman do a much better job than the referees. Way to many bad calls and non-calls. Linesman should be given more latitude in calling penalties.

  16. The game and the refereeing was better when they had just 1 referee. They maybe missed a few calls but better than calling the phantom penalties or just stoppig the flow of the game.

  17. btw, last night my daughter was here watchin the game with me and wanted to say hi to all of you guys. shes becoming quite the ranger fan.

    linda, add me back on fb. idk what happened but youre not on there anymore!!! i was deleting some people i never talk to really and mightve deleted you by accident! lol. i also wanna apologize for some comments i made last night. i had a few too many last night.

  18. “Even” Emrick? I’ve always thought he waffles (and waffleboards) while play is going on as much as anyone.

    “One of tonight’s goal judges is from East Nozzleford, Minnesota. You might remember his great uncle Stanley playing for the East Nozzleford Nuggets of the old Western Colonial Hockey League in the late 1950s…”

  19. 4ever- There are five guys out there on the ice. He should be able to hit one or two of them occasionally. Having no sense of position should work in his favor, no? If he can’t even do that then he is just a waste of big. (and $1.6 Mil) It’s got to be better than picking a fight with their goon, and probably getting two and five for his troubles.

    Put some clean heavy hits on their talent and let the other team get the extra penalty instigating fights with him.

  20. Just watched the game on DVR… WOW is all I can say. The referees are already in mid-season form. It is incredible how Avery got screwed by those calls while Clarkson drops the gloves 2 times and doesn’t even get a minor. Unreal.

    On the Rangers… I thought Semenov and Valentenko played pretty well. They definitely bring some toughness to the front of the net. Grachev was completely invisible. Didn’t even realize he was playing until midway through the 2nd. MDZ definitely got better as the game went on. I thought Kennedy did some good things too.

  21. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Great post, Carp. Every point is, well, on point.

    Chico is the worst! I’ve never heard so many bad excuses for the home team and biased commentating in my life.

    Does anyone have a link to micheletti defending Avery? I was only able to get to the tv at 7mins into the 2nd.

  22. Comparing anything to Redden means nothing now. I just hope 1 Boogaard doesn’t equal 1 Brashear.

  23. Grabby, I forgot to mention that Del Zotto “Leetch” impression on the goal … another indicator that this kid is going to be something special. And he’s tough, and now he’s stronger.

    Linda, I’ve walked a local Light The Night event for the daughter of an assistant football coach in the area — the whole team came out, the night before a game! It’s a great event.

  24. Here’s my nomination for post of the day:

    # LW3H September 26th, 2010 at 12:01 pm

    If Boogaard starts moving now, he might just arrive in time to hit Carcillo when they play on 4 November.


    just when i thought LW could NOT beat his DOC post, he comes up with this. Well played sir.

    Maybe Boogie needs a hoveround

    Carp, i gotta say, the ‘Heads are very generous and compassionate. I’m reminded of that on a weekly, if not daily basis.

  25. Linda
    I just sent a check to my sister in law who walks every October on Staten Island. A friend of ours is a leukemia survivor after undergoing a marrow transplant. Last February was her 5 year anniversary and 30 of us took a cruise to celebrate. We also chipped in and took the donor and his family on the cruise to thank him.

  26. I still like the idea of having a Post of the Day, … or Week or whatever.

    We could choose it, and then I’d put it up top in big, bold letters.

    The problem? How do we choose it? Especially when we’re getting 500, 600, 900 comments?

    Any suggestions?

  27. carp- i thought u mentioned the “leetch impression” in teh comments from last nights post. anyway, somebody said it, and for sure nobody wouldve had to say anything cuz it was almsot identical and brought back the memory instantly. except for one minor difference. the imprtance of the games in which they happened. but all the same, you cant help but see the similarities and the one ice awareness in teh offensive zone. and it was actually cally who made that play. if im not mistaken, dz also scored a similar goal either early last year or in preseason last year also against teh devils. he snuck in from the point, forgot who made the pass, but he buried it. same spot too. good job for him. i picked him on my fantasy team so hopefully he doesnt havea sophomore slump.

  28. From HockeyRodent:
    “Ruslan Fedotenko delivered the single worst backchecking performance I’ve ever seen. He was utterly useless in his own end.”

    How can The Rodent and Carp differ so greatly on his play?

  29. messiah, grachev and artie were dominant against teh wings last preseason. hope he shows up to. i mean, last night was against almsot teh whole devils team, so it was also his first game, so im really pulling for him. i have a soft spot for the young russian and swedish or european kids. i really love when they do well just beccause of teh pressure of coming to the nhl and not knowing the language, definitely a culture shock for some. hope artie can help him and i want frolov to help him too. with his size hes gotta be at least physical tonight if he isnt getting many chances to score,

  30. Coach, that is a fantastic story! SEE, Boneheads ARE the best! Congrats and continued good health to your friend, and many blessings to your friend AND the donor. People can be utterly amazing at times.

  31. because fedotenko was figured in 3 of teh 5 goals thats why. and he has a cannon shot. good versatility to use him on the pp point. rodent is motly negative anyway. but i honestly wouldnt mind him on the team unless grachev, mza or weise step up and play better. when was this horrible backchecking play? i wanna go back and watch it.

  32. k linda, sorry i deleted ya. ya know i love ya girl!! i wasnt exactly seeing too straight last night. whenever rangers season starts i seem to drink more. should i be concerned?

  33. the rangers are moving in the right direction for once.

    anisimov, cally, dubi, stepan, mdz, staal, mcdonagh etc.

    kennedy should make the team, he can skate well and very versatile.

    weise looks good to me…

  34. By Adam Rotter
    The Rangers lineup for tonight’s game against Detroit:
    The forwards are:
    Marian Gaborik, Derek Stepan, Alexander Frolov, Evgeny- Grachev, Erik Christensen, Mats Zuccarello
    Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov, Brandon Prust, Sean Avery,Todd White, Brian Boyle
    …Those aren’t the lines from practice, just the players playing.

    The defenseman are:

    Dan Girardi, Michael Sauer
    Alexei Semenov, Pavel Valentenko
    Ryan McDonagh, Matt Gilroy
    Martin Biron and Chad Johnson are in goal

  35. boxcareddiehospodar on

    All boogard has to do is pick someone during the game and kick his ass.

    He should play ever single game.

    No one is going to take a single liberty against any ranger player with this guy on the ice.

    Finally since Kocur has been on the ice will the Rangers get respect.

    Hadfield / vickers / Fotiu / Beck / Kocur / Boogie

  36. 5 of the 6 defensemen playing tonight are playing for spots on the roster. We should see plenty of effort and hopefully some highlight hits tonight. Go Rangers!

  37. “No one is going to take a single liberty against any ranger player with this guy on the ice.”

    We might like that to be true, but you seriously can’t believe that statement?

    Of course, that still leaves 55+ minutes worth of liberty-taking opportunities every game in any case…

  38. By the way, the more I watch Semenov, the better I like him. It seems like he’s in the lineup again tonight, so the coaches are giving him a real good look.

  39. I agree, – Semenov looked like a solid D-man, physical enough, understanding the game, with good position sense, which kind of compensates his lack of speed and more important- showed no-nonsense attitude in a crease.

  40. Leethhalloffame on

    Love Avery but getting tired of his act. Is he really that big of a pu**y that he won’t drop the gloves with that punk Clarkson? If that’s going to be his M.O. in the future let him do it somewhere else.

  41. “No one is going to take a single liberty against any ranger player with this guy on the ice”

    I don’t believe that. But, look what LeBlond did in the last two games. He got Booger to take a 10 minute misconduct, and then he started picking on smaller guys. In the last game when Booger was on the bench, he tried to fight Anisimov.

    That goes to show you that having a goon doesn’t mean anything like it did back in the day. If nobody is going to fight him, Booger might be taking a lot of penalties this season. This team will still get bullied.

  42. Steve C beat me to it.#13 Bobby Brooke was one of my favorites. I remember when he clocked Ray Neufeld of the Whalers. Neufeld grabbed his chin to make sure it was still attached to his face!

  43. Leetch, that’s his game, and always has been. Were you expecting something else? He does what ever he can to draw penalties. If the refs weren’t drunk and retarded, Clarkson would have been gone, and instead of a four minute PP for the Debs, it would have been 4 on 4 for two mins.

    And Chico is such a floppy weener. Aves and Clarkson have fought once or twice. He acts like he’s been avoiding him for the last few years.

  44. If nobody fights boogard because they are too scared, then they go after other smaller players it is a double standard like Joe Mich was talking about last night. Which basically gives Avery and Boogard the green light to pick on smaller guys. You don’t always need to fight to control another team from bullying. It is very obvious that the devils were not taking liberties because of him.

    Last night in a scrum later in the game. Somebody was starting with one of the Rangers after the play. Boogard rushed over there like a train. Elbowed a guy in the head i think twice and everything stopped. His presence will help the Rangers a lot. I mean do you really think an enforcers is only affective if he fights? I think there more affective if they stay on the ice longer and nobody wants to fight them.

    Oh and Chico is just butthurt because he knows the Rangers have the advantage in that department.

  45. “Like Joe Buck doing a Yankee game, or Troy Aikman calling a Giants game. You can feel the hatred in the booth!”

    You got your post of the year right there!! The worst hateful broadcasting tandem in the world: Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. I wish someone, anyone, would put those piggies out to pasture.

  46. Because enforcers are known to put the puck in the net lol. Your sounding ignorant like chico, and fans have a right to like him and see him as effective. Maybe your one of those jaded fans that are never happy.

  47. Liked that Avery and Torts said Kovalchuk was just telling Avery to zip it, which seems accurate from the video. Of course, the two of them should always be out front defending freedom of speech, with their track records!

  48. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    you guys shouldn’t have a problem with booger, you should have them with the candy assen rules the NHL has put in. the stupid 3rd man in rule (which apparently they do not use all the time). Instigator rule sucks…if leblonde takes a run at a ranger like kennedy and roughs him up a bit and a penalty is not called. then on the next shift booger is out there and right after the face off roughs up elias and get penalized that is total BS on the NHL and a serious pansification of the game by the league.

    If the officials are not smart enough to realize that flow of the game and what ahs been going on, then the league has to get new officails…..if the officials are calling it like that from league mandate, the the league is a bunch of figure skating pansies and is ruining our game.

  49. Those rules are why it’s *not* with it to give a multi-year multi-million dollar deal to a goon.

    They serve their purpose, but the NHL doesn’t have much of a place for guys like Booger, and that’s not counting fighting.

    Speaking of goons. Orr looked pretty good in his last pre-season game. He set up a breakaway, and he got an assist on a goal. Bobby Orr??

  50. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Now that my pansy NHL rules rant is over, I still think semenov and valentenko both deserve a spot at this point. So does fedotenko.

    I also agree with whom ever said that EC should NOT be assured of any spot yet. He has not looked that impressive at all at this point, neither has gilroy.

    I am most disappointed with our “first pair” d tandem at this point. With staal and overpriced girardi looking horrible against the devils first line (isn’t that who your first pair is supposed to be matched up against???) That pair at this point (nor did it last year) look anything like a “first pair”.

    did anyone else catch cally telling parise to f off while talking to the ref after the horrible non call on clarkson……according to the pansy rules!!!

  51. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    be honest, you will hate every ranger enforcer because they are not orr won’t you??

  52. The day the refs call a fair game of hockey is the day that enforcers become obsolete. They are needed today especially because all these young refs havent got a clue yet, and yea Boogard is a bit overpaid maybe by a half mill, but Orr is grossly overpaid. Basically making 2 million more for 6 points a yr lol.

  53. Most goons are overpaid. They should be making the league minimum. You know how many underground fight clubs their are in the world, and they’re making a lot less than these goons are, and they don’t even have health insurance. We could sign one of them for the league minimum. Although they might actually try to kill a hockey player, so they have that going against them.

    I don’t know why you think enforcers are so needed, Mavenator. Did the Wings go to back to back Cup finals with a goon? Nope. They’re not at all needed. And you don’t need an “Avery” to win the Cup. I got a chuckle out of that comment.

  54. Orr’s earning less than Boogaard. About half a million per year less, strangely enough.

    I wouldn’t argue that enforcers are obsolete or worthless. Clearly the Rangers were not a strong physical team last year – if Boogaard is part of an upgrade in that area, great.

    I would argue that it’ll prove patently untrue that nobody on the opposition will take liberties with any Ranger because somebody who essentially can’t play a regular shift will be watching them do it from the bench. And the Rangers will concede goals at a higher rate when he is on the ice than when he isn’t.

  55. On a very deep talented and tough team like Detroit. An enforcer is proabably not needed, but with the Rangers being a very young and somewhat small team, It helps to have somebody police because other teams will take advantage. I loved Orr when he was on the Rangers, and you’ve got to admit that when he was playing with us we weren’t bullied around like the past year.

  56. Carp,
    I agree with all your points, and I feel like Torts is in a tough position as too who gets cut and who doesn’t as fat as forwards go. It seems to me alot of guys are playing well.
    I’d love Grachev to step up a little. I didn’t notice him much last night. Hopefully today he makes a good impression. Has anyone even noticed White?

  57. How is Orr making less than Boogard. Orr is 4 mill for 4 yrs, and Im not talking cap hit. Im talking about what there paying for his services.

  58. LW,
    It is funny that out of Orr, Brashole, Shelley and Boogaard, I’d have kept Orr first, Shelley second. It looks to me as though Boogaard is slower than Brash if thats possible.

  59. That is funny, Staal. Because at the time we were all happy that Slats didn’t overpay Orr, but then he did it with Brash*t, and now Booger. I’d rather have Orr over them, just because I’m a fan of his, but like I said, they’re all not needed.

    Mav, when he was playing with us, we did get bullied. Hank still got run over, and players still threw cheap shots.

    You can argue that there will be more of that this year, because players will know that it will be easy to get Booger to take a roughing minor, or two if they start taking liberties.

  60. How is Orr *not* making less than Boogaard? Orr’s deal was $4m for 4 years (salary of $1m each year), Boogaard’s was $6.5m over 4 years (salaries of $1.7m/$1.6m/$1.6m/$1.6m).

  61. Orr,
    Orr was my favorite by far, and he actually improved from year to year. Booger’s got a long way to go to even skate like Orr had been.

    What do you all think about Avery and dropping them or not dropping them with Clarkson? I mean, honestly I think Avery would get his carp handed to him by Clarkson. Avery is more of a pest and not a fighter. He was always great against Tucker. But I see Avery as more of a coward pain in the carp type of player. He turtles… If he wasn’t on the Rangers I’d hate him, but even now I tend to not like him or his antics all the time. Its definitely going to be interesting to see if Avery makes the team. If he consistently plays like he did last night then keep him, but somehow I dont’ see that happening.

  62. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You will all be regretting the Boogaard signing by, latest, halfway through next season. I can pretty much guarantee… Afterall, I guaranteed you would hate the Brashear signing, despite many (VERY MANY!) of you arguing with me that Brashear was a better skater than Orr and an Upgrade in that role. Obviously, many of you realized that Orr was better and that it was a mistake to not resign him.

    Derek “1.625million” Boogaard isn’t too far behind Brashear and Redden.

  63. Orr I can see your point, but let me ask you this. If we dont have Boogard. Then what will happen when shelly, Orr, Leblonde start to run wild and play goon on all our young guys.

  64. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I really hate the USA’a MXdN team. I hope someone anyone beats them!! I have never rooted so hard against the USA in my life, their three riders are all such douche bags they make crosby look cool!

  65. If teams goons are going to play that game, then they’ll most likely be taking penalties doing so. Make them pay with the fuggin PP.

    And throw a few cheap shots at their star players! I don’t mind that at all.

    I get why you want Booger so much, and I don’t blame you. This is a small fragile team.

    But these wimps need to take the training wheels off and grow some balls instead of hiding behind a goon. Team toughness is what it’s all aboot!

  66. Your absolutely right. Team toughness is one of the keys to Lord Stanley, but as you said the Rangers are far from that so we need to go with plan B.

  67. now that we have 2 million in cap space because of Redden’s demotion and possibly another 2 million because of White’s demotion …

    could we stop complaining that Boogaard is overpaid by 600k please !!!

  68. leetchhalloffame on

    Linda – you can forget about Redden being an Islander. Why would they or any other team want to take on that ridiculous contract for a bum like him?

  69. Blue Seat Horror on

    So, I don’t get it. MSG is showing all these flashback games where the Rangers lose. What are they trying to say?

  70. The difference between broadcasts on Thursday and Saturday was night and day. For some reason Emrick is the voice of hockey, but any non-Devils fan will tell you how much they lament his style. It’s not a monster truck rally or a Broadway play, just call it like you see it and lose the theatrics. In a game where tons of new faces and young guys suited up, not once did Emrick announce who was wearing what number. Chico Resch is a moron, that’s news to no one. Joe Mich has grown on me a number two in the booth, and there is no announcer in the world as professional and enjoyable as Sam Rosen.

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